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Erica: Spike, please. Please put anyone on the phone. Any grownup. I'm in danger. Do you understand?

Spike: What?

Distorted voice: Erica, what are you doing?

Erica: Spike, please. This is very important. Listen to me, honey. I am here in Pine Valley. I've been kidnapped.

Spike: I miss you.

Erica: I miss you, too, sweetheart, but please, please, put someone on the phone. Put a grownup on the phone right now. Spike? Are you still there?

Spike: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Please, Spike, please, it's important, honey. Put anyone on the phone. Right now, honey.

Spike: Ok. Good-bye.

Erica: No! Don't hang up, honey. No, don't -- Spike.

Bianca: Excuse me, who were you talking to?

Spike: Your mommy.

Bianca: Ok, now, Spike, come on. Tell me the truth.

Spike: I am.

Bianca: What did she say?

Spike: She said she was in danger.

Bianca: Danger? That's what she said?

Spike: And she said she needed help.

Bianca: Help? Are you sure that's what she said, Spike?

Spike: I cross my heart.

Krystal: Jackson --

Jesse: What a coincidence.

Liza: What? That I'm at a restaurant at lunch? That's astonishing.

Jesse: Don't play dumb, Liza. Wherever I go, there you are. What? Are you waiting for me to slip up so you can run back to Iris with the goods?

Liza: Are there any? Goods? Then you have nothing to worry about, do you?

Ryan: You don't actually admit to mistakes, Hayward, so I'm not sure what you're trying to pull.

David: Ok, look, I'm serious. I am sorry, ok? I probably shouldn't have said anything. I didn't even realize until the words were coming out of my mouth that it was most likely gonna cause trouble for all of you.

Ryan: Yeah, well, I don't have time for this.

Scott: Yeah, neither do I. I'm meeting someone.

David: Yeah, see, now that's kind of my point. I wouldn't count on her showing up. Madison, right? And if she does, you might want to have a really good excuse ready.

Scott: What the hell are you talking about?

David: What do you think, Scotty? The deal that you made with Greenlee to get your sorry ass out of prison. I'm sure you can imagine, well, Madison, she didn't take it too well.

Ryan: You son of a bitch. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Greenlee: Madison? Now what's your problem?

Madison: You.

Greenlee: Whatever you're mad at me about, save it.

Madison: Don't you dare walk away from me.

Erica: You stay away from me. Let go! Let go of me! I just called the FBI, and they're tracing the call even as we speak! They're gonna charge you with kidnapping!

Distorted voice: FBI? Really? So is your agent's name Spike?

Erica: So what? So what? Spike is a very smart little boy, and he has told everybody by now that I am danger!

Distorted voice: Which is why our time together is about to end.

Caleb: Hey, guys.

Bianca: Caleb.

Caleb: What's going on?

Bianca: Spike talked to Mom.

Caleb: What?

Bianca: She called Uncle Jack's phone, which I have. Doesn't matter. I'm about to go find him now. After I drop you off with your brother and cousins, right?

Caleb: Slow down. Do you know what she said?

Bianca: She said she was in danger.

Caleb: What kind of danger?

Bianca: I don't know. He thought she was playing some game.

Caleb: Hey, Spike, you talk to Erica? Did she tell you where she is?

Spike: She said she was in Pine Valley.

Caleb: In Pine Valley?

Bianca: All this time.

Caleb: Are you sure it was Erica?

Spike: She said she missed me.

Bianca: We're gonna go find Uncle Jack, tell him what's going on. Come on, buddy.

Krystal: Jack, if you're having second thoughts, that's -- that's ok.

Jack: I am.

Liza: First of all -- thank you. I was here first.

Jesse: So?

Liza: So -- that kind of blows your theory out of the water, doesn't it, that I'm trailing you 24/7?

Jesse: You could've tapped my phone, Liza.

Liza: Are you serious?

Jesse: Yeah. I called Angela, told her I was coming here for takeout.

Liza: Wow. Now you're being paranoid.

Jesse: What? That you're following the mayor's orders? Trying to dig up any dirt on me you can?

Liza: I got my work cut out for me, don't I?

Jesse: I'll take that as a "Yes, I am the mayor's lackey."

Liza: Well, you can take it however you want. What I'm concerned about is why you're so upset about this. Listen, if there's no dirt, there's no digging.

