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Jake: I hear you out there. Won't you come and visit me? Don't worry. I'm not contagious.

Angie: I heard about the scare. You're ok?

Jake: I'm fine. Cara's fine. We're all just one big ball of fineness.

Angie: That's funny, because you don't sound fine. What's going on?

Jake: I might've blown it with Amanda.

Angie: I seriously doubt that.

Jake: You do? Then why can't I find her?

J.R.: You didn't take Jake's call.

Amanda: No.

J.R.: Are you sure that's the right decision?

Amanda: You know what? Let's let Jake wonder what I'm doing for a change.

J.R.: So this proof that you have that Jake slept with Cara -- you're positive?

Amanda: I heard him tell her that if I knew what happened between them, that I'd be devastated.

J.R.: But, still, that doesn't mean that they --

Amanda: Oh, come on. That is exactly what that means! What, is this some guy thing? You're gonna take his side?

J.R.: Whoa. It was a one-time thing, and obviously you're the woman that he's crazy about. So maybe -- I'm just saying maybe -- you might want to let it go.

Amanda: Not a chance in hell.

J.R.: You won't even think about it?

Amanda: What is there to think about? Even if it was a one-time thing, Cara's not just some fling. She's his ex-wife. And they have this thing between them that has nothing to do with sex. I have to see it every single time that they're in the same room together. You tell me, how do I get past that?

Marissa: I just really don't know what to do. I mean, one minute J.R. is so sweet and thoughtful -- I mean, the music box, and then the picnic with the doughnuts and the orange soda. It's like we're really connecting -- truthfully, connecting more than we ever really did.

Bianca: That's great.

Marissa: It is. It's giving me hope that maybe he's finally matured. But then there's that other J.R., the one who launched at me, because I didn't do what he wanted me to do. That's the J.R. I'm familiar with, so I --

Bianca: Just stepped back.

Marissa: And ran.

Bianca: It is totally understandable that you will have doubts.

Marissa: Yeah. Doubts, or excuses?

Bianca: You're the only one who can answer that.

Marissa: Great. Ohh. Stay, or run? Trust him, don't? Take the risk? I don't know. What would you do?

Bianca: You can analyze every look and breath and word, find out the answer, or you could just follow your heart.

Jack: If you think I'm going to stand by and watch you use Erica --

David: It's called friendship, Jack.

Jack: After what you have done to our family --

David: That's pretty funny, considering that members of your family tried to kill me. And how did I respond? I forgave them.

Jack: I'm not gonna tell you again. You stay the hell away from Erica.

Greenlee: Is this a private party, or can I join in?

David: It's ok, because we're done here.

Jack: Not quite. Here's what's going on, Greenlee. You see, Erica's been on edge lately, and every time I look up, I see Hayward here at her elbow, whispering in her ear.

David: Why is it so difficult for you to remember that Erica and I were once close? We're simply reconnecting as friends.

Greenlee: No, you're only reconnecting, because you want something.

Jack: And I want to know what it is.

Erica: You want my help? Let me go, and I'll give you all the help you want.

Jane: That's not an option.

Erica: Then you're on your own.

Jane: I can make things very uncomfortable.

Erica: More uncomfortable than holding me hostage?

Jane: How do you do it?

Erica: Do what?

Jane: Be you. You're so classy, so glamorous. You never break a sweat, and yet there are all these people. I had no idea there's this stuff -- people always wanting things and pressuring you and demanding things.

Erica: What people?

Jane: All the people in your life. They just want to talk. They expect me to listen and give them this amazing advice. And I realize now that you have had your share of tragedy. But it doesn't get you down. You're not bitter. How do you do that? How do you keep on going?

Erica: You're talking about your tragedy, aren't you? I know about the accident.

Angie: You and Amanda love each other. I'm sure it can be fixed.

Jake: Of course. It's just that so much stuff has gone down between Cara and myself. I think it's finally pushed Amanda over the edge. And the part I'm not telling you is something else happened, and I don't know what to do. I'm thinking I'll break out the big gun: Honesty. We can just talk about it. We'll hash it out. We'll get through it like adults. I don't know. What do you think?

