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Dixie: Tad!

Tad: Hey. Do me a favor. Just don't go in the kitchen for a while, ok? All right?

Cara: What happened to you?

Tad: I'm cooking.

Cara: Oh. So something exploded in there or what?

Tad: Maybe the mesa. Masa? Mesa? The corny stuff? But on second thought, I think it's the chorizo.

Cara: Oh, ok. All right. Let me help you --

Tad: No, no, no! Don't go in there. No, I got it. It's my treat, so I'm cooking. Understood?

Cara: It's breakfast, huh? Yeah. Ok. Yeah. Sure. You're gonna clean up?

Tad: Si. It is what the breakfast cervezas are for.

Cara: I like that. Ok.

[Knock on door]

Cara: Hi.

Kendall: Hi. I'm sorry. I hope this isn't a bad time.

Cara: No, it's a good time, actually.

Kendall: What is that smell?

Cara: It's breakfast, I think.

Kendall: Oh. Oh. Sorry. I -- I probably should've called first, but I was in the neighborhood, so I figured why not, I'd stop by -- to set up a play date for the kids.

Cara: And to see if I've heard from Griff?

Ryan: Where's my bride?

Greenlee: Right here!

Ryan: Wow! Oh, ok. What's -- what's with all this?

Greenlee: You surprised me with our wedding, I wanted to surprise you with this.

Ryan: I am definitely surprised. Ow. Can I get in there?

Jane: Good morning.

David: Good morning.

Jane: I -- I should go, right?

David: There's no reason to.

Jane: I, uh -- uh -- last night was --

David: Yes, it was.

Jane: I was terrible, wasn't I? I mean, it was my first time. What if I -- what if it wasn't --

David: Shh. You were wonderful.

Jane: You really mean that?

Erica's voice: You want me to help you steal my life?

Jane's voice: I don't look at it as stealing. It really would be a gift you would give me.

Erica's voice: Let me go, and I'll give you all the help you want.

Jane's voice: That's not an option.

Erica: Let me out of here now! My daughters need me!

Jane: They have me.

Erica: Ohh! Ohh! God! Ohh! I won't take it anymore! No more! No more!

Randi: I didn't even recognize you at first.

Madison: Good.

Randi: When you said you were working on an idea, I had no clue it was gonna be this --

Madison: When I started looking for a new direction for Fusion, I didn't have one. So I built it from the face down -- maybe from the inside out. So many years of wanting, needing someone's approval -- my father's, my husband's, men, strangers on the street -- desperate for it, till finally I realized the only approval I need is my own. Fusion does pretty, sexy, get the man, keep the man. We've been so limited in our product, in our vision. Something's been missing, but I found it.

Ryan: So what's with the helmet and the armor and the --

Greenlee: I -- I couldn't sleep at all last night. Every time I closed my eyes, I kept thinking about how happy I am. Because I finally really, truly believe that you and I are finally really, truly together. So I wanted to do something special to honor what we have. So I got up, made a few phone calls. Everything was delivered at the crack of dawn.

Ryan: Which is awesome. I love it, but if there's gonna be some jousting later, I think I'm a little bit underdressed.

Greenlee: No jousting, a picture! We didn't take any official wedding photos yesterday.

Ryan: Right. That's true. I guess the tux and the gown would've been a little bit too boring for us, right?

Greenlee: No, I wanted our picture to say something about us, about our marriage. And this represents who we are, because you are and always will be everybody's hero.

Ryan: Ah. Well, not always.

Greenlee: Pretty much always. And it's not exactly a secret that I've had a hard time with that running-to-the-rescue thing that you do -- always out saving someone when I want all your attention on me. But it's who you are, and I love you for it. So no more resenting when you fly out the door to help the next chump in need.

Ryan: Waa. But you are no chump. You are, I'm thinking, warrior goddess here who, by the way, does always fight for what she wants.

Greenlee: It has blown up in my face a few times. And I've hurt a lot of people, especially fighting for you.

Ryan: You know you don't have to do that anymore.

Greenlee: I know. But I'm always gonna fight for what I want -- my family, for my friends, for Fusion.

Ryan: Which is part of the reason I love you, but I do have a question. Can we keep this stuff, because I'm having some really good ideas of how we --

Greenlee: No! Official wedding photo first. Come on!

Ryan: Ok, let me go put on a shirt --

Greenlee: No, no, no! No shirt. You're perfect just like that. Come on. Come on.

Ryan: Really?

Greenlee: Yeah. Ok. You ready? All right. Ready? Come here.

