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Episode #10611

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Ryan: So how did everything go with Emma at drop-off?

Greenlee: Hmm. She seemed pretty happy that it was only half a day. And I told her we could do something fun after school.

Ryan: Great. So far, so good.

Greenlee: Until I mentioned that I was looking forward to Parents' Night, and she made it very clear that it was only for parents. She only wants you and Annie there.

Scott: Hey. How'd it go?

Madison: Great. They showed me the labor room, the delivery room, the nursery. Babies are so cute.

Scott: So you ready for the big event?

Madison: Almost. They asked me if I wanted someone to be in the delivery room with me.

Scott: You said yes, right?

Madison: For support. So --

Scott: Ryan, right? You told them Ryan?

J.R.: Good morning.

Marissa: J.R., I'm so happy that you're here.

J.R.: And you are? You look familiar.

Marissa: Maybe because he's been following me.

Agent Trumbull: Agent Turmbull, Citizen and Immigration. We were both attending Cara Martin's wedding.

J.R.: What seems to be the problem here?

Agent Trumbull: Just having a private conversation.

J.R.: Now it's not so private. Why are you following her?

Marissa: Because I live at Tad's.

Agent Trumbull: The romantic newlyweds first living with the ex-wife, now the daughter.

Marissa: Some people have hearts, compassion.

Agent Trumbull: Some people like to stay in this country illegally. Which one is Cara Martin?

Marissa: Look, I've answered all the questions I'm going to answer. I'm done here.

Agent Trumbull: I will tell you when you are done.

J.R.: Hey, I don't care who you are. You take a tip, you back the hell off.

Opal: How long has it been since a gal like me was invited to breakfast by a hunk of pulchritude such as yourself? A long time.

Ricky: I bet it hasn't been that long.

Opal: And a preacher to boot!

Ricky: Opal, I need to share something with you.

Opal: Feel free. Go right ahead.

Ricky: Ok. I know how close you and Erica are.

Opal: We're closer than close.

Ricky: And you haven't heard anything from her since she left?

Opal: Not a word. Not a word. And I cannot for the life of me figure out what would make her run off from her own wedding. It's a mystery.

Ricky: I'm really concerned.

Opal: With all that you have on your plate, you are so sweet to be concerned about a runaway bride.

Ricky: I got to tell you, it's upsetting everyone, especially Kendall.

Opal: Yeah, Kendall -- her mama is very important to her.

Ricky: And Kendall is very important to me.

Griffin: You gonna stand there or you coming in?

Kendall: Ryan called, said that the spy equipment was delivered.

Griffin: "Spy" -- you like saying that word, don't you?

Kendall: A little bit. So let's see it.

Griffin: I just can't hand it over to you. I have to show you how it works. It's gonna be hands-on.

Kendall: You know what? Why don't you just give me the damn thing, and I'll figure it out myself?

Griffin: Ok, look. I know you're pissed at me for almost blowing your cover with Ricky. I'm not necessarily thrilled with you at the moment either. But I'm not the guy who killed your husband, ok, and we're gonna have to work together if we're gonna nail the son of a bitch who did. 

J.R.: I don't appreciate the way you're talking to my wife.

Agent Trumbull: Oh. I'm sorry. Now are you pretending to be married, too?

Marissa: No. J.R. forgets to use the "ex" prefix.

J.R.: And apparently you forgot your manners.

Agent Trumbull: This is official immigration business.

J.R.: I really don't care what it is.

Agent Trumbull: The fact that you're rich doesn't matter to me.

J.R.: Does it matter to you I can pick up the phone and call my friend, the senator?

Marissa: J.R., listen. I can handle this. Hey, I know what my rights are. You can't force me to sit here and be interrogated.

Agent Trumbull: Would you like me to subpoena you?

Marissa: Would you like me to waste your time?

Agent Trumbull: You're living in the house with a couple that's faking a marriage so a girl can get a green card. Her brother's a murder suspect and now a fugitive.

Marissa: I have no comment.

Agent Trumbull: Really? You're an attorney, officer of the state. You're required to come forward with any information on criminal activity. You want to risk your career over it?

Marissa: But I've seen nothing to indicate that Cara and Tad's marriage is fake. In fact, they are adorable together.

Agent Trumbull: So that's your statement?

Marissa: That's the truth.

