All My Children Transcript Wednesday 6/15/11


Episode #10642

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Bianca: And a side of chili fries.

Waiter: All right. You got it.

Bianca: Thanks.

Marissa: Hey, you.

Bianca: Hi.

Marissa: It's kind of early for dinner, isn't it?

Bianca: Oh, yeah. I'm just indulging Miranda's cravings.

Marissa: Oh, right. Miranda's cravings. Hey, I want to show you something. J.R. got this for me. Can you hold the box?

Bianca: Yeah. Sure.

["Forevermore" plays]

Marissa: Isn't it beautiful?

Bianca: Yeah. It's really pretty.

Marissa: I just can't believe J.R. He was always really generous with gifts when we were married, but I always felt like they came from his secretary or something. But this -- this is really, really special. He remembered how much this song meant to me, and then he went out and found a music box with it. This didn't come from Alice with a corporate credit card. This came from somebody who really, really cares about me.

Bianca: Oh, yeah, without a doubt.

Marissa: You really mean that?

Bianca: Yeah, I do.

Maya: I can't believe another company sent you stuff for nothing -- not that your Vlog is nothing.

Colby: I know. I mean, who would've thought being famous, you get all this free stuff? But you want to know the most amazing part, is that I did this all on my own. I got all this stuff, because of what I've done, not because of my family's last name. I'm sorry. That sounds --

Maya: It's cool.

Colby: I just -- I don't want to jinx it. Things are just really good right now. I mean, my Vlog -- it has a life of its own. And J.R. -- he might get back together with Marissa. And his life -- he just seems so much better now.

Maya: Yeah, and Asher's doing a lot better, too.

Colby: I think that's got me more psyched than anything, having Asher still here, a chance to reboot things. You don't get second chances often, and I'm not screwing this up.

Caleb: They beat you up today, huh?

Asher: I swear they're all sadists.

J.R.: Physical therapy's designed to push you to the edge, get the best out of you. If it helps, I feel your pain.

Asher: It doesn't help, but it's appreciated. I'm gonna go attempt to shower.

Caleb: You're doing great.

J.R.: He's strong.

Caleb: You've been good to him, J.R. I appreciate that.

J.R.: He deserves it.

Caleb: I understand your company's having some problems.

J.R.: Because Cortlandt Electronics made a run on it, you mean?

Caleb: Or maybe because you're spending more time with Asher than you are on your business.

J.R.: Where is this coming from? Why are you keeping tabs on my company? Are you attempting a takeover of Chandler?

Caleb: J.R., I'm just saying if the boss takes his eye off the ball --

Tad: You swear to me that this stuff is -- it works as advertised? I mean, I don't want to be too obvious. Just a little of the gray and return the color over time.

Opal: Yeah, that's what it says it does. Tip your head a little bit, please. There. It's just amazing, though, what kind of products they have developed since the old days of the Glamorama. I mean, now they got all this "herbal" this and "vitamin-infused" that. It's really I don't know what all.

Tad: It's amazing. I mean, for instance, how does the product know?

Opal: Tip your head down a little.

Tad: How does it know when to shut off, just to take out a little bit of the gray?

Opal: I know. It beats me. I used to have trouble understanding the mechanics behind Dippity-Do.

[Doorbell rings]

Tad: Ooh! There's the postman.

Opal: What?

Tad: Just two seconds, Mama. I got, seriously, second notice on a credit card. I'll be right back.

Opal: I got to take --

Tad: It'll just take a second.

Opal: All right.

Jake: Wait a second.

Amanda: What? What's the matter?

Jake: Do you hear something?

Amanda: No.

Jake: I don't know. I must be hearing stuff.

Amanda: You never used to care about getting caught before. It's part of the fun. That's not it, is it? Just tell me.

Jake: I think it's just this place.

Amanda: I knew it.

Jake: No, I don't think you do. I don't think you know it. I spent a couple of years in a tent like this operating on a lot of people, saw a lot of pain, you know?

Amanda: But it couldn't have all been bad. You and Cara fell in love there.

Jake: It's stupid. I'm not in Africa. I'm with the woman I love. I'm sorry.

Amanda: Then make love to me.

Jake: Yes. Right here, baby. I'll do whatever you want me to do. You want to make love in public? You want to go to a rooftop? You want to do it in the park? Let's go home. We'll go to our own beautiful bed, ok? Just any place but this place, because this has kind of got, like, I don't know, ghosts or something here. Ok?

