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Episode #10655

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Greenlee: Kendall's joining us.

Kendall: I hope you don't mind.

Greenlee: Just sit. It's a party.

Ryan: Not exactly.

Greenlee: What's wrong?

Kendall: What's going on?

Ryan: Erica spent the night in Hayward's hotel room.

Greenlee: David?

Kendall: And my mother?

Ryan: In Hayward's hotel room, yes.

Kendall: Well, it has to be business.

Ryan: I found her earrings next the bed.

Kendall: Those are the ones that I bought her last year for her birthday.

Ryan: Look, a maid saw her going in at night, and she didn't come out until early the next morning.

Kendall: I know she's been off lately, but this --

Ryan: She's been about as off as you could possibly get.

Kendall: Ok. So then you agree with me, then? There's got to be some other explanation.

Greenlee: Since you two won't say it, I'll put it out there. If Erica is sleeping with David, her crazy behavior is starting to make sense.

Madison: So tell me, what does this look say to you?

David: If you were going for demure, I'd have to say you missed your mark. It says that you're fully aware of the fact that being a woman gives you power, and that you're not afraid to use it to get whatever the hell you want.

Madison: It's for a new line I've pitched for Fusion.

David: Really? Then my guess is whatever you're selling, people are gonna be knocking down your doors to buy it.

Madison: Tell that to Greenlee.

J.R.: Amanda?

Amanda: I can't just sit here and pretend that I'm not worried sick about being pregnant with your baby.

J.R.: Will you keep your voice down? There's no use in stressing about it. Let's just focus on work. Ok? Ok. When are you gonna know for sure?

Amanda: I go in for a blood test today. It's still really early, so there's a chance for false negatives, but I have to know something. I can't just wait anymore.

J.R.: The sooner the better.

Jesse: Hey.

Jake: You know what you're witnessing right now? The waste of a perfectly good tree -- a tree that I could've hung David Hayward from myself by his toenails.

Jesse: Let me guess -- you got everything here in triplicate.

Jake: Quadruplicates. Quadruplicates ordered by the new owner.

Jesse: Yeah. You could always quit.

Jake: No. And give Hayward the satisfaction? Never.

Jesse: We wouldn't want to do that.

Jake: No, wouldn't want to do that. I'm gonna ask you a serious question now, ok?

Jesse: What? How to avoid getting a paper cut?

Jake: No. How does one get away with murder?

Erica: Do you have any idea what you've done? You're ruining my life, you fool, you stupid, selfish, crazy bitch! Keys.

Marissa: I thought you were gonna be at the office, and I thought that you were taking some time off.

J.R.: I came in here to get a bite to eat, and I ran into Amanda, and she was feeling guilty for letting all the work pile up.

Marissa: You really shouldn't let him take advantage of you.

Amanda: I was just going crazy at home with nothing to do, and all that relaxing kind of stressed me out. So --

Marissa: You don't look so good. Are you sure you're ok?

Kendall: Ok, my mother has been committed to Jackson for a very long time, and the only reason that they're not married right now is because somebody kidnapped her.

Greenlee: What about that flirtation with Caleb?

Kendall: A flirtation is one thing, but -- I can't even say it.

Greenlee: Which is why I have to.

Kendall: I know it's a sore subject between us, but my mother really loves your father. I mean, the fact is --

Greenlee: She slept in David's room all night long, and somehow I doubt they were talking inpatient care till the sun came up.

Ryan: Ok, can I say something?

Kendall: I know that you're worried about Jackson.

Greenlee: And why shouldn't I be? He has put his heart out there over and over again, and Erica has toyed with it like a cat with a dead mouse.

Kendall: Ok, that's not true, first of all.

Greenlee: She and David share a history. You know they do.

Kendall: Oh. Just because you got sucked in the whole thing with David doesn't mean --

Greenlee: You really want to go there? Really?