Agent Trumbull: I'm not done here. I'll be back.

Marissa: God, I hate this.

J.R.: The fact you're being harassed or the fact you have to lie to him? You don't believe that Cara and Tad's marriage is real, do you? I have a solution.

Marissa: I don't want you to call your attorney.

J.R.: Move back in with me.

Marissa: What?

J.R.: Move back in with A.J. and me. That way, Agent Trouble won't have any reason to question you.

Marissa: J.R.

J.R.: We both know Tad's marriage isn't real, but that's his choice. I respect that, I respect it, but you don't need to be getting caught up in it.

Marissa: I already am.

J.R.: But you don't have to be. You can move back into the mansion. You can stay as long as you like, or at least until you find a place of your own.

Marissa: It's a bad idea.

J.R.: Worse than getting caught up in an immigration sham? Do you know what it would mean to A.J. if you moved back in the house? Just give it some thought. Will you do that for me?

Marissa: All right. I will think about it. And you are shameless.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: J.R. Chandler.

Scott: I think it makes perfect sense you'd want Ryan in the delivery room with you. He is the baby's father.

Madison: I know, but --

Scott: What? Is there a problem? You think he would turn you down?

Madison: No, no. Nothing like that.

Scott: Well, what is it?

Madison: Just you and I have been through this whole thing together, so --

Scott: You didn't want to hurt my feelings?

Madison: Have I?

Scott: No. No, of course not.

Madison: Are you sure?

Scott: Madison, don't -- look, I just want what's best for you and the baby. I just want to make this as easy for you as possible.

Madison: You already have. I got to get to work.

Scott: Ok. Bye.

[Phone rings]

Scott: Hello?

J.R.: Scott, it's me. There's been an accident. Meet me at the house.

Ryan: I will explain to Emma why Annie cannot be at Parent Night, ok?

Greenlee: You got a plan?

Ryan: I guess I'm just gonna be her dad. Hey, just give it a little bit more time. She will remember how much she loves you.

Greenlee: I am kind of lovable.

Ryan: That's why I married you.

Greenlee: Only we don't know if we're really married, do we?

Ryan: Working on that.

Greenlee: So how do we help Kendall wipe Ricky off the map?

Ryan: Hey, I know you want to take a shot at this guy, and so do I, but we got to do this right. Ok?

Greenlee: I know it's like a dangerous game that Kendall is playing, but part of me is kind of jealous.

Ryan: I don't even want to ask.

Greenlee: This guy stood at our wedding. He talked about love and understanding, and he is the reason that Zach is dead.

Ryan: And he will pay for it, I promise you.

Greenlee: As long as I get to look him in the eye and kick him where it counts.

Ryan: Ok. I will do everything I can to make that happen, I promise.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Got something?

P.I.: Subject is having breakfast at ConFusion with Opal Cortlandt, looking very cozy.

Ryan: Great. I'll be right there.

Greenlee: Is everything ok?

Ryan: Yeah. Some info on Ricky.

Greenlee: Go. I love you.

Ryan: I love you.

Greenlee: My wallet's gone.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Hello? What? That's impossible. I just dropped her off. Look for her again and call me right back. I'm on my way.

Opal: So as I was saying, we have all been just worried sick about Erica. It's awful nice that Kendall has you to lean on.

Ricky: It goes both ways.

Opal: I could be mistaken, but in this case, I don't think so. There's something going on with you two.

Ricky: Really? I didn't think it was that obvious.

Opal: I happen to have a special knack for sniffing these things out. So come on. Tell me. How long has this been -- well, when did it start, and how did she -- oh, hell. You know what I mean. Oh! Oh, my Lord, I just said "hell" in front of a minister! I'm so sorry!

Ricky: It's all right. Don't worry about it. Well, at first, tending to Kendall was just part of my calling. And I don't know when it changed. Maybe it was watching her play with her boys or seeing how strong she was after Zach's accident. Or maybe it's just the way that she looks at you when she's talking to you, like you're the most important person in the world. I've never met anyone like her.

Opal: Sounds like you've got it pretty bad, Rev. How does Kendall feel about all this?

Ricky: The feelings are mutual. And we've decided to take things very, very slow.

Opal: That's understandable.

Ricky: When you meet the right person, she can make you feel whole and good.

Opal: That's how Kendall makes you feel?

