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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 6/1/11

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Episode #10632

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Greenlee: How's Emma?

Ryan: She's sad -- sad that her little sister's gone to heaven. As soon as the sitter gets here, we'll head to the funeral, ok?

Greenlee: We'll get through this. I promise.

Scott: Hi. Your discharge is in the works. I brought you a dress from the apartment, so you can go straight to the, uh, service.

Madison: Thank you.

Scott: I'm assuming you're gonna go straight to the apartment afterwards. Madison, I know you want your space, especially from me. I hate to leave you alone, but if that's what you want, I'll move out.

Jack: Jesse, I don't mean to put my nose in your business, but you do have plenty of security on Reverend Torres, right?

Jesse: Absolutely. Next stop for the right Reverend Ricky is state prison for the rest of his life.

Jack: Good. I just wish we were having that kind of success finding Erica's kidnappers.

Jesse: Yeah, well, we've been working pretty closely with the FBI. Nothing but dead ends so far.

Jack: How can that be? There must be something. Erica's kidnappers did not just vanish into thin air.

Jesse: Well, that seems to be exactly what they did.

Jane: What are you doing here?

David: I saw the waiter in the hall. Thought I would make a personal delivery.

Jane: I want you to leave now.

David: I am on to you. I knew something was up when I ran into you earlier. Erica Kane doesn't eat fried chicken wings and -- onion rings? You're drinking.

Jane: One beer.

David: Really? And who are the other 5 for?

Jane: They're for you. Why don't you take them and leave?

David: What else are you hiding, Erica?

Jane: Look. Why are you here, anyway? And how did you find me?

David: I followed you.

Jane: You had no right to do that. It's not a crime to want a little peace and quiet.

David: Wouldn't that be in your home with a nice cup of chai tea, not alone in a hotel swilling a brewski?

Jane: Do you have any idea what the last 24 hours have been like for me? Our family minister nearly killed my two daughters. He put one of them in the hospital. I know that I'm lucky it wasn't both. And if you forgot, I was recently kidnapped, and I am dealing with my own trouble while I'm trying to help my daughters with theirs. And on top of it all, there are paparazzi just camped outside the front of my building. So yes, I got a hotel room, I'm eating fried food, and I'm drinking. One beer -- not my favorite alcohol, by the way, but that's good, because this way I won't be tempted to have any more.

David: Do you even hear the words coming out of your mouth? They're excuses, rationalizations, typical addict behavior.

Jane: I'm exhausted -- emotionally, mentally. So is it a crime? I really just wanted to decompress. I wanted to be alone. Is that so terrible?

David: And how are your daughters and Jack gonna feel once they've found out that you've fallen off the wagon?

Jane: They're not gonna find out unless you tell them.

David: I help you, you help me.

Jesse: So did Erica say anything more about her kidnappers?

Jack: No, not to me, anyway.

Jesse: Anything? Jackson, anything, even the smallest clue could help, you know, break this thing wide open.

Jack: No, Jesse. Nothing. What did you find out about that key chain?

Jesse: What key chain?

Jack: You know, that stupid little plastic thing with the castle on it that she's been carrying around. Erica found it where they were holding her, and she's been holding onto it since. We're not gonna be able to get any prints or be able to trace it to anything other than the gumball machine it probably came out of, but she did say she was gonna drop it by for you to have a look at it.

Jesse: I'll try anything. I'd also like to talk to her one more time once everything settles. I mean, sometimes weeks can go by, and a victim can remember even the smallest thing that can turn this whole thing around.

Jack: And can you imagine, Jesse, that anybody would want that more than I? Those kidnappers are still out there, and I cannot have them coming after Erica again.

Jane: You want me to testify to the medical board, so you can get your license back.

David: It's a simple request.

Jane: It's blackmail.

David: I'm simply suggesting a way for us to both get what we want.

Jane: I have everything I want.

David: Yeah, and it would be a shame to lose it.

Jane: I'm not gonna let you use me.

David: I'm just trying to help you find a way to keep your secrets, Erica, and I'm not just talking about the drinking. There's also that messy shooting incident, hmm? Now, I'm sure you don't want that to surface.

Jane: You survived. The charges against me were dropped. It's over.

David: It'll never be over, not as long as the real shooter is out there, and I can identify her.

