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Distorted voice: Guess what we got -- an e-mail from Jackson with a video message attached.

Erica: Oh, please. I need to see that!

Distorted voice: You need to eat.

Erica: I will.

Distorted voice: Promise me you see Jack, you'll eat. Otherwise --

Erica: I promise.

Jack: I love you. You know that. And I always will, and I think you know that, too. To be on the brink of starting our life together finally, and you to back out of our wedding to run away, to just vanish like this with barely a word -- it's killing me. I'm trying to be patient. I'm trying to understand why you need this time so that when you do come home, there won't be any blame, any anger. I'll do my best -- but even I have my limits. You see, I want to marry you. I want to build a life, a long, wonderful future with you, but I'm not gonna put my life on hold forever.

Erica: No, Jack. Jack, you can't give up on me!

Angie: Thank God you were there when I fell. Jesse, if you hadn't caught Lucy --

Jesse: But I did catch her, baby, ok, and we're all ok. I will always be there for you and this little girl. You know that, right? What is it, baby?

Angie: I've felt that you have been holding yourself back from getting close to Lucy. I swear, sometimes I feel like you're actually avoiding her. Jesse, I am so afraid that you blame Lucy for my blindness.

Liza: Believe me, I am all for keeping this thing secret. And I understand why you waved off Greenlee. It's just that you treat me like I'm the last person in the world that you want to be seen with. Really, am I that embarrassing to be with?

David: You did sleep with your daughter's boyfriend, right?

Liza: Huh. Well. At least I didn't fake my own death or go down in flames trying to destroy the man that my ex-wife was still in love with.

David: There you have it. We're practically meant for each other.

Scott: I was supposed to meet Madison here.

Greenlee: You've got to be kidding me.

Scott: What's going on?

Greenlee: Ryan and I are renewing our vows.

Scott: Didn't you just get married?

Greenlee: The wedding wasn't exactly everything we'd hoped for.

Scott: Was it Madison's baby news?

Greenlee: And Annie taking Emma, among other not-so-positive things. But it was Ryan's idea to fix what went wrong, just the two of us, so, please, please keep Madison away.

Scott: Greenlee, Madison is not the enemy. When are you gonna learn that?

Greenlee: After today, she's not going to have a weapon to hold over my head anyway.

Scott: What are you talking about? What are you gonna do?

Greenlee: I'm gonna tell him the truth. I knew about his baby, and I didn't tell him.

Madison: Ryan, what does it matter who knew what when? You're gonna be in the baby's life. Let's just look forward.

Ryan: Madison, you keeping this from me for so long -- that's one thing. But Greenlee was in on this?

Madison: It wasn't like that.

Ryan: You and I are gonna be parents, Madison. I need to be able to trust you. Now, maybe Dr. Kantor was just kind of remembering wrong. If Greenlee didn't know about the baby, I need you to tell me. No more lies.

Erica: You heard Jack. This is killing him. You have got to tell him the truth, that I'm not staying away from him on purpose.

Distorted voice: Come on. He'll wait. How many men have given up on you?

Erica: Is that what this is about? You're jealous? Brooke? Brooke? Is it you? You've always been jealous of me. You've always gone after all the men in my life, and is that what this is about? Did Adam finally see the light and dump you? And now you're bitter, so you come after me? No. No, Brooke's too boring. She could never come up with something this elaborate or this crazy. Annie? Did you escape from Oak Haven again? Are you holding me hostage because you want something from Ryan? No. No, this is not Annie's style. Annie would just stab me again.

Distorted voice: Stop, Erica. I'm not Annie Chandler, I'm not Brooke English, and I'm not Krystal Carey. I'm an original. I'll reveal myself when I'm ready, and not before.

Erica: Now would work for me! Because every second you waste, I could lose Jack, and I will not lose him!

Jack: Hey.

Krystal: Hey.

Jack: Thank you. I can't very well do the Henderson mediation without these, huh?

Krystal: Um, any word from Erica?

Jack: Not that I'm aware of. I was just about to go check my laptop and see. Will you excuse me? Thanks.

[Knock on door]

Opal: Oh. Oh, this is wrong with a capital "what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Greenlee: You're afraid that if I go to Ryan with this, Madison will find out that her fairy tale with you didn't quite start out "once upon a time."

Scott: There is no fairy tale here.