Ryan: Ok. So, great. Thanks. But if we can stop fighting each other here and maybe focus our energy on the common enemy, that would be great.

Greenlee: David.

Ryan: Ok. I don't know what he's doing, and I don't know how it's gonna affect Erica or Jack. But if we don't come together on this and stop this loser, then they're not the only ones that are gonna be hurt.

Madison: This whole new line is an amazing idea. Greenlee shot it down.

David: Would you like my advice?

Madison: Sure. I guess the only person who knows Greenlee any better is probably Ryan.

David: You have no idea how wrong you are about that. I know her far better than he ever will.

Madison: I'm listening.

David: I would always tell my medical students that the biggest mistake they could ever make was allowing their personal feelings to interfere with their professional goals. Now, that's some advice you could learn by. It's very obvious to me and pretty much everyone else that you're angry with Greenlee, right? That emotion is only making it easier for her to keep you down.

Madison: I have every right to be angry.

David: Ok. I won't argue with you. I just hope for your sake that anger gives you some consolation when Greenlee crushes the rest of your dreams and ambitions. You've lashed out in the past, haven't you? And where has it gotten you?

Madison: So I have a temper. So do a lot of people.

David: Not to the point of making them widows.

Madison: Ok. Tell me how I come out on top. How do I beat her?

David: In your case, the key is simple -- Kendall.

Madison: Get Kendall on my side and Greenlee will come around?

David: Wow. You're a quick study. Imagine how bright your future could be with the right teacher.

Jake: Oh, you kidding me?!

Jesse: Did you know that more people die each year getting crushed by vending machines than from shark attacks?

Jake: Really? Thank you for the public service announcement. It's bad enough that Hayward went and bought this hospital, but how he has removed the cheesy puffs from the vending machines. I know he did it. It makes me want to kill myself. Better yet, what I should do is lure him down here in front of the machine, and I'll gently push it over. Yeah.

Jesse: Don't tempt me. Come here. Look. So David is burying you in paper?

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Jesse: You ever think he might be doing that to keep you from seeing something?

Jake: Oh, please. Whenever Hayward's involved with anything, he's up to something, and that's the given.

Jesse: Do me a favor, all right? Do us all a favor. Come up every once in a while for some air, look around. You see of anything, you hear of anything, you bring it to me?

Jake: Jesse, nobody wants him gone more than I do. Are you kidding me? And you know how I feel about him treating Angie, right?

Jesse: We're all in agreement on that.

Jake: Yeah? Except for Angie.

Jesse: So I don't have to ask you to keep a lookout, right?

Jake: You don't have to ask me that. She's family. Family.

Erica: Really, Jane? You want to be me? Your feet are too big. Oh, give me back my ring. Oh, your fingers are too fat, too. And where have you been?

Ben: You told me to take a walk. What happened?

Erica: She went crazy on me. That's what happened. I had to knock her out.

Ben: This is bad.

Erica: Quit your fussing and see if she's all right.

Ben: She's still breathing, but she's out cold. So what do we do now?

Amanda: Really, I'm fine. So I thought you guys were off to the Grand Canyon.

J.R.: That trip is on hold for now.

Marissa: Yeah, Bianca and I went to this wonderful place by this lake. It was really romantic, and it was great for the kids, too. You and Jake would love it.

Jake: I would love any place that my beautiful wife is.

Amanda: Oh, hi, honey. I thought you were at work.

Jake: Yes, I was, but something funny happened -- it's kind of like fate. I smelled a beautiful chili cheese French fries story. The cheese that's dripping and the mystery meat with the spices that are foreign, and they're all drizzling down here, and I --

Amanda: I need some air.

Jake: Round for everybody here. Babe?

Marissa: I'll get it.

J.R.: Is she ok? Maybe we should check on her.

Jake: No, no. It's all right. I think I know what it is. She's got this thing. She doesn't like me to -- what's the medical term for it? She doesn't like me seeing her toss her cookies.

