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Bianca: There is a very good reason why I can't let Marissa get too close to me right now.

Kendall: What possible reason?

Bianca: I'm falling in love with her.

Kendall: Oh. Wow.

Bianca: Oh, I haven't said it out loud until now. Am I crazy?

Kendall: Well, falling in love does make you a little crazy.

Bianca: For so long I was just telling myself that Marissa and I are just friends, that what I was feeling was affection for a woman who makes me laugh and who makes me feel good about myself, or gratitude for handling my divorce and getting me out of that nightmare with Ricky. But now it is more, and I just can't ignore it anymore.

Kendall: Binks, I just want you to be happy. That's all I want. So I do have one question.

Bianca: No. No, no, she doesn't feel the same way about me. She's straight. So if she loves anyone, it's definitely not me.


Marissa: Scott's been working so hard on the gatehouse. We should do something for him.

J.R.: Sounds like he's doing just fine to me.

Marissa: How can you say that? You know that he's a total wreck about Madison and the baby. He needs some kindness.

J.R.: So me being his punching bag wasn't enough for him?

Marissa: He didn't mean that.

J.R.: It sure felt like he meant it.

Marissa: I think he should move back in here with us.

J.R.: Come again?

Marissa: He shouldn't be alone right now. He should be here with his family. He needs us.

J.R.: Or maybe you need a buffer between you and me.

Liza: So I have Judge Patane's decision.

Griffin: That was fast. Am I going to be happy?

Liza: I don't know. You tell me. He wasn't exactly a pushover, but I did my best.

Griffin: Thank you for everything.

Liza: Whatever I can do to help.

David: Of course. Anything for Tad's brother-in-law, right?

Liza: I do my best for everybody I represent, and I do believe that you have benefited from my brilliance on more than one occasion.

David: In so many ways. But lucky for you, I no longer need your legal expertise -- or these keys or this sad little job. It's time for me to spread my wings.

Jane: Oh, Jack. This was such a lovely idea.

Woman: May I have your autograph?

Jack: Actually, Ms. Kane and I were about to have a bite to eat.

Jane: I'd love to.

Jack: Ok.

Woman: And if it would be all right if I could show my friends a picture of me with Erica Kane?

Jane: Oh, yes, of course.

Woman: Would you mind?

Jack: Gosh, no. All right. And 1, 2 -- smile. There you go.

Woman: Thank you so much.

Jane: Ok, how about one more just to be sure that we've gotten my good side?

Woman: Oh!

Jack: Again, 1, 3 -- and smile. There you go. Very good.,

Woman: You only have good sides.

Jane: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. Oh.

Jack: The Erica Kane that know and love -- she doesn't much like fans approaching her when she's about to have a meal.

Jane: Maybe I'm trying something new.

Jack: Yeah. You seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

Jane: I'll be right back.

Jack: Ok.

Jane: Everyone, everyone, if I may have your attention? I have been having such a lovely day. I just want to celebrate. I'm buying everyone lunch! 

Jane: Oh, that was so much fun!

Jack: Yeah, you're just full of surprises.

Jane: That's why you love me.

Jack: You've got me there. I must say that was out of left field even for you.

Jane: Because it's a new field. You know, Jack, I mean, when I was held in that terrible place for so long, not knowing if I would get out alive, I just -- it changed my whole perspective on how I want to live my life. The whole I ordeal just made me realize how lucky I am to have so many people who love me and who care about me -- you and the fans. They're amazing, aren't they?

Jack: Yeah, they are. I'd like to find the people that kidnapped you. I'd like to have them horsewhipped and then buried in a cell for the rest of their lives.

Jane: Are there any leads?

Jack: No. Nothing. I talk to Jesse every day. He's got absolutely nothing. It's like the monster that did this vanish into thin air.

Jane: "Monster?" Maybe it's better this way.

Jack: What, are you kidding me? You could've been killed.

Jane: But it's over and let it stay over, Jack, ok? Because, honestly, I just want to revel in how wonderful my life is.

Jack: I know one way that we could celebrate that.

Jane: Pinch me. I can't believe Jackson Montgomery is kissing me.

