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Scott: Are you sure about this?

Madison: This -- you, us. Yes. I'm sure.

Scott: Yeah?

Greenlee: Tell me that we can get past this. Tell me that we can go back to the way things used to be.

Ryan: No, Greenlee, we can't. You knew Madison was pregnant with my child for months.

Greenlee: I should have told you then.

Ryan: I know we've hurt each other. That's as much on me as it is on you, but -- I trusted you. And right now I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that maybe I shouldn't have. So if there's anything else that you need to tell me, anything else that you're holding back, I need you to tell me right now.

Jesse: I love you. So much. I'll never forget you.

Liza: Hey, Jesse.

Jesse: Are you following me?

Liza: I did, yes.

Jesse: And? Spit it out!

Liza: I actually wanted to apologize for my behavior back at Krystal's. I was out of line.

Jesse: No argument here.

Liza: I'm sorry. I had no right to accuse you of putting your personal life in front of your professional one.

Jesse: You know what, it's getting late. I need to get back to that personal life.

Liza: Jesse. I saw you earlier. You seemed distraught. Is everything all right?

Bianca: Hey! Don't tell me you're reading Opal's "cats sleeping in boxes" e-mail.

Jack: No, I delete everything from Opal with an attachment. Your mother sent me something a second ago.

Bianca: I knew she would respond to that video message. What did she say?

Jack: I don't know. I haven't opened it yet.

Bianca: Why not?

Jack: Because I have a feeling I'm not gonna like it.

Bianca: Open it, Uncle Jack. I have a feeling it is good news. I know she wants to be with you.

Jack: "Jack, thank you for your video. It was very sweet, and you are such a handsome man."

Bianca: Keep going.

Jack: "I am afraid I am no closer to coming home to you than I was when I left. I still have so much to figure out about who Erica Kane really is and who she wants to be." When she grows up, evidently.

Erica: Who are you? Who the hell are you? Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? What do you want from me? How did you get in here? I didn't see the door open.

Disembodied voice: Erica.

Erica: Oh, my God. There are two of you?

Disembodied voice: I get that this is hard for you and that you want to understand what's going on.

Erica: I want to go home! I'm not letting him out of here. I'm much tougher than I look. I will scratch his eyes out if I have to.

Disembodied voice: I don't think it'll come to that.

Erica: What? Aah! Aah! No! Don't! Aah!

Jesse: I don't like you following me, Liza. I know you're playing attack dog for the mayor, and I know she sicced you on me.

Liza: Wow. I came here to apologize for my behavior. That's all.

Jesse: Yeah, and you keep making bad choices, one right after the next. Latest is hanging out with David Hayward.

Liza: Wow. Listen to you. Talking to me as if you've never made a mistake? How about walking out on your own child? Or better yet running out on Frankie and Angie?

Jesse: Really? Digging that deep for some ancient history, Counselor? And do not try to tell me about parenting, because we all have seen your daughter's take on your mothering skills online.

Liza: Not everybody gets a second chance, Jesse. You have one with this baby. Don't mess it up. David, what are you doing here? What are you --

Greenlee: I wanted to tell you.

Ryan: So, now's your chance, Greenlee. Tell me now.

Greenlee: Madison wanted it this way.

Ryan: This isn't about Madison. I believe that she wanted to keep me in the dark, yes, but this isn't the reason you did all this. It's not the reason that you pressured her to take that job in New York.

Greenlee: Is that what she said?

Ryan: She didn't have to say that. I brought it up, and she completely shut down. She didn't want to get between us, Greenlee. She still doesn't. She's not here. It's just you and me here, ok? I want you to tell me what you did.

Greenlee: I pulled some strings to help get Madison a job in Manhattan. We both thought that it would be better if she had a fresh start. It was a great opportunity for her.

Ryan: I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here. You were kept from your father. Forget about us. Forget about everything that we're supposed to mean to each other. Considering that what you, yourself, went through, how could you do the same thing to me?

Greenlee: I'm telling you now. Isn't that what's important?

