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Episode #10606

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J.R.: Your mom's gonna be here any second. You ready for the day after Easter annual treasure hunt?

A.J.: It would be better if she still lived here.

J.R.: Yeah. Maybe you should remind her of that.

[Doorbell rings]

Maya: I'll get it, Mr. Chandler.

Marissa: Hi. It's Maya, right?

Maya: They're expecting you.

J.R.: A.J. has been counting every minute. He's not the only one.

Marissa: There's no way that I'd miss A.J.'s favorite family tradition. But since it's all about family, I hope you don't mind -- hey, girls! Hey!

J.R.: Welcome!

Bianca: Hi, J.R.

J.R.: Hi. A.J.'s inside.

Bianca: Oh. Why don't we go say hi to him.

Marissa: Thank you. It's all right, huh?

J.R.: Of course. But it just proves that you lied to me.

Marissa: About what?

J.R.: You told me you weren't afraid to be alone with me, but you just showed up with your own personal chaperone.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Greenlee: I thought you loved cookies and cream.

Emma: It's all right.

Greenlee: You know what? Why don't we get out of here? Go shopping, anywhere you want.

Emma: I want to go to the treasure hunt at A.J.'s house.

Greenlee: I can make a treasure hunt for you at home. I could hide all kinds of cool things just for you.

Emma: You wouldn't be as good at it as my mommy.

Greenlee: Ok, Emma, I get it. I'm not your mom. But I love you, and I'm bigger than you, so shape up, because you're being a brat. And I know all about being a brat, so you're not going to win.

Ryan: Hey. So, thanks for setting this up so quickly. What do you got?

P.I.: What have I got? Credit card receipts, phone records for the Reverend Ricardo Torres.

Ryan: Excellent. Anything that actually indicates he's a dangerous man?

P.I.: No. But there's this clown.

Ryan: That's the NTSB guy, the guy that told me Zach's crash was an accident.

P.I.: Yeah, he's a busy guy. He's also the one who stabbed Dr. Castillo.

[Spike laughs]

Kendall: What are you doing here?

Ricky: I thought I'd surprise you.

Kendall: Surprised definitely.

Ricky: I thought instead of the two of us going out to dinner, we make it a family night, the four of us, right here.

Scott: So you having fun? All right.

Madison: Your sundae looks delicious.

Scott: Yeah.

Emma: Did you know the treasure hunt's today?

Scott: Yes. I talked to Marissa. It turns out she's gonna be planting booty all over the place.

Emma: Mommy did it last year. I really want to go.

Scott: Well, I bet I could snag an invite.

Emma: Can I, Greenlee? Please, please, please?

Greenlee: You have your ice cream.

Emma: I'm done.

Scott: I'm gonna call Marissa, and I'm gonna find out what is going on. Ok?

Madison: Ryan get my call about our doctor's appointment?

Greenlee: Yep. Loud and clear. Cute, adding that baby rattle at the end. It was a nice touch.

Madison: I was just putting it away.

Greenlee: Sure you were.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Hello?

Randi: We've got a situation.

Greenlee: I'm with Emma. Handle it until I get back.

Randi: It's above my pay grade, a licensing issue with the mommy-and-child ad campaign.

Greenlee: The licensing? I'll be right up. All right. We're gonna take that ice cream to go. You can have it in the office.

Scott: Hey, hey. I got some great news. I talked to Marissa, and they are gonna be waiting for you. And Gaby and Miranda Montgomery are gonna be there, too, so --

Madison: Hey, if you have a work thing, it's ok for Scott and I to take Emma.

Greenlee: Emma's my responsibility, not yours, so she's staying with me.

Emma: I don't want to.

Madison: Hey, you know what? Either way, it's a shame to waste that ice cream. Why don't we go see if they have some to-go cups for you?

Scott: Ohh. So is it really about her being your responsibility? Or is it the fact that you can't stand seeing Emma and Madison together?

Greenlee: Emma is having a rough time, and I don't think Madison is helping things.

