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Greenlee: How's Madison?

Ryan: She's sleeping.

Greenlee: Is Scott still here?

Ryan: Yeah. He's camped outside Madison's door, but she won't see him. He won't leave. You don't have to be here.

Greenlee: Of course, I do. That's your baby girl in there.

Ryan: I'm just saying you have a business to run, and she might be in here for months, you know?

Greenlee: You want me to go?

Ryan: Greenlee, can you --

Greenlee: Do you blame me for this?

Ricky: I cannot believe you're gonna be my wife. I've never been this happy.

Kendall: I'm -- I am so lucky to have you in my life, and I want it to be forever.

Ricky: It will, Kendall. I know that it will.

Kendall: I'm so excited about all of it -- especially about getting to know all of you, every part of you, holding nothing back.

Griffin: All right. Ahh. [Opens Ricky's laptop] Let's see what we got. I know it's in here, Reverend Rick: Proof you and your casino buddies murdered Zach. Let's see what we got. What? No. No, no, no! You erased your entire hard drive. Everything's gone.

Erica: That is your plan, isn't it, to take over my life?

Jane: You're as smart as you are beautiful, but it's not a plan anymore. It's reality.

Erica: The reality is that you are delusional. You really think anyone's gonna believe this ridiculous impersonation?

Jane: They already do.

Krystal: I'm happy for you, Jack. I am.

Jack: Krystal, hang on. You have to know that the last thing I wanted was for you to get hurt. I'm very, very sorry.

Krystal: I'm not. I don't regret anything that happened between us. Yeah, I guess I did get a little carried away, and I thought maybe we could be something more than friends, but we can't. Because whether or not I like it, there's only one woman in this world for you.

Jane: Everybody in Pine Valley is so happy to have Erica Kane back.

Erica: No, this will never work. The real Erica Kane will stop you. Where is Jack? He got the ransom demand. He was on his way to rescue me.

Jane: Oh, he did rescue you -- at least, he thinks he did.

Erica: Why are you doing this? What possessed you to transform yourself, to steal my life? I need answers. I deserve answers.

Jane: All right. Take a deep breath, and I'll tell you.

Ryan: Greenlee --

Greenlee: This whole mess started because I lied to you. So we need to talk about what happened between me and Madison before the accident, before she went into labor.

Ryan: Ok. Fine. So Madison confronted you after she found out everything from David?

Greenlee: Yeah, she really went off on me. And if our fight is what caused her to crash, it caused the baby to come early.

Ricky: You don't want to know everything about me. Trust me, it's not that interesting.

Kendall: Oh, come on. What's the matter? You think I'm gonna see your flaws or your mistakes, your regrets?

Ricky: I don't live with regrets.

Kendall: All right. Then tell me everything. Come on. I don't expect perfection. I'll respect you more if I know that you're human.

Ricky: The only thing that you need to know about my life is how it flipped when you came into it.

Kendall: Flipped in what way? What do you mean? You're gonna be my husband. I want to know you. I want to really know you.

Ricky: Kendall, we have 50 years for that. Now let's go celebrate our engagement.

Kendall: I promise we will. But first, we have to do this. We need honesty and openness and being real with each other. It'll only bring us closer together. Isn't that what you want?

Ricky: More than anything.

Kendall: Ok. Then you have to trust me that sharing everything will make our love stronger.

[Phone rings]

Ricky: You should get that.

Kendall: Hello?

Griffin: You alone? We need to talk.

Kendall: I'm not interested.

Griffin: You're not alone? You're with Ricky. I'm heading over.

Kendall: No.

Krystal: Let's face it. Erica may have been out of sight, but she was always on your mind.

Jack: You're right.

Krystal: Of course, I'm right. And now that Erica's back and -- our relationship from now on is strictly professional. It's what's best for you, and it's what's best for me.

Erica: How did you do it? Surgery?

Jane: Now, what does that matter? I'm here now. I'm you.

