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Episode #10634

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Jane: What part of do not show your face in Pine Valley do you not understand? You don't just up and leave Erica Kane alone.

Ben: She's secure -- for now.

Jane: For now? And what is that supposed to mean?

Ben: It means I got a bad feeling she's gonna find out what really happened.

Jack: Thank God it's you. I thought it was another delivery man. Come in. As you can see, Erica has been celebrating her freedom by taking her credit cards out for a spin.

Caleb: Uh-huh. Well, that would explain it.

Jack: Explain what?

Caleb: Why she didn't show up at the office. I've been waiting for her all morning.

Jack: Really? She called me about an hour ago. I thought she said she was at work.

Caleb: Well, she wasn't working with me.

Jane: You have one job and one job only. Now, do it, or things will start coming out. Got it?

Jake: I don't think there's any kind of problem with us working together, because when we're at the hospital, we make it all about the patients and that's --

Cara: It's just day in and day out, rounds, coffee talk, you and me spending all of that time together. Do you really think it could work?

Jesse: Why am I here, Tad?

Tad: Griffin.

Jesse: I should have known.

Tad: Yeah. You should've, and I've already put the screws to Liza, but I can't help thinking there's more that you and I can do to get these charges dropped.

Jesse: Well, not all of them. Yeah, the guy's innocent of murder, but theft --

Tad: Oh, come on, Jesse. Think about who we're talking about. The guy took them for people halfway around the world who couldn't afford them. And his plan from day one was to pay people back.

Jesse: Look at you. Aren't you the defender of the Castillos? What's up with that? Always sticking your neck out for one of them. Cara must be really important to you, huh?

Tad: She's my wife. Would you stop it? Knock it off. You think -- why don't you just say it? You think I'm in love with her.

Kendall: I should go.

Griffin: Don't. This time with you -- helping you nail Ricky has made me realize something. You amaze me. The way that you went after Ricky, you refused to back down. You got a trained hitman to confess it all to you. It just -- blows me away. And that's it. I just -- I wanted you to know.

Kendall: Thank you.

Griffin: You're welcome. I got something else for you. And no, before you ask, this is not a gift.

Kendall: Oh. Yeah, you could say that again.

Griffin: You think you could return this to Ryan for me?

Kendall: Yeah. Actually, it's Tad's. He lent it to Ryan from his bag of P.I. tricks. Yes, I will make sure he gets it. It's gonna be kind of weird not having your voice in my ear all the time, you know, not hearing your mike voice.

Griffin: My what voice?

Kendall: You know, your voice, the way your voice sounds over the wire.

Griffin: Yeah? And how's that?

Kendall: Good, when you're not yelling.

Griffin: Ok, if, and only if, I yelled, it was to keep you safe.

Kendall: I know. You're giving me all the credit, but truth is, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

[Knock on door]

Chavo: Jose said you wanted to see me?

Griffin: Yeah, let me take a look at that arm. Oh, that healed nicely.

Kendall: Yeah, if you do say so yourself.

Griffin: Listen, I'm gonna be really busy, so you tell your friends, you tell your family to come check out the free clinic in town, ok? They'll take care of you. You got it?

Chavo: But not the way you did.

Kendall: He's right, you know.

Tad: I don't know what to tell you. Seems to me like Cara came along at a very, very important time in my life. I needed something, Jesse. I needed something. Damon had left. Liza -- we both know how that disaster worked out. And then -- boom! What am I supposed to think? All of a sudden, here's Cara. Just kind of appears. Ever since then, I feel like I've had my feet back on terra firma again. She's nothing if not entertaining.

Jesse: Well, the woman is high-energy. Gotta give her that.

Tad: All she needs is a pair of bunny ears and a little drum. It's kind of hard to be down on somebody like that.

Jesse: So you're happy, huh? That mean you want more?

Tad: What we have works. I just want to make sure I don't do anything that stops it from working. As far as I'm concerned, my marriage is real. I mean, in a way. Why shouldn't it be? We're two people that care about each other.

