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Scott: The doctor said they had to take the baby immediately. What's taking so long?

Ryan: Dr. Kantor said that she would be out here as soon as possible.

Scott: 28 weeks is just -- so early.

Greenlee: You know what? Kendall had Ian even earlier than that, and look at him now.

Ryan: I just want to be in there. I want to actually see my child come into this world.

Griffin: I should break promises to you more often.

Kendall: What were you thinking, Griff? Do you know how close you came to getting caught?

Griffin: Actually, yeah, I do. He showed up.

Kendall: What?

Griffin: I got out to the balcony. He didn't catch me, ok?

Kendall: God, you couldn't have answered your cell phone? I called you, I left messages, and then there was no response. It freaked me out, all right? I thought for sure Ricky got to you.

Griffin: Relax. I couldn't answer my cell phone, because I was trying to get back here.

Kendall: God. When my mom disappeared, I called her, and I called her, and I heard nothing back. I thought she was ok. She ended up being kidnapped. And then with Zach, I called and called and called. I left him messages time and time again, and there was no response.

Griffin: I'm here. Ok? I'm fine, and your mother's gonna be, too. Nothing's gonna happen to the people you care about, not if I have something to say about it.

Ricky: Driving over here, I was trying to figure out, why would you send me on a wild-goose chase like that?

Bianca: I must've just heard them wrong.

Ricky: No, no. You sounded pretty certain. "There was a major leak at the Yacht Club, which was causing people to evacuate their rooms." That's what you said.

Bianca: I told you I heard it from a friend at the Miranda Center. They must've gotten the hotels mixed up.

Ricky: Right, right. Maybe. Unless you made the whole thing up to try to get rid of me. Which begs the question, why on earth would you want to do that?

Jack: Erica?! Erica, are you here?! Erica?!

[Debris falls]

Caleb: Asher? Asher?! Jackson! Jackson, I need your help!

Jack: Oh, my God. Erica? Oh, my God, Erica. Erica, are you all right? Erica?

Erica: Jack?

Jack: Yes.

Erica: Jack? Ohh. You came for me. You saved me.

Jack: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Caleb: I'm gonna get you out of here. I'll get you out of here. I'll get you out of here. Get you out of here. Aah! Damn it! Ah!

[Debris falls]

Caleb: Oh, yaa!

Jack: Talk to me. Where are you hurt?

Erica: My head. Just -- I'm just so dizzy.

Jack: Just stay still, honey. Just stay still. I'll get help. Listen to me. Look at me. The people that took you -- do you know where they are?

Erica: No. No, but they were here. They were here just before the explosion.

Jack: Caleb, keep your eyes open! They might still be here!

[Caleb grunts]

J.R.: Ooh! Take it easy. It's just me. Is he ok?

Caleb: Help me move this beam.

J.R.: Help's on the way. I called 911 when I saw the place blow up.

Dr. Kantor: We delivered the baby via C-section. As you know, she was very premature, so lung development is our biggest concern. She's on a respirator, nasogastric tube, and it will be that way for a while.

Ryan: But she's gonna be ok?

Dr. Kantor: We're doing everything we can. She is in the best possible hands here.

Scott: And what out Madison?

Dr. Kantor: She's in recovery, doing about as well as can be expected.

Scott: This is my fault.

Dr. Kantor: No, it is no one's fault.

Scott: I called her while she was driving. I didn't know she was driving, and she reached for the phone, and she got in an accident.

Dr. Kantor: Madison has had a difficult pregnancy. She's been cramping throughout. You should not blame yourself. Do not feel guilty.

Greenlee: Is there anything I can do, Doctor, from the hospital's perspective? Any equipment or personnel that you need to bring in to help with the baby?

Dr. Kantor: If I think of anything, I'll let you know. But right now this little girl just has to keep putting up the good fight.

Ryan: Can you please wait just for one second? She's so tiny.

Greenlee: She's beautiful.

Ryan: It's ok. I'm here. Daddy's here.

Dr. Kantor: Mr. Lavery?

Ryan: You go get strong, ok? I'll see you later.

Kendall: Ok. So were you able to find anything in Ricky's room before he showed up?