Ryan: I know now because of a fluke conversation.

Greenlee: But Madison, she didn't want your help. She kept saying she didn't need you.

Ryan: No, she didn't need me, because she had Scott. As soon as Scott got out of prison -- no. That was you, too, wasn't it? Scott and Madison.

Greenlee: Ryan --

Ryan: You went out of your way to help him get released from prison. You even talked to the parole board. Just so he could run interference for you? Just to keep Madison and my child away from me?

Liza: What was that for?

David: Oh, back at Krystal's before you went running after Jesse, you gave the impression that you weren't sure if you wanted to continue our alliance/dalliance. So I just wanted to remind you what you'd be giving up.

Liza: Wow. It must be a burden to think that that whole world revolves around you.

David: Well, if it doesn't, it probably should. It's a joke, Liza.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

David: What's going on with you? You have that dog-with-a-bone look.

Liza: Ok, so that's the second time in the last hour that someone's used a canine metaphor to describe me, and I don't think I like it.

David: Let me guess. First offender -- was it Jesse?

Liza: Yeah. He was here, and he was alone. And you know, when I first saw him, he was --

David: What, gruff? No big hugs? That's a big shocker. The man adores you.

Liza: What he did was he shut me down, you know, like he was guilty.

David: Everyone's guilty of something, Counselor, even our squeaky-clean police chief.

[Keys jingling]

Jesse: Hey there, pretty little girl. What's going on? You dreaming? Huh? It's Daddy. Yeah, Daddy. Can you say Daddy? Papa. Father. Oh, what's that worried look that you got going there? Daddy's gonna keep you and your mommy safe. You know that, right? It's so hard. It's so hard sometimes.

Angie: What's so hard, baby?

[Baby fussing]

Ryan: Push Scott and Madison together.

Greenlee: I'm not doing this. This day was supposed to be happy.

Ryan: Wait, wait. When I came in here, you were reading your vows that you wrote.

Greenlee: Yeah, I was.

Ryan: Do you remember what you said? About 3 months ago on Valentine's Day. Do you remember? You said that you had nothing to be afraid of anymore.

Greenlee: Yeah, and I remember your vows, too. And you said you knew it wasn't going to be easy.

Ryan: I didn't realize it was gonna be us that was gonna be making it so hard.

Greenlee: Scott and I go back to college. He's a friend.

Ryan: Right. So the job, talking at the parole hearing, even though you guys hadn't spoken in months, that had nothing to do with Madison?

Greenlee: He cares about Madison. You know that.

Ryan: I'm not asking that. I'm asking if you made a deal with him. Did you make a deal with Scott? Yes or no?

Greenlee: Yes.

Madison: Wow.

Scott: Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. You are so, so beautiful. I don't know. Us together like this, it just feels kind of right.

Madison: How did this happen? I was alone, pregnant, and kind of a mess. Then out of nowhere, you came into my life. You want to tell me how I got so lucky?

Bianca: Don't give up on my mom.

Jack: Bianca, after everything I said to her in that video, all she can give me is a couple of polite sentences? My God, I've gotten more warmth from a stranger.

Disembodied voice: I thought we were building something here, an understanding. I know it'll be hard for you to see me as a friend, but when you pull something like that --

Erica: You drugged me.

Disembodied voice: You tried to escape. You attacked my employee. What was I supposed to do?

Erica: I'm a recovering addict. You broke my sobriety without my consent. Do you have any idea what a violation that is?

Disembodied voice: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. I didn't think that would count.

Erica: Everything counts.

Disembodied voice: I know all about your stay at the Betty Ford Clinic, your struggles with substance abuse. Please forgive me.

Erica: I don't want your apologies. I just want you to know that one day I will find my way out of here. And when I do, I will make you and everyone you love sorry that you ever stepped in my way.

Bianca: Typical hatchet job on my mom. Alleged sordid details about her love life. Oh, and they went after Kendall, too. Oh, and a column detailing my messy lesbian divorce. Nobody gets spared.