Jesse: In three years, she doesn't have to be married to you anymore. Where does that leave you?

Tad: I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I don't know, but I don't care. Right now, I'm happy in the present. And the present tells me that what Cara and I have is pretty damn good.

Jake: See, I think that we worked very well to -- together at the hospital before you were forced to --

Cara: Yeah, that was -- and that was -- yeah.

Jake: That was before we decided not to go there. I'm aware of that.

Cara: I'm just saying that reality is what we did.

Jake: Almost did.

Cara: It changes things, you know?

Jake: Yeah.

Cara: We talked about this. It would kill Amanda if she found out. I know what I have with Tad is completely different, but I've gotta tell you I'm feeling guilty as hell.

Jake: When we did what we didn't do --

Cara: Right.

Jake: When we did it, the circumstances were --

Cara: Were unique. I know, but it's not an excuse.

Jake: No. I'm not saying it's an excuse. Don't get me wrong.

Cara: You know, the truth is, I did this. This is my fault. I said this -- don't you say -- just listen to me. I'm the one that came to Pine Valley. I knew you were married. I knew you had a family, but it didn't matter, Jake, 'cause I needed to see you.

Jake: Ok. I love my wife.

Cara: I know you love your wife.

Jake: I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to protect that and -- look, we can be friends, you know?

Cara: That's great.

Jake: We could work together and be friends, and we can be colleagues.

Cara: Yeah, I just -- I need a little time to think about the job.

Jake: Take all the time that you --

Cara: Thank you. I need to get back to my work, ok?

Jake: Yeah, me, too.

Cara: It's all good. Excuse me.

Jack: Hey.

Jane: Caleb. What are you doing here?

Caleb: Looking for you. You never showed up at the office.

Jack: Which is where I thought you told me you were.

Jane: I'm sorry. I haven't been honest with either of you. After my rescue, I really thought that it would be just business as usual after a few days, but I was wrong. A few days hasn't been enough.

Jack: Honey, all you had to do was let somebody know.

Jane: I didn't want everyone to worry. I am not the only one who survived the ordeal.

Caleb: If you're not ready, you should have said something.

Jane: No, I didn't want to say it. I didn't want to admit it even to myself, because Erica Kane is always ready. But now I'm free, because Kendall and Bianca are both safe, so that puts me in a mood to celebrate.

Jack: By shopping, apparently.

Jane: Well, yes. Presents for everyone -- even you, Caleb. I just want to enjoy my life. I want to enjoy my money. Yes, I do. I've earned it, haven't I?

Jack: Yes, you have.

Jane: I am not in some post-traumatic crazy place, ok?

Jack: Ok.

Jane: This is just me being happy.

Caleb: And this is just me needing my partner. Baskin/Rich deal. Remember?

Jane: Yes, of course, what about it?

Caleb: They tore up the contracts, the ones we discussed. I need you to sign off on it.

Jane: Let me have a look.

Caleb: Well?

Jane: I'm just gonna sign.

Caleb: That's it? No questions? No opinions?

Jane: Nope. You did a fantastic job. There! That was easy.

Caleb: If you're done shopping for the day, there are a ton of other things we need to go over.

Jack: Caleb, whoa. Erica just said she needs more time.

Caleb: Jack, there are other things that need both of us to address, unless you want to turn everything over to me.

Jack: Ha ha! Good luck with that.

Jane: Are you hungry, 'cause I'm famished. Why don't you go to ConFusion and get us a table? And then we'll work over a late lunch.

Jack: Are you sure?

Jane: Positive. I'll meet you there.

Jack: I'll show you out.

Jane: I'm so sorry I didn't return your call, Jack. I was on the go from the moment I woke up this morning. I never even checked my messages till I got to the building.

Jack: It's fine. Tell me, though, have you heard any more from Hayward about that letter he wanted you to sign? Erica, don't tell me that you're planning to help this man.

Jane: Jack, doesn't everyone deserve a second chance?

Jack: No! Not Hayward! Are you kidding me? What is wrong with -- Erica, you know better than anybody else the damage that man has caused, what he has done to your family, to our family.

