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Ryan: Will you please let the doctor know that I can have a plane waiting for her ASAP?

Greenlee: Thank you, Randi.

Ryan: Ok, thanks very much.

Greenlee: So?

Ryan: So I have the top neonatologist in the country on her way to Pine Valley.

Greenlee: That's fantastic.

Ryan: I just wish I thought about it a little bit earlier. It's gonna take a couple of days for it to happen.

Greenlee: You know the neonatology department at P.V.H. is great.

Emma: Daddy, how big does my little sister have to be before she can come home?

Ryan: I'm not exactly sure, but I hope it's soon.

Emma: But here's some names I picked out.

Ryan: You did? "Tinkerbell"? Wow. That'd be a nice name, huh? I'll run that one by Madison. How about that?

Greenlee: And you know what? I have a beautiful silver rattle all picked out. So once we have a baby's name, we can have it engraved.

Emma: Daddy, can we go see Madison today?

Ryan: Soon. But today you have a play date with Ashley. Remember?

Emma: Right.

Ryan: I know the waiting is tough. I know that, believe me. But I promise everything's gonna be fine.

Madison: Scott.

Scott: How you feeling?

Madison: Have you been here all night?

Scott: Yeah. I just want to make sure you're ok, if you need anything.

Madison: I need to see my baby.

J.R.: Caleb?

Caleb: Thank you. Thanks.

Asher: Ohh. What happened? Why am I in the hospital?

Caleb: Remember we went looking for Erica, and there was -- there was an explosion?

Asher: My -- my legs. I can barely move my legs.

Jack: I didn't propose to you on a rooftop. It was in your hospital room when you got back from West Virginia.

Jane: Hospital?

Jack: Yeah. It wasn't my first choice either, but I had almost lost you, and I wanted to make sure you knew how much I wanted you to be my wife again.

Jane: Oh, Jack, and it was perfect.

Jack: Yeah, so perfect that you forgot all about it.

Jane: Jack, you have to know I would never forget anything like that.

Jack: I wouldn't think so. I proposed to you on a rooftop?

Jane: I think that being held hostage probably just has taken more of a toll than I thought.

Jack: Which is why I will say it again. Honey, let's get you to the doctor.

Jane: No, no, Jack. I know what it is. I know that when I was being held hostage, I just -- I used all these mental techniques just to survive. And I would close my eyes, and I would think of you, and I would think just of all the wonderful memories that we shared and some that we didn't.

Jack: Like my rooftop proposal?

Jane: The fantasies really helped me. They helped me escape in my mind to a place where I could feel more calm. And when I would close my eyes and think of you when I was scared, I just could hold on to the hope that one day soon I would be back in your arms.

Jack: Ok. But you did suffer a concussion, ok? Let's just be safe. Come on. Let's just go see your doctors. Let them check you out.

Jane: No, no. Really, I'm fine.

Jack: We should also check in on the investigation.

Jane: What investigation?

Jack: "What investigation?" You were kidnapped. The kidnappers are still out there. The police are doing everything they can to find them, but Jesse would like to interview you again.

Jane: Again? I want nothing more than to catch those kidnappers, but -- actually, I'm lying. The thing I want more than anything is to take my life back, Jack. I need that now. I need that to heal.

Jack: Look, I'll make you a deal. We can put the police business off for a little while, but you go see a doctor right now.

Jane: I don't need to do that. I'm fine. I just want to be home, Jack. Really, I've spent way too much time in hospitals lately.

Jack: I'll be right there with you, ok? Besides, we need to check on Asher. He's the one that took the brunt of this explosion.

Jane: Jack, you have to know that I never meant to hurt anyone. You know what? Yes, let's go check on Asher.

Asher: Why can I barely move my legs?

Caleb: You bruised your back.

J.R.: There was some swelling.

Asher: Wait. Am I gonna be able to walk again?

J.R.: Yes. The doctor said your legs are gonna be weak. You need to be on crutches for a little while.

Caleb: We're gonna get you the best physical therapy possible.

J.R.: Whatever it takes to make a full recovery. Listen, I'm gonna go see if I can find your doctor, see when we can get you out of here.

Caleb: Hey. Can I get you something?

Asher: No. I'm good. So we're back here again, huh? Last time I took a header down a flight of stairs.

Caleb: Yeah. You pulled through that, you'll pull through this.

Asher: You ok?

Caleb: Yeah. Yeah, I'm ok, now that I know you're gonna be ok.

Scott: I'm not sure if you should even be out of bed. The doctor wants you to get rest.

Madison: That's all I've been doing. I'm going crazy in here.

