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[Greenlee remembering]

Ryan's voice: If Madison had wanted to keep this a secret forever, would you have gone along with it? Did you push Scott and Madison together? I'm asking if you made a deal with them. Did you make a deal with Scott? Yes or no? You lied to me. And it wasn't just like one lie. You lied to me every single minute that we were together.

Randi: I thought you and Ryan were --

Greenlee: Where the hell is Madison?

Madison: I'm not rethinking anything. Scott's going to be in the delivery room. If you don't like it --

Ryan: I get that you guys have gotten close.

Madison: That's a little bit of an understatement.

Ryan: How well do you know him? Do you honestly feel like you can trust him?

Griffin: Hand it over.

Kendall: Wow! Aren't we bossy? Guess I should be used to that by now.

Griffin: Wasn't happy with the reception earlier.

Kendall: The reception or me?

Griffin: Have you heard from Ricky again?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, he left me a message. I'm gonna call him back and tell him Ian is fine and that I want to reschedule our date.

Griffin: I figured you'd say that. It's actually the real reason why you're here. The equipment's fine.

Kendall: Wait a minute. What?

Griffin: I'm not letting you leave until you swear you're not going back to that psychopath's room alone.

Ricky: [Looking at a picture of Zach] You had your shot. You blew it. Now it's my turn.

Erica's voice: It's going to be all right, Jack. I've sent this freak to the penthouse to get some of my own things, but all I really want is that cell phone. I'm so sorry I wasn't more appreciative when you gave it to me, hidden away in that mystery novel.

Jack's voice: Book within a book.

Erica's voice: "1-800-DANGER." A mystery novel? How thoughtful.

Jack's voice: Open it up. Go ahead.

Erica's voice: A cell phone?

Jack's voice: And a charger.

Erica's voice: It's a brilliant idea, one that's going to save me. You are going to save me.

Bianca: It feels so empty in here, so quiet.

Jack: You're telling me.

Bianca: What is it?

Randi: We didn't think you'd be here, since you closed ConFusion down to be alone with Ryan.

Greenlee: Well, I'm here now, and I want to know where your friend is.

Randi: I think she's with Scott. Is this about the mother and baby line, because if it is, from the feedback that we got, the retailers are all over it. Who would have thought? You and Madison make a great team. Did I say something wrong?

Greenlee: I didn't give her the night off. She needs to focus on what is important. Go home.

Randi: I still have e-mails that I --

Greenlee: You can finish them tomorrow.

Randi: Are you ok?

Greenlee: Just go. Uhh!

Madison: Doesn't give you the right to come in here and attack Scott.

Ryan: I'm just asking you a question, Madison.

Madison: Of course, I trust him, more than anyone. Greenlee didn't tell you that I'm pregnant with your child. You're angry. You have every right to be. Scott had nothing to do with what happened.

Ryan: Do you have anything that you'd like to add to that, Scott?

Madison: No, he doesn't. Ryan, you need to get past this. It all started out a mess, but everything's the way that it should be now.

Ryan: Everything is not as the way it should be, not everything.

Madison: Oh, really? You know that you're the father. You know you're gonna be part of the baby's life. Can we please, please just make it work for her?

Ryan: I would never do anything to hurt my child. You know that.

Madison: And Greenlee loves you. And even though you're pissed off, you love her, too. I want you to be as happy as I am.

Ryan: This is really working for you, huh?

Madison: Scott has seen me through a lot, like a lot a lot -- picked me up when I thought I was down for good. I owe him so much. We both do.

Ryan: Don't you even think about hurting her.

[Door closes]

Madison: Ok, that was fun.

Scott: Yeah.

Madison: Can we please just crawl back under the covers and stay there?

Scott: That is a plan that I love. I really do, but -- ahem. I just remembered that I gotta go to the hospital, tie up some loose ends over there. So I'm gonna run down there really quickly and then get back over here and show off my microwave skills.

Madison: Sounds perfect.

Scott: Ok. I'll be right back. Ok.

Madison: Isn't he incredible? I know, I know. Don't get too excited. I think Mommy's falling in love.

[Cell phone rings]

Madison: Hello?

Greenlee: Madison, it's Greenlee. Get to the office. Now.

Kendall: I am doing this for my boys and for the man they love more than anything in this world.

Griffin: Not more than you. Let's figure out another way.

Kendall: Griffin, you weren't there. You should have seen Ricky's face when I mentioned going back to his place. It was like he froze. There is something that he's hiding from me in that room. If it has anything to do with Zach's death, I need to find out what it is.

