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Bianca: If you want to run, go ahead. Nobody's stopping you.

Marissa: No one but me. I have been running ever since I found out that all those wonderful things that J.R. did for me came from you. Or, no, wait. Maybe it was even before that when we went away with the kids and you told me how you felt. Or maybe even when we were locked in that closet and we had to depend on each other in order to survive. I knew something was going on even then. I just couldn't accept -- I'm talking too much, aren't I?

Bianca: Yeah. [Kiss] I -- I'm sorry. I can't do this.

David: What's the matter, J.R.? Can't make it to happy hour? I can always write you a prescription for cough syrup if you like to tide you over.

Tad: Even if you did, it wouldn't be worth the paper it was printed on. That is what happens when you lose your license, isn't it?

David: Things change, Martin. It would serve you well to remember that -- except for Junior here. He'll always need someone to fight his battles for him. Bottoms up, J.R.

Tad: Someday somebody's gonna drop a piano on that guy's head. If I'm lucky, I'll be there to see it. Oh, come on. Forget about him. Let's go to the meeting together, huh?

J.R.: Hayward's right. You need to back off.

Kendall: Hi. What's that?

Griffin: Pick a card, any card.

Kendall: Ok. There's only one here, so -- "Wild Honey." That's the new restaurant on Main.

Griffin: That's right. Tina, the owner, is a patient of mine.

Kendall: You know a lot of chefs with bad hearts.

Griffin: Yeah. The rich food will kill you.

Kendall: Ok. So you're taking me out to dinner that could be hazardous to my health?

Griffin: Everything in moderation. She promised to treat me and a friend.

Kendall: Oh. A friend? Ok. So that's what I am? I'm a friend?

Griffin: Does it matter what we call it?

Kendall: Not when you put it like that.

Ryan: Hi.

Kendall: Hi, hi.

Ryan: Bad time?

Kendall: Um, if you're looking for Greenlee --

Ryan: She's in New York on business. I was actually looking for you, and I figured you might be hanging out with Kendall.

Griffin: What can I do for you?

Ryan: I would love it if you could tell me everything you know about Project Orpheus.

Amanda: I have something to tell you. I have an STD, and I'm so sorry. I really don't know what to say or what to tell you.

Jake: Who was it? I'm sorry. I have no right to ask you that. We both come to this relationship with a history, right, a past? I have no right to ask you that question, I have no right to judge you, so I'm -- look at me. I just put my past right front and center with Cara, so -- so what is it? An irregular pap?

Amanda: Yes. HPV.

Jake: Right. Standard operating procedure is they're gonna rerun that test, and even if it comes back positive, it's usually relatively benign. Very common. Very common. We just monitor it, ok? And here's the part that you -- it's your choice, but normally what the responsible thing to do is you would reach out to your past relationships and you -- look at me. I just turned into a public service announcement.

Amanda: I really want to take responsibility for this.

Jake: You don't have to beat yourself up about it, ok? It was a long time ago. You have a whole new life now.

Amanda: No, I don't.

Jake: But it was a long time ago. It was a long time ago, right? Before me?

Amanda: It wasn't a long time ago. It was three weeks ago.

Bianca: We both know this is a mistake.

Marissa: I don't know that at all.

Bianca: Look, I get that people want to experiment -- maybe you didn't get to in college. So now that you've kissed a girl, you can sing along with Katy Perry and really mean it.

Marissa: Why are you being like this? If you didn't want me to kiss you, then why did you kiss me back?

Bianca: I have feelings for you, Marissa.

Marissa: What do you think it is I have for you?

Bianca: I know you, and I know this is not who you are.

Marissa: Hey, isn't that for me to decide? Look, I took a big leap here --

Bianca: I didn't ask you to --

Marissa: And it felt right. I want this. I want you. If this isn't what you want, then don't make it about me.

Bianca: How could it not be about you?

Marissa: Tell me what you're really afraid of.

Bianca: I've been down this road before, and it's a dead end. I end up losing my lover and my best friend. So that is why we need to stop this before it starts.

Tad: J.R., having somebody's back is not the same as fighting their battles for them. If I have to give you a little push to the door, it's not such a big deal, is it?

