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Jane: Snow white doves and enormous ice sculptures -- oh, and flowers covering every surface. No, it's my daughter's wedding, Benicio. I don't care how hot it gets, just use colder ice. Money is no object. Could you hold on for a minute, please? Hi.

Jack: Hi. You're awfully busy for a woman who's supposed to be resting.

Jane: My headache just magically disappeared. I think talk of gowns and cake -- that just makes that happen.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure it does. Benicio?

Jane: What are you doing?

Jack: Jack. How are you? Yeah, listen. Erica will call you back about all this, all right? Yeah, nice talking to you, too. Great. Yeah. Bye. Kendall's wedding plans can wait till Kendall gets back from her cruise. Time to focus on you.

Jane: Me?

Jack: You. You said something about wanting to be romanced, am I right? Well, sister, that is exactly what I'm going to do.

Amanda: You know, we have food at home.

Jake: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure we don't have chicken parmesan with French fries and chili in the refrigerator, so --

Amanda: So much for a light snack.

Jake: I'm just saying when you get a craving, you get a craving. A craving's a craving. Speaking about cravings, I know that the lab is a little backed up, but I think it's ridiculous that we don't have our results back yet.

Amanda: Another baby is going to bring us closer. I just know it, even though I didn't go about it the right way to get us there. I want to make it up to you. And I am feeling kind of frisky, actually.

Jake: Frisky? You said "frisky."

Amanda: We could get this burger to go and maybe have our snack in bed.

Jake: Snack in bed with a frisky person? Heh heh heh!

Ricky's voice: You know everything, don't you, Bianca? I was hoping there wouldn't be any more complications. Oh!

Bianca: Aah! Stop it! Stop it!

Michael's voice: Just relax.

Bianca: Let me go!

Michael's voice: Just relax. Give yourself over to the moment.

Bianca: Get the hell off of me! No! Get the hell away from me!

Marissa: Bianca, it's just me. It's Marissa, ok? It's just me.

Bianca: He's here. It's happening again.

Marissa: No, no one's here. Ok? It's just us. You understand? We're alone.

Bianca: For now. But Ricky's coming back. What if he hurts me like Michael --

Marissa: Wait, who is Michael? What is going on here? Why did Reverend Torres tie us up?

Bianca: Because it wasn't safe to kill us yet.

Griffin: Officer --

Officer: You're not going anywhere.

Griffin: I have to. A woman's in trouble, and I have to get to her.

Kendall: We're really moving.

Ricky: That's the idea.

Kendall: Right. Of course. I just -- I didn't think that we were supposed to --

Ricky: What? Set sail, just the two of us? Your idea. So what's the problem?

Jack: Erica, why don't I just call the restaurant and tell them that we're running a little -- bit behind. Wow. As usual, you take my breath away.

Jane: Really? You mean it?

Jack: Look at you. You're like a wide-eyed child.

Jane: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jack: No. Hey, don't be sorry. I like it, and I love you. Let's go.

Kendall: What I said before, I -- I guess I just -- I didn't expect to be leaving so soon. I guess I'm just nervous about leaving the boys.

Ricky: No, no. Then this will help you relax, and I'll be right back.

Kendall: Where are you going?

Ricky: I'm just going on deck really quick, make sure we're on course. Ok?

Kendall: Ok. What the hell is going on? We're moving. I thought you were supposed to mess with the engine. I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere now. Griff, I hope to God that you can hear me, but -- I hope to God that you're on board right now. Ok? Please do something, please.

Ricky: Who are you talking to?

Kendall: Um, I was just checking in with the babysitter.

Ricky: What's going on, Kendall?

Kendall: Nothing.

Ricky: No, I think it's obviously something, and I'm entitled to know.

Bianca: Are you ok? Are you in pain?

Marissa: No. I'm fine physically, but I just don't understand what happened tonight.

Bianca: Ricky is a thief and a murderer and God knows what else.

Marissa: How do you know that?

Bianca: Ricky killed my sister's husband.

