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Jane: He saved the lives of several members of my family and so many others in the community. In partnership with Dr. Hayward, I will see to it that Pine Valley Hospital shines brighter than ever before.

David: This may very well be the proudest day of my life. First of all, I would like to thank Ms. Erica Kane.

Frankie: Hey, what's up?

Angie: You won't believe it. [Turns off TV] I'm not even sure I do.

Frankie: Try me.

Angie: We have a new boss.

David: Did she have to choose me for this historic venture as her partner? Absolutely not. She had other options, and, frankly, even safer options. But Erica took the risk --

Caleb: Is that Erica?

Krystal: Hmm.

Caleb: What's she doing with Hayward?

Krystal: Exactly. And why isn't Jackson doing anything to stop her?

David: I have made a great many mistakes, and I have certainly learned from them. But the pain that I've experienced in my own life has given me a tremendous amount of empathy, a deeper understanding of others' suffering, and as a result, an even greater desire than ever to change lives for the better.

Griffin: Now that my legal problems are officially over, I want to officially thank my brother-in-law. What would you say? Guys' night out? Cigar bar? Interested? Did I miss something?

Cara: Yes. Your mentor, David Hayward? He's back in a big way.

David: Improving lives, saving lives -- that's what I do best. It's what I've always done, and that's what I will continue to do as co-owner of P.V.H., but healing the sick is only the beginning. My mission from this day forward is to offer not only good health, but renewed hope for all the citizens of Pine Valley and beyond.

Jake: You get Opal to babysit. You're not answering my calls. I don't know where you were. So where were you?

Amanda: You're gone all the time. Your pager goes off, you disappear. Do I harass you about it?

Jake: I'm not harassing you. I'm just saying I was worried.

Amanda: I'm back, and I'm fine.

Jake: Ok. You don't seem fine. You just seem nervous, and you seem upset, and you're not looking me in the eye and -- I'm here by myself. I can only start assuming the worst, you know.

Amanda: You're not the only one with a job. If J.R. wants me to work, I can't exactly just blow him off.

Jake: I understand why you didn't call me back. This is my fault, right? My fault? I'm the one who put distance between us, and this is why I want us to stop and just talk to each other about it. I've been wanting to talk about it.

[Phone rings]

Jake: I'm sorry. Just a second. I'm sorry. Hello? Tad, it's not a good time right --

Tad: Jake, where are you? Are you watching the news?

Jake: No, I'm not watching the news. Why?

Tad: Because Greenlee sold the hospital to Erica -- and David Hayward.

Jake: What? You're telling me that Hayward owns the hospital? How is that possible? How did it get past the board? How'd it get past anybody?

Tad: I don't know yet. Just promise me that you won't do anything stupid until I do, that you're cool. Ok? Jake?

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, I'm cool. All right.

Amanda: Please tell me that's not true. How could David do that?

Jake: I have no idea. I have no idea, but I'm gonna have to find out.

Amanda: Yeah. Go to the hospital, see what you can do, but please stay away from David.

Jake: Right. Look, we're gonna talk about everything, ok? We're gonna talk about everything later. I promise. I need to check this out with Hayward.

Amanda: Yeah, I understand.

Jake: Ok. Thank you. Look, honey, this is my priority, ok -- you, me, this family. And we will talk about everything and we'll be honest and open about everything, ok, and we'll get ourselves back on track, because there is nothing that's more important than that, than us.

Frankie: Hayward is not taking over this hospital.

Angie: Sounds like it's a done deal.

Frankie: Not if anyone around here has anything to say about it. We'll block the doors. We'll get attack dogs. I'll attack him myself.

Angie: No, don't even think about it.

Frankie: I got to do something, because I'm not working for that psycho again. He doesn't care about this place. His cutbacks are the reason you can't see.

Angie: Yeah, he has hurt a lot of people, but he's helped even more. He's made miracles happen.

Frankie: And you think he's gonna give you a miracle, too? Bring your vision back? Part the Red Sea? Come on, Mom, he's playing you.

Angie: After that announcement, I could really use some of Krystal's comfort food -- emphasis on "comfort."

Krystal: It's bad enough that David could be practicing medicine again, but to get his hooks back into the hospital?

Caleb: Big move.

Krystal: Yeah. Erica made a deal with the devil. Clearly, she's lost her mind. Why else would she partner up with that snake?

Caleb: Beats me.