Scott: Yes, and you help everyone, don't you? Oh, and by the way, thank you so much for helping me get that promotion.

Greenlee: It wasn't my decision.

Scott: So you did know about it? I knew it!

Greenlee: I don't have time for this. You know what? I think it would be a great idea for Madison to take Emma to the Chandlers', but our new mommy-and-child line has hit a snag. And since it's Madison's baby, so to speak, I need her to help me troubleshoot.

Scott: All righty. Then it looks like it's just you and me, kid. All right? Let's go find some treasure. All right, bye-bye.

Emma: Bye!

J.R.: Am I too close, or should I have Bianca stand between us?

Marissa: You are amazing.

J.R.: So I've been told.

Marissa: The way you make everything I do about you?

J.R.: Come on. I'm just stating the obvious. You brought Bianca as your wing woman, because you and me alone makes you nervous.

Marissa: Hardly. Bianca's going through a rough time with her divorce and with Erica bailing, so I thought this would cheer her up. And I knew that Miranda and Gaby would love it. But if your ego needs to think that you're the reason that I do everything I do, I wouldn't want to put a pin in that.

J.R.: You know my ego can handle a few pins. You should know that better than anyone.

[Doorbell rings]

A.J.: Miranda, Bianca, come and look at this!

J.R.: What are you doing here?

Scott: We in time for the party?

Ryan: Obviously this guy didn't work for the Transportation Safety Board, which means everything he told me about Zach's crash was a lie.

P.I.: Maybe this will help with some of the pieces.

Ryan: Yeah. Thank you for this. Wait a minute. Damn. I got another job for you.

Kendall: You should've called me before you picked them up from Bianca's.

Ricky: I didn't realize that it would be that big of a deal.

Kendall: It's all right.

Ricky: No, you're upset.

Kendall: No, it's just I like to know where my boys are. And if I had gone there to pick them up, and they were gone, I would've freaked out.

Ricky: I understand. It won't happen again.

Kendall: Thank you.

Ricky: Ok. How about that dinner? We could just build a fire, have some pizza, wine.

Kendall: I was really looking forward to going out. And you already made the reservation, right?

Ricky: Yeah, I did. But I actually wanted to talk to you about something important, and I'd rather do it here than in the middle of a crowd.

Kendall: Um, ok. Let me get the boys situated upstairs, and I'll be right back. Come on, guys, let's go. Come on. Say bye to Reverend Ricky.

Spike: Bye, Reverend Ricky.

Ricky: Bye, guys. There you go.

Kendall: Thanks. Come on. Marching, marching, marching. All right! Good boy, Spiky!

[Phone rings]

Ricky: Kendall's phone.

Ryan: Who's this?

Ricky: It's Ricky Torres. Is this Ryan?

Ryan: Why are you answering Kendall's phone?

Ricky: She's with the boys. Can I take a message?

Ryan: Um, actually, I was just calling to let her know that I'm on my way over there.

Ricky: Actually, now might not be the best time.

Ryan: I'm on my way.

Ricky: Really? Ahem.

Kendall: Was that my phone?

Ricky: Yes. I hope you don't mind that I answered it.

Kendall: No. Who was it?

Ricky: It was Ryan. He sounded upset. He's on his way over. I think I know why he's upset.

Kendall: Why would Ryan be tense?

Ricky: I was trying to keep it from you for at least tonight. Griff escaped.

Kendall: What? How?

Ricky: A false fire alarm at the hospital. He took off.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Ricky: Yeah. And that is another reason why I want to stay in tonight and why I want to stay close to you.

Kendall: You don't think Griff would come after me? I busted him to the police. I'm sure I'm the last person he would want to see.

Ricky: No. I'm not taking any chances.

Kendall: Ok. I know that you want to stay in, but I haven't been out in so long, and I'm really, really craving those lobster rolls at ConFusion. So Ryan can watch the boys.

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: Excuse me.

Ricky: Yeah.

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: Hey. Hi. Yeah, I'm great. Yeah.

Ryan: Ricky.

