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Griffin: You sure you know what you're doing?

Kendall: The directions were simple. Couple more minutes and this hard drive should be identical to Ricky's, deleted files and everything. He'll never know it was copied.

Griffin: Let's hope not. He's getting more and more paranoid by the second. Something obviously freaked him out, made him delete all his files.

Kendall: Yeah, well, thanks to you, they won't be deleted for long.

Griffin: Thanks to Ryan's tech guy, ok? He's hooking me up with some retrieval software. You just don't let your guard down. If Ricky even suspects you're messing with his stuff --

Kendall: He won't.

Griffin: How can you be so sure?

Kendall: Because I'm that good. That's how. See? All done.

Griffin: This isn't a joke, Kendall, ok? Ricky's dangerous. And nothing -- not clearing my name, not nailing him for Zach's death -- is worth you getting hurt or worse.

Kendall: I know what's at stake here.

Griffin: Good.

Ricky: Yeah, I'll take a look at that sermon. I'll give you a call back. All right.

Griffin: Ok. You got your wire on you?

Kendall: Yes, yes. Go, go, go.

Ricky: Hey. This is a surprise. What are you doing with my computer?

Kendall: I was really hoping I wouldn't get caught.

Erica: Are you the same man that I met the other day? Look, we have nothing but time. We might as well talk.

Man: [Distorted voice] Yeah, I'm the same guy.

Erica: Well, hello. It's nice to hear you again. So I guess your captor pays you very well. She must, right? I mean, here, cut off from everything and everyone? I'll pay you 10 times what she's paying you, and all you have to do is open the door and let me out.

Opal: Canoodling with Mountain Man? What in tarnation is wrong with you?

Jane: You have some nerve talking to me like that. I don't need your permission to do anything. So why don't you just get out of my home and go stick your nose in somebody else's business?

Jack: What is going on here?

Jane: Opal is just overreacting.

Opal: I am the one overreacting?

Jane: Yes!

Jack: Whoa, whoa, Opal. Now, Erica just had quite an ordeal.

Opal: I'm sorry, but that's no excuse!

Jack: What's she talking about?

Opal: Oh, don't you give me that --

Jane: Will you just shut up?!

Scott: What do you think? Gonna look pretty snazzy hanging over that incubator, huh?

Marissa: Heh heh! It's adorable.

Scott: Thank you very much. Madison and I worked hard on it.

Marissa: Are you moving out?

Scott: Yeah. I figured with the baby, Madison's gonna need something bigger. And I found something really close to the hospital.

Marissa: Oh. Wow. So things are good with you two?

Scott: Yeah, they will be. They will be. I'm not giving up. Not until Madison realizes how much she means to me.

Greenlee: You're right. We should be more focused on the baby.

Madison: But?

Greenlee: But Scott loves you. What you had was real. You're going to need him, Madison, especially now.

Madison: Why now? What's happening?

Ryan: Ok, so she's got pneumonia, but you guys can fix that, right?

Frankie: They're right.

Ryan: What do you mean, they're trying?

Frankie: With your daughter's immune system being so weak, it's possible sepsis could develop,

Ryan: Wait -- sepsis?

Frankie: It's when the blood stream becomes overwhelmed with bacteria.

Ryan: Ok. Well, you guys deal with this kind of stuff all the time, right? It's what you do. You help people.

Frankie: Ideally, yes.

Ryan: I need a little bit more than "ideally" here.

Frankie: Listen, they're doing everything they can. When I know something, you will, too.

Kendall: It was supposed to be a surprise. It was, indeed. Why don't you come look yourself? All right. Our wedding web site. There's nothing yet. We don't have any details yet, but when we do, voila! This is what people will see. The whole world will see this. It has the date. It has the wedding party. It has the location. It has our story.

Ricky: "Our story?"

Kendall: Yes, yeah! People love that. It's how we met, how you proposed to me. They love it.

Ricky: And I love you. So have you spread the news? Have you told everybody about our engagement?

Kendall: Uh, yeah. Mostly. I still have to call my mom and tell her it's official, but I will.

Ricky: Ok. What about the boys? It's a huge deal to become their stepfather for me, and maybe we should sit down and talk about how we break the news --

Kendall: I told them. I already told them.

