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Scott: Thank you -- for letting me say good-bye to Sara.

Madison: It's all gone.

Scott: The baby stuff. Yeah, I packed it up. I just thought it'd be too hard to look at.

Madison: I appreciate you offering to move out.

Scott: Yeah. Whatever you need.

Madison: I thought I could stay here, but I can't.

Marissa: Hey, Scott, it's me. I just wanted to make sure you guys don't need anything. You know what? Forget it. I'm gonna stop by. I'll see you soon.

J.R.: You're worried about Scott. So am I.

Marissa: Since when?

J.R.: Oh, come on, Marissa. Scott and I have gone head to head, but he's my cousin. He still is a Chandler.

Marissa: J.R., why don't you just tell me what you really want?

Bianca: And these were on your porch.

Kendall: Yeah. Oh. The bids for the casinos.

Bianca: You're not wasting any time.

Kendall: Yeah. Ricky killed my husband to stop him from selling. I'm just honoring my husband's wishes.

Bianca: Kendall?

Kendall: That son of a bitch. They're from Ricky. He -- he ordered them for Spike and Ian a few weeks ago before I found out about him.

Spike: Is that from Reverend Ricky?

Jake: All right.

Cara: Fantastic. I know we agreed not to talk about, you know --

Jake: Right.

Cara: Right.

Jake: But maybe you want to know if it's ok to hide our guilt with superficial chitchat.

Cara: Just tell me it's the lesser of two evils, please. Because if they were to find out, it would just --

Jake: Oh, it would kill Amanda.

Cara: Yeah. Right. Oh, I wish my brother would've just told me that he never left, that he was really here.

Jake: Yeah, I don't get that.

Cara: I know, right? And I wouldn't have thought that he was with that team of doctors with the massacre. And I was an emotional wreck, and then I went to you, and then I messed things up by kissing you.

Jake: No, we were both there. And at least you weren't practically destroying a marriage.

Cara: After everything that your brother has done for me, he doesn't deserve to be betrayed.

Jake: Right. Hey.

Tad: Are you ready for this? I just spoke with Liza. The DNA results are in. They definitively linked Ricky Torres to the murder.

Griffin: So they're dropping the charges?

Tad: Murder one and the drugs -- at least the narcotics.

Griffin: Right, because I admitted to stealing antibiotics from the hospital.

Tad: Yeah, but the good news is you were sending them halfway around the world to people who couldn't afford them. So I don't know about you, but it sounds like a Robin Hood story to me.

Brot: Dr. Castillo. I was just on the phone with the chief, and he says you're free to go -- but not too far in case we have some more questions.

Griffin: What can I say besides "Thank you"?

Tad: Don't get mushy on me, all right? That's all I need, is for somebody to walk in and find us in the middle of a man hug. Besides, I got one more good deed to do for my new family. Ok? See you on the outside.

Griffin: Ohh --

Tad: Oh. That's --

Griffin: This one. Thank you.

Frankie: Oh. Hey, I hear you're leaving us.

Griffin: Yeah.

Frankie: Let me grab you some wheels so you can exit in style, huh?

Griffin: If you don't mind, I'm gonna walk out on my own. Thank you.

Ricky: Dr. Castillo. You're just the man I wanted to see. I got some advice for you. It's about Kendall.

Spike: That's not my name.

Kendall: No, it's definitely not your name. Can you come here a second? I want to talk to you. I want to talk to you about Ricky. I want you to know he will never, ever be your father or Ian's. Ok? Mommy found out that Ricky is a very bad man.

[Bianca remembers Ricky hurting her]

Ricky: I was hoping there wouldn't be any more complications.

Bianca: Ah!

Kendall: Why don't you go play with your brother, ok? Go have fun! Well, um, I think he understood. I'm sure it'll take a while, but I think he'll get it. Bianca, what's wrong?

Bianca: Nothing. Everything's fine.

Amanda: What are you doing here?

Jake: Ah.

Amanda: I'm sorry. That sounded terrible. I just meant I'm just surprised to see you, since you were suspended.

Cara: My brother was shot, remember?

Amanda: Oh. Right. How is Griffin?

Cara: He's ok.

Amanda: I'm so glad.

Cara: Yeah. He doesn't like his coffee cold, so excuse me.

Amanda: I'm sorry. That was awkward.

Jake: Oh, I don't know.

Amanda: Anyway, I came because this is from Trevor. Now, it's supposed to be for Father's Day, but I know that's a few weeks away, but he insisted I give it to you now.

Jake: Ha! "Best Fisherman Ever." We've never fished, but that's nice.

Amanda: It was the first page.

Jake: Of course. No, I get it.