Jack: Jackson Montgomery has done a great deal more than just kiss you for a long time, although we're having a bit of a dry spell now.

Jane: I know. I know it's not easy, but I want you to know how much -- I'm just so happy that you understand how important it is for me to have you woo me all over again.

Jack: I'm not gonna lie to you. It's been difficult. I'd very much like to make love to you.

Jane: I just want it, when we make love, to be like the first time -- I mean, the first time since the kidnapping. I just want it to feel like the first time for both of us.

Jack: I think maybe this family should take a page from your book, and we should all revel in our lives. Kendall and Bianca -- those poor girls. They've been through hell.

Jane: Oh, they have.

Jack: Yes, they have, but they've handled it with strength and resolve, just like their mother.

Jane: Ohh! Stone crab? Fresh stone crab! Can this day get any better?

Jack: Did you hear what I said?

Jane: What?

Jack: About you being an amazing mother.

Jane: Oh. You know what, Jack? Let's just talk about us. Ok?

Liza: You got another job? Where?

David: You will be one of the first ones to know as soon as it's written in stone.

Liza: I'm not gonna hold my breath. I'm assuming that you are all right with those terms? All right, I'll be in touch with the next step.

Griffin: You know where to find me.

David: She's something else, isn't she?

Griffin: So what's this job?

David: I'm not at liberty to say just yet.

Griffin: I hope it's in medicine. It's a waste of genius that you can't practice anymore.

David: Come on. You know I'd never walk away from my power of healing. There's still something in it for you, unless you're stuck on returning to the field.

Griffin: First chance I get.

David: Then you are gonna miss the chance of a lifetime.

Kendall: Ok. So has Marissa even said that she's back in love with J.R.?

Bianca: No.

Kendall: All right. Well, has she said that she's not in love with you?

Bianca: No. She doesn't know anything about how I feel. But there is the tiny detail of her being straight. I've been down that road before.

Kendall: Yeah, but not everyone turned out to be straight. Remember?

Bianca: Not everyone turned out happy with me either.

Kendall: Ok. All I'm saying is you have exceptional gaydar. You do. You had it with Lena. You had it with Maggie, Maggie's sister. Zarf -- she was not an easy one.

Bianca: But Marissa -- she's different.

Kendall: All right. Binks, you're not gonna know how she feels unless you talk to her.

Bianca: Yeah, I know.

Kendall: What are you gonna do? Maybe Marissa could be the one woman in this world that makes you incredibly happy.

Bianca: Yeah, considering all my luck in love, or lack of it, I think I am just gonna cut my losses -- and return this.

Kendall: What is that? Hmm.

["Forevermore" plays in the music box]

Kendall: That's beautiful.

Bianca: Yeah. Marissa's dad used to sing this song to her when she was a little girl. She told me that when she was going through all that hell with Annie, she would hum this to herself to make her feel calm, I guess. And then in the closet, she hummed it then, too. So I just thought I would get it for her, and then all she'd have to is open it up and she'd feel safe. Oh, bad idea.

Kendall: Or this could be the most important gift you've ever given anyone in your whole life.

Marissa: Why would I need Scott as a buffer between you and me? I am perfectly capable of handling you one-on-one.

J.R.: That's good to hear.

Marissa: I just think that Scott could use the support his family right now.

J.R.: He has our support. It doesn't mean he has to live here.

Marissa: Since enough punches have been thrown, maybe you're right. But maybe you could, I don't know, get somebody to help him finish the gatehouse, so that he can live here on the property with his family still have the privacy he needs to regroup on his own?

J.R.: I'll call Bruce. He's the one who did the renovation for the Chandler building downtown last fall. I'll see if he can help.

Marissa: Was that so hard?

J.R.: Let's not tell Scott about it till it's finished.

Marissa: Ok. Thank you.

J.R.: You're welcome.

Marissa: Hey!

A.J.: Can we get ice cream?

Marissa: I think that sounds like a great idea.

J.R.: Why don't we all go? If that's ok with you?

Marissa: Yeah, why not?

J.R.: All right. Then let's hit it, huh?

