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Episode #10602

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Randi: Good morning.

Jesse: Good morning.

Angie: Hey, baby. You must be exhausted.

Jesse: No. Actually, I'm good. I caught a couple hours of sleep in the office. How's the family?

Angie: We're fine. Randi spent the night.

Jesse: You did? Excellent. Thank you.

Randi: We had a great time. Lucy is one sweet little girl.

Angie: That she is.

Jesse: Yeah. Listen, I need to change, grab a bite, and then I got to get back to work. Ok?

Angie: But you just came home.

Jesse: I know, baby, but somebody's got to catch the bad guys, huh?

Angie: Let someone else do it for a few hours. You need to take a break. Spend some time with us and get to know your new daughter. Come on. Join us on the couch.

Jesse: I would love to, but I got to change. I got to go. All right?

Tad: I don't know what to do anymore. I'm at my wit's end. I looked at security videos. I've interviewed every single person that was staying at the hotel the night of the murder.

Jake: You got nobody to corroborate Griffin's story?

Tad: I got nothing, you know?

Jake: You want my egg?

Tad: Yeah. Give me this. Ryan is killing himself trying to come up with something about this Diana Holden woman, right?

Jake: Who's that?

Tad: Nothing. The body that ended up in Griffin's bed.

Jake: How do I know her name?

Tad: Keep up, all right? All anybody knows about her is that she used to work for Zach's former partners. Now -- nothing.

Jake: How's Cara holding up?

Tad: Fine, under the circumstances.

Jake: Let me guess. She's multitasking, right, pretending she's on top of everything, and she can handle it all. That's how she is. You know what you should do?

Tad: Yeah, I do. And if not, I can figure it out.

Jake: All right. What's that?

Tad: I love you, more than you'll ever know, but you got to knock it off. Ok?

Jake: But you just --

Tad: No. Seriously, stop. You have enough on your plate to deal with. Concentrate on your wife. I'll take care of mine.

Griffin: Would you please give it a rest?

Cara: What?

Griffin: Florence Nightingale died a hundred years ago.

Cara: I'm making sure you're ok.

Griffin: Oh, I know. You've been in and out of here for hours changing my fluids, checking the monitors -- caracita? You're exhausted. Go home. Give yourself some rest. I'll be fine.

Cara: I'm not going anywhere, ok?

Bianca: Griffin. How are you feeling?

Griffin: Apparently I'll survive. They should've hired a more competent assassin.

Cara: He's not really up for this --

Griffin: It's ok, Cara. Bianca's here to see how I'm doing -- and to see if the charges against me are true. That's why you're here, isn't it, to ask me if I killed that woman? The answer is no, I didn't.

Cara: He was falsely accused, falsely charged, and your sister helped make that happen.

Kendall: "Sweetheart." That's what you called me in your last letter, Zach, only you have never called me that ever. You would never use that expression. I don't know. Maybe I'm making too much of the whole thing. It's so silly. A lot of people use that expression, and Ricky has been so amazing. But when he used that word, Zach, it just sent chills right through me. There's no one else I can talk to about this. I can't risk doing to Ricky what I did to Griffin -- arrested and stabbed. It's crazy. But he was keeping things from me about your death that I had the right to know. And now is Ricky doing the same thing? Is he lying, too? I don't know who to trust anymore, Zach.

[Knock on door]

Ricky: Good morning.

Kendall: Ricky.

Ricky: I hope you got a good night's sleep, because I got plans for the two of us. Big plans.

Jesse: It's unbelievable. It's like a circus down at the station. Reporters all over the place, swarming all over Griffin Castillo, trying to figure out his connection to Kendall and the Kane family. It's disgusting.

Angie: All the more reason for you to take a break.

[Phone rings]

Randi: Oh, I got to take this.

Angie: Jesse, did you hear what I said?

Jesse: Yeah, I heard you, babe.

Angie: Ohh. Lucy's been making the cutest noises, almost as if she knows that her mother can't see, and she's doing everything she can to communicate.

Jesse: It's pretty amazing.

Angie: You want to hold her?

Jesse: Oh, babe, come on. You get me started, and I won't want to leave.

Angie: Just for a little while, sweetheart. I'm sure she misses her daddy. Don't you? Don't you miss your daddy? Want Daddy to hold you? Yes?

Jesse: Ok.

Angie: Hold her head. She misses her dad. Hold her head. You got her head?