Angie: Honesty is always the best answer. It can hurt, but it's the first step back.

Jake: Why do you have to say that? I thought you were gonna come up with some other great plan.

Angie: Listen, whatever you're holding onto, even if it's just a little white lie that didn't seem so bad, it always comes out. Let Amanda hear the truth from you instead of someone else.

Jake: The truth is that I love my wife. That's the truth.

Amanda: Jake keeps saying how he's in love with me and Trevor and how he's all about our family.

J.R.: I've seen the man. I believe him.

Amanda: But ever since Cara came to town, it's -- you know, it's not just that they met, and they fell in love. It's -- it's that every day was this action-packed adventure, and it was exotic and thrilling, and then one day she left without a word. So not only is she his great true love, but she's the one that got away. I can't compete with that.

J.R.: Hey. Don't underestimate yourself.

Amanda: What would you do if Babe walked in this door right now? Exactly. You love her. You always will because she is your true love, and Jake is mine. But I'm never gonna be that person for Jake.

Jack: Erica signing that recommendation for you to get your medical license back -- that was not about friendship, Hayward. That was about blackmail.

David: Tomato, tomahto.

Greenlee: I can't believe she helped you get your license.

David: She knows my skills are invaluable.

Jack: Yeah. Now that you've gotten what you want from Erica, I want you to leave her alone.

David: All right. You know what? If you're so concerned with my influence over Erica, why don't you talk to Erica? But you already know this: Erica can take care of herself.

Greenlee: I'm proud of you.

Jack: Why is that?

Greenlee: That you didn't throw him over the rails and into the water.

Jack: That's your fault. If you'd gotten here a little bit later, I would've taken care of that.

Greenlee: At least he doesn't know that I'm selling the hospital to Erica.

Jack: But he will soon. And then he'll be right back in her ear, trying to convince her to give him his old job back.

Greenlee: Something tells me you won't let him anywhere near her ear.

Jack: She knows that he's persona non grata at that hospital. Joe Martin is still on the hospital board.

Greenlee: All I know is that I'm thrilled to be selling it.

Jack: Really? You don't look all that thrilled. Are you ok?

Greenlee: I'm great. I should be popping champagne. The hospital was my last connection to David, and now that that's gone, things can only get better.

Jane: How do you know about the accident?

Erica: Ben told me.

Jane: I told him not to talk to you.

Erica: Don't be angry at him. It explains everything.

Jane: You take the pity out of your voice right now.

Erica: I'm just trying to understand, Jane. I know how devastating it is to lose a child. I'm sure that your life just seemed unbearable.

Jane: I don't want to talk about that.

Erica: So you took over my life, is that it? How does being me help you, Jane? Does it block the pain?

Jane: There is no pain any longer. My past is over. My present is spectacular. Everyone knows me. Everyone loves me. I have fans. I have fame. I have a fiancÚ.

Erica: That's my life.

Jane: It's mine now. And as a matter of fact, I need to get back to Pine Valley, because I need to live it up to the next level. It's time for my big power play.

Erica: No, don't go, Jane!

Jane: Why? So you can play shrink with me some more? No, thank you.

Erica: You asked for my help. What is this power play? You said that people were pressuring you, people were making demands on you. What people?

Jane: It doesn't matter.

Erica: It mattered enough for you to come and ask for my help.

Jane: I can handle him -- it myself.

Erica: If this power play involves David Hayward, no, you can't.

Jane: And what makes you think it's him?

Erica: He's relentless, Jane. He will use whatever he can to hold over you until he gets what he wants.

Jane: I know what you're worried about -- that David will tell the world that Kendall's the one who really shot him.

Erica: Yes, I'm worried about my daughter. I'm sure that you can understand that as a mother. Ohh.

Ben: I didn't know you were here.

Jane: Are you back for another tea party with your new best friend?

Ben: I'm sorry.

Jane: I told you not to talk to Erica. I ordered you not to talk to Erica. It's not enough that my little girl -- you have to betray me, too?

