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Griffin: Kendall. Hey --

Kendall: Not now, Griff.

Griffin: I know where you're going.

Kendall: Great. Good for you. Can you let me go, please?

Griffin: No. You got that scary look in your eye. I'm not gonna let you go after David Hayward until that look is gone.

David: Let office management know that I intend to turn the fifth-floor conference room into my office. Also, I want the I.T. guy to give me full administrative privileges for the entire computer network. You got that?

Woman: "The entire -- "

Greenlee: Give us a minute, Laurie.

David: Sorry. You look wonderful. So are you feeling nostalgic for the place, or did you just stop by to wish me luck?

Greenlee: You sneaky, self-righteous dirtbag.

David: I guess neither.

Greenlee: I never would've sold this place to Erica if I knew you were involved.

David: Of course not. That's why you didn't know. And why do you care, anyway? You made it very clear to Erica that you were selling to concentrate on your personal life. You do still have one of those, don't you?

Ryan: Hi.

Randi: Hey.

Ryan: Is Greenlee here, by any chance? I'm trying to get in touch with her, but all I'm getting is her voice mail.

Randi: No. She must've had a meeting. Everything ok?

Ryan: I'll let you know as soon as I talk to her. I haven't spoken to her since Erica's press conference.

Randi: I'll have her call you if she shows up. Right now I'm more concerned about Madison.

Randi: She's been at it all night.

Ryan: Hey.

Madison: I must've dozed off.

Ryan: Don't you think maybe you should head home and get some good-quality sleep?

Madison: No. I don't have time. I have to finish this.

Ryan: Madison, don't do this to yourself.

Madison: Leave me alone. I'm not your problem anymore.

Marissa: Hi. You looked a million miles away.

J.R.: I was, but not anymore. I'm exactly where I want to be.

Tad: Hey!

Cara: Hi.

Tad: What on earth is that?

Cara: This is your mom's recipe book.

Tad: My God, is that thing still around?

Cara: So I'm -- can you -- is that a -- I don't know what that is. It's chicken. "Fry the chicken out in the -- yard"?

Tad: No, lard. "In the lard." Old typewriter. It's supposed to be an "L." Yep, lard.

Cara: "Fry the chicken in the lard"?

Tad: Yeah, it's good for what ails you -- pig fat. They weren't too big on health-conscious alternatives back in my Grandma Kate's day. It's why half the Martins became doctors: Keep the other half from keeling over in the line at the grocery store.

Cara: Thank God I'm a doctor, I guess, right? Because I'd like to make all your favorite recipes.

Tad: I didn't marry you to get a fry cook.

Cara: No, you married me to keep me alive. That's something I'll always remember.

Tad: But that's not why you're so upset, that you're hanging around staring at old cookbooks, is it?

Cara: Well --

Tad: Admit it, you're worried about Jake. It's ok. I am, too.

Jake: I want this marriage to work, so I just want us to be honest and open with each other --

Amanda: My God, just say it! I already know what you did! You slept with Cara!

Jake: No, I -- I didn't.

Amanda: Stop lying to me. I heard you talking to Cara, talking about what happened between you two, how you could never let me know what happened between you, how I'd be devastated if I found out. And you know what? You're right.

Jake: Wait a second. Whatever you think you heard, whatever, we were talking about how we didn't, how we almost did -- that's what I'm trying to tell you. We did not have sex, ok? We did not have sex. We -- we came to our senses and we stopped, honey. We stopped.

Amanda: I don't believe you.

Jake: Why would I be talking about this? Why would I be admitting to something that almost happened?

Kendall: Don't worry. I don't have a gun. I don't have a pillow, ok? I just want some answers, all right?

Griffin: Hold on. Have you even considered that David isn't the person that you should be talking to?

Kendall: I'm not gonna talk to him. I'm gonna scream at him.

Griffin: Maybe you should get some information from your mother first, find out her reasoning before you go off on David. You said it yourself -- she's been acting odd lately.