J.R.: You don't understand. You're a Martin. I'm a Chandler.

Tad: Oh, come on. Not that again. Look, I don't care what your name is. Do you want to know who you are? Then look at yourself through your son's eyes.

J.R.: I've been trying. I tried to make it work with Marissa. That's what A.J. wanted.

Tad: And?

J.R.: Scott. He's my family. He's my cousin. He won't let me be who I want to be. And he keeps putting that knife in my back, and he just keeps twisting it and twisting it, and all I really want to do is take that knife out and just slit his throat. But here I am, standing in this hallway --

Tad: J.R.

J.R.: And it's just about as far as I'm gonna get.

David: Wow. That looks like a man determined to get to last call, huh?

Ryan: This is what I found when I broke into Hayward's office.

Griffin: Whoa. When I told you I would help you, I didn't sign on to any breaking or entering.

Kendall: Ok, says the man who stole drugs from the hospital to help the needy.

Griffin: In that case, the end justified the means.

Kendall: This is no different.

Griffin: That remains to be seen.

Ryan: Believe me, Hayward is not worried about playing by the rules. Trust me.

Griffin: So what did you find, exactly?

Ryan: I found this. I found a key card. To what, I don't know, exactly. I don't know what doors it opens, but whatever it does, I'm sure Hayward doesn't want me to know about it.

Kendall: "Project Orpheus."

Ryan: Yeah, I tried to trace it.

Griffin: And?

Ryan: And I got nothing. I got a bunch of stuff about the Greek myth.

Griffin: Right. About the guy who went to hell and back to be with the woman that he loved.

Ryan: Yeah. You've worked pretty closely with Hayward. Do you have any idea at all what this means?

Griffin: I don't have a clue.

Bianca: You just have to trust me on this. You want to carve our initials in that tree? Ok. People could say, "Oh, that's so nice," because they won't know who we are -- that we're both women. And it only gets more complicated from there.

Marissa: I don't care what people think.

Bianca: What about J.R.?

Marissa: J.R. is wrong for me. I know that now. For the longest time I've been trying to figure out what it is between us. When I was tied up in that closet, fearing for my life, it was you there making me feel safe, giving me the strength that I needed to fight back.

Bianca: We both did that for each other. That's what friends do.

Marissa: Yeah, but it's more than that. When I found out that you gave J.R. the music box to give to me, everything just clicked.

Bianca: What do you mean?

Marissa: The music box plays a song that my father used to sing to me when I was scared. And it made me feel good about myself, and it made me feel like I could do anything in the world, as long as I had the courage to try. You are that song, Bianca. You make me feel the way that song makes me feel. What could be wrong with that?

Bianca: I just care about you too much, Marissa. I don't want either of us to get hurt.

Marissa: But you're hurting me now by walking away.

Bianca: Someday, probably sooner than you think, you'll see that this is right.

J.R.: A man's drink -- at least, according to my father. What did he say? "Never order anything other than scotch at a business meeting because scotch makes a statement. But, see, that's not what I'm interested in. I'm more interested in the proof: "How fast can you get me drunk?" If that's the proof, not fast enough.

Tad: You gonna drink it or not?

J.R.: I haven't decided.

Tad: What's holding you back?

J.R.: I need to know the reason. If I'm gonna do this, I need to know the reason why. You're a lucky man, Tad.

Tad: Yeah? Why is that?

J.R.: You know who you are. Me, on the other hand, I have no idea. Scott says I'll never be half the bastard that my father is.

Tad: That's a good thing.

J.R.: Is it?

Tad: Yeah. It means you're lucky enough to take after your mother.

J.R.: No. It means I'll never be bad enough to be my father's son, and I'll never be good enough to be hers.

Dixie's voice: You may have the Chandler eyes and the Chandler drive, but, baby, you have my heart. And I'm so sorry for the pain that it causes you. But I am very proud of the man it's helping you become. Tad. Tad! Oh, save my baby.

Griffin: Look, I told you that I would keep an eye on Dr. H, but I'm not just gonna trash his reputation.

Ryan: He has done that all by himself.