Amanda: To me, it's for the best father and best husband ever, and I'm sorry I'm not as good as our son at showing my appreciation.

Jake: Look. He's getting pretty good at keeping the color inside the lines, so that's amazing, really, at his age.

Amanda: That's something I'm working on. Listen, I know I lied to you, Jake, about being on the pill and about possibly being pregnant, but you have stuck by me through all of that, and I know you deserve so much better, and that is what I'm gonna give you.

Griffin: How's the leg, Torres? If you want, I'd be happy to break it again and reset it for you before I leave. Get him out of here.

Ricky: Hey, wait. You know what? Castillo, hold on. Listen. Don't you want to know what it's like? Don't you want to know what it's like to kiss Kendall, to put your hands all over her body? Don't you?

Brot: Whoa. Easy, easy, easy.

Griffin: Don't you ever talk about her like that again.

Ricky: I love Kendall.

Griffin: You love Kendall? Is that some kind of sick joke, huh? You killed her husband. You terrorized her sister. You threatened her life. You took away the father of her sons.

Ricky: I'm not gonna apologize to you, ok, because I would do anything for Kendall.

Griffin: You're a coward.

Ricky: You're a coward, Castillo. Come on. You don't have the guts to admit you have feelings for her, but you know what? It doesn't matter, because between you and me, Kendall will never love another man other than Zach. Ohh. Unfortunately, not me. But definitely not you, pal.

J.R.: You're always doing so much for everyone, even when they don't deserve it.

Marissa: Scott does deserve --

J.R.: That was a dig at myself, not Scott. When I got sick, you were an angel to me -- not that I'll ever come close to anything like that. But I can try.

Marissa: All right.

J.R.: Thank you.

Scott: Madison, you just give me the word, and I'll put everything back. Just tell me where you want it to be, and I'll do it.

Madison: You moved the stuff that we got for the baby, but you can't move the memories.

Scott: Some of them were good ones.

Madison: Those hurt more.

Scott: I know.

Madison: Like there. The -- her sonogram used to be there, and I would see it when I would get up in the middle of the night to get ice cream. Then I'd get a banana instead. Now it's takeout menus. Remember how I would drive you crazy trying to figure out how we were gonna fit everything in here? The bassinet and the shelves for all the baby books. The clothes, the diapers -- this place was gonna be so crowded. This is where I was gonna bring my baby home to, an apartment filled with baby things. And you and me and her and -- I look around and all I see is just --

Scott: Empty space. Madison? I'm gonna do everything I can to help you through this. Ok, you know that building you like, the one with the big pine in front, looks like a Christmas tree? Well, um, the day Sara was born, I got an apartment there, and it's bigger. It's nicer. It has two bedrooms, and, um -- it's all yours.

Madison: You did that for us?

Scott: For you and Sara. I wasn't part of the deal, unless you wanted me to be.

Madison: That place is near the hospital. I could've gone to visit her until she was ready to come home. It's across the street from that park with the baby swings -- and right by the cemetery.

Scott: I'm sorry.

Madison: Hey. No, I'd want to be near her, you know.

Scott: Then let me do this for you. You don't know where to go. You don't know what's next. Let me give you a place to just be.

[Phone rings]

Madison: Ryan.

Tad: Mr. Winslow? I'm sorry if I'm interrupting. I was asking around about you. I wanted to come and shake your hand, say congratulations about Mackenzie. I heard the transplant went terrific.

Mr. Winslow: She's doing well. A long way to go, but my wife and I are grateful.

Tad: I understand. Can I? Do you mind?

Mr. Winslow: No.

Tad: I got to say my heart goes out to you. I have two little girls just about Mackenzie's age, and I know that when either one of them gets a hangnail, I start losing sleep. I can't imagine what you went through. I don't know that I'd want to. But I do know that as fathers, we definitely want what's best for our little girls. And speaking of which, what do you think the odds are that Mackenzie might decide that she wants to be a doctor someday?

Mr. Winslow: I don't think that's possible.

Tad: Why not? Why shouldn't she? Now that the leukemia is in remission, the world's her oyster. She can do anything she wants to. Who's to say that someday she decides to do for somebody else what somebody did for her? Graduates med school, puts on a white coat, and then -- who knows -- maybe someday meets another 9-year-old girl who's got leukemia? I hope so for that little girl's sake because on that day, Mackenzie's gonna be able to do something amazing. She's gonna be able to get to a corner of hell a parent can't. Grab that little girl by the hand and look her in the eye and tell her everything's gonna be ok. And it'll be the truth, because they'll both know what they're talking about. Mackenzie could do worse. I know, because I'm married to Cara Castillo.