Jane: I know how to handle David Hayward. Just trust me.

Jack: Boy, that is not what I wanted to hear. Honey, I have an appointment. Do you need a ride?

Jane: No, no, I'm fine.

Jack: See you later.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Jake. Jake.

Jake: Hey!

Jesse: Can I talk to you in here privately for a sec?

Jake: Sure. What is this? Police business or what?

Jesse: Yes and no. Yes and no.

Jake: Ok, hit me.

Jesse: The pending drug charges against Griffin Castillo. I'm gonna need all pertinent records, schedules, inventory.

Jake: Sure, whatever you need. No problem. What's the non-police part?

Jesse: Cara.

Jake: What about her?

Jesse: I think your brother's fallen for her pretty hard.

Jake: Ok, and --

Jesse: And I need you to tell me that that's a good thing, that my friend, your brother, is not gonna get stomped.

Kendall: I guess you will not be needing this anymore.

Tad: You don't need it anymore, that's for sure.

Kendall: I don't.

Tad: This stuff's expensive. Thank God for that. How you doing?

Kendall: Uh -- good, good, I think. Everything kind of happened so fast.

Tad: From what I heard. You still tryin' to take it all in?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah. Any luck getting the charges against Griffin dropped?

Tad: I'm still working on it.

Kendall: It's gonna be so weird having him just gone. He's done so much good for everyone around here -- the hospital, the Miranda Center.

Tad: For you.

Kendall: For me.

Tad: What is it about those Castillo people? They've definitely got a way of getting under your skin.

Kendall: I don't think we're talking about Griffin anymore, are we?

Tad: No, we're not. I know you know -- about me and Cara.

Kendall: I care about everyone involved, so --

Tad: Thank you -- for your discretion.

Kendall: Of course. Of course. Thank you. Was it hard?

Tad: Was what hard?

Kendall: Getting married again after Dixie.

Tad: That's a damn good question. I don't know. I don't think so, but then again, the marriage between me and Krystal was pretty much the same thing -- a marriage of convenience for Jenny's sake. Not that there weren't some real feelings there.

Kendall: No, I know there were. But was it the same way with Cara?

Tad: It started out that way.

Kendall: And now?

Tad: It's a little more complicated.

Kendall: It scares me, the thought of ever feeling for someone the way I felt for Zach.

Tad: You mean like you're betraying him?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, like I'd be betraying us.

Tad: Kendall, you suffered the worst kind of loss there is. It's almost impossible to fight your way back from that. Some people can't make it. And from where I'm sitting, you're doing a hell of a job.

Kendall: Really?

Tad: Yeah. You're a beautiful woman, inside and out. And you sure as hell deserve to be happy. Don't let anybody ever tell you different.

[Dixie dreams]

Jamie's voice: Hey, where's my mom?

Tad's voice: Wouldn't believe me if I told you.

J.R.'s voice: Is she ok?

Dixie's voice: I'm fine, sweetie!

J.R.'s voice: Mom?

Jamie's voice: Dixie?

J.R.'s voice: What's going on?

Dixie's voice: The door is stuck. I'm waiting for the wood to shrink back down, so I can get out.

J.R.'s voice: Don't worry. We'll get you out.

Tad's voice: Don't bother. I've already tried.

Dixie's voice: Ah!

Jamie's voice: They really are clueless.

Dixie's voice: My heroes! Oh, my stinky heroes! Yikes!

Tad's voice: Obviously, the wood has shrunk back down.

Jamie's voice: Sure, Dad.

J.R.'s voice: Yeah, right.

Tad's voice: Come here. We'll see about that, smart guy.

[Boys giggling]

Dixie's voice: Oh, I got you. No! It's capsizing!

Cara: What?

Griffin: So we're gonna play that game.

Cara: Oh. Kendall went and spoke to you.

Griffin: Really? Sending her over to convince me to stay?

Griffin: When are you gonna let this go?