Griffin: If you want to sit around spinning conspiracy theories, you go on right ahead. I'm not gonna do that.

Ryan: You don't know Hayward as well as you think you do, ok?

Kendall: Ryan, listen to me. We can't expect Griff to see David the same way that we do.

Griffin: The man is a genius surgeon and a brilliant teacher.

Ryan: I hope that you will still let me know if you see or hear anything out of the ordinary.

Griffin: I will. Why do I feel I just got scratched off Ryan's Christmas card list?

Kendall: David -- he hurt Greenlee a lot.

Griffin: He also saved her life, and yours.

Kendall: He also tried to ruin a lot of others.

Griffin: Ok. How about on the subject of David Hayward, we agree to disagree?

Kendall: For now. So you want to tell me?

Griffin: Tell you what?

Kendall: What you're holding back? What you didn't want Ryan to know?

Griffin: How can I tell you something that I know nothing about? Ok. Clearly, I'm in a bad mood. Why don't we reschedule our dinner? I've got some catching up to do at the hospital, and I should put in a few more hours. I'll call you, ok?

Jake: Three weeks ago?

Amanda: It was after you and Cara at the tent, and I thought you were -- I was out of my mind, Jake. I was so jealous and so angry.

Jake: At me?

Amanda: Mostly at myself. I just confirmed my biggest fear that I'm not enough for you.

Jake: This is not true.

Amanda: But it is. It is, and I proved it. And I screwed it all up because I had a few drinks, and I was trying to get the picture of you and Cara out of my brain, but I couldn't. So I wanted to get back at you for wanting her instead of me. And someone was there, someone that I know.

Jake: Please, just tell me it's not David. I beg you, please.

Amanda: It's not David. It's J.R.

Kendall: Hi.

Bianca: Hi. I used my key. I hope that's ok.

Kendall: Yeah, of course.

Bianca: I was wondering, if you're not working, maybe we could have a girls' day -- get mani/pedis and order bad Chinese and share a bottle of wine and have girl talk.

Kendall: Ok. What is it?

Bianca: I did it again.

Scott: Marissa? Are you ok?

Marissa: J.R. and I are over.

Scott: Oh. You know it's for the best, though, right? He was only gonna break your heart again.

Marissa: Looks like I went and broke it all by myself this time.

Scott: Oh, come here. Come here.

David: So the rumors are true. You couldn't stay away, huh? So which case was it that brought you back? Was it Mrs. Hoover's mitral regurgitation or a heart problem of a different sort?

Griffin: Ok. Let's leave Kendall out of this, hmm? Ryan Lavery broke in here, saw your key card for a Project Orpheus.

David: He doesn't have a clue what doors it opens.

Griffin: Not yet. Listen, when you recruited me for your research, you swore up and down that we wouldn't get nailed for this. So how bad is this gonna get if it hits the fan?

Tad: You say you're feeling trapped between the man you're afraid you are and the man you want to be? You know what's keeping you there? Decision. Either take the drink or you don't. Either take the drink to kill the pain -- and live down to the expectations of others like Scott and Hayward, or you don't. You decide that you can deal with the pain, you push the drink away, and you go to a meeting -- and you live up to your own expectations. This is life, kiddo. Nobody gets it right. We're all here to bump into the furniture. Sooner or later, we all have to take responsibility for the choices that we made while we were here, and it hurts. Decide. And just know that I'll be right here when you need me.

Amanda: You hate me. Just say it.

Jake: I'm not saying that.

Amanda: I don't deserve you.

Jake: I hate when you do that, though. I hate when you tell me what you deserve, what you don't deserve. I hate what you did. I hate J.R. But you? I don't hate you.

Amanda: You should.

Jake: No, I messed your head up. I think the whole Cara thing -- I did this.

Amanda: You did nothing.

Jake: I did. I should've left the whole thing in the past. This is on me. This is on me. I did this. I put this whole ball in motion. I did this.

Amanda: But you didn't sleep with her, right?

Jake: I told you I didn't.

Amanda: You should go. Just leave. Then I'll go.

Bianca: So why do I keep falling for straight women?

Kendall: They aren't all completely straight.

Bianca: Straight enough.