Jane: Well, then identify her. It has nothing to do with me.

David: What the hell is this? What, is this you playing dumb?

Jane: I'm not dumb.

David: Well, either it's a really good imitation, or -- you really don't know what the hell I'm talking about, do you?

Scott: Hey.

Madison: I thought about your offer to move out, and I don't want to leave you without a place to stay, but --

Scott: Yeah. Hey, don't worry about me.

Madison: Sorry.

Scott: I understand.

Madison: It's just the baby and everything. It just -- I need time.

Scott: Yeah. Take all the time you need. Madison, I would do anything for you. I love you.

Ryan: Hey. You ready?

Madison: Um, I just -- is it possible, um -- I would like for it to just be Ryan and me.

Greenlee: I understand.

Scott: Sure.

Ryan: You're ok with this?

Greenlee: Yeah. Whatever you two need. I'll be here afterwards.

Ryan: We should go.

David: All right, you know what? This is all starting to make sense -- the way you've been acting, forgetting something as huge as Kendall trying to kill me -- it's got to be the alcohol.

Jane: I've been kidnapped, and I've been traumatized, and I hardly sleep. I have nightmares. I forget things.

David: You forget things? Yeah, yeah. Your keys, forgetting where you put your purse maybe. But forgetting you saw Kendall shoot me? Forgetting that you covered up for her for months?

Jane: Well, of course, I would cover up for my daughter.

David: All right, let me make this very clear for you. Kendall is guilty of attempted murder. One call from me to the police, and I get my justice.

Jane: All right. Ok. You want me to write a letter for you? Ok, I'll write a letter. What do you want me to say?

David: That's it?

Jane: Words. I need words. What do you want me to say? Brilliant? Renowned? Humanitarian? Well, what is the problem? Do you want me to write a letter of recommendation or not?

David: You're giving in way too easily.

Jesse: You got it, babe?

Angie: Yeah.

Jesse: Here you go. Keep her rocking. There she goes.

Angie: "Hey, Mommy."

Jesse: You know, it's not gonna be long before she's out there running around, flying kites, swinging on that swing set over there, and playing on that little choo-choo train.

Angie: Rollerblading.

Jesse: Rollerblading. Yeah, well, that can wait. Rollerblading. What was that for?

Angie: I'm just glad to have my Jesse back. You were so different after Lucy was born. I didn't understand why.

[Lucy crying]

Jesse's voice: Ok. Here she is.

Angie's voice: Oh, Jesse. Come here.

[Lucy crying]

Angie: I'm just glad to have you back with us -- husband, father, just the man I love so much.

Jesse: And I will always be that man because of you and that amazing little girl over there.

Greenlee: I hope you don't mind.

Scott: Hey.

Greenlee: I saw your face when Madison told you she only wanted Ryan at the funeral, so I thought you could use --

Scott: A friend.

Greenlee: Someone who knows how you feel.

Scott: Well, I, um, started packing up the place. As you can see, there's a lot more to do. The place can't look like this when Madison gets here.

Greenlee: Yeah. I guess all the baby stuff has to go.

Scott: And me, too. She wants me to move out.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Scott: It's all right. I'm not gonna give up. You know, I'm gonna give her space if she wants that. I -- I love her, and I respect her decision, so I will clear out. I'm not going away. She's been through hell. She just needs time to think about what she needs and what she wants, and when she does, then -- then -- we'll work it out. I know it.

Greenlee: Let me help you pack some stuff.

Ryan: I think the cemetery is just on the other side of the park there over that hill, so, um -- you ok?

Madison: They're gonna bury my daughter. My baby, my Sara, and they're gonna put dirt on top of her. I can't watch. I can't.

Ryan: Madison? Madison.

Jack: Thank you so much for coming, Opal.

Opal: Well, you sent up a flag. Erica is in trouble. Where else would I be?

Jack: Well, you're a good friend to both of us. I'm not so sure that Erica is in trouble, but I am very concerned about her.

Opal: Has something else happened?

Jack: No, no. No. She left the place early this morning, said she was concerned about Bianca and Kendall.

Opal: Well, of course, she would be. I mean, reverend psycho killer nearly whacked them both. We're just lucky they're both alive.

Jack: Absolutely.

Opal: My stars in heaven. And Erica -- we're lucky she's alive.

Jack: That's right.