Kendall: Yeah, not just odd. She's been completely avoiding me and Bianca. She's been doing everything she can to play to the tabloids, and we caught her drinking again.

Griffin: She hasn't been herself since she's been kidnapped, has she?

Kendall: No, and David's been taking advantage of that ever since he found out I was the one who really shot him. You know what? It's gonna stop right now.

Greenlee: Did you enjoy making me look like a fool?

David: No, I think you looked like a fool the minute you walked out on me. You never understood me, Greenlee. If you did, we could've been running this place together instead of me selling you my half to snatch back the whole thing.

Greenlee: Because you knew I'd never sell it to you. Is there any move you make that doesn't have an ulterior motive?

David: All right. Yeah, I do have my darker side, but many of the people that you know and love are alive today because of me.

Greenlee: Is that what you're holding over Erica? You saved Kendall? You saved Ian?

David: I can honestly say that I am not holding anything over Erica's head.

Greenlee: Enjoy your new toy.

David: It's one thing about my darker side, Greenlee -- it allows me to understand you all too well, in a way that Ryan can't and never will.

Ryan: You're right. You're not my "problem." But you're my friend, and I don't like to leave my friends when they're hurting.

Madison: I don't hurt when I'm working. This is the only time I actually feel human lately. I finally have the chance to be creative in my work, and I just get into this zone where I could actually forget about everything I've been going through -- the baby that I lost and the life I thought I was gonna have. I need to keep working. Ah! No, no, no! Damn it! Ah! Oh! No! Ah!

Ryan: Oh, man. Oh, man. Can you redraw this, by any chance?

Madison: This will not be the same. You think I'm crazy.

Ryan: No, I think you're more talented than I even thought. You're really good. Here. You draw. I'll get you another coffee.

Bianca: I just don't understand why my mom would go along with that. And what happened? How did the board let that happen?

J.R.: David arranged it so the board met without me and Joe Martin. I can only assume with Erica Kane's name and her generous price tag, they felt it was worth their while. I tell you what. I can make some phone calls, find out exactly what went down.

Bianca: Would you do that? I would appreciate that.

Marissa: I hate to see you so upset. You know what? I'm gonna find him and convince him to back out of the deal.

Bianca: No, no. Please don't do that. I really appreciate you wanting to help, but no. That is exactly what David wants: Something to pull you back into his life again. No, you made a clean break with him. I don't want you to risk all the good things going on in your life right now.

Marissa: Some things are worth the risk.

Tad: You know what kills me?

Cara: What?

Tad: Is Jake asked me my advice. I wish he'd taken it. He should've just let it go.

Cara: Really?

Tad: Yeah, really. You and he didn't -- you know. I mean, you came close, but you didn't. What's the point of putting Amanda through that?

Cara: You know what? The point is that the truth always comes out, and he doesn't want to lie to her. She needs to know how much he loves her and how much he loves her son. He does more than anything.

Tad: Yeah. You know that, and I know that, and I think Jake's on board, but what if Amanda doesn't know it?

Jake: It's all right. I probably deserve that. I deserve more than that. The way that I've been acting, Babe, since Cara got back to town, I just -- but regardless of the circumstances, we should never have even gotten that close. I'm -- I'm sorry. But we didn't follow through, and I think -- I know that that's -- I know that that's -- that tells you so much, and, actually, it closed the door that should never have been really reopened in the first place. I don't know if you know this. We took that little ring of hers, and we threw it in the garbage, the wedding ring -- where it belongs. Please say something to me. Say something, even if it's -- even if it's that you hate me.

Amanda: Why did you wait so long? Why didn't you tell me before?

Jake: Before what?

Ryan: You're gonna think I'm just saying this, but that's even better than the first one.

Madison: Nice try. You're right, though. It is.

Ryan: You want me to spill some coffee on it, so you can start again? Maybe the third will be best of all.

Madison: No time for jokes. I got to get this done. This is the first time I've had a presentation to do all on my own. Damn it!