Ben: I didn't mean to say anything. It just came out. I really am --

Jane: Sorry. I know. I know. Lucky for you, I have to get back now, but we will deal with this later. Not one word to Erica. Do you understand me, Ben? Not one word.

Jake: Look, please, just call me when you get this, ok, and know that I love you.

David: I love you, too.

Jake: Hello, ass.

David: Isn't that short for "Martin"? Yeah, I think it is. Nurse Samuels told me that you would be here. I just wanted you to know that I'm putting together treatment plans, so we can get started on getting your eyesight back.

Angie: If it works.

David: I'm very confident. I'll get it to you within the week.

Jake: You should also be confident that your work will be double-checked.

David: Then you should be forewarned there are gonna be words with more than one syllable in it.

Angie: I'll be speaking to you.

David: Ok.

Angie: Excuse me.

Jake: Of course. What are you still doing here?

David: You might want to use a GPS on her: Your wife.

Jake: My wife is fine, thanks.

David: Yeah, if she's still tossing back martinis, I'm sure she is.

Jake: What are you saying, Dave? You saw her?

David: Yeah, I did. Yeah, she's beautiful as ever.

Jake: Mm-hmm. Where was that?

David: I'm sure if Amanda wanted you to know where she was, she'd be answering all those messages you keep leaving. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

Jake: A year ago, I'd shove your head in the locker, but I don't really care. You don't affect me like that anymore.

David: Yeah, I'm just getting started, Jake.

Jake: Actually, you're done. This is my hospital. I want you out.

David: Heh heh heh! There it is, that Martin attitude of entitlement. You really should take it down a notch.

Jake: No, I like my attitude right where it is, thanks.

David: I'll tell you what. I'm gonna let you enjoy it while you can.

Jake: Really? It's not a secret that you're trying to get your license back, and I want you to know it's not gonna be a secret to anybody that I'm gonna make sure that doesn't happen.

David: Then lucky for me, my reinstatement is not up to you but the state board.

Jake: Hmm. Get your license, don't get your license -- it won't really matter, because you're never gonna work in this hospital.

J.R.: So you're not Jake's first great love. It doesn't mean he loves you any less.

Amanda: I know. It's just the way that he looks at her and the way that he tries not to look at her. It just makes me feel second-best. I don't know.

J.R.: I had the same problem with Marissa. She knows that I'm crazy about her, that I love her, but she also knows that Babe was my first love. I try to prove just how much I love her, but --

Amanda: She doesn't believe you.

J.R.: That's why I have to make her believe it. I have to prove it to her. If A.J. grows up without his mom and dad living in the house, I'm never gonna forgive myself. And I thought that it was going great today.

Amanda: What happened?

J.R.: She shot me down.

Amanda: Hmm. Sorry.

J.R.: It makes me think that I'm trying to fix something that's not fixable. You know what kills me, is I'm the one who broke it. I cheated on her. I broke her heart. That makes her not trust love.

Amanda: Yeah. I mean, every time I look at Jake, that's what I'm gonna see. I'm not gonna see the man who loves me, my husband. I'm gonna think of him and Cara in that tent --

Amanda: [Chuckles] Look at us, a couple of screw-ups in love with people that we think are better than us.

J.R.: And I'd like to argue with you on that, but I can't. We are a couple of screw-ups, aren't we?

Amanda: It doesn't mean we deserve to get hurt. Yeah, maybe we aren't perfect, and we screw up more than most people, but when we love, we love hard. Look where it gets us.

Jane: What did you say to Jack?

David: He came running to you already?

Jane: He left me several messages. What happened?

David: Jack is worried about all the quality time you and I have been spending together lately.

Jane: When you see him, can't you just walk away?

David: What's the fun in that?

Jane: I just can't take all this tension and this pressure.

David: Maybe this will help. It's all right. It's just you and me.

Jane: All this pressure is just not fair.

David: It's all part of being Erica Kane.

Jane: No, it's all part of being blackmailed.

David: Why can't you just view this as a partnership? I don't team up with just anyone, you know. So where are we at?

Jane: The sale of the hospital is going through, but your part in this really needs to be believable.

