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Cara: Hi. Ok, so if it says "unidentified source says -- "

Tad: It means they have no idea, no verifiable knowledge. It's just rumor, gossip, scuttlebutt. Is that about Griffin?

Cara: Yeah. The rumor is he's in Mexico, and the gossip is that he is being protected by a drug cartel.

Tad: And the scuttlebutt? Come on, Cara, you know he's alive.

Cara: They're talking about him like he's a murderer, Tad.

Tad: So when this is over, we'll have them print a retraction.

Cara: That's too little, too late.

Tad: Then we'll throw a parade. I will rent a car with an open top and a bullhorn. We can go from street to street proclaiming his innocence.

Cara: You know the sweet thing about that?

Tad: No.

Cara: Is that you're not joking.

Tad: No. The good news is that if we don't know where Griffin is and the cops don't or the news hacks, it's a pretty safe bet that anybody else who's looking for him doesn't know either.

Cara: I just want to know if he's all right.

[Door opens]

Kendall: Well, hey there, tough guy.

Griffin: Ok. Ok.

Kendall: Hi.

Griffin: Hi.

Kendall: Hi. I brought you something. Here you go. For you.

Griffin: Thank you.

Kendall: You're welcome. That was from Spike's Easter basket. Yeah, I wasn't looking too happy, so he wanted me to have it. I don't want you thinking I'm taking candy from my son.

Griffin: It's very sweet. Thank you. What else you got for me?

Kendall: I brought you some food and some clothes.

Griffin: Are those, uh --

Kendall: No, no, no. I borrowed these from Ryan.

Griffin: Kendall, we're gonna get this guy. Ricky's gonna pay for what he did to you and your family. Where's Ryan's guy?

Kendall: He's keeping a safe distance.

Griffin: But you want to get a close distance to Ricky.

Kendall: Griffin, this is the only way that I'm gonna prove that he killed Zach. Now, you need to stay here so that nobody can find you. Right now everybody thinks you are a whole ocean away.

Griffin: Yeah, and we got to keep it that way. And I need you to help me say good-bye to my sister.

Jack: I hate this. You know, this place -- this apartment, this whole town -- feels like a prison to me, because I can't walk 10 feet without running into her. Of course not. She's Erica Kane. You know what? To hell with it. I'm not gonna let her force me out of my own home -- or you either. [Pulls away from Krystal as they're about to kiss]

Krystal: I -- I'm so sorry.

Jack: No, Krystal, it's all my fault.

Krystal: No, Jack, I -- I'm really sorry.

Erica: Yes. Please work. Please work. Oh, my God! No! No! If you're gonna hold me captive here, then you have the guts to look me in the face, look me in the eye! Do you hear me?! Are you listening to me?!

Jack: Look, there's nothing either one of us needs to apologize for. You only came over here as a friend.

Krystal: Really, a real friend wouldn't let you do something that you're gonna regret.

Jack: Nobody did anything, Krystal.

Krystal: I'm not in a place to help you with Erica right now. That's obvious.

Jack: Ok. But you don't have to leave.

Krystal: Yes, I do.

Tad: Give me that. Where do you think you're going?

Cara: I'm going to see Kendall.

Tad: No, you're not. It's a bad idea.

Cara: Did you talk to her?

Tad: No. Not since we busted Griffin out of the hospital.

Cara: Ok. I left her 4 messages, and I heard nothing.

Tad: Leave her 5. Don't do anything crazy, ok? The cops are watching you. And Jesse isn't very happy with us the way things are.

Cara: I have to do something.

Tad: You have done something. Can I remind you that getting Griffin out of there cost you your job? That seems like a pretty -- the guy out front?

Cara: Yeah.

Tad: I saw him, too.

Cara: Good. Well, he was parked outside our house this morning.

Tad: I know. And if it's not a cop, that means he's Immigration, ok, which makes my point stronger. There are a whole pile of people out there waiting for you to slip up.

Cara: What do you want me to do?