Disembodied voice: Erica, I'm sorry. How many different ways can I say it? Come on, talk to me. I'm hanging on your every word. When is Erica Kane ever silent? Drugging you was extreme, and I feel absolutely horrible about it. So let me make it up to you. What will it take to get you talking again?

Erica: You know what I want.

Disembodied voice: I can't let you go. Not now, not after -- why don't I bring you something, something that will make you feel better. Name it, and I'll make it happen.

Erica: You'll bring me whatever I want?

Disembodied voice: Yes, of course. I want us to get back on track. You mean a lot to me, Erica. I want to take care of you because I owe you.

Angie: Jesse, for the umpteenth time, whatever is weighing you down, I am here to listen. I share your bed. I know that you're up tossing and turning.

Jesse: Baby, it's just people in my business.

Angie: Police business?

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: Let me guess. Iris.

Jesse: It's not just her. It's her pit bull D.A., also.

Angie: Liza?

Jesse: Yeah, you know Iris wants me gone, and she's using Liza -- I don't know. Liza's hawking me like nobody's business.

Angie: They're both insecure. And they just want to get you out of the way, because you make them look bad. Jesse, you've got something that they will never have -- your integrity. No matter how hard it gets, you always do the right thing. After all these years, Liza is still causing trouble for us? I don't care if it's her or Iris or anyone else. Whoever wants to come at you, they're gonna have to come through me and the rest of the Hubbard family as well.

Liza: If you have any dirt on Jesse, I would appreciate you sharing.

David: You're kidding, right? If I had that kind of chip, don't you think I would have cashed it in a long time ago?

Liza: I'm telling you, the man looks tired. There's something that's keeping him up at night.

David: He does have a newborn baby at home, right?

Liza: No.

David: Let's look at what we do know. You caught Jesse hanging around here. It looked like he was hanging around for no apparent reason, right? Then he looked like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Am I right about that?

Liza: Maybe he's taking bribes.

David: There you go. That's certainly possible. Or maybe he wasn't here for business at all. Maybe he was meeting someone -- a lover.

Liza: Ha ha! Jesse? I don't think so. He adores Angie. No, it's something, and it's putting him in a really, really bad mood.

David: You know something, if I didn't know better, I would say you seem like someone who almost cares about the man.

Liza: I don't like being put in this position. The mayor made it very clear. I either find a way to get rid of him or she's gonna find a way to get rid of me.

David: Come on, Liza. Spill it. Is this really about Jesse, or is this more about your daughter?

Liza: I would like my daughter to feel something for me other than shame.

David: Listen to me, if Jesse is dirty, it's your moral obligation to bring him down. Remind me again. Why are you so concerned about ruining Jesse's life? You came here to see the man, and what happened?

Liza: He spit on me.

David: Right, and for years, he's been throwing stones at you. If Jesse chooses to live in a glass house, you have earned the right to be the one who shatters it.

Madison: Just thought I'd be alone for a while after Ryan. Knocked up with his baby. There's no box to check for that in online dating profiles.

Scott: That's why I stay off those sites. Because that is exactly my type.

Madison: Can we just stay here forever, not leave this apartment?

Scott: Here? No, no, no. I've got big plans.

Madison: You are rebuilding your father's house.

Scott: Yes, yes, and we are having a baby. I mean, you are having a baby with Ryan.

Madison: You'll be there when she's born.

Scott: Right by your side.

Madison: And then you'll stick around for a bit?

Scott: I would love to. You know what I think we need to do? Celebrate. We'll camp out in bed, and we'll order some Chinese.

Madison: Can we afford takeout?

Scott: I think I can afford takeout. Tonight, we eat like kings -- or emperors. Then tomorrow, it's back to reality.

Madison: Oh, back to Fusion. Ryan's probably confronted Greenlee, and she'll take it out on me.

Scott: Yeah, well, she better not mess with my woman.

Madison: Your woman, huh?