Krystal: I guess the man I should ask is Jackson.

[Caleb sniffs]

Krystal: What is that? Oh, my God, my cornbread's burning. Another disaster courtesy of David Hayward.

Caleb: Need help?

Krystal: Yeah. Get Erica to come to her senses.

David: Excellent job.

Woman: Terrific as always. Best of luck with everything.

David: There it is. Thank you for putting your faith in me. You won't be disappointed. Now, Jack, I'm sure that this announcement came as a surprise to you. So if there are any questions you have, I'd be --

Jack: If I have any questions, I'll ask Erica. Now, if you'll excuse us --

David: Absolutely. But before I go, I just want to assure you this partnership is a good thing. It's a very good thing, hugely beneficial for everyone involved. Isn't that right, Erica?

Jane: Yes.

David: I couldn't have asked for a better partner. Together, there's no limit to what we can accomplish. The real Erica Kane is back, and not a moment too soon. Excuse me.

Jack: "The real Erica Kane." Who the hell is he kidding? I can't believe I didn't see this before. This explosion clearly had more of an effect on you than either one of us thought. It has given you some kind of a mental trauma, Erica. We need to get you to a top neurologist.

Jane: No, no. No doctors. It's nothing -- my mental faculties are fine.

Jack: We need to find out what the hell is wrong with you.

Jane: There's nothing wrong with me.

Jack: Then how do you explain going into business with David Hayward of all people?

Jane: I'm a businesswoman. That's what I do.

Jack: You haven't cared anything about business for weeks.

Jane: The kidnapping set me back temporarily, but David is right. The real Erica is back, driven and ambitious and not afraid to take chances.

Jack: Chances? What the hell kind of a chance are you taking here? This man has hurt almost everyone you've ever cared about!

Jane: He wants to wipe the slate clean now. He would like to start a new chapter of his life and put all that behind him, and everybody deserves that kind of chance, don't they?

Jack: Is he blackmailing you again? Is that what's going on here? Is he putting drugs into your tea?

Jane: Blackmail?

Jack: Erica, how else do you explain this? How else do you explain you all of a sudden generating sympathy for a man who wants to put your daughter in prison?

Jane: I do not want to discuss my daughter. All I want to do is just celebrate this enormous accomplishment.

Jack: You told me you were done with David Hayward, that you would have nothing more to do with him. Now I turn around and you're in partnership with him? I mean, you lied to me.

Jane: Jack, why are you reacting like this?

Jack: How the hell do you expect me to react? Look, I don't know what's going on, but I know this. You give me a couple days to pray over this contract, and I will find a way to get you out of it. We will break that contract.

Jane: No. This is my decision.

Caleb: Not without your partner, it's not.

Tad: No, you don't, Cara. Where do you think you're going?

Cara: I'm gonna go stop Jake from killing David.

Tad: No. You don't have to, ok? He promised he wasn't gonna do anything stupid.

Cara: Yeah, I'm sure he did, but we all know it -- he's racing down to the hospital as we speak!

Griffin: Protecting Jake is not your job, ok? Not anymore.

Cara: Just stop looking at me like that. We all know what's gonna happen! If he goes down there, he starts bashing David's head in!

Tad: Which is why he's not gonna do it. He's already let Hayward provoke him one time, ok, and he's lived to regret it. He's not gonna give him that kind of satisfaction all over again.

Cara: You don't know that.

Tad: I know Jake. I've known him my entire life. It makes me a pretty good hand at knowing what he's thinking.

Cara: Ok. What am I thinking?

Tad: My hair looks great.

Cara: It does. I'm out of here.

Tad: No. Come on, Cara, please? You can't just -- would you give me a hand here, please?

Cara: He doesn't tell me what to do!

Tad: If you go down there, and you do something nutsy, Jake isn't the only one who's risking his career -- and he doesn't have Immigration to worry about.

Cara: I know, but --

Tad: I told you Trumbull was here yesterday. He's asking questions. He's sniffing around. He's just itching to put the cuffs on you and put you on the first plane back to Mexico, and I've already lost enough to Hayward, ok? I cannot stand the idea of losing you to that parasite. If Jake needs somebody protecting him from himself, then I'll go down and I'll do it. You just promise me you'll stay here, and you will stay safe. That a "yes"? I'll take it.

Cara: Ohh. What are you thinking?

Griffin: I'm wondering if you noticed.