Greenlee: If she finds out that I bribed you with a job at the hospital to distract her from Ryan, the princess will dump you.

Scott: Ok, look, Greenlee, this is not about me. Ok? It's about Madison, and she has taken a lot of hits, and she doesn't need to take another one. Not now. She's in a very good place, and I want to make sure she stays that way.

Greenlee: I guess I picked the right guy for the job.

Scott: Ok, look, that first date I made with her was because you got me out of jail. But what Madison and I have is real.

Greenlee: Isn't that swell? Maybe I should branch out, become a matchmaker for the parole board. But I need to do this. Ryan is trying so hard to teach Emma to tell the truth. And there I am, standing beside him like some hypocrite smiling, nodding my head. I've been lying to him for months.

Scott: It's risky. You know that, right?

Greenlee: I made a mistake, but we've been through a lot together. We'll get through this.

Scott: If you say so.

Madison: I was the one who didn't want you to know. I didn't want anyone to know. That's why I was gonna leave town.

Ryan: The job offer in New York -- was that Greenlee's idea, too? Did she set that up?

Madison: I didn't go.

Ryan: Is that a yes?

Madison: Ryan, none of this matters.

Ryan: The hell it doesn't! Look, I just want the truth. Ok? Please? You know what? I'm sorry. I should be asking Greenlee this, not you. You certainly don't need the stress. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Jesse: Angela, I would never blame this baby for your blindness.

Angie: I haven't imagined what I felt. Jesse, talk to me. You told me it was because of stress at work, but I know differently. I could feel the distance between you and our little girl.

Jesse: Angela, you know that I have been in love with our little girl even before she was born. Ok?

Angie: But it's been hard for you to show it.

Jesse: I might've been -- ok, I've been distracted a little bit. I apologize for that. But you need to believe me when I tell you there is nothing more important to me than you, this little baby girl, our family. And I will do whatever I need to do to keep you happy and safe. All right?

Angie: Ok.

Jesse: Ok.

[Knock on door]

Jesse: We don't have to get that, do we?

Angie: Yes, we do.

Jake: I was just gonna be quiet.

Amanda: Hi. Sorry we're late.

Jake: Shh! Let's talk about christening.

Amanda: Oh, my goodness. Aren't you the most yum-licious little baby?

Jesse: I think it's time for yum-licious' nap. How about that, huh?

Amanda: Do you mind if I take her? I miss when Trevor was this age.

Jesse: Sure. Knock yourself out.

Amanda: Come here, little baby. Oh, she's beautiful.

Jake: Gorgeous. Always careful like that.

Angie: Sounds like somebody's got the baby fever.

Jake: Oh, yeah. I know, but we're not gonna be having a baby anytime soon. There's so much going on at the hospital, replacing Cara and Griffin.

[Phone rings]

Jake: Oh. Sorry. Oh, it's the hospital right now. I'll take it outside. I don't want to be --

Cara: You sure know how to distract a girl.

Tad: I've got a lot of help. Kathy? Kathy?

Kathy: What?

Tad: Let your sister have a turn. Come on. So much for playground etiquette. Griffin knows how to take care of himself. I know it doesn't exactly help you sleep at night, but that's got to be worth something.

Cara: You know what helps? Doing everything we can to clear his name. He's fearless, you know? He sees a cliff and he just throws himself right on over it.

Tad: Yeah.

Cara: I'm just worried this time --

Tad: Something tells me he can handle himself. And from what I can see, cliff diving actually kind of runs in the family, doesn't it?

Cara: Actually, I think I'm gonna stick with the jungle gym right now. Girls, who wants to play?

Tad: Find her shoe.

Cara: Ha ha ha!

[Phone rings]

Tad: Hey, Jake. What's up?

Jake: What's up is Mackenzie Winslow is back in the hospital.

Tad: Ok. Who's Mackenzie Winslow and why should I be concerned?

Jake: Mackenzie Winslow is the little girl that has leukemia. Remember?

Tad: Oh. Right, right, right. I remember.

Jake: The problem is even though Cara is not her doctor, Cara is the only doctor that little girl wants to see.

Tad: Perfect. Ok, so what are you gonna do? If -- Cara can't step foot in the hospital. She's persona non grata.

Jake: And if Cara shows up at the hospital, it's over.

Tad: Ok. You talk to Mackenzie, and I'll try and deal with Cara.

Jake: See you later, Tad.