J.R.: Yeah. She seemed pretty sick to me.

Jake: No, no. My diagnosis would be that that's probably a case of morning sickness. I'm thinking that we might be pregnant. That's pretty good, isn't it?

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, that's good.

Madison: You really think there are things you could teach me?

David: This new look you have, does it have a name?

Madison: Fierce.

David: Hmm. It's certainly something to aspire to.

Madison: You don't think I'm there already?

David: No. Looking the part and actually owning the part are two very different things. Fierce implies confidence, a sense of power, control.

Madison: Let me guess -- you think of yourself as fierce.

David: In my own way, yes. The people in this town, they fear me, because they know that I am capable of anything. There's nothing fierce about having a conscience.

Madison: How do I get there?

David: Until you're able to separate what you feel from what you really want, you're always gonna end up short. Look, I'm just offering you the benefit of my years of wisdom and experience. You're free to take it or leave it.

Madison: I know that you enjoy rattling your ex's cage, but why do I get the feeling that there's more to this than that?

David: Why does that even matter? Honestly. Why do you care what my motives are, as long as you get what you want?

Madison: You're right. I'm gonna go work on Kendall and make this happen.

David: Good. Madison, I'm free for drinks later. Why don't we get together, and we can talk --

Madison: Don't even think about it. See? I'm already taking your advice -- taking control.

Ryan: Fighting amongst ourselves actually helps David.

Kendall: All right, this whole thing about my mother sleeping in David's room -- can we just keep this between us until we can verify it's a fact or not?

Greenlee: I should tell my father.

Kendall: No. No. Let me talk to her first. Why hurt Jackson until we know if it's true?

Greenlee: You get the story from Erica today.

Ryan: I got to fill Jesse in, because we're working together on this whole David thing, but I know he'll be discreet.

Kendall: All right. I'll go talk to her right now. I'm sure there's got to be some reasonable explanation for all of this.

Greenlee: I hope I'm wrong. I hope that David is not involved with Erica. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Kendall: I know.

Greenlee: But if he does have control over her, when you go to her, be careful that you don't push her closer to him.

Kendall: Ok.

Greenlee: Ohh. My dad is ready to pick up where he left off before the kidnapping. And if Erica's cutting loose, and he doesn't know it yet --

Ryan: We don't know that.

Greenlee: I just can't think about him getting his heart broken.

Ryan: Then don't. I'm serious. Don't. This is supposed to be our honeymoon, right, so just say the word, and I'll just -- I'll jet you off to some island someplace.

Greenlee: Oh, really? With umbrella drinks and sand, white sand?

Ryan: Umbrella drinks for you, white sand for me, but, yeah, whatever you want.

Greenlee: We talked about choosing our battles, right? And fighting David to protect my father is one we're fighting.

Ryan: Do you want me to run home and get your armor?

Greenlee: No, I don't need any armor. Just stand beside me and fight. That's all the protection I need.

Marissa: Feel better?

Amanda: You shouldn't be helping me.

Marissa: Oh, I don't mind. You're so wound up. What is it? Is it J.R.? Is it work?

Amanda: It's not work.

Marissa: Then what is it?

J.R.: Congratulations. Another baby -- that's great.

Jake: Thank you. Coming from Amanda's boss, that's a good thing, and I'll tell you why. Because, as you know, stress isn't good for a mom or a baby, the two of them, and so it's possible we might be asking you to scale back a bit with the work.

J.R.: Not a problem. Family first, right?

Jake: Yes. Thank you.

Marissa: J.R., how could you?

Kendall: Mom, can you call me as soon as you get this, please? Wow. That look really makes you like a different person.

Madison: I hope that's a good thing. Apparently Greenlee didn't think so.

Kendall: Ok, your presentation was -- intense. But the idea? The idea was a really good one.

Madison: Then maybe there is a way that I could rework it, make it so that more people see the potential?