Jesse: And I'm supposed to believe you're gonna leave it at that.

Liza: What else could I do?

Jesse: Well, you could make something up, Liza Colby. That is, after all, your specialty, right?

Ryan: He's not worth going back to prison, Scott.

David: Oh, come on. You two mental giants crack me up. Don't you at least see the irony in all of this? Greenlee was all over me for lying to her. Saw me as evil incarnate. Worse. And what does she turn around and do? The exact same thing to her beloved new husband.

Ryan: Shut up, Hayward, please.

David: I would love to, but I just can't. I'm enjoying this too much. But I will tell you this -- I am really proud of my ex for following in my footsteps. And the fact that those footsteps led to this? Now, come on. That is an added bonus.

Scott: What did you say to Madison? Hmm? And how do you even know?

David: I have impeccable hearing, Scotty. But let me give you some advice. Next time you want to have a conversation that's so personal, so explosive, you might want to make sure you don't do it in an open area in a hospital. All right, but look, don't blame yourself. It's really not your fault. It's yours.

Ryan: I love your logic. Of course, it's my fault.

David: Yeah, it is. You know why? Because you're the one who got Madison pregnant, you're the one that left her alone. What choice did Greenlee have?

Scott: Unbelievable.

David: You're right. You're absolutely right. Mr. Perfect isn't perfect after all.

Scott: Why would you do that? Why would you crush Madison like that? To settle a score?

David: I just told her the truth, Scotty. Maybe that's something you should've tried from the beginning.

Scott: I can't even -- I gotta go. I gotta find Madison.

Ryan: I don't think that's such a good idea.

Madison: Did you have a good laugh at poor, clueless Madison? I mean, it couldn't have played out any more perfectly for you. Pick some random guy out of prison, plop him down in front of me, and poof! I'm sold.

Greenlee: You know about Scott.

Madison: A little late, but yes. My good friend David Hayward filled me in.

Greenlee: It's not what you think.

Madison: Really? What part of what I just said didn't happen? Prison -- check. Random guy -- check. Me an idiot -- check.

Greenlee: It wasn't like that.

Madison: Yes, it was. You wanted me away from Ryan. Just physically at first. Ship me off to New York. And then when that didn't work out -- my God, Greenlee, you messed with my head, my heart. You and Scott must've thought I was really a fool.

Greenlee: We never thought that.

Madison: Don't lie.

Greenlee: If you would just listen to me --

Madison: How long? How long did you pay Scott to -- I don't even know what to call it. To -- show interest in me? Laugh at my jokes? Hold the door for the poor, pregnant woman? What, a few months? More?

Greenlee: Madison --

Madison: Is he still on your payroll?

Greenlee: Scott never once took money from me.

Madison: No, just a bright, shiny, get out of jail free card.

Greenlee: Yes. Ok? I helped him get released early. And I promised him a job at the hospital.

Madison: So giving. In exchange for what, exactly? I mean, I get the general idea, but I'm curious. How did you lay out the terms?

Greenlee: I just asked him to get to know you. That's all. Not like it's, I mean, hard. Look at you. You do realize this is all beside the point.

Madison: On what planet?

Greenlee: On the one where Scott genuinely cares about you. I'm telling you, he really does. You must see that.

Madison: Did you put him up to it?

Greenlee: What?

Madison: When Ryan found out that I'm pregnant, did you tell Scott to say that he's the father?

Greenlee: No. No. That was all him. I'm serious. I was just as surprised as you. In my mind, it was game over.

Madison: So glad this was all fun and games for you.

Greenlee: That's not what I meant.

Madison: Meanwhile, this is my life.

Greenlee: Mine, too. I'm in this mess with you, in case you haven't noticed.

Madison: I thought what was happening with Scott was real, but it was just another one of your nasty ways to keep me away from Ryan. Because you don't have a human bone in your body. You're just a cold, vicious machine.

Greenlee: When are you gonna stop blaming me for everything that goes wrong in your sad, little life?

Ryan: Do you have any idea what you're gonna say to her to explain yourself?

Scott: "I'm sorry, Madison. I probably ruined the best thing that ever happened to me. Do you forgive me? Great. Thanks." You're right. That'll probably never fly.

Ryan: You gotta come up with something that's gonna help her, that's gonna make it easier for her.