Scott: Doctor also said no stress.

Madison: You know what's stressing me out, is not being able to see my daughter. If I'm scared, imagine how she must be feeling. I can't just lie here.

Scott: Ok. Ok. Then let's get you a gown and a wheelchair, ok? Take it easy. Easy, easy.

Colby: Hey, Maya. You haven't seen a external digital sound adaptor, have you, around here?

Maya: Sorry. I have no idea what that is.

Colby: I don't really know what it is either. It's some sort of computer thing that Asher is completely obsessed by.

Maya: How is he?

Colby: I actually haven't really talked to him. But J.R. says he's allowed visitors, so --

Maya: You're gonna go see him?

Colby: Yeah. Why? Do you think that's really weird?

Maya: No. It's just when Asher's around, you're usually yelling at him -- not that I'm listening.

Colby: You know what? I actually have been kind of mean to Asher lately. As you know from my video Vlog, I don't really trust men, and -- I guess I've been kind of taking it out on Asher.

Maya: I'm done for the day, so I could go and change and go with you to the hospital if you want, if that's ok?

Colby: Yeah. That'd be great. You'll be like a buffer zone. Last time I saw Asher, I was yelling at him. So I don't even think he's gonna want to talk to me or see me.

Maya: Somehow I doubt that.

Colby: I guess we'll find out, right?

Madison: Thank you for your help. I can take it from here.

Scott: Yeah, it's completely your call, Madison. But it might be good to have someone in there with you. I won't say anything. I won't get in the way. It's just -- she's still so tiny --

Madison: Scott. I need to do this on my own.

Asher: With all this rehab, where am I going?

J.R.: Home. It's taken care of.

Caleb: We're gonna set up a whole physical therapy thing for you at Wildwind.

J.R.: He's already been through enough without having to move him. Besides, I have all the latest PT equipment from when I broke my pelvis. It's a long story.

Asher: You sure that's a good idea? Because Colby has been pretty pissed at me lately.

Colby: No, that's not true.

Asher: What are you doing here?

Colby: I came to bring you your stuff and to apologize. You were only kidding, and I completely overreacted.

Asher: It's cool.

Colby: No, Asher, it's not. I was so caught up in my own drama, and I just want to make sure that you're ok, that you come home with us -- where you belong.

Ryan: You ready for this?

Madison: We have the easy part.

Ryan: So can you just sort of walk us through it a little bit?

Neonatologist: Sure. You both scrubbed for at least 10 minutes each, right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Neonatologist: Good. We need to keep the baby's environment as sterile as possible. Her lungs aren't fully developed yet, and it's very easy for a baby on a respirator to pick up an infection.

Ryan: It's ok. It's ok.

Neonatologist: We're doing everything we can to help your daughter, but she needs her family to be strong, too. Positive thoughts, good energy. Touch can help, too. Whenever you're ready.

Madison: How do I --

Neonatologist: Place your arms through the slots inside of the incubator. That's right. Be careful not to move the tubes and wires. Just let her know you're here. I'll give you some privacy.

Madison: Hi, my beautiful girl. It's your mommy, here with your dad. We both love you so much.

Ryan: You just get strong, and we'll be here waiting for you, with all the people that love you. Hey, maybe we should get you back to bed.

Madison: I want to hold her.

Ryan: I know you do. I know.

Madison: She needs to know that her mom is with her.

Ryan: She knows. Are you kidding me? She definitely knows. And you're gonna get to hold her real soon.

Madison: If they're gonna let us hold her, that means that she must be getting better, right?

Ryan: Yeah, I hope so.

Madison: I know so.

[Jane remembers having surgery]

Man's voice: I think you'll be pleased. But now that it's finally over, I have to ask. Was it worth it?

Jane: It has to be. I can't go back.

Jack: Erica? Are you all right?

Jane: Oh, yes. Of course, I am. I'm just going to the ladies' room.

Greenlee: You're not actually gonna drink that, are you?

Jack: Hey. Are you here with Ryan?

Greenlee: Yeah. He went to see the baby.

Jack: How's she doing?

Greenlee: No change. Ryan's trying to be strong.

Jack: It has to be hard for you, too.

Greenlee: Harder than you know.

Jack: If you want to talk, I'm here.

Greenlee: Actually, I do.

Jack: Ok.

Greenlee: I did a bad thing, a selfish thing, and I never meant for anyone to get hurt, especially the baby.

Jack: What happened? Tell me what happened.