Griffin: Yeah, enough to know that we're on the right track, and that there's much more to find.

Kendall: Ok. Were you able to get into his computer?

Griffin: Yeah.

Kendall: And?

Griffin: It wasn't pretty.

Kendall: All right. Come on, Griff. Stop dancing around this whole thing. Just -- what did you find in Ricky's computer?

Griffin: He had pictures of you and Zach and the kids, stuff that he had scanned from around your place, I guess.

Kendall: And?

Griffin: And he pasted his face in place of Zach's like he's claiming you and the kids for his own.

Ricky: You made it all up, didn't you? The whole thing was just a ruse to get me out of here.

Bianca: Yes. I made it all up.

Ricky: To keep me away from Kendall.

Bianca: To keep you away from Kendall.

Ricky: Why?

Bianca: I'm trying to protect her.

Ricky: From me?

Bianca: From anyone who I think is not healthy for her right now.

Ricky: I've been by her side for weeks helping her, counseling her, supporting her, and she seems to be very appreciative.

Bianca: I know. She's been relying on you an awful lot, Ricky, but she is very fragile. She has been since Zach died. And now with Mom missing, being kidnapped --

Ricky: Do you think I'm taking advantage of her?

Bianca: No. Just -- she's still mourning Zach's death.

Ricky: You told me that Zach and Kendall were at odds before Zach died.

Bianca: They were. But Ian is his boy. That boy loved him. It's not personal or anything. I just -- I underestimated how complicated this would become.

Ricky: It's not complicated if I make Kendall happy. So what are you saying, that I don't make her happy?

Bianca: No, of course not.

Ricky: So what are you saying, Bianca?

Bianca: Kendall's special. Men tend to fall in love with her. I'm just protecting what's in my sister's best interests. It's an ingrained habit of us Kane women.

Ricky: I'm looking out for Kendall, ok? Obviously she feels guilty about Zach, so I'm helping her through that. I don't want to burden her.

Bianca: Good. Then just give her some space.

Ricky: Bianca, wait.

Kendall: Ricky wants to take Zach's place in my life, in my children's lives. This is  just getting sicker by the minute.

Griffin: I wasn't sure if I should've told you or not.

Kendall: No, I would've been upset if you hadn't.

Griffin: I know. It's just that you're under so much stress as it is.

Kendall: Screw the stress, ok? I needed to know this. I'm glad you told me. This is good, actually. This is a good thing, because he trusts me, and he actually thinks that we're gonna be together.

Griffin: Yeah, but how far is he willing to go to make that happen?

Kendall: How far am I willing to go to throw his murdering ass in prison?

Griffin: The answer to that scares me.

Kendall: What else did you find in his computer? Anything?

Griffin: No. No, I didn't have enough time. I need more time to search it properly, ok? I got to get back in there and somehow get some information that we can tie to the flash drive that Zach left you.

Kendall: I hate this whole thing. Look what he has done to us, ok? He has completely ruined both of our lives. He actually made me believe that you were guilty.

Griffin: Yeah, I know. He's not a stupid man. He knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it, and he hides his tracks very well.

Kendall: Ok. So, what, there might not be any evidence for us to find?

Griffin: I don't know. We have to keep searching, though.

Kendall: And if we do, and we don't find anything, then what? Do you think there's a chance that he might confess?

Griffin: No.

Kendall: You see, I don't think so either. I want to punish him, ok? I don't care how it happens. I don't care! I want him to pay for what he has done. At this point, it doesn't matter. If I could, I would kill him myself.

Griffin: Don't talk like that.

Kendall: Why? If anyone deserves to die, he does.

Griffin: Yes, he does, but you can't do it, Kendall. Ok? You have your kids to think about, your family. But what if I could kill him?

Ricky: I didn't mean to upset you.

Bianca: Oh, it's not that. I don't like to be grabbed like that by surprise. Reflexes, I guess.

Ricky: Sorry. I just wanted to make sure that we understood each other.

Bianca: I think we do.

[Knock on door]

Marissa: Hi. I'm sorry. Am I interrupting something?

Ricky: No, no. Actually, I was just leaving. Thank you, Bianca. Thank you for clearing things up. Bye. 