Griffin: Kendall, I can't help you if you're alone in there. Neither can Ryan or anyone else.

[Cell phone rings]

Kendall: Well, I guess he misses me. Hey, you!

Ricky: How is my favorite mother of two doing?

Kendall: Well, the crisis is averted. Everything is good. The boys are tucked in and ready for bed. So I was thinking maybe we could reschedule our date.

Ricky: Ok. How's now sound?

Kendall: Really?

Ricky: Yep. Cleaned up my place. It's finally presentable.

Kendall: Great. Ok, well, I will be over there soon. Bye. All right, well, I guess I'll be needing that.

Griffin: Tough.

Kendall: Fine. I'll go without it. I'll go without it. I'm good. I can do this myself. Oh, come on.

Griffin: Look me in the eye and swear to me you won't go to the guy's room alone. Otherwise, I'm sorry. You're staying right here with me. Uhh!

Erica's voice: Don't look too anxious. That oaf might have been left behind to keep an eye on me. I can't give them any reason to suspect anything. So this is me acting casual. Nothing up my sleeve, except perhaps a little perfume.

Jack: Do you not smell that?

Bianca: Smell what?

Jack: Your mother's perfume. It's like she's here.

Bianca: What can I do to make this easier for you? You know what, why don't you go? I will get your things. Tell me where they are.

Jack: Binks, Binks, I'm good. I can do this, ok? It's just like a Band-Aid. You just rip it off.

Bianca: You must have some things in the closet.

Jack: Don't bother, Binky. You won't find any of my clothes in that closet. It's all Erica's.

Bianca: This and the giant walk-in?

Jack: Don't tell me you're surprised. I actually keep my suits and dress shirts in a closet down the hall there.

Bianca: So what else do you need in here?

Jack: I'm just gonna check in here.

Bianca: Jack.

Jack: I gotta tell you, I thought we had overcome all our issues and we finally understood one another. I actually thought we were going to make it this time. Good God, was I really that blind?

Bianca: No. No. Come on, let's get the rest of your things and get out of here, ok?

Jack: Yeah.

[Door closes]

Kendall: Ok. Oh, my God. Are you ok? Are you all right? Sorry.

Griffin: That's nice. Nice move. Who taught you that?

Kendall: Some nosy, overbearing doctor. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your wound.

Griffin: I'll live.

Kendall: Yeah, ok. Should I call Cara? Do you need stitches?

Griffin: No. It's fine. It's just a little sensitive.

Kendall: All right, Griffin, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to really hurt you. I wanted you out of my way.

Griffin: So you could go to some murderer's hotel room.

Kendall: Not just a murderer. A murderer who's in love with me.

Griffin: Oh, that makes it better.

Kendall: I can control Ricky, ok? And Ryan will have his guys trailing me.

Griffin: Once he closes that door, we won't have any access.

Kendall: Fine. All right. I'll bring somebody. What?

Griffin: Just savoring the moment. You're giving in. Doesn't happen often.

Kendall: Yeah, well, try never again.

Griffin: Who are you gonna take with you?

Kendall: Jackson.

Griffin: Jackson?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Griffin: Ricky's gonna be fine with you bringing your almost new step-dad along for your date?

Kendall: Yes! Of course. This will work. Trust me. After what Jackson has gone through with my mother, he's a mess. Who wouldn't be? So I'll just ask Ricky to help him counsel through it.

Griffin: Ok. Make the call. But if Jack's busy, we need a plan "B."

Kendall: Right. On it. Ok.

[Cell phone ringing]

[Talking over Jack's voice mail message]

Kendall: Jackson, hi. It's Kendall. I'm sorry to bother you, but can you meet me at Krystal's in 5 minutes? I know it's short notice, but I'll explain to you when I see you. Thanks.

Griffin: Listen, don't touch your shirt too much. Makes the mike hiss. All right?

Kendall: Got it.

[Cell phone rings]

[Phone stops ringing]

Greenlee: Congratulations.

Madison: On?

Greenlee: The mother and baby line. The numbers are through the roof.

Madison: That's great.

Greenlee: It is.

Madison: I can't take all the credit. I mean, you're the one who pulled it all together.

Greenlee: Stop. Don't try and make nice out of guilt.

Madison: I'm the guilty one?

Greenlee: We had an agreement. You completely sold me out.