Marissa: Wait a minute. Aren't you forgetting something?

J.R.: What's that?

Marissa: Don't you have a phone call to make?

J.R.: Yeah. I was gonna make the phone call. Why don't you guys go wait in the car?

Marissa: All right. A.J., you go up and grab your shoes. I'm gonna be here while your daddy makes a phone call.

J.R.: You don't trust me?

Marissa: I just want to make sure you reach Bruce. You said Bruce, right? That was his name?

J.R.: Yeah, that's his name.

J.R.: Bruce, it's J.R. Chandler. Yeah, it's great to talk to you. Listen, my cousin is renovating the gatehouse, and he could use some help. It would mean a lot to me if you could make that happen. Here's the deal. I'll double your money if you make sure that job doesn't get finished. That's great. Thanks for your help.

Kendall: I don't know Marissa that well, but maybe she's still in love with J.R. Maybe not. Maybe she's in love with you.

Bianca: Glad we narrowed that down.

Kendall: What I'm saying is, Binks is that you don't have to ask her. Just give her the music box, see how she reacts. Maybe then you'll get your answer.

Bianca: And avoid wrecking our friendship if she doesn't feel the same way.

Kendall: Right. I know it'll still hurt, but not as much.

Bianca: Before I do anything, Gaby is at a play date. So I promised Miranda that we would have a mommy-daughter ice cream date.

Kendall: Ok, wait. Before you go pig out on ice cream, did you look at the Miranda Center stuff? What do you think?

Bianca: Oh, yeah, it's great -- and brilliant that you got Griff back in there after all the beating his reputation took after the charges.

Kendall: That was pretty smart, yes. All right, go! I dot want to keep Miranda from her ice cream.

Bianca: Wouldn't want to do that. Hey, thanks for listening.

Kendall: Would you stop? Come on. What are big sisters for ok. Now, go for it. Just go. Wh take a chance. Come on.

Bianca: Ok.

David: Between us, there's a strong possibility I'll be returning to P.V.H. very soon.

Griffin: How, exactly, is that going to happen?

David: I'm in the business of making miracles, remember? And I would like you to sign on as my chief of cardiac surgery.

Griffin: You're planning on running the hospital again?

David: I wouldn't settle for anything less. So, can I count on you? After all, you are second best, right behind me.

Griffin: Heh heh. I stole meds from the hospital. The board's not exactly crazy about me.

David: Oh, please. I've almost killed a board member or two. They get over it. You're like me, Castillo. You think outside the box. You shouldn't be punished for that.

Griffin: So this chance of a lifetime is --

David: It's exactly what you think it is. And I'd also like for a chance to have someone on my side in that Martin-Hubbard stronghold.

Griffin: My sister's married to a Martin.

David: I'm trying not to hold it against you. So what do you say?

Griffin: I'm honored, and it would be amazing to work next to you again, but I've already made my decision.

David: Decisions can be unmade.

Griffin: Not this one.

David: You know how big this is. Think about it. Talk him into staying, will you?

Kendall: What did David want?

Griffin: Don't ask.

Kendall: Sorry for taking off on you like I did before.

Griffin: Bianca needed you. So how is she?

Kendall: She's better. I mean, what she went through with Ricky was horrible, but now it's brought back some issues from the past.

Griffin: I'm sorry to hear that.

Kendall: Yeah. If I hadn't have brought Ricky into our lives, she wouldn't be having these nightmares.

Griffin: What happened with Bianca was bad, but you shouldn't blame yourself. It wasn't your fault.

Kendall: That's what Bianca said.

Griffin: That's a wise woman.

Kendall: Yeah, she's wiser than I'll ever be. The one thing that we did take from this is we realized how important it is to not let the past define us. Move forward. So that is what I'm doing here, if you have some time?

Griffin: Nothing but.

Kendall: Ok. Good. I was hoping maybe we could start the conversation about the Miranda Center clinic and you could teach me everything I need to know.

Griffin: Sure. First, I have some news.

Kendall: Please tell me it's good.

Griffin: Yeah, you were part of making it happen.

Kendall: That is not reassuring.