Marissa: Is it my imagination, or did I just walk in on a really uncomfortable moment between you two?

Bianca: Uh, no. It was just a little misunderstanding, that's all. What's up?

Marissa: I'm just worried about you. Your office said you were here. Is there any word about your mother?

Bianca: Oh. Yes. Yeah, they sent a tape. She's been kidnapped.

Marissa: Oh, my God, Bianca.

Bianca: Yeah, Uncle Jack and Caleb are working on it, but I haven't heard a word. I'm scared to death that something is gonna go terribly wrong.

Kendall: You are not serious.

Griffin: About wanting to kill Ricky? Why not? He's ruined your life. He's taken away your husband, the father of your two little boys, and now he wants to possess you like some prize at a carnival.

Kendall: I thought we talked about this. We agreed that we would find the proof that we needed, and then we'd have the police help us.

Griffin: But what if we don't find it? What if it doesn't even exist? Meanwhile, he's torturing you. He's ruined my life. He's taken away my career, my reputation, my freedom. And now I'm hiding out in this house like some trapped animal, and I could still go to prison!

Kendall: Ok, Griffin, when I said I wanted to kill him, I was speaking out of frustration. Ok? I was being emotional.

Griffin: And I'm sick of having to watch you go through it! I'm sick of all of it, ok, and I might be in a position to do something about it. The longer this goes on, the more danger you're in. Nobody knows where I am. I'm a ghost. If I get the chance to do something about --

Kendall: Would you stop it? All right, stop! Ok? You talked me out of killing once. Remember when I wanted to smother David in the hospital? Now it's my turn. I will not let you do this. I swear, I will go to the police if you think about making this mistake.

Griffin: You wouldn't do that.

Kendall: Don't try me.

Caleb: [Grunts] Don't try to move him. Wait till the paramedics get here.

J.R.: All right. I'm just checking his pulse. Ok, he's breathing. What about Erica?

Caleb: I don't know. Jackson?!

Jack: I found her! I've got her! I think she's ok!


Jack: You hear that? That's help, help on the way. You all right, honey? All right, we got to get you out of here. Can you stand up?

Erica: I think so. Oh, Jack.

Jack: I got you.

J.R.: Just take it easy, pal. You'll be at the hospital in a minute.

Erica: I want to get out of here.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. You should wait for a stretcher, though, honey.

Erica: No. No. Erica Kane is gonna walk out of here on her own two feet.

Jack: All right.

Greenlee: Hey, they found Erica. Apparently there was an explosion, but she seems to be doing ok, and I'm gonna meet my dad downstairs.

Ryan: Oh, my God, that's -- ok. Madison's about to come out of recovery, so will you just tell everybody I'm happy that they're ok?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Ryan: All right. Hey. Hi. How are you feeling?

Madison: My baby. Where's my baby?

Ryan: She's in intensive care. She's a tiny little thing, but she's fighting really hard.

Madison: Go away.

Scott: Madison, I --

Madison: I can't deal with you right now. I just -- I want my baby.

Marissa: Is there anything I can do to help?

Bianca: I wish there was. Everyone's gone off to deal with it, and I'm kind of left here in the dark.

Marissa: Did they call the police?

Bianca: No. No. She said not to do that, that they would hurt her. Uncle Jack and Caleb are working on it. They think they have a lead as to where she is, so they're looking for her now. I don't know what I'm gonna do if anything happens to her.

Marissa: Let me stay here with you, ok, at least until you hear something.

[Phone rings]

Bianca: Ohh. Yes? Oh, God! Thank God! Ok, I -- yeah, I'll be right there. Oh, they found her. She's alive. They're on their way to the hospital, so I've got to go.  

Marissa: Ok, yeah, go. I will lock up.

Kendall: Griffin, listen to me. I know how frustrated you are, ok? You're hiding out here, you're unable to help the people that you want to help, but you can get your life back. I know that. Killing Ricky will only end everything that you've worked so hard for.

Griffin: It may come down to it, Kendall. That may be the only choice.