Kendall: Sure.

Madison: Could you maybe offer me some advice on how I could maybe do that? I really could use your help.

Jesse: Erica and David Hayward?

Ryan: The evidence is circumstantial.

Jesse: Jewelry found on a hotel nightstand is pretty incriminating. Last time I checked, Hayward didn't have pierced ears.

Ryan: I don't want Jackson catching wind of this, not until we're absolutely certain.

Jesse: Absolutely. I hear you. The man worships the ground she walks on. I tried to get her to go out to the crime scene with me again, jog her memory, see if anything new popped into her head.

Ryan: She shot you down?

Jesse: With both barrels. Didn't want anything to do with it. I don't know, man. If somebody had grabbed me on my wedding day, I would want to make sure they got grabbed right back.

Ryan: This kidnapping --

Jesse: You still think Hayward had something to do with it. If you had something, you would share it with me, right?

Ryan: Yes. That's our deal, yes.

Jesse: There's something huge that we're missing, and it's probably right under our noses.

Ryan: And it smells like Hayward. I'm telling you it stinks like that guy. Ever since Erica was rescued, she's been a little bit off. It's just not right. Just little things here and there.

Jesse: Then there's a big thing: A hospital bought with David Hayward. I was just over there, and Jake and the rest of the staff -- they're pulling their hair out. Not to mention my wife Angela embroiled in her own little David Hayward drama.

Ryan: So she's letting him treat her blindness?

Jesse: She wants it to happen.

Ryan: You got to stop it, Jesse. You can't let David Hayward anywhere near your wife.

Greenlee: You following me?

David: Wow. What a high opinion we have of ourselves. No. I was walking back to my room, and I saw you sitting here trying to blush.

Greenlee: What the hell are you talking about?

David: Isn't that what brides do? Unless I heard wrong, word on the street is you and Ryan got married again.

Greenlee: We did.

David: That's great. I guess we'll see how long happily ever after lasts this time, huh?

Greenlee: You're so obvious.

David: Really? And how's that?

Greenlee: You're hiding something, so you're trying to put me on the defensive.

David: My purchase of the hospital was in full view of everyone. It was strictly a business decision. But if you and your paranoid cohorts can find a way for me to use it for evil, please let me know.

Greenlee: I'm not talking about the hospital. I'm talking about you and Erica.

David: So what's the mystery? We're partners.

Greenlee: And lovers?

Erica: That's right, Ben. Put her to bed. Now, she's getting desperate, so when she wakes up, don't let anything she says fool you.

Ben: Where are you going?

Erica: I have a meeting with David Hayward. Call me if there are any more problems.

Ben: Ok.

Jane: No. What are you doing? Stop her! That's Erica, you idiot.

Erica: Oh, nice try, Erica. First, you try to escape, and now this? How stupid do you think we are? I have a meeting to get to.

Jane: Listen to me, Ben.

Ben: Stop.

Erica: Oh, are you in charge now, Ben?

Ben: Just nobody move until we figure this out.

Jane: Ben, she attacked me. She switched clothes with me.

Erica: You attacked me. I had to knock you out. Ben, I'm so tired of these little games. Please, just shut her up. Use a sedative. That's a great idea. And then I'll check in with you later.

Ben: The four-digit security code that opens the outer door? What is it?

Jane: What's the code, Jane?

Erica: You want me to tell you, so you can use it to escape later, Erica.

Ben: We can always change it. So?

Erica: 1102.

Jane: How did you --

Erica: It's your birthday, Erica. How could I ever forget? Ben, change that code as soon as I'm gone.

Jane: Ask her one more thing.

Ben: I'm done. This can be easy or it can be hard.

Jane: One more thing. Ask her the name of my daughter who I lost.

Erica: No! Put me down!

Jane: Ok, the fun is over. Now give me back my clothes. I have to get back home. And don't you ever call me stupid again.