Tad: Nothing. I want you to sit still.

Cara: I'm not good at that, so I'm actually gonna go talk to the guy.

Tad: That'll be an interesting conversation, after which they will just assign a new tail to you.

Cara: I'm not gonna make this easy on him. I'll run this guy to Philadelphia and back.

Ricky: Griffin Castillo's gone underground. I got some big plans here, and I don't want him getting in my way. So when you find him, let me know. I'll make sure he stays underground -- way under.

Griffin: Cara doesn't know where I am and that I'm ok. She's gonna get herself into a ton of trouble trying to figure it out. So you got it?

Kendall: Yes, I do. I will tell her everything you said. I will.

Griffin: I hate lying to her.

Kendall: You're just doing it to keep her safe. There was something in that letter that almost sounded like it was your last words to her.

Griffin: Oh, God, I hope not.

Kendall: Ricky stole the last page of Zach's letter. Those were Zach's last words, so I know how precious they can be. I will tell your sister everything that you said. I will do it, and I will get it right.

Griffin: I know you will. Thank you.

Kendall: Ok, I better get going, because I do not want to keep your sister waiting.

Griffin: Oh, are you gonna see Ricky today?

Kendall: There's nothing set, but he never goes too long without calling me.

Griffin: Ok, you don't see him alone, unprepared. Promise me. I may not be able to be there with you, but I want to make sure that you're ok.

Kendall: I will be ok, all right? I'm ready. I've been thinking about what to do to this bastard 24/7, trust me.

Griffin: Ok, promise me you'll come and see me before you see him. I'm not letting you out that door until you do.

Kendall: I promise. That color looks good on you.

Erica's voice: Think. I'm reacting. I'm letting Krystal of all people dictate the terms. I have to stay a step ahead. I have to find an advantage.

Distorted voice: What's going on here?

Cara: Don't you have anything better to do?!

Tad: Easy, killer.

Cara: I thought you were my shadow.

Tad: He's still back there. He's hiding behind a ridiculously small tree -- too small for his waistline.

Cara: How'd you catch up to me?

Tad: I've been working out. Yeah, 3 miles every day -- most days -- some days. In any case, I had to catch up with you because under the circumstances, I think it's a good idea if maybe you and I act like we had our first fight.

Cara: Ok. Yes. Ok, now we're gonna make up.

Tad: Yeah. Who could stay mad at a face like this, right?

Cara: Not me.

Tad: That's my girl. Make it look real.

Cara: I'm making it look real.

Kendall: Oh, hi. I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt.

Cara: You haven't returned my phone calls. Did you not think that I would want to know where my brother was -- actually took him from the hospital?

Tad: Easy. We can't do this here, remember? Trees have ears and eyes and traseros?

Kendall: Actually, I was just looking for you. I have a message from Griff.

Cara: Where is he?

Kendall: I'm not exactly sure.

Cara: What did he tell you?

Kendall: He wanted me to wait a day before I delivered this to you.

Cara: So I wouldn't find him, right?

Kendall: And so the cops wouldn't get suspicious of me trying to contact you.

Tad: Don't look now, but it's a little late for that.

Kendall: Griffin -- he didn't give me details. He just said the less we know, the better.

Cara: What else did he say?

Kendall: He went to join a bunch of doctors to aid the workers on the Afghani border.

Cara: I know that group. They go places that government doesn't sanction.

Tad: It sounds like Griffin.

Cara: They offer medical services to the worst, most dangerous areas.

Tad: Where the police can't find him.

Cara: I hear you.

Kendall: I think he borrowed a passport. He's gonna be unreachable for the next few months. He'll be doing what he loves to do, what he was meant to do -- to help people. He wanted me to call you "Caracita" and to tell you that he loved you. He still does love you. And he wanted to say how sorry he was for messing things up with you and Tad, and that he got so used to being around you all over again. He wanted me to give you this.

Cara: Thank you, Kendall.

Kendall: Of course.