Opal: Aren't we? With monster kidnappers loose in Pine Valley -- there's just no end to --

Jack: Opal.

Opal: What?

Jack: Erica?

Opal: Yeah? Oh, yeah. Sorry.

Jack: Anyway, she's not picking up her cell. She's not returning my calls. She's not answering my texts -- nothing. I wouldn't even think so much of that, but what really concerns me is that I think she's running on fumes.

Opal: Well, she's always had a lot more gas than the rest of us. You know what I mean. She's a bundle of energy.

Jack: Yeah, I know. This is so Erica. She's showing us that she can stand up to whatever's thrown at her.

Opal: And she has always been pretty good at it, too. But even Erica Kane isn't superhuman.

Jack: No.

Opal: She has got to take a breather, doesn't she? I mean, she's on a collision course.

Jack: I couldn't agree with you more. This track she's on scares the hell out of me.

Opal: Yeah. Could end up like the one that landed her in the Betty Ford Clinic.

Jack: Hey, hey, we can never, ever let Erica take a fall like that again.

David: The Erica I know and love, when she's pushed, she pushes back even harder.

Jane: Look, I'm not happy about it. Make no mistake. But I will do anything to protect my daughter Kendall, even if it means helping you.

David: So now you remember Kendall shooting me and covering it up?

Jane: Of course.

David: All right. You know, I got to tell you. First getting pardoned and then being on the threshold of having my medical license reinstated -- it's almost worth getting shot.

Jane: Look, let's just write your stupid letter and be done with it.

David: Sounds fine with me.

Jane: Where to begin? There are so many highlights of your life.

David: Mm-hmm.

Jane: How about that libidozone incident -- the one where you specially created a drug and spiked all that party punch and served it up to everybody in Pine Valley? That was classic David Hayward.

David: Ha ha ha! Yes, it was, and if I remember correctly, you had a cup of punch yourself. Ended up showcasing your singing talents.

Jane: Oh, that must have brought out the diva in me.

David: Yeah. Even almost ended up in bed with me.

Jane: You drugged a boatload of people. You should have gone to prison for that and a million other crimes. And yet here you are as always, just a free man at the top of his game.

David: Sounds like you're impressed.

Jane: I don't condone anything you've done. You've hurt people. But there's no denying that you're brilliant. And when you want something, nothing stops you, and that passion -- that I can identify with.

David: Why, Erica, are you saying you like the bad boy in me?

Scott: Madison was determined to be the best mom she could be.

Greenlee: I'm sure she would have been a great mom.

Scott: I remember the first time I saw this. You know, Madison would always, like, play music and sing to her and read books. Man. Of course, it was my job to tell jokes.

Greenlee: You told the baby jokes?

Scott: It's when she kicked the hardest.

Greenlee: Because they were so bad.

Scott: No, because she has a great sense of humor. Had.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Scott: Look, I know I probably sound crazy to you, ok? I do realize that I wasn't the biological father, and I realize that we were not a real family, but I feel like I lost my own child.

Ryan: Madison! Just --

Jesse: Hey, are you ok?

Madison: No, let me go.

Angie: What is it?

Jesse: What's wrong? What's going on?

Ryan: It's her -- it's her baby's funeral today.

Angie: I'm so sorry.

Madison: I can't do it. I can't say good-bye. I didn't even get to hold her.

Angie: Would you mind if I had some time alone with Madison?

Jesse: Let's take a walk.

Ryan: Yeah. I'll be right back, ok?

Jesse: I'm gonna take the baby, ok? Baby, I'm so sorry.

Angie: Sit with me. Please.

Madison: I want Sara. I want my baby back.

Jesse: I'm really sorry about your baby.

Ryan: Yeah. I knew it was gonna be hard, but I just had no idea -- I mean, Madison should be decorating a nursery right now, not going to a funeral, you know, and I thought that I could -- I thought that I could help her. I thought that just being here would somehow help her through this, but I don't know how. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. How could I possibly help her through this if I don't know how to deal with this myself, you know? I mean, how do you make sense of this? I mean, how do you accept the death of an innocent newborn baby?

Jane: I don't like you at all at this moment, so why don't you just go home and you write the letter, and I'll sign it?

David: You know something? That's a great idea. Who better to extol my virtues than me? I'll tell you what. I'll get back to you on that signature, all right? Cheers.