Cara: Like hell you will!

David: Where is Liza Colby and what have you done with her? Where's the woman that always gets what she wants, the world be damned?

Liza: She's secretly sleeping with the most hated man in town, and he's more popular than she is. This is not the life that I dreamed of.

David: Come on. Please don't tell me you were a picket fence kind of gal?

Liza: Yes. When I was Colby's age, that's exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be married. I wanted kids. I wanted a career, too. And Greg Nelson -- he was gonna give me that picket fence. And now I have a career. I've got a really great career, and my daughter hates me. And as for love, well, it never lasted because it was probably never real. I spent my whole life looking for love, and now I don't know. What if it doesn't show up?

David: Wow. Who knew? Hard-ass Liza Colby is a closet romantic.

Liza: Oh, please. I've never seen anyone as in love as you were with Greenlee -- as I think that you still are.

David: Greenlee and I are just so much alike. We don't let the rules get in the way of getting what we want.

Liza: It's too bad that she wants Ryan.

David: It's crazy, you know? She believes she's in love. But the problem with a man like Ryan, no one can ever live up.

Greenlee: "You're the one constant in my life. The man I love, now and forever."

Cara: You and Jake were gonna actually keep this from me?

Tad: Because we were trying to protect you.

Cara: Ok. And what do I hate more than anything in this world?

Tad: Being protected.

Cara: Exactly. So I'm gonna go see her, because I know what she's going through, because she will talk to me, and this could be important for her treatment.

Tad: Cara, there are plenty of great doctors in that hospital. With all due respect, maybe you just don't want Mackenzie to feel the way that you did when you were a child.

Cara: I'm going to the hospital, Tad.

Tad: If you get caught --

Cara: There's nothing that you're gonna say that's gonna stop me. Ok?

Tad: Like I'd even try.

Cara: Thank you.

Krystal: I work for Jack! That's why I'm here.

Opal: You can copy, collate, and file your little heart out, but you have got to keep your hands and that cleavage to yourself. Erica has a lock on Jackson's heart.

Krystal: I am not throwing myself at Jack.

Opal: He's in a bad place right now. The last thing he needs is for you to take advantage of that.

Krystal: We're friends!

Opal: And Erica is his fiancée, and you've got to respect that! Look, I know that you are a good woman. You are a great mama. You and Tad -- you've made a real home for the girls. And the truth is I love you. I want what's good for you. I know you're hurting. I know that things didn't work out with Tad the way you'd hoped, and who doesn't want to have a man of their own? Of course. But you've got to find one who's available, honey. Jackson is not available.

Krystal: I am not a vulture, Opal, picking over Erica's road kill, ok? Come on, now. All I see is a man who has been blindsided by the woman that he loves -- and not for the first time, by the way.

Opal: Erica has her reasons.

Krystal: Yeah, I know. She always has her reasons, and Jack is always there for her, always understanding every single time. Opal, she has gutted a really loving, generous, good man again. I just want Jack to be happy. And if that leads him somewhere else other than Erica, I'm all for it. Any news?

Jack: Erica got the video, but she hasn't seen fit to respond.

Erica: Ohh. It's just so hot in here. It feels like the walls are so tight.

Distorted voice: You promised you would eat something.

Erica: I need to respond to Jack. But I'm stuck in here in this coffin.

Distorted voice: It's a beautiful room, and we had a deal. Erica, you need to sit down. You need to eat.

Erica: No. I won't eat. I'm not gonna be forced to eat or ordered to take a bite or blackmailed or any of that. If anything happens to me, then you're the one who's gonna be to blame.

Scott: Whoa. I thought you'd be done by now.

Madison: Dr. Kantor's with another patient.

Scott: Oh. Did Ryan make it?

Madison: Uh, yeah. Huh.

Scott: What does that mean?

Madison: Uh, he found out that Greenlee knew about the baby for a long time before he did. He's on his way to see Greenlee right now.

Scott: Whoa. Talk about bad timing. Did you know Ryan and Greenlee are renewing their vows today?

Madison: Ouch.

Scott: Yeah. How did Ryan take it, on a scale of 1 to 10?

Madison: 10 is as high as it goes?

Scott: That bad, huh?

Madison: Honesty is important to Ryan. "Trust," "honor" -- people say the words, but Ryan lives them.

