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Amanda: Hey! I know you're working. I was just hoping that -- it was just so nice having you around, maybe you could pull some more of those chief-of-staff strings.

Jake: I can't. I take one day to myself and all hell breaks loose here.

Amanda: What happened?

Jake: Griffin escaped, and word is that Tad and Cara helped him.

Tad: Hey.

Cara: Hi.

Tad: You snore.

Cara: Oh.

Tad: Although, technically, it's not really a snore. It's more of a buzz. It's cute.

Cara: Sorry. I didn't make it down to the man cave, did I?

Tad: Chick cave.

Cara: Right. I don't even know what I -- I guess I just kind of -- I'm not really --

Tad: That's all right. It's not like you got to explain. I'm just praying you don't kick me in the shins again.

Cara: Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm restless, I guess, yeah?

Tad: You think? Griffin knows how to take care of himself. He's been in worse spots than this.

Cara: I hope so, because he's wanted for murder.

Tad: You want the good news?

Cara: Hmm?

Tad: According to the cops, the trail is still cold.

Cara: That's good. I just wish I knew where he was, so I could help him.

Tad: Help him?

Cara: Yeah, help him.

Tad: I'd love to see this. What are you gonna do for your next trick? You pulled a fire alarm in a hospital. You drugged a uniformed police officer.

Cara: Yeah, and you know what? You should not have taken the rap for that, I must say.

Tad: Why not? I promised your brother I was gonna protect you, and that's a promise I'm gonna keep -- whether it kills you or not.

Cara: Whether it kills you or not.

Tad: It just might.

Greenlee: So what's going on?

[Ryan shushes Greenlee]

Greenlee: What's wrong?

[Ricky turns around, so Ryan kisses Greenlee]

Greenlee: That was great, but --

Ryan: Ok, I'm gonna tell you what's going on, but you can't look like you're upset. I don't want you to react to what I'm about to tell you. Ok?

Greenlee: Ok.

Ryan: Ok. Great. The investigation that I've been working on -- Kendall found something out that pretty much confirms the worst.

Greenlee: Tell me.

Ryan: Zach was murdered, and all the evidence points to Revered Torres.

Greenlee: Ricky killed Zach?

Ryan: Don't react. Don't react.

Greenlee: Does it count as reacting if I strangle him with my bare hands?

Kendall: You're supposed to be on a plane.

Griffin: I changed my mind. I'm not ready to go.

Kendall: No, if you stay here, you're gonna go back to jail. You could end up dead.

Griffin: The bastard who set me up and murdered your husband is here. I'm not gonna let you face him alone.

Jake: So there was a fire alarm, right? Griffin goes missing, but there is no fire. You catch my drift?

Amanda: Cara and Tad?

Jake: I should've been here.

Amanda: To do what? To help an accused murderer run from the police?

Jake: I don't think that Griffin killed anybody.

Amanda: Then Jesse will figure that out. But you are the chief of staff. If you'd been part of that, you'd be in serious trouble.

Jake: I'm already in trouble.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Jake: This is my hospital. I'm supposed to be minding the store. Look, it's cool. I'm gonna handle this. Why don't you go home and just take care of our little one and give him a kiss for me, all right? Everything's gonna be fine. It's all right. Go ahead.

Jake: Voice mail. Hey, Cara, it's me. Can you call me back, please? It's urgent.

Tad: Stop it!

Cara: Oh, my gosh! What?

Tad: I'll give you anything, just stop doing that. Please, just try and get some sleep.

Cara: Obviously, it's impossible. Hello?

Tad: I'm sorry. I overreacted. Here, I got an idea. Ok, you just put your head back, close your eyes. Take a deep breath, let it out.

Cara: Nope.

Tad: You haven't tried it yet.

Cara: I just tried it.

Tad: Wait, wait. This works like a charm when I try to tuck in Kathy and Jenny at night, ok?

Cara: Ok.

Tad: Eyes closed?

Cara: Eyes are closed.

Tad: Deep breath --

Cara: Again.

Tad: Let it out. [Singing] Go to sleep, my sugarplum -- your eyes are weary.

Cara: Oh, my God. In front of children, Tad?

Tad: Yeah. I'm telling you, it works like gangbusters. Five minutes of that, they can't wait to get unconscious.