Ryan: Hey, hey. It's ok. It's ok.

Kendall: Well. You don't waste any time, do you?

David: I never do. You got that fire in your eyes, Kendall. In my imagination, I picture you looking just like that the night that you shot me in the back.

Kendall: Ok. That's what this is all about. My mother covered for me that night, and you're using her to do whatever you want.

David: You couldn't be more wrong. Actually, I was hoping we could use this as a chance for us to get past all that.

Kendall: I don't believe a word out of your mouth.

David: And why is that, since I saved your life and the life of your son. And how did you repay me? By trying to kill me. I would think that you'd be happy with my peace offering.

Kendall: I would if I believed a word of what you said. But you lie as easily as you breathe, David, and I know that you're up to something else, and you're using my mother to do it.

Bianca: No, it's not worth going after David over this. No, please, just let it go. I don't want to be worried about you when I'm gone.

Marissa: "Gone?" Where you going?

Bianca: I'm taking Miranda and Gaby to that little resort on the lake. There's some good kids programs, and just as important, there's a decadent spa for their mom to enjoy.

Marissa: Ooh! That sounds delicious, especially the "decadent spa" part. Hey, what if A.J. and I came along with you?

Bianca: Are you serious?

Marissa: Yeah! A.J. has been begging for a weekend in the country or at the beach. I guess he's already bored with soccer camp. And then Miranda will have her birthday twin to play with.

Bianca: I don't even know if you can get reservations this late.

Marissa: It's worth a try, unless you'd rather be alone.

Bianca: No. No.

Marissa: Then say "Yes."

J.R.: I had to leave some messages. Say "Yes" to what?

Cara: Yes, Amanda is gonna be devastated when he tells her. But you know how he feels about her, and he isn't gonna stop until they work this out.

Tad: How do you feel about it?

Cara: I want your brother to be happy.

Tad: Yeah, that makes two of us.

Cara: You know what? You should go over there.

Tad: What?

Cara: Yeah, go over there. And if things aren't -- you can help. Go make it right.

Tad: Yeah. Great idea. I can go there, put myself in harm's way, and if all else fails, I can call 911 after it's over.

Jake: I don't expect you to forgive me or even forget right away, but -- but I want to fix it, ok? I want to get us back, and we can do it. So come away with me, ok? You come away with me, and we'll find each other. We'll find us. It's just gonna take both of us. It's just gonna take a little bit of work.

Amanda: I -- I have to get to work. I'm already late, and J.R. is expecting me, so --

Greenlee: Thank God someone's working around here. How's it coming?

Madison: Getting there.

Greenlee: Sorry. I've been so wound up in this hospital mess, I dropped the ball today. I can guess why you're here: I'm fine. I had one homicidal moment when I saw David's face, but it passed. Thank you for picking up the slack.

Madison: It's not a problem that I'm here?

Greenlee: No. We've got a deadline. This is nice. Really nice.

Ryan: She's been at it all night. I was just trying to convince Madison to take a little bit of a break.

Greenlee: Don't you know how we Fusion women work? She can sleep when she's finished. That's good. It's really good.

Madison: Thanks. I'm still trying to get it just right.

Greenlee: Actually, I think you've got it. Yeah. You know what? It's great. In fact, I want you to do the entire presentation.

Madison: You do?

Greenlee: Yeah. But not looking like that. So you need to go home, take a shower, take a nap, change your clothes, and then come back here and sell this thing.

Madison: Ok. Ok. Thank you. Thank you, and you.

Ryan: You're pretty amazing.

David: You don't have to worry about Erica. Your mother knows exactly what she's doing. But maybe there's another reason why you're here. Are you hurting, Kendall?

Kendall: You know what? Don't pull that crap with me, ok? I know you're blackmailing her.

David: Ask her yourself. She'll refute it. I'm just saying that maybe there's some unfinished business between you and me and maybe Zach?

Kendall: Stop, stop. I was in a very bad place when I pulled that trigger. I thought my life was over.