Kendall: That's not true. We are so close. We've convinced Ricky that I'm falling in love with him. We've got him to drop his guard. Just a little bit longer, and we'll get all the proof that we need, however long it takes. Please, Griffin. Please don't do this. Do not go after him. That is not who you are.

Griffin: He's taken away who I am.

Kendall: That's not true. It's not. He has taken away a lot of things, but not everything.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Hello? Is she all right? Oh, God. Oh, that is great news, Jack. Thank you. Yes, yes, I will be right there. They found my mom.

Griffin: Is she ok?

Kendall: Yeah. She's on her way to the hospital right now, but Jackson thinks that she's gonna be fine. So this is good.

Griffin: That's great. I wish I could be there with you.

Kendall: I will get back as soon as I can. I promise. Swear to me you will not do anything stupid.

Griffin: I never do anything stupid. I'm way too clever for that, remember?

Kendall: You know what I'm talking about. Last time you made me a promise, you ended up in Ricky's hotel room this close to being caught.

Griffin: But I wasn't.

Kendall: Swear to me. Swear on something that means everything to you.

Griffin: That may mean a couple different things. Go. Your mother's waiting for you.

E.M.T.: I palpated his neck before applying the collar. No step-off noted, no signs of trauma. Gross motor deficits times four.

Frankie: BP?

E.M.T.: 80 palp, and he's tachy, maybe sliding into shock.

Frankie: All right, let's get some pictures on him and get a neurologist down here.

Caleb: Doc, what does all that mean?

Frankie: I'll explain later. But for right now, he's unconscious, slightly responsive. I can't tell you anything outside of that. Once I have my pictures and an opinion from a neurologist, ok? Sorry.

Jake: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Jake: Hi, guys. How are you feeling?

Erica:: I'm not really sure, to be honest.

Jake: I just can't believe that you're both in this explosion.

Jack: It was so intense. It blew a wall right out. I found Erica here under a pile of rubble.

Jake: Do you know where you are right now?

Erica: Of course, I do. This is Pine Valley Hospital. And you're Jake Martin. You're Tad's brother.

Jake: How's your head feeling?

Erica: I really have a whopper of a headache. I'm dizzy when I stand up.

Jake: Do you remember the actual explosion?  

Erica: No. Not really, no. I really just remember waking up and seeing this handsome face.

Jake: Any nausea with that?

Erica: No. Just a headache.

Jake: All right. What I'd like to do is get you in for an MRI as soon as possible just to make sure, ok? And don't leave this place without letting me check out that eye.

Jack: Yeah, come on. You go with him. I'll wait here for you. 

Erica: Oh, my darling Jackson, what would I do without you?

Jack: Go. Get checked out.

Erica: OK.

Jack: Hey.

Greenlee: I'm so glad you're ok. What happened?

Jack: Caleb figured out where they were keeping her, but when we got there, it was booby-trapped: A bomb. The kidnappers -- whoever the hell they are, they got away.

Greenlee: How is Erica?

Jack: She's going to get an MRI right now.

Greenlee: But she's gonna be ok?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Kendall: Hi. How is she?

Jack: Hey. She's getting an MRI right now. She got pretty rattled. She's a little dizzy, trouble remembering stuff, but I think she's gonna be ok.

Kendall: All right. Good. Do they know who did this to her?

Jack: No idea. The cops are working on that.

Kendall: All right. When can I see her?

Greenlee: I think she's supposed to be back pretty soon. Did you hear about Madison? She had the baby.

Kendall: No. What, is she --

Greenlee: She's 28 weeks. There was a minor car accident, and once she started labor, they had to take the baby. She's in intensive care.

Kendall: Oh, God. Ok. After Mom, I'll go and see her.

Greenlee: I think she'd really like that. After everything that you went through with Ian, hearing what you went through and how you got through it all -- it'll really help her.

Bianca: Where's Mom?

Kendall: Hello.

Jack: Hey.

Jake: Hey. Here she is.

Erica: Ah. Hello, everybody. What a sight for sore eyes you are.

Bianca: You scared us so much

Erica: Sorry about that, but I'm here now.

Kendall: Mom, are you ok?

Erica: I think so, yes. I just wish that I could remember more about what happened. There are a lot of empty places in my memory.