David: You're Erica Kane. People will believe whatever you tell them.

Jane: People are gonna ask a lot of questions, and what if I don't have the answers? What if I crack?

David: You're pretending to be Erica Kane, and you're pulling it off, even under my tests. The one thing you don't lack is moxie. But you are still a bit heavy on the jewelry. May I?

David: So what's next?

Jane: I was thinking that maybe I would hold on to the hospital for about a year or so and bring you in later down the line.

David: No, that doesn't work for me.

Jane: You don't have your medical license, and in about a year you probably will. And then I can just tell everybody that juggling the hospital and my other responsibilities is just too much, so I'm bringing in an expert -- you.

David: This needs to be done now.

Jane: With all your brilliance you keep bragging about, surely you must realize that the world does not revolve around your timetable.

David: We need to get this done as we planned. All right? Look. Trust me, ok? I have it all under control.

Jack: That's it. I'm done leaving messages. She's either gonna call me back or she's not.

Greenlee: I know how much you love her and that you always want to be right there for her, but I actually agree with David on this. Erica can take care of herself.

Jake: Hey, you.

Opal: Oh! You scared the chi right out of me!

Jake: Sorry. What are you doing?

Opal: I'm doing tai chi. I'm moving my energy, aligning my chakras. You should try it.

Jake: Yeah? My chakras are fine, thank you.

Opal: Oh, yeah? You sure about that?

Jake: Where's the little one?

Opal: Oh, he's just napping like the sugarplum that he is. I'm telling you, that kid of yours is so delicious, I could just eat him up.

Jake: That's good. Does that mean that if I need you to look after him for a couple of days, you'd be willing to do that?

Opal: I thought you were planning a family trip.

Jake: Yeah, I was, but I'm thinking we need some alone time, actually. So --

Opal: Amanda loves you, you know, so much. I'm imagining you guys at your 50th wedding anniversary.

Jake: Ha! I hope we make it to our third.

Opal: What?

Jake: I need this to be a romantic, sexy, fabulous getaway, and I just need her to know how much I care about her.

Opal: If I can help you achieve that by looking after Trevor, you can count me in.

Jake: Thank you very much. That would be wonderful.

Opal: I'll be happy to look after your son, and you just look after your wife.

Jake: Yeah.

[J.R. tries to kiss Amanda]

Amanda: I can't. I can't.

J.R.: It's nothing that Jake's not already doing.

Amanda: No, I should go.

J.R.: Back to Jake? Or is he still with Cara? I'm sorry that he's doing this to you, but I also know what it feels like.

[Amanda and J.R. kiss, remove their clothes, and get horizontal]

Marissa: So, bad decision?

Krystal: That's your call. No one can decide how much J.R. you want in your life but you.

Marissa: Hmm. That's what Bianca said.

Krystal: You got a wise friend in that girl.

Marissa: I know. She thinks that he's changed, but Scott says he's the same old J.R. and not to trust a word that comes out of his mouth. What do you think?

Krystal: I have to say that he promised me that he was gonna prove himself to you.

Marissa: He's been saying and doing all the right things.

Krystal: And yet you still backed away.

Marissa: Yeah.

Krystal: He told me that he realizes that he boxed you into this compartment of caregiver and mother to A.J., and he didn't see you for the amazing woman that you are. And now he does, and that's the woman that he loves and wants.

Marissa: J.R. knows how to talk a good game.

Krystal: And I am real good at reading people. I believe him.

Marissa: You do?

Krystal: Honey, the things he said about you, they weren't just pretty words and slick charm like he's so good at. I mean, it was from the heart.

Marissa: Wow. If you believe him, I don't know. Maybe J.R. is right. Maybe I'm just a big coward.

Krystal: You are not a coward.

Marissa: No, I accused him of needing to control me, of needing to control everything. But it's just so easy to see the old J.R. and just react. I don't know, though. If he's willing to risk everything to be together, maybe it's time that I trust him. Right?

J.R.: Are you ok?

Amanda: Yeah.

J.R.: Hey -- hey. Don't cry.