Greenlee: I found out that Madison's baby was Ryan's and -- months ago, and I didn't tell him. I know. It gets worse. But before I tell you the rest of it, you have to understand why I did it. Ryan and I were finally gonna start our life together. We were gonna get married, and we were gonna be a family, and then I find out that his ex is carrying his child? I just wanted to protect our future.

Jack: Go on.

Greenlee: And Madison said she wanted to raise the baby on her own. But when she changed her mind and didn't want to leave town, I had to come up with something, so I made a deal with Scott Chandler. I promised to put a good word in with the parole board and give him a job here if he promised to distract Madison. I know. I know. But even though their relationship started out under false pretenses, they ended up getting along. They moved in together. Say it -- I'm evil.

Jack: No, you're not. Listen, I can't say that. I know what it's like to try to hold on to somebody you love.

Greenlee: You also know what it's like to have your daughter kept from you. And I was gonna tell Ryan once we were settled into our life and Madison was settled into hers, but now it's a mess. Ryan found out that I was lying to him, and Madison found out about my deal with Scott.

Jack: Before the accident?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Jack: Oh.

Greenlee: She got into a car accident and went into labor two months early. If anything happens to that poor, innocent baby -- all I can think about right now is everything working out and Ryan having a lifetime of happiness with his little girl.

Jane: It's Greenlee, Jack's daughter. Greenlee, sweetheart!

Greenlee: We could be the last ones standing in World War III, and you'd have no love to share with me.

Jane: But I am just so grateful to be back to my extraordinary life, and I'm determined to make every moment of it just be fantastic. And so I am certainly willing to put aside any petty differences.

Jack: That's very nice to hear.

Jane: And Kendall told me about Fusion's new line for mothers and babies. That sounds divine!

Greenlee: I can't really take credit for that. It wasn't my idea.

Jane: But it's your company. And you and Kendall -- you have done such a wonderful job with it.

Greenlee: I'm gonna go find Ryan.

Jack: See you, honey. I must say, you reaching out like that to Greenlee -- that was unexpected.

Jane: And are you pleased?

Jack: Sure. If all of us could just get along, nothing would make me happier. There is one other thing that would make me happy. Would you please go find Frankie and let him check you out?

Jane: Jack, I told you I'm fine. And I just realized I was supposed to be someplace else about 20 minutes ago, so I better go there. And I'll see you later, and give my best to Asher, please.

Colby: Will you please say something?

Asher: Why would you want me to? Everything I say is a lie or a dis or some --

Colby: Don't be like this right now. Come on.

Asher: Be like what? I lied to you to protect you from getting hurt, and you can't let that go. So what's the point?

Colby: But, Asher, it wasn't like the kind of lie or secret "I'm sorry I ruined your favorite sweater." It was that my mother slept with my boyfriend. I just thought that maybe you would tell me --

[Asher groans]

Colby: You all right?

Asher: I'm fine.

Colby: I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry I got pissed off at you. But you made fun of my Vlog.

Asher: Ha -- ohh. You should learn how to take a joke.

Colby: I know, but my Vlog -- it means a lot to me. I know. I know I need to lighten up. My life really isn't that bad.

Asher: You've been kicked around more than most people I know.

Colby: Maybe I have. Maybe, but not by you. Every time I am angry, I am mad, I'm in a bad mood, I take it out on you, when, really, I should be getting mad at my mother and Damon -- and myself.

Opal: Are you a friend of Asher's?

Maya: No. I work for the Chandlers.

Opal: Oh.

Maya: Maya.

Opal: Oh, hello, honey. I'm Opal Cortlandt.

Maya: Are you related to Caleb -- Cortlandt?

Opal: By marriage, yeah, yeah. Caleb is the nephew of Palmer Cortlandt. He's my ex. He's passed on now, bless his soul.

Maya: I'm sorry.

Opal: Yeah. I'm also sorry that Asher never got a chance to know Palmer, because he was a corker. But at least he's got his daddy now, kind of.

Maya: They don't get along?

Opal: Cortlandt temper runs kind of hot. And then Asher -- he didn't even know he was a Cortlandt till just recently. He was raised by another family.

Maya: Asher was adopted?

Opal: Yeah. His mama died in childbirth back in West Virginia. That's where the Cortlandts -- well, they're really the Cooneys -- that's where they're from.

Maya: So right after Asher was born, Caleb gave him up?

Opal: Unless you've been through it yourself, it's hard to understand how a parent could make that choice, I know.

Maya: Yeah.

Caleb: Dorothy.

Singer: Playing this game, it's crystal clear to see

Caleb: Dorothy?

Jane: Uh, you must have me confused with someone else.

Caleb: I don't think so. 

Scott: Hey, I need a favor.

Greenlee: Ok.