Griffin: Liza was here.

Kendall: The charges?

Griffin: Community service. No jail time.

Kendall: That's great! Oh, that is great! That is so good! Ohh! Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry. I -- I'm so happy -- for you. I am happy for you.

Griffin: I'm happy, too.

Kendall: Yeah.

Bianca: Ok. I am going to order. How about you color this guy?

Miranda: Ok, Mommy.

Bianca: Ok.

Krystal: Hey.

Bianca: Hi. Can I have two banana splits, both vanilla?

Krystal: You got it. And, listen, Bianca, I just wanted to say I'm really glad you're ok after what that psycho preacher man put you and Marissa through.

Bianca: Yeah. I'm just really sorry that I got her all tangled up in it.

Krystal: Listen, there is no part of me that blames you for that, so you just put that out of your head. I'm serious.

Marissa: Go this way. Hey! Looks like a party!

Krystal: Yeah, it is now! I didn't expect to see you or this little handsome tyke.

Marissa: Well, you know, we had an ice cream emergency.

Krystal: Ah. Well, somebody just ordered two banana splits over here.

Marissa: Oh. I hope you have enough bananas for more.

Krystal: I think I do. I'll get right on it.

Marissa: Do you mind if we join you?

Bianca: I -- no. Let's just take the bigger table.

Marissa: Great.

Bianca: Ok. You guys, keep coloring.

Marissa: Yeah, looks good. So, banana split, huh? I had you pegged more as a hot fudge.

Bianca: I should actually get some more napkins. The splits are seriously messy.

Marissa: Oh, no. Just wait until the sundaes come. I'm sorry. You ok?

Bianca: Oh, yeah, I'm good. I'm sorry about earlier. If it seemed like I hung up on you, I was just in the middle of something with Kendall.

Marissa: Oh, no, it was really not a big deal. But earlier at the club, you did say there was something you wanted to talk about. What's up?

J.R.: Hey. Do you have room for one more?

Jane: Oh.

Jack: I must say I don't think I've ever seen you enjoy a meal quite so much.

Jane: Oh, to die for. I mean, simply to die for.

Woman: Ms. Kane, lunch for everyone in the restaurant? You are fabulosity itself.

Jane: Oh. I'm just having so much fun.

Woman: Oh.

Jack: You've made a lot of people happy here. Now, as I was saying about Kendall and Bianca --

Jane: Oh, they're probably enjoying their day. Let's enjoy ours, too, ok?

Jack: Why don't you want to talk about them?

Jane: What do you mean, I don't want to talk about them? They're my daughters, but we don't have to talk about them 24/7, do we?

Jack: Erica, you're the kind of mother who likes to be involved in their kids' lives.

Jane: That's the second time you've called me that.

Jack: Called you what?

Jane: "Mother."

Jack: Excuse me.

Jane: Jack, can't we just have a nice lunch? Can't we just focus on us?

Jack: No, we can't. Not until you tell me why you have been acting so strangely since you've come home. Erica, what happened? Why are you acting like this? I love you. Whatever it is, you can tell me.

Jane: You are such a good man.

Jack: Thank you. So tell this good man, if you would, please, what the hell is going on.

Jane: Nothing.

Jack: Ok. Ok. If you can't tell me, then maybe we should find someone with whom you're comfortable, a professional.

Jane: A shrink?

Jack: Yes. Maybe. I don't know. Look, I -- I just want to help.

Jane: I'm going to go to the ladies' room. Oop.

Jack: Why do you keep trying to run away from me?

Bianca: There's plenty of room.

J.R.: Thank you. This was a great idea.

Marissa: You joining me and A.J. was your idea.

J.R.: Like I said, a great idea. Don't you agree?

Bianca: Yep. It wouldn't be an ice cream party without you.

Marissa: Oh, yeah. And speaking of parties, I was thinking maybe you could bring the girls over next weekend. We could have a pool party, first one of the season. It'll be a barbecue.

Bianca: I'm not sure if we're free. I'll check my schedule.

Marissa: Oh. Yeah. Sure.

J.R.: I'm sure we're gonna have lots of get-togethers this summer.