Ricky: Hey.

Kendall: Is there something wrong?

Ryan: No. Just that I'm just really missing Spike. I miss him. I just felt like maybe I could hang out with him here, as long as I'm not interrupting what's going on?

Ricky: Actually, we're planning on making dinner.

Kendall: Yeah, but you know what? Actually now that Ryan's here, he can watch the boys, and we can go to ConFusion. I can have my lobster rolls. Everybody's happy. You don't mind, do you?

Ricky: No. Whatever you want.

Kendall: I'll go freshen up --

Ryan: Are the boys upstairs?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: Are you out of your mind?

J.R.: You miss your mom, don't you? I called the hospital, and she's doing a lot better, and I'm sure she misses you just as much.

Emma: Mommy said that you pretend you care about us, but you don't.

J.R.: Cute kid.

Scott: Yeah, she is. Smart, too.

J.R.: Can I help you with something, Scott?

Scott: I called Marissa. She said it'd be fine if I brought Emma over.

J.R.: Yeah, you've been calling Marissa a lot lately.

Marissa: Is there a problem?

J.R.: No. No problem. I'm just surprised.

Randi: Some licensing papers that needed to be filed weren't. Without those agreements --

Madison: The ad campaign is shot.

Greenlee: How the hell did this happen?

Randi: I think that --

Greenlee: Your idea, right? Your shining moment in the company? How does that responsibility feel now?

Madison: We can fix this.

Greenlee: I can fix it. I need all the documents on the mommy-and-child line. Get all the files from the back, have the interns help you pull them.

Madison: There should be copies of everything on my computer, in the "Mommy and Child" file.

Madison: Here are the initial products. What's wrong?

Greenlee: You tell me.

Madison: What are you doing going through my personal files?

Greenlee: I just opened up your computer, and "Daddy's Memory Book" just popped up.

Madison: It's none of your business.

Greenlee: Since your cute little baby scrapbook is obviously for my husband, that makes it my business. What are you trying to do?

Madison: Include Ryan in his child's life, as he requested.

Greenlee: He's just trying to do the right thing.

Madison: So am I.

Greenlee: No, I think you're trying to do a hell of a lot more than that. Maybe it's time you and I laid down some ground rules.

Kendall: It's not like I can just shut Ricky out. If he thinks for a second that something's off, he will never let his guard down with me.

Ryan: I get that. But we promised that you would be safe, you would be careful.

Kendall: You promised to do this my way.

Ryan: That was before my investigator got back to me, Kendall.

Kendall: Have you heard something?

Ryan: Yes. He got credit card receipts, he got phone records that puts Ricky Torres in Oxnard, California, the day Zach's plane crashed.

Kendall: Oh, my God. That's where his plane took off from.

Ryan: That's not all. The NTSB guy, the guy that I was dealing with, the one that told me that the crash was an accident -- same guy that stabbed Griffin.

Kendall: So Zach was killed, and Ricky might have something to do with it.

Ryan: Too many coincidences here. You got to cancel dinner.

Kendall: No, no. I'm going to be in public, and I'm going to make that bastard talk.

Ryan: We know what Torres is capable of. I'm not gonna take any chances here, ok?

Ricky: I don't know about you, but I'm getting hungry.

Kendall: I'll be right there.

Ryan: We need to bring the police into this.

Kendall: No. And risk scaring Ricky off? No, Ryan, we need something more than just coincidence. We need solid proof. And if that means that I have to act like his friend to get it, then I'm gonna be his friend. Not so long ago, I helped Greenlee lie to cover for you for killing David. Remember that? You owe me.

Ryan: I want you safe.

Kendall: Ok, and I want justice for Zach. If Ricky had anything to do with killing him, I have to do this.

Ryan: Ok. Ok. I'll take the boys back to Bianca's nanny, and then I'll meet you at ConFusion. Ok? But let me be real clear about something. This right here? This is a team. Ok? I don't want you going all cowboy on me, doing anything on your own. Agreed?

Kendall: Agreed.