Marissa: What?

Bianca: When he realized I'd figured it out --

Marissa: Oh, my God.

Bianca: Ricky's alone with her right now.

Marissa: With Kendall?

Bianca: He could come after her like he came after us, or worse. He could do what Michael did --

Marissa: No, no. Look, Kendall is strong, ok, just like you. Don't forget that. You keep bringing up Michael. Who is he?

Bianca: I can't -- it doesn't matter now.

Marissa: I think it does.

Bianca: I hate this. How does this bastard keep doing this to me? Michael Cambias -- he was horrible. He stole from my mom, and when she and Kendall nailed him for it, he took it out on me.

Marissa: "Took it out on you"? What does that mean?

Bianca: He, uh -- raped me.

Marissa: Bianca.

Bianca: I'm ok -- or I was up until --

Marissa: Oh, my God. Ricky didn't do it, did he?

Bianca: No. Uh, but the way he came at me -- it was that feeling like there was no way out. I promised myself I would never go through this again.

Marissa: The Miranda Center makes so much sense now.

Bianca: She was the product of that nightmare. It's amazing, isn't it, that something so beautiful can come out of something so ugly.

Marissa: No, no. I think what's amazing is you. I mean, how did you do it? How did you work through a trauma like that?

Bianca: Uh, I picked up a gun, and I killed the man who hurt me.

Jake: So you guys here for dinner, too?

Tad: No. Drinks.

Cara: Drinks. Lots of drinks.

Jake: How's it going with Griff, the whole clearing him up thing?

Tad: Nothing yet. But I got Molo and a couple of his guys working 24/7, so I'm sure something's around the corner.

Jake: Very good.

Cara: So how are you guys? How's Trevor?

Amanda: Oh, he's great. He's actually really excited about having a little brother or sister soon, so --

Tad: What? Huh? I'm sorry. Whoa. Replay. Do you got something to share?

Jake: No. Nothing yet.

Tad: Oh. Well, ok. Good luck. Have fun working on that. Uh --

Jake: We'll be right here. So we could -- right. Now, why do you have to do that?

Amanda: What?

Jake: Why do you have to bring up our -- the whole -- our baby?

Amanda: She asked about Trevor, so I just told the truth.

Jake: Just saying.

Amanda: I didn't mean anything by it.

[Phone chirps]

Jake: Can you believe this? I got to get to the hospital.

Amanda: A rain check?

Jake: Yeah. No, a rain check -- of course. Are you kidding? You hear anything about the -- if they call you, get the results, you call me right away, ok, even if I'm at the hospital. Right away.

Cara: You're officially off duty.

Tad: What duty is that?

Cara: The duty of cheering me up.

Tad: I like cheering you up.

Cara: I'm good, ok?

Tad: Yeah, sure. You're shuffling cocktail napkins. You're kicking me to the curb, is what you're telling me. No, if I'm getting on your nerves, just --

Cara: Stop it! I'm actually giving you an out here. Go, please. I'm ok. Can you just please clear my brother?

Tad: He's, like -- it took me 15 minutes to find a parking space. What about the drinks?

Cara: I'm not -- I don't want to.

Tad: What are you gonna do?

Cara: I'm gonna help out at the clinic.

Tad: You gonna be ok?

Cara: Do I have a choice? See you at home.

Singer: I don't know why I keep holding on, for this hope is only fated for heartache when I wake up and --

Tad: Yeah, Griffin, it's me. Look, call me back, ok, as soon as possible. I cannot take this anymore. It's not fair to Cara. I don't want to keep her in the dark. We have to tell her that you're in town.

Officer: What are you doing on this property?

Griffin: Look, can we deal with that later? Come on, a woman's life is in danger.

Officer: Freeze! Keep your hands where I can see them!

Ricky: First, you put off the wedding, which I'll admit it hurt. But then you agreed to go on with the cruise. "Time alone with the man that I love": That's what you said.

Kendall: And I meant it.