Scott: If this causes problems for Ryan and Greenlee, what does that mean for you? I mean, you were in love with him. Would you still want to --

Dr. Kantor: I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Scott: I'm gonna talk to you later, ok?

Madison: Scott, wait. I want you to stay.

Greenlee: I hope you like it. I just wanted everything to be perfect, and I've been looking at my vows over and over again. But first, there's something I really want to say.

Ryan: Christmas Eve. Madison was pregnant. You knew, and you didn't tell me. 

Jesse: See you, God-mommy. Take care.

Amanda: He is so sweet.

Angie: I know.

Amanda: It must seem silly now, him not being totally on board with the whole baby thing.

Angie: Yeah, Lucy is our miracle baby, and I know she's just gonna bring that much more love to our family.

Amanda: That is exactly why Jake and I cannot wait to give little Trevor a little sister or brother. It could be any day now.

Angie: Um, Amanda, I don't want to speak out of turn here.

Amanda: Angie, please. You can say anything to me.

Angie: I know you and Jake have already had a conversation, because he wouldn't tell me if you hadn't talked already, but he was pretty clear, Amanda. Jake does not want another baby right now.

Jake: What are you doing here?

Distorted voice: Erica? Erica, answer me. Erica?!

[Erica lies on the floor pretending to have fainted]

Madison: So?

Dr. Kantor: All looks great. You're one of my best patients.

Madison: That's because I have this guy to hold my hand while I'm getting my shots and make sure I eat all my veggies.

Scott: Ah, not the most difficult job.

Dr. Kantor: I'll see you next month.

Madison: Dr. Kantor? When I filled out my paperwork for the delivery room, I put down that I wanted Ryan Lavery in the room, because he's the baby's father. Is there any way that Scott could be there, too?

Dr. Kantor: Oh. It's a little unusual, but since he makes you eat your veggies, he's clear.

Madison: Thank you.

Dr. Kantor: Mm-hmm.

Scott: Wow. Ahem. Where did that come from?

Madison: We spoke earlier, and you assumed that Ryan would be my choice. You were so great, and I let it go. But it would mean a lot to me if you were there.

Scott: Are you sure?

Madison: You make me laugh. You keep me from freaking out. Even when I feel like the sky is falling, you just make me feel like everything's gonna be ok. Ryan's gonna be there for the baby. I want you there for me.

Ryan: So you lied to me for Madison's sake? And if Madison wanted to keep this a secret forever, would you have gone along with it? Let me run into her and her little girl, you knowing that it was my child, and you never saying anything?

Greenlee: I swear to you I was gonna tell you today. This ceremony means so much to me, and I wanted everything to be right between us, including this -- before we said our vows again. You don't believe me?

Ryan: You've been lying to me for months.

Greenlee: I'm telling the truth now.

Ryan: Or you're just saying these words because I caught you.

Greenlee: I am so sorry, Ryan. I should've told you the second I found out. But like I said, Madison didn't want you to know. Did she tell you that?

Ryan: She did.

Greenlee: Then you understand --

Ryan: Why can't you just own this? You kept this from me for your own reasons. It had nothing to do with helping Madison, ok, and I really think that you owe it to me to tell me everything.

David: So here's to enjoying ourselves and to getting what we want. If it isn't your favorite police chief.

Liza: So any news on Griffin Castillo?

Jesse: Not yet.

Liza: And what about his sister? You watching her?

Jesse: Yes.

Liza: International flights? Airports?

Jesse: I already got the mayor barking at me. I don't need your yap in the mix. I'm gonna tell you what I told her -- let me do my job.

Liza: I'm trying to do mine, as well, Jesse, and I can't if you keep letting the criminals escape.

Jesse: I'm on top of this.

Liza: Actually, what I've heard is that you're distracted with Angie's condition and the new baby.

Jesse: It's called a life. You don't have one, so you wouldn't understand.

David: Ouch.

Amanda: Just because Jake says he's not ready doesn't mean he doesn't want another baby. Jesse wasn't crazy thrilled when you got pregnant, and look how much he loves Lucy now. And I just know Jake will be the same way. I'm sure soon as I get pregnant, whatever doubts he had -- gone. And we will be as happy as you and Jesse are.

Angie: So even though Jake's made it very clear that he doesn't want a baby right now, you're trying anyway?

Amanda: Yes.

Jake: What are you doing here?

Cara: Tad told me about --

Jake: Oh, Tad told you? That's the way he keeps a secret?