Madison: I didn't do anything. Dr. Kantor told Ryan about my fall on Christmas Eve and that you were the one who brought me to the hospital.

Greenlee: And it all turned out great for you, didn't it?

Madison: Did you not think that this would come out eventually? At least now you can stop lying to Ryan.

Greenlee: Do you have any idea how furious he is, how betrayed he feels?

Madison: Unreal!

Greenlee: What?

Madison: How you can make this out to be my fault. Like it's my fault that you're in trouble with your husband. You kept something from him, something huge.

Greenlee: You're the one who didn't tell him about the baby in the first place.

Madison: Because I was scared, and I didn't know what to do. But you. You had a plan from the get-go. I probably don't even know the half of it.

Ryan: If you're looking for Greenlee, she's not here.

Scott: I came by here to see you. So you know.

Ryan: That you've been working with Greenlee since you were behind bars? Yeah, I know. So much for the new, improved Scott Chandler.

Scott: But you couldn't tell Madison about it. That is why you came by our place, right?

Ryan: I thought she deserved to hear the truth, yeah.

Scott: But you couldn't do it.

Ryan: Not when she's looking at you like you're God's gift. I'm not a cruel man, Scott.

Scott: Well, for the record, Ryan, neither am I.

Ryan: You kidding me? You used her. You manipulated her, and you did it when she couldn't possibly have been more vulnerable.

Scott: And you don't think I feel awful about that?

Ryan: You don't feel bad enough to come clean, right?

Scott: What would that accomplish? I mean, really. Yes, in the beginning I was dishonest, but things are different now, Ryan, because I care about her, and I care a lot. The last thing I want to see is her hurt.

Ryan: Well, you're certainly setting her up for that.

Scott: Oh, that -- wow. That's classic right there. I mean, who's the one who knocked her up then went running back to his ex, hmm? All right, look. I don't want to fight about this. Really, I don't, ok? It's about Madison, and she deserves to be happy. Can we at least agree on that?

Ryan: We can.

Scott: Good. Can you stop judging me for, like, two seconds and work with me on this?

Greenlee: You're right. You don't know.

Madison: What, Greenlee? What don't I know? Tell me your brilliant idea for keeping Ryan away from our child.

Greenlee: What, are you looking for a few pointers now, is that it?

Madison: What are you talking about?

Greenlee: Clearly, nothing you've tried has worked. Obviously, you're looking for a different angle. There's only so far a cutesie baby webpage can get you.

Madison: You still think I'm after Ryan?

Greenlee: As pathetic as that is, yes. And I'm sure you see this as your golden opportunity.

Madison: That is so not true.

Greenlee: No matter how upset Ryan is, we're gonna get through this. So stick with Scott.

Madison: Ok, I think you're the one who could use a few pointers from me. 'Cause I used to play games, wait till people were vulnerable to manipulate them and worse, much worse.

Greenlee: That's your pointer? A threat?

Madison: No threat at all. My pointer is, stop operating the way that you do. I did, and I'm happy. I'm staying with Scott. Good luck with Ryan.

Greenlee: I don't need luck, and I don't need you.

Scott: Look, I made a mistake.

Ryan: You think?

Scott: But if you tell Madison about my deal with Greenlee, that's not gonna help her. If anything, it'll do just the opposite.

Ryan: At least she knows what she got herself into.

Scott: Except she wouldn't, because the guy that was so desperate to get out of prison that would do whatever Greenlee said -- he doesn't exist anymore. He's gone.

Ryan: I was wrong. You are new and improved.

Scott: You know, Ryan, you weren't there when Madison was first pregnant.

Ryan: Yeah, that's not my fault.

Scott: Look, she was a mess. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know whether to tell you about the baby or not or even have the child. When she finally decided that she's gonna have this baby, it's not like it was a huge burden off her shoulders, a huge relief. It's a whole new set of worries, like how's she gonna pull it off. She doesn't exactly have all the money in the world. But she's -- she's toughed it out. I was impressed. Still am. And for the first time this whole thing went down, I think she's really excited about having this baby.

Ryan: Because of you.

Scott: No, Ryan, because of her. Look, I'm along for the ride, and I want to stay. I want to be there for her, for the baby.

Ryan: She won't hear anything from me.

Scott: Thank you.

Ryan: I'm not doing it for you. I guess this is a new thing, huh? Relationships built on lies. Hey, what can I say? It's working for Greenlee and me. We're done.