Tad: Cara?

Cara: That just kind of sounded like good-bye for good.

Erica: It's so nice to see you again.

Interviewer: The pleasure is all mine.

Erica: You're too kind.

Interviewer: Erica Kane, world-renown for so many things, what shall we talk about?

Erica: We're old friends. You can ask me anything.

Interviewer: Let's talk about the one thing that everybody thinks of when they think of you. Let's talk about Erica Kane and marriage.

Distorted voice: You think that I'm Krystal? Heh. You have no idea who I am.

Erica: Of course, you're Krystal. I told you you're not very smart.

Distorted voice: I am really starting to think that you don't like me.

Erica: Oh, really? And where did you ever get a crazy idea like that?

Distorted voice: You were going to leave without saying good-bye. That's not good manners.

Erica: Neither is kidnapping.

Distorted voice: You're my guest, and I've gone above and beyond to make you comfortable. You asked to eat with silver, off fine china, your wish was granted. But you ruined a perfectly good fork, and you still haven't touched your food.

Erica: You sound a little down. Bad day?

Distorted voice: Not a good one. I was hoping I'd come back here to find you've ended your fast. I thought I knew what you wanted, what you liked.

Erica: And I told you how wrong you were about all of that. But it doesn't matter, because I will not eat until you release me.

Distorted voice: If you don't eat, you could die.

Erica: If I die, I'm gonna die the way I live -- not on your terms, on my terms, and nobody else's.

Bianca: Ok, you told me not to bring the boys.

Kendall: With good reason.

Bianca: Ok, so what is it? It sounds like it's pretty big.

Kendall: And dangerous. And I don't want the kids anywhere around until this whole thing plays out.

Bianca: Ok, now you're starting to scare me.

Kendall: It's about Zach. I'm just gonna say it. He was murdered.

Bianca: That plane crash was ruled an accident.

Kendall: No, it wasn't.

Bianca: Ohh.

Kendall: Are you ok?

Bianca: How can I be? Who do you think did it?

Kendall: I think Ricky.

Bianca: Wait. Ricky Torres? Reverend Torres?

Kendall: I know. The whole thing sounds crazy, I know, but somehow he was working with Zach's casino partners. They didn't want him to sell, and Ricky stopped him.

Bianca: I cannot even believe this.

Kendall: I know. He was taking advantage of my grief. He was trying to get close to me to cover his tracks.

Bianca: And I am the one who brought him to you. I'm the one who did that.

Kendall: No, no, no. He fooled every single one of us, but not anymore. And the sickest part of this whole thing is that somehow he is falling in love with me.

Bianca: Are you sure about all this? He's a minister.

Kendall: We don't know what he is or isn't.

Bianca: Ok. Did you call the police?

Kendall: No. We don't have any hard evidence yet. That's why I'm using how he feels about me to get close to him so that I can prove what he's done.

Bianca: Ok, no. If he's done all the things that you say he's done, then no. That's too dangerous.

Kendall: Binks, you can't talk me out of it. He took Zach's life. He took my husband. He took my boys' father. I am doing this.

Bianca: Ok, I won't stand in your way on one condition.

Kendall: What's that?

Bianca: That you let me help you nail that son of a bitch. Ok, so you're gonna get close to him, and then hoping for what?

Kendall: Hoping that he slips up and says something that I can use.

Bianca: I don't even know how you're gonna be in the same room with him.

Kendall: Without scratching his eyes out and choking the hell out of him. Believe me, I know. This is probably gonna be one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Bianca: That's why you need me in on it.

Kendall: No, Binks, I don't think so.

Bianca: No, he took Zach away from all of us. Ian and Spike -- that man robbed them of their father, my girls' uncle. Ok? We are in this together.

Kendall: All right. I think I know exactly what you can do to help.

Erica's voice: You know me: Always the bride, never the bridesmaid. I like weddings.

Interviewer: So one could say you're the marrying kind.

Erica: One could say that.