David: Sometimes we think life is over when it's not.

Kendall: The man who was responsible for Zach's death is now behind bars, so I have my life back. If you're such a great healer, then act like one. Make sure my mother does not regret her choice. Show this town the man who saved my life and my son's life.

David: Should I detect this as an offer for a truce?

Kendall: Just don't screw my mother over, and maybe we all have a shot at working things out.

Griffin: Everything ok?

Kendall: That all depends on your mentor here.

Marissa: And I figured since A.J. has been asking for a trip, we'd just join Bianca and the girls.

J.R.: Really?

Marissa: What's the matter?

Bianca: Uh, J.R. actually wanted to take you and A.J. on a trip of your own.

Marissa: You did?

J.R.: Yeah. I kind of wanted it to be a surprise.

Bianca: Yeah, and I spilled it, didn't I? J.R. wanted to take you and A.J. to the Grand Canyon.

J.R.: Grand Canyon.

Bianca: Mule rides down to the bottom and rafting on the river -- the works. So I have to get packing. But we'll e-mail each other pictures, ok? Ok. Have fun.

Marissa: Yeah, you, too.

Bianca: Thanks.

J.R.: The timing wasn't quite right, but what do you say? You feel like going?

Marissa: Yeah, of course, I do.

Opal: Hey! You know, my dear, I think you already have the right recipe for keeping Tad happy.

Cara: What do you mean?

Opal: I just mean that -- I don't mind saying when you first came into Tad's life, I was more than a little worried that you were gonna break his heart. But I see how you've put the spring back in his step, how much the girls adore you, and how much you bring to this family.

Jake: Babe?

Tad: Hi, darling.

Jake: Hey.

Tad: She's not home. I figured you could probably use one of these.

Jake: Thank you. I could.

Tad: Yeah? So? How'd she react?

Jake: You were right. Is that what you wanted to hear? You were right. I should've kept my mouth shut.

Amanda: Hang up now.

J.R.: Listen, can you hold that room? I'll call you back. Thanks. What's up?

Amanda: I can't keep quiet about what happened between us. I have to tell Jake.

J.R.: Ok, whoa. Just don't even think about going there, ever. If you tell Jake, then Marissa's gonna find out, and I'm not gonna let that happen.

Amanda: You don't understand. The reason I was so upset, the reason that I fell into bed with you, it never happened. Jake never slept with Cara.

J.R.: Ok. Then all the more reason to keep what we did a secret. It was a mistake. Don't compound it by hurting Jake and Marissa.

Amanda: What was I thinking?

J.R.: You weren't. Neither was I.

Amanda: If I just talked to him, let him explain, maybe heard him out, the I never, ever --

Marissa: What's going on?

Tad: No matter what you feel like, you're a good man, one of the best I've ever known. You give her a little space, she'll remember how much she loves you.

Jake: Phew. I hope you are correct. I am just scared to death that she is gone for good.

David: Kendall and I have reached an understanding of sorts.

Kendall: More like a wait-and-see. Don't screw her over. Don't. Ok, I have to go to Fusion, so why don't you stick around here and keep an eye on your old buddy?

Griffin: Look, I know you're enjoying your first day back at work, and I have given you all the support I can, but don't make me regret it.

David: And why do you care, Doctor? You're leaving town, remember, giving up your chance at greatness.

Ryan: Thank you, Peggy. I'll be in the office in a bit, ok? Great. Want a little help with that?

Greenlee: No. I've got a staff to help me do the rest.

Ryan: You were great earlier, the way you got Madison to go take a breather.

Greenlee: Thanks.

Ryan: The way you picked up on my look, you knew exactly what to do. See? We can still work well together.

Greenlee: We should do it more often, then.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Yeah?

Kendall: It's me. Presentation still on?

Greenlee: Uh, you know what? I'll handle the presentation. Why don't you go knock some sense into your mother?

Kendall: I tried talking to her, I did, but she didn't want to discuss it.