Erica's voice: I need a plan. If my book with the hidden cell phone is delivered, how will I charge it, make any calls? They watch me like a science experiment in here. I need to find somewhere private, somewhere with no cameras.

Krystal: Ah! That was fast.

Jack: Well, listen, why drag a thing like that out.

Bianca: I convinced him to come back here with me. I didn't want him to be alone.

Krystal: So what can I get you, huh? Something sweet? Something salty?

Bianca: I could go for something sweet.

Krystal: Ok. Jack? Jack.

Jack: That scarf that was on the floor?

Bianca: Yeah, what about it?

Jack: I've been to the penthouse a few times since Erica took off, and I'm telling you it wasn't there. I would have seen it.

Krystal: Meaning?

Jack: Meaning somebody's been in that bedroom.

Kendall: Griffin.

Griffin: Right here.

Kendall: Ok, I'm at his door.

Griffin: Is Jack with you?

Kendall: Yep.

Griffin: Prove it. Damn it, you're alone! Get out of there right now!

Kendall: Ow!

Griffin: What happened?

Kendall: Oh, God, you scared me.

Ricky: Weird, considering this is my hotel room.

Griffin: Kendall, if you can hear me, cough.

Kendall: I just didn't expect you to open the door. I hadn't even knocked yet.

Ricky: Ok, I'm busted. I was looking out the window when your car pulled up. Come in, please.

Kendall: Thank you.

Griffin: Kendall, can you hear me? Kendall, answer me! Kendall! Damn it, Kendall. Give me some signal that you can hear me. Kendall!

Kendall: Oh, thank you, but I knew it. I knew I forgot something.

Ricky: What did you forget?

Kendall: I had some champagne on ice for us, and I left it at the house.

Ricky: Not a big deal. You know what, we can just order up to the room.

Kendall: Oh, ok. You're gonna think I'm really annoying and extremely difficult, but --

Ricky: What? They don't have the kind you like?

Kendall: No, no, actually. I'm weirdly particular about my bubbly.

Ricky: Then your bubbly is what you get.

Kendall: You're not gonna go out?

Ricky: For you, yeah.

Kendall: Ricky, you don't have to do that.

Ricky: Kendall, there's a liquor store right down the road. I won't even be gone 10 minutes, ok?

Kendall: Wait. How are you gonna know what to look for?

Ricky: Because I've looked at your fridge, and it's French champagne with a green label?

Kendall: Observant.

Ricky: Don't you go anywhere.

Kendall: Ok.

Griffin: What the hell's going on over there?

Jack: Thank you, Consuela.

Bianca: Well, what did Mom's housekeeper say?

Jack: She says that she has cleaned every week, as per usual, and she guarantees me the place is spotless and nothing has been left out on the floor.

Krystal: So you think Erica has been back.

Bianca: No, my mom does not sneak around. If she came here, we would know about it.

Jack: What about the perfume? It was like she was there in the room.

Krystal: Jack, her scent is probably all over the place, right?

Jack: This was fresh, Krystal.

Bianca: Jack --

Jack: If she is back, I want to see her.

Erica: Well, I must say, you have impeccable taste.

Disembodied voice: They're your clothes.

Erica: I know, but you chose them. So how was everything at my place?

Disembodied voice: Quiet, until your daughter and Jackson showed up.

Erica: Which daughter?

Disembodied voice: Bianca.

Erica: So you saw them. How are they?

Disembodied voice: Worried. They're having a hard time with this.

Erica: Of course, they are. They think I ran out on them.

Disembodied voice: They're not the only ones.

Erica: What do you mean by that? [Picks up a copy of the "Exposer"] I'm gonna strangle someone.

Greenlee: Is Emma home?

Ryan: She's at a sleepover.

Greenlee: That's good. She could use some fun.

[Puts keys on table]

Greenlee: I messed up. Huge. And it's all my fault, and I said I'm sorry. And I'd say it again a million times in a million different ways if I thought it would make a difference, but it won't, will it? Which is why I'm done apologizing. From here on out, I fight for us.

Madison: How'd it go at work?

Scott: Fine. Where did you disappear to?

Madison: Fusion. Greenlee summoned me.

Scott: Oh. Don't see any blood.

Madison: Oh, she ripped into me. No surprise there, but you would have been proud. I held my own, gave it right back.

Scott: Yeah? I'm sure Greenlee was thrilled.

Madison: You ready to microwave some mushu?

Scott: Hmm?

Madison: Dinner?