Bianca: I'm really happy for you. You deserve a lot of nice surprises after everything you've been through.

Marissa: You've been through a lot, too. Are you ok?

Bianca: Yeah. I have two of the most precious things in the world waiting for me at home. Who could want anything more?

Marissa: So is that the plan for the rest of the day? Chili fries and hanging out with the girls?

Bianca: Yeah, that's it. Um, yeah, I have to drop by Fusion after I drop this off, but then after that, it's just me and the girls.

Marissa: I have an idea. Why don't you have the sitter stay a little bit longer and let the girls enjoy their food, and then you and I can have a girls' night out. Come on. We both deserve it. We'll do something silly.

Bianca: Something silly? Like what?

Marissa: I don't know yet. But we'll think of something great, as long as it's fun. I feel like laughing.

Bianca: Yeah, I could use some of that.

Marissa: Great! Then it's a date. Call me when you're done with Fusion, and I'll put my thinking cap on. I'll come up with something really out there.

Bianca: Hmm. Ok.

Marissa: Bye.

Bianca: Bye. Sounds perfect.

Caleb: I'm just offering some friendly advice.

J.R.: Some advice back -- don't need it.

Caleb: J.R., these are tough times. Markets are vulnerable. There's no telling what's on the way.

J.R.: If you attempt another run on Chandler, I'm ready. And I will crush anyone else who tries.

Maya: Asher's pretty brave, huh?

Colby: Mm-hmm. He's lucky, too.

Asher: Hey.

Colby: Hi back at you. How -- how was PT?

Asher: Don't ask. Hey, Maya, have you seen my faded black shirt, a button-down?

Maya: Yeah. I'll go get it for you. I'll be right back.

Asher: Thanks. You got more stuff?

Colby: Uh-huh. Yeah, and it keeps on growing.

Asher: Huh. You've really created something here.

Colby: I think I've created a monster. I mean, I can't believe how fast this thing is growing. Oh. And did you know that "Good Morning, Pine Valley" wants to interview me? I mean, I can't believe this.

Asher: Huh. I actually can.

Colby: Who would've thought that this screwed up girl who crashes her daddy's yacht on her 16th birthday would actually do something like this -- without using her daddy's last name?

Asher: I don't think you should ever doubt yourself.

Colby: Maybe -- maybe I am fooling everybody.

Asher: What are you talking about?

Colby: I don't know. I think I'm a mess, and you and I -- we both know that.

Asher: No, you're not. Come on.

Colby: Then how would you describe me?

Asher: A masterpiece in progress.

Opal: Just sit down. I can't dry it when you're standing up. You're too tall. Right there. Don't fall on that chair.

Tad: I know where it is.

Opal: All right. Sit down. Sit down. Don't bother me. I just didn't know you were gonna be gone so long.

Tad: Look, how was I supposed to know he was so fast, ok? We were the last house on his route. It took me three blocks to catch up to him. It couldn't have been more than a couple minutes anyway.

Opal: I don't think you should've left it on quite so long, that's all. I was -- oh, Lord.

Tad: What? Is it too dark, huh? Took out too much gray, is that it?

Opal: Uh, you could say that.

Amanda: I'm sorry. I guess I connected the wrong dots.

Jake: Don't apologize. Are you kidding? It's me. The most beautiful woman in the world wants to make love, spontaneous sex, and I'm acting like a girl. It's just this place makes me a little nervous.

Amanda: No, it's ok.

Jake: No, it's not really ok, but the truth is it's been making me feel weird since I've seen it sitting here in the parking lot like this. In fact, they told me Cara was out here working. I brought a file out to her. It hit me like a truck, like déja vu all over again.

Amanda: So I guess it didn't bother Cara?

Jake: She's different about it. She's like, "You know what? We never were able to get pizza delivered to the tent, so -- hmm."

Amanda: They say that things like that affect everyone differently.

Jake: Thank you for understanding. And let's make one thing perfectly clear: I want all of this. I just need to get to it after this shift. Is that all right?

Amanda: Yeah. All right. Why don't you pick up a pizza on your way home, because I have a feeling I'm going to work up an appetite.

Jake: All right. I'll pick up two pizzas. And I'll be quick, ok? I'll see you soon.

Tad: Hi.

Cara: Hi.

Tad: So you want to order a drink here at the bar? Or we can sit down and have appetizers if you want.

Cara: Tad?

Tad: Uh-huh?