Marissa: Hey. You ok?

Bianca: Me? Just trying to get my mom.

Marissa: No word?

Bianca: Nothing.

Marissa: I'm sorry.

Bianca: At least I have plenty of other disasters to distract me -- Griff being accused of murder; donors withdrawing from the Miranda Center; still trying to figure out how Reese and I hit the rocks.

Marissa: You're juggling a lot.

Bianca: And my arms hurt.

Marissa: Hey, that's what friends are for. Clink.

Bianca: And it looks like despite all of her arguments, one of my friends is headed back to her ex.

Marissa: Why? Because I smiled at him?

Bianca: Oh. Hey, Miranda, make sure you share your toys with your sister. There are smiles, and there are "smiles." And I can't imagine myself smiling that way with Reese anytime soon.

Marissa: It takes time. And while you're waiting, I've got the perfect thing to keep your mind off of Reese and your mother and Griff and Miranda Center.

Bianca: What are we doing?

Marissa: Oh, you'll see. Come with me.

A.J.: You look sad.

Emma: I miss my mom. She likes treasure hunts.

A.J.: Your mom hurt my mom.

Emma: That's not true.

A.J.: Your mom's mean. No one wants to see her ever again.

J.R.: Scott, it's a good thing you like kids, because your new roommate's gonna be crying a lot. Are you ready for that?

Scott: Am I ready? I can't wait.

J.R.: Why don't you just make an honest woman out of Madison? Marry her already. Unless, of course, you're afraid that she's hoping that the baby's daddy will come back.

Scott: Oh. Heh heh heh. J.R., I think the one hoping for a little reunion here is you. All this time and energy you're putting into Marissa -- you really think it's gonna make her forget that you smashed her into pieces?

J.R.: Marissa and I are in a good place. It's gonna stay that way. Just between you and me, I'm really rooting for you and Madison.

Scott: Oh. Look at Marissa. She's so happy. I'm gonna make sure she stays that way. Hey, kids, room for one more?

Bianca: That was a very strange place to hide a treasure.

Marissa: Mm-hmm. A.J. and Emma have both done this before, so we got to be super sneaky, but where they're not super sticky. Oh, no. Wait a minute.

Bianca: What?

Marissa: You have some leaves in your hair. All better. Very nice.

Scott: Well, well. Looks like you two were making a little mischief.

Bianca: I'm gonna go make sure my girls aren't.

Scott: Your girls? Hmm-hmm-hmm.

Marissa: What is that smile on your face?

Scott: What were you two doing? Hmm? Climbing some trees? What's this?

Marissa: Ha! I don't know. [Laughs]

Ricky: Have a seat right here.

Kendall: Wow. Thank you.

Kendall's voice: You murderer.

Ricky: You look beautiful. Then again, you always do.

Kendall: And you always know just the right thing to say, don't you?

Kendall's voice: Pretending to be a man of God, taking my husband from me?

Ricky: My first choice was a quiet evening by the fire, but whatever makes you happy.

Kendall: It's kind of quiet here. Not many people around. It's not like we ever had trouble talking wherever we are.

Ricky: Yeah. You're right about that.

Kendall: Ok, so what is this important thing that you wanted to talk to me about?

Ricky: Ah. Wow. I don't even know where to start.

Kendall: It's ok. Whatever it is, you can tell me.

Ricky: Ok. You know how much our relationship means to me, right?

Kendall: Yes. You mean a lot to me, too.

Ricky: And I guess I haven't brought this up before, because I wouldn't want to jeopardize what we have, but I can't hold it inside any longer.

Kendall: Ok.

Ricky: Kendall, I've come to care a great deal about you.

Kendall: I care about you, too.

Ricky: No, I'm not talking about just friends. I mean something more. I know how much you loved your husband, and I know that you still grieve him every day. And I don't expect you to feel the same way that I do -- although I'm hoping that someday you will -- but I think that Zach would want you to be happy, and I can make you happy. And who knows? Maybe he's looking down on us, giving us his blessing. What do you think?