Jesse's voice: Oh, God, Ellie. We loved her so much. We loved you so much. We named her after my mama.

Angie: Baby?

Jesse: Listen, baby, here. I really would like to stay here and cuddle with you all, but I got to go. Ok? All right.

Tad: Ok. What is it? You gonna tell me what's wrong?

Jake: What? You're gonna what?

Tad: You're just sulking. What's it about?

Jake: You felt like you really had to say that? "You take care of your wife. I'll take care of my wife."

Tad: That's not how I said it.

Jake: That's exactly what you said. You're doing what we used to do when we were kids. You send out your little secret message, and this message is saying, "Stay away from Cara." You know what? Your secret-message technique sucks, ok, and it's getting old.

Tad: What's getting old is your back going up every single time anybody mentions her name. Ok? People are starting to talk, Jake. They're starting to talk -- people who notice, ok? Because every time they turn around, you're bending over backwards to protect her, and it's no longer your place.

Jake: So I'm going around making it look like it's my place?

Tad: That's exactly what you are doing, and the more you hover around trying to take her temperature, the harder it is for all of us -- for any of us -- to pull this off.

Jake: We work together, right? We have to work together.

Tad: You work together. End of story, right? That's where it stops. You go home and you deal with your family.

Jake: My family's fine. Yeah, my wife and I are fine.

Tad: No, you're not. Believe me, I know from firsthand experience that Amanda is not very comfortable with your relationship with Cara, and that's why we're in this situation in the first place.

Jake: You know what? I'll do exactly what you say. I'll take care of my wife, you take care of yours. Good luck.

[Phone rings]

Jake: Good luck trying to take care of your wife.

Tad: Hello?

Angie: Hey, Tad, it's me.

Tad: Angela? Is everything ok?

Angie: No. Listen, Jesse needs you.

Bianca: Kendall told me what happened.

Cara: I'm sure she did. I'm sure she put her own little spin on it, found a way to justify throwing my brother under the bus.

Griffin: Cara, stop.

Cara: The only thing that he's guilty of is protecting your sister from those casino people, and look what it got him.

Bianca: But I thought the casino business was put to bed before Zach died.

Griffin: Obviously it wasn't. I started looking into things. That's how a dead woman ended up in my bed.

Cara: So do you believe him?

Bianca: Cara --

Cara: You really think that he's capable of murder?

Griffin: Listen to me. As long as I can keep myself alive, I'm gonna prove my innocence. How's your mother?

Bianca: Uh, she called Uncle Jack. She's fine.

Griffin: Good. I'm glad to hear that. Is there something else on your mind?

Bianca: I just spent the last couple of hours on the phone with Miranda Center donors.

Griffin: Let me guess. They're not too happy that their new project leader has been charged with larceny and drug possession and murder.

Bianca: They are threatening to withdraw all funding.

Cara: He hasn't even been convicted of anything!

Bianca: I know that. But the center could go under because of this.

Griffin: That can't happen. So until this is cleared, I need to resign from the Miranda Center.

Ricky: You seem really on edge.

Kendall: Um, it was just hard seeing Griffin in a hospital bed yesterday.

Ricky: It's a beautiful day outside. We should go for a drive. Maybe we --

Kendall: I can't.

Ricky: Why not?

Kendall: I have to work. I got to get to work.

Ricky: What? Come on. After everything you've been through? Work can wait.

Kendall: No, it can't. Why are you looking at me like that?

Ricky: Did I do something wrong?

Kendall: You need to understand that I own a business. It doesn't just run itself, so I can't just take off whenever I want to.

Ricky: Sorry.

Kendall: It's ok.

Ricky: No. The last thing that I would ever want to do is upset you.

Kendall: We'll talk later. I really should get going, though.

Ricky: Ok. Call me if you need me.

Kendall: I will.

Ricky: Ok.

Kendall: Ok.

Bianca: I'm really, really sorry, Griffin.

Griffin: It just gives me more incentive to prove my innocence. And when I do, I will be back.

Bianca: I hope that happens.

Griffin: Have the lawyers write up the papers. I'll sign them.

Tad: Freeze. You're next, Chief. We're here to take you into custody.

Jesse: Hey, I don't have time for this.

Tad: Make time.

Jesse: I'm not playing with you. What do you want?

Jake: Just want to talk.

Jesse: Talk about what? If this is about Griffin Castillo, it's gonna be a very short conversation. I know you want to clear him, and I know you've been cooking his medical --

Tad: Jesse!