Interviewer: But maybe you're not the "being married" kind.

Erica: You know something? You just may be right about that, too.

[Jack stops DVD]

Distorted voice: I don't want you dead, Erica.

Erica: You just want to keep me here, away from Jack, like some sort of exhibit. For how long?

Distorted voice: You're changing the subject. What would you like to eat?

Erica: I told you I'm not eating. I'm on a hunger strike.

Distorted voice: Then I'm going to have to just bring plates and plates of food until I find something you can't resist.

Erica: And what's on the menu tonight at Krystal's? Cream chipped beef?

Distorted voice: That can be arranged. Since we can't agree on your diet, why don't we talk about something else?

Erica: I have nothing to say to you.

Distorted voice: I was looking forward to today. I guess I'll have to save your present for another time.

Erica: The only present I want from you is my cell phone. I know that Jack must be trying to call me, and I'm sure you're intercepting his calls! Are you lying to him about me?

Distorted voice: I know you haven't eaten, so you're not yourself today. Maybe this will cheer you up.

Erica: What? What?! What is this?

Distorted voice: Since you showed no interest in your book, I thought you might like to read one I put together. I worked really hard on it. It's your life.

Bianca: Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Bianca: You don't know what's going on in her head. When Reese and I stopped talking, it left room for all kinds of misinterpretations that contributed as much to our breakup as anything else.

Jack: I would love to have a conversation with Erica. The only thing I lack is Erica. I do appreciate you fighting for us, though. I do.

Bianca: I don't like to see the people I love lose people they love.

Jack: Thank you. You got something on your mind?

Bianca: You know the Kane family better than anyone. Ok, we don't always make things easy.

Jack: Ha! Yes. Well, I know it.

Bianca: But when we get knocked down or when we knock ourselves down, we always get back up.

Jack: And how about the other people you keep knocking down? Are they supposed to just keep getting back up? I don't know how much longer I can carry these rings around. They're getting kind of heavy.

Bianca: You'll carry them around as long as you have to.

Erica: "The Life of Erica Kane." You say that like it's over.

Distorted voice: There are blank pages in the back. That should give you hope.

Erica: How long have you been obsessed with me like this? This was a lot of work. You didn't cobble this all together overnight.

Distorted voice: It was a labor of love. It's been an amazing life, hasn't it?

Erica: Yes, so far.

Distorted voice: I would love to hear your take on every moment that brought you to where you are now.

Erica: Where I am now is being held captive by someone with a lot of issues.

Distorted voice: I don't like being insulted.

Erica: I couldn't care less what you like. You are a pathetic excuse for a person, and you will never break me. I couldn't care less what you like. You are a pathetic excuse for a person, and you will never break me. I couldn't care less what you like.

Tad: Aren't you gonna open it?

Tad: What is it?

Cara: Bottle cap.

Tad: A bottle cap?

Cara: When my dad left, I used to go on the side of the road, and I would pretend like I was playing, but I was really watching and waiting for him to come back. And Griffin would be out there, too. He would be collecting bottles and cans, pretending not to be watching me.

Tad: Ok.

Cara: And at the end of the day when my dad didn't come back, I was disappointed, and I tried not to show it, and Griffin was right there making me feel better. We would play these games, both of us knowing exactly why we were there.

Tad: But not talking about it?

Cara: Right.

Tad: Ok.

Cara: And then I started to collect these, because I liked the colors. I liked the names. People would just kind of throw them on the side of the road.

Tad: And you know what they say: "One man's trash is -- "

Cara: "Is a little girl's treasure."

Tad: I guess.

Cara: Yeah. And then Griffin -- he started collecting these for me, too. "No deposito, no retornable." That's what it said on the side of the bottles.

Tad: "No deposit, no return"?

Cara: When my dad left, he didn't leave anything behind for us to remember him by. "No deposito, no retornable." Griff said that was a sure sign he wasn't coming back.

Tad: It sounds like tough love.

