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Episode #10638

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Scott: Can I have another, please?

Singer: Got a little secret I would like to share

J.R.: That looks like trouble.

Scott: Go away.

J.R.: What are you doing, Scott? Shouldn't you be comforting Madison -- or something? Oh, yeah, that's right. Since you're not playing daddy anymore, she gave you the boot.

[Scott punches J.R. down to the floor]

Singer: I would like to have you with me for a thousand years

[Song continues indistinctly as J.R. gets up with a bloody lip and Scott runs out of the Yacht Club bar]

Bianca: No, I can't do this anymore.

Marissa: You can't do what? Bianca, please tell me what is going on.

Bianca: This was a bad idea.

Marissa: Wait. No, wait. Come here. Come here. A homicidal sociopath locked us in this closet. We could have given in to the fear, sat there paralyzed in the dark. But instead, we did this -- together.

Bianca: Yeah, we did.

Marissa: Yeah. After sharing something like that with somebody, there is nothing that you could say or do that would change the way I feel about you.

Colby: Welcome home!

Maya: Hey, you're back. You look good.

Colby: Yeah, doesn't he?

Asher: I feel good, except for these old things. I can make it to the couch. Can you chuck those on the fireplace?

Caleb: Sure.

Asher: Yeah. Oh!

Caleb: Hey! Take it easy. Sure you want to give those things up?

Kendall: Hi. I'm so sorry I'm late. I got your message. But the babysitter got stuck in traffic, and then Spike -- he couldn't find his sunglasses, but I'm here.

Griffin: What message?

Kendall: The message to meet here.

Griffin: I got the same message from my sister. [Chuckles] Cara's done it. Again.

Tad: Hey.

Cara: Hi! Ok, what do you say to an evening of mole poblano y princesses? Now -- what? Oh! I know you like candy bars on your cereal, so I'm thinking candy bars on the chicken. Good?

Tad: Do you know where Griffin is?

Cara: Yeah. He's not gonna be joining us for dinner tonight. Ok, so it's movie night with us and the girls. So I'm thinking we could do "Cinderella" or we could do "Cinderella III: A twist in time," which -- I'm digging that one.

Tad: I --

Cara: Or "The Little Mermaid."

Tad: I think I'm gonna have to take a rain check.

Cara: What are you talking about? What's a dinner for princesses without the prince?

Tad: Cara, you don't have to play house to make up for kissing Jake. 

Bianca: I want to tell you --

Marissa: Come here. Sit down. Oh, God. I'm so sorry. Sit down. I hurt you.

Bianca: No, I'm fine.

Marissa: No, I hurt you. Let me. Here. Is that better?

Bianca: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Marissa: Oh, hang on.


Marissa: Oh, it's J.R. I should answer this. It could be about A.J.

Bianca: Of course.

Marissa: J.R.?

Man: This is the manager at the Yacht Club.

Marissa: Is there something wrong with J.R.?

Man: I'm afraid he's been involved in an altercation. He's fine, but he probably should not drive himself home.

Marissa: I'll be right down.

Bianca: Is everything all right?

Marissa: J.R. is in the bar downstairs, and he got into some kind of fight. I should go.

Bianca: Marissa -- you still love him, don't you?

Man: She's on her way. She sounded quite worried.

J.R.: That's good.

Caleb: You all right?

Asher: Yeah.

Caleb: Can I get you anything?

Colby: How about a new car?

Asher: You're giving me your car?

Colby: Mm-hmm. Well, it's just one of them. He can't be getting in and out of his old truck in his condition, so here. Do you really have to think about it? There you go.

Maya: Miss Chandler?

Colby: Mm-hmm?

Maya: There's something in the foyer you need to see.

Colby: It can wait a second. I want to make sure Asher's --

Caleb: Go ahead. I'll look after him.

Colby: No, it's ok. That's what I'm here for, Mr. Cortlandt.

Asher: No, it's cool. He can look after me for a second.

Colby: Ok.

Maya: This was delivered to you.

Colby: Ah, thanks. Hmm -- ok. Oh. It's samples from Michele Maldonado. She loves my Vlog and -- she wants me to be the face of her new line. What?