Ricky: There is nothing that I wouldn't do to be with her.

Griffin: This part goes on you, and this stays with me, so I can hear everything that Ricky has to say. Here you go.

Kendall: Ok. And you will record it all?

Griffin: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: I just have to get him comfortable enough to spill something incriminating about Zach's death.

Griffin: That's the plan.

Kendall: Let's just get this over with already.

Griffin: Kendall -- ok. It's not gonna be easy. You do one false step, and Ricky could be on to you.

Kendall: Just let me take care of that part myself.

Griffin: Ok. All right. Let's do a test run.

Kendall: I can do it.

Griffin: I'm trying to help you here.

Kendall: I don't need your help.

Griffin: What do you need, Kendall?

Madison: Greenlee's on her way. When she gets here --

Emma: Why did you have to call her?

Madison: Because she was worried. Your school called her when they couldn't get in touch with your dad.

Emma: Are you gonna yell at me like she always does?

Madison: I'm not gonna yell. But you have to tell Greenlee what you did and why.

Emma: I miss my mom.

Madison: I know you do, honey.

Emma: And I wanted her to come to Parents' Night at school.

Madison: Oh, I know. Hey, you want a water? How about a chocolate muffin?

Emma: My favorite.

Madison: Mine, too. Ok. Here you go, all right? Come here.

Emma: I took your wallet to take a taxi to go see my mom.

Greenlee: You called a cab?

Madison: Fortunately, the cab driver knew that something was up and got my number from Emma.

Greenlee: Ok. All right. We're gonna talk about this in a minute, but first, I'd like to talk to Madison. Would you please wait for me in the lounge? So, what'd you do, take her out to buy some shoes? Maybe you guys hit the bar and had a drink or two.

Madison: She misses her mother.

Greenlee: And you're making the situation worse.

Madison: What did you want me to do?

Greenlee: Emma steals my wallet, leaves school, gets a cab to take her to see her crazy mother, and what do you do? You give her a hug and a chocolate muffin. You're gonna make one hell of a mother.

Ryan: Opal. Hi.

Opal: Oh. My goodness! This must be my lucky day -- two gorgeous hunks in one morning!

Ryan: No, stop. Hey, come and sit down with me for a second. I'd like to catch up with you.

Opal: Must be my new perfume.

Ryan: So who's this other guy?

Opal: What, are you jealous?

Ryan: Yes.

Opal: Oh, it's just Reverend Ricky. He is so sweet. He's just so concerned about everybody.

Ryan: Yes. Kendall especially, I hear.

Opal: Oh, you did hear about that, too?

Ryan: Yeah. Kendall told me that they're getting pretty close.

Opal: I think that could be true.

Ryan: I don't know him very well, and as Spike's dad -- you think he's a good guy, right?

Opal: He's a member of the clergy, Ryan. He's a minister in my parish.

Ryan: So then you've probably known him for a long time, then.

Opal: Not really that long. Our old minister, Reverend Esgog -- he just died just this last November, God rest his soul.

Ryan: Oh, yeah. I remember him. He used to play Santa Claus in all those Christmas pageants.

Opal: Such a spirited guy. He was just really -- he died so suddenly. It was really a shock.

Ryan: Really? Do you know how he died?

Opal: A heart attack, I think. It was a huge loss. Congregation didn't think we were ever gonna replace him. And then just out of nowhere, along came Reverend Ricky.

Ryan: Yeah, stepped right into his robes, huh?

Opal: Like an angel sent from heaven.

Griffin: Let me know when you figure it out.

Kendall: I think I got it. I just need to --

Griffin: Kendall?

Kendall: You know what? Maybe if I just turn the thing on first.

Griffin: Would you just let me put the damn thing on you?

Kendall: I said I don't need your help, ok? You almost got caught yesterday helping me.

Griffin: Protecting you.

Kendall: I will be able to get this thing on myself if you would just stop staring at me like that. Just don't stare at me, all right? I can do this. All right. Ok. All right. You win, ok? Yeah, wire me. Go ahead. Wire me. Wire away.

Griffin: Ok. Put that in your back pocket. I'm not the enemy, you know. Stay still.

Kendall: Ow!

Griffin: What?

Kendall: That's cold!

Griffin: Ok. Ok. Chill out. Just relax. Is that better? You like that, huh? That good? Ok, listen. You're gonna have to change the battery pack every 4 hours. How does that feel? Is it good? It's in there?