Scott: I don't think that's even possible. I mean, it took her so long to start trusting again, to open up.

Ryan: I know.

Scott: And I broke that trust. I have no right to ask her to believe a word that I say.

Ryan: But you're going to anyway, aren't you?

Scott: I have to. I don't want to lose her, man.

Jesse: Miserable? Really what you want to do with your life?

Liza: Well, it has always been a dream of mine.

Jesse: And what's with being the mayor's lapdog? I mean, I thought the whole purpose of becoming D.A. was to shed your reputation.

Liza: And what reputation would that be?

Jesse: Come on. Most hated woman in Pine Valley. FYI -- gunning for me is not gonna help your cause.

Liza: Oh.

David: Is there a problem?

Jesse: There's always a problem whenever you're around, David.

David: Why don't you get off her case, Chief? Don't you have a bunch of dirty diapers to change? Liza doesn't need you jumping down her throat all the time.

Jesse: What does she need, Hayward? You? Complete this perfect match made in hell?

Jack: Krystal, I am having second thoughts, but not the way you think. Hey. Hey, listen. Listen to me. I want this.

Krystal: You do?

Jack: Yes, I do. Listen, I just want to make sure we do this right, ok, that there's no questions or doubts or second-guessing on either one of our parts.

Krystal: And how do you propose we do that?

Jack: By taking it slow. I know, it sounds simple, and I understand that it actually works.

Krystal: Yeah. That's what they say.

Jack: Look, I just -- want to give us a chance, you know? Chance to explore. Chance to explore each other. Where this might end up.

Krystal: Yeah, I know, we did kind of get a little carried away.

Jack: Yeah, but I really, really liked it, ok? I just -- you think this is a good idea, right? I mean, taking it slow.

Krystal: Jack, I couldn't agree more.

Jack: Yeah?

Krystal: Yes. Yes.

Jack: Good. Ok.

Krystal: That's why I pulled back. That's why I checked in with you. I want -- I want this to be right just as much as you do.

Jack: Ok. Well, Miss Carey, it looks like you and I are once again on the same page.

Krystal: Yes, we are -- Counselor.

Jack: Mm. Mmm. Love when you say "Counselor" like that.

[Knocking on door]

Caleb: Excuse me. Door was open. Erica's in trouble.

Erica: Any chance you might tell me what's going on -- sometime in this century?

Distorted voice: You're not nervous, are you, Erica?

Erica: I just like to be informed.

Distorted voice: Because with the life that you've led, you've found yourself in a perilous situation or two.

Erica: Or 20.

Distorted voice: Tell me about them, the more recent ones that weren't in your books. Where were you? With whom?

Erica: Why all the questions? I thought you said you know everything there is to know about me.

Distorted voice: Not everything. Let's see. The last time you were in danger was on that mountain with Caleb Cortlandt.

Erica: I don't want to talk about this.

Distorted voice: I don't care what you don't want to talk about. Tell me.

Erica: No. And no more Q & A. If you're gonna kill me, then just do it already.

Distorted voice: Ha ha! Don't be ridiculous. Haven't you figured it out by now? Your existence makes life worth living.

Erica: Who are you? All right. Then just tell me: If killing me is not your plan, then what is?

Distorted voice: If Kendall's son is really as smart as you say, your family's already on to us, knows that you didn't bail on your wedding like you claimed, but are actually in legitimate danger, which means they're most likely mobilizing forces.

Erica: Then let me go. They will be easier on you then.

Distorted voice: Or I could ask for ransom.

Erica: Ransom? Now? Why would you go to all this trouble to re-create my room and to collect my things? I mean, if you wanted money, why didn't you just say so in the beginning? This could've been over weeks ago.

Distorted voice: Oh, don't worry. It's not about to be over yet.

Jack: And Erica said those exact words? That she's in danger?

Caleb: Yup. According to Spike.

Jack: Did she say anything else?

Caleb: Well, according to Spike, she's here in Pine Valley.

Jack: I don't recognize this number. I don't recognize -- look, is Spike sure that it was Erica he was talking to?

Caleb: Yeah, he seemed pretty sure to me. And to Bianca.

Jack: I'm calling the police.

Krystal: Hey, look, let me do that, all right? Let me help. I'll see if they can get a trace going on that call. She had to be calling from somewhere, right? Unless you don't want me to help. I -- I understand.