Maya: Are you saying that this box is full of free clothes?

Colby: I have no idea, but help me with this upstairs and let's find out. Ooh!

Tad: Cara, I need to borrow your phone.

Cara: Wait. One second, ok? Let's just -- I understand what I did with Jake. At the very least, it put you at risk, making this marriage look like the crime that it is. It wasn't right.

Tad: Listen, your affairs are none of my business. Really. We can be honest about it. You've apologized. I've accepted. Now can I please borrow your phone?

Cara: Ok. Why you calling Griff?

Tad: Sit-down with Liza. I want him to make his case as to why she shouldn't press charges for liberating antibiotics from the hospital.

Cara: Can you really make that sit-down happen?

Tad: Make it happen? It's supposed to be happening right now, but I can't find Griffin and Liza's not exactly known for her patience, even though she dated me.

Cara: You're easy to get along with. I'm just saying!

Tad: He's not answering. What the hell's going on?

Cara: That's 'cause he thinks it's me.

Tad: Why wouldn't he answer 'cause he thinks it's you?

Cara: Because he's angry with me.

Tad: Why is he angry with you?

Cara: 'Cause I set him up on a blind date with Kendall. It's blind for her, too. [Snaps fingers]

Kendall: What exactly did Cara do again?

Griffin: She brought you and me together under false pretenses.

Kendall: Why would she do that? Oh. Oh. Right.

Griffin: Somehow she gets an idea in her head and just can't let it go.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I was not in on it at all. I really thought you wanted to meet.

Griffin: What about?

Kendall: About the Miranda Center and sticking around to help me turn the abandoned house that you were staying in.

Griffin: Once I'm cleared of the charges, my place is back on the field.

Kendall: Ok. All right, well, since you obviously didn't want to meet, my calendar is pretty full. So I'm just gonna get going. Oh.

Griffin: Don't -- go.

Bianca: I have no right to press you about J.R.

Marissa: Bianca, I made you a promise to watch my back when it comes to getting sucked back into a relationship with J.R. That's what you're doing. I want you to be honest.

Bianca: I want that, too.

Marissa: I would be lying to you and to myself if I didn't admit that J.R.'s been winning me over, even if it is because he's found my weakest point, and he's very good at working it.

Bianca: You just want to be part of a family.

Marissa: Yeah, yeah. See, you really get me. I'm starting to wonder if I still have a chance to have that with J.R. Bianca, I trust you. I'm not saying that I'm gonna be with J.R., but -- if there's a reason that you think I shouldn't --

Bianca: I just want you to be happy. So if J.R. is the one who makes that happen, then I am 100% behind you. He's waiting for you.

Marissa: Yeah, he is. You were going to tell me something. I just told you all of this drama, but I don't want to run out on you without you telling me what's going on.

Bianca: Another time.

Marissa: Ok. Bye.

Caleb: Get you something?

Asher: I'm good. Probably just need to take it easy, kick back, take off my shoes.

Caleb: Let me help you. Sit back, relax.

Asher: Sure.

Caleb: There you go.

Asher: Maybe after that, you could take off my socks. They're a little -- it's getting hot.

Caleb: Don't push it. New car, huh? She's really putting out the welcome.

Asher: Yeah. I think she feels bad for how she treated me when I didn't tell her that her boyfriend slept with her mom.

Caleb: You did the right thing.

Asher: Maybe she finally realized that what I was doing was actually trying to prevent her from getting hurt.

Caleb: Yep, I've learned that the hard way. Holding back from hurting somebody pretty much guarantees that that's what's gonna happen.

Maya: Aren't you gonna open these?

Colby: Yeah. I was just thinking how all of a sudden I'm like this big deal.

Maya: I thought that all the Chandlers were big deals. I'm sorry. Did I just say that out loud?

Colby: You have been hanging out with J.R. way too much!

Maya: I should get back to work.

Colby: No. Maya, stay. Just come on. Take a break. You know, when I started my Vlog, I never thought it would turn into a place online for hurt young women to be heard.

Maya: You've made them feel like they matter.

