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Jake: Cara what do you need?

Cara: What I need? My other just pulled a shiv from his side, so what I need is to get the hell out of here.

Jake: What about the guards or the officers?

Cara: I can't trust them.

Jake: Why not?

Cara: Because one of them did this to him. Now, can you get here or not?

Griffin: Cara? Cara?

Cara: Griff, I'm right here. Griff, I'm right here. Ok? Right here.

Jake: Cara, can you hear me?

Cara: Jake, please. I need you.

Amanda: What happened?

Jake: Griffin got stabbed.

Amanda: In jail?

Jake: Apparently.

Amanda: Is he ok?

Jake: I have no idea what's going on.

Amanda: We have to get down there.

Jake: You don't have to go anywhere, honey.

Amanda: Yes, I do. I'm coming with you.

Jake: You sure?

Amanda: This was a day of surprises, right? So this is just one more.

Cara: Hold on, ok? All right? The ambulance is coming, Griff. Do you hear me? The ambulance is coming. Jake's gonna come.

Jack: Opal, please. If you know anything --

Opal: There might be one teeny, tiny reason for the delay.

Jack: What? What?

Opal: It's more like a who.

Jack: Caleb.

Opal: Was here.

Erica: Hello? Who's there? Where am I? Who would do this? Why? Caleb? Caleb, is that you?

Jack: Opal, what the hell was Caleb doing here?

Opal: He wanted to wish the bride well?

Jack: What was Caleb doing on this island?

Opal: All right. He wanted to talk to Erica.

Jack: Don't tell me "about business." Not on the day before she's supposed to get married.

Opal: More like "funny business," and I don't mean funny "ha-ha." That man had the biscuits to barge in and declare himself. Ok, and we all know that Erica would never dream of running from marrying her love of her life to be with him. Just because she isn't here doesn't mean that -- Jackson, you know Erica. You know how much she loves you.

Greenlee: Then where is she? Half the way to West Virginny with Grizzly Adams? It's unbelievable.

Opal: No, no, and the third time, no. The only place Erica wants to be is by Jackson's side. Ok? Now, Caleb came, he made his speech, he said his piece, and then he left. And I saw her right after he left, and there was no doubt. There was no doubt at all that she was so excited. No, really, she told me, from her lips to my ears, the only man that she wants to spend her life with was Y-O-U. Only you, forever and ever, amen.

Jack: Then where is she?

Erica: Am I right, Caleb? Is it you? All that talk about throwing me over your shoulder, I thought you were joking. Caleb, if it is only you, just say so.

Opal: I am positive that she is gonna be here any second.

Kendall: Maybe a fan stopped her in the hallway for an autograph, or maybe she just took the long way.

Greenlee: Or she left.

Bianca: She didn't leave.

Opal: Oh, no, she didn't leave. I know Erica inside and out. She did not leave.

Jack: Opal, when I last saw you, you knew that Caleb was here, didn't you?

Opal: Yeah. But I didn't see any reason to stir the pot.

Bianca: I'm sure there is some explanation for where Mom is.

Kendall: There has to be. Jack, Mom kept going on about how she couldn't wait to walk down the aisle with you.

Greenlee: How many times has she said that in the last year and a half?

Kendall: What is your problem?

Greenlee: I don't know. Erica jerking my father around for the millionth time?

Kendall: That's not what she's doing.

Greenlee: Then where is she?

Ryan: Can we just focus on finding Erica, please? So, Opal, last time you saw her, she was in the hotel room, correct?

Opal: She said, "I'm right behind you." Those were her exact words.

Jack: So maybe Caleb couldn't take no for an answer, huh? Maybe he forced her to go with him?

Ricky: That sounds a little drastic.

Jack: He kept her on that mountaintop a hell of a lot longer than he needed to, so maybe he wouldn't be above kidnapping her. I have to go find her.

Greenlee: Hey, don't. What if Erica chose to leave? You running after her is exactly what she wants. How many times does she have to hurt you?

Opal: I'm coming with you.

Greenlee: I came down here to show my support for this union, and Erica out-Ericas herself.

Kendall: Why don't you just back off?

Cara: My brother's been stabbed.

Jesse: I can see that.

Griffin: One of your officers.

Jesse: What?

Jake: What do we got?

Jesse: Let them in.

Cara: Two stab wounds, one in his right arm and his left side. The shiv penetrated the brachial, but I don't think it penetrated any major organs. We need to get him out of here just to be sure.

Jesse: I'm gonna check on the ambulance.

Griffin: I didn't get to eat my lunch.

Jake: Hang in there, tough guy. You think that he's too old for our funny-face routine? I just want him to behave himself when we do this.

Cara: I think we need to use one of our other tricks, ok?

Jake: I like his tourniquet with the spoon. Very inventive. You want to get the pillow?

Cara: Yeah. I think it beats a branch and a rag in 100-degree heat. You know what I'm saying?

Griffin: Ok, would you two stop reliving the good times and pay attention to the injured man, please?

Cara: Doctors are the biggest babies.

Jake: Want to lift this hand up? There you go. All right. The wound doesn't look that deep.