Ricky: So why were you so surprised when the boat started moving, huh? Almost like you were expecting somebody to join us. The truth, Kendall -- I think you owe me at least that.

Kendall: Ok. You're right. I haven't been honest with you.

Ricky: I'm listening.

Kendall: I've been -- I've been conflicted.

Ricky: About?

Kendall: About how I feel, how I'm supposed to feel.

Ricky: About us?

Kendall: Yes, but not in the way that you think. For so long I have been fighting my feelings for you since practically the first day we met.

Ricky: But then you just --

Kendall: But I just lost Zach. Yes, I know. That's what makes this whole thing so hard. And it's gonna keep getting hard unless I own up to it right now, face to face. I know what you did. I know you killed Zach. Please don't deny it. I don't want you to, because the God's honest truth is I'm glad you did it.

Jack: Keep them closed. Ok. Now you can open them. So what do you think?

Jane: This is all for us? Just us?

Jack: All for us. Just us, sweetheart.

Jane: I've never -- it's beautiful.

Jack: Hey, I was kind of hoping for smiles, not tears.

Jane: Oh. Sometimes they go hand in hand.

Jack: True enough. Here you go. You remember last New Year's Eve I planned something like this. Unfortunately, life intruded -- as it often does with us -- and things were never really the same, were they?

Jane: No, no, they weren't.

Jack: So let's look at this as our chance to do it over, to do things the way we should've done them. How's that sound?

Jane: I have never wanted anything more.

Bianca: Mother of two, founder of the Miranda Center, murderer -- that's quite a resume.

Marissa: No, no, there is a difference between self-defense and murder.

Bianca: Spoken like a true lawyer.

Marissa: Spoken like a friend.

Bianca: You don't have to pretend like this is normal.

Marissa: Oh, no. No, I'm not. I definitely wouldn't call it "normal." But, God, Bianca, if I was in awe of you before -- I mean, how do you -- you have it together all the time. How?

Bianca: I put it behind me. That didn't happen overnight, but I finally got there.

Marissa: You are the strongest person I know.

Bianca: If I'm so strong, then how come I keep seeing Michael Cambias' face every time I close my eyes?

Marissa: Because we are in a really messed up place right now. You know? Because what Ricky did brought up a lot of stuff, and sometimes emotions take over. You can't be in control all the time.

Bianca: If you haven't noticed, I'm not very good at giving that up. I'm cold. Are you freezing? It's freezing in here.

Marissa: Look. I've loosened some of these ropes. Can you turn around to me? Look at me. Look at me. Bianca? It's gonna be ok.

Bianca: I'm sorry I got you into this.

Marissa: No, don't be. I'm not.

Jake: Why you got to page me? You should be able to handle everything by yourself.

Frankie: You must learn to trust the master. Hear about Cara's friend, little girl with leukemia?

Jake: Mackenzie Winslow? What happened?

Frankie: I just ran into her oncologist. Transplant went without a hitch. She's in full remission.

Jake: That's great news.

Frankie: Yeah, I know Cara was dying to hear, so tell her when you see her?

Jake: Yeah. She could use a little pick-me-up.

Frankie: Cool. I should get out of here. I don't want the acting chief on my case for slacking off. You know what I mean?

Jake: Absolutely. He's a hard-ass.

Frankie: Yeah, you have no idea.

Jake: Make yourself useful. Change a bedpan or something. Slacker.

Nurse: I'm sorry it wasn't better news.

Jake: What are we talking about?

Nurse: Your wife's pregnancy test. But I told her when I texted her the results that --

Jake: Sorry. You've already given her the results?

Nurse: Oh, no. I'm sorry --

Jake: It's fine. When did you get them?

Nurse: A few hours ago.

Jake: Huh. That's fine.

Nurse: Sorry.

Jake: No.

Cara: "Massacred"? Oh, God. Griff.

Officer: Are you or are you not Dr. Griffin Castillo?

Griffin: Yes, I am.

Officer: Then you're coming with me.

Griffin: Wait. I swear I will cooperate with you, but first we have to help my friend, Kendall Slater, ok? She's on a boat with a psycho. He could kill her!