Kendall: What do I think? I think the wrong man is dead. [Imagines pulling a knife on Ricky]

Ricky: Kendall? Where did you go?

Bianca: Chocolate? Ok, but wait. What happens if your little sister can't find the treasure?

Miranda: I'll help her.

Bianca: You will help her. What about you? You'll help her? Everyone's gonna help her?

Miranda: I'll be right by her side on every treasure.

Bianca: That's very nice of you. Thank you very much. You hear that? Everyone's on your side.

Miranda: I'll be holding her hand.

Bianca: Ok. Ok.

Emma: Ok. So do you want to know what I would like to find on the treasure hunt?

Maya: Sorry for staring. They're real cute.

Bianca: Oh, you should see them when it's time to brush their teeth -- monsters. No, I'm just kidding. They're the stars of my life. I don't know what I would do without them.

Marissa: Oh! All right, everybody! The time has come for the treasure hunt!

A.J. and Miranda: Yay!

Marissa: Ok. Here are your booty bags. You know what to do. Come here, miss little girl. There you go.

Scott: All righty. Have some fun, Emma.

Marissa: Hey, I'm so sorry. Do you mind watching them, please?

Maya: Sure.

Scott: And, remember, it's gonna be one heck of a treasure hunt!

Marissa: And it's only for people who are under 3 feet tall.

Scott: Ohh. There's always a catch.

Bianca: Thanks for letting us join the hunt.

J.R.: I'm glad you're here.

Bianca: And thanks again for offering Reese that job. If you hadn't, I think I'd probably still be in the middle of a custody battle.

J.R.: I know what it's like to be afraid that you're gonna lose your child.

Bianca: Uh, it's lucky for you and Marissa that you guys can be friends.

J.R.: Yeah, friends.

Bianca: But you want to be more than friends.

J.R.: Bianca, you know I do.

Bianca: Ok. If you're gonna tag me to talk you up to her, I --

J.R.: No, no. But I do have tickets to the Adele concert.

Bianca: That is her favorite.

J.R.: Yeah. I know Marissa would never want to do anything remotely like a date, but maybe you could help.

Scott: I don't think J.R. looks too crazy about you and me hanging out together.

Marissa: Well, who I hang out with is my business, nobody else's.

Scott: Oh, yeah?

Marissa: Yeah.

Scott: Sounds like you're almost over him.

Marissa: There is no "almost" about it. Really, it's true.

Scott: Ok.

Marissa: And by the way, what's going on with Madison? I kind of thought she'd be here.

Scott: Yeah, she had to work.

Marissa: And? Details. What?

Scott: It's all good, and it's all great. Ryan knows about the baby, so there's less stress there. Except for the whole "I'm about to have a baby and my whole life's gonna change," she's doing great.

Marissa: I imagine Greenlee isn't too thrilled, huh?

Scott: Thrilled? Oh, goodness. I don't think "thrilled" would be a word to describe what Greenlee is feeling right now. No.

Madison: Why don't we just get back to work?

Greenlee: I don't think so. Not until we clear the air about what's going on here with you.

Madison: All of this because of a web site?

Greenlee: Oh, no, the web site is just part of it. It's you sending updates with your doctors' appointments with smiley emoticons. It's you playing best pal to Emma.

Madison: Emma likes me.

Greenlee: I'm her stepmother. You are nothing to her.

Madison: I'm carrying her little sister. And for a while, I was Ryan's --

Greenlee: Ryan's what? Rebound? Let's be honest here. You dated for a few months. This baby is just --

Madison: What?

Greenlee: Nothing.

Madison: A mistake? Is that what you were gonna say?

Scott: Really, I can't blame Greenlee for having a hard time with it all. Madison is carrying her husband's baby, right?

Marissa: Yeah. But it can't be easy for you either.

Scott: I'd be lying if I told you that I was thrilled that Ryan is the father of the baby, but I can deal with it.

Marissa: You really care about Madison, don't you? It's gonna be ok.

Scott: Yeah, yeah. Of course.