Ryan: Waa.

[Music plays]

Ryan: Wow, it's just going. What did you set it on? It stopped. Wait. One more.

Kendall: Actually, I really am here about a play date. But now that you mention it, I assume Griff has landed safely in Chile?

Cara: I guess.

Kendall: Oh. So you haven't heard from him yet?

Cara: Uh-uh.

Kendall: But he should be there by now, right?

Cara: Yeah. He's just not one to flick on his cell phone when he lands -- that's me.

Kendall: So you don't think he's gonna worry about you worrying?

Cara: Um, he's been traveling like this for a while, so when he lands, he just, like, really focuses on his work.

Kendall: So you're not worried at all? Not even a little bit?

Cara: Oh, I'm worried. Trust me, I worry about him all the time. But this is the life that he's chosen, so --

Kendall: I'm glad. If that works for you and Griff, then that's great. That's great. I'm sure he's fine. I'm sure he's just fine. Yeah.

Cara: Kendall? Why didn't you just stop him from going?

Jane: I really wasn't terrible?

David: No. You were perfect, and I'm honored to be your first. But I am a little surprised that in all this time you've been with your fiancÚ Jackson and you haven't -- the poor man must be suffering.

Jane: No, I just explained to him that after the trauma of the kidnapping, I just -- I had to get to know him all over again.

David: That was very clever.

Jane: What else could I do, really? I couldn't go to bed with him. I'm a virgin. He would've known immediately that I wasn't Erica.

David: Yeah. It's been quite sometime since anyone's mistaken Erica for a virgin.

Jane: You're terrible.

David: It's all part of my charm.

Jane: Oh, my God.

David: What?

Jane: You're gonna use this against me, aren't you? You're gonna blackmail me all over again.

David: I have no intention of --

Jane: You swear to me. You can't tell Jack. You can't tell anyone.

David: I won't.

Jane: I -- I just don't know how I could've been so stupid. Oh, my God, how could I do this? How could I have sex with David Hayward? I know your reputation. I know what you're capable of.

David: You just said that I was amazing, right?

Jane: Don't try to sweet-talk your way out of this, no. I have to go.

David: No, don't. I don't want you to leave.

Jane: Why? Do you have a hidden camera somewhere? Did you get this on tape?

David: Jane, listen to me. There's no camera. There's no agenda. Just a man as surprised as you are to end up like this. And, honestly, the surprise isn't just the physical connection. It's more the fact that -- that there's more of a connection between us. There's something special. I hope you feel that, too.

Jane: I should go.

David: No. I don't want you to leave. Stay with me.

Jane: I don't know. I --

David: I don't want you to leave my bed. I don't want this to end. Who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of something very special.

Kendall: Why didn't I stop Griff from leaving? I think maybe I should ask his sister that question.

Cara: I tried. That's why I asked you to talk to him.

Kendall: Ok. So him being gone is my fault?

Cara: No. No. I know that you care about him and --

Kendall: Yeah, I do care about him, but he's my friend. I was his patient.

Cara: Oh, my God. You guys are like twins. You don't even understand. Both of you just dance around each other. You pretend like you're just friends, but it's so obvious it's so much more than that.

Kendall: When did you become an expert on relationships? Look at your marriage to Tad -- you married him so that you could stay in the country. Tad, who's one of the most amazing men I have ever met -- he is giving up three years of his life to protect you.

Cara: I know. I know how amazing Tad is. You don't need to remind me, ok, but you also know that the only reason I'm in this arrangement is because I would be dead right now if I weren't. Please don't take your frustrations out on me, because you can't admit that you actually have feelings for my brother.

Kendall: I'm not frustrated, all right? I'm fine. I already told you that my feelings for Griff --

Cara: I get it. You're friends.

Kendall: All right. You know what? I'm -- I want to go.

Tad: Caracita? Who was at the door?

Cara: Kendall.

Tad: Kendall? What did she want?

Cara: Griffin.

Ryan: My ear's caught.

Greenlee: Here. Oh! Help --

Ryan: Ohh. You are not kidding.

Greenlee: All right. So who are you gonna rescue today?

Ryan: Probably Erica's at the top of my list. I don't like to brag, but --

Greenlee: Yeah. Much as I'm not a fan, if David is screwing with her head, I think we need to help her.

Ryan: I think I'm gonna handle this one alone.

Greenlee: What? But we work great together.

Ryan: I know, but nobody pushes Erica's buttons like you do. And if I'm gonna get the information I need to bring down Hayward, I don't want you there doing that: Pushing buttons.