Cara: What?

Griffin: How much your husband cares about you.

Krystal: How did this happen? That man is pure evil.

Angie: Once in a while, good can come out of evil.

Krystal: Good from David Hayward?

Angie: It's possible.

Krystal: I can't believe you're saying that, Angie. That man made your life hell -- you, your whole family.

Angie: David came to me with a proposal.

Krystal: I do not like the way this sounds.

Angie: Neither did I at first, then I decided to hear him out. David's been doing research on my eye condition. He thinks that he can restore my sight.

Krystal: He told you that?

Angie: Listen, Krystal, he has presented me with some very thorough research. There's real hope. I mean, I believe it's possible I could see again.

Krystal: Angie, there was a time I believed in David, too. Just after Babe died, he knew I was vulnerable, he knew I was desperate, and he took advantage of that.

Angie: If there is even the smallest chance that I could see my husband's face again, see my daughter's smile for the first time, it's a chance that I have to risk.

Krystal: Wow. From the look on your face, you've heard about David's latest.

Amanda: Yeah.

Krystal: What does Jake think about it?

Amanda: He's not happy.

Krystal: Is he gonna do anything to fight it?

Amanda: I don't know. Jake hasn't really been telling me what he's up to lately.

Angie: Um, darling, you want to join me?

Krystal: I'll be right back. Here, sit down.

Angie: Are you all right?

Amanda: Of course. Why wouldn't I be?

Angie: You sound upset. I want to make sure that nothing's wrong.

Amanda: I've got a great husband, a beautiful child, a great job. What could be wrong?

Angie: I'm here for you, sweetheart, whatever you need.

Amanda: I just need you to tell me that it'll be ok. It's got to be ok.

Angie: It will be ok.

Jake: Hey, this is a joke, right? It's some sort of sick joke?

Frankie: I wish, man.

Jake: Really? So who's behind this?

Frankie: I don't know, but the word is it's legit. Hayward owns us.

Jake: This is not happening.

David: Gentlemen! So good to be back home. I missed you all, especially you, Jake. Can't wait to catch up.

Jane: I will not stand here and be bullied.

Caleb: You want to do business, you do it right.

Jane: I did do it right. I just made a fantastic deal on a prime piece of property, and now you have a problem with that?

Caleb: I have a problem with you keeping me in the dark.

Jane: I used my own money. I used my private funds. And you know what? If a man went out and made a deal like this, everyone would say he was a genius. But now me? I'm supposed to be some poor little, manipulated victim with a screw loose!

Jack: No one is saying that, exactly.

Jane: That is exactly what you're saying. You want me to go out and get my head checked and fix my stupid mistake! I am sorry, boys. I've been through hell, and that gives me the right to make my own decisions whenever, wherever, and with whomever I like.

Jack: Erica, just wait a second.

Caleb: Whoa, whoa. She's right.

Amanda: I'm such a wuss.

Angie: No, you're not.

Amanda: Then why am I sitting here beating myself up, dying inside, when Jake's the one --

Angie: I want to help you. You two are my dear friends, and I want to see you -- I want you to be happy.

Amanda: I want that, too.

Angie: Then just shut out the rest of the world and focus on each other. Come on, baby, find that closeness again.

Amanda: It might be too late.

Angie: Jesse was gone 20 years. It's never too late.

Amanda: But things happen, and I want to believe that Jake and I can do it. I really do. I'm just so frustrated. And I worked really hard to turn my life around and get to a place where I could really be proud of myself, and I was. I really was. Everything was so good until -- I just don't know what to do, Angie.

Angie: Do you still love Jake?

Amanda: With everything that I have. He's the one.

Angie: Then tell him that. Tell him that you need him. And you know what? With everything going on in that hospital, he's really going to need you, too.

David: Dr. Hubbard, it's been quite a while.

Frankie: Not long enough.

David: I'm gonna keep an eye on you. A man of your talents deserves to be closely watched.

Frankie: So does a man like you, David.

Jake: What do you want? You want a ticker-tape parade or something?

David: Hey, I'd settle for a hug.

Jake: No. I could hug you, but it would be around the neck. It'd be a little too high, and you get choked out, would have to call -- we'd have to get you a room here at the hospital.

Tad: That's my brother, such a kidder.

David: Oh, what a surprise, the Martin tag team. This really is my lucky day.

Tad: Why? Somebody find you a puppy to kick?