Kendall: I don't know. You don't get to pick who you love.

Bianca: You, too?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Bianca: What happened with Griff?

Kendall: I don't know. We've gotten to such a good place right now. We worked so hard to get here, and I really thought that we were in this good place.

Bianca: But you're not?

Kendall: To be honest, I don't really know where we are. If you'd ask me this morning, I would've told you that things were great. But then today it was like Griff put these walls up, and when I looked at him, I didn't even know who he was.

David: You are relatively new in Pine Valley, but it's no different from any other sorry collection of mud huts you've practiced medicine in.

Griffin: Really? How is that?

David: There's an epidemic of ignorance, Doctor. It's widespread -- in fact, it's universal. You do something extraordinary, and you are guaranteed to have villagers on your front lawn storming your keep with torches and pitchforks. But you can also rest assured that those same malcontents will be falling at your feet begging you to use your bold science to save them when they need it.

Griffin: If we're not in prison first.

David: The real crime would be to stop the project now. Look, we're never gonna get Lavery to understand the merits of our work, even if we use flash cards and simple words to do it.

Griffin: Ryan Lavery is not stupid.

David: But you know that he's biased against me, and Kendall will always follow his lead. So we continue to keep this quiet. I'm not ready to go public yet. We do that, and they will kill the project, and we both know what a tragedy that would be. Keep your eyes focused on the goal, Dr. Castillo. Compartmentalize. You want to achieve unparalleled professional success, don't get personally involved. Maybe it's too late for that, huh?

Tad: Hey.

Jake: Hi.

Tad: What are you doing here?

Jake: I broke this in a mild fit of anger last week, and I want to fix it.

Tad: You came to the right place. I got a whole box of Mom's old ones down in the man cave. Hey, you remember how we were talking about letting go of the past?

Jake: They make these things where you can't fit them in without the glass.

Tad: If you think we got it bad, you should talk to J.R. Ooh. Poor kid. He's got the ghost of Adam Chandler riding on his shoulders, and the son of a bitch isn't even dead yet. Still, I'm proud of him. He's fighting --

Jake: I don't want to talk about J.R. today, ok?

Tad: What are you doing?

Jake: I'm going to the store to fix this thing.

Tad: Jake? What is it? What happened?

Jake: I think my marriage is falling apart.

Amanda: Marissa's not here.

J.R.: How you doing?

Amanda: I like it a lot better when you don't try to be nice. When you're a jerk, it's much more sincere.

J.R.: Thank you. Do you know?

Amanda: They're still running tests. Is that who you were looking for?

J.R.: Marissa? Yeah.

Amanda: To tell her?

J.R.: God, no.

Amanda: Adam would be proud.

J.R.: Really? Why would you say that?

Amanda: Because isn't that the Chandler way? You don't care who you hurt? I guess this is where I say "I'm sorry," but I'm not. And I'm afraid your day's about to get a whole lot worse.

J.R.: Tell me you didn't.

Amanda: I told Jake everything, and he forgave me. You think Marissa will do the same for you?

Scott: Here's what I fully don't understand -- why Bianca would've helped J.R. to begin with, to take everything that you and she shared, all the intimate details, and then pass them on to J.R., so he could pull you back in.

Marissa: It's complicated.

Scott: I don't know, Marissa. It seems pretty straightforward to me. I mean -- wait a minute. I think I see what's going on here. Bianca has a thing for you, doesn't she?

Marissa: It's not what you think.

Scott: It happens. She told you how she feels, hasn't she?

Marissa: Yes.

Scott: Yeah. See, now it's gonna be a little awkward there, but, Marissa, I wouldn't even worry about it. Because you two -- you're gonna figure it out. You care about each other too much not to. Come here. Come here. You're ok. J.R., I think you should just turn around. I think you've done enough damage.

J.R.: I'd like a moment alone with Marissa in private.

Scott: I don't think she wants to talk to you.

Marissa: No, it's ok.

Scott: You sure?

Marissa: Mm-hmm.

Scott: All right.

J.R.: You and I, we've been making a go of this for some time, and there's someone getting in the way. I think it's time we both admitted it.