Officer: I thought that was your department.

Griffin: Listen, man, if we could just make it to the marina in time --

Officer: Oh, so you can try to escape? I don't think so.

Tad: You don't want to do that. Ooh. Hey. He's telling the truth.

Kendall: From this moment forward, no more lies. I need you to tell me everything. Ok. All right. You don't know if you can trust me. I get that. I do. This whole situation is so out there, but I'm serious when I tell you that this is really happening. I have fallen in love with the man who killed my husband. Despite everything -- my doubts, my family's doubts, the guilt that's been eating away at me -- but I can't help how I feel. I want you, Ricky. I do, but not in spite of everything. And this is the part that's so hard for me to admit, but because of it, you're the man that Zach could never be, the man that I wish he was. You would do anything for the woman you loved, right?

Ricky: Anything.

Kendall: That is the man I should be with till the day I die. Ok, now I -- I have told you how I felt. I have told you my deepest secret. Now tell me yours, please.

Marissa: Don't get me wrong. It's not my idea of fun to be bound and locked in a closet.

Bianca: Party pooper.

Marissa: Yeah, that. That right there -- that's why I'm not sorry. The way you're dealing with this?

Bianca: Oh, I'm not sure I would say "dealing."

Marissa: I would. You went from hyperventilating to cracking jokes? You're incredible.

Bianca: I'm faking.

Marissa: Heh. There's something else we have in common. Uh, do you know that song "Forevermore"?

Bianca: Where did that come from?

Marissa: My dad -- not David -- used to sing it to me. All through the night near and far, we will be together so hush, don't you cry you will be in my arms forevermore. That's calming, isn't it?

Bianca: I'm sorry that Ricky did this to you, but I'm really glad I'm not alone right now.

Marissa: Me, too. Hey, are you ready to get out of here?

Bianca: Is that a trick question?

Marissa: No. I think I got some of these knots.

Bianca: Let me help.

Marissa: Here. Wait. Hang on. Got it.

Bianca: Got it?

Marissa: Yeah.

Bianca: Oh!

Marissa: Ok. Huh! Ok. Free.

Bianca: Almost.

Marissa: If we were in a movie, you'd open that with a bobby pin.

Bianca: Do you have one?

Marissa: No. I was hoping you would.

Bianca: Ok. We're just gonna have to use brute force.

Marissa: Ok.

Bianca: On 3.

Bianca and Marissa: 1, 2, 3 --

Bianca: Oh, God.

Marissa: That felt good.

Bianca: It did, didn't it?

Marissa: Whoa. Come here. We need to get you to a hospital.

Bianca: No, no, no, I can't. I have to go find Kendall, make sure that she's ok.

Marissa: No. You could have a concussion, Bianca. We'll call the police on the way in.

Jack: Thank you. Do you remember our toast on New Year's Eve?

Jane: I remember every moment I've ever spent with you.

Jack: Oh.

Jane: But let's not dwell on the past, ok? I want to drink to the future.

Jack: I'm with you there, sister. To our future.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't turn that off.

Jane: Just let it go to voice mail.

Jack: It's Marissa? I'm so sorry. Marissa, hi. Ok. Thank you for letting us know. We'll meet you there.

Jane: What happened?

Jack: It's Bianca. She's on her way to the hospital right now.

Cara: Dr. Griffin Castillo. It's C-A-S-T-I-L-L-O. Ok. I understand that his name is not on the list, but I'm telling you I know he was there, because I'm his sister, ok, and I just need to know if he's alive. So if you hear anything at all -- ok, great. Thank you. Can I just make sure that you have my number? It's --

Jake: Hey. I'm glad you're here. I come bearing some good news. Mackenzie Winslow -- the transplant took. It's like magic. It's -- hello? I thought you might want to hear some good news. I know I could use some good news. What's the matter? What is it?

Cara: I think my brother's -- I think Griffin's dead.