J.R.: Hey. Mind of I steal her for a moment?

Marissa: It's ok. Thanks.

Scott: Ohh. Hey. What happened?

Maya: I don't know. She started crying, and she wouldn't say why.

Scott: Ok. Thanks. Let me talk to her, ok? Emma, what happened?

Emma: I want to go home.

Scott: What happened, honey? You were so excited about the treasure hunt.

Emma: I hate the treasure hunt. I don't want to be here!

Marissa: What are you up to?

J.R.: I'm not up to anything. It's just a small proposition.

Marissa: Oh. That's always dangerous.

J.R.: There's this really wonderful woman in our finance department. I think she would be perfect for Bianca. So I'm asking you to help me to convince Bianca to go on a date with her.

Ricky: You're an amazing woman. You suffered a loss that would've crushed a lot of people, but you fought your way out of it. I've never seen anything like that. With your strength, your warmth, your passion, the more I'm with you the more I want to be with you. But I want more than that, and I hope that you do, too. I know it hasn't been that long since Zach died and that you're still grieving him --

Ryan's voice: He got credit card receipts, he got phone records that puts Ricky Torres in Oxnard, California, the day Zach's plane crashed.

Ricky's voice: I think that Zach would want you to be happy. Maybe he's looking down on us, giving us his blessing.

Ryan's voice: Ricky did just show up right after Zach's death.

Ricky: I'll wait for you till you're ready, Kendall, as long as it takes. But I'm hoping that you have some feelings for me, too, and that someday you'll be ready to start a new life -- with me.

Kendall: Oh. "A new life"?

Ricky: I know it's surprising. Trust me, it surprised me, too. I mean, this started as a job, and I usually avoid getting involved. But something changed, and I just -- I couldn't ignore what was happening. I had to make some tough choices.

Kendall: What kind of choices?

Ricky: My feelings. My feelings for you completely distracted me from my mission.

Kendall: What was your mission? What brought you here?

Ricky: God. You. What are you thinking?

Kendall: I am thinking that we have spent so much time together, we've gotten so close, but still there are so many things I don't know about you, and I want to know everything.

Ricky: You'll know everything, I promise, with time and trust. I want to share everything with you.

Greenlee: You just need to remember where we all stand.

Madison: And you need to remember that Ryan doesn't know you lied to him for months about his baby, but I do.

Greenlee: Oh. You gonna tell him? Is that your plan? Bust us up once and for all? If you're gonna do it, just do it. The saintly mother act can only last for so long.

Scott: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey, Emma, did you have fun? What happened?

Scott: I don't know. She just wanted to leave.

Greenlee: Emma, tell me what happened.

Madison: Are you all right?

Emma: I miss my mommy.

Scott: Being in your old home?

Emma: It made me miss her even more.

Madison: I'm so sorry, honey.

Emma: Every time I ask Daddy and Greenlee if I could visit her, they say no.

Marissa: So you want to set Bianca up with someone from Chandler?

J.R.: Not just anyone, Louise Peters. You remember last year at the Christmas party?

Bianca: Don't tell me this involves mistletoe and a copy machine.

Marissa: No, no, not at all. She's really great.

J.R.: So you agree? She's perfect for her, then?

Marissa: Yeah, she's really smart, and she's funny.

J.R.: She's tall. She's attractive. In case tall isn't your type, you can tell me what your type is.

Marissa: Hey, you are so bad.

J.R.: I'm just trying to help.

Marissa: You're putting her on the spot.

J.R.: Am I?

Marissa: Listen. If she's not ready to get back into the dating scene, you can't force her to do something she's not ready to do.

J.R.: I am not talking anything serious here. If the whole dating thing makes you nervous, we can help. We can double-date -- you and me, and you and your date. Sometimes everyone needs a little chaperone.

Kendall: Well, thank you for a lovely evening.

Ricky: Yeah. Hey, if you want some company, it's still pretty early.

Kendall: Um, you know what? It's been a day -- in a good way, in a wonderful way. But a lot has happened, and I just -- I'd like to sit with it.