Jack: I'd like you to do that. We can use all the help we can get. Thank you. Let me check, see if she sent an e-mail. Nothing. Damn it!

Caleb: Look, Jack, why don't we just go through the house again? See if there are any clues.

Jack: Good. Good. Why don't you take the den? I'll start out here, ok? Thanks, Caleb.

[Knocking on door]

Jack: Hi.

Bianca: Hi, Uncle Jack. Is Caleb here?

Jack: Yeah, he's in the den right now.

Bianca: Did Mom call again?

Jack: No. Damn it, if I only had my phone. If I'd answered my phone.

Bianca: I was only a few feet away when Spike was talking to her, and now -- what if we don't find her?

Jack: We're gonna find her. Bianca, we're gonna find her. Ok? When she came back to this house, if she was in any kind of trouble, she would leave us a clue. You know that.

Bianca: What if it wasn't her?

Jack: What the hell are you talking about?

Bianca: Here. We've just been assuming that it was her who came to get her clothes. What if it was someone else?

Jack: Oh --

Bianca: I'm gonna call the police.

Jack: No, that's being taken care of. Krystal's calling them right now.

Bianca: Well, I will call the police in St. Barts, then.

Jack: Do that, and then look around down here. Check around down here. I'm gonna head upstairs.

Bianca: Yes, this is Bianca Montgomery. I need to be connected to the police department, please. Thank you.

Krystal: I got them to trace the call.

Jack: Come up here! I found something!

Erica: What's going on out there?

Distorted voice: Have them bring it here to the quarry, understand? Damn it! Turn it off.

Erica: Quarry.

Distorted voice: Please leave Miss Kane, so she can go over her script.

Erica: What is this?

Distorted voice: Your ransom message. Feel free to paraphrase -- with no little clues. Just make sure to hit the important ones. Namely, bring the money and no cops. When you're finished and I am satisfied, I'll e-mail it out to your family.

Erica: And then what? My family pays the ransom, and I'm free?

Distorted voice: Something like that. Are you ready?

Erica: I'll need a few minutes.

Distorted voice: What for? All you have to do is read.

Erica: Well, I never go on camera until my hair and makeup are absolutely perfect. You should know that.

Distorted voice: Fine, but make it quick. We're running out of time.

Liza: Thank you for your concern, but I can handle this one.

David: All right. I'll be over there if you need me.

Jesse: So you got tired of raising hell alone? Conspiring with Satan himself now, huh?

Liza: Jesse -- I am not the monster that you think I am.

Jesse: Think? You accused me of rape, Liza. Remember that?

Liza: It was high school. Jesse, I've apologized. Are you ever gonna let that go?

Jesse: I'm just saying. Same old tricks as back then, huh? I mean, anything to get what you want. It was Greg then, now it's holding on to your precious job. Most people grow up, Liza, better themselves. Not you. What's up with that?

Liza: I don't really have to deal with this.

Jesse: You don't have to deal with much, do you? No friends, except Dr. 666 over there. No family to speak of that wants to be associated with you, anyway. So what's the plan? Alienate the entire town, including your daughter? Because if that is the plan, you've knocked it right out of the park, Liza.

Liza: Stop it. You can say whatever you want about me, Jesse, but don't you dare pretend to know what's going on with Colby. You have no idea what it's like to lose a child.

Scott: Madison? Madison?

[Knocking on door]

Madison: We were happy. Clearly, that means nothing to you.

Greenlee: Do you want me to pretend it does? There's no reason to play nice anymore. Ryan knows everything. You don't have anything to hold over my head anymore.

Madison: See, that's the thing that you still don't understand. I was never holding anything over your head.

Greenlee: No. No, that would ruin your sweet, little, innocent act. You kept your arsenal well hidden.

Madison: What is my arsenal? Your lies?

Greenlee: You should be thanking me for my lies right now.

Madison: Are you kidding me?

Greenlee: No. Not at all. I did you a favor pulling Scott out of prison and having him go knock on your door. Otherwise, where would you be? Alone and feeling sorry for yourself, nose pressed against the glass watching me and Ryan happy and in love.

Madison: Is that where you are now -- happy and in love?

Greenlee: We will always be in love, and we will be happy again soon enough, and that's gonna make it that much harder for you when you realize you weren't enough to keep him, even with a baby. So go, be with Scott. He's the best you're gonna get.