Greenlee: All right. Then I'll work on David.

Ryan: No. Negative.

Greenlee: I can handle him.

Ryan: I don't care, really, because I don't want David to hurt you ever again. Ok?

Greenlee: Hero.

Ryan: [Taps shield] Warrior Goddess.

Greenlee: All right. Just be careful.

Ryan: You be careful. Plus, you got work to do.

Greenlee: Yeah, I know. Fusion definitely needs both hands on the wheel right now.

Ryan: How is Madison?

Greenlee: She's a surprise, actually.

Ryan: Yeah?

Greenlee: Yeah. She's really diving into work. She's being creative. And I don't know if we're ever gonna be friends, but she's got some potential.

Ryan: Oh. That's good. Glad to hear that.

Greenlee: Yeah. I have to get to work.

Ryan: Ok. You do that. Me, too. And, hey.

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: You get out there and fight the good fight, and when you get home, I got some ideas about how we can use this armor. Ok? I'm gonna sketch it out for you.

Greenlee: You're very weird, Ryan Lavery.

Ryan: I know. Jack? I was hoping to talk to Erica. It's Ryan. She spent the night working with Hayward at the hospital?

David: You cannot deny our connection.

Jane: I shouldn't have done this.

David: Done what? Given in to what you wanted? Shared your passion? You are a passionate woman, Jane. There's nothing wrong with that, or this. Honestly, if I could go back, there would be no blackmail. I would start over right here, right now, in this bed.

Jane: I can't do this. I'm engaged to Jack.

David: No, Erica is engaged to Jack.

Jane: But he's been so good to her -- to me.

David: "Good"? "Good" can be very boring, don't you think? Come on, Jane, you obviously don't have the feelings for Jack that Erica does.

Jane: You can't tell me how I feel.

David: I can see that. If you were in love with Jackson as Erica is, you'd be in his bed right now, not mine.

Jane: No, I couldn't do that. I told you: I was a virgin.

David: You're experienced now.

Jane: One night.

David: If you want to be with Jack, that's your choice.

Jane: No. That's impossible, anyway. I mean, I know the public Erica, Erica with her fans. But Erica behind closed doors, Erica in bed? Huh. She must be amazing, and Jack would know in a heartbeat. There's no way I could even come close. You were involved with Erica.

David: Yes, I was.

Jane: Then you see. Erica, me -- no comparison.

David: No, you're wrong. Look, Erica was a wonderful lover, but she is nothing like you.

Jane: You don't mean that.

David: Yes, I do. I mean that with all my heart.

[Phone rings]

David: Don't answer it.

Jane: No, I have to. I haven't taken a call since I told Jack I was working overnight. No, if I don't answer it, then he'll -- hello?

Ben: You have to get back here right away.

Jane: I'm in the middle of something.

Ben: It's Erica. She's lost it.

Tad: Okey-dokey.

Cara: Okey-dokey.

Tad: Have a seat.

Cara: Thank you.

Tad: [German accent] Now, I suppose you're wondering why I have brought you here. Because this is the perfect place to begin your treatment.

Cara: "My treatment"?

Tad: Ja. Your treatment.

Cara: What, you're a doctor now?

Tad: Ja. Ja.

Cara: Ok.

Tad: Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Hans von Fiegelhausen from Zurich, specializing in the missing pain.

Cara: "The missing pain"?

Tad: Ja. Ja. The missing pain. You see, when we miss the people that we love, we hurt here, here, and here -- even the feet.

Cara: The feet, too, huh?

Tad: The feet usually carry us to the people we love. When they cannot do this, the feet -- they feel the pain.

Cara: You really are an expert.

Tad: Ja. So where is your pain, kitten?

Cara: Everywhere. So what's the cure for that, hmm?

Tad: Of course, I'm winging it here, you know. This is a case of smartness. I can think of something, but it would take a demonstration. You would like the demonstration? Ok. Ja. You see, you stand about here. And, of course, I being the physician, would stand about here. And you would --

Cara: You're missing the stethoscope, but -- I'm sorry.

Tad: But it would go something -- something like this.

Cara: Ohh.

Tad: [Normal voice] I'm so sorry.

Cara: I -- it's just he's gone. It just doesn't ever get easy. That's all. Thank you.

Greenlee: We're supposed to get the preliminary mother-and-baby line sales figures today.

Kendall: Um, what's going on?

Randi: Madison's come up with something wild.

Greenlee: Rearranging the furniture is not the fastest way to a promotion.