Cara: Why are you dressed like the Unabomber?

Tad: Nah. I'm just a little nippy today.

Cara: Yeah?

Tad: Yeah.

Cara: Oh. Hmm. Because I saw people wearing T-shirts and shorts today, but --

Tad: I suppose I got thin blood. What can I say?

Cara: Yeah. Or you're hiding something. Yeah? Maybe? Just a little bit? Just a little bit. What's under there?

Tad: Opal wanted to help me out a little bit, so I made the mistake of agreeing with her. And then the mailman came --

Cara: Ok. So what happened? Oh. Ooh. Ouch. My goodness.

Tad: Yeah, "my goodness" is just par for the course for this one. So go ahead. Laugh. I deserve it. Face it: You're married to a middle-aged Smurf.

Asher: That's an asset, you know?

Colby: What is?

Asher: You not thinking that you're as talented as you actually are.

Colby: Right. Ok. So you're saying that all the messes in the world, they're secretly geniuses?

Asher: I'm serious, Colby. It takes ego completely out of the picture. It allows you to act purely on instinct.

Colby: Pure fear. That's what I'm always scared about, of failing.

Asher: You don't have to worry about that anymore. You've already got the ball rolling. Just keep your eye on the prize. I actually came up with a few ideas while my trainer was trying to torture me to death. Mind if I run them by you? Hmm?

Colby: My pure instincts say "Give me." Ha ha.

Asher: All right. So --

Colby: Ok.

Asher: Look, all this stuff -- it's great, but you got to protect the brand that you're building. Don't over-saturate. All right, I've learned a lot from your brother, and one thing that I've learned is that you can use your name to your advantage sometimes. So Chandler -- it screams high quality. So use it when you need to. Right?

Colby: You know what? You are the best. Thank you so --

Asher: Ooh.

Colby: Are you ok? I am so sorry. Are you --

Asher: Shh, shh. No worries. Yeah, um, my PT trainer said that no pain, no gain. So --

J.R.: Aha! I tracked you down.

Bianca: Chandler Enterprises is gonna have to step it up if they want to match the donations Fusion's bringing out.

J.R.: Will do.

Bianca: What's up?

J.R.: Me, in Marissa's eyes. That music box you gave me -- it worked like magic. You would've thought I gave her a thousand diamonds.

Bianca: I'm glad it's working out.

J.R.: Oh, it did more than that. Bianca, I owe you big time. I owe you so big. Oh, you should've seen her face. It's like you can read her mind.

Bianca: Uh, I -- made her smile, I bet.

J.R.: Yeah. She's looking at me in a whole different light, like she did when we first fell in love, which is why I'm here. I need your help again.

Bianca: What?

J.R.: I know that you're busy. I just need a really big favor.

Bianca: What kind of favor?

J.R.: I've got this special night planned, and you've gotten to know Marissa better than anyone, and I really respect your opinion, so do you mind?

Bianca: Of course not. We both want Marissa to be happy, and you are making her happy.

Cara: It's a good look, I think, yeah?

Tad: Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer.

Cara: Ok. Relax. Tell me, what happened?

Tad: A hair dye.

Cara: Hair dye?

Tad: Yeah, hair dye. The kind of stuff that's supposed to take out a little of the gray, make you look salt and pepper -- not like you dunked your head in a bucket of paint -- and apparently the instructions weren't followed to the letter.

Cara: So why did you want to dye your hair?

Tad: For you, to be honest.

Cara: I -- I personally loved your hair color.

Tad: Huh.

Cara: This, though? This can be just, like, a touch funky, even for me.

Tad: I think this is a little funky even for a rodeo clown.

Cara: So, really, why did you do it?

Tad: Because you're -- I'm somewhat older than you are, and I figured you'd be a bit more comfortable going out with me in public if I looked more like --

Cara: Cookie monster?

Tad: Good.

Cara: Was that good? Thank you.

Tad: Right in there. You're lucky I didn't go blonde.

Cara: I'm sorry. I got to get a photo of this.

Tad: No, no, you're not. Come on, you got to give me a break. It's humiliating enough. I was kidding about the photos, ok? I need to find a way to make this better, like, now.

Cara: Ok. I need to find sunglasses, like, now.

Tad: Again with that? Yeah. See what you did there? That's --

Cara: Ok, I'm sorry. I'm done. On a serious note, the thought behind it was very sweet. Completely unnecessary, though. Ok? Oh, forget the camera. I've got this image seared in my head forever, baby. It brings out your eyes.