Tad: My name is Thaddeus Martin. I'm a licensed private investigator, and I'm a good friend of Jesse Hubbard.

Officer: Yeah, I've seen you around the station.

Tad: All right. Ok. So just cut us a little slack here, ok? Dr. Castillo is not a liar. If he says Kendall Slater's in trouble, she is.

Officer: Then we can send somebody to check that out after I haul him in.

Griffin: No, no. By then, it'll be too late. She cannot be alone with that criminal.

Officer: The criminal here is you, pal.

Griffin: Listen. I'm going to help Kendall. You have a problem with that, you can shoot me!

Tad: No! Hold --

Kendall: Tell me, please. No holding back, Ricky, not for us. Tell me that you would kill for me. Tell me you've killed before.

Ricky: I would. I have. I killed your husband.

Frankie: Who did this to you?

Marissa: Hey. We're in this together, ok? I'm not going anywhere.

Frankie: All right, let's get you set up in a cubicle.

Bianca: Ok.

Jack: All right, why don't you hang out here. I'll find out where she is, ok?

Jane: You didn't sign up for this, but you better pull yourself together. She's not your daughter. She's not your daughter.

Cara: Why aren't there any more updates, Jake, like a list of names or something, you know? But it wouldn't really matter, because I bet you Griffin's not even using his own name! He's probably using some other name, but I can tell you I can figure this out, though!

Jake: Let's just talk about your brother. We both know he's tough as nails. Right? He's probably not even there. He's probably off in some other hemisphere. You know how he is. So I'm just saying before we start panicking, let's just think about it for a second.

Cara: I'm not gonna sit here and do nothing!

Jake: Hold on a second. Where do you think you're going?

Cara: I'm gonna go find my brother.

Tad: Of course, I get it. I understand. But think about Cara. How's your sister gonna feel if something actually happens to you.

Griffin: I will tell Cara everything. I will.

Officer: All right, buddy, put your hands behind your back.

Griffin: But first I have to get to Kendall!

Tad: I'm sorry.

Ricky: It's like this huge burden has been lifted. Wow.

Kendall: You've been holding onto the truth for so long.

Ricky: If I would've known how you felt --

Kendall: I was scared to admit it to myself, let alone admit it to you.

Ricky: Why?

Kendall: I couldn't marry you with this huge secret between us. That's why I freaked out at the house. I wanted to get you alone and get everything out in the open and start fresh as a couple.

Ricky: As an engaged couple.

Kendall: Right. But I do need to know one more thing.

Ricky: Ask away.

Kendall: How did you make it look like there was no foul play?

Ricky: I found a vulnerable part in the engine. I planted a small explosive, practically undetectable, set it to go off over water. See, that reduces the chances of traces being found. Although, I got to admit I was not planning on a lockbox. I'm sorry if this is too much for you right now.

Kendall: No. No, no, no. Like you said, it's a relief more than anything.

Ricky: But you know the craziest part? It was business -- blow up the plane, protect my stake, the casino partners. And, Kendall, I did not plan on falling in love with you. Now that I have, I am never letting you go. Is this turning you on?

Kendall: Right -- right now?

Ricky: Nothing's keeping us apart anymore.

Kendall: Ricky, stop.

Ricky: Come on, Kendall, we deserve this!

Kendall: Ricky, I said stop it! Stop it!

Ricky: Give me it! What the hell is this?

Kendall: Your ticket to hell.

Bianca: Mom. Uncle Jack.

Jack: Are you all right?

Bianca: I'm fine, thanks to Marissa.

Jack: Honey? Sorry.

Jane: You had us worried.

Jack: I'll say. What the hell happened?

Bianca: Ricky happened.

Jack: Ricky Torres? I don't understand.

Bianca: He attacked me.

Jane: The reverend?

Jack: He what?

Bianca: And he's with Kendall right now. We already called the police, but I --

Jack: What's going on?

Bianca: Ricky killed Zach.

Jack: Ricky? Sweetheart, Ricky officiated at Zach's funeral. He married Ryan and Greenlee. He's engaged to your sister.