Madison: Hey.

Distorted voice: Are you finally ready?

Erica: I am.

Distorted voice: Remember -- no tricks. I'm watching your every move.

Erica: Of course not. I've learned my lesson. Any last-minute instructions?

Distorted voice: Just look into one of the cameras and do your thing.

Erica: Jack -- Kendall -- Bianca. I know that I told you I needed time to collect my thoughts and to clear my head, that that's why I ran out on the wedding. But that wasn't true. I was forced to lie because the day before what should've been the happiest day of my life, I was kidnapped.

Jack: It's gone.

Bianca: What is?

Jack: Years ago, I got your mother this book, only it wasn't a book. It was hollowed out. Inside there was a cell phone and a battery charger.

Bianca: I remember. For emergencies. In case she was in trouble. But it's not here?

Jack: No. It's gone.

Caleb: Are you sure that's where she kept it?

Jack: Absolutely. It's been there since the day I moved in.

Bianca: This is real. Mom's really in trouble.

Krystal: What can I do?

Jack: Let's look around. Let's see if we can find anything else that's out of place or gone. It might give us a clue as to where she went or what happened. Nobody else would know about that book except her.

Caleb: Why don't we spread out again?

Krystal: I think I'll get going.

Jack: No. No, no. You don't have to do that.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I'm not family, and I get the sneaking suspicion that Bianca does not want me here, so --

Jack: Look, I am very, very sorry. I had no idea it would play out like this.

Krystal: Don't. Please. Ok? None of that matters now. What's important is bringing Erica home.

Liza: Sure, everything is all new and wonderful with your new baby. So I'm sure you never look her in the eyes and think, "What happens when I screw this up?" But you will. We all do.

Jesse: I am nothing like you, Liza.

Liza: That's probably true, but you're still human, Jesse, and we all make mistakes. So before you get up on that high horse, just take a minute and think about it. One mess-up, one little lapse in judgment, and everything changes. Everything.

David: Boy, that was fast. Sure you don't want to be walked all over some more?

Liza: David, I'm not in the mood.

David: I don't get it, Liza. Why do you let that loser talk to you like that?

Liza: Maybe I needed to hear it.

David: From him?

Liza: It was a reality check. Sometimes it can do you good.

David: Huh. Really? Ok. So what am I in denial of now?

Liza: Why did you do it? Hmm? Why did you intentionally blow up an innocent woman's world? Excuse me, a pregnant innocent woman's world? Did you really think it was gonna separate Greenlee and Ryan and somehow she was gonna take you back?

Ryan: You know, it's funny, because I was gonna ask you the exact same question.

Greenlee: Have you lost it? I'm not fighting a pregnant woman.

Madison: Why fight when you can play dirty?

Greenlee: Go take care of your baby.

Madison: Ooh.

[Cell phone ringing]

Madison: What do you want?

Scott: I just want to talk to you, to somehow make this right.

Madison: You can't.

Scott: How about we try? Where are you?

Madison: I don't want to talk to you right now.

Scott: Madison. Madison!

Madison: Ryan. We'll find your daddy.

Scott: Pick up. Pick up, pick up, pick up, please. Yeah, Madison, hey. It's me again. Will you just please call me, all right? I was wrong, and I know that and I really, really -- I need to talk to you, so would you please call me?

Ryan: So what was the master plan, Hayward? Cause trouble for Madison and Scott and then somehow that would be a problem for Greenlee and myself?

David: Well, you sure do love your damsels in distress, don't you, Ryan? And now that Greenlee's betrayed you, does she ever stand a chance against sweet, honest, pregnant Madison?

Ryan: Even if Greenlee and I don't make it through this, you are totally delusional thinking that she would come back to you.

David: So you're saying there's a chance you won't make it?

Ryan: Is he serious?

Liza: Afraid so.

Greenlee: No way in hell.

Madison: Please, just help my baby. I'm fine, but my baby --

Jesse: Any more pain?

Madison: Is this labor? It can't be. It's too soon.

Dr. Kantor: What do we have?

EMT: BP 132 over 74. Pulse 92. O2 sat 97. Bilateral breath sounds, trachea midline. No obvious signs of head trauma. GCS within normal limits.

Madison: That phone kept ringing, and I tried to stop it, and I lost control of the car.