Cara: That I get. Ha ha ha!

[Phone rings]

Tad: It's Jake. Yeah? Hello?

Jake: Hey. I keep on trying to call Cara, but it's going to voice mail.

Tad: I'm sorry about that. She turned it off, so she could try to get some sleep.

Jake: I'm at the hospital, and I'm dealing with this whole Griffin thing, and the board is freaking out, and they're calling an emergency meeting.

Tad: For when?

Jake: For right now. So can you tell her I need her down here?

Tad: Why? That doesn't make any sense? As far as anybody knows, I'm the one that tripped the fire alarm.

Jake: Yeah, and they assume that you did it so you could help her help her brother escape. Can you just please go downstairs and tell her I'm on the phone, or just tell her to get down here?

Tad: I don't have to. She's right here in the bed with me.

Jake: Oh. I see. Well, can you tell her, please, that I need her -- I need her to come down here? Thanks.

Cara: What's going on?

Tad: Time to get up. We got to do some major damage control.

Griffin: Anything in the fridge? I am starving.

Kendall: No, you need to leave right now before someone sees you.

Griffin: Pizza. Pizza. We'll order a pie from Sal's.

Kendall: Are you not hearing me? Do you have any idea how dangerous this is?

Griffin: Half pepperoni, half whatever you want.

Kendall: Please stop, all right? You need to be on the other side of the ocean right now, helping people who need you.

Griffin: Oh, it's that easy, huh? I just get up and leave, just order a new stethoscope? It doesn't matter if I lose my license here?

Kendall: No, you can't worry about that right now.

Griffin: Listen, I made a commitment to your husband. The expansion of the Miranda Center was his dream, and I'm gonna see that through.

Kendall: Yes, and I appreciate that. I do. But right now you need to get your priorities straight.

Griffin: My priority is being a doctor, saving lives. That's what I worked my whole life for. There is no way I'm gonna let some lowlife scum label me a killer.

Kendall: All right. So you'd rather be dead?

Griffin: You want to fight? I do, too -- for myself, for Zach, and for you. You're not gonna do this alone.

Kendall: I'm not gonna be alone. Ryan's watching my back.

Griffin: I made a promise to protect you.

Kendall: Someone framed you for murder. I think we can make an exception.

Griffin: No exceptions.

Kendall: Griffin, you've already done so much for me. You saved my life, and what do I do? How do I pay you back? I turn you in to the police.

Griffin: You want to pay me back? Be safe.

Kendall: I will. I will do this. I have to do this, ok? This man could've killed my husband. He made me trust him. He took my kids to hockey games, all right? This is beyond personal.

Griffin: For me, too.

Kendall: When I saw you in the hospital, you said that you regretted ever getting involved with me.

Griffin: I take that back. I don't regret getting involved with your life.

Kendall: And I won't regret saving yours.

Greenlee: Why is he walking around? Why haven't the cops arrested him?

Ryan: Because we don't have hard proof.

Greenlee: But you're sure it's him? Ricky, the minister?

Ryan: He switched Kendall's letter from Zach. He was near the airport in California when Zach took off to rescue us.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. How are we supposed to just let this go?

Ryan: We don't let it go, and neither does Kendall.

Greenlee: She must be --

Ryan: She is.

Greenlee: She let this man into her life.

Ryan: It was the perfect cover, this cool, young priest who helped Kendall through her grief. She trusts him. They get close.

Greenlee: Is she in danger?

Ryan: I don't know. That's why I'm watching him.

Greenlee: For how long?

Ryan: Until we have hard evidence, until we can prove it. Ok? And then we put him and everybody he works with away for good. But until then, we can't go to the police, and we can't let him know that we're on to him.

Greenlee: Zach was murdered by a man who's been standing by his widow this whole time.

Ryan: Ok, you got to stop looking at him.

Greenlee: I can't help it. I want him to suffer the way that Kendall has suffered.

Ryan: But we just can't let him get suspicious, ok?

Greenlee: But what if he slips out of here? That psycho could go after her.

Ryan: I've got Kendall covered, ok? She's safe.

Greenlee: Let's go. I want to see her.

Jake: No, Dr. Castillo is on her way in, and I will make sure that she's -- yes, she's coming in any second. Thank you. Ok. Good. We need to go.