Jake: She had a pretty good whack there. I'm thinking it's a concussion, a little posttraumatic amnesia. We couldn't really get everything out of her that happened.

Jack: What can you remember?

Erica: I -- I don't know. I'm just not sure what was real and what was a dream. I remember St. Barts. And I remember walking into the rehearsal, and then -- I don't know. All of a sudden I just -- I woke up, and it was this very strange place.

Jack: Whoa. Come here. Just sit down here. Excuse me.

Erica: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm not gonna be much help, though. It's because I don't remember their faces. I didn't see their faces.

Jack: "Their faces"? There was more than one?

Erica: I think so. I just -- I was mostly isolated, so I don't know for sure.

Bianca: That's ok. We're just so glad that you're home safe.

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: Oh, Jack, I'm so sorry. They made me make that horrible phone call, and the video and -- I'm sorry. I just -- but I love you. I love you so much.

[Rustling at door]

Griffin: Oh, my God. I was just leaving.

Chavo: Please, ok? Mi abuela -- she needs help.

Griffin: Your grandmother?

Chavo: She's having trouble breathing.

Griffin: Then you should take her to the emergency room.

Chavo: She won't go. She's not legal. Look, I told her you were a doctor, that you were living here.

Griffin: I told you not to tell anybody about that.

Chavo: You helped me. You fixed my arm. You'll help her, won't you? Please.

Scott: Hey.

Marissa: Hey. Come here. Have a seat. Did you hear the news about Erica?

Scott: Yeah, yeah. They were bringing her in the hospital when I left. Asher got hurt, too. They think it's pretty bad.

Marissa: Did somebody call J.R.?

Scott: He's there. He was involved with Erica's rescue attempt or something. I don't know.

Marissa: Are you ok?

Scott: Madison's baby came early.

Marissa: Oh, my God. That's, like, really early, isn't it? Is the baby ok?

Scott: It's touch and go.

Marissa: Then why aren't you there? Why aren't you with Madison?

Scott: I thought I'd maybe get her some food or something, you know? Something that -- the truth is she doesn't want me around.

Madison: Where is she? Where's my baby?

Ryan: It's ok. It's ok. She's still in ICU.

Madison: When can I see her?

Ryan: That's gonna be up to the doctors. She's really tiny.

Madison: I can't believe she came so soon. Ohh. Ryan, I'm not ready. I don't have a crib. I have so much to do to get ready.

Ryan: It's ok. It's gonna be ok. You're gonna have lots of time, ok? Don't worry. It's all gonna work out. She's gonna be here for a little while. But don't worry about that, because they're taking extra good care of her here, ok? You do need to rest. You need to rest, so that you can get strong for her.

Madison: Is she pretty? She's beautiful, isn't she?

Ryan: Of course, she's beautiful. She looks like her mom.

Madison: I want to hold her. I want to hold her so much.

Ryan: Ok. The doctors say you can hold her soon. Ok? But first, you need to rest.

Madison: Yeah. Yeah, I'm tired. Wait, Ryan.

Ryan: I'm right here. I'm here.

Madison: Take care of our little girl, ok? Make sure she's ok.

Ryan: I will. I promise.

Marissa: I'm so sorry. I know how you feel about Madison.

Scott: The baby. With the baby coming so soon, I want to be there for her. You know? I want to help her through it.

Marissa: I wish I had an answer for you. You know if there's anything I can do, I'd help.

Scott: I know, and I appreciate it. I really do, but this is my mess. I got to clean it up myself.

Griffin: [Speaking Spanish] Asi. Esta bien?

Chavo: She's better?

Griffin: Yeah. Yeah. She's gonna have to keep that on her at all times, all right? I know you guys can't afford it. We'll work something out. So I thought you didn't speak English.

Chavo: Sometimes it's just easier not to.

Griffin: Right. I have somewhere I need to be going. So, soon as she catches her breath, you two take off. Ok? Hey, who the hell are all these people?

Chavo: They're family, some friends. They all need help.

Griffin: I told you not to tell anyone that -- all right. I'll see them, but one at a time, ok?