Jesse: What do you want?

Tad: We don't want to talk about any of that.

Jake: Yeah. We just want to talk to you about you.

Jesse: Me?

Jake: You. Mm-hmm. You're the big cheese around here, the military junta, the big boss --

Tad: Would you please just --

Jake: You've got a lot of stuff going on in your life, and you've just had a baby.

Tad: Whose birth was difficult, to say the least.

Jake: Yeah, and we know you married a very independent woman. She's strong and all that, but she needs you, and you need her, and the baby needs the two of you.

Jesse: Wait a minute. You're talking to Angela?

Tad: Yeah. She called. She's concerned. I got to be honest. I've noticed the same thing.

Jake: I've noticed it, too. We both have.

Jesse: And what are we noticing?

Tad: That you're over the limit. You're pushing yourself way too hard on something because -- I'm sorry. You're shutting people out, mostly the people who love you.

Jake: Something's up with you. You want to tell us what's up?

Tad: Whatever it is, we don't care. We just -- we just want to help, so tell us what's going on. What is it?

Jake: What is it?

Tad: I said that.

Jake: I heard you.

Randi: Where's Jesse?

Angie: He went back to work.

Randi: Wow. That was fast. Are you guys ok?

Angie: Jesse refuses to admit it, but he's been having a hard time since Lucy was born.

Randi: That was the toughest part. He was so amazing during the birth, and he saved both of your lives.

Angie: I don't know. Maybe it's just now hitting him, what he could've lost. I don't know, Randi. He just seems to have this sadness inside of him.

Randi: Lots of up-and-downs with babies.

Angie: Ohh, sweetheart, of course. For you, too.

Randi: Yeah. I guess for me, too. When I look at Lucy, it's hard. It's hard not to think about the baby that I lost.

Angie: Randi, I'm so sorry.

Randi: I try not to, but every now and then -- there's no feeling like it -- the pain, the emptiness.

Angie: Yeah, I had that same feeling just for a moment.

Randi: You did?

Angie: Yeah. Before I gave birth, I lost consciousness. And when I came to, I didn't know what had happened to the baby. And so I panicked for a few seconds, because I couldn't see her, I couldn't hear her, and -- oh, God, I was just so afraid. I was so afraid.

Randi: Angie, you have a beautiful baby girl, and I'm so happy for you.

Kendall: I know I'm probably the last person that you want to see.

Cara: Could you turn around and leave, then?

Kendall: I need to talk to you, Griffin. It's important.

Cara: Did you not hear what I just --

Griffin: I'll handle this, Cara. I'm glad you dropped by because I have something to say, too.

Jesse: I'm gonna tell you this one more time. Listen very carefully. There is nothing wrong with me.

Jake: That's what you think.

Jesse: I'm investigating a murder that involves people I know. Maybe I'm a little edgy.

Tad: It's not just about work, ok? You've been like this ever since Lucy was born.

Jesse: Yeah, because that was easy, too.

Jake: Is there something that you want to get off your chest? Is it something that you want to talk about?

Jesse: You need to leave it alone. I've got work to do.

Tad: Jesse, hey, you're -- come on, man, you're a hero. You should feel great. You delivered your own kid, and under the worst possible circumstances. You're a miracle, according to some people.

Jake: And some people, when they make a life-or-death situation, it messes with your head.

Jesse: Enough. Ok?

Tad: We're just trying to have a conversation.

Jesse: Is that what this is, a conversation? Because it feels more to me like you're grilling me in my own station house. The only thing missing here is the light bulb waving in front of my face. Back off, both of you!

Angie: Did Lucy really kick her little legs when you changed her?

Randi: Oh, she was mad. She didn't like that at all. But I think that's just because she was missing her mama's touch.

Angie: No, she was just being a Hubbard. We can be pretty stubborn sometimes.

Randi: Speaking of diapers, you're running low. So if you want, I can run out and pick some up.

Angie: That would be fantastic. Thank you, honey.

Randi: Ok. You're gonna be good by yourself?

Angie: I will be fine. I've got to start getting used to it eventually.

Randi: Ok. All right. I have my cell phone, and call me if you need anything.

Angie: Ok. Ok. Thanks again, honey.

Angie: Hush, little baby, don't you cry. Mama's gonna buy you a -- oh, I would just do anything to watch you sleeping and to see your beautiful little face.

[Knock on door]

Angie: Randi, did you forget your key?