Scott: I've been looking at apartments for Madison and the baby, and I found one, something that's really close to the hospital, something that she can get back and forth really easily until the baby comes home.

Greenlee: That's great.

Scott: Yeah. It's a little bigger, a little nicer, and a little bit more money. So I'm gonna need an advance on my salary.

Greenlee: Done.

Scott: Straight-up loan. I'm gonna pay you back with interest --

Greenlee: Listen, it's not a big deal. I've been talking to the specialist taking care of the baby. I told him to bring in whatever equipment, whatever doctors they need. No matter the cost, the hospital will cover it.

Scott: You mean you'll cover it. Nothing like guilt to light a fire under you, huh?

Greenlee: I want to help.

Scott: Maybe I wasn't talking about you.

Greenlee: Listen. Don't tell Madison about this. I'm not trying to score points.

Scott: That's good because you won't.

Greenlee: Yeah, I know. She probably hates me.

Scott: I'm right there with you, but I'm not gonna give up.

Greenlee: For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

Scott: At this point, Greenlee, "sorry" doesn't get us anywhere. It's not gonna change what we did. It's not gonna change the fact that we hurt Madison, and we can't do anything about that. But in the meantime, I'm gonna be there for her -- any way she lets me.

Greenlee: You really love her. You're a great guy. Madison knows that. She just needs time.

Scott: It's not really important how she feels about me right now. It's all about her and the baby.

Madison: Thank you.

Ryan: Yeah. No problem. Oh, right. I've got something for you. Actually, it's from Emma -- a couple cards for you and the baby -- and a list of potential names. Heh heh!

Madison: "Sara." I'd actually been thinking about that one myself. It means "Princess."

Ryan: No wonder it's Emma's favorite.

Madison: I just couldn't decide if it should have an "H" or not have an "H."

Ryan: I think it'll probably work perfect either way.

Madison: "Sara Lavery" does have a nice ring to it.

Ryan: I just thought you'd probably go with your last name: North.

Madison: That's my old life. Sara is my new life, and you're her dad. She should be Lavery.

Ryan: That's really sweet, but you don't have to.

Madison: I want to. She's very lucky to have you as a father. I'd be honored to give her your name.

Ryan: You sure?

Madison: Yes.

Ryan: Because the nurse was asking about the birth certificate. I should probably go take care of it. It's your last chance --

Madison: That'd be great. Yes. Good. Yeah. That visit to the nursery took a lot more out of me than I thought it would. So I'm just gonna close my eyes for a little bit, and then I'm gonna go back and see Sara again.

Ryan: You rest. Put these over here. Ok?

Madison: Hey. I know I got emotional before when we were with the baby, but I wasn't sad. Just being that close to her, touching her made me think of all the incredible things we have to look forward to.

Jane: Caleb.

Caleb: You really think you can hide from me behind a menu?

Jane: You called me "Dorothy."

Caleb: Yeah, and I always will. It's a habit. May I sit down?

Jane: Of course. A habit?

Caleb: Yeah. Um, the doctor said you checked out fine.

Jane: Yes, I am. I'm perfectly fine.

Caleb: What?

Jane: You look so good.

Caleb: Thanks.

Jane: Will you please tell Asher that I'll stop by to visit him very, very soon, and I thank him for all his help?

Caleb: Yeah, I'll tell him.

Jane: How is he?

Caleb: It'll be a while before he can walk on his own again, but he'll be ok.

Jane: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Caleb: It's not your fault.

Jane: I mean that I feel responsible, though, somehow. Because if I hadn't been kidnapped, then he never would've been near the quarry.

Caleb: Don't blame yourself. You can blame the people who kidnapped you. They're gonna catch them. They'll put them away forever.

Jane: So tell me about Cortlandt Electronics.

Caleb: Uh-uh. I'm not gonna talk about business. I want to talk about you.

Jane: That's my favorite subject.

Caleb: Ah. There you are.

Jane: Ha ha! I still can't believe that you actually came all the way to St. Barts to try to stop my wedding.

Caleb: You made your choice, and I have to respect that.

Jane: Says who?

Frankie: Thinking about your baby?

Maya: No.

Frankie: You know, it's ok.

Maya: I've been watching these babies. There's no way I could take care of one -- not now, at least.

Frankie: So how you doing?

Maya: Great, actually. Still working at the Chandler place.

Frankie: Ah. Not bad. Must take you, what, like, a month to clean up that place? By the time you finish, I bet you got to start all over again.

Maya: It's fine with me. I like it there. It's like a big palace.