Angie: Madison, please sit down.

Madison: I don't want to be here.

Angie: Because you're hurt and you're trying to run from the pain, and you can't. You need to feel it. You have to grieve.

Madison: I don't want to cry any more. If I do, I'm just gonna never stop.

Angie: It's all right to cry. It's part of the process.

Madison: It's not a process. It's my baby, my Sara. And she's dead. I remember what it felt like -- her kicks and somersaults. So strong, so alive. And that's why when she was born, even though I could see how fragile she was and how tiny, I knew that she had to be ok. She had to be. And I prayed so hard that she would survive. I begged God to just give her a chance, and now -- she's gone. Dead. And we're supposed to put her in the ground?

Angie: Sweetheart, I understand what you're going through.

Madison: No, you don't. Your baby didn't die.

Jesse: You can't make sense of a newborn baby dying, Ryan. It's senseless. There's nothing more senseless. All you can do is -- accept it.

Ryan: I can't.

Jesse: It's gonna tear you up, but you got no choice. You got to get up the next day. You got to go to work. You got to love your family. You got to go to bed. You got to get up tomorrow and start the whole thing all over again. Ryan, you live your life. That's how you get through something like this, all right? You love your family and the people that are in front of you, your near and dear. It's not gonna make the pain go away, but it will help you get to the other side of that pain.

Ryan: What if I did things differently?

Jesse: We can't undo what's been done, Ryan.

Ryan: But the mistakes that I made --

Jesse: You did what you thought was right at the time, what you had to do.

Ryan: And look where it's led. Jesse, my child's funeral.

Jesse: She didn't die because of the choices you made. She died because it was her time, and there's absolutely nothing you could have done to save her. What you need to do right now is save yourself. Help Madison.

Ryan: I don't know how to do that.

Jesse: You're gonna grieve for a while, and that's ok because one day, you're gonna start looking around again and see what it is you have, realize how lucky you are, and you're gonna be able to hold this baby in your heart forever, and bit by bit, you're gonna be able to move on. It's gonna be ok.

Scott: I remember when I bought this for Sara. I mean, it's crazy when you think about it. One day I'm sitting in prison, hating myself, hating the world, and then the next, I'm out buying stuffed animals and mobiles.

Greenlee: You're a good man, Scott.

Scott: Was I a good man when I accepted your deal? Get out of prison if I played Madison? I mean, after that whole nanotech project and then after Annie, I just wanted to live my life. I wanted it to be quiet, simple, alone, and next thing I know, I'm head over heels for a gorgeous blonde who happens to be pregnant with another man's baby.

Greenlee: Yeah. So much for simple.

Scott: And I'll admit, you know, at first the whole baby thing, it threw me off, but, um, I wanted to help. I wanted to be there for her. And I think it was after my third midnight run for mac and cheese is when I realized I wasn't just crazy for Madison, but I loved this baby, too.

Angie: You're right. I don't understand what you're going through, but I know what it is to love a child. That kind of love just takes up so much of your heart.

Madison: I don't have any heart left. It died with Sara.

Angie: You'll be all right. It's gonna be all right, Madison. It may not seem like that now, but you'll be ok. You will. Oh, come here, sweetheart. I know. I know.

Jane: Turkish delight? Is that one of Fusion's fall colors?

Greenlee: You should not sneak up on people like that. Please -- sit.

Jane: Oh, is Ryan joining you?

Greenlee: No.

Jane: You're eating alone?

Greenlee: Is that so strange?

Jane: It's just --

Greenlee: What, you think Ryan and I are having problems? We're not.

Jane: Good.

Greenlee: He and Madison are at the baby's funeral.

Jane: Oh. And you're not with him?

Greenlee: Are you judging me? What, you think I should be with him? You think I should be by his side holding his hand? Yeah, I'd like that, too. I should be with him. I lost a child. I know what it's like to mourn the loss of a baby that you love more than anything you thought you could imagine. What did they think I would do -- pop open a bottle of champagne? "Whoo hoo, no more baby. One less complication in my marriage." Ryan is devastated over this. I'm not with him. I should be, but I'm not, and it's killing me.

Jane: So go to him.

Greenlee: How do I do that after the choices I've made, every single one of which has hurt him?

Jane: So you fix it.