Amanda: I just feel so bad.

J.R.: There's no reason to.

Amanda: I cheated on my husband.

J.R.: He cheated on you.

Amanda: But now I've sunk to his level.

J.R.: This wasn't revenge sex. This wasn't us getting back at Jake and Marissa, because they hurt us. This was two friends who needed each other.

Amanda: We shouldn't have done it.

J.R.: Come on. Don't beat yourself up. This was comfort, ok? Now we go back to our lives.

Amanda: It's that easy for you?

J.R.: We needed this.

Amanda: [Crying] I guess I thought that I would feel better, but I guess Jake's the only one that could do that for me.

J.R.: I'm sorry, Amanda. I never meant to hurt you.

Jack: Ok, let's change the subject. How are things with you and Ryan?

Greenlee: Oh, a wise man, who also happens to be my father, told me that patience is important.

Jack: Very wise man. He loves you. You do know that, right?

Jane: May I join the party?

Jack: Yeah. Sure. Did you not get my messages?

Jane: I did. I've just been so busy, I just couldn't return them.

Jack: Busy with what?

Jane: Going over the paperwork for the sale of the hospital one last time.

Jack: Erica, I went over that contract with a fine-tooth comb. It's a win-win for both of you.

Jane: I like the sound of that.

Greenlee: That works for me.

Jane: Ok, then. Then shall we do the honors?

Jack: Not so quick. Before we do that, I would surely like to know how involved David Hayward is in all of this.

Jane: You're overreacting.

Jack: If you'd overheard the conversation I just had with him, I think you would understand why I'm concerned.

Jane: What do you mean? What did he say to you?

Jack: He stands here, and he tells me about how you guys are trying to refresh your relationship, to build a friendship.

Jane: Is that why you're concerned, because David Hayward is trying to make nice?

Greenlee: You know better than anyone David doesn't do nice.

Jane: But doesn't David know the hospital really better than anybody as a doctor, as an owner?

Jack: Former doctor, former owner.

Greenlee: If you had questions about P.V.H., you could ask me. You could ask Angie Hubbard, Jake Martin, board members.

Jane: Yes, I could have. But now -- when David Hayward owned the hospital with you, it was very profitable, right?

Greenlee: It still is.

Jane: But not performing at quite the same level, is it?

Greenlee: What are you implying?

Jane: Oh, I'm just stating the facts.

Jack: The fact is Hayward is dangerous, and it would make me feel, oh, a hell of a lot better if you would let him know that there is no friendship aborning here.

Jane: Look, I don't really care if David Hayward thinks that we're friends or not. I asked questions, I really liked the answers that I got, and you're gonna make a profit, so everybody's happy. Right?

Greenlee: Why not?

Jane: Ok. Then let's get to it. Everything's in order. Right, Jack?

Jack: Yes.

Jane: Ok. Let's both sign, then. Thank you.

Jack: So how about a quiet evening at home? Dinner for two?

Jane: Oh, I'd love that. Absolutely love that -- right after the news conference.

Jack: Excuse me. The what?

Jane: Oh, not really a news conference. But my PR guru is going to be here very shortly with a camera person from WRCW, and we are going to be live, and we're gonna have simultaneous internet streaming. Isn't that exciting?

Jack: Gosh, yes. I thought we had discussed the hospital issuing a press release about the new ownership.

Jane: Oh, but that's so boring, because it's not every day that Erica Kane buys a hospital.

Jack: That's certainly true. I just thought that having spent almost the entire afternoon with what's his name from "Faces" magazine, that you would -- I'm just surprised that you're ready to do more.

Jane: This way, everyone hears at once, and they hear it from me. So what could be better?

Jack: Erica, is there any reason that you didn't bring up this big announcement when we were with Greenlee?

Jane: Oh, I don't know. Listen, do you think that these earrings are too much? Do you think I should take them off, maybe more gravitas for the occasion? Are you not happy for me?

Jack: No, I'm happy for you. I'm very happy for you, but I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't a little bit concerned.

Jane: Jack, listen to me. I know that sometimes you may not agree with my choices or understand my choices, but I have to tell you something. I really have thought everything through very, very carefully.