Erica: You're stupid, all right, if you slept with David Hayward.

Jane: He said I was spectacular.

Erica: Ha! Then he's obviously using you for something else now. It's ok. It's been a while since he and I were together, so I guess he could put with one lukewarm night with you in bed. But you know what's really clear, Jane? You're gonna be caught on to very, very soon, because no way do you possess any of the passion of Erica Kane!

Marissa: How could you do this to Amanda? The poor thing is stressed out of her mind. Just the other day, you were giving her some time off, and now you're loading her up with work all over again?

Amanda: No, I don't mind. I asked.

Marissa: No. J.R. knows better.

J.R.: You're right. Of course.

Jake: I don't actually think this has anything to do with J.R. at the moment.

Marissa: Amanda could hardly keep her lunch down.

Jake: Yeah, I know, and I think there might be a reason for that -- we might be pregnant.

Marissa: Oh. Oh. Oh, why didn't you just say so?

Amanda: I didn't know we were telling people. It's really very early.

Jake: You know me. I have a big mouth, so I'm sorry. But, no, I'm just excited that it's happening. I'm excited about it.

Amanda: Can I just go home, because I think I could use a nap.

Jake: Yeah. I'll take you home. No chili. You got that?

J.R.: Ahem.

Marissa: Wow. I'm sorry I was so hard on you.

J.R.: Oh, that's all right. I can take it.

Marissa: Jake seems so happy.

J.R.: Yeah, I would be, too -- if we were having a baby.

Jesse: Apparently you don't know my wife. This is one hardheaded woman. Once she gets something stuck in her mind, there's no talking her out of it. You thought I was bad --

Ryan: This is David Hayward we are talking about here, Jesse.

Jesse: She is so desperate to see the little baby, and Hayward's got her so hopped up on this treatment. I mean, what do I know? She's a doctor, he's a doctor. What do I know what's medically possible or impossible? On top of that, like it or not, the man has a track record of pulling rabbits out of his head in his medical profession.

Ryan: We just can't sit around and hope for the best here.

Jesse: I'm not gonna do that. I am not gonna rest until I find out exactly what that sociopath is up to.

Madison: You really helped me the other day when you and Griffin found me in the park, brought me back to your place, let me spend the night. I really appreciate that.

Kendall: I know you've been through a lot. And I -- I know you're never gonna get over the death of your baby, but maybe you can use her memory to inspire you to move on.

Madison: That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I want to make something of myself. I want to be the kind of woman that she would've been proud of.

Kendall: You've got great instincts for this business, you really do -- first with the mother-baby product line, and now with this whole "Fierce" thing. It's great.

Madison: I'm new. I need guidance from someone who's done it before, someone who's made it to where I want to be.

Kendall: Ok. I think you just need to take it down just a notch. You want people to feel the power of the product without --

Madison: Without being afraid of it?

Kendall: Yeah. Exactly. Just soften it just a bit.

Madison: The look?

Kendall: That and the whole idea. First of all, the passion was definitely there. It was definitely there during the presentation. I love that. But there was a little bit of this underlying anger, almost like you were trying to prove something. I think maybe that's the part that turned Greenlee off. With business, it's about confidence, not emotion. You can't take things personally.

Madison: So I should separate the emotion from my goal?

Kendall: Never stop caring. You should want it so bad that you would kill for it.

Madison: Just don't let it show?

Kendall: Right.

Madison: You think if I do that, if I make these changes, that I could maybe present it again for you and Greenlee?

Kendall: I'll talk to Greenlee. I'll see if she can give you another chance.

Madison: That's all I'm asking for, just a shot.

Kendall: I'm sorry. I really have to be somewhere, and I've got to find somebody.

Madison: Oh. Anything I can do?

Kendall: No, thank you. You just take care of yourself. I see big things for you, Madison.

David: Erica and I, lovers again? There's a thought.

Greenlee: Is it true?