Ricky: I understand.

Kendall: ]Pulls away from Ricky's kiss] Um, I'm sorry.

Ricky: No, no. Please don't apologize. I know how hard it's been for you to say good-bye to Zach. I'm not expecting you to move on overnight, to let yourself feel again, love, trust. It's gonna take some time, especially after you trusted Griff, and he hurt you more.

Kendall: Thank you for understanding.

Ricky: Love is patient. But I hope I can show you that you can trust again and love again.

Kendall: Slowly.

Ricky: This was a big step for both of us. But you know what? It's enough for me to know that you're open to the possibilities.

Kendall: I am.

Ricky: Good night, Kendall.

Kendall: You killed my husband. You killed my husband.

Marissa: So you want to set up a double date for Bianca?

J.R.: I'm just trying to help her get back out there.

Bianca: Thanks.

J.R.: And I think, as her friend, you would want the same thing. And it just so happens that I have 4 prime seats to that concert that you've been wanting to see.

Marissa: Adele?

J.R.: Yes, that's the one.

Marissa: Oh, you are so --

J.R.: Irresistible. I know.

Marissa: Move. Bianca, ok. Despite J.R.'s incredibly obvious ulterior motive, maybe it's not such a bad idea. I mean, even if you don't like this girl, at least it's a start. And if it's a bust, you'll at least have us.

Bianca: I don't know.

Marissa: No, look. J.R. is right about one thing. You shouldn't have to deal with the dating scene alone. I'll be right there to help you through it.

Greenlee: Hey, Emma, why don't we go downstairs and get a hot chocolate nightcap, since you didn't get to finish your sundae?

Emma: I don't feel like it.

Greenlee: You will once you get there.

[Emma hugs Madison]

Greenlee: Come on, Emma. Come. Come on.

[Emma runs back to Madison for one more hug]

Greenlee: All right, come on.

Scott: All right, bye, Emma. Bye. You want to tell me what I just walked in on?

Madison: I think we've seen the end of the kinder, gentler Greenlee.

Scott: Did she come after you?

Madison: I can handle it.

Scott: That's not what I asked.

Madison: It kills her that I'm having Ryan's baby, and that I know her secret.

Scott: Yeah, but do you really want to get into this with her? The pregnancy is complicated enough.

Madison: You saying I should back down?

Scott: No. I'm just telling you to focus on what's important, because I know I am.

Ricky: Vodka tonic, please. [Looks at a diamond ring]

Ricky: Thank you.

Bartender: You're welcome.

Ryan: Hey. Hi, guys. Wow. What are you doing here?

Greenlee: Hot chocolate date. What is your excuse?

Emma: Can you have hot chocolate with us, Daddy?

Ryan: I would love to, but I'm right in the middle of something, something really important. It's sort of an adult thing.

Greenlee: Why don't I call Emma's babysitter, Kelly, and see if she's available to pick her up?

Emma: I want to stay with Daddy.

Ryan: Um, ok. Look, I would love to be with you, I really do, but this is important. I got to deal with this. But tonight, what do you say? Extra stories when I get home? How's that sound?

Emma: It's all right.

Ryan: Yeah? Ok. That's my girl.

Greenlee: We're in luck. Kelley's right around the corner.

Ryan: Great. Ok. I'll see you tonight, ok? Ok. Bye.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Home, safe and sound, but I bet you already knew that.

Ryan: Yeah, I followed Ricky here. He's at ConFusion having a drink.

Kendall: Probably feeling really good about himself right now.

Ryan: Look, I don't want you to take any chances, ok? Lock all the doors and don't answer to anybody.

Kendall: He's the one who should be locking his doors to keep himself safe from me.

Ryan: Listen to me.

Kendall: I'm not gonna do anything -- not tonight anyway. Ryan?

Ryan: Yes?

Kendall: Thank you.

Ryan: Stay safe.

Greenlee: So what's going on?

Kendall: What are you doing here?

Griffin: I couldn't leave.

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