Ricky: Ha! I thought we were gonna do that together.

Kendall: I know. But you said it was such a big deal, and I wanted to break it to them gently.

Ricky: Ok. So how did they take it?

Kendall: I think it was a lot at first. Spike sort of shut down, but I think he'll come around. I do. How could he not? He loves you.

Griffin: Are you out of your mind?

Jane: I'm sorry for snapping. I -- Opal wants me to eat, and I'm just not hungry. That's all.

Jack: That's what you were fighting about?

Opal: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. Jackson, would you mind if I just have a moment alone with my gal pal here?

Jack: Oh, I think that would be a good idea. Do you mind?

Jane: Oh, it's fine, Jack. Really, fine, thank you.

Jane: Are you happy now? He thinks we've gone crazy.

Opal: One of us has, and it sure as heck ain't me.

Jane: There is nothing going on between Caleb and me. I told you that at that restaurant!

Opal: At Krystal's?

Jane: Yes! Exactly! And then for you to come chasing after me here --

Opal: Listen, may I remind you of the history here? It has been one windy roller coaster ride since you came off of that mountain -- up and down, Jackson and Caleb! Watching you has been like sitting courtside at a tennis match! And then when I thought you'd finally made up your mind, that you'd committed to committing to Jackson --

Jane: I am.

Opal: Then let go of Caleb. It's not right what you're doing. It's not fair. You can't just string one guy along just in case it doesn't work out with the other one.

Jane: What are you, the love police?

Madison: Is the baby ok?

Greenlee: No. I mean no, I don't know anything. All I know is that it is important for you to relax after everything you've been through. I promised Ryan I'd make sure that you got some rest, so can you please just try to do that?

Madison: What is not relaxing is you coming in here and dredging up the whole Scott nightmare like I have the energy to even think about that.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I'm just trying to do what I can to help.

Madison: Then take me to see my baby.

Greenlee: Are you sure that's the best --

Madison: I need to make sure that she's ok. You said you wanted to help!

Greenlee: Ok. Ok. I'll go get a wheelchair, and I'll be right back. Madison is hell-bent on seeing the baby, and I don't know what to tell her. What's wrong?

Ryan: She's, um, she's got pneumonia, and apparently she's got some sort of bacteria in her blood. I don't know, exactly, but it's not good.

Greenlee: Babies survive pneumonia every day, right?

Ryan: Babies this small?

Greenlee: Don't go there.

Ryan: She can't die. She can't. How is she? Can I go and see her now?

Neonatologist: I'm very sorry, Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: What?

Neonatologist: Her system couldn't handle the onslaught. It shut down. There's nothing we could do.

Frankie: I'm sorry, Ryan.

Ryan: No. No.

Opal: As your friend, I have always told you the God's honest truth -- whether you wanted to hear it or not -- because that is what gal pals do.

Jane: Oh, there it is again. What is it with that word? Ok. Look, I'm sorry. I don't want to fight. But in the interest of being honest -- since that's what gal pals do -- I could really use your support, not your judgment.

Jack: So, everything ok?

Opal: Peachy.

Jack: I take it that didn't go well?

Jane: That woman gives me a headache.

Jack: Hey, hey. "That woman," Erica, is your best friend. We all know that you have been through a lot, but you can't be so hard on the people that love you, because we've been through a lot, too.

Scott: Marissa, that baby -- she's so tiny.

Marissa: Oh, you really fell in love with that little girl, didn't you?

Scott: I fell in love with her and her mom. I'd do anything for them.

Marissa: You know my bet? That adorable little baby is what brings you guys back together.

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Do you need to sit down or -- Ryan, I'm so sorry.

Ryan: I, um -- I don't even -- so her -- her body shut down? What does that even mean?

Frankie: I know you want a reason, something to blame. But with that kind of infection, it would've been hard on anyone, especially a premature baby. She just couldn't handle it.

Ryan: Ohh, Madison -- she doesn't know.

Frankie: I can come with you if she has questions, or I can tell her.

Ryan: No, she should hear it from me.

Greenlee: Tell me what to do. What can I do?

Madison: Oh, this is crazy. Don't -- don't you dare say it. Go out and come back in and tell me everything's fine. Tell me that our baby's ok. Ryan, please.

Ryan: They tried. They -- they really tried.