Kendall: Feels good. It's good. It's fine. [Giggles]

Maya: Mr. Chandler, the house is --

J.R.: I know, Maya. I know.

Maya: I'm so sorry.

J.R.: Thanks.

Scott: No need to tell me what the emergency was. I saw the gatehouse. What happened?

J.R.: The big tree behind the gatehouse collapsed on it. Must've been the wind. I know how much that house meant to Uncle Stuart.

Scott: Not as much as that tree did. I'm gonna go take a better look.

J.R.: There's nothing to look at. It's a big pile of wood, which is why I called you. I wanted to see if you wanted to take anything of value out of the house.

Scott: You got rid of all my stuff when I was in prison, remember?

J.R.: Maybe something of Uncle Stuart's or maybe some furniture. I don't know. Make it fast before the wrecking crew gets here.

Scott: Wrecking crew? J.R., what are you talking about?

J.R.: The house was totaled. It'll have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Scott: Then fine. That's what we're gonna do.

J.R.: Scott, will you be reasonable about this?

Scott: If you tear that house down, you're gonna be destroying a piece of my father, and I'm not gonna let that happen.

Kendall: Thank you. I got it. Thank you for helping me.

Griffin: It was a struggle.

Kendall: Yeah, I know. I can be a little --

Griffin: Stubborn?

Kendall: So I've been told.

Griffin: I said I'd be there for you, and I will.

Kendall: Even after yesterday?

Griffin: We both got a little out of control yesterday. I'm sorry I yelled.

Kendall: And I'm sorry I yelled back.

Griffin: When you let Ricky get that close, I lost it.

Kendall: I hated having him do that, having him touch me and kiss me.

Griffin: Look, I know how hard it is doing what you're doing -- playing Ricky, pretending to be in love with the man who killed your husband. It takes a lot of courage doing what you're doing.

Kendall: You know us Kane women: We're tough. Do not mess with us or the people that we love.

Griffin: Oh, I won't make that mistake.

Kendall: You're a pretty good role model when it comes to having courage.

Griffin: Yeah, putting up with you?

Kendall: It's a full-time job.

[Knock on door]

Griffin: Hey.

Kendall: Hi. No. I would give you a hug, I would, but I'm all wired up.

Ryan: Great. Everything ready to go?

Griffin: Yeah. We're figuring it out.

Madison: What was I supposed to do, let Emma take a cab to the mental hospital?

Greenlee: You weren't supposed to reward her for doing something dangerous.

Madison: She was upset. She was on the verge of tears. So I gave her a muffin, not to reward her for what she did, but just to calm her down.

Greenlee: You don't get it, do you?

Madison: And then I told her how wrong she was and how --

Greenlee: But you're not Emma's mother or stepmother, Madison. This is not your job.

Madison: I don't think children can have too many people in their lives who love them, who care about them.

Greenlee: That's not what this is about, and you know it.

Madison: No. As usual, you're making this all about you.

Greenlee: That's because it is. No matter how you try to explain it away, this is about me and Ryan trying to make this work with Emma.

Madison: Guess what -- right now it's not working. Which is why Emma gave the cab driver my number, because she knows I care about her.

Greenlee: And her father.

Madison: That is not fair.

Greenlee: You've been hovering over Emma ever since Ryan left you, trying to do anything you can to stay attached to her.

Madison: That's so not true.

Greenlee: You are using Emma and this unborn baby to stay in Ryan's life, because you still love him, and you want him back. Why don't you just admit it?

J.R.: This is nothing personal, Scott.

Scott: It is to me.

J.R.: I would never do anything to destroy Uncle Stuart's memory.

Scott: That's exactly what you're doing here, J.R.

J.R.: It was just a house. It's not even that now.

Scott: It could be rebuilt, and you know it!

J.R.: But it wouldn't be the house that you knew, not his house.

Scott: Unbelievable. I remember coming here when I was kid to the big house, walking into this room. It was like walking into a castle. I expect to see kings and queens and soldiers in armor. I remember there was a warrior statue right here. Not exactly like my house.

J.R.: So you're saying your house was smaller?

Scott: And warmer and more welcoming. J.R., my father's paintings were all over the walls. It was filled with his laughter, his love.