Scott: Yeah. [Kissing]

Madison: The way Greenlee went behind Ryan's back like that. This is a man that she supposedly loves. Life's getting difficult. If you're starting a life with somebody, you shouldn't lie to them.

Ryan: You lied to me. It wasn't just, like, one lie. You lied to me every single minute that we were together.

Greenlee: Madison needed someone. I gave her Scott.

Ryan: Does Madison know that?

Greenlee: No.

Ryan: So when I first found out that she was even pregnant, Scott claimed to be the father. Was that also --

Greenlee: That was all his idea. Not mine.

Ryan: But you were right there. You were there and you congratulated him and -- were you hoping that maybe the claim stuck, and I would never find out that this little girl was mine?

Greenlee: The secret was killing me.

Ryan: Was it something that I did? Was it me? Is there something that I, like, something about me that makes it hard for you to tell me the truth?

Greenlee: No. No, you can't blame yourself. This was all my mistake. But it's out there now, and you are going to be in this baby's life, and I want to support that. Please, let's move on from this. Let's start over here like we promised.

Ryan: These are my vows. I don't want to make any more promises. Not until we sort through all the ones that we've already broken.

Madison: Sorry.

Scott: What are you sorry for?

Madison: I brought up Greenlee. Such a buzzkill.

Scott: Look, I am the lucky one here, ok? A few months ago, I'm sitting in prison, rotting away. Not the kind of guy you want to bring home to Mama. Now I'm here. With you.

Madison: Hey. I'm no angel. I've made mistakes. Big ones.

Scott: Madison -- I want to do right by you.

Madison: That sounds serious.

Scott: I am serious. About that.

Madison: Hey, whatever mistakes we've made, let's agree to put them behind us.

Scott: Clean slate?

Madison: Clean slate.

[Knocking on door]

Madison: Chinese? That was quick! Wait here. Save my spot. Ryan.

David: Hard liquor. I thought tonight would be reserved for something with bubbles.

Greenlee: Leave, David.

David: Did you send Lavery on his merry way as well? The man almost clipped me in his car racing out of the parking lot.

Greenlee: Well, he must not have seen you. Otherwise, he wouldn't have missed.

David: This is obviously not the night you had planned.

Greenlee: You're not very good at not gloating, are you?

David: I want you to be happy, Greenlee. Yes, it's true, you and I may differ as to who the right man for the job is, but I never want to see you hurting.

Greenlee: No. No, you don't.

David: I think it would be obvious to you by now that Lavery will never love you for who you really are.

Greenlee: Right now, I wouldn't blame him if he hated me.

David: Now, what could you possibly have done to Lavery to ever make that happen?

Bianca: That's not a bad picture of Kendall. Or -- sorry, "The Widow Slater," who along with her deceased husband lured a drug-dealing murderer to town. And then under Griff's picture, it says, "Still at large." And Reese.

Jack: What is it, honey?

Bianca: She changed her hair. There's a snippet from our divorce papers. Oh, with some nice homophobic commentary about us and --

Jack: What do you say we go after them, huh? Just for the fun of it.

Krystal: No one reads that. You know that.

Bianca: You know, it's good. Nastier the better.

Jack: How is nastier better?

Bianca: I'm gonna make sure a very special person reads this. My mom goes crazy when she sees this stuff. She hates it when the press goes after her family. I'm gonna e-mail this link to my mom. She'll come rushing back to Pine Valley to make heads roll.

Erica: You said you owed me. Why do you say that?

Distorted voice: You made me the person that I am today.

Erica: How did I do that? Have we met? Did I help you with your career? Did I give you personal advice?

Distorted voice: The specifics don't really matter. What's important is that I am grateful to you. Please let me show it. What can I bring you to make you feel better?

Erica: Well -- you went to so much trouble to re-create my bedroom.

Distorted voice: You have no idea.

Erica: But you did fall short on just one detail. My wardrobe.

Distorted voice: I brought you some changes of clothes.

Erica: Yes. A couple. But the thing is, I really put a lot of thought into what I wear every day. So what I really want is my own outfits, from my own closet.