Tad: No, we need to talk. I got to explain what happened with Griffin.

Jake: You're not going anywhere. We are going in.

Tad: Let's go. Let's do this.

Jake: They don't care what you have to say.

Tad: I got to tell them I'm responsible!

Jake: Griffin ran. It made him look guilty, ok? Guilty of stealing drugs, guilty of murder. They know that you're his sister, they know that I'm his doctor, and they know that we exaggerated his illness to keep him in the hospital instead of going to prison.

Cara: I know where he could've been killed!

Jake: It doesn't matter. It makes us look guilty, guilty of helping him escape, ok? They don't care what you have to say, because you are not the board's concern.

Cara: But we could lose our jobs. I get it.

Jake: So I'm telling you I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen.

Cara: Jake, no! You have done enough for me -- both of you have. I've got this one!

Jake: Cara!

Tad: Go on. Make sure she doesn't do something she'll regret.

Ricky: Ah. Any luck?

Realtor: I found you and your fiancée the perfect place.

Ricky: Hmm. Talk to me.

Realtor: A compound, a private island in the South Pacific, spectacularly beautiful and utterly private. When are you looking to move?

Ricky: As soon as we make it official.

Realtor: It's beautiful.

Ricky: Hmm. Not as beautiful as my bride-to-be.

Griffin: He was here with your kids?

Kendall: Yeah. It took everything in my power to not attack him right there -- even at dinner, too.

Griffin: I'm not sure I could've resisted.

Kendall: Every time I looked at him, all I could see was what he took from me and took from my kids.

Griffin: Ok. You know what? We're gonna get him. I can promise you that.

Kendall: You should've seen him. He was sitting down there playing with Ian like he was some loving uncle or something.

Griffin: Hey, hey. You ok? Hmm?

Kendall: I'm going to make him look me in the eyes and admit what he did.

Griffin: You need to be careful, all right? This guy is a professional killer. Ryan better keep his promise and never leave you alone with him.

Kendall: Ricky's not gonna hurt me.

Griffin: You don't know that.

Kendall: Yes, I do. Trust me. You need to leave.

Griffin: If that's Ricky, I'm not going anywhere. No.

Kendall: Listen, Ryan's following him, ok? He would tell me if Ricky were on his way. My car keys are right there. Just take my car. Please go. [Opens door]

Greenlee: I'm so sorry.

Kendall: I guess Ryan filled you in.

Greenlee: We are gonna get justice, for you and for Zach. You never had any weird feelings about him?

Kendall: Lately I've had a ton. But I didn't want to make the same mistake that I made with Griffin and accuse the minister of anything until I was absolutely sure.

Greenlee: This is me and you, no matter how crazy something seems -- and with us, it can be pretty crazy. Don't hold back. I'm here for you no matter what.

Kendall: I know.

Greenlee: I mean it. When David was poisoned, and I found that vial in Ryan's pocket, you're the one I told. You're the only one.

Ryan: Why are we going back there?

Greenlee: Because I want Kendall to know that she can trust me. That was the worst time in my life, and you got me through it. I want to do the same for you.

Kendall: Thank you.

Ryan: Whose is that? Kendall?

Kendall: It's Griffin's, ok? He's still in Pine Valley.

Ryan: Is he here?

Kendall: No. He left right before you guys got here. He wants to help me get the proof that we need to get Ricky.

Greenlee: That doesn't surprise me.

Ryan: Hold on a second. You can't. The police are after him. Somebody wants him dead. It's too dangerous!

Kendall: I need to help Griffin, ok? I won't turn my back on him. Not again. Let me do this.

Tad: What's with the face? How'd it go?

Cara: Well, um, the hospital -- let's just say they're not, um, big fans of the Castillo siblings. Yeah, because they said that -- what was the word they used?

Jake: "Turmoil."

Cara: Yes, we've brought nothing but turmoil since we've come to Pine Valley.

Jake: And bad press.

Cara: Oh, right, right! Yes, of course. Yeah, we're not really doing it for the hospital PR-wise. Let's just forget the fact that my brother's actually innocent in all of this, right? I guess, long story short, I'm out of a job. So --

Tad: What happened? You were supposed to stand up for her.