Erica: No, you're not. You're not me. You're -- I don't even know what to call you.

Jane: "Jane" is fine.

Erica: Jane. Don't you have people in your life who would tell you this is too extreme?

Jane: You know what? Sometimes you have to do something extreme. Aren't you a little flattered? I worshipped you.

Erica: And then you stole my face.

Jane: Doctors did a great job, didn't they? It was a long process, worth it. I'm like a piece of art.

Erica: But why? Why would you go to such lengths?

Jane: You have an incredible life. I know. I've studied every piece of it -- your work, your celebrity, everything you've accomplished. You've been through so much, and you are better than ever. You have a fabulous man, high-class career, millions of people who love you. The day I just spent as you -- it was the most incredible day of my life!

Erica: But you still haven't answered the most basic question. Who are you?

Jane: Erica, isn't that obvious? I'm your biggest fan.

Kendall: I said I'm not interested.

Griffin: Kendall.

Kendall: Don't call here again.

Ricky: Who was that?

Kendall: That was just another annoying person selling magazine subscriptions. I'm sorry about that. All right. Ok. So now the floor is all yours. All right. No more interruptions. Would it be easier if I ask the questions? I will. So have you always wanted to be a minister?

Ricky: No. I wanted to be a point guard for the Sixers, but that didn't really pan out.

Kendall: Did you grow up in Philly?

Ricky: Not the nice part. My neighborhood was pretty harsh.

Kendall: So why did you want to become a minister?

Ricky: My father was a minister.

Kendall: Oh. The family business -- that's cool.

Ricky: Not according to him.

Kendall: He wasn't supportive?

Ricky: My dad? Supportive? That's not a word I would use to describe him. "Harsh," "judgmental," yeah. When I told him I wanted to go to the seminary, he laughed in my face. He told me I wouldn't measure up.

Kendall: Look how wrong he was. You're incredible at what you do.

Ricky: I don't think he'd agree with you on that one.

Kendall: He needs to come here and see how you work. Which brings me to my next question: Why Pine Valley? What drew you to this place?

[Phone rings]

Ryan: He

Griffin: Hey. It's Griffin. I'm in Ricky's hotel room.

Ryan: Did you find anything?

Griffin: He wiped out his entire hard drive. Any evidence we had on him to connect him to the casino owners or Diana Holden is gone.

Ryan: Damn.

Griffin: Listen, I just called Kendall at home, and she hung up on me. She's got to be with Ricky. I know you got your P.I. watching her, but I'm heading over there anyway.

Ryan: I'm at the hospital. I'm closer. I'll go. That was Griffin. I got to go check on Kendall.

Greenlee: Is everything ok?

Ryan: I think Kendall is alone right now with Ricky.

Greenlee: I'll go. Let me go.

Ryan: No, no, no. No way.

Greenlee: Look, I'll call you if there's anything new, and I'll see if the doctors let you in there for some baby girl time when you come back.

Ryan: Yeah, "baby girl time." Touching my little girl with gloves, huh? Ok, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go check on Kendall. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Greenlee: Let me come with you.

Ryan: No. I got to do this by myself, ok? You should stay.

Jack: Special order of Krystal's -- crab cakes. Erica? Sweetheart, are you in there? Where the hell did she go?

[Phone chirps]

Jack: Here's a text. "Jack, had to run out and take care of some important business. Back soon. Love you." So what the hell could be so important?

Erica: You're an intelligent woman to pull this off. But this idea that you can take my identity is just crazy.

Jane: It's already working like gangbusters. Jackson even served me breakfast in bed. I don't think I've ever had that in my whole life. Oh, and those sheets of yours? To die for.

Erica: You were in bed with Jack?

Jane: Oh, nothing happened. But Jack did hold me in those great, big, strong arms of his.

Erica: You might've been able to pull this off for 24 hours, but one little mistake, and it's all over.

Jane: I know. Exactly. It's one thing to know about your life, but I have to keep learning the little things, the things that the people closest to you would know if I screwed up.