Cara: I love you, ok? I'm selfish, I guess. I want you to stay here. I want you to be happy. And I get that you could be happy in the field, but there are other ways. Don't shut yourself off, because you're scared.

Griffin: Whoa. Who said anything about being scared?

Cara: Is it a coincidence that as soon as you and Kendall get close, you start packing your bags? Denying how you feel, that can cause some serious damage, Griff, trust me. I know.

Griffin: Hey, Kendall is not Jake.

Cara: And you're not me. You spent your whole life taking care of other people. It's time you take care of yourself.

Jake: Jesse, let's do a little recap on how we got to where we are today. Nobody put a gun to Tad's head. He chose to marry Cara all on his own.

Jesse: Which, by the way, I know was for Immigration's benefit.

Jake: Right.

Jesse: The problem is, I don't think this fake marriage is fake anymore, at least not for Tad.

Jake: Really? Who said that? Tad said that?

Jesse: No, we kinda sorta danced around the issue, but I can tell the guy's got feelings. I don't know your ex that well, but I do know she was very important to you once upon a time.

Jake: That is in the past. Cara and I are done.

Cara: You aren't me, Griff. But you know who you're really not at all like? Dad.

Griffin: Cara.

Cara: He was a waste. He was a bad husband. He was a bad father. He couldn't commit to anyone. History is not gonna repeat itself. You are nothing like that.

Griffin: Ok.

Cara: You are not selfish like him, and you're not cruel like him. Yeah, sometimes you're a little cruel to yourself, but this is the time to change. Let yourself love, 'cause I have a feeling you will be damn good at it.

Kendall: I like Griffin.

Tad: Ok.

Kendall: Yes, a lot, but it wasn't always that way. I don't know. Something happened, and all of a sudden, I found myself depending on him not just as my doctor, but as my friend. And then when I got it in my head that Zach was murdered, Griffin could have run for the hills, but he didn't. He stuck by me. He believed in me even when I didn't believe in me.

Tad: I don't know what it is about the Castillos, man. They both have that in common.

Kendall: Yeah.

Tad: They just love a good fight. They sense some kind of injustice, and they're -- boom! Up and at them.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I'm not surprised, given their background. Cara had cancer. Their father left. They've been fighting for their own lives from day one. Makes sense they'd fight for other people's, too. I think it's impressive.

Tad: Yeah, I just keep hoping that they do their fighting here.

Kendall: Yeah. Don't you feel that way about Cara?

Tad: Well, she claims to like Pine Valley. She wants to settle down here, but I gotta be honest. I keep thinking maybe she wants a little more. Maybe she deserves a little more. Not that she can go out there and look for it right now, not with Immigration breathing down our necks.

Kendall: But if she could, what would you do?

Tad: Everything I could to get her to stay.

Jane: Shall we order?

Caleb: I think we should just get down to work.

Jane: I never got a chance to give you your present.

Caleb: What's this?

Jane: Open it. Go ahead. Hope you like it.

Caleb: Ah.

Jane: It's for meetings, for business. Oh, I think it's gonna look just great on you.

Caleb: Dorothy, are you flirting with me?

Jane: No.

Caleb: 'Cause you are with Jack. You can't have it both ways.

Jane: I don't want it both ways.

Caleb: What's with this?

Jane: As I told you, I'm happy. I feel exhilarated. I feel free. Is there something wrong with wanting to share that with all the people around me?

Caleb: No, as long as we know where we stand.

Jane: We do.

Caleb: Good, 'cause we have a press conference coming up.

Jane: A press conference? Well, what will I wear?

Caleb: Excuse me?

Jane: You said press conference. I assume there'll be a lot of cameras. I mean, I really have to look my best.

Caleb: Yeah.

Jane: Where are you going?

Caleb: I'm going to the office. Feel free to join me when you're feeling a little less -- exhilarated.

Jane: Ahh!

David: That must be some serious soda water.

Jesse: I'm not accusing you of anything, all right?

Jake: Jesse, I love my brother, and I love my wife. I have zero intention of hurting either one of them, ok? When I tell you, yes, my history with Cara is complicated, but that's what it is. It's history and it's done. Ok?