Jake: I tried to, but she just -- she resigned the minute she walked in. So --

Cara: You know what? This way, only one of us is out of a job. Ok? I'm gonna go clear out my locker. Excuse me, guys.

Tad: Stubborn, impulsive, and selfless -- that certainly sounds like Cara.

Jake: With Griffin gone and her out of a job, she's gonna need your support.

Tad: She's got it.

Greenlee: Ryan, wait. Ricky's still here at ConFusion. I don't know, but I'm not gonna let him leave. Don't worry. I'll be careful.

Ricky: Kendall, it's me. How come you're not picking up? I know you can't be sleeping. It's early. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I miss you, and I thought maybe I could stop by later, say good night one more time.

Greenlee: Hey.

Ricky: Hey.

Greenlee: I'm glad I ran into you. Do you have a minute?

Ricky: Actually, I was just on my way out.

Greenlee: I could really use some advice.

Ricky: How about coffee tomorrow morning?

Greenlee: This can't wait. There's a problem with Kendall.

Kendall: Griffin?

Ryan: Maybe he got smart, and he took off.

Kendall: Yeah, I highly doubt that.

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: Huh. Unbelievable.

Griffin: I paid this homeless guy 50 bucks, and he ran in, and he got it for me.

Ryan: A homeless guy could I.D. you, of course.

Griffin: Oh, as Superman. He thought we were living on the planet Krypton.

Kendall: Oh. Anyway, I brought you some things I thought you could use.

Griffin: You're a lifesaver.

Kendall: Back at you.

Ryan: I kind of figured you'd be halfway to Fiji by now.

Griffin: I had to stay, what with the good news on our pal Ricky.

Kendall: Yeah, I filled him in.

Griffin: Nice work, by the way.

Kendall: But I do think there's more that can be done, so -- all right, I saw that.

Griffin: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Kendall: Yeah. Actually, Ryan, you should probably get back to Emma. I have my car here, so I can just drive myself home.

Ryan: I'm not sure I like that idea.

Kendall: I'm not sure you have a choice.

Ryan: All right. Then I'm putting a tail on you, and there's nothing you can say about it. Ok? If you need me, call me.

Kendall: All right. Thank you.

Griffin: We all know how strong you are, how much you want to get what you need from Ricky, but you can't be alone with him.

Kendall: You don't understand.

Griffin: No, I do. You want proof for lawyers and judges. That's true, ok, but I don't need any more proof. The guy dumped a corpse in my room, and he probably strangled her with his own two hands. You could be next.

Kendall: He's not gonna hurt me.

Griffin: You keep saying that --

Kendall: Ricky is not going to hurt me, because he's falling in love with me, and I'm going to make him fall hard.

Tad: I'm sorry about your job. I know how much it means to you.

Cara: It's ok. Just because I'm not working at the hospital doesn't mean I'm not still a doctor, right? I'm not gonna be sitting around watching TV either. I'm gonna be working hard trying to find a way to clear my brother's name.

Tad: He's lucky to have you.

Cara: No, I'm the lucky one because he spent his entire life taking care of me, protecting me. He wasn't just my brother, he was like my father, my doctor, my best friend. Even when we were continents apart, I always knew where he was and where he was going. I just want to make sure he's ok, you know? I could definitely use that drink.

Tad: You know what's good for what ails you?

Cara: What?

Tad: Pinball. Yeah, it's got everything you need. It's got bells, whistles, lights, and it's a terrific wrist workout. Shall we?

Cara: How about after a few drinks, maybe, yeah?

Tad: Cara, the fact is you're a terrific doctor. Another hospital is gonna scoop you up in the blink of an eye.

Cara: Oh. Well, maybe. In the meantime, you've got yourself a real housewife of Pine Valley.

Tad: Don't sell yourself short. I got a feeling we're gonna be busy clearing Griff, remember?

Cara: Yes. But I can't do that 24/7, you know? So what I'm doing is trying to figure out a schedule, line it up.

Tad: A schedule?

Cara: Yeah, a schedule.

Tad: Like what?

Cara: Ok, I get up early, right? I go for that run. And hopefully I come back from the run, just don't keep on running. Then I come back, have breakfast. By then, it'll be 11:00, and then I'll have -- ahem -- 12 more hours to fill.