Colby: Yeah, I guess I have. It's a good thing. But you know, if I could go back and stop what happened to me from happening again -- I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Colby's voice: Sometimes the people that are closest to us are the ones that you need to keep furthest away.

[Cell phone rings]

Liza: District Attorney Colby. Who is this?

Tad: Liza, it's me. I'm calling on Cara's phone.

Liza: You might want to borrow your wife's watch, too.

Tad: I know we're supposed to be there right now, but I've run into a little snag.

Liza: Well, unsnag them. If you want me to talk to Judge Payton on your good doctor's behalf, you'll get here now.

Tad: We're on our way.

Cara: Ok, so, how did it go?

Tad: What's Spanish for horrible?

[Cell phone rings]

Kendall: You should probably get that. They keep calling.

Griffin: It's Cara. I will deal with her later. Let me turn this off. You gonna sit, or you gonna leave me standing here holding your chair?

Kendall: You said you didn't want to meet, so --

Griffin: Yeah, but I'm here now, and you're here. And there's champagne, and I don't think you spilled any of it, so --

Kendall: Very funny. Ok.

Griffin: Why not take advantage? I'm assuming you have somebody watching the boys, and we can have another non-date. It's not a cold night in the park and the food's not as good as Pierre's, but --

Kendall: Well, I think I'll manage.

Griffin: You always do.

Kendall: Maybe it'll give me a chance to talk you into sticking around, helping me with the center.

Griffin: We've already gone over how stubborn I am, so good luck with changing my mind.

Kendall: I wouldn't want you to do something you didn't want to do.

Griffin: I'm pretty committed to getting back on the field, restoring my reputation.

Kendall: Well, it looks like it's back on track.

Griffin: What do you mean?

Kendall: You have got a table of lovely admirers over there.

Griffin: Yeah, well, attracting members of the opposite sex has never been a problem for me.

Bianca: Just a bottle of water, please.

Man: Hey, is that the new model? I've been trying to get my hands on that.

Ricky's voice: No!

Bianca's voice: No!

Bianca: Get your hand off of me!

Kendall: Bianca.

Bianca: Who the hell do you think you are?

Man: Nobody. I just --

Bianca: Throw this man out.

Man: Hey, I was being friendly. You don't need to freak out.

Bianca: Would you rather I call the police on my new phone?

Man: Ok, I'm out of here.

Bianca: Next time, keep your grabby little hands to yourself!

Kendall: Binks!

Man: We'll make sure he knows he's not welcome here.

Bianca: Thank you.

Kendall: What is going on?

Bianca: I'm just tired of it. I'm tired of never being safe anywhere I go.

Kendall: Ok. I'm sorry.

Griffin: Go.

Kendall: I gotta go.

J.R.: Thank you for coming to my rescue. I didn't want them to call you, but they didn't feel comfortable with me behind the wheel.

Marissa: It's ok. Just come here, let me see. Ooh! That is not too bad. Isn't this where you tell me that I should see the other guy?

J.R.: It was a sucker punch. I didn't even see it coming.

Marissa: Ha! That really surprises me, considering how many times you've goaded people into punching you over the years. I thought you'd see it coming from a mile away.

J.R.: Ouch. That hurt more than the right cross I just took.

Marissa: Seriously, though, did you give the police a description? Did they arrest somebody?

J.R.: I swear, it was completely unprovoked.

Marissa: Who hit you, J.R.?

Scott: Me. For once, J.R.'s telling the truth. I punched him.

Colby: You know, I've made mistakes of my own. Asher -- he tried to be there for me, and I took it out on him.

Maya: Sometimes people who care about you hurt you. Doesn't mean that they don't care back.

Colby: Yeah. I just want to make it up to him, though.

Maya: Hey, if someone treated me badly, and they got me a car, we'd be more than ok.

Colby: You don't think that was too much, do you?

Maya: I'm just the housekeeper, Miss Chandler.

Colby: Stop! Don't call me Miss Chandler. Just call me Colby. And you're allowed to talk.

Maya: It's just I don't think that you should buy the guy. I'm not really sure what you did, but I think you'd have to do a whole lot worse to get him to go away. I bet that he would just love being with you doing nothing at all.