Bianca: Kendall suspected it for a while, and she wanted to get proof, so she let him get close to her.

Jack: No, that's --

Jane: I don't believe it.

Marissa: The guy's been fooling everyone, and when he found out that Bianca knew, he knocked her out.

Jack: I'm gonna go talk to the police.

Bianca: Mom? Are you ok? You're so quiet.

Jane: I'm just trying to put this all together, that's all. I mean, this is --

Bianca: I know. Mom, I'm so scared.

Cara: I'm serious, Jake! Get out of my way!

Jake: Immigration is watching your back. If you leave the country --

Cara: I don't care if they lock me up forever. I'm going to find out what happened to him.

Jake: I don't want you to go.

Tad: Jesse, look, what do you want me to say? It was an accident. Aiding and -- no! If you want to slap me on the wrist, you can do it later. All right? Kendall is in legitimate trouble. Just please get down to that boat before anybody else gets hurt.

Griffin: Where the hell's the boat?!

Ricky: I trusted you.

Kendall: It hurts, doesn't it, when you realize someone's been lying to your face?

Ricky: What I said about Zach -- that was between us, Kendall.

Kendall: Yeah, not anymore!

Ricky: Everything you said -- that was to be used against me.

Kendall: That's right. You bet your ass.

Ricky: And this? Us? It was all a lie, wasn't it, huh?

Kendall: I felt something for you. I did. I felt loathing and disgust.

Ricky: You see this?

Kendall: You know what? It doesn't matter, because I know everything now. It's over. Your pathetic, sick, and twisted game is over.

Ricky: You're just like the rest of them. My kind of love is too much. You can't handle it.

Kendall: The fact that you even use that word shows how insane you are!

Ricky: I do love you, Kendall, and I always will -- even after you're gone. My, my. What have we here?

Marissa: I'll give you two some time to talk.

Bianca: You don't have to hang around, you know.

Marissa: Yeah, I do.

Bianca: Mom, tell me Kendall's gonna be ok. She's a Kane woman. She has to be ok.

Jane: You must be hungry.

Bianca: What?

Jane: You probably haven't eaten in hours. I'll go get you some food.

Bianca: No, I'm not hungry.

Jane: Ok. Then I'll just choose whatever looks good, then.

Jack: Listen, I just want to thank you so much for helping Bianca.

Marissa: We helped each other.

Tad: Holden, Diana Holden. I need the coroner's report ASAP. What do you mean, is it important? I'm trying to prove the guy's innocent. How couldn't it be more important? Yeah, call me as soon as you get something, anything.

Amanda: Everything ok?

Tad: No. I'm hoping it will be. You waiting for the Navy to show up, or you looking for somebody?

Amanda: You haven't seen Jake, have you?

Tad: No. I have no idea what the hell's going on between you and your husband -- and I don't need to -- but from where I sit, you got one option.

Amanda: What's that?

Tad: Find him, wherever the hell he is, and make things right.

Jake: If you leave the United States now, it's over. It's done. You're not gonna be helping Griffin or anybody else if you get yourself hurt or worse. It just doesn't work like that.

Cara: Who cares, Jake?

Jake: I care. Ok? I care. I said it, ok? I care. I can't lose you again. Not like this, please.

Cara: No, no, don't do this. Just let me go, please.

Singer: That you're looking back at me let's begin again let's begin again

Griffin: No, don't tell me what you can't do. I need a boat now!

Kendall: Griffin's gonna bust in here any second. That's who I was waiting for.

Ricky: Really?

Kendall: Really.

Ricky: So where is he, Kendall, huh? Griff? Griff?

Kendall: He'll be here.

Ricky: Your poker face needs a little bit of work, ok?

Kendall: You get the hell away from me.

Ricky: Don't you forget that Griff, the protector, left the country to save himself! So who's gonna save you, huh?!

Kendall: I don't need to be saved!

Ricky: You don't even know how to use that thing.

Kendall: Yes, I do. You make one more step, and I will show you how well.

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