Tad: Oh, for God sakes.

Cara: Don't put the hat back on.

[Knock on door]

Liza: Hi.

Colby: What are you doing here?

Liza: Oh, I've come to see you.

Colby: Yeah? What for?

Liza: An invitation for a "pamper me" day. Facials, massages, manicures, pedicures -- the works. You and me? My treat?

Colby: No, thank you.

Liza: Colby, I'm trying here.

Colby: Ok. I get that you're trying, but you're actually bribing me.

Liza: No, that's not what I was trying to do. I'm trying to --

Colby: I don't need this right now.

Liza: Ok, Colby, listen. I know how I've screwed up, and what I've done right now is I've tried to see my life in a whole new perspective. Ok? Not trying to be so judgmental and so black and white about everything. You can ask Tad on how I have actually showed up for Griffin Castillo. Despite all that hard-core evidence against him, I actually see the good in him -- to the expense of my own career. Come on, Colby, that is not something that the old Liza would've done before. I really am trying.

Colby: That's great that you did all those things. But what do you want from me?

Liza: I want us to make a fresh start.

Caleb: I'll be coming in. I'll be there in just a little bit. Ok? Hey there.

Marissa: Hi. It's nice to hear your voice in this house -- very pleasant surprise.

Caleb: Thank you, but don't get used to it.

Marissa: Why? What's happened?

Caleb: I just think I rub J.R. the wrong way.

Marissa: Oh. Maybe I should talk to him about it?

Caleb: No, that's not a good idea.

Marissa: Ok. How's Asher?

Caleb: Doing good. Coming along fine.

Marissa: Good. I'm glad to hear it. If you need any help between you and J.R., too, let me know.

Caleb: Yeah. You wouldn't want to get caught in that crossfire. Trust me.

J.R.: Big opening night for this play in Philadelphia tomorrow. The client gave me his house seats, supposed to be a real hot ticket. My only problem is I don't know what restaurant to take her to. French, Italian -- she likes both.

Bianca: Ok, I don't think it really matters where you take her, as long as the food is good.

J.R.: Right. Right. I'm totally over-thinking this thing. God, I feel like that teenager who's rehearsing his lines to ask out the hot cheerleader for a date.

Bianca: Tell me about this play.

J.R.: It's called "Angel's Breath" or something. The guy says it's great. "It's on its way to Broadway" -- that's what he said.

Bianca: Uh, it sounds like it's gonna be a really special night. I would go for Italian.

J.R.: Great! Thank you. Now I know I can't miss.

Bianca: J.R., wait. Wait. I just gave you really bad advice. If you did that, you'd be giving her the worst date of her life.

Cara: Hi.

Jake: Hello.

Cara: So you want to catch me up on some of the patients? I've kind of been out of the loop.

Jake: Ok. Good to see you.

Cara: You, too.

Jake: I'd be delighted to. Right here we have a couple of accident victims that just came in, but they are stable for the time being. And this is a suspected myocardial infarction, also stable for now. Nothing too drastic.

Cara: Fantastic. I will read up on this. How you doing?

Jake: I'm good.

Cara: Good. Good. Good. Yes?

Jake: Were you in the tent a little while ago?

Cara: Yes, I was.

Bianca: It took me a second, but I just remembered. I read something about that play, "Angel's Breath"? It's supposed to be absolutely brilliant.

J.R.: So?

Bianca: It's also supposed to be really depressing. It's about a woman who has to come to terms with the fact that her mom was killed in a car crash.

J.R.: Marissa's parents were killed in a car crash. Nice catch.

Bianca: Thanks. It's what friends are for.

J.R.: Yeah. I guess I'm gonna have to give away those tickets. You want to take somebody?

Bianca: No, thanks.

J.R.: So do you have any suggestions?

Bianca: Just forget all the expensive restaurants and the hard-to-get tickets. With everything that Marissa's been through lately, I just think she needs some escape.

J.R.: That makes sense.

Bianca: Try to make her feel comfortable. Just be casual. Take her to the pier to get a hot dog, or to ride the Ferris wheel, or you could even take her to a comedy club. Above all, just try to make her laugh.

J.R.: I think I could do that.

Bianca: Sense of humor -- it's one of the main things women look for when they want to fall in love.

J.R.: "Take my ex-wife, please."

Bianca: That's good.

J.R.: Yeah?

Bianca: Yeah. Lead with it.