Erica: Well, if you expect me to teach you how to be me, you are really crazy.

Jane: That's too bad. Because if you decide to hold out on me, a little accident might just happen involving Spike or little Miranda.

Erica: You say you admire me, but you threaten to hurt those little children? What kind of a monster are you?

Jane: Look, I don't want to do this. I am not a bad person. I just need your help, that's all.

Erica: You want me to help you steal my life?

Jane: I don't look at it as stealing. It really would be a gift you would give me. You have no idea how much I need this.

Erica: Jackson will come for me.

Jane: Look, how about we make a deal? You provide me with a little coaching, and I will give you some perks.

Erica: What does that mean?

Jane: I could provide little tidbits. I could fill you in on what's going on with your family and friends. Little pieces of knowledge just to carry you over. I have one juicy bombshell -- and not to worry. I am already looking out for your interests.

Erica: What are you talking about?

Jane: Your love life. That tramp Krystal. While you were gone, Jack kissed her.

Erica: I don't believe you. You're just trying to get a rise out of me.

Jane: Jack told me himself, that he didn't want to risk losing you again by keeping secrets. I love that.

Erica: What exactly did Jack say?

Jane: He said that he thought you left him, and he was very angry. And so he turned to Krystal, and he kissed her. And he said it was all his fault, not hers.

Erica: Enough.

Jane: You're hurt.

Erica: Krystal has been trying to get her cheap, fake nails into him for months.

Jane: Look, I'm sorry. I never would've told you this if I knew you were gonna be so upset. I wouldn't have sprung it on you like this.

Erica: Oh, don't pretend to care how I feel.

Jane: Look, there's enough heartache in the world. I just wanted you to know that I am looking out for you.

Erica: Do me a favor and stop.

Jane: When you walked out on Jack, he was feeling very alone and very vulnerable.

Erica: Oh. So now it's my fault? Why am I talking to you about this? I don't want you near Jack any more than Miss Moonshine!

Jane: All right. Fine. Then I'm going. Oh. I almost forgot. I need your engagement ring.

Erica: Excuse me?

Jane: The rock. Jack noticed that I'm not wearing it.

Erica: I'm not wearing it either.

Jane: Nice try. Wherever you put it, go get it. Look, I thought we had a whole new level of trust here. It's exquisite.

Erica: You may be able to take my ring, but you can never take my memories. The day Jack proposed to me was one of the most romantic days of my whole life. He took me up on this rooftop overlooking Pine Valley at sunset. It was just glorious. Pine Valley was shimmering below us, and he asked me to be his wife.

Jack: Frankie? How's Asher doing?

Frankie: The swelling went down in his spinal column, but aside from that, we won't know anything for sure for a few more days.

Jack: I guess we just hope for the best, huh?

Frankie: Can I help you with something?

Jack: Yeah. Actually, I was wondering if you'd seen Erica. She left her engagement ring here the other day when she was treated, and I thought maybe she'd come to get it back.

Frankie: As far as I know, I haven't seen Erica since we released her. But we keep a log of patients' belongings. I can take a look if you want.

Jack: I appreciate that. Thanks.

Frankie: Erica. No record of an engagement ring.

Jack: Are you sure?

Frankie: The thing's like a disco ball. I'm sure we wouldn't have missed it.

Jane: I knew it. I knew you were after Jackson.

Krystal: Could you just take it down a notch?

Jane: You haven't begun to see my notches yet. You are such a pathetic vulture.

Krystal: Welcome back, Erica.

Jane: Did you really think I wouldn't find out that you swooped down on my fiancé when his defenses were down?

Krystal: That is not what happened.

Jane: Oh, save it, Krystal -- whatever your name is. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Do you really think you're any match for Erica Kane?

Greenlee: How was school?

Emma: Fine. Can we go see Madison and my baby sister?

Greenlee: Not now.

Emma: Why?