Griffin: The timing isn't right for either of us.

Cara: Ok. So you think that she is incapable of loving again, right?

Griffin: Maybe. I don't know.

Cara: Hmm. Ok. Well, I actually thought that I could never love again once I lost Jake, that I could never open up my heart again, but you know what, I was wrong.

Kendall: How? How am I ever gonna move on when he is right here all the time, and I do not want to let him go?

Tad: I'm confused. Who says you have to?

Kendall: Isn't it the whole point? Everyone is constantly telling me to move forward.

Tad: Yeah. They say the same thing to me, but they don't tell you to forget the past. You can't. Dixie's one of the better parts of my soul. I can't leave that behind. She's every bit as much a part of me as Zach is a part of you.

Kendall: But I just can't imagine ever loving someone as much as Zach.

Tad: Maybe it's not supposed to be as much. I mean, I see the same thing all the time, but I think maybe it's because I'm so afraid that -- somebody couldn't love me the same way. Maybe -- maybe it's just supposed to be love somebody not the same, you know? You know, what Woody Allen says -- "We need the eggs." And I know that Dixie wants that for me. I'm sure Zach would want that for you. I mean, wouldn't you want it for him?

Kendall: No.

Tad: What?

Kendall: Actually, yes --

Tad: You just stamp him on forehead, "Mine, mine."

Kendall: Of course, yes. No, of course, I would. Yes, I would. She can't be prettier than me, though.

Tad: It's impossible.

Kendall: Thank you.

Tad: For what?

Kendall: Not for that fake compliment, but --

Tad: Fake compliment? Ha ha!

Kendall: But thank you just for -- it's just nice to have a friend who can actually relate.

Tad: Darling, if you ever get down in the dumps, you call me anytime day or night. We can relate till the cows come home.

Kendall: Ok.

Tad: Good.

Boy's voice: No! Dad! Dad!

Tad's voice: Dixie! Don't move! Stay right there! I'm coming!

Dixie's voice: Aah!

Jane: Excuse me.

David: No, excuse me. I'm a bit parched. Wow. Fallen off the wagon with a vengeance, I see.

Jane: What do you want, David?

David: I stopped by your place earlier with my letter. You remember the one that you promised you would sign?

Jane: Jack told me.

David: Yeah, I'm sure he did. Did he also tell you that he said there was no way in hell that you would help me?

Jane: Don't act so surprised.

David: I'm not nearly as surprised as your family's gonna be once they find out that you're back on the sauce or that Kendall is the one who really shot me in the back. Do you really believe Kendall could handle an attempted murder trial on top of everything else right now?

Jane: You can threaten me all you want. I refuse to sign that letter. Oh, I'm sorry. There must be some mistake. I didn't order anything.

David: No, it's not a mistake. I ordered for you. Thought you could use something in your stomach. Thank you. You remember that, right? It's one of your favorites when we were together. I just hope this place does it justice. Go ahead. Dig in.

Jane: Look, I cannot in good conscience just step up for you. I'm sorry.

David: You think you're sorry now, Erica?

Jane: What are you talking about? Who are you calling?

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Jackson Montgomery.

David: Jackson, it's David. I have some information for you. It's about your fiancée.

Jack: Hayward, why would you believe for even a second that I would discuss Erica with you?

David: Oh, believe me, you're gonna want to hear this.

Jake: Hey! Hey, what a surprise!

Amanda: Oh, it's more like a kidnapping.

Jake: Is that right?

Amanda: You're coming with me, Martin.

Jake: I wish that I could, but I can't. I am swamped, and when I say swamped, I don't mean just regular, run-of-the-mill swamped. I'm talking about walk-out-of-the-swamp- and-eat-your-face-off swamped.

Amanda: Then it is a good thing that you have me, because I have already talked to your assistant who has rescheduled all of your appointments today.

Jake: Is that right?

Amanda: So you are officially mine.

Jake: I am? But I can't. What about all my paper --

Griffin: Wait a minute. Are you saying that you have real feelings for Tad?