Colby: Thanks. I think I'm gonna try that right now. Thank you.

Maya: Mm-hmm. Do you want me to hang these in your closet?

Colby: Um -- you know what, I think this would look so fabulous on you. Do me a favor and take it home.

Maya: Are you serious?

Colby: Yeah, just take all of it. I think that you would look so great in this label, so take it.

Maya: I don't even know what to say, Miss Chandler.

Colby: Don't! Don't call me Miss Chandler. Just call me Colby. And just say, "Thank you, Colby."

Maya: Thank you, Colby.

Colby: Yeah.

Maya: Thank you.

Colby: I'll see you later.

[Cell phone rings]

Colby: You can get that.

Maya: Just a sec.

Colby: Ok.

Maya: I can't talk right now. Work. I know you're back. I'll call you when I'm not working. I'm so sorry.

Colby: No, no, no. Is everything ok?

Cara: It's like ironic, isn't it?

Tad: I don't know. Irony's lost on me. You'll have to explain it on the way.

Cara: Here I am, trying to set up my brother with Kendall on this date, so he can open up his heart and maybe change his mind and stay here in Pine Valley. This date could actually be the one thing that makes him miss the opportunity to get his charges dropped, in which case he's gonna have to stay in Pine Valley anyway. Either way, I have to tell you, my brother's gonna be so pissed at me.

Griffin: Oh, you got that right.

Cara: Oh, I did it because --

Griffin: Because you want me to have some kind of love connection, because that's what's missing from your life.

Bianca: The man had no right to touch me. He was invading my personal space. He was leaning into me.

Kendall: You're right.

Bianca: You think you're fine, that the world is ok -- and that you have everything under control. And then some monster knocks you out and drags you into his hotel room and ties you up in a closet. And that is not ok. That'll never be ok.

Kendall: Oh, my God. I did this. I brought another Michael Cambias into our lives, and you're the one who paid the price again.

Marissa: Ok, why do I feel like the principal at A.J.'s school and you two boys have been sent to my office?

Scott: J.R. was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's all.

J.R.: That's big of you to admit to punching me was your fault.

Scott: Most days, your presence provokes that, but today was on me.

J.R.: Why don't you leave before you try again, but this time I get to punch you back.

Caleb: Your meds. One every 4 hours. Ok? Doctor's number. You got my number. You call me anytime.

Asher: You know that I'm not 10, right?

Caleb: Yeah, I know that.

Asher: It's nice. I've always wanted to be spoiled rotten.

Marissa: J.R.

Scott: No, I wasn't planning on staying for dinner. I'd rather be working on the gatehouse. See you later.

[J.R. slams door]

Marissa: You know he's going through a lot with Madison and the baby.

J.R.: Yeah? And that justifies him assaulting me? Since I'm the one who had to take it on the chin, I would appreciate if you would not defend him to me.

Caleb: I'm not offering you a new car or anything, but I've got plenty of room if you ever want to come over and stay with me.

J.R.: Asher's not going anywhere.

[Door opens]

Scott: Just got your text. Worried about you. Call me. Look, I appreciate it. I really do, but I'm here to work, not talk.

Marissa: It's a good thing you're working on the gatehouse.

Scott: Yeah, well, since I can't fix anything else in my life -- look, can I ask you something?

Marissa: Sure.

Scott: Why, Marissa, do you want to get back with J.R.? Really, you could do so much better. You could be with someone who actually cares about someone besides himself.

Bianca: This isn't your fault. None of this is your fault.

Kendall: But what Ricky did to you, it brings you back to what happened with Michael Cambias.

Bianca: It just triggers some bad memories. It brings back some ghosts I thought I'd put to rest.

Kendall: I should have said no. When you asked to help me, I shouldn't have let you.

Bianca: No, that was my choice, and I don't regret it. Ricky will rot for what he did, first in prison and then in hell. This morning, I went back to his hotel room.

Kendall: Why?

Bianca: I thought that if I could just do that, then I could take control again. I would see that it was just some closet in this room, and I fought my way out. I thought I would feel strong again and proud.