Frankie: All right, the good news is there's no sign of fractured vertebrae, but the neurologist thinks there may be some spinal cord compressions.

Caleb: What does that mean?

Frankie: There's potential for paralysis. It could be temporary.

Jack: Are you feeling any better?

Kendall: Ok, I think Mom's a little more rattled than she wants us to know. She seems really distant.

Bianca: Yeah, I noticed that, too. Like, it takes her a moment to register things.

Jake: A concussion will do that to you. I just had one. Just give her a couple days. Her head will clear up.

Kendall: What about her memory? She says most of what happened to her is a blank. 

Jake: Yeah, a concussion is where you bruise your head, so it takes everybody a different amount of time to come back from that.

Bianca: Do you think she's really ready to go home, then?

Jake: She was insistent. And when Erica Kane is insistent about something -- right.

Kendall: We know.

Jake: Most I can do is bed rest for her, so I say, "Go home to your own bed." It's fine. I'll make sure Jackson keeps an eye on her.

Bianca: Thanks.

Greenlee: I have to get back upstairs to Ryan.

Jack: Listen, thank you so much for stopping down and checking on us.

Erica: Yes, that was so sweet of you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Um, I'm glad they found you and that you're safe.

Erica: Thank you.

Greenlee: Feel better, and welcome home.

Jack: Yeah, speaking of which, what if I take you home? What do you say?

Erica: Those are words I've been dying to hear.

Kendall: Hi. Mom, I love you so much.

Bianca: Me, too.

Erica: And I love you, Kendall and Bianca.

Jack: Ok, come on. Let's get out of here. Let's get you home.

Jack: So, I bet it feels good to be home, huh?

Erica: Oh, Jack. It's everything I could ever wish for -- this and you.

Jack: Come on, let's get you to bed.

J.R.: So what are you doing for him?

Frankie: The neurologist wants to start him on a drug program, one that's shown a lot of promise in the past with spinal cord compressions like this.

Caleb: What does this drug do?

Frankie: It raises his blood pressure significantly.

Caleb: That doesn't sound good.

Frankie: It's the line we have to walk. But the more blood we can get circulating in any damaged area, the more healing can be done. Now, this has shown remarkable recovery in the past. I'll have the neurologist give you the details, ok?

J.R.: Thanks, Frankie.

Caleb: Thank you.

J.R.: Let's not get ahead of ourselves till we hear from the neurologist, then.

Caleb: Yeah. You're a mess.

J.R.: What's that?

Caleb: You're bleeding.

J.R.: So I am.

Caleb: Better go get that looked at.

J.R.: No. It's fine. I'll clean it up when I get back to the house.

Caleb: I'll call you when the neurologist shows up. Go get that looked at. J.R.? Thank you for helping save him.

Ryan: I'm gonna go check in with the doctor.

Bianca: By the way, I had to tap-dance with Ricky earlier. He came back after he found out I lied about the whole leak at the hotel.

Kendall: What did you tell him?

Bianca: That I was worried about you, that I thought he was going too close too fast, that it wasn't healthy for you. 

Kendall: All right. Did he buy it?

Bianca: Yeah, I think he did.

Ricky: Hey. There you are.

Kendall: Hello.

Ricky: I heard the great news about your mom. Looks like our prayers were answered.

Kendall: Yeah, they were.

Ricky: Everything ok?

Kendall: Um, Bianca just told me about the little white lie that she told you to get you away from earlier.

Ricky: She explained her reasons. Bianca cares a lot about you.

Kendall: My sister has always been my biggest protector.

Bianca: We look out for one another.

Ricky: And you're lucky that you have each other.

Kendall: Yeah, we are. Thank you for understanding. But I told her that she did not have to protect me from you.

Jack: Must feel awfully good to be back in your own bed, huh?

Erica: You have no idea.

Jack:  Oh, I  think I might. You've made my dreams come true to have you home.

Erica: You made my dreams come true, too, Jack.

Jack: Ok, listen. You get some rest. Doctor's orders.

Erica: Why don't you answer me? Answer me! I know there are two of you! I want out of here! Let me out of here! Let me out! Let me out!

Jane: Erica Kane's bed. How classy is this?

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