David: Why are you so interested in my love life? As a newlywed, I would think the last thing you'd be worried about is what's going on in my bed -- unless, of course, not much is happening there.

Greenlee: You know what? Don't flatter yourself. I'm so over your games. This is my father's fiancée we're talking about. You want to think I'm a woman scorned? Fine. Have your little fantasy. But just know that if you're hurting my father or anyone else I care about, that "hell hath no fury" part -- that's gonna become a reality.

J.R.: You know what I want more than anything in this entire world? To fill up that cold house with a warm, loving family. You and A.J., just the beginning. Can you imagine A.J. having a little brother or a little sister who has her mother's eyes and her father's grin, huh?

Marissa: No. Just stop, please. God, we just got back together, and now you want to have a baby?

Ryan: So you haven't heard from Erica?

Kendall: No, no. And even though she's not romantically involved with David, I can't shake this horrible feeling that something is wrong with my mother.

Ryan: Look, with all the craziness going on, the one thing that has not changed is Erica's love for you, right? So you get her to open up, and maybe we can find out what the hell's going on here.

Kendall: Right. Did you speak to Jesse?

Ryan: Yeah. He's just as anxious to nail David.

Kendall: There's Griff. He sees David as his mentor. He sees him in a completely different light than the rest of us.

Ryan: But he's out of town.

Kendall: Right. Yeah, he's in Chile. He's out in the field.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: You can say that you miss the guy, right? You know, you can tell me that. I won't say that to anybody.

Kendall: Yeah. Ok, this is my mom's parking garage. I said they had to call me as soon as she arrives, and she just pulled in now, actually.

Ryan: You want me to go with you?

Kendall: No. This is something I have to do on my own, Ryan. Thanks.

Greenlee: I've seen this scam before. You pulled it on me, remember? How did you manage to get control of Erica?

David: The will of Erica Kane is hers and hers alone. Anything she does, she does for her own reasons and no one else's -- certainly not mine.

Greenlee: I can tell you're holding something back.

David: Oh, my God. You are determined to rewrite history, aren't you, chalking our marriage off to some sort of spell I cast on you. There's nothing I can do about that. But you and I both know -- even if you won't admit it -- anything you ever did in our marriage, you did because you wanted to.

Greenlee: You manipulated me, just like you're manipulating Erica.

David: What am I, some kind of puppet master? Like the moves you made weren't your own? Oh, please, Greenlee. No one ever put a string on you -- that's another thing you have in common with Erica.

Greenlee: Oh! You're ducking my questions by trying to push my buttons.

David: Really? And how am I doing?

Greenlee: I haven't slapped you and stormed out of here yet. I'm still waiting for your answer.

David: Ok. Then why don't I reward your personal growth with a completely honest answer. Yes, Erica and I had a thing, ok? It was a very long time ago.

Greenlee: Why am I finding it so hard to believe you?

David: I don't know.

Jack: Gee, I can't imagine why. Is there something going on here that I should know about?

Madison: Perfect.

Jake: Ok, I want you to sit down, make yourself comfortable. You comfy?

Amanda: Yes, thank you.

Jake: Ok. Hey. Remember when we were pregnant, and you would get these cravings? One of the cravings that I remember was barbecue potato chips and chocolate syrup. I got some news, kind of good news: I have plain potato chips. But what I could do is I could fire up the barbecue, and I could make the barbecue potato chips.

Amanda: Jake.

Jake: What is it? What is it? Come here, come here, come here.

Amanda: I just wish --

Jake: What do you wish for? Tell me. Tell me whatever it is, and I'll try to make it come true for you, ok?

Amanda: I just want to know.

Jake: I understand. I know. Everything's gonna be ok. I promise you.

Amanda: Promise?

Jake: I absolutely promise.

Amanda: Oh, God.

Jake: You have another pain now?

Amanda: Yes.