Greenlee: Of course, she didn't. There's no rational explanation.

Kendall: I'll try to get something more out of her. I'll talk to you later.

Ryan: Anything I can help with?

Greenlee: Can you un-sell a hospital?

Ryan: No. But I might be able to do something better than that.

Randi: Madison? Are you ok?

Madison: Yeah. I guess I just dozed off for a minute.

Randi: The presentation's gonna start soon, and you can't go like this.

Madison: I'm fine. I'll be right there.

Randi: Maybe Kendall or Greenlee should handle it instead.

Madison: No. No, no. This is my idea. I'm not gonna let it go.

Cara: Thank you. You made my day.

Opal: Well, you make him happy, so thank you. I'm gonna go check on the girls.

Cara: How'd it go?

Tad: Not well.

J.R.: It's ok. It's a mini meltdown. It's my fault. I've been working her too hard.

Marissa: Hey, are you ok?

Amanda: Yeah. I'm sorry.

J.R.: I was just telling her she needs to take some time off, focus on her family and only on that.

Marissa: Yeah, I think that's a good idea. You should take him up on it before he changes his mind. You sure you're ok?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah.

Marissa: Ok. Um, hey, what should I tell A.J. about the Grand Canyon trip?

J.R.: Don't tell him anything. I want it to be a surprise.

Marissa: I like that. Hey, you take good care of yourself, ok?

Amanda: Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you. You said she was done with you, that she completely rejected you.

J.R.: I made a mistake, just like you did with Jake. Listen, you and I both have second chances. Don't blow it for us.

Jake: Hey. I figured you'd be here.

Greenlee: There you are.

Randi: Is it possible to postpone the presentation?

Greenlee: No. Marketing is waiting on the feed. Where's Madison?

Madison: I'm here.

Greenlee: I thought you were gonna freshen up.

Madison: I'm fresh enough. Let's do this thing.

David: Hello. I'm looking for Erica Kane. This is her phone, isn't it? Oh, she is? Tell her to take a break from the interview. Tell her it's David -- tell her it's Dr. David Hayward of Pine Valley Hospital.

Kendall: Hi, Paul. Have you seen my mom anywhere around here today?

Paul: Yeah. She was in here earlier with Dr. Hayward and Mr. Montgomery.

Kendall: Ooh. Ugh. All right. Could I have a virgin daiquiri, please?

Griffin: I'll have whatever's on tap. Thank you. Don't worry. I'm not stalking you.

Kendall: There goes my fun. What's wrong? Something happen today with David after I left?

Griffin: He knows how to push my buttons.

Tad: I knew it. Jake should've taken my advice, just kept his mouth shut, let it go. Of course, Amanda's gonna be upset. You guys didn't do anything, but you almost did. How she's supposed to just find out about that and forgive?

Cara: You did.

Tad: I'm different. I didn't say it didn't hurt. And you and I are different. Come on, let's face it. Jake and Amanda -- they have a real marriage, right? They have a child. But now --

Cara: What?

Tad: I don't know.

Cara: I'm gonna get some fresh air. Excuse me.

Tad: What?

Bianca: Ok, I want you to go in the back with Krystal and Gaby while I get the food for the trip. Ok?

Miranda: I wish I could bring a friend.

Bianca: You got your sister.

Miranda: I wish A.J. could come.

Bianca: I told you, honey, A.J.'s mommy can't come. Some things just aren't meant to be.

Jake: You guys ever actually work in an office?

J.R.: I've been trying to get your wife to take some time off. Could you talk some sense into her?

Jake: He's right, actually. Work isn't everything. You want to come home?

Amanda: I just want to stay busy.

J.R.: That's right. It's your job to keep her busy, so go on. Get on out of here. It's all gonna work out. Don't worry.

Marissa: You don't fool me for a minute. All that talk about Amanda being burned out? You just wanted to give her and Jake some time together. You're turning into a romantic.