Mr. Winslow: Dr. Castillo had some pretty passionate views about how we've chosen to raise our daughter.

Tad: Dr. Castillo has got some pretty passionate views on just about everything. No parent wants to be told they don't know what's best for their kid, but tell the truth. If, God forbid, the day ever comes when you have to look in your little girl's face and wonder whether or not you have what it takes to bury her, do we really want our doctors to care any less about our children than we do?

Mr. Winslow: Mackenzie does think the world of her.

Tad: The feeling is mutual.

Mr. Winslow: Given her history and her commitment to Mackenzie, you can tell your wife that we've chosen to withdraw our complaint.

Tad: Then you, sir, are every bit the man I hoped you would be. To better days, Mr. Winslow.

Mr. Winslow: To better days. Thank you.

Tad: Thank you.

Jake: Hey. How are you?

Tad: No. How are you? You look like something the cat wouldn't drag in.

Jake: Thank you very much. We're a little short-staffed, and I'm running on fumes. So what was that?

Tad: That is about me being the answer to your prayers. I think I just got you another doctor.

Jake: What? He's gonna drop his charges against Cara? Really?

Tad: Yeah. You ready to take her back?

Ricky: Do me a favor. Tell Kendall I say I'll be in touch. Ok?

Griffin: It'll be a cold day in hell. Ok?

Ricky: See you.

Frankie: I'll get your paperwork together to get you out of here.

Griffin: Thank you. Caracita, don't.

Cara: I was just going to say --

Griffin: The man's a homicidal maniac.

Cara: Who knows how to push your buttons by going after someone you care about.

Griffin: I made a promise to keep Kendall safe. Putting Ricky Torres away for life is just a part of that.

Cara: What about the part where he brought up your feelings for her?

Griffin: Kendall's a good friend, nothing more.

Cara: Right.

Griffin: He was right about one thing. Zach was the love of Kendall's life. It'll be a while before she's with anybody else, and it may be never. Her place right now is at home with her kids.

Cara: And yours?

Griffin: Mine's with people who can't afford a brilliant heart surgeon. After the charges on me are dropped, I'm out of Pine Valley.

Cara: Even if it means leaving your good friend Kendall behind?

Madison: Ryan offered to find me a place, pay the rent.

Scott: Oh. You should take him up on it.

Madison: No. No. I've made a habit of accepting things from men, accepting help, letting them do for me what I should be doing for myself.

Scott: Madison, let me do this for you. Please? No strings attached.

Madison: I'm sorry, Scott. I know your intentions are good, but I got to start taking care of myself.

Bianca: What I went through with Ricky is nothing compared to what you went through -- pretending to be in love with the man who murdered your husband.

Kendall: We're Kane women. Protecting the people we love -- that's what we do. We're stuck with it. Come here. Please call me if you need anything, ok? Please.

Bianca: You know I will.

Kendall: All right. Actually, I'm gonna walk out with you. I want to get these casino bids over to Griffin, have him take a look. Once we get the funds for that, he can actually pay back the hospital for the drugs that he took. I owe him so much, and more.

Griffin: Don't forget I had my own reasons for going after Ricky Torres. In case you forgot, the man framed me for murder.

Cara: I know.

Griffin: Now that I have cleared my name, there's nothing left for me here.

Cara: Thanks.

Griffin: You really want me hovering over you the next three years?

Cara: I actually gave that job to somebody else.

Griffin: And Tad's a good man, so be good to him.

Cara: Who says I'm not?

Griffin: You're spending an awful lot of energy thinking that there's something between me and Kendall when there isn't, so focus on you.

Cara: See? You're doing it right there. You're trying to protect me. Now, are you really going to be ok with just giving that up?

Griffin: I can't do anything until the charges on me are dropped. Ok? Come here. Come here. I'll leave. I'll come back. I always do.

J.R.: Sometimes it takes a while to see what's staring you smack in the face. You know what I mean? Like the right person. Like an amazing woman like Marissa.

Bianca: You're worried about her?

J.R.: She's acting as if this whole thing with Ricky Torres was no big deal. Can you talk to her? See if you can't get her to take it easy, let other people help her?

Bianca: I'll see what I can do.

J.R.: She's really starting to come around. I really think she's ready to let me back in.

Jake: Like I said, it is not up to me to rehire Cara.

Tad: Oh, come on, Jake. Who do you think you're talking to? We're doctors for generations. You know as well as I do -- from the days from pop -- they'll listen to your recommendation. All you have to do is say the word "Yes," and that's exactly what they do.

Jake: Did it ever occur to you that maybe she doesn't want to be here, Tad?