Greenlee: They're resting.

Emma: Then I'll wait till they're awake.

Greenlee: I know how badly you want to see them. But right now Madison really isn't having visitors, and the baby's so tiny, you can't even hold her yet.

Emma: Liar. You won't let me see my mommy, and now you won't let me see my baby sister.

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: Sorry. I'll be right back. Hi. Hi, Ryan. How is Madison? How's the baby?

Ryan: Madison is sleeping, and the situation with the baby hasn't changed.

Kendall: I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Ryan: All we can do is wait, really, and pray.

Kendall: Listen, when I had Ian, I was scared out of my mind. I was so afraid for him. I thought he was helpless and fragile, but listen to me, Ryan, he wasn't. He wasn't. He was a fighter, just like your little girl, just like her brother Spike.

Ryan: 28 weeks?

Kendall: I know. I know it's early, but positive thoughts -- that's what she needs, and that's what she's gonna get from us. She's gonna get positive thoughts.

Ricky: Hey. How you holding up?

Ryan: Other than the fact that my daughter was born 12 weeks early, I'm doing just great. Thanks for asking.

Ricky: Listen, I know that this is an incredibly difficult situation for you, but sometimes some good news helps. You want to tell him?

Kendall: Yeah. Um --

Ryan: You -- you guys --

Kendall: Yeah, we're engaged.

Ryan: Wow. When did --

Ricky: Just right now. You're the first one to know that she said yes.

Kendall: Uh, yeah. I know this -- this may come as a shock, a little bit as a shock.

Ricky: Obviously, this isn't the right time. I'm sorry if I was insensitive.

Kendall: No, it's ok. So, Ryan, everything is fine here. Why don't you go back to the hospital?

Ricky: Please give my best to Madison, and know that I will be praying for your baby. And if you need me to come to the hospital --

Ryan: You stay the hell away.

Kendall: Ryan, back off. Ok? I know you're upset right now, but I won't let you take it out on my fiancé. Ricky's a good man. I won't let you attack him

Ryan: Kendall, I --

Kendall: Listen, I know how hard it is to be happy for other people when you're suffering. I went through that exact thing when you and Greenlee were engaged. I alienated my best friends, because I was in pain. And I'm sure hearing from a man of God right now has got to be hard when your little girl is in the hospital.

Ryan: Yeah, I guess I just don't really need to hear any platitudes about God listening to me right now, that's all.

Ricky: I understand.

Ryan: Do you really?

Kendall: I just want you to see how much Ricky has done for me. When I met him, buried in grief, and he pulled me out of it. He showed me that I could find happiness again and that I could find love.

Ricky: I'm gonna do right by her. I promise.

Kendall: Can you excuse me? Can I talk to Ryan alone just for a little bit?

Ricky: Yeah, of course. Ryan, please accept my apology. And if there's anything that I can do --

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: You know what? You heard him. This is not about you at all. This is about the baby. He's angry at God and he's lashing out at you.

Ricky: Listen, tell him that I'm sorry again, ok? I'll see you later.

Ryan: What were you thinking?

Kendall: Listen to me, please. I know what I'm doing.

Ryan: You know what you're doing by marrying the guy that murdered Zach, Kendall?

Kendall: Ryan, I have got to get justice, ok? I've got to. I have to prove that he brought down Zach's plane.

Ryan: Yeah, that was the plan, right? That was the plan. Marrying the guy was not the plan, Kendall.

Kendall: Listen to me please, ok? We need access to information, all right? His fiancée will get the information.

Ryan: Ok. I got to be at the hospital, like, all the time right now. I'm not gonna be around very much to protect you.

Kendall: It's ok. You don't have to be.

Ryan: No, it's not ok. What if I'm there, and then all of a sudden something happens? There's a problem or something?

Kendall: Listen, you have a private detective following me everywhere I go.

Griffin: And you have me.

Greenlee: I'm not trying to keep you away from your sister.