Kendall: Binks.

Bianca: I just promised myself after Michael that I would never be scared again.

Kendall: Why didn't you just call me? You should have called me. I would have gone with you. You didn't have to go do this alone.

Bianca: I wasn't alone. Marissa was there.

Kendall: Good. Good. I know the two of you have gotten close.

Bianca: You said that I'm brave, but you're wrong. All I am is a hypocrite.

Colby: Whatever is going on, you can talk to me. I'm the breakoff girl. That's my official name. My readers voted for it. So, uh, is that your boyfriend?

Maya: It's my aunt. She thinks I'm her personal maid and cook. Trained me right for this job. But I know it's so unprofessional to take personal calls at work. It won't happen again.

Colby: No! Nobody cares. And if they give you any sort of trouble, you come to me, ok? Bye.

Cara: When I set you up with Kendall, it doesn't have anything to do --

Griffin: I've got a big mouth. Runs in the family.

Tad: No, it's ok. I come from a long line of big mouths myself.

Griffin: You need to stay out of my personal life, Caracita. For the record, I don't need you or anybody else setting me up on dates.

Tad: Be that as it may, Casanova, right now you got bigger fish to fry -- like a meeting with Liza.

Griffin: Oh, the D.A.'s ready to put me away now.

Cara: No, Tad is getting Liza to drop the last drug charges.

Griffin: Well, then, let's roll. The sooner I get clear of these charges, the less date setups --

Tad: It's not a done deal yet.

Griffin: Ok.

Tad: One thing at a time, please.

Griffin: No, you stay here. You made enough trouble for one day.

Cara: Wait, since when do I listen to you?

Scott: I don't know. Maybe the reason I hit J.R. was because I'm jealous. I mean, my cousin managed to make happen with you something that I couldn't with Madison -- to get the woman I loved back under the same roof. Speaking of which, I've got a gatehouse to work on, so --

Marissa: Hey, I'm only here for A.J.

Scott: I hope so.

[Door closes]

Colby: Hey! Marissa, did you hear Asher's home? You should come say hi, welcome home.

Marissa: I got a quick call to make, but I'll be there in a second.

Colby: Ok.

J.R.: This is Asher's home. He needs to be here with his family.

Asher: Caleb's family, too, though.

Colby: Asher, you need to stay, hang out, make up for lost time.

J.R.: Are you gonna fight Asher staying here to recover?

Caleb: If Asher's happy, I'm happy.

J.R.: Then I guess it's your call.

Tad: Fancy meeting you here. I'm sorry. I know we're very late. I appreciate you agreeing to meet with us. Just have a seat. Hear him out, and you can be on your way, all right? Thank you.

[Liza clears throat]

Griffin: Thank you for seeing me.

Liza: Don't thank me, Dr. Castillo. Make your case and make it quick.

Bianca: Every day, I counsel women who have endured the most horrific abuse. They live with these nightmarish experiences every minute of their waking lives to the point where it starts to define who they are. And I tell them that they only have to just believe in themselves, that they have this inner strength inside them. If they can just tap into that, they can stop feeling like victims and become survivors.

Kendall: You help them. You help them move from feeling powerless to powerful. That's what you do.

Bianca: How can I do for them what I can't even do for myself?

Kendall: Will you stop? Stop right there. You do not get to guess who you are and how far you've come. You can't second-guess that. You are so strong. You're one of the strongest people I've ever met. Just the fact that you went into Ricky's hotel room shows how strong you are. Just because you're scared doesn't mean you're a victim. After everything you went through, you're here, and you're safe, because you made it that way. Binks, you are a role model to your children and to women everywhere, including me, including your big sister.

Bianca: And you to me.

Kendall: Kane woman to Kane woman. You live up to that name and keep fighting, and Mom and I will be right there with you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Bianca: It's Marissa.


Kendall: Someone else is in your corner.


Kendall: Why aren't you answering?


Bianca: Hey.

Marissa: Hey. You know I hated leaving you the way I did.

Bianca: How's J.R.?

Marissa: He's fine. I'm more worried about you.

Bianca: Don't be.