Kendall: Ok, let's make a pact. From now on, neither one of us is allowed to fall for somebody that we actually like.

Bianca: What happened to "you can't pick who you love"?

Kendall: I think you at least have a say in who you give your heart to, right?

Bianca: So we should pick people we hate?

Kendall: Yes. Yeah. It's easier that way when things blow up, right?

Bianca: You have a point.

Kendall: Right? Don't I?

Bianca: Mm-hmm. Cheers.

Kendall: Cheers to that.

Bianca: We're not gonna really hold each other to that, are we?

Kendall: Probably not. Yeah. Not happening.

David: I'm busy.

Ryan: Then I guess I'll just come back when you're not here.

Amanda: Jake?

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Hello? This is she. What did the test results say?

Tad: Amanda slept with somebody else?

Jake: Three weeks ago.

Tad: Did you get a name?

Jake: She said she was in a bad place, and this guy was in the right place at the right time -- or the wrong time, I guess -- and he took advantage. And, trust me, I would like to pound his face -- nothing better than to pound the universe -- but now I can't.

Tad: Why? What did you do?

Jake: I forgave her.

Tad: You did?

Jake: She said she felt justified because of what I did with Cara. And I was so guilty I just -- forgave her. So now what? Now what do I do?

Tad: If I were Dad, I would tell you to look at the big picture. You're not gonna go after the guy, and you can't sit around torturing yourself, because obviously she's miserable, so all you can do is ask yourself one very simple question: Do you still want to be married to Amanda?

Scott: Hey, Bianca.

Bianca: Hey. Is Marissa home?

Scott: She's inside in the parlor. But I think you're gonna want to give her a little space.

Bianca: Is she with J.R.?

Scott: Not for long.

J.R.: If we're gonna move forward, we need to be 100% honest with each other, with ourselves. I've tried to change myself to be the best man I could be for you, for A.J., and sometimes it's hard. And I've been very weak, and there's some things I haven't told you -- and I'm pretty sure there's things you haven't told me, too.

Marissa: Like what?

J.R.: Scott. But I get it, ok? He's safe.

Marissa: No, J.R., I am not playing it safe.

J.R.: After all the pain that you've been through, I think it's safe to say you're afraid to take a chance with me.

Marissa: No, J.R., damn it, I am not afraid.

J.R.: No one would blame you for taking the risk, but I'm the one that you want.

Marissa: No, you're not. I don't want you, and I don't want Scott. I want Bianca.

Jake: Look, um, we don't have to talk.

Amanda: The hospital called. They'll have my results in the morning.

Jake: Ok. So in the morning, we can go to the hospital together. I just want to be with you.

Amanda: I want that, too.

Kendall: You know, I have to say I'm a little surprised that you called.

Griffin: Yeah. About canceling on you, what do you say you and I go for a walk in the park instead? I'll even spring for a hot dog at the boathouse. I know it's not Pierre's, but --

Kendall: I thought that you had to work, that you had stuff to do.

Griffin: I need to strike a balance between business and --

Kendall: Pleasure?

Griffin: And it's all mine. Shall we?

Kendall: Yeah.

David: I can just go through the trouble of changing the locks on my doors, or you could spare me that trouble and the expense and just tell me what it is you want.

Ryan: Answers.

David: You have to start with questions, Ryan.

Ryan: Project Orpheus -- what is it?

David: You're kidding, right? Ahh. See for yourself.

Ryan: An orphanage? You expect me to buy that?

David: Honestly, I couldn't care less what you buy or don't buy.

Ryan: Ok, Hayward, I'll go along with it. What does a Greek myth have to do with orphaned children?

David: "Orpheus" would be me. The conditions in some of these overseas institutions are a living hell. I'm hoping to bring these children back from that.

Ryan: So you are saving these children?

David: We all have to use our gifts to make the world a better place, Ryan. That's right -- you don't have any of those, do you?

Ryan: You're using orphaned children?

David: Of course, that's the way that you would choose to look at this.

Ryan: Ok. Yeah, I'll look into that.

David: I'm sure you will.

Ryan: And until your story checks out, do yourself a favor and leave your door unlocked.

David: If you'd like to write a check, donations to the project are tax deductible.

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