[Lucy cries]

Angie: Oh, hold on, baby. Ohh. Randi, did you get her? Is she all right?

David: Your baby is fine, Angie.

Griffin: I've had a lot of time to think in this place -- you telling the cops what I told you in confidence, you believing that I'm a murderer --

Kendall: Griffin --

Griffin: Given the evidence against me, it makes sense why you believe what you believe.

Cara: What are you saying?

Griffin: I'm just trying to look at it from Kendall's point of view.

Cara: You're gonna give her a pass?

Griffin: Come on, Cara. Even you have to admit that the evidence against me is pretty strong.

Cara: I know you didn't kill that woman, Griff.

Griffin: That's because you know me. Not everybody does.

Cara: Whew. It might interest you to know that your sister was just here asking for Griffin's resignation.

Kendall: Resignation?

Cara: The Miranda Center was at risk, so he had to go. He dedicated his life to this. It was his dream. Actually, it was your husband's dream, too, right? So he could lose his license, his freedom. What more could you possibly want from him?

Griffin: Stop it. All right? I've said what I've had to say. Now it's your turn.

Kendall: I'm sorry. Uh, I'll just deal with this on my own.

Griffin: Then we're finished here.

Kendall: I'm sorry.

Ricky: I appreciate you meeting me here on such short notice.

Woman: You made it sound pretty urgent.

Ricky: It is. We have a lot of work to do in a very short time, and I want it all to be a surprise for the woman I love.

Cara: Hey, Kendall?

Kendall: Cara, listen to me --

Cara: I want you to listen to me. I don't want you going anywhere near my brother ever again. You got it?

Kendall: I didn't come here to cause trouble.

Cara: You ripped apart his life. Ok? He could've died because of you. So go. Just get out of here. Go play with that nosy, possessive minister while you're at it.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Nosy? How is Ricky nosy?

Cara: What difference does it make?

Kendall: I'd like to know.

Cara: Ok. Fine. You know the bachelor auction? Paid for a date with him? One hour with him, I could tell something was off.

Kendall: What do you mean, off?

Cara: He started asking questions about you and Griff. What's Griff doing for you? How is he helping you? Why is he helping you? Probably because he wanted to get rid of the competition. Great. It's done. Guess what -- you two deserve each other.

Angie: Give her to me. Give her to me!

David: All right. Ok.

Angie: How dare you come in here grabbing my child.

David: Your baby was crying.

Angie: Babies cry, David. It still didn't give you any reason to touch her.

David: It sounded like she was in some kind of distress. You couldn't get to her right away, so I was just trying to help.

Angie: I didn't need your help.

David: My apologies, then.

Angie: It's ok, sweetie. It's ok, munchkin. Why are you even here? What do you want, David?

David: I was just stopping by to see if you had a chance to think about our last discussion.

Angie: You mean helping me to regain my sight?

David: Yes, that's right.

Angie: I already told you I wasn't interested.

David: In case you change your mind, I did a little more research.

Angie: I've already told you I've done my own research, and there is nothing that can help me see again.

David: So you've already dismissed any new studies on stem cells?

Angie: Those do not pertain to my condition.

David: I'm not talking about the ones that you've already read about. But what about the ones that are off the grid? I became interested because of the promising research in regenerating cells for heart valves. But if we take the same principles and apply them to retinal cells -- well, I'm sure you know where I'm going here. All right, Angie, look, I'm gonna leave this information for you to take a look at. All right? I'm gonna just leave it right here. I'm sorry I couldn't get it into Braille for you, but I'm sure you can get someone else to read it to you if you like. All right?

Angie: How about you? How about you read it to me?

Tad: We're just trying to say whatever's going on, we're your friends. We're on your side.

Jesse: I know. I know. I know, and you're right about that night that -- it's just delivering the baby under those circumstances, I suppose I'm still in shock a little. All right? But what I need from you two, a wide circle, a little patience. I'll get there. I promise I will get there. Just --

Tad: Ok. Fair enough. Works for me. What about you?

Jake: Hmm? Yeah. If you ever want to talk about it --

Tad: He just said --

Jake: Ok. All right.

Jesse: Good-bye.

Jake: Hmm. Think he's gonna be all right?

Tad: No. But I know him well enough not to push, and so should you.

Jake: I was having a conversation with Cara at the hospital about --

Tad: Oh, for God's sake.