J.R.: I'm sorry that it's gone, Scott. I'm sorry that he's gone.

Griffin: Ok, so you talked to Opal? Did she give you anything we could use?

Ryan: She mentioned how Ricky has such strong feelings for you and how you return them. But mostly what I was interested in is how Ricky got to Pine Valley in the first place, how he took over at a parish where the minister there suddenly died out of nowhere.

Kendall: Do you think that maybe --

Ryan: I checked the obituary. The minister died of a heart attack, but apparently he didn't have any heart problems before that.

Griffin: He got rid of him. I'll bank on that. And I'm getting less and less sure of you going through with this, Kendall.

Kendall: Listen to me. Ricky is falling in love with me, all right, and as disgusting as that is, that's what'll keep me safe.

Ryan: And so will we.

Griffin: Ok. All right. Let's do a test run with the piece.

Kendall: All right.

Griffin: Go ahead. Stand there. Talk in a normal voice.

Kendall: Well, there's a certain someone who thinks I am stubborn and not capable of taking care of myself, but just for the record, I have been doing that my whole life.

Griffin: Ok! All right. Right on. I got the message loud and clear. Here's an extra battery pack, ok? Remember, it only lasts 4 hours.

Kendall: Thank you. All right. I'm ready for this. And I will be careful.

[Door closes]

Ryan: Hey. Thank you for all you're doing. And it kind of goes without saying, but I know Kendall really appreciates it, too.

Madison: I don't want your life or your husband.

Greenlee: I don't believe you.

Madison: And my relationship with Emma -- it is special because I think she's special.

Greenlee: And she also happens to be Ryan's daughter, just like that baby you're carrying. I remember you all wanting to be independent, having this baby on your own.

Madison: Until I realized that Ryan deserves a chance to know his child.

Greenlee: And that's why you're always trying to work your way back into his life, always "being there" for Emma.

Madison: This is all in your head, Greenlee.

Greenlee: It's in my head? You're creating secret scrapbook web pages for Ryan.

Madison: It wasn't a secret, ok? And I don't understand how you, with everything that you have, can care so much about my life.

Greenlee: Because you won't stay out of ours. You're parading that belly around like it should just open doors for you.

Madison: I'm not looking to have doors opened for me.

Greenlee: No? Really? It's not part of your plan?

Madison: I don't have a plan, ok, and I didn't get pregnant intentionally.

Greenlee: That's still up for debate.

Madison: You knew I was pregnant for a long time and never told Ryan.

Greenlee: Neither did you.

Madison: Ok, if I wanted Ryan back, if I wanted to break the two of you up, don't you think I would've told him a long time ago about being pregnant?

Greenlee: Not always easy to figure out why you've done what you've done. I didn't say you were bright.

Madison: You're always trying to make me the problem in your life, Greenlee, but, actually, you're the problem. You're the one who kept a secret from your husband. You purposely kept Ryan from knowing about his child, and now every time you see me, it reminds you of what you did to the man that you claim to love.

Greenlee: If you come after Ryan, if you come after my life, that little thing inside you will not be able to protect you from me.

Maya: Here he is.

J.R.: Hey, buddy. How was school today?

A.J.: Ok, I guess.

J.R.: When I was your age, I used to love these half days.

Maya: I think he's a little worried about something.

J.R.: A.J.? What's the problem?

A.J.: What happened to the gatehouse, Dad?

J.R.: One of the big trees blew over on it.

A.J.: But it looks wrecked.

J.R.: Yeah, pretty much.

A.J.: But we have a lot of big trees around our house, too.

J.R.: Yeah, but none big enough to cause that kind of damage.

A.J.: Really?

J.R.: This house, our house, will always be safe. I promise that. You remember when I used to read you that book when you were little about the three little pigs? Yeah. Our house is like that big brick house: Nothing will ever blow it over.

Marissa: Your dad's right.

A.J.: Mom, I got out of school early today!

Marissa: I know, baby. And guess what -- I don't have to be in court today. So since it was so windy, I was thinking --

A.J.: We can go fly my new kite that you bought me?

Marissa: That's right. Why don't you go have Maya give you a snack, and I got to talk to your dad real quick, ok?

A.J.: Ok.

Marissa: That was really, really sweet, the way you explained about the tree.

J.R.: Thanks. And thank you for coming back.