Marissa: I'm here if you need mediation.

Caleb: Why do I have the feeling that you would be partial to J.R.'s side?

Marissa: J.R. and I have gotten closer, but it doesn't meant I can't be impartial.

Caleb: All right. You just keep your eyes wide open.

Marissa: Always. And you let me know if you need anything, ok?

Caleb: Thanks. Hey.

Asher: Hey.

Caleb: How you doing?

Asher: Not bad. Just doing some research for Colby's Vlog.

Caleb: Interesting girl.

Asher: Yeah.

Caleb: Gives you a car.

Asher: That was slightly overboard, right?

Caleb: You think?

Asher: Yeah. Yeah. But we're doing ok. It's really nice to be around her again.

Caleb: You happy staying here?

Asher: Yeah. Why?

Caleb: There's plenty of room at my place if you ever change your mind.

Asher: Ok.

Caleb: Take care of yourself.

Asher: You, too.

Colby: I get that you're trying here, but everything that went down is still too fresh in my mind. And my life is a whole lot better now, ok?

Liza: And I'm so glad.

Colby: And seeing you standing here, it just -- it yanks me back down. I look at you, and I picture you and Damon, and I'm sorry. I can't help it.

Liza: It's horrible, I know, but I think there's a part of it that's actually made you a stronger person. I mean, Colby, look. Look at all of this recognition you're getting.

Colby: You're taking credit for it now?

Liza: No, honey, that's not what I'm doing here. I'm --

Colby: Yeah, you are. You're trying to spin it, because I did this. I did it all on my own. None of this stuff -- it doesn't say "Cougar Mom." They're responding to my words and what I put out there.

Liza: You're absolutely right. You did this despite me.

Colby: I'm not trying to hurt you. Ok? I'm just -- I'm not ready. Not right now. I think that we need to keep our distance.

Liza: I appreciate that, for not closing the door completely. I tell you what, when you are ready to accept your mom back --

Colby: Ohh. Hey. Break-off girl here. Sometimes it's not just guys who screw with your head. You know what I mean?

Jake: I had a feeling.

Cara: Yeah? How did you know it was me?

Jake: I just felt you.

Cara: Oh. Well, I was going in and saw you two and didn't want to interrupt. So I, you know --

Jake: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Cara: Oh, gosh. No, don't be sorry. You guys are husband and wife. This is what you do. Yeah, and you love each other, you value it, and you don't -- you want to keep it that way.

Jake: I'm just saying I appreciate that understanding. That's all. Ok. And this has actually been bothering me. This guy just had a quad bypass. I don't think it's gonna stick, so he might be in the market for a new heart.

Amanda: Hey.

Cara: Hi. You looking for Jake? I think he went upstairs.

Amanda: Oh, thanks. You look happy to be back at work here.

Cara: Oh, yeah. I'm a doctor. I love to keep moving, working.

Amanda: Yeah, I saw that -- I mean how you keep busy, I mean. I saw the tent that you whipped up out of nowhere for the clinic.

Cara: Oh. You were out there, huh?

Amanda: Uh-huh. Earlier with Jake. It kind of weirded him out.

Cara: Really?

Amanda: Yeah. He said it reminded him too much of the tents he used to operate in in Africa.

Cara: I can see that.

Amanda: Yeah, he said that's one of the main reasons that he hasn't been there before today.

Tad: Jake?

Jake: Tad?

Tad: Yeah?

Jake: What are you doing? Why you dressed like this?

Tad: I need your advice.

Jake: Here's my advice: You shouldn't dress like this. You shouldn't use a hoodie or a hat, because it's not your look.

Tad: Yeah? Really? Neither is this.

Jake: Holy haircut. What happened? What -- what happened?

Tad: Bad hair day?

Jake: Really. Understatement. Big understatement.

Tad: This is serious. I look like a jerk. I look ridiculous. What do I do? If I'm stuck with this, should I -- can I cut it off? Should I cut it off, completely change my look? Guys do that, the Bruce Willis?

Jake: Yeah, I'm trying to imagine that, and the picture's not developing very well. Why did this happen? What happened?

Tad: It's a long story, ok? Let's just say I was shooting for salt and pepper, and I ended up with blueberry jam.

Jake: Uh-huh. Hey, maybe Opal could help you.

Tad: Opal's the one who caused it.

Jake: Oh. Ok.

Tad: Last I heard, she's gone into Witness Protection.