Marissa: Uh-huh. You better go get your own sundae.

J.R.: I'll be right back.

Bianca: He's in a good mood.

Marissa: Yeah, but you're not. I know why.

Kendall: This is big news! This is huge! We have to celebrate!

Griffin: Yeah, this is about as big as it gets. And I get to practice medicine again.

Kendall: Oh, that's amazing. It's so great. So no jail time. It's great! Um, does that mean that you'll probably be leaving town again soon?

Griffin: No. I have to stay here six more months. I still have community service.

Kendall: Great! I mean, because I was counting on you helping me with --

Griffin: With the Miranda Center clinic.

Kendall: Exactly. I got something for you. Here.

Griffin: What's this?

Kendall: This is an advance for your services. It should help you pay back the hospital.

Griffin: You sold the casinos?

Kendall: No, no. The sales are so stuck in red tape right now. But I figured I'd start with this, and then I give you a daily stipend.

Griffin: For what?

Kendall: For showing me everything I need to know about setting up and running a clinic. This way, when you leave town, there'll be a smooth transition.

Griffin: Yeah, running a clinic is a lot more than just signing checks.

Kendal yeah, my sister has run the Miranda Center very successfully for a long time.

Griffin: Yes, but this is a medical clinic -- broader scope, different demands.

Kendall: If you know so much, then show me.

Griffin: You're on.

Jane: Jack, going to the ladies' room, powdering my nose -- this is hardly running away from you.

Jack: Your nose looks fine. I want you to sit here, and I want you to talk to me.

Jane: We had been having the most perfect day.

Jack: Erica, there is a problem here. I know there is. I want to know what the hell it is.

Jane: The only problem is you.

Jack: Me?

Jane: Yes. Look, there has been so much drama -- I mean, my kidnapping, and Bianca and Kendall and that horrible man -- and I just really feel that you've been ignored. So I just wanted to spend this day focusing on you, only you.

Jack: But Kendall and Bianca --

Jane: They are all grown up, and they probably are having a great time. They're surrounded by friends. They have a big support group around them. They don't even know how lucky they are.

Jack: They're very lucky, because you are a part of that support system. But you're as equally as lucky because you have friends who love you.

Jane: Yes, I know that. Of course, I do. What I mean is just because we're family doesn't mean that we are stuck only talking about family, does it?

Jack: No, I guess not.

Woman: Ms. Kane, could I have your autograph?

Jane: Of course.

Jack: Sweetheart?

Jane: This is just gonna take a second.

Woman: This is so exciting for me.

Jane: It's exciting for me too. So who should I make it out to?

Jack: Ok, I'm gonna --

Woman: Salli Creedon, with an "I."

Jane: Salli? Ok. "To Salli -- with an "I" -- "here's to a fabulous meal together. Erica Kane."

Salli: Thank you so much.

Jane: Enjoy your evening.

David: Wow. That was quite the performance.

Jane: It's important to keep the fans happy.

David: I think you mean "Erica's fans," don't you? You know, maybe a bit too flashy, but other than that, you're a very good imitation. Just think about how fast this will disappear if I don't get what I want.

Jane: You don't have to threaten me.

David: Just consider it a polite reminder.

Jane: I told you I would help you get the hospital back, and I will.

David: I want you to work faster. I've never been a patient man.

Jane: Why did you sell your share on the hospital to Greenlee anyway?

David: All that matters is that I want back in, and if you don't make that happen, your days of signing autographs for adoring fans will be over.

Jack: This is getting to be a habit with you, Hayward.

David: I was just telling Erica how beautiful she looks. No one would ever guess the ordeal you've been through. It's like you're a new woman. Excuse me. How about a drink, Counselor?

Liza: What are you up to?

Jane: Jack, if I wanted to make a big purchase, how would I do that?

Jack: That depends. How big a purchase are we talking about?

Griffin: You're gonna have to keep this bandage on for two weeks until you come back and see me. Ok?

Man: Whatever you say, Doc.

Griffin: All right. You're done.

Man: All right. Thanks.

Griffin: No saws.