Distorted voice: I can handle that. Anything else?

Erica: My books. There's a stack on a shelf in my room that I've been reading. That would go a long way to making this feel more like home.

Distorted voice: Done and done.

[Baby fussing]

Jesse: Hey. Why don't we try something new? Bam. Puppies.

Angie: You read it to us.

Jesse: You read it to us.

Angie: Oh. You got a baby book written in Braille.

Jesse: Hey. No slouch here. Besides, I don't have to do all the work, right?

Angie: Lucy, do you want Mommy to read you a baby story? Hmm?

Jesse: Yes. Sound like a yes to me.

Liza: Officer Monroe. I just read your report on the Ripley case. That was excellent work.

Brot: Thank you.

Liza: Listen, do you have a minute, because I would like to talk to you about Chief Hubbard. Have you noticed anything going on with him?

Brot: The chief? The chief? Listen, I'm real late for roll call. Excuse me.

Liza: Oh, Jesse, what are you hiding?

David: No, really, Greenlee, what did you do? Did you leave the cap off the toothpaste tube again? You see, that's the difference between me and your Mr. Perfect. Ryan will always find something wrong, whereas I would always love you, evil impulses and all. It's obvious that Ryan is making you miserable. The man is --

Greenlee: Just leave me alone.

Scott: Unless, of course, you're bringing Chinese food.

Madison: Do you want to come in?

Ryan: I'd like to talk to you in private, please.

Madison: You talked to Greenlee. Scott knows all about it, so anything you need to say to me, you can say in front of Scott.

Erica: Hello? Are you there? Hope you're gonna keep your promise that you've gone for my clothes and my books.

Jack's voice: Got a little something for you.

Erica's voice: You do?

Jack's voice: I do. Here you go.

Erica's voice: Wow.

Jack's voice: Mm. Book within a book, huh?

Erica's voice: "1-800-DANGER." A mystery novel? How thoughtful.

Jack's voice: Open it up. Go ahead.

Erica's voice: A cell phone?

Jack's voice: And a charger. Look. I know how fame can bring the kooks out of the woodwork -- you know, the paparazzi, the stalkers, the obsessed fans -- so I got you this, and, you know, hide it somewhere where you can find it easily, just in case.

Erica's voice: Jack, you really think I'll need this?

Jack's voice: I don't know, but do it for me, the man who loves you more than life itself. Now -- give me a kiss.

Erica's voice: Hurry back with my phone.

Angie: "Woof, woof." Ha ha ha! "She finally had a home."

Jesse: Hmm?

Angie: Oh, well. At least we got your daughter to sleep.

Liza: Hey.

David: Hey.

Liza: So I just came back from the police station and talked to one of the cops, the one that's dating Jesse's daughter.

David: Monroe.

Liza: Yeah. Gave me the exact same look that Jesse gave me, completely shut me down.

David: Huh. You're gonna get what you need to bust Hubbard.

Liza: Mmm.

David: Mmm, it's gonna be a beautiful, beautiful sunset.

Liza: Wow, the only thing that puts that kind of spark is your eye is Greenlee.

David: She's unhappy with Ryan, so, so sad.

Ryan: For real this time?

Scott: For real.

Madison: I want him in the delivery room with us when we have our child. He's really stood by me.

Ryan: You sure about that?

Jack: Bye, sweetheart. Give me a kiss good-bye. I'm gonna get out of here.

Bianca: Mmm, bye.

Jack: Krystal, see you later.

Bianca: Where are you going?

Jack: I have to go up to the penthouse. I've got a few court dates next week. I have to pick up suits, shirts, and stuff like that.

Bianca: So you're not staying there anymore.

Jack: Haven't stayed there since Erica left. It just doesn't feel like home.

Bianca: I'll take the ride with you.

Krystal: Call me if you need anything.

Jack: I will. Thanks. You ready?

Bianca: Bye.

Erica's voice: Oh, what's taking you so long? Get back here, whoever you are, so I can call the police, and they can lock you away the way you've locked me away.  

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