Jake: What is that? "Ohh -- " what is that? I was gonna say we were having a conversation about the baby, because we were concerned about Angie and Jesse. Is that ok with you? Let me tell you something. Every conversation I have with Cara is not a threat to my marriage. All right?

[Phone rings]

Jake: God. Dr. Martin. What? When? Ok. Yeah, I'm on my way.

Tad: Where?

Jake: I'm going to the hospital.

Ricky: The house that I'm looking for needs to be somewhere isolated and beautiful, a place where my fiancée and her two little boys will be happy.

Realtor: Fiancée?

Ricky: That's right.

Realtor: I wasn't aware you were engaged.

Ricky: Yeah, I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Cara: Here's some magazines from home.

Griffin: Thank you.

Cara: You don't deserve this. All you've ever done is help people.

Griffin: Whether they've wanted it or not, right?

Cara: Yep. Exactly. You're a good man, Griff. You're the best big brother a sister could ask for, and it would kill me if something happened to you.

Griffin: It won't.

Cara: It got you in jail, and who's to say they're not gonna come after you again?

Griffin: Cara --

Cara: So you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna find them.

Griffin: No, you're not.

Cara: Yeah, I am, and you are not gonna stop me.

Griffin: Cara, there's no way. Stay out of it. Ok?

Cara: No. You looked after me ever since I was a little kid. Ok? You took care of me, you protected me, you saved my life, so now it's my turn. If someone wants to hurt my brother, I will find them, and I will bring them down!

Kendall: Hi.

Bianca: Hi. You want to draw straws for who had the worst day?

Kendall: I heard about Griffin. He resigned.

Bianca: We had no choice. He did what was best for the center, which of course, made it even worse.

Kendall: It's all just too hard to believe.

Bianca: Tell me about it. First, it's the drugs, and then a dead woman in his bed? How can you even explain that? And then I still find it so hard to believe that Griffin Castillo is that guy.

Kendall: I am having a hard time believing everything right about now.

Bianca: What does Ricky say?

Kendall: Ricky? Why would you ask me that?

Bianca: I don't know. It just seems like he's sort of become part of the family ever since Zach --

Kendall: Since Zach's funeral, when you asked him to do the service?

Bianca: Right.

Kendall: How well did you know him?

Bianca: I didn't know him that well, actually. He just started volunteering at the center a little while before Zach -- he just seemed like someone who was always there when you needed him. When I first met him, I thought he was trying too hard, like, making too much of an effort to impress people, to impress me. Then I got mad at myself, because Ricky -- he's just a Godsend. We are just so lucky he came into our lives when he did.

Griffin: I love you, Cara.

Cara: And I love you.

Griffin: And I appreciate you trying to help me -- it means the world to me -- but you can't.

Cara: What do you want me to do, then, huh? Just sit back and do nothing? Is that what you're asking me?

Griffin: These people are dangerous. If you're out there trying to take them on, it will only make me worry. Let Ryan and Tad investigate. Let the cops do their jobs, all right? You're my little sister. I need you to be safe.

Jake: How's the patient?

Cara: Uh, B.P. is normal. He's doing well, actually. Jake, he's doing too well. I can't let him go back to jail. You know?

Jake: It's all right. That's why I think the patient's still critical.

Griffin: Thank you.

Jake: For what, exactly, are you thanking me?

Griffin: I'm just thinking about the three of us these past couple of months, how far we've come. God, I used to hate you.

Jake: Huh. I can't say you were exactly my favorite person either.

Griffin: I remember. You got a mean right cross. Now I owe you my life.

Jake: Don't be thanking me yet, not till you hear what I got to tell you.

Bianca: So are you asking these questions about Ricky because you and he are --

Kendall: Oh, no. Ha ha! No, it's not like that. I just -- I want to know more about this man who's done so much for all of us.

Bianca: Yeah. And who even flew to St. Barts for the wedding that never was. You heard anything from Mom?

Kendall: Not a word.

Bianca: Me neither. I'm just glad she called Uncle Jack. I feel so bad for him.

Kendall: There's nothing we can do about it. Mom has it all worked out so that the drama plays out exactly as she needs it to.

Bianca: I am late. Call me later?

Kendall: Yes, yes. Bye.

Bianca: Bye.

[Knock on door]

Ricky: Hey. I called the office. They said you never came in, so I got worried. Everything ok?

David: So if we apply the same concepts to the damaged ocular tissue with the stem cells, I don't see any reason why the procedure wouldn't work.