Tad: Listen, you'd be surprised how easy it is to keep busy.

Cara: Playing pinball?

Tad: Foosball helps, too.

Cara: That's so cute, but that leisure activity thing? It doesn't -- no. I need that chaotic, that intense, round-the-clock type of work. Because all these hours of nothing to do -- I think I could go crazy.

Tad: You're going to get another job. And in the meantime, I know plenty of places where you could volunteer.

Cara: I guess that wasn't meant to be, huh?

Amanda: Try the apple pie. It's actually not bad.

Jake: Yeah? Before my sandwich? Mmm.

Amanda: It sucks that Griffin has to hide out, Cara had to lose her job.

Jake: She made her choices.

Amanda: She's a great doctor. I'm sure that's hard to replace.

Jake: Like I said, she made her choices. She has to live with it.

Ricky: What's going on with Kendall?

Greenlee: Things are just weird.

Ricky: Weird how?

Greenlee: She's my best friend. We've been through it all together. But when she lost Zach, I lost her.

Ricky: I know that Kendall went through a great deal of pain.

Greenlee: Yeah, she closed herself off completely. She wouldn't talk to anyone, she wouldn't lean on anyone, except you. What you did, what you're still doing for her, it's incredible.

Ricky: Nah. All I did was listen.

Greenlee: You did a lot more than that. You got Kendall to trust you, and that's what has allowed her to start healing. Is that something that they teach you in -- what is it called -- seminary?

Ricky: No, no, no. I think that Kendall and I just have a natural rapport.

Greenlee: So you're not giving away any of your minister-training secrets?

Ricky: No big secrets here.

Greenlee: Where did you learn to do this?

Ricky: A couple of places, actually.

Greenlee: Anywhere around here?

Ricky: Why? What, are you looking for a higher calling?

Greenlee: No. I just find it fascinating. I think we could all use a little more spirituality in our lives and -- are laypeople allowed to take courses?

Ricky: I got a better idea. Why don't you come by my church a couple of Sundays?

Greenlee: You got me there. I could probably learn a couple of things.

Ryan: Hey. Hi.

Ricky: Hey.

Ryan: I am so sorry that I had to run off like that. I had to follow up on a lead.

Greenlee: Ok. No problem. We had a great talk. Excuse me. I'm gonna use the ladies' room.

Ryan: Ok.

Ricky: So, any luck with that lead?

Ryan: Unfortunately, no, not at all. And no luck the last couple of days, coming up empty. I think I'm gonna have to really change my game plan. The casino company's just too good, you know?

Ricky: What about Griffin Castillo? Are the cops any closer to finding him?

Ryan: He's still out there.

Ricky: I hope they pick him up soon, because I'm starting to get worried about Kendall.

Ryan: Kendall will be fine. Nobody will get to her ever.

Ricky: Good. Anyway, I think that I might stop by her place, check in.

Ryan: I just came from there, and she went to bed. So maybe just give her a call in the morning or something.

Ricky: Ok. All right. I got to take off anyway. Please tell Greenlee I said good night.

Ryan: I will. I will.

Ricky: You know what? Maybe I'll see you in church sometime. Oh, and let me know if you need more help with that investigation, ok?

Ryan: You can count on that.

Griffin: Ricky's in love with you? I've always known that. The guy's been following you around like a sick puppy for months.

Kendall: Yeah, except he's not a puppy, he's a sociopath.

Griffin: Which is why I'm wondering if you can believe him.

Kendall: Listen to me. As much as this whole thing makes me want to puke, it is very, very real. He went into this whole rap about how it started out as a job, and then it turned into something more.

Griffin: "A job"?

Kendall: Yeah. And then he was saying how he had to make these choices when he decided that he wanted to be with me.

Griffin: I bet. But listen to me. You can't be serious about trying to work him, using his feelings for you against him.

Kendall: I am very serious.

Griffin: Do you realize how dangerous this is?

Kendall: You don't know anything about being in love.

Griffin: Oh, great. So we're back to this again?

Kendall: No, to prove my point. Love makes men stupid. It makes them complete idiots. Logic, reason, self-preservation -- completely out the window.

Griffin: Sounds great.