Jack: Anything else you think I may need to know about all this?

Jane: Just that I need you to trust me. Ok. So now let's get ready for that big news conference.

Greenlee: It's Greenlee. I was hoping Jake would be around, too.

Angie: He went home. What's going on?

Greenlee: The hospital sale went through.

Angie: Wow. That was fast.

Greenlee: Yeah. I just didn't want you to be surprised when the news breaks.

Angie: I still don't understand why Erica would want to buy the hospital. She's never done the expected. Will there be an official announcement?

Greenlee: Knowing Erica, it will involve fire dancers and a tightrope act.

J.R.: You can't leave unless you promise to leave your guilt at the door.

Amanda: This isn't just about me. What about Marissa?

J.R.: What about her?

Amanda: Come on. Don't give me that "what the hell" attitude. I know how much you want her back.

J.R.: And I'm still on track with that. But this was --

Amanda: It's comfort.

J.R.: It's not like Marissa was a victim. I put my feelings on the line, I told her how I felt, and she blew me off. If she hadn't done that, this wouldn't have happened.

Amanda: So this was about --

J.R.: I told you. This was about friends.

Amanda: We weren't always friends.

J.R.: Maybe we're a little more grown up.

Amanda: Huh. Right now I see the same party girl when I moved to town that jumped from bed to bed to solve all her problems. Only this time -- huh -- this time I have cheated on my husband.

J.R.: You have a huge heart, Amanda. I've always known that from the beginning.

Amanda: Yeah, you weren't always interested in my heart.

J.R.: Ok, it was about the sex. No, but we had a connection.

Amanda: You ran over me.

J.R.: I apologized. You helped me when I fell off the wagon.

Amanda: You only fell off, because I pushed you.

J.R.: And you apologized. Come on. We have the connection -- you get me, I get you.

Amanda: We shouldn't have done it. I am a total failure. I'm a total failure. I -- I've worked so hard to get a career and to love Jake and to be a good mom and a good wife, and now I'm just -- I'm just me.

J.R.: No, you're an amazing woman. Ok, what happened here -- that doesn't change anything. It happened. There's no blame. There's no fault.

Amanda: You're a good man.

J.R.: Whoa. Don't let that get out.

Amanda: Ok. I guess it's time to face the world.

J.R.: Amanda? You don't have to worry about this going anywhere. As of right now, it never happened.

Jane: I am so happy to announce that as of today, I am the new owner of Pine Valley Hospital, an institution that has meant so much not only to our community but to my family and to me. While the former owner did her best to maintain the hospital and its reputation, constraints on her time and energy have taken a toll. That's why she graciously agreed to sell the property to me, so that I can guarantee our very own Pine Valley Hospital will be among the foremost in the country. Since I'm obviously not a medical expert, nor do I have the time to devote to such an undertaking, I have chosen a partner who shares my passion and my vision and has the expertise to make the dream a reality. I'd like to introduce you to my new partner, Dr. David Hayward. Please. Although Dr. Hayward hasn't always played by the rules -- please --

Erica: Oh, my God. What have you done?

Jane: A man who has dedicated his life to groundbreaking medicine. He saved the lives of several members of my family and so many others in the community. In partnership with Dr. Hayward, I will see to it that Pine Valley Hospital shines brighter than ever before.

Bianca: This can't be happening.

Krystal: Jack had no idea it was coming.

J.R.: If this is about what happened in the park --

Marissa: I want to apologize.

J.R.: You do?

Marissa: I never should've gone off on you in the park. You spoke from your heart. You were the brave one, and I just ran away. I thought about it all day long. I was wrong, J.R. I'm sorry.

Jake: Yes, yes, the honeymoon suite. Uh-huh. Yeah, and it's gonna have a water view, correct? Good. And rose petals, if you can -- yeah. Right. And I also need champagne, ok? Not sparkling wine, champagne. That's champagne from champagne. Got that? Fabulous. Yes, thank you very much. No. Thank you. Ok. Ok, thanks. Ok. Hi. Where have you been?

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