Marissa: After I saw you today, I went back home to Krystal's and Tad's and Cara's, and when I put it that way, Agent Turmbull has a point. Plus, since Cara's not working anymore, she's at home a lot more.

J.R.: And you can see more evidence about what their relationship is really about.

Marissa: Yeah. And I just can't keep lying, not to mention I'm a little past the age of living at home with Mom.

J.R.: This is all sounding very promising.

Marissa: Yeah. I've decided to take you up on your offer, temporarily.

J.R.: That's great.

Marissa: And it's only just until I find my own place to move into.

J.R.: Yeah. Hey, buddy. You know what? I got some great news.

A.J.: I know. We get to fly my new kite that Mom bought me.

J.R.: That, too. But your mom is gonna be moving back in.

A.J.: Yeah!

Marissa: Ooh, ooh!

Madison: She called it a "thing." My baby -- she called it a "thing."

Scott: Sounds like your morning went as well as mine did.

Madison: Emma ditched school and stole Greenlee's wallet, so she could take a cab and go visit Annie.

Scott: Ho-ho-ho. I know I'm not supposed to laugh at that, but that girl's got some brass.

Madison: I went and picked her up after the cab driver called me. And when I called Greenlee --

Scott: Even bigger brass. All right, let me guess. I'm sure Greenlee wasn't laughing about it.

Madison: She made it out to be my fault.

Scott: Your fault? Why? What did you do?

Madison: I gave Emma a muffin.

Scott: Madison, you gave her a muffin? Come on. There's got to be more to the story than that.

Madison: Uh-huh. Yep. About this much more. I've had it with that woman.

Scott: You know what? I got into it with J.R. this morning.

Madison: Again?

Scott: A tree fell on the gatehouse. J.R. wants to bring in the bulldozers and knock the place down.

Madison: Why?

Scott: I don't know. He says the place can't be fixed, but I looked at it. It's gonna take a lot of work, but it can be fixed.

Madison: So fix it.

Scott: What?

Madison: You heard me. We can't just let these people bulldozer over us.

Scott: "Bulldozer"? You know what? You're right. I've been thinking about getting a second job. I think I just found it. Yeah, to hell with J.R. I will rebuild the gatehouse.

Madison: There you go.

Scott: It's not gonna get me another paycheck, but I don't care. Because I'm gonna get something so much more important -- my father's house back.

Greenlee: I know that you and I don't always get along, but in a lot of ways, we're kind of alike.

Emma: Yeah, you told me we're both brats.

Greenlee: When you and I are both scared or hurt or angry, sometimes we do things that we haven't really thought through, and then we get into trouble for it.

Emma: So you're gonna get me in trouble now?

Greenlee: I know how much you miss your mom and how much you want to be with her. I missed my mom, too, growing up. We were separated so many times. And I was hurt and I was lonely, so I do understand how you feel. And sometimes we think lying is the easy way out. But pretending that things are ok doesn't help anyone. In the end, it makes people not trust you, and that can be worse than you think.

Emma: But I want to see my mommy.

Greenlee: I know. You will. I promise you that when she's better, your dad and I will take you to see her. But in the meantime when you're missing her, talk to us about it. Trust us to help you.

Emma: My mommy told me not to trust you, because you do a lot of bad things. You lie all the time. Daddy should've never married you.

Griffin: It's amazing what good reception you get with this little thing.

Ryan: A little different than some of those third-world countries you were in, huh?

Griffin: Yeah. Let's just hope Ricky slips up fast so we can get this thing over with.

Ryan: I'm with you on that. I hate putting Kendall in this situation as much as you do.

Griffin: She ever listen to anybody?

Ryan: Yeah, every once in a while. But she usually tries to convince you that it was her idea to begin with.

Griffin: How long have you two known each other?

Ryan: A long time. It feels like forever. She's probably my best friend in the world, outside of Greenlee. And, of course, obviously we share a child together.

Griffin: That's a pretty big connection.

Ryan: Yeah. Hey, I'm going through some stuff with my other child, with Emma right now, so I owe you for stepping it up with Kendall.

Griffin: You don't owe me. But thank you.

Ryan: Thank me? For what?

Griffin: For believing in my innocence.

Ryan: You let me know as soon as you hear anything about Ricky.

Griffin: You got it, bro.