David: So, what, you think I came back here to cause trouble?

Tad: Yeah. That's about the size of it.

David: I guess I can't blame you for jumping to conclusions about me, given that I do have a reputation to rebuild, right? And obviously that's not gonna be easy, given the blatant prejudice, but I do so love a challenge. And how about you, Tad?

Tad: What about me?

David: Are you determined to remain entrenched in the past, or are you willing to move forward for the good of the hospital?

Tad: I'm not worried about the hospital. I don't know whether you conned or blackmailed Erica into letting you ooze your way back in here, but we both know it ain't gonna last.

David: I guess that's my answer, right?

Tad: Yeah, that's your answer. I'll spend every waking moment I have to make sure whatever you got cooked up never gets off the ground.

David: Like I said, I do so enjoy a challenge.

Jake: You know what, Tad? I'm just gonna call the man who was the chief of staff here for decades, our father, and have him talk to the board, and this whole thing will be a nightmare behind us.

Tad: There's an idea.

David: No. Let me save you some cell minutes here, ok? Erica and I already have board approval.

Tad: Heh heh heh! As if.

David: Yeah, that's right. We called an emergency meeting without your daddy. It was unanimous. Sorry. Look at this. The gang is all here.

Tad: Cara, what are you doing here?

Cara: Are you ok?

Jake: Yeah, I'm fine.

David: I'm sorry. Forgive my ignorance here, but aren't you married to Tad?

Tad: Yeah. Why? You want to take a shot at this one, too?

David: Ok, let me get this straight. You're married to Tad, but you look like you're worried sick about Jake. Wow. That's got to hurt.

Cara: You should just take your opinions and shove them up --

Tad: Go home.

Cara: I'm not going anywhere, ok? Thank you.

David: All right, look. Obviously you have some issues to deal with, with your marriage here to work out, ok? So, look, why don't you let me take care of the hospital, and you can take care of your marriage? Jake, also, same for you. Amanda -- she's been known to stray, right? And seeing her knock back those martinis this afternoon and looking like a sweet piece of not-so-humble pie, I got to tell you she looked pretty good.

Cara: All right. You know what, Jake? This is --

David: This is very touching, seeing how your wife continues to leap to the defense of your brother.

Cara: I'm not leaping to the --

Tad: Cara.

David: I got to tell you, Tad, I'm very impressed with how you're handling all this, ok, seeing how Cara's continuing loyalty to your brother doesn't seem to upset you. But then again, I guess at this point, you'll just take whatever you can get, right?

Tad: Don't talk about Cara. It's got nothing to do with Cara, ok, because if he hits you, he's out of a job. If I hit you, I just have fun.

Jake: What I find so odd is how obsessed you are with our family.

David: Oh, yeah. Speaking of his family -- I guess you may not have heard this, but there seems to be trouble in Paradise. Amanda and Jake are not getting along right now. Now, I'm just guessing, does this have anything to do with your ex?

Tad: Looks like you're wasting your time. Nobody's gonna make your day.

David: Dr. Martin, it's a pleasure to have you back on staff -- it's entertaining, at least. You're irreplaceable. But Jake already knew that, didn't you, Jake? All right. Look, I would love to continue this round of dysfunctional family feud, but, thankfully, I have a hospital to run.

Jake: "Dysfunctional family feud" -- be a good TV show.

Tad: Good job. I'm proud of you. No, I'm proud of you, seriously. You let me take care of Hayward, ok, please?

Jake: Alone? No. You need me --

Tad: No, no, I don't, seriously. The jacket thing was a nice touch. Because if you'd taken off the tie, I was gonna call 911. I'm up to the job, trust me. If you do anything, he's gonna bounce you out of here. So just bite your tongue, do your job, and trust --

Jake: So I should come in here and just keep a smile on my face, knowing that that ass is in charge?

Tad: You don't have a choice.

Jake: I think I do. I could kill him.

Tad: And then?

Jake: And I'd have to go to prison. And then the rest gets ugly.

Tad: Yeah.

Jake: I don't really care, though, to be honest with you.

Tad: Yeah, you do. Come on. Trevor and Amanda need you. I need you. I'll go call Dad, see if he can undo any part of this nightmare.

Jake: Good luck. Oh, it's all happening again.

Cara: Your brother is right, ok? Don't let David force you out. The hospital needs you, so does your family.