Madison: No.

Ryan: We lost her.

Ricky: I know it's not gonna be easy for the boys. I won't be replacing Zach, but you're right. We'll figure it out. Heh. I just can't believe that one day I'm gonna be taking them to ball games and to the boat show.

Kendall: They like hockey. And they like trains.

Griffin: Easy, now.

Ricky: Ok. All right. Hockey and trains it is. Kendall, I want them to love me -- who knows -- maybe one day as much as they loved Zach.

Griffin: Just take a deep breath. Agree with the psycho, ok? Remember why you're doing this.

Kendall: They will. We just have to be patient.

Ricky: That's something that I've become pretty good at. After all, I did wait for you, didn't I?

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Thank God you picked up.

Kendall: What's wrong?

Greenlee: It's the baby. She didn't make it.

Kendall: Oh, my God. I -- I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. How's Ryan?

Greenlee: He's -- he's trying to be strong for Madison, for everyone, but obviously he's very upset.

Kendall: Is there anything I can do?

Greenlee: Come to the hospital. He's going to need you.

Kendall: All right. Ok. I'll be right there.

Ricky: Ryan and Madison's baby?

Kendall: She didn't make it.

Ricky: What?

Kendall: I -- I can't believe it.

Ricky: My God, I am so sorry.

Kendall: Um, I need a moment by myself. I just need to get some air. Do you mind?

Ricky: Please. Take your time, ok? All right.

Griffin: You ok?

Kendall: No.

Griffin: Sorry about the baby.

Kendall: Me, too. Uh, I have to go be with Ryan right now.

Griffin: Go. I'll take care of everything on this end.

Kendall: I know that you think it's a gamble, lying to Ricky about me telling the boys, but I had to. You heard him. He was ready to break the great news today, and I couldn't let that happen. Do you have any idea what that would do to the boys? I can't let them know anything about this wedding to Ricky, ok? I can't, and you know what? They're not gonna find out, because it's not gonna happen.

Griffin: Hey, I don't want you to worry about any of that. Ok? Send Ryan my condolences.

Kendall: I will. I'll see you later.

Ricky: Hey. So, any better?

Kendall: Uh, no. Not really. I thought the fresh air would help.

Ricky: Hey, listen. I hope you don't mind. I'd like to come to the hospital with you. I know I'm not Ryan's favorite person right now, but I think that I could help with situations like these. I have experience.

Kendall: I'd like that.

Ricky: Good. Come on, let's go.

Erica: Let me ask you something. Have you thought about what happens when this is over?

Man: [Distorted voice] When what's over?

Erica: This charade. Because it's going to be over, and much sooner than you think.

Man: What makes you think that this is gonna end soon?

Erica: Because Jane isn't me. She may look like me, and she may do her best to try to act like me. But my family, my friends -- if they spend enough time with her, they're gonna know that something's wrong. So, again, I'm offering you much more money than she can possibly afford. Anything, just name your amount. I won't press charges either, I promise. Just tell me how much money you want.

Man: This is about so much more than money.

Erica: What does that mean?

Jane: Of course, you all went through hell while I was gone. And maybe -- look, I will call Opal later, and I'll apologize.

Jack: Good.

Jane: Maybe it's just that I was gone for so long, and I was just missing you so, so much. And now that I'm back, I just want to focus on the joy. Does that make any sense?

Jack: More, I think, than you know.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Bianca? Hello, sweetheart. What -- Ph, God. All right. Yeah, honey. We'll be right down there.

Jane: What? What is it? What's the matter?

Jack: Ryan and Madison's little girl -- she didn't make it. We got to get to the hospital. Hello? The hospital? Aren't you coming?

Jane: Oh, yes. Of course.

Greenlee: Scott, it's Greenlee. I've tried you three times. Your phone must be off. Just call me back, ok, as soon as you get this. Excuse me. Could you give this to one of the moms in maternity? It turns out I won't be needing it.

Madison: We just saw her. We just touched her. She was fine.

Ryan: The infection -- it just came on a little quick, and she couldn't fend it off.

Madison: You said she was strong.

Ryan: If I could change this, I would. And she was strong. She was strong, but in the end, she was just -- she was just too tiny.

[Madison cries on Ryan's shoulder]

Jack: I'm very sorry this had to happen, honey.