Cara: Is there any other kind? You know what this means?

Tad: "Deposit."

Cara: He's gonna return for it.

Tad: I'm sure he will. He's a smart man.

Cara: Kendall did say that he loved being around me again, right, he -- being with family?

Tad: He's not the only one.

Cara: I'm gonna take a little walk, ok? But I'm not worried, because Griff's gonna be back.

Griffin: Hey.

Kendall: Hey.

Griffin: So how was Cara?

Kendall: Well, your sister is a lot tougher than she looks.

Griffin: Oh, yeah. You can say that again. And the bottle cap?

Kendall: She got it. You ever gonna tell me what that's about?

Griffin: There'll be time for that later, but first things first -- Ricky.

Kendall: Ricky. I am gonna get him, Griff. I'm gonna get justice for Zach, and I'm gonna help you clear your name.

Griffin: Right. So I got to make sure that you're ready. I need you to show me that you know how to defend yourself.

Erica: It's one thing to be held against my will. But you know they're looking for me, and they will find me, and you will be the one to end up in a prison. Have you thought about that? Are you listening to me?! Are you here?!

Distorted voice: I'm listening. I'm always listening.

Erica: And you're always watching me, too, aren't you? You've got cameras on me!

Distorted voice: I thought you like that. You're the center of my and everyone else's attention. Isn't that where you always want to be?

Erica: My private life is private.

Distorted voice: But you're so very public.

Erica: You want me to take a walk with you down memory lane and chitchat about my relationships?

Distorted voice: We can talk about your present ones, too.

Erica: No, you have done everything you possibly can to ruin what I have with Jack. I missed our wedding. I broke his heart. This is about him, isn't it?

Distorted voice: No, Erica. It's all about you.

Erica: I know it's you, Krystal, and I know you've had a thing for Jack for a long time. But even you must understand that this is just beyond human. Krystal, you have daughters, too, just like I do. Please, please, for the sake of my daughters!

Distorted voice: It doesn't matter who I am. The only one that matters is you.

Erica: If that's true, and the only one that matters is me, then let me out of here!

Distorted voice: Do you have any idea how many hours I worked on that?

Erica: Do you think I care? Have I hurt your feelings? I am so sorry.

Distorted voice: Erica Kane, you think you know me, what I've been through? Let me tell you something. You don't know me at all.

Kathy: "Caracita"?

Cara: Yes, hi.

Kathy: What does that mean?

Cara: Oh, Caracita means "little one," actually. Come sit with me.

Kathy: Ok.

Cara: Thanks.

Kathy: But you're not little.

Cara: No, I'm not little. You're right. It can also mean special, you're special to someone. Hey. Come sit. Come sit. And it also means that we are family. Right?

Kathy: So I'm Kathycita?

Cara: Yes, yes, you are. And you are Jennycita. What do you think about that, hmm?

Ricky: Hey. What a happy coincidence. Actually, I texted your sister a while ago to meet me here.

Bianca: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Kendall. You two have been spending a lot of time together.

Ricky: Sure. Have a seat, please. Kendall needs a friend.

Bianca: Is it more than that? Sorry. You don't have to answer that.

Ricky: No, it's ok. You should know that the other night I told Kendall I have feelings for her.

Bianca: Ah. You did?

Ricky: Yeah. Ryan seems to believe that she'll never move on from Zach, so I just want to be respectful of his memory.

Bianca: I don't want to see her hurt again.

Ricky: You mean losing Zach?

Bianca: And before that.

Ricky: "Before"? You mean Zach hurt Kendall?

Bianca: Almost everyone thought Kendall and Zach were perfect together, but the truth is they weren't anywhere near perfect.

Kendall: I can handle Ricky. Ok? I've got that syringe, remember?

Griffin: Yeah, and you didn't do such a good job with the orange. I think Ricky's a lot more dangerous than a harmless piece of fruit.

Kendall: If I have to get it done, I will get it done. Trust me, that thing is right there in my purse.