Kendall: Ha! Wow. I never realized what went into all this. I mean, you're short supplies. You don't really have a staff. How do you do it?

Griffin: You just do the best you can. You see patients in a tent when you have to. The goal is not to turn anyone away Unfortunately, sometimes you have no other choice. You'll learn that when you're in the thick of it.

Kendall: Yeah, I haven't run screaming yet, have I?

J.R.: You want some help with that?

Krystal: I got it.

J.R.: You sure? It's no problem.

Krystal: J.R., I have a long memory, and I know you, so why don't you cut to the chase?

J.R.: I want Marissa. I love her, and I'm gonna prove to her, and I'm gonna prove it to you. Look, you and I -- we've been through hell and back more than once, but don't you think it's time we try to figure out how to be a family?

Krystal: You really mean that, huh?

J.R.: Marissa wants a happy, real family, and so do I.

Marissa: I make you uncomfortable.

Bianca: No, you don't.

Marissa: Please. You practically hung up on me earlier. Now you don't want to make weekend plans?

Bianca: That is just a scheduling thing.

Marissa: Bianca, I get it. You look at me, you see something that you want to forget. What Ricky did to us, how scared he made us -- I don't blame you for not wanting to be around me.

Bianca: That is not how it is.

Marissa: Listen. If you need to avoid me, I just hope it's not for very long. Because there would be a huge hole in my life if you're not in it.

J.R.: She amazes me every day -- how much she loves A.J., how she never lets anything get in the way of what she wants.

Krystal: Marissa was all that before, J.R.

J.R.: Maybe I took her for granted. Maybe I've grown up. Maybe I'm man enough to realize just how extraordinary she is and how we're meant -- how we're meant to spend the rest of our lives together.

Bianca: Ricky was a monster. What he did to us was terrible. But when we were locked up together in that closet, even as horrible as it was, you were the one who brought me through that. You were so strong and amazing, and I guess I just didn't realize how much -- I have something for you.

Kendall: Those papers are around here somewhere, and there's a bunch of changes that I want to make.

Griffin: That was fast.

Kendall: I mean, you were right. I have no idea what is gonna have to go into this whole Miranda Center clinic -- not until I worked with you today. Yeah, there's so many things I want to change. I want to have a bigger waiting area. I want to have a play place for the kids, and just a place for the families to be together.

Griffin: You got that all from one afternoon?

Kendall: I had a fabulous teacher.

Griffin: You really held your own. I'm proud of you.

Kendall: No, I just stocked bandages and gave water to people who were waiting.

Griffin: You told a little girl who was crying how brave she was, and she stopped crying.

Kendall: Anyone else would've done the same thing.

Griffin: No. They wouldn't have. You were great.

Kendall: My workbag. My workbag. I don't know where my head is right now, but that's where they are. There -- my workbag, the papers. Ok, so, um, anyway, it's just a rough draft, but you will get the idea. You will see. Check this out. Ok. Yeah, we were thinking about maybe doing a plaque with Zach's name on it maybe right there.

Griffin: It's a perfect spot.

Kendall: Yeah, I thought so, too.

Griffin: I should get going.

Kendall: You must be starving. I could make you something to eat.

Griffin: That would be awesome, but I have someplace I need to be.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Yeah, I should get that.

Griffin: I'm gonna be late.

Kendall: Ok.


Jane: Baked Alaska. Crazy, huh?

Jack: Yeah, crazy. You never liked baked Alaska.

Jane: I told you I'm looking at everything with new eyes. Savoring the moment, remember? Especially with you.

Jack: Hmm. So you're not gonna tell me, are you? You're not gonna tell me what's bothering you.

Jane: There is nothing bothering me -- except my lipstick, because I would hate to wind up in one of those "Stars Without Makeup" layouts. Excuse me.

Liza: Fine. Don't tell me what you're plotting. But whatever it is, you better make sure it doesn't backfire.

David: I can tell you this. A lot of people better hope it doesn't backfire. Take care, Counselor.

Singer: Betray true lies and true loves will betray, betray true lies and true loves will betray, betray

[Jane picks up a drink at the bar]

Jack: What the hell are you doing?

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