Cara: Just stop for a second, ok? I overhead the conversation, ok, and you know how I get. He didn't have a choice.

Jake: It doesn't matter. I got this covered, ok? Now you've got to go.

Cara: Why is she back?

Jake: Because we're looking for a donor match.

Cara: So she's out of remission?

Jake: Yes, she is. Let's go.

Cara: Jake, no. Stop it. You need to do this for me, please. If the situation were reversed, you wouldn't be able to stay away.

Scott: Ah. So you want anything? You want to take a nap?

Madison: I'm good. That whole delivery room thing -- I hope I didn't push you into it. Maybe you don't want to be within a mile of some crazy woman screaming her head off.

Scott: No, it means a lot to me that you want me there, and I've never seen a baby being born. So -- and the fact that it's your baby, there's no place I'd rather be.

Madison: You were asking me something before the doctor came in: If I would want another chance with Ryan if he and Greenlee weren't together. The answer is no, I wouldn't. I want you.

Greenlee: I had all kinds of reasons for not telling you, and they made sense to me at the time. We'd already been through so much together -- my marriage to David, both of us being accused of his murder, losing Zach -- and then we were finally able to be together. After all of that, we were finally able to love each other, to breathe, to start our future together. And then Madison turns up pregnant with your baby? It was like God's sick joke on me. I just wanted us to have our wedding day. I just wanted one perfect day, and then I would tell you.

Ryan: We had our day, and you didn't tell me. Madison did. When I first found out that Madison was carrying my child -- you were there, Greenlee, and you pretended to be surprised.

Greenlee: I was gonna tell you then, but you were already so thrown. And then time passed, and it was easier to forget, to -- to tell myself that it didn't really matter.

Ryan: What were you thinking? Thinking that I'd find out Madison was carrying my -- and I would leave you? You had that little faith in me?

Krystal: Anything?

Jack: No. For her to vanish like that and be silent for so long, I just have to feel there's something else going on besides her just running away from me.

Jake: I get what you're doing. I know what you're made out of, ok, but you've got a few other things to take into consideration. You're banned from the hospital, the police are looking for you, and Immigration's just dying to throw your ass back to some crazy guy in Mexico. So, please.

Cara: I just need to see her, ok? I'm asking for five minutes, Jake. Just five minutes, please?

Jake: If I can get you to see her with zero risk, ok -- and I mean zero risk -- I'll do it. But that's an elephant-sized "if."

Cara: Thank you.

Jake: No, don't thank me.

Cara: Yes, because you're gonna make it happen. I know you will.

Jake: All right. We need to get you out of here before somebody notices you.

Cara: Hello? Look at me!

Jake: This is your disguise?

Cara: I'm blending in!

Jake: Really? With those eyes? That's great. Let's go.

Angie: Let me say this to you, Amanda. Trying to have another baby when Jake says that he is not ready may not turn out the way that you hope it does, even though you're doing it out of love and because you think it's the best thing for your family. But let me just say that secrets are poison in marriage. Are you hearing me? Poison.

Jesse: Hey, Ellie. It's Daddy. There's a lot more spring in the air today than there was yesterday. Your mother's good. She's happy. Lucy's good. We're a regular family. But that does not mean I don't miss you every single day. [Places a fresh daffodil on his baby's grave] I love you so much. I don't -- you know that, right? You know that. You know that, and I'll never forget you. Daddy won't ever forget you. Ok, Ma. There she is. You take care of her for us, ok? [Sighs]

[Liza sees Jesse sitting on a bench]

Scott: You are beautiful. Just amazing. I want you, too. [Kisses Madison]

Greenlee: So many horrible things happened to us, kept us apart, things that we had no control over, starting with my accident the day that we were supposed to get married. So when we were finally so close to having our future together, I wanted it to be perfect. It had to be perfect, and an ex-girlfriend with a baby wasn't part of that picture. So I lied, not because I didn't trust you, but because I didn't want anything to get in the way of the life that we should've had.

Ryan: The life that you chose for us.

Greenlee: We had already been robbed of so much. I told myself that we deserve to be happy, and I'm sorry. I am sorry. I never should've lied. And I will spend the rest of our life proving that you can trust me, always. Please. Please tell me that we can get past this, that we can go back to the way things used to be.

Ryan: No, Greenlee, we can't.

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