Marissa: I can't help it.

Bianca: I'm with Kendall right now. I have to go.

Marissa: I'll call you later?

Bianca: Ok. Thanks.

Kendall: Binks, you didn't have to hang up because of me. Marissa was there for you during your divorce. The two of you can help each other through this.

Bianca: No, I can't lean on Marissa. Not anymore.

Colby: So? What's it gonna be?

Asher: I think I'll stay, as long as Caleb's welcomed here anytime to visit.

J.R.: That's fine.

Caleb: I like my burgers medium.

Marissa: Welcome home.

[Cell phone rings]

Caleb: Go ahead, take it. I don't mind if you talk business in front of me.

J.R.: I bet you would like to know what deals I've got going on.

Caleb: What makes you think I don't know already?

[Cell phone beeping rapidly]

Asher: Oh, is that it? 1 million hits?

Colby: Yep. Yeah. But I think I'm gonna cut down on my Vlog, you know, spend more time with what's really important.

Asher: But what would I ever do without my daily dose of "Breakoff Girl"?

Colby: You're just gonna have to settle for more of the less virtual me.

Asher: Well, I think I can handle that.

Maya: I'm sorry I hung up on you. You know I really need this job, ok? I don't know when I can go out on a date. One of their family members just got back from the hospital, so they asked me to work overtime. I'll call you back as soon as things slow down, ok? I promise. I love you, too.

Griffin: I'm not gonna apologize for an antiquated system that denies essential medicines to people in need.

Liza: If that's the level of remorse you're gonna show the judge, there's nothing that I can do for you.

Tad: No, wait. Just to be fair, what Dr. Castillo --

[Cell phone beeps]

Tad: Is trying to say that in light of all the circumstances -- um -- in light of all the circumstances that the judge has gotta consider his humanitarian record before passing judgment. It's only fair. The fact is, he's saved thousands of lives in the field, and he's put his own life at risk to do it. He saved Kendall Slater's life not once but twice.

[Cell phone beeps]

Tad: Excuse me. I'm just going for my notes. Not only did he bring Ricky Torres to justice, he was able to administer medical care to people who were down on their luck while he was doing it. That's gotta count for something.

Griffin: I know what I did is wrong. I know I broke the law, and I would appreciate the court's compassion.

Liza: All right. I will make the phone call, and on behalf of the commonwealth, I am going to recommend restitution to the hospital and community service. And that is the best that I can do.

Tad: That is the best you can do.

Liza: Thank you for your recommendation. Oh, yes. And yours.

Cara: My pleasure.

Tad: Brilliant. Brilliant.

Cara: Thank you. Thank you so much. Come here, come here. Baby steps, you know?

Griffin: This in no way gets you off the hook for trying to play Cupid with me and Kendall. You know that.

Cara: Just shut up. Give me a hug.

Tad: You're doing the right thing. I mean it. Colby would be proud.

Liza: Well, I'm not gonna hold my breath for that one.

Caleb: There are a lot worse places to hang out while you're getting better.

Asher: Yeah.

Maya: Coffee milkshake?

Caleb: Thank you.

Asher: Yeah, thanks.

Caleb: Here's to you.

Colby: Thanks for not fighting Caleb, for Asher's sake. And who knows? Maybe you two will actually make peace one day -- the Chandlers and the Cortlandts finally ending the war.

Scott: Hey! Ooh! Ha ha ha! [Slaps Marissa's behind]

Marissa: Aah!

Kendall: Am I missing something about you and Marissa? Because I know how close the two of you are. You've become great friends. In fact, she even told me that after everything with Ricky, she was gonna look out for you.

Bianca: I don't want her to have to do that for me.

Kendall: Binks, she is just as appreciative of you helping her get out of that closet.

Bianca: Ok, please just let's leave it alone. Marissa's very busy with A.J. and J.R.

Kendall: Binks, come on. This is me, ok? I can see there is something is tearing you up inside. There is something going on with you, and you have to tell me what it is.

Bianca: There is a very good reason why I don't want to get too close to Marissa right now.

Kendall: What possible reason could that be?

Bianca: I'm falling in love with her.

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