Angie: The FDA might not agree with you.

David: Ok, but I've already told you this, Angie. We're talking about groundbreaking stuff here. You're not gonna read about it in your medical journals.

[Lucy fusses]

Angie: She's probably just hungry.

David: I'll bring her to you.

Angie: No, I don't need you to do that, David.

David: It's all right, Angie. I don't mind. It's ok.

Angie: All right, just give her to me.

Jesse: Hey, what the hell is going on here? What the hell are you doing here?

David: Take it easy.

Jesse: "Take it easy"?

David: Yeah. I was just handing her over to Angie to feed her.

Jesse: Is that what you're doing? Really?

David: Yeah.

Angie: Jesse, calm down.

Jesse: Get out. Get out of my house.

David: Angie, just give me a call when you're ready to talk, ok?

Jesse: "When you're ready to talk"? What the hell was that? What the hell is going on?

Angie: He thinks he can help me recover my sight.

Jesse: David Hayward told you that he can help you get your sight back?

Angie: He thinks there's a chance.

Jesse: So his next trick is walking on water? Angela, I cannot believe that you would even listen to him.

Angie: I didn't at first. But he's done some research, and there are new studies.

Jesse: Research? Research? Is this the research? And where is this coming from, huh? The bottom of his heart?

Angie: Look, I don't care why he's doing it. If there's a chance, Jesse --

Jesse: Angela, you know what? This smells like false hope to me.

Angie: You don't know that for sure.

Jesse: I know the man is evil. The man lies. He cheats. He's messed up everybody's life that he has -- he messed up your life, Angela. He's responsible for you losing your sight.

Angie: I know who David is.

Jesse: This is why I cannot believe you have let him suck you into this!

Angie: I want to see again, Jesse. I'd come to terms with being blind. I'd accepted it, until the night that I went into labor. I knew that our baby girl was in trouble, and I couldn't help her. And even though I'd gotten used to the dark, it had never felt so frightening. I just needed to be able to see that our baby girl was fine, and I couldn't. I couldn't, even when everything was ok! Jesse, I felt like I missed something that night, and I feel like I'm missing something every day with Lucy -- loving her and holding her! I swear, Jesse, if there's even a slightest chance that I can recover my sight, I need to consider it. I have to consider it. I have to.

Bianca: David? Are you all right?

David: No. You look surprised.

Bianca: I am a little. You're not usually that open and honest.

David: I guess you caught me in a bad moment.

Bianca: What happened?

David: Nothing really. I just left Angie and her baby daughter. I guess it got me thinking about my own -- Leora, Babe, Marissa. I've lost them all, and sometimes it just -- it just hurts, that's all. I know you've become friends with Marissa. How is she?

Bianca: She's doing ok.

David: Great. That's good to know. Do me a favor. When you see her, just tell her that --

Bianca: Tell her what?

David: Never mind. It wouldn't matter coming from me.

Griffin: Ok, I'm gonna take a wild guess this isn't good news.

Jake: Being that you have charges against you, I am being forced to suspend you from your position here at the hospital.

Griffin: That's no surprise. If I get convicted, I'll lose my medical license anyway.

Cara: That's not gonna happen. Ok? Excuse me. Hi, Tad.

Tad: Hey, what is it?

Cara: "What is it?" They're destroying my brother's life, right? He lost his job here. He lost his job at the Miranda Center. He could lose his medical license.

Tad: For now, ok? You got to keep the faith. I'm very good at what I do, and I'm doing everything I can.

Cara: We need to do more, ok? I'm gonna help you.

Tad: No. No, Cara, please. I promised Griff I would keep you out of it.

Cara: Look, when we got married, you took a vow to honor me. So I'm asking you to honor me right now.

Griffin: I've been thinking about all this, everything that's happened to me.

Jake: And?

Griffin: These aren't just a bunch of thugs trying to get me out of the way. Whoever set this up is doing it so I'll be stripped of everything that means anything to me.

Kendall: My meeting was canceled. And then when I got to work, I realized I left my briefcase here at home. So --

Ricky: So everything's ok?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah. But I really have to get back now, so I'm sorry. I don't mean to chase you away.

Ricky: No, you're not chasing me away. You probably left your briefcase, because you were exhausted and in no shape to work.

Kendall: Ok, Ricky --

Ricky: You're not going back to the office, Kendall. You're coming with me, and this time I'm not taking no for an answer.

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