Colby: Asher, I want you to come back to the mansion. Ok? What happened to you is a serious, serious wake-up call for me. I have been so caught up in my own drama with my mother and missing my dad. I've taken all my anger out on you, the one person that has been there for me the whole time. Please? Can you forgive me?

Asher: I'm sorry. I'm kidding.

Colby: You are such a jerk.

Asher: I know.

Caleb: What are you saying?

Jane: Simply that I would never accept this kind of rejection, not so graciously. Erica Kane goes after what she wants.

Caleb: Oh, yeah. And she went after Jack.

Jane: But it couldn't have been easy for you to put your feelings out there like that. They can't have just gone away.

Caleb: Dorothy, it was important for me to tell you what I was feeling -- so that I'd have no regrets, and I don't.

Jane: So you're giving up?

Caleb: I'm accepting what is. You're committed to somebody else.

Jane: But it can't have been easy for you, and it doesn't mean I wasn't deeply affected by what you did.

Caleb: I'll see you at the office.

Opal: Thank the Lord in heaven that you are all right! Oh, my -- oh, my goodness. That blast must've rattled your brain. It's me! It's me, Opal!

Jane: Oh, of course, it is. I know you.

Opal: You were looking at me kind of cross-eyed. I thought you didn't recognize me.

Jane: No, of course not. How can I help you?

Opal: "How can you help me?" I'm here to help you. I've been running all over town collecting all your favorite goodies, so we can go back to the penthouse and have a powwow. I got to hear everything -- the kidnapping, the rescue -- every single last detail.

Jane: Oh, I don't want to relive that.

Opal: You're not ready. I understand. You know, I'm just thrilled, though, that you are safe and sound. I'm not so thrilled that you were making goo-goo eyes at Mountain Man.

Jane: Oh, I was not, and I don't have to listen to this.

Opal: Now, wait just a little red-hot minute there, Missy!

Nurse: Code blue to NICU.

Ryan: What -- what's going on?

Frankie: I'll find out, and I'll let you know.

Greenlee: What is it?

Ryan: Something's going on in the NICU.

Greenlee: Go. I'll get Madison.

Ryan: I don't want to upset her just in case it's a false alarm.

Greenlee: Tell me what to do.

Ryan: She was gonna rest, and then she was gonna go see the baby again, so maybe just stall her a little bit?

Greenlee: Ok. I'll stay with her as long as you need me to.

J.R.: Are you sure you're ok with Asher moving back in here to live with us?

Colby: Yeah, of course. I said I was.

J.R.: So you and Asher are buds again?

Colby: Yeah, we -- we're getting there.

J.R.: Are you blushing?

Colby: No. I'm just happy that he's all right and that he's coming home.

Asher: You really went all-out. Thanks.

Caleb: Hmm. I ran into Erica. She feels responsible for what happened to you.

Asher: I'm sorry things didn't really work out.

Caleb: It's cool.

Asher: But you didn't get what you wanted, so --

Caleb: Actually, I did.

Jane: I told you I was not in the mood for company.

Opal: Tough noogies! You're gonna park it right there and have yourself something to eat!

Jane: I am tired. I want to go lie down.

Opal: I'm sorry, but we are not gonna just sweep this under the rug. We're not gonna do that.

Jane: What in the world are you talking about?

Opal: "What am I talking about?" For crying out loud, gal pal! You were kidnapped, right? If those monsters that grabbed you and had gotten their way, you never would've seen Jackson again.

Jane: Look, let's get something straight. Those people who took me -- they were not monsters.

Opal: Oh, they weren't? Never mind. Never mind about that. The important thing is you are free. You are back with your friends and your family and the man who loves you more than life itself. And now what I want to know is, what in the world were you doing canoodling with Mountain Man? I mean, what in tarnation is wrong with you?

Jane: You have some nerve talking to me like this. I don't need your permission to do anything. So why don't you get out of my home and go stick your nose in somebody else's business?

Scott: No, you've been a wonderful landlord, Mrs. Gallo. It's just -- it's time to move on.

Greenlee: I know I'm the last person you want to see.

Madison: What do you want?

Greenlee: Not forgiveness. I know better than that. I wish I could go back and change everything.

Madison: Well, you can't.

Greenlee: I'm sorry -- for everything -- the deal I made with Scott, the secrets, the lies. But most of all, I'm sorry for the fight we got in before you got into your car. I feel horrible about it. So does Scott. He cares about you so much.

Madison: I'm not thinking about any of that right now. Ok, the only important thing right now is my baby.

Ryan: What's going on? Is my daughter ok?

Frankie: There's been a change in her condition. She's developed pneumonia.

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