Jake: All right. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to pull rank. I am a doctor, and I am the baby daddy, so let's get you to the hospital. I want to have you checked out. Come on. Let's go. We're going right now. Let's go. Let's go.

J.R.: Is it really so bad that I want to have a child with you?

Marissa: We already share a son. Is A.J. really not enough for you?

J.R.: I didn't say that.

Marissa: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

J.R.: It's not like we've just met. I mean, we were married.

Marissa: Yeah, and that ended badly.

J.R.: And I've learned from my mistakes. I thought you saw that. And to be completely frank with you, you came back to my bed, and you told A.J. that we were a family again.

Marissa: I know, but it's just too soon. I am not ready --

J.R.: So you couldn't just wait a minute to say no? Here I'm talking about family and having more kids, and you got this look on your face.

Marissa: What look?

J.R.: The look like you want to run out of here screaming. What's going on with you?

Ryan: Yes, that is the flight number and the date. I'm just trying to locate him. That's all. He was a passenger and he arrived in Santiago, Chile. I'm trying to figure out if he made any transportation arrangements or hotel arrangements or anything like that. Could you repeat that, please? Dr. Griffin Castillo never made his flight?

Ben: You had me fooled, you know. As good as she is at being you, at being her, you were better. You missed lunch. Can I bring you something?

Erica: Yes. Not food.

Ben: What, then?

Erica: Before you two locked me up, I was about to start writing another book, an unvarnished look back on my life.

Ben: A very charmed life.

Erica: You think so? Since it appears I won't be going anywhere anytime soon, I could at least get some work done.

Ben: You want some paper and something to write with?

Erica: A recorder so I can dictate my thoughts, my memories. Will you do that one small favor for me, Ben?

Ben: I'll see what I can do.

Kendall: Ok, who are you, and what have you done with my mother?

Jane: Sorry?

Kendall: You're not yourself, Mom -- this whole thing with David.

Jane: "Thing"? The hospital was a wonderful business decision.

Kendall: I'm not talking about the hospital. I'm talking about the fact that you slept in his room last night. Did David make you do it? Did he blackmail you into sleeping with him, because I shot him?

Jane: We were working. We were --

Kendall: Really?

Jane: Yes. Really. David and I have been there, done that. There's nothing romantic between us. I'm engaged to Jack. Why? Are people talking about David and me as if we --

Kendall: Well, they might be.

Jane: Oh. I don't even want to think about what would happen if that got back to Jack.

Kendall: Yes, I agree with you. So you know what you need to do? You need to call him. Call him right now, make him go away with you, and convince him that he is the only man in your life.

Jack: I don't know what you've said or done to get my daughter upset --

David: I'm happy to tell you.

Greenlee: It's the hospital, the way he tricked me into selling to him. He was just rubbing salt in the wound. You got what you want.

David: And what if I want more?

Greenlee: Isn't that what gets you into trouble?

David: Yeah, that's true, but I have so much less to lose now. Say hi to Erica for me.

Jack: Oh, you dirty -- look, I have no doubts that you can handle yourself just fine, but for your old man, for my peace of mind so I don't go gray overnight, will you just do your best to stay the hell away from Hayward, please?

Greenlee: I'll do my best.

Jack: Thank you very much.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Erica, can I call you right back?

Jane: Jack. Let's get away from everyone and everything.

Jack: I'd like that very much. I think you and I could use some time alone, just the two of us.

Jane: And you know there's nothing I'd like better. So we'll set that up just as soon as I get back.

Jack: "Get back"? Get back from where?

Jane: I'm going off to the spa for a few days, maybe a week. I want to be relaxed and refreshed for you.

Jack: Relaxed and refreshed -- that sounds pretty good, sweetheart. What do you say I go with you?

Jane: I'll call you. Bye.

Kendall: Wait a minute. What are you doing? I thought that you were gonna --

Jane: Well, don't micromanage me, Kendall. I know what I'm doing. I'm Erica Kane.

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