Amanda's voice: I guess I thought that I would feel better, but I guess Jake's the only one that can do that for me. [Crying]

Jack: You better not be behind this thing with Hayward.

Caleb: Oh, Jack, please. I'm not saying that.

Jack: What are you saying, Caleb?

Caleb: That she's right. If you or I had made that deal, we'd be on the front page of the paper. But Dorothy does it and it's hormonal.

Jack: Would you stop with the "Dorothy" thing? You drive me nuts with that. Her name is not Dorothy.

Caleb: I'm sorry, but to me, she's Dorothy. She's like the gal who fell out of the sky onto the roof of my cabin and -- smart, determined, unpredictable Dorothy.

David: To me.

Jane: And to me.

David: Perfect timing. Here you go.

Jane: Thank you.

David: Cheers.

Jane: Cheers.

David: I got to say it's still odd watching you guzzle alcohol.

Jane: After what I just went through with Jackson, I might just down that whole bottle.

David: Thank you again for holding up your end of the bargain. And by the way, you were wonderful in front of the camera.

Jane: Thank you.

David: So now you're taking flak for it, huh?

Jane: Oh, yes, from all sides. But it's worth it if you hold up your end of the bargain, too.

David: You don't have to worry about that.

Jane: Is that true, David? Or are you playing me the way you play everyone? Jack thinks you're using me.

David: That idiot doesn't know what to think. He never has.

Jane: What does that mean?

David: It means if you're too independent or driven, he will say that you're too cutthroat. Or if you're all about the glamour, he'll say that you're too superficial.

Jane: Doesn't Jack want what's best for me?

David: Jack has a problem with anyone that's not squeaky clean. Why do you think he keeps breaking up and proposing all over again?

Jane: The drama, the passion. I find that very romantic.

David: Please. If you ask me, it's a waste of time. No matter what you do, you're never gonna please Jack. You can't win.

Jane: No, I don't believe that.

David: Fine. Have it your way. Drink your champagne.

Jane: No, I'm serious, David. I didn't come this far to fail. And don't think that you can score points with me by criticizing Jack.

David: Wow. You're good, I'll give you that. A better Erica than Erica.

Jane: There's only one Erica.

David: Ok. A better Erica than that woman you're supposedly taking good care of. You are still taking good care of her, aren't you?

Jane: She's fine. That's all you're getting from me.

David: No need to get stressed. I know our deal. I get back into the hospital, you get to keep playing impostor.

Jane: No questions asked.

David: You have your reasons for doing this, and I have mine. So why don't we leave it at that, all right?

Jane: Very good.

David: One more thing. While Jack was having his hissy fit, did that vein in his forehead pop?

Jane: You're terrible.

David: Look who's talking.

Caleb: Jack, I don't know why you're surprised. Dorothy is as headstrong as ever.

Jack: Caleb, I know you're trying to help, and I do appreciate it, but I don't need a lesson on Dorothy. Now you got me doing it.

Caleb: You can't control her, and it's driving you nuts.

Krystal: Hey.

Jack: Hi.

Krystal: Hi. Table for two?

Jack: No, actually. I'm not staying.

Krystal: Oh. That's too bad. I just pulled my famous peach cobbler right out of the oven.

Jack: Ah.

Caleb: You don't have to ask me twice.

Krystal: There you go.

Jack: I thought she might be here.

Krystal: Who?

Jack: Who do you think? Anyway, I'm gonna keep looking.

Krystal: Wait, Jack.

Jack: What?

Krystal: I need to tell you something. Um, I'm really sorry, but I just can't work for you anymore.

Jack: Why?

Krystal: Because it's best for both of us. You know that as well as I do. And besides, you've got your hands full with Erica now that she's partnered up with David.

Jack: Yeah. So in other words, you can't work with me, because I'm going to be going after Hayward?

Krystal: That's one reason. But, yeah. I mean, I'm still trying to get over what David did to me and Tad and my family. I just -- I can't work with anyone who's dealing with him in any way, shape, or form. I just can't.

Jack: I get it. I do. But just know if you ever change your mind, my door is always open.

Caleb: This is good stuff -- and that was a smart move.

Krystal: I guess this is it: Restaurant business full-time.

Caleb: Come work with me.

[Jake imitates choking]

Cara: I feel that.

Jake: When I think about it, it's actually easier for me to redirect my anger and my frustration towards David.

Cara: Easier? What do you mean?