Randi: Uh, I did that. She's come up with the most incredible idea, and I've told her that she needed to put on a full-on pitch.

Kendall: Ok. Let's see it.

[Music plays]

Madison: The world is unstable, unpredictable. Plans blow up. Life falls apart. Pretty's nice, but it's no defense. You want to survive? You take charge. You don't wait, you make it happen. You need the face, the look, the attitude so that when you move down the street, the masses clear out and give you your space. When you walk into work, you're in charge. And when you get into bed, he wants to please you. When you've been lied to, put down, left by the side of the road, you don't take it anymore. We stand strong, we fight back, and we don't stop until we win. Total domination: Every woman wants that strength, that power. We all have it in us. We just need help accessing it. The key is here. The key is us. We don't just give women the look, we give them the attitude. We give theme everything they need to help them be what they need to be: Fierce.

David: It seems like every time I turn around --

Ryan: Where's Erica?

David: I have no idea. I haven't seen her since yesterday.

Ryan: Is that right?

David: Yeah, that's right. And why are you looking for Erica, Ryan, hmm? More to do with my evil plans? Want to interrogate her some more?

Ryan: No, Hayward, I'm looking for something called the truth.

David: No, you're not. You and Greenlee both got the truth when you both ganged up on her yesterday, right? She's very, very happy being a partner, and the feeling's mutual. In fact, the more time I spend with Erica, the more I'm convinced that we can accomplish anything.

Jane: How is she? What happened?

Ben: Erica woke up and just started trashing the place. I tried to stop her.

Jane: Damn it. Any particular reason for this?

Erica: I did what I needed to do to get you here.

Jane: I'm here. What is it? What do you want?

Erica: David Hayward is my partner in Pine Valley Hospital?

Jane: Brilliant, wasn't it?

Erica: It isn't bad enough that you have taken my life? Now you want to destroy it? Getting into bed with David Hayward -- that is the fastest way to do that.

Jane: How did you find out?

Tad: I'm sorry.

Cara: What?

Tad: I mean I'm not sorry. I'm not sorry. I didn't -- I wasn't trying to take advantage of you.

Cara: Oh, no. No, I was -- you weren't alone in that. I was right there with you.

Tad: Yeah? Was it --

Cara: Yeah. Was it ok? Ha!

Tad: Was it ok?

Cara: Yes!

Tad: It was great. It was fantastic.

Cara: The kiss was good?

Tad: The kiss was ok.

Cara: So does the doctor have any more suggestions or what?

Tad: [German accent] No, I don't think so. You see, Fraulein, I've kissed a beautiful woman, so the doctor's head, unfortunately, has come clean off.

Cara: Aw! I need to put the -- ok. How about we go for a walk? Yeah?

Tad: A walk sounds fantastic. Fantastisch. Ja.

Cara: But this time, like this.

Tad: No, like zis.

Cara: No, like zees.

Tad: No, not "zees." Zis.

Cara: Zis.

Tad: Like zis.

Kendall: Well, well. That was -- that was amazing.

Greenlee: That was a great pitch.

Kendall: Yeah, and your look is very edgy, very provocative.

Greenlee: Yeah, we can definitely do something with your idea.

Madison: The idea is complete.

Greenlee: You came up with an amazing concept, and it's a great idea. Now we just need to shape it. We need to refine it, soften the edges.

Madison: No. That's the whole point -- it's not soft. It's not about compromise or making friends. It's about standing out.

Greenlee: I'm just saying for the average consumer, it's a little --

Randi: Fierce.

Greenlee: Intense.

Kendall: Um, yeah. I'm actually with Greenlee on this. We don't want to shove the idea or the product down the customers' throats.

Greenlee: Yeah, we certainly don't want to scare them.

Madison: What do you think?

Randi: I think the idea rocks. But there's nothing wrong with a little tweaking, right?

Madison: I'm not trying to scare anyone. I'm just trying to do something new here, something that's gonna put Fusion back on the map. I stayed up all night working on this. I'm going home.

Greenlee: No, Madison -- that went well.

Erica: You made sure I saw your big media announcement about my partnership with David. That's how I found out you got into bed with him.

Jane: It's a done deal, so this conversation is over.

Erica: This is not a conversation. This is my life. And I want to know everything before you completely annihilate it!

Jane: My personal life is none of your business.

Erica: Are you kidding me right now?

Jane: I need to get back. No more tantrums.

Erica: How is Jack?

Jane: Jack is fine.

Erica: What do you mean, he's fine?

Jane: Jack is Jack.

Erica: You didn't -- tell me you didn't sleep with Jack.