Emma: Then why won't you take me to the hospital?

Greenlee: I just -- I don't want you to be upset.

Emma: I'm upset, because I can't see her. Can you take me, please?

Greenlee: All right. All right. But before we go, you need to be prepared. She doesn't look like all the other babies.

Emma: She's small.

Greenlee: She's tiny. She's really, really tiny. And she has tubes and wires attached to her to get her stronger and to tell the doctors and nurses if she's doing better. And we can't touch her. We can't even get close to her. All we can do is look through the glass. Now, are you sure you still want to go?

Emma: Yes. I want to tell my baby sister I love her.

Greenlee: I'm sure she'll be very happy to hear that. Come on.

Emma: Sorry I yelled at you before.

Greenlee: That's ok. You know, sometimes when we're angry, we attack the people closest to us.

Emma: Why?

Greenlee: Because it's safe. We know that no matter what we say or do, they're always going to love us. And it's true, Emma. I will love you and your daddy always, no matter what.

Jane: Throwing yourself at Jack? How pathetic are you?

Krystal: I understand you're angry, Erica. I do.

Jane: Oh, you have been trying to sink your cheap, fake little nails into Jackson for months. And did you really think that you could compete with Erica Kane?

Krystal: That was never my intention.

Jane: I am a woman who has been loved and adored by men all over the world, and none more important than Jackson. And for me to think of you having your paws on Jack? That is just revolting.

Krystal: Ok. Look, I'm sorry you were kidnapped. But Jack was hurt, and he was confused. Come on. You strung him along for months. You refused to commit. He thought you left him at the altar. Can you blame him?

Jane: I would never blame Jack. I blame you. Actually, I pity you. Here you are. You're stuck in your dull little life, while I, Erica Kane -- I have a fabulous life. The jealousy must be eating you up inside.

Krystal: Yeah. It is, yeah. In fact, it's really too much. I better get back to work.

Jane: Yeah, you do that. You go back to your dirty little dishes, and I will go back to my fabulous, glamorous life. But before I do -- oh, how can I put this so your little pea brain can comprehend this? You stay away from my man.

Jack: Ok, and that's enough. You had to get that off your chest? Ok, you're done. Now, did you have your fun?

Jane: I really did.

Griffin: How could you tell him that you'd marry him? What should I get you two for a wedding gift, his and her straitjackets, because you're both nuts!

Ryan: None of us are in a really great place right now to think clearly, and I'm very sorry that I lost it. But just hearing that psycho offer sympathy for my little girl -- it was too much.

Kendall: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Ryan: It's got to be rough for you, too, right now.

Kendall: I have to do this. I have to do whatever I can to earn his trust. And I believe ultimately he will slip, and he will give me the evidence that I need.

Griffin: Kendall, it'll never work.

Kendall: It already has. I've already got him talking about his past and his family.

Griffin: So, what, you think one day over a cup of coffee, he'll just casually tell you how he killed Zach?

Kendall: No. No. I think he will bring me deeper into his world.

Griffin: And then what? It was one thing when we were stringing him along to try and get into his computer, trying to find some incriminating files, right? But now those files are gone. Now you're gonna walk down the aisle with this freak, and then what? And then what, Kendall?

Kendall: Listen to me. Ultimately, guys like Ricky -- they brag, ok? They confess. There's got to be some other evidence out there. If you didn't believe it, then what are you still doing here? If you want to quit, fine. Fine. Go ahead, quit, but I won't ever. I'm just gonna keep working Ricky until eventually I get what I need, and I will get something.

Griffin: Yeah, if he doesn't kill you first.

Ryan: I got to get back to the hospital.

Griffin: All right. Listen. You take care of your baby. I'm gonna take care of Kendall.

Ryan: You keep me posted, ok?

Kendall: Yeah. You're crazy. You're completely crazy for coming out in the open like this. But thank you for looking out for me.

Griffin: You're welcome. So you want to go shopping for a wedding dress?