Jake: Right. Before you take your clippers to it, I would seriously seek professional help if I were you.

Tad: Why do you think I'm talking to you?

Jake: "Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a veterinarian."

Tad: That's nice. Funny. Now you're joking. Ok, I am serious. Do you know how screwed up this is?

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, I get it. I wish I had your problems, but --

Tad: No, you don't.

Jake: Yes, I do.

Tad: No, you don't. Why? What happened?

Jake: Oh, please. Amanda came to the tent, and she surprised me, and she wanted to make love, and I slammed on the brakes and --

Tad: Ah. Whoa. Wait a minute. Because of what happened between you and Cara?

Jake: She's just -- she started asking questions.

Tad: Ay-yi-yi, Jake. What did you tell her?

Jake: I didn't tell her that thing that -- I didn't tell her that because that wouldn't -- but what I did was I said, "This place, this tent, makes me feel -- I had a lot of bad memories." And so that's not really a lie, because I -- but I wasn't gonna tell her the truth about the other thing, because we're just so close to being good, you know?

Tad: I see your point. You want my advice?

Jake: I would love your advice.

Tad: Even with the hair?

J.R.: Oh. Just the beautiful woman I wanted to see.

Marissa: Aw. What's up?

J.R.: I was thinking you and me spending the night on the town tomorrow night. Nothing special, just go have some fun.

Marissa: I'm gonna take the kids to a movie with Krystal. We've been promising them for a week. You should come along.

J.R.: Oh, I was thinking more of just you and me. What about tonight, then? I promise you'll love it.

Marissa: I'm so sorry, but I already made plans with Bianca. Maybe in a couple days?

J.R.: Sure. We'll play it by ear.

Marissa: Good. You got it.

[Phone rings]

Bianca: Hello?

J.R.: Hey, it's J.R. I'm striking out here.

Bianca: What's wrong?

J.R.: She had plans with Krystal and A.J. and the girls. Invited me along, but it's not exactly a hot date.

Bianca: It could be fun.

J.R.: I asked her about tonight, but --

Bianca: She has plans with me.

J.R.: Right. So I've got another really big favor to ask you.

Bianca: I'm sorry that I have to bail at the last minute, but it's still early. You could go do something fun.

Marissa: Actually, J.R. did want to go out.

Bianca: Really? You should go, then. Have fun.

Colby: I'm sorry I'm off topic today. I -- look, just beware of mothers in sheep's clothing. Break-off girl, later.

[Knock on door]

Maya: Is this a good time to get your trash?

Colby: Oh. Yeah. Sure. Thanks. What -- that looks really bad. Are you ok?

Maya: It's nothing.

Colby: What happened to you?

Maya: It's just a little accident, that's all.

Colby: It doesn't look very little, Maya.

Maya: I'll be fine.

Colby: Look, Maya, friends -- they help friends, and I feel like -- that we're friends.

Maya: No help needed.

J.R.: How you doing?

Asher: About ready to get rid of this damn thing.

J.R.: Baby steps. You'll come around.

Marissa: Hey.

J.R.: Hi.

Marissa: Listen, um, if it's not too late, I'd like to take you up on your offer for tonight.

J.R.: Really? I thought you had plans.

Marissa: Bianca canceled. I don't know. She's pooped. She wants to spend some time with Miranda and Gaby. You still up for a night out on the town?

J.R.: I think we can make it work.

Tad: You sure you want advice from a guy that looks like Sonic the Hedgehog?

Jake: I'm just good with advice from my big brother.

Tad: Ok. Here it is: Let it go.

Jake: Really?

Tad: Absolutely. Nothing happened, right? It almost happened, and if it had, I would be advising you to find Amanda, spill your guts, fall on your knees, and beg forgiveness, but that's not the case.

Jake: Wow.

Tad: You and Cara did the right thing. You stopped. You didn't cross the line. And, Jake, if you told her now, it'd be like -- all it would do is screw things up. You said yourself things have just started getting good between you and Amanda. You dodged a bullet. Let it go. Put it in the past. I know Cara has.

Jake: Yeah. No matter how ridiculous you look, you are a ridiculously good brother. Thank you.

Tad: I know. Put the hat on. I'll put the hat on.

Cara: I guess I never realized Jake felt that way, but that's probably why I never saw him out there. Excuse me. I got to run.

Jake: In fact, they told me Cara was out here working. I brought a file out to her. It hit me like a truck, like déja vu all over again. You know?

Amanda: They're lying.

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