Kendall: Well, it is with the right person. But Ricky? By the time I'm done with him, he will leave himself wide open. Getting evidence will be a piece of cake.

Griffin: What if he finds out you're messing with him? What's a guy in love to do then, Kendall?

Kendall: It won't happen. I will set the trap, and he'll walk right into it. I will get justice for you and for Zach. I will put that bastard away for life.

Griffin: There is no talking you out of this, is there?

Kendall: He killed my husband. What do you think? What are you doing? What are you looking for? What is that?

Griffin: This is an anesthetic agent. It causes temporary paralysis.

Kendall: What are you gonna do with that?

Griffin: I don't like your plan to go after Ricky.

Kendall: So you're gonna paralyze me?

Griffin: Yeah, Kendall. And then I'm gonna inject myself, and then we're all gonna pass out and lay low until this whole thing blows over.

Kendall: Will whatever that is freeze your ego?

Griffin: It'd keep your mouth from moving so you'd listen to me.

Kendall: All right. Fine. Fine. Go ahead.

Griffin: Like I said, I'd stop you going after Ricky if I could.

Kendall: But you can't.

Griffin: Right, because I have every cop on the East Coast looking for me, and I believe that Ryan will be keeping an eye on you. But just in case, you're gonna keep this on you at all times. And if he ever gets out of control, you're gonna use it on him.

Kendall: Whoa. I'm gonna stick him with a needle?

Griffin: I'd have to show you how to use it, but yeah. You're gonna immobilize him long enough, so you can take off. Hey, listen, if you ain't down for this, I can just --

Kendall: Show me.

Tad: I'm surprised they still don't have tamales on the menu. I've asked three times.

Cara: This is wonderful. Are you kidding? This is all of my favorites.

Tad: It's not just all about you. They're also my favorites -- new ones, anyway.

Cara: Hummus is now your favorite?

Tad: Oh, yeah.

Cara: Let me see that. Go ahead.

Tad: You'd be amazed what they can do with mashed peas.

Cara: Ew. Ok. You know what? No. Stop. Here. Why don't you have a soybean, ok, because, let me tell you, it's a good source of protein.

Tad: I'll get the rabbit out of my pocket. I got a great idea.

Cara: What?

Tad: We got all this free time coming up, so why don't we take up cooking?

[Cara snickers]

Tad: No. Come on. It's fun. It's terrific. I love it when Krystal does it. You've certainly got plenty of time.

Cara: Actually -- ok. On a serious level, that could help fill all those hours.

Tad: Well, it's just an idea.

Cara: I like it. I do. I like the idea, ok, but it's gonna take a lot more than a few dinner parties to make up for all those double shifts in the E.R.

Tad: There's more to the day than just dinner. There's breakfast. There's lunch, brunch, supper, lupper, dupper, midnight snack. All right. Fine. We'll stick with the microwave.

Cara: No, I think it's a good thing. I do. No matter how many recipes I can come up with, it's not gonna stop my brain from working, because it just doesn't. It's, like, always going. It's always working.

Tad: That's why you need a hobby.

Cara: Help me.

Tad: Ships in bottles, building models, taxidermy.

Cara: Oh, yeah?

Tad: Or --

Cara: Taxidermy -- that's terrible.

Tad: This guy is gone.

Cara: I hope so. What, did you steal it off the table?

Tad: Crossword puzzles. These things are terrific. I do them every day before I go to sleep. It knocks me out like that.

Cara: You like crossword puzzles?

Tad: Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Cara: Hey, I'm addicted to them. I love them.

Tad: You love crossword puzzles?

Cara: Yes.

Tad: You never do them at home.

Cara: I can't, because every time I open up the newspaper, the crossword page is -- because you steal it.

Tad: It's not me. No, it's Opal. She wakes up before I do, but I tell you what. We'll get another subscription. We'll make sure we each have one. We can start every day by doing it. We'll have a contest, right, see who finishes first.

Cara: Oh, sweetheart, I'd slaughter you.

Tad: Heh heh! You think so.

Cara: No, I know so.

Tad: For instance --

Cara: For instance --

Tad: 16 down. "Leftovers."

Cara: "Ort." It's in there, like, every week.

Tad: Maybe this contest thing isn't a good idea.

Cara: Thank you.