Cara: Yes. I mean, he's been nothing but wonderful to me. He's loving. He's generous. He's funny.

Griffin: That's good.

Cara: Yeah?

Griffin: That's good, Cara. Go with that. He's a great guy. Tad is a -- he's solid.

Cara: You don't think I know what you're doing right now?

Griffin: What am I doing?

Cara: What are you doing? You're turning the tables. You're trying to get me to shut up about Kendall.

Griffin: It would be nice. I'm not gonna lie.

Cara: Yeah, well, you're lying to yourself. Listen to your heart, please.

[Cell phone rings]

Griffin: Ah, speak of the devil.

Cara: Oh!

Griffin: Hey.

Kendall: Hi. Are you busy? I really need to see you.

Griffin: Right now?

Kendall: Yes. It's important, Griff. Please.

David: Was that really necessary?

Jane: I believe it was.

David: You realize you only bought yourself a momentary reprieve, right? You need to work with me, Erica, or you are gonna be sorry. What's wrong?

Jane: My throat is really -- I'm having trouble swallowing.

David: What are you talking about? Is this another clever way of yours to distract me? I'm not giving this up, Erica.

Jane: Was there fennel in there?

David: Fennel oil, yeah, the way you've always had it prepared.

Jane: I'm allergic.

David: Since when?

Jake: Wow. What's all this?

Amanda: I wanted us to celebrate our anniversary in style.

Jake: It's beautiful. Our anniversary? But we didn't get married today.

Amanda: I'm talking about the first time you proposed to me. You remember?

Jake: Yeah, of course, I remember, yeah. It wasn't that romantic, but --

Amanda: It was romantic to me. So, go!

Jake: Want me to go? Oh, not leave. You want me to recite what I --

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Really? It wasn't -- it would be brief, if you -- all right, all right. Let me get myself prepared. Ok, I got it. Marry me, Amanda. That's --

Amanda: Hey. What's wrong?

Jake: Sometimes it just hits me is all.

Amanda: What does?

Jake: How much I love you, 'cause I do. I just really love you.

Tad: Hey.

Cara: Hi. What?

Tad: Good news or bad news?

Cara: Bad! Of course.

Tad: Really? Ok, well --

Cara: Get it out of the way.

Tad: Bad news. One of the man cave recliners is busted.

Cara: Yours or mine?

Tad: What do you mean "yours or mine"? I didn't know ownership was involved.

Cara: Well, yeah, mine's on the left. Yours is on the right.

Tad: Facing the TV or the chairs?

Cara: The TV. Yes! Ok. What's the good news?

Tad: I spoke with Liza.

Cara: All right.

Tad: Nothing's definite.

Cara: Ok.

Tad: But she's working on a deal for Griffin.

Cara: Really?

Tad: Oh, yeah.

Cara: Oh! And you just let me go on about chairs?

Tad: She's talking about probation and/or community service.

Cara: No jail time.

Tad: No jail time.

Cara: Oh, my God. Wow! I don't even -- aah! Thank you! Thank you! Thanks!

Kendall: So, I just spoke to my lawyer, and it turns out that the sales of the casinos are gonna take a little longer than expected, but you will get your money. I promise.

Griffin: So that's why you had me rush over here?

Kendall: Well, that and I spoke to Tad. And he is confident you are not going to prison. You'll probably get some probation and -- my personal favorite -- community service. But anyway, I guess that means you'll be sticking around for a while. So maybe that's a good thing.

Griffin: Why?

Kendall: Because -- I want you.

[Jane gasping]

David: I still don't understand why we're not going to the E.R.

Jane: No. No hospitals. I don't want to be here either.

David: Yeah, well, too bad. I wasn't about to leave you. You're having an anaphylactic reaction.

Jane: It's -- getting worse.

David: You need adrenaline, Erica, or you could die.

[Jane gasping]

David: Give me that. Just give it to me.

[Jane gasping]

David: Who the hell is Jane Campbell?

Jane: Oh --

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