Kendall: I had to take off Zach's wedding ring. I had to accept his engagement right here in my house.

Griffin: Kendall, you don't have to go through with this.

Kendall: Yes, I do. I will marry him if I have to. But after this, I will make sure he suffers every day for the rest of his life.

Erica's voice: There's no chance she'll get away with this. Anyone who knows me will know that she's a fake. Jack will know.

Jack: Just so we're clear on this, I talked to Krystal earlier, and she was understanding and gracious. She knows where I stand, and that is with you.

Jane: Oh, Jack.

Jack: So let's just put this behind us, ok? We're together. You're safe, back where you belong.

Jane: I'm sorry that I got so agitated. I mean, I'm still coming down from that explosion, and I'm explosive.

Jack: That you are.

Jane: And Krystal went after what's mine.

Jack: I told you about the kiss so that we would have no secrets between us, not so you would attack Krystal. You're the one I want. You're the one I love.

Jane: And I love you, too, Jack. Take me home this instant.

Greenlee: You ready? There she is, your baby sister.

Emma: She's so small.

Greenlee: Yeah, but she's strong, just like you.

Emma: Is she gonna be ok?

Greenlee: That's what we're all hoping for. And the doctors are working as hard as they can, doing everything possible to make her better. But do you know what the best medicine is? Love. Look at her. You know, Spike and Ian were really small when they were born, too.

Emma: They were?

Greenlee: Yeah. Yeah, but they also had all the best doctors taking care of them. And they also had family and friends all around them, cheering them on. Spike and Ian turned into strong, healthy boys, right?

Emma: So my little sister will be ok?

Greenlee: That's what we all want, honey. And you know what we have to do? We have to keep thinking about her and praying for her and sending her our love.

Emma: I'm scared.

Greenlee: I know. It's ok. I'm here.

Emma: Don't be mad at Greenlee, Daddy. I asked her to bring me here.

Ryan: I'm not angry.

Griffin: It's not enough that he murdered your husband. Now he wants to replace Zach? I wonder how long he's had that ring. The idea of him wanting to marry you after every --

Kendall: This really bothers you, doesn't it?

Griffin: Yes. What bothers me is that if there's something else that Ricky is, is that he's smart. Ok? There was a reason he erased his entire hard drive.

Kendall: What do you mean?

Griffin: Maybe he thinks somebody was snooping around his computer.

Kendall: You don't think he knew you were in there, do you?

Griffin: No. If he knew I was in there, he would've sicced the cops on me.

Kendall: Ryan went off on him earlier, and then Bianca -- she lied to him about trying to get him away from me.

Griffin: We have to make sure he's not getting on to you.

[Erica remembers]

Jack: Will you marry me again?

Erica: Yes. Yes, Jack, I will marry you -- just as soon as you expose that woman for the fraud she is!

Jack: Whoa. Hey, you got your engagement ring back.

Jane: Oh, yes, I did. I picked it up at the hospital.

Jack: At the hospital? Really? That's a little peculiar, because I was just there talking to Frankie. He checked the patient log, and there was no record of your ring ever being there.

Jane: Because a fan took it.

Jack: A fan took it?

Jane: Yes. A nurse. She got a little star-struck.

Jack: Did you at least tell the hospital? Call the police? Nothing?

Jane: Well, no. You can't punish people for loving Erica Kane. If you could, you'd be in big trouble.

Jack: Devotion is one thing, my dear, but grand larceny is quite another.

Jane: Always the lawyer. But don't worry. I worked it out. I gave the nurse an autograph, she gave me my ring, and I will never, never take it off again.

Jack: You had better not.

Jane: Oh, Jack, I'll never forget the day you proposed to me. You took me up on that rooftop overlooking all of Pine Valley. That beautiful sunset, Pine Valley just shimmering below us, and you asked me to be your wife, for better or for worse, and most importantly, forever.

Jack: That's a hell of a story. Too bad it never happened that way.

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