J.R.: What can I say? Heh heh. I'm a good guy.

Marissa: Hey, is there any news on the vacation front?

J.R.: Oh, about that, I was hoping we could postpone it for a couple weeks. Now that Amanda's gonna be out of the office, the workload's gonna be crazy.

Marissa: Oh. It's fine with me, but A.J. really wanted to go somewhere.

J.R.: I've got the perfect solution.

Madison: Most women don't realize that the makeup they wear, the eyeliner they put on, the nail polish they apply all have the potential to harm the babies growing inside of them. Fusion's new mommy-and-baby line is specially formulated to avoid potentially toxic ingredients without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Greenlee: She's doing great.

Madison: Women today understand that they need to do everything they can to protect their unborn babies.

Madison's voice: Oh!

Ryan: What? What is it?

Madison: I don't know. I think maybe the baby just kicked for the first time. Oh, my God, Ryan.

Ryan: Oh, my God.

Madison: And they need to be educated on the ingredients --

Madison: My baby.

Scott's voice: Wow.

Madison: Baby girl North. Oh, I'm never gonna forget this day. The ingredients that might harm their growing babies --

Madison's voice: Don't you dare say it. Go out and come back in and tell me everything's fine. Tell me that our baby's ok. Ryan, please.

Ryan: They tried. They -- they really tried.

Greenlee: Madison? Madison?

David: Yes, I am still holding for Ms. Kane. Please tell her that if she doesn't want to talk to me right now, I'd be happy to call Jackson Montgomery instead. I knew that would get your attention. No, no. I was just calling to thank you for going the extra mile in pushing through the hospital sale. It's really great to be back home. Yes, I know everyone thinks you're going crazy for doing it, but you and I know the whole story, now, don't we? And besides, this makes us even now.

Griffin: David never lets an opportunity go by where he can't give me a jab.

Kendall: Something strange happened today. When I looked at David, I suddenly didn't want to kill him.

Griffin: Hmm. That's progress.

Kendall: No, you have no idea. This is huge. I just realized that I have to let go of the past. Nothing's gonna bring Zach back, and David is just a man -- an ambitious, infuriating man who I really shouldn't waste my time with.

Griffin: That's even more progress.

Kendall: Do I sound like I'm trying to convince myself?

Griffin: Not at all. So are we on the Miranda Center clock, or are we officially off duty?

Kendall: Does it matter?

Griffin: Not really.

Marissa: Hey! Hey, lady. A.J. is in the car with Miranda and Gaby. They were hanging with Krystal out back, so let's get a move on.

Bianca: What?

Marissa: I'm coming with you after all.

Bianca: I thought J.R. was taking you --

Marissa: Yeah, but the Grand Canyon had to be put on hold. So you didn't change your mind about us coming, did you?

Bianca: No. No. No. Let's go.

Marissa: All right.

Tad: What the hell -- fine. Yeah, you want to be that way? I'll be that way with the best of them. Oh, yeah. I'm fine without you. I got a life -- hell, I have my own hair color. You want to sulk? I can sulk. Watch me sulk, man. I'll sit here, order a pizza, eat the whole thing, watch some TV.

Cara: Hey! Stop talking to yourself. Let's go. You coming with me or not?

Tad: Definitely.

Cara: Come on.

Jake: I figured it out. We're not gonna take any holiday, any vacation, ok? We're gonna just stay home, stay put. We'll let Opal take care of the little one just until we work past all of our personal --

Amanda: Stop, Jake. Just stop. Stop. You can't make it better, not as long as --

Jake: You still think I betrayed you. I understand that, and I'm trying to tell you that I didn't. I didn't, but that's ok because I will take as long as it takes to convince you otherwise.

[Phone chirps]

Jake: Oh, oh! It's the hospital, but listen. No, I'm gonna get someone to cover for me. It doesn't matter. I've got to do this right now.

Amanda: No. Go. Please go to work, Jake.

Jake: Baby, I love you. Ok? I love you.

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