Dr. Kantor: Relax. We're gonna take care of you. Let's get her inside.

David: All right, look. Why don't we get serious here for a second? Do you know what the problem is between the two of you? You both live by two totally different moral codes. And there are no amount of moonbeams or moonstones that look more like jellybeans or anything else you two wax on about that's ever gonna fix that.

Ryan: That's really sad, Hayward, because you don't know anything about us.

Greenlee: And you don't know anything about moral codes.

David: I think I know just as much as anyone else in this town.

[Cell phone ringing]

David: Mm.

Ryan: Jesse, what's up?

Jesse: It's Madison. She was in a minor car accident.

Ryan: What? Is she ok? What about the baby?

Jesse: Madison's fine. They're in there with the doctor now checking out the baby.

Ryan: I'll be right there. It's Madison. She's in the hospital.

Bianca: Ok, well, can you tell him I need to speak with him as soon as possible? I'm at my mother's penthouse. He knows the address. Ok, thanks.

Jack: What is it?

Bianca: Jesse's out on a call, but he said he's gonna come by as soon as he can.

Jack: All right. Good. That's good. Thank you.

Caleb: I want to check the kitchen. You want to come and help me?

Jack: Yeah, go ahead. I'm gonna look a few more places. I'll be right down, all right?

[Cell phone beeps]

Jack: Erica.

Erica: Has the message gone out yet?

Distorted voice: Out and received, according to my status alert. Looks like this may be it for us. Think you'll miss me?

Erica: Well, I wouldn't go that far. But I have to admit, it would've been a lot more satisfying if I had actually seen your face.

Distorted voice: Trust me, you've seen it before.

Erica: Then I do know you.

Distorted voice: I can't see you. What are you doing?

Erica: Got something stuck on the bottom of my shoe.

Distorted voice: We had a deal, Erica. No games. Answer me. What are you up to?

Liza: You're just never gonna give up on her, are you?

David: We both know how Lavery operates. Madison, single mother to his unborn child, turns out to be alone. Well, that could certainly change things, don't you think?

Liza: She's turned her back on you in every way possible.

David: Have you ever known me to take the easy route? What's with the face?

Liza: No face.

David: All right. Let me be clear about something. I really do enjoy your company, Liza.

Liza: The compliments -- stop. I can't handle it.

David: No, I'm serious. I really do enjoy being with you. In bed, out of bed. I could do with a little less of your passing judgment all the time, that's for sure.

Liza: I actually, I thank Colby. Thank her for this public flogging, because it has made me take a really good look at myself, and it is motivating me to change.

David: Oh, please. We're leopards, Liza. We don't change our spots.

Liza: Well, I am damn well going to try.

David: Good luck with that.

[Cell phone beeps]

David: Mm.

Madison: Please. You have to save her. You can't let my baby die.

Voice on P.A.: Dr. Valentino to the O.R., please. Dr. Valentino to the O.R., please. Dr. Valentino to the O.R., please.

Scott: Hey, Jesse.

Jesse: Hey.

Scott: You ok?

Jesse: Yeah, I'm good. It's Madison.

Scott: I'm sorry. What?

Jesse: She was in a car accident. Wasn't bad, but she's worried about the baby.

Scott: Wait a minute. What happened? What do you --

Jesse: Her cell phone was ringing, and she was trying to stop it.

Scott: Her cell phone was ringing? I kept calling her.

Ryan: Hey. How are they?

Jesse: Dr. Kantor's in with them now.

Ryan: So you don't know anything? You don't know how the baby is or how Madison's doing?

Jesse: Nothing yet.

Scott: How is she?

Dr. Kantor: We're going to give Madison some magnesium sulfate, so we can slow down the labor.

Ryan: So she's actually in labor already?

Scott: No, no. She can't be. It's too soon.

Dr. Kantor: We're doing everything we can to keep that baby in there.

Ryan: Can we go in and can we see her?

Dr. Kantor: Yes. Don't stay too long, though. She needs her rest.

Ryan: Hey. How you feeling?

Madison: No.

Scott: Madison --

Madison: I don't want you in here. Get out.

Erica's voice: On the way to the rehearsal, I was grabbed out of nowhere, and I've been held --

Jack: Bianca! Bianca!

[Erica's doppelganger gasps]

Erica: Oh, my God.

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