Tad: No, no. Not for one solitary second. You know what she's like. You know how she lights up when she's doing what she does best, which is doctoring. Ok? She's positively infectious, if you'll excuse the pun. This place needs her like a shot in the arm.

Jake: That's two puns.

Tad: Anything she puts her mind to, she does with her whole heart. You've seen her with my children. You've seen her at the clinic.

Jake: You don't have to sell me on Cara. I know who she is, thanks. She's a great doctor. I know that.

Tad: She's a lot more than that, Jake. She's the woman who single-handedly changed your life. And I got news for you: She's changing mine.

Kendall: Hey. Is Ricky still there?

Cara: Actually, the police just took him to court. You here to see Griff?

Kendall: Yeah. Actually, I wanted to show him the numbers for the casino sales.

Cara: Right. He should still be here.

Kendall: Ok.

Cara: Huh. Just like Griff -- gone before you know it.

Kendall: I'm sorry that I missed Griff.

Cara: It's all good. So Tad says the -- the murder charge is gonna be dropped soon. So it's just the charge for stealing antibiotics from the hospital that's still remaining.

Kendall: I let the cat out of that bag. I'm the one who started this whole nightmare for him.

Cara: What you're doing right now for him, you are making a dream for him come true. To pay back the hospital for stealing those drugs, to be able to make him provide the quality health care for people who are in desperate need of it -- you and Zach, you are making that possible.

Kendall: It's just money. Griffin has the passion.

Cara: In the real world you need both, right? I never get used to my brother not being around -- even if he's a big pain in the ass.

Kendall: He is, isn't he? Very much so.

Cara: Yes. Yeah. I guess it's the other side of being overprotective, right? As much as I can't stand his hovering, when he's gone, I miss it. I miss it because -- I don't know. When someone sticks their nose in your business, you know that they care. It makes you feel special.

Kendall: Yeah. No, I do know. Yeah.

Cara: Maybe you could --

Kendall: Come on, Cara. What are you talking about?

Cara: I got to get back to the tent and --

Kendall: What are you talking about? Come on.

Tad: I got to be honest. Everybody in this town who was privy to the reasons I did what I did -- you, Cara, Griff, Opal -- everybody's going on about how nice I am, what a saint I am, and it's not true. My motives are purely selfish because my life is better with Cara in it.

Jake: Tad, what do you want me to do?

Tad: You know what you have to do. What are we talking about? Just do it, Jake. Come on. Because if I can be the slightest part of the reason she gets her job back, the reason she loves, I'll feel better about everything she's had to go through -- about nearly losing her brother, about this ridiculous marriage of convenience. Please.

Jake: You're so noble, and I mean that. I want to throw up in my own mouth a little bit. Does she know that you're doing this?

Tad: No, no, no. And she's not supposed to. Ok? You promise me. Promise me she never finds out about it, because there's nothing she hates more than being taken care of. You know it, and I know it. So you promise me this comes from you. Promise me. And another thing: Promise me you'll get another coffeemaker.

Scott: Madison, wait, please. Please wait.

J.R.: Oh. Sorry. Did I come at a bad time?

Scott: What are you doing here? And it better be good.

[Knock on door]

Griffin: Si? How'd you know where to find me?

Kendall: Cara.

Griffin: Spike's jellybeans. Remember when you brought me that Easter candy? This is the last of it. Want to share?

Kendall: Sure.

Griffin: One condition.

Kendall: Yes?

Griffin: I get all the red ones.

Kendall: Ok. Thank you. Well, actually, I have something for you. These are the bids on the casinos.

Griffin: Huh. These are some pretty big numbers.

Kendall: Yeah. I want you to start by paying back the hospital for the antibiotics.

Griffin: Yeah, that comes out of my salary.

Kendall: What you did -- putting yourself at risk to help people who had nowhere to turn -- that's something Zach would do.

Griffin: Thank you. That's the biggest compliment you could ever pay me.

Kendall: This is nice. I have to say this is very nice. We're actually in the same room for a change, although I was kind of used to you buzzing in my ear.

Griffin: Like a mosquito?

Kendall: Yeah, exactly. Do you know you can be very stubborn?

Griffin: You would know.

Kendall: Yeah. We're not gonna argue about who's more pigheaded. That could take forever.

Griffin: Neither of us would give in. Last one, green. Want it?

Kendall: It's all you.

Griffin: Ohh. I'm gonna miss this place.

Kendall: Me, too.

J.R.: Where are you going? It's obvious that Madison doesn't want your company.

Scott: You always know just what to say, don't you? Why are you even here?

J.R.: Marissa's worried about you, and I happen to be worried about Marissa, especially after what happened with Ricky Torres. She needs to take it easy. I am here for you.