Griffin: What if your purse is on the other side of the room? What are you gonna tell him? "Hey, padre, you mind if I go get my purse?" I don't think that's really gonna fly, Kendall.

Kendall: I will make sure he doesn't put me in that position.

Griffin: I'm gonna show you a few moves, ok?

Kendall: Griffin, I'm fine.

Griffin: I need to know that, ok? I hate the fact that he's gonna be alone with you with nobody else there, so show me.

Kendall: Show you what?

Griffin: Show me what you got, ok? Just something so you can disable him, so you can take off and run, all right? He's gonna do whatever he can to get you alone, and you may not be able to convince him that your feelings are real.

Kendall: My feelings for Ricky are very real, trust me.

Griffin: Oh, yeah? Then show me. Come on. This guy took away your husband. He's been manipulating you over your grief of Zach, right? And now he's pushing you around, huh? And look. He's hanging around with your two little boys, huh, and after he took away their dad.

Kendall: Stop it! You let me go, you son of a bitch! You let me go! You let me go!

Erica: I'm not afraid of you, Krystal, or whoever you are. I have survived all that, and I've come through stronger, and I will survive you, too! You're not there, are you?

Erica's voice: Ok. I can't get myself out of here, but maybe I can bring you in.

Jack: Krystal.

Krystal: Hi. You want some chicken parmesan? I always make too much.

Jack: No. What I want is to talk about what happened earlier.

Krystal: There's nothing to talk about. Your look made everything clear as a mountain stream, Jack.

Jack: You're misunderstanding.

Krystal: No, listen. I just know that it can't happen again. And the only way I can be sure of that is to just put some distance between us.

Jack: What does that mean, exactly?

Krystal: I can't work for you, Jack. I quit.

Jack: I can't let you do that.

Cara: All right. Off you go with those bubble wands. Go play.

Jenny: No, I want a pink wand!

Tad: Whatever one you get, stay out of trouble. Sorry about that.

Cara: No. What?

Tad: I know you wanted to be alone. So I decided to walk back to the house, and as soon as I got through the door, they asked me where you were. And they were all over me, because they wanted to see you. They're --

Jenny: To the other side.

Tad: They're kind of hard to say no to.

Cara: I know. I wonder where they get that from.

Tad: I know how worried you are about Griff, how much you miss him. I understand he's family, but until we get him back, I was kind of hoping you'd be willing to share mine.

Kathy: Here we go.

Cara: I would like that --

Tad: Yeah?

Cara: Tadita.

Tad: Tadita. Tadita, "little Tad"?

Bianca: It's not my place to talk about Kendall and Zach like that.

Ricky: Anything that you say to me, I'll hold in confidence. I'm sure you want what's best for your sister. We both do.

Bianca: You know how there are some people who are one way in public, and then who they are in private is a totally different story?

Ricky: Sure.

Bianca: Kendall and Zach -- they had their problems.

Ricky: All couples have problems. I thought they worked theirs out.

Bianca: They covered it really well for their marriage, but it was primarily for the boys' sake.

Ricky: Wow. I had no idea. So Kendall's feelings for Zach --

Bianca: I've already said too much. I'm really protective of Kendall.

Ricky: I understand. Thank you for sharing this with me.

Bianca: I just want to help Kendall get what she wants.

Kendall: All right. I get your point.

Griffin: If he gets close to you, and you need to get away, you use the closeness. You hit him in the vulnerable spots -- the eyes, the nose, the throat.

Kendall: Believe me, I know just the spot that I want to hit him in, ok? Trust me, hurting Ricky is not gonna be a problem.

Griffin: With all this guy's done to you, your hate for him -- you can't hide it for much longer.

Kendall: I'm already choking in my disgust. I just got to keep it together so I can get close to him, and I can prove what I need to use against him.

Griffin: I know you can do this.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: What a surprise. I was just thinking about you.

Ricky: Me, too. Can I see you now?

Kendall: There's nothing I would like more.

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