Kendall: Hi! Hi, guys. Hi, baby. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at Bianca's. You're supposed to be at Bianca's.

Spike: I wanted to get my Buzz Lightyear.

Sandra: I didn't think you'd mind.

Kendall: No, it's fine. I miss you guys. But I have got a business meeting, and so I can't have you guys around for this. So why don't you go, ok, and I'll see you guys soon. All right?

Sandra: Ok. I'll take them right now.

Kendall: Ok. All right.

Spike: Hi, Ricky!

Ricky: Hi! Hey, buddy. Hi.

Kendall: I didn't expect to see you here.

Spike: Me neither.

Ricky: Yeah? You guys are gonna be seeing a lot more of me, ok?

Spike: Yay!

Ricky: Yay! High-five. Yeah.

Spike: Are you gonna be our new daddy someday, just like Daddy Zach?

J.R.: I had that room that you like fixed up by the staff, the one in the private wing.

Marissa: Thanks, but how did you know that I was --

J.R.: You were moving back in? I didn't. I never gave up hope.

Scott: J.R.! Marissa.

J.R.: Scott. Good news. Marissa's moving into the house.

Marissa: Temporarily. Something came up, so I'll just be staying in a private wing.

J.R.: Scott, I thought we were done discussing the gatehouse.

Marissa: Oh, God, that's right. Scott, I am so sorry about what happened. I saw. I'm so sorry.

Scott: Oh, don't be. Because I've decided to rebuild it. I don't expect you to have any objections with that.

J.R.: You're gonna need permits and money.

Scott: Fine. I'll take care of it.

Marissa: Yeah, and you got a lawyer to help you.

Scott: Great. Thank you. Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of each other, then.

Marissa: Good. No problem with that.

Kendall: Ricky is a very, very good friend to all of us. He's been a very special friend.

Griffin: Very special.

Kendall: And Ricky's right. He will be spending a lot of time with us.

Griffin: Until he goes to jail.

Kendall: But right now Aunt Bianca is waiting for you at her house. Yes! So why don't you run and get Sandra -- yes -- and have her take you over to their house?

Spike: But, Mom --

Kendall: Honey, come on. The girls are looking so forward to playing with you and Ian.

Spike: Ok.

Kendall: Big guy. Thanks. Thanks so much. Ok, you guys, go get ready. Go get ready. Go, go. Go see Aunt Bianca, yeah.

Ricky: Kendall, at some point, they're gonna need to know we're more than just friends.

Kendall: I know.

Ricky: So I don't get why you keep sending the boys away. You know I want to spend time with them.

Kendall: And you will. I want that, too. But they're still getting over Zach's death.

Ricky: I know, but you heard Spiky. It sounded like he's ready for a new daddy.

Kendall: No one will ever take Zach's place.

Griffin: Careful.

Kendall: But you will make your own place in their hearts.

Ricky: You're not making things any easier.

Kendall: You do know that my first responsibility is to my children.

Ricky: And I appreciate that.

Kendall: Ok. That's why I need to know if our relationship is really solid.

Ricky: I think it is.

Kendall: I mean really solid, before I introduce a new daddy.

Ricky: You know what? You're probably right. So I'm gonna plan something to help get us more solid.

Kendall: Great. Great. So where you taking me?

Ricky: Oh, it's a surprise. But I promise you one thing -- it'll be just the two of us.

Greenlee: I'm so glad you're here. I called to tell you that -- wow. And that was because?

Ryan: That was because we finally got that bastard Ricky on the ropes.

Greenlee: What happened?

Ryan: The minister that he took over for happened to die suddenly.

Greenlee: Did Ricky kill him?

Ryan: Maybe, along with Zach, along with the woman found in Griffin's bed, along with who knows who else?

Greenlee: He needs to be locked up.

Ryan: He will be. But in the meantime, I don't want us to look back on our wedding, and I don't want us to think about the guy that married us. So -- I want a do-over.

Greenlee: What are you doing?

Ryan: We have lived through such crazy, crazy times, and we're so lucky to have each other. You're the love of my life. You're my safe haven, and I know you always have my back. You'll always be in my corner. So will you do me the honor and marry me again?

Madison's voice: You purposely kept Ryan from knowing about his child.

Emma's voice: Mommy told me not to trust you, because you do a lot of bad things. You lie all the time. Daddy should've never married you.

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