Scott: Oh, yeah. I'm -- sorry. I forgot.

Madison: It's ok. I can do it.

Scott: Hey.

Madison: Or we don't have to eat right now. I mean --

Scott: We need to talk.

Madison: Ok. About what?

Scott: Ryan, the baby, Greenlee, all of it.

Madison: I am begging you. Please, I'll cook dinner for a week. Please, no more talk about Ryan or Greenlee. I just want to forget about them and the drama, just everything except for what is in this room right now. I haven't felt this way in a really long time.

Scott: Like what?

Madison: Relaxed. There have been so many questions, so many what ifs. When I'm with you, I just feel like I have all the answers. Not that you're the answer. I just mean --

Scott: I know what you mean.

Madison: We were having so much fun before Ryan came. Can we just go back to that? To how it was when it was just you and me and the baby? Oh!

Scott: What? She kick? Yeah?

Madison: Must mean that she agrees with me.

Scott: Oh. There it is.

Madison: See? It's two against one, Chandler.

Scott: Oh. I think it's 3 against none. I'm in.

Greenlee: Things are bad, and it's all my fault, and I'm the first to admit that, but I refuse to give up on us. Maybe -- you'd wish I'd leave and give you some time and some space, but that's not happening. You're stuck with me, for better or for worse. That's what we said, right? You and Spike and Emma are everything to me, and she needs us right now to be strong. She needs to know that her family is stable. So yeah, we may have to fake it for a while, but not forever, because we will get past this. I love you. And in my heart, I know we belong together, and you know it, too.

Jack: Ok, Bianca, tell me I'm not crazy. That scarf -- I left it right here. It was right here. Where did it go?

Bianca: Uh, it's gone.

Jack: Yes, it's gone. Erica's back. She took it.

Erica: These vultures have nothing better to do? The lies they told about my Bianca and her divorce, that is just absolutely despicable! And the lies they're telling about Griffin Castillo. He's no murderer. He saved my daughter's life. Unless -- unless this has all happened while I've been --

Disembodied voice: It's ok, Erica. Relax.

Erica: Relax? This is my life. People need me.

Disembodied voice: They can't have you.

Kendall: Come on, password. What's the password? I don't know. His birthday? Let's go. Let's go. All right, uh -- his initials? Come on, come on, come on. Oh, come on! What -- uh -- what is it? All right. K-E-N-D-A-L-L. Sicko.

[Door opens]

Ricky: Hey.

Kendall: Hi!

Ricky: What are you doing?

Kendall: Oh, I was just waiting for you. What you got there? Champagne?

Ricky: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Yeah, well, pop it open.

Ricky: There's a little something that I gotta do first. [Kissing]

Bianca: Ok, wait. Hold on a second. That --

Jack: No, you hold on. Where did the scarf go?

Bianca: I don't know, but there has to be some other explanation for it.

Jack: There's your explanation right there. Someone took those clothes out of the closet. You want to know what I think? I think Erica came back here, got what she needed and then left again without bothering to tell me.

Erica's voice: They can't have me? What the hell does that mean?

Erica: Well, might as well put these away in the closet before they get dirty. Yes, that should do it.

Disembodied voice: They really are beautiful clothes.

Erica: Thank you. And I so appreciate you bringing them to me. And my books. These are really gonna be a big help.

Disembodied voice: I'm glad. I want you to be happy.

Erica: Thank you.

Madison: You ok?

Scott: Yeah, you kidding me? I'm with my two favorite girls in the world.

Madison: I'm sorry Ryan came down on you like that. I really do want you in the delivery room.

Scott: Which is why -- I will be there.

Madison: Thank you.

Scott: No, don't thank me. All I want is things to work out for you, Madison. Remember that. [Hugging]

Ryan: I still love you. You have to know that, but the situation, what you did, Greenlee -- I don't know. I don't know exactly how to move on from that.

Greenlee: Ryan --

Ryan: I'm not saying that it's impossible. I'm just saying that forgive and forget is -- I'm not there yet.

Greenlee: Ok. I'll keep fighting till you are.

Ryan: I'm gonna go check in with Griffin and Kendall.

[Door opens]

Griffin: Kendall, I'm outside his hotel room. Please tell me you're ok.

Kendall: Oh. Wow. Oh, God. Wow! Oh, uh --

Ricky: I know.

Kendall: I know. What happened to taking it slow?

Ricky: Taking it slow? Kendall, we've waited long enough. [Kissing]

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