Jake: As opposed to facing my wife.

Cara: Oh.

Jake: I just hate the way she looks at me now. She doesn't think that I -- I'm telling the truth, or she doesn't feel like I love her. She looks like she doesn't trust me -- and I do love her.

Cara: I know.

Jake: Let me ask you something. Can you explain it to me? When you told Tad what happened between us, how exactly did you do that?

Cara: Wait a minute. I -- I thought you -- you didn't tell?

Jake: I haven't told her -- no. I want to tell her, just the whole thing with David happened, and I came running down here. How am I supposed to -- hi.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: Hi.

Amanda: So what's going on with David?

Cara: Oh. Um, Tad just went to go talk to his father to see if he would talk to the board.

Tad: Jake?

Jake: Yes?

Cara: Ahem.

Jake: No? Really?

Tad: The vote's legit. Somehow they were able to call a quorum without Dad or J.R.

Jake: Oh, my God.

Cara: So your father and J.R. were the only ones who wanted to block the vote?

Tad: Looks like it. Dad did everything he could, but they wouldn't budge.

Cara: Oh. Some things you just can't fix.

Jake: I don't, for one, believe that. I mean, I think you just got to really -- if something's not right, you got to fix it. Come on, Amanda. I'll see you.

Singer: I need someone to save me 'cause I'm still alive in here someone to lift me out of the dark and fear I just want to hold on to something real

Jack: So what do you got there?

Jane: Sparkling cider. You can taste it if you don't believe me.

Jack: I'll have what the lady's having, please?

Jane: Are you still mad at me?

Jack: I was never mad at you. I was very, very concerned.

Jane: But that's nothing new, right? Didn't you miss all that Erica Kane excitement while I was gone?

Jack: There's not been a dull moment since you've come back, that's for sure.

Jane: And that's good, isn't it? Because if I was dull, you wouldn't love me. You probably wouldn't even look at me.

Jack: Thank you.

Singer: Savior 'cause it's not my time it's not my time

Jane: You know what your problem is?

Jack: What's that?

Jane: You think too much. Why don't you just turn that brain off? There. That's more exciting, isn't it?

Krystal: You work with Erica.

Caleb: So?

Krystal: So Erica and I don't exactly get along.

Caleb: Right. Since Erica -- thank you -- since she was rescued, she hasn't shown up for work one day, and I need the help.

Krystal: It doesn't matter. She's not gonna sign off on this.

Caleb: It's my company.

Krystal: Look, I really appreciate the offer, but I'm tired of running in when Erica's running out. And besides, I have my own business here, right? I got to get back on my game. I got to quit burning the cornbread. But I hope you find what you're looking for.

Caleb: Me, too. I'm done.

Griffin: Nice pic. You kept your eyes open.

David: I always have my eyes open, Doctor -- especially the ones on the back of my head.

Griffin: Oh. You don't have to worry about me, Doctor H. It's your big day. Enjoy it.

David: I appreciate the support.

Griffin: You know that nasty rep you have around here? That's not the doctor I remember from med school, or after. My mentor, best doctor I ever knew.

David: Don't stop talking. Please, keep going.

Griffin: With the talent you have, you have every right to be around here. But if you mess with my sister to get back at Jake, I will bust you up.

David: And hurt those surgeon's hands?

Griffin: I have no problem throwing a punch.

David: We're on the same side, Doctor -- at least, we could be if you change your mind about leaving, took me up on that chance of a lifetime.

Griffin: Once I'm through with my community service, I'm gone.

David: You're gonna look back someday, and you're gonna regret this. I can make amazing things happen. I think I've already proven that.

Tad: So maybe you should get me out of here before I punch Hayward. Ok, I'll just shove him a little. Cara?

Cara: Yeah?

Tad: I'm kidding, ok? I'd never do anything to jeopardize Jake's position or yours.

Cara: I know.

Tad: So why are you a million miles away?

Cara: He's telling her right now.

Tad: So no more secrets. Let's go home.

Jake: Want a glass of wine or something? I think we have a half bottle of white in the fridge.

Amanda: God, Jake, if you have something to tell me, just tell me.

Jake: Ok. There is something that I've been keeping from you. I should've told you this when it first happened. I want this marriage to work, so I just want us to be honest and open with each other --

Amanda: Oh, my God, just say it! I already know what you did! You slept with Cara!

Jake: No, I -- I didn't. 

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