Greenlee: I don't know how.

Jane: You don't know how to fight for what you want?

Greenlee: When there's something to fight. But this? Silence. A wall between us that I just can't seem to get through. I don't know what to fight.

Jane: Buy me dinner, and I'll show you how to solve the problem.

Jesse: Hey, you haven't said a word since we left Ryan and Madison. Are you ok?

Angie: No, not really.

Jesse: What's wrong? Talk to me.

Angie: I feel so guilty.

Jesse: Guilty? What could you possibly feel guilty about?

Angie: Our child lived through a birth that most children couldn't survive. Madison's baby died.

Jesse: Yeah. Yeah. That's tough. That's a tough one. We got a miracle.

Angie: But why, Jesse? How did God choose which child would live and which one wouldn't?

Ryan: How are you feeling?

Madison: It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. But I had to do it. I had to say good-bye.

Scott: I couldn't stay away. I watched the service from up top of the hill. I hope you don't mind. I loved Sara, too.

Jane: Your risotto looks delicious. You've hardly touched it.

Greenlee: Feel free to try it.

Jane: Thank you. Mmm. Heaven.

Greenlee: This is a first. The two of us sharing a meal, sharing the food off my plate.

Jane: Maybe we're progressing.

Greenlee: Maybe I'm completely desperate.

Jane: Or pathetic, maybe.

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Jane: Well, I'm disappointed. Greenlee is supposed to kick butt to get what she wants.

Greenlee: Did you just say "butt"?

Jane: I am trying to use language that you will understand.

Greenlee: The reason why I'm not at Ryan's side right now is because I did exactly what I always do. I go after what I want. Except I did it all wrong. I lied to him for months. I didn't tell him that Madison was carrying his baby, and now that baby is gone.

Jane: Let's not talk about this anymore. Greenlee, you'll fix it.

Greenlee: This one may be unfixable.

Jane: Are you telling me that your spark has fizzled?

Greenlee: I've got plenty of spark.

Jane: Well, talking about it over risotto isn't gonna change anything, is it?

Greenlee: Who would have thought?

Jane: Oh, well, what about dessert?

Greenlee: Order whatever you want. There's something I need to do. Um, I'm not ready to call you my step-mom yet, but thank you for knocking some sense into me.

Jack: Erica, it's Jack again. This is the umpteenth message I've left for you. Will you please call me back?

[Knock on door]

Jack: What are you doing here?

David: I need to see Erica.

Jack: Well, Erica's not here, and even if she were, I can't imagine she'd want to see you.

David: I've already seen Erica today. I just thought she'd be home by now.

Jack: And where did you see Erica?

David: Out and about. What's the big deal?

Jack: Out and about?

David: Yeah. What's the matter, Jackson? What, are you holding her on a tight leash these days?

Jack: What do you want, Hayward?

David: Look, I just need her to sign something for me, that's all, ok? Hey! Come on. That's personal.

Jack: What have we got here? You're kidding, right? You want her to help you get your license to practice medicine back?

David: That's what the paper says, right?

Jack: Right. Well, she'll never sign this, Hayward, because I'll make sure she doesn't.

Jesse: I never get tired of watching the two of you. Such a thing of beauty. Can I put her in the stroller for you?

Angie: No. No. I want to hold her and never let her go.

Jesse: What's wrong, babe?

Angie: Oh, Jesse, my heart just breaks for Madison and for the baby she'll never get to hold.

Scott: Maybe I shouldn't have come.

Madison: Would you like to say good-bye to her?

Scott: I'd like that.

Madison: I'll take you.

Singer: I never meant to deceive you I really didn't mean to but somehow I did

Jack: Hey. There you are. Honey, I've been worried sick. Why didn't you call me back?

Jane: Oh, I just had so much on my mind.

Jack: Well, of course, you did. Worried sick about the girls. I mean, here you are just recovering from your own trauma, and now you're taking theirs on. You're one hell of a mother, you know that?

Jane: Oh. I am a lot of things.

Jack: Yes, you are. Look, I, uh, hate to break the mood, but Hayward was just here. He showed up at the front door with some kind of letter of recommendation he wanted you to sign to help him get his medical license back. Don't worry. I told him there was very little chance of that happening and sent him on his way. Don't worry. He won't be bothering you again anytime soon.

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