Greenlee: So much for making up for my mistakes, right? I thought he had his whole life with his daughter, and it turns out all he had was -- I'm supposed to be the one to get Ryan through this, and I don't know how.

Jack: He'll figure it out. Just don't give up, ok? I think your husband needs you now more than ever.

Ricky: Erica? Hi.

Jane: Oh, hi, Ricky.

Ricky: It's terrible news about the baby, huh?

Jane: Oh, yes.

Ricky: It's times like these that test people's faith in God.

Jane: I think that's true. So what do you tell them?

Ricky: As much as they might not want to hear it, I tell them that in the end, God has a master plan.

Jane: I'm not so sure about that. I think that we sometimes have to make our own plans. But you know what? On to happier thoughts. Do you have any maybe wonderful news about a certain proposal?

Ricky: I'm sure Kendall would kill me for telling you, but what the heck. She said yes.

Jane: Oh, that's fantastic! I had a feeling.

Ricky: I know. It's just -- it's terrible to celebrate during such a tragedy, you know?

Jane: Yes, but you know what? As soon as the dust has settled, then please call me. And I just want to give you a huge, extravagant engagement party.

Ricky: And I appreciate it but it's --

Jane: I'm actually gonna get to work on the guest list. And maybe we should make this a surprise for Kendall.

Ricky: I'm sure that Kendall would love a surprise, eventually. But there's a time and a place for celebrating, and I just don't think that this is it.

Griffin: Here goes nothing.

Bianca: Hey. Are you doing ok?

Kendall: Yeah, I'm ok. I'm worried about Ryan. So are Mom and Jackson here?

Bianca: Mom is with Ricky. Two of them seemed pretty cozy -- made my skin crawl.

Kendall: It's bad enough that I have to deal with him. Now I've let him loose on my family?

Bianca: No, no, this is not your fault. But I have been thinking maybe we should tell her.

Kendall: Mom? No, no. Uh-uh. She's gone through too much right now. With everything that's happening?

Bianca: Well, then when?

Kendall: I don't know, Binks. But she just went through this whole crazy ordeal, and Jackson even said she hasn't been herself.

Bianca: In what way?

Kendall: I don't know. I don't know. It's just like something's off, and her memory's a little shaky. Not exactly the person you want to let in on a dangerous secret.

Madison: I don't want it to be true.

Ryan: I know.

Madison: Please tell me that it's not true.

Greenlee: If you're looking for my dad --

Jane: Yes, but how are you doing?

Greenlee: Uh, all that matters right now is how Madison and Ryan are doing.

Jane: That's not true.

Greenlee: My dad must've told you -- how I lied to Ryan, didn't tell him the baby was his. That must've just given you confirmation that I really am a horrible person. All I wanted was for Ryan and me to have one day, one perfect day without anyone messing it up, to have it finally be all about us.

Jane: Your wedding day?

Greenlee: How selfish does that sound?

Jane: No, actually, I understand.

Greenlee: You? Understand?

Jane: Yes. Is that so hard to believe?

Greenlee: Well, you know, once is a fluke. Twice in a matter of hours? Why are you being so nice to me?

Madison: So what happens now? Is there someone that we need to talk to or arrangements to make?

Ryan: All that can wait. Um -- right now, right now you got to come with me.

Madison: Where are we going?

Ryan: We're gonna go say good-bye to our little girl.

Kendall: Hey. Oh, thank you very much. I could definitely use this. I'll probably be here all night. Um, and before you go all sweet on me, by the way, I don't need you to stay here with me. I'll be fine.

Ricky: Stop it. I'd be happy to. You shouldn't be alone.

Kendall: I've got plenty of people here. I've got Greenlee and Bianca. I really just need to focus on Ryan right now. I hope you understand.

Ricky: Yeah. You're a good friend. See you tomorrow?

Kendall: Tomorrow.

Ricky: Ok.

Kendall: Ok.

Griffin: Kendall? You there?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, I'm here. I'm alone. So what's going on? Any luck?

Griffin: Yeah. Some of the deleted files are starting to resurface.

Kendall: So the program's working?

Griffin: So far. I'll see if I can find anything that dates back to before Ricky got to Pine Valley. Something to connect him to Diana Holden or the casino owners, something concrete that we can link to Zach's plane crash.