Ryan: Hayward?

Jane: Ryan, I didn't know that you still care so much.

Greenlee: "Fierce." It is a great concept. Huge potential, don't you think?

Kendall: Uh-huh.

Greenlee: We just need to finesse it. Not soften it, just make it a little more accessible.

Kendall: Uh, yeah.

Greenlee: Either you hate my idea or you want to take it in a different direction.

Kendall: Griff's gone.

Greenlee: Chile, right? The new Miranda Centers?

Kendall: Not a word, not a call, not a text -- nothing. Would it kill him to contact me when he lands? Not even me -- he hasn't even called his own sister.

Greenlee: That's terrible.

Kendall: It's incredibly insensitive. And even though Cara says she's ok, which I can't believe that she is, don't you think she'd be a little worried?

Greenlee: Maybe you're worried enough for both of you.

Kendall: I'm not worried about him.

Greenlee: It just sounded like you're worried.

Kendall: I'm not. The last person I need to worry about is Dr. Griffin Castillo. He can take great care of himself. I'm concerned about his sister.

Greenlee: Of course, you are.

Kendall: Ok, fine. I miss him. I'm worried about him. I miss him. Are you happy?

Greenlee: I wasn't trying to force a confession.

Kendall: How could I not miss him? How could I not? Griffin saved my life twice, and then he helped me with the whole Ricky thing. He's -- he's so good with my boys, even though he can be a little annoying sometimes. Have you noticed that?

Greenlee: Once or twice.

Kendall: That's one thing I'm not gonna miss. I'm not gonna miss his whole superior doctor attitude, especially when he's busted, and he is so easy to bust.

Greenlee: Maybe you could text him.

Kendall: Why would I do that? It's not like I don't have a million things to do. I'm incredibly busy here. I've got work. I've got the boys. I have important things to focus on. This is actually good. It's good that I'll have time to focus on what's really important. Ok? So can we just not talk about Griffin, please? Please.

Greenlee: Fine. We won't talk about him ever again. Let's go.

Kendall: No. We have to do work.

Greenlee: It can wait. It's obvious the person who now shall not be named is putting you in a bad place, and I'm gonna get you out of it.

Maid: You're not Dr. Hayward.

Ryan: Thank God.

Maid: What are you doing here?

Ryan: Was Hayward alone last night?

Maid: I saw him with Erica Kane last night. I saw her leave this morning.

Ben: Ignore her. She's just trying to get to you.

Jane: Take a break.

Ben: You're upset.

Jane: A half-hour. Go.

Ben: I'm not leaving you alone with her.

Jane: Just take a break.

Erica: Answer me, Jane. You may look like me, and you may sound like me, but you can never be me, the woman I am. You're a pathetic wannabe. And if you think sleeping with Jackson won't have any consequences, then you are really stupid.

Jane: I am not stupid.

Cara: I cannot believe that you borrowed that little kid's skateboard and you did an Ollie.

Tad: Half an Ollie.

Cara: No, it was -- another hidden talent.

Tad: Just a fringe benefit of raising two small boys. I just want to keep it interesting, impress my girl.

Cara: So I'm your girl now? Is that what you're saying?

Tad: Yeah. Is that ok with you?

Cara: Hmm. More than ok.

David: You are definitely not from around here.

Madison: What do you want?

David: Madison?

Madison: Again, what do you want?

David: Food. And you?

Madison: Just taking a break from work.

David: You went to work dressed like this?

Madison: Why the hell wouldn't I?

David: That's not a criticism. You look spectacular, like a woman ready to take on the world.

Greenlee: Kendall's joining us.

Kendall: I hope you don't mind.

Greenlee: Just sit. It's a party.

Ryan: Not exactly.

Greenlee: What's wrong?

Kendall: What's going on?

Ryan: Erica spent the night in Hayward's hotel room.

Erica: So you didn't sleep with Jack?

Jane: No. I swear I'm telling the truth.

Erica: Jack must be furious that you would partner with David.

Jane: He is. But there's so much more to David. He can be so sweet, giving.

Erica: David Hayward ruins lives for fun.

Jane: Maybe you don't know him as well as you think.

Erica: He's gotten to you.

Jane: I understand him.

Erica: When I mentioned before that you had gotten into bed with David, you thought I meant it. You really did sleep with David. Oh, my God! Then you cheated on Jack!

Jane: I'm not committed to Jack.

Erica: I am! Do you have any idea what you've done? You're ruining my life, you fool, you stupid, selfish, crazy bitch!

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