Scott: You are unbelievable. Unbelievable. I know what this is all about. You want to see where Madison and I stand. You're afraid that if it all falls apart, then maybe Marissa and I might end up together.

Marissa: Bianca.

Bianca: Hi. Hi. I just came to see how you're doing. J.R. says that he has taken good care of you. Is that a good thing?

Marissa: If I set limits. How are you?

Bianca: Oh, I'm fine. Really. Ok. That night, I might've had one or two moments of panic, which I'm actually a little bit embarrassed about.

Marissa: Oh, please. What we went through with Ricky was really traumatic. The man killed two people -- Zach and Diana Holden.

Bianca: It's still bringing back memories of Michael Cambias.

Marissa: Yeah. That must be really hard. I mean, seeing Ricky carrying you unconscious like that, that image still gives me chills.

Bianca: Oh. If my being here is reminding you of everything that happened, I don't want to make things any harder for you.

Marissa: No, it reminds me of how strong I can be, what we can do together.

Bianca: That is one way of looking at it.

Marissa: Maybe that's what happens when you're tied in a closet together.

Bianca: No. It's more than that.

Tad: Beautiful. Ooh. That's a big sack. Eating for two?

Amanda: Maybe.

Tad: That's great!

Amanda: Uh, no. I, um --

Tad: Oh. Hey. Hang on for a second. Have a seat. Given the circumstances, maybe we should be careful.

Amanda: Tad, I'm not pregnant.

Tad: I'm sorry. I just kind of assumed -- well, there's something else. What is it?

Amanda: No. Just forget it.

Tad: No, no. Come on. You can trust me. I make a hobby of being wrong a lot of the time, but I know my brother well enough to realize that whatever he's got strapped across his shoulders these days is pretty heavy. Clue me in as to what that might be?

Amanda: Jake has made it very clear that he doesn't want to have another baby with me right now.

Tad: And you do?

Amanda: More than anything. Enough to --

Tad: Enough to what?

Amanda: Go off my birth control pills and let Jake think that I might be pregnant, even after I found out I wasn't. I know. I'm my own worse enemy, right?

Tad: No argument from me.

Singer: I can see that you're looking back at me

Jake: Cara? Hey.

J.R.: Scott? Hey, I'm sorry. I am really sorry for Madison's loss.

Scott: And mine, J.R. I cared about this baby the same as if it were my own.

J.R.: What can I do for you?

Scott: Nothing. I'm sorry. I can't take time off from grieving for a little child to give you a crash course on how to be a decent human being!

J.R.: All right. If you need anything, you know where to find me. But keep in mind that Marissa is going through a tough time, too.

Scott: You could do things for people without having an agenda. You should really try it sometime.

J.R.: Why don't you just admit that you have feelings for Marissa?

Scott: This has nothing to do with you! Stop making this about J.R.! But maybe you're right. Maybe I should just give up on Madison, right? And then I will do everything and anything I can to keep Marissa away from you.

Bianca: You saved my life that day. I have no doubt about it.

Marissa: We saved each other. You think that I was being the brave one. But knowing you and the kind of person that you are, knowing that we were in it together, it gave me the push that I needed.

Bianca: If I know -- if I ever need someone to kick a closet door in for me, I know who to call.

Marissa: You better.

Bianca: I should go. You get some rest.

Marissa: Ok. Just call me. You promise?

Bianca: Yeah, I promise.

Kendall: Cara's pretty upset about you going.

Griffin: Cara knows that this is what I have to do. As close as we are, we've spent a lot of time apart. I've learned you don't have to be near someone to keep them in your heart.

Tad: Listen, you can't beat yourself up for loving Jake. Everybody's human. It's what we do about it that counts. And I got to tell you, since the day you walked in his life, I've heard him say two things about you. One, that you're the most beautiful person on the planet, and two, that he is the luckiest.

Amanda: I don't deserve it.

Tad: There is no one, past or present, could ever take your place in his life. No one. The only thing that could come between you and your husband is you feeling so threatened.

Amanda: I know you are older and wiser than I am -- but just a little -- but what if you're wrong about this, and I'm right?

Jake: I have this board meeting to go to today. Apparently, Tad went and spoke to the Winslow parents. Kind of went to bat for you, and I guess he hit a home run, and they want to drop the complaint.

Cara: Wow!

Jake: Yeah. So I guess if I tell the board I think you should be reinstated, and if it's ok with me, then the job would be yours for the taking.

Cara: So we would be back working together every day?

Jake: Yeah. Yeah. If you're ok with that and everything.

Cara: I don't know. Are you?

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