Kendall: It's amazing that you're doing this for me. Please, just tell me that you know that.

Griffin: It's not like there's nothing in it for me.

Kendall: Yeah, but, still, I feel like I should be there helping you.

Griffin: You should be with your friends. You do what you need to do. I'll take care of everything else.

Kendall: Griff?

Griffin: Yeah?

Kendall: Thank you. Really.

Griffin: You're welcome.

Scott: I know. Don't say it. I went a little nuts, ok? And thank you very much, by the way, on the advance in salary. Everything's gonna work out just fine with the apartment for Madison and the baby.

Greenlee: Scott?

Scott: What?

Greenlee: I tried calling you. I left you a message.

Scott: Uh -- my phone was turned off. What's going on?

Greenlee: Don't, don't, don't.

Scott: Why not? Does Madison know? She does.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Opal: Yeah, Kendall asked me to pitch in with the kids. I figured it's the least I could do. Losing a child -- there's no pain like it.

Ricky: At least we know that Ryan and Madison's baby is in good hands.

Opal: That's true. So what can I do for you?

Ricky: I got some gifts for the boys, and I'd love to give them to them, if that's all right with you?

Opal: Of course, it's all right with me. Anything to put a smile on those sweet faces I'm all for. Let me go get them.

Ricky: Thank you. Heh heh heh.

Jane: [Presses button] I'm back.

Erica: Is something wrong?

Jane: No. Why do you ask?

Erica: Because my life isn't as easy as it looks, is it? How did it go with Jack?

Jane: Fine.

Erica: Really? Was he happy to see you wearing my ring?

Jane: Very. In fact, we relived the entire engagement story. Such fun going down memory lane -- until I realized that you had made the whole story up.

Erica: Oh, dear. Did I confuse some of the details?

Jane: I covered brilliantly -- so brilliantly, in fact, that Jack and I are closer than ever. Sadly, though, there has been a tragedy.

Erica: Oh, how was Ryan? Did you see him?

Jane: No, I didn't see him. But I know he's gonna be just fine.

Erica: "Just fine?" He lost a baby.

Jane: I know. But the way your family is all rallying around him -- well, everyone should have such a support system.

Erica: Jane, you never answered my question when I asked you if you had a family -- people close enough to you that would notice if you were missing? Is that what this is about? You're not close enough to anyone that they would notice if you were there or gone? Am I right, Jane? You have no life, so you had to steal mine?

Diana: [Laughs]

Ricky: Admiring the most beautiful woman in the world.

Diana: [Laughs] Yeah? You're not so bad yourself. But don't take my word for it. Come here.

Ricky: Oh, yeah?

Diana: It is a little lonely over here.

Ricky: I wouldn't want to do that to you, now, would I? [Jumps into bed with Diana]

Griffin: Ohh, we got him.

Ricky: You want to open a present?

Spike: Yay!

Ricky: I thought you might say that. Here you go. It's cool, huh?

Spike: Cool! Thanks!

Ricky: You're welcome. So you know what? Your mommy and I are really happy. We have some good news.

Spike: What good news?

Ricky: Your mommy didn't tell you about a wedding?

Spike: No.

Greenlee: I still don't get why people keep asking how I'm doing.

Kendall: Maybe because it's as hard on you as it is on everyone else.

Greenlee: Thank you for coming.

Kendall: Oh, are you kidding me? I'll be here for you whenever you need me. That's how we roll, right?

Greenlee: Do you think he'll ever get past this? I mean, can you ever really get past something like this?

Kendall: Loss changes people forever. We both know that. And your job, as hard as it is, is to just be on call for him -- whatever he needs, whenever he needs it. Just comfort him, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I will.

Madison: How am I supposed to say good-bye? I barely had a chance to get to know what she looked like.

Ryan: That doesn't mean that you didn't know her. You felt her growing inside you.

Madison: I miss her! I miss her so much! There's, like, this gaping hole where she used to be.

Ryan: So tell her. Tell Sara.

Madison: Ooh, Sara. I love you. I love you so much. You know we didn't get to spend very much time together, but I have to believe that you felt that. I need you to hold on to that, just like I'll hold on to you in my heart. You will always be with me, sweet girl. Always.

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