Tad: For what?

Cara: For a minute there, I almost forgot.

Tad: I'll take "almost."

Greenlee: Ricky's gone?

Ryan: Maybe he got inspired to work on next week's sermon.

Greenlee: People confide in him. People who are lost, who are scared, who are dying -- they share their most intimate thoughts. So tell me, what happened with Griffin?

Ryan: We tracked him down. Kendall wanted some time alone.

Greenlee: And when she has to go home alone?

Ryan: She's fine. She's safe. I've got somebody tailing her. The boys are safe. They're at Wildwind. It's all good.

Greenlee: Talking with him, knowing that he probably killed Zach --

Ryan: I don't even know how Kendall can look the guy in the eye. Do you still think about it?

Greenlee: All the time.

Ryan: Me, too.

Greenlee: I can't get that image out of my head -- the plane going down in flames.

Ryan: It's so surreal.

Greenlee: We watched Zach's final moments, and we blamed ourselves. Kendall blamed us. That --

Ryan: None of it had to happen.

Greenlee: Ricky knew. He looked us in the face, and he knew.

Ryan: Hey, he said something about us maybe seeing him in church?

Greenlee: When I was stalling, I was trying to get information.

Ryan: We got to be careful.

Greenlee: I know.

Ryan: What kind of information?

Greenlee: Like, is he really a minister?

Ryan: You think that we might not be legally married.

Griffin: This is your victim.

Kendall: Yeah. He looks pretty tough, but I think I can take him.

Griffin: You want to pierce the skin and make the injection in one smooth motion, jab and press.

Kendall: Jab and press.

Griffin: Put your hand on mine. Jab and press. Feel that? Smooth, right?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Griffin: Paralyzed within a few seconds. This is pretty powerful stuff.

Kendall: Yeah.

Griffin: Ideally, you want to go for a large muscle -- top of the thigh, shoulder -- but if you can't get to any of that stuff, just hit whatever you can. Ok? Your turn.

Kendall: All right. Here we go. Jab and press?

Tad: Ok. 17 across. "Award-winner Annie -- "

Cara: "Hall." You're too slow, is what it is. Ha ha ha ha!

Tad: All right.

Cara: Next?

Tad: 3 down. Oh, here's one. "One who knows what's suitable."

Cara: "Tailor."

Tad: You -- you. You're good, you.

Cara: Yeah? Ok, give me another one.

Tad: 22 down. "One who knows all, as in Orwell."

Cara: "Big Brother."

Tad: Oh. Sorry.

Cara: I miss him, Tad.

[Tad takes Cara's hand]

Amanda: Trevor's doing great, if you have work to do.

Jake: No, no. I'm thrilled we took a minute out to have a bite. Are you kidding me?

Amanda: You were working. A letter to the hospital board about Cara's dismissal?

Jake: Yeah. We're tired. We're exhausted. Let's not give it any more airtime, ok? Let's kiss our son. We should do that. Oh, right. I have this prescription you asked me to fill for you.

Amanda: Oh, thank you.

Jake: I have to tell this nurse something, so give me a second.

[Amanda throws away her birth control pills]

Greenlee: What if Ricky isn't a minister? What does that mean about our marriage? I'm not gonna let him ruin our lives.

Ryan: Ok, stop. Ok?

Greenlee: Yeah, but if we're not legally husband and wife, I have to find out.

Ryan: We have to be cautious. We can't let him know that we're looking into his background.

Greenlee: I get that, but I have to know.

Ryan: Ok. I will look into it, all right? But, hey, no matter what I find out, you are and you always will be my wife.

Singer: How will I survive and learn to live with a stranger in my skin?

Singer: Who decides who holds the knife and gets to shape the soul inside?

Ricky: Sorry, Diana. You weren't the one. Kendall is. We're gonna get married. No matter what it takes, Kendall will fall in love with me.

Griffin: So you're gonna keep this with you wherever you go?

Kendall: Right. Whatever I need to do.

Griffin: He's gonna pay for everything he did to you, Kendall.

Kendall: Not just me, Griffin. He's trying to ruin your life, too.

Griffin: Forget about me. Protect yourself.

Ricky: We're gonna have the most amazing life together far away from here. You were wrong. She will love me. She has to.

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