Jesse: Ambulance will be right here. Miller, you're going with him.

Cara: Wait. Is that necessary?

Jesse: Your brother is still a prisoner. Rules are rules.

Cara: Haven't you ever broken any?

Jesse: Do not let them out of your sight.

Amanda: Is there something I can do?

Jesse: Yes, please. Call Tad and tell him everything that happened.

Jake: Could you do that, honey? That would be great.

Amanda: Yeah. Sure. I'll have to meet you guys outside.

Jake: All right. I'm gonna need a suture set, so I can back the tourniquet off completely. I'm gonna check that for organ damage or internal bleeding, although I don't think there is any. I got to tell you I do like the spoon and the pillow technique. Where's the rest of the silverware?

Cara: It's not the first time I've used a spoon. How's your pain?

Griffin: It's manageable.

Cara: How did I know you were gonna say that?

Jesse: Do not move from this door unless I tell you to.

Ofc. Miller: You got it, Chief.

Jesse: He is not going to stab your brother. Ok?

Cara: Until we find out who did this to him, I don't want him going back there.

Jesse: That all depends on his injuries.

Cara: Ok. So if he's closer to death, he has a better chance of surviving?

Jesse: I can understand your being upset.

Cara: Yeah, I'm upset because somebody just stabbed my brother in a jail cell -- a police officer!

Jesse: I am going to find out whoever did this.

Cara: I want answers before he gets back there.

Jesse: So do I. And let's hope those answers don't turn up more than you want to know about whatever your brother might be involved with. I will check back with you.

[Griffin groans]

Cara: How's the patient?

Jake: He's cranky pants.

Griffin: I'll live.

Jake: Ahem.

Cara: Jake?

Jake: Yep?

Cara: I didn't get a chance to say thank you for all of this, you know?

Jake: You were perfect.

Cara: No, really, it was you. I -- can you stop for one second? I didn't know who to trust. Thank you.

Jake: We're gonna get him patched up, good as new.

Cara: Good. Yeah.

Jake: Cathy?

Cathy: Yes?

Jake: It's just sitting here.

Cathy: Sorry.

Jake: Here we go.

Cara: So, um, I don't want him going back to that cell, you know?

Jake: Mm-hmm. But I don't really think that you can do anything about that.

Cara: You could -- if his injuries are serious enough to keep him here in the hospital.

Jake: But they're not.

Cara: If they were --

Jesse: All right. The only prints on the weapon were your brother's, so whoever attacked him wore gloves.

Cara: What about the security camera?

Jesse: We're working on it. And I will not stop until we find whoever did this, ok?

Cara: Let's just hope my brother is not dead before that happens.

Jesse: Right now he's alive. How does it look?

Jake: I think we're looking at a lacerated spleen. I'd like to keep him here a couple of days just to determine whether he needs surgery or not. Ok?

Kendall: If my mother's not here, she has a damn good reason for not showing up. Ok? So please stop slamming her.

Greenlee: Yeah. It's no big deal. This is just standard operating procedure for Erica Kane.

Kendall: That's not true. You know that.

Ryan: Ok. Let's just calm down and focus on finding Erica..

Greenlee: I'm sorry. She's just hurt my dad many times. This engagement has been on and off and on and off, and last year she canceled the wedding to go on the honeymoon first. Then this? Coming here was a mistake.

Kendall: Ok. Maybe if you can't support her, then maybe you should go.

Greenlee: Fine.

Emma: Bye.

Ryan: Ok, just call if you hear anything at all, please. Ok?

Emma: We'll see you soon.

Kendall: Ok. This doesn't make any sense. Where would my mother go? She was so happy before.

Bianca: She wouldn't leave. She wouldn't do that to Uncle Jack.

Kendall: No, she wouldn't.

Ricky: Is it possible she might be having second thoughts?

Kendall and Bianca: No.

Ricky: Ok. Maybe she needed a little more time to reflect. No.

Kendall: Maybe the yacht. She could be. Maybe she's at the yacht.

Ricky: I'll go with you.

Bianca: I'll look around here. Maybe she went to go see the kids. I'll go check with the hotel sitter.

Kendall: I'll check in with you later. All right. We'll be back.

Marissa: Hey, Bianca.

Bianca: Hi. I thought you were enjoying some R&R.

Marissa I an into Jack and Opal. Caleb was here. Erica might've run off with him?

Bianca: She wouldn't have done that. She's around here somewhere, and she'll show up, and we'll all laugh about it someday as a crazy story. She loves my Uncle Jack too much to do that to him.

Erica: Caleb, you have to let me go. Everyone is waiting for me. You can't stop me from getting married. They'll all think I changed my mind. Jack will be devastated. Do you hear me, Caleb? You have to let me go. You can't hold me hostage!? Caleb!

Distorted voice: Hello, Erica. Welcome.

Tad: Amanda, how's Griffin?

Amanda: He's ok now. If it hadn't been for Cara and Jake, I don't know.

Tad: Jake was there?

Amanda: Cara called him.

Tad: Oh. Are you ok?

Amanda: All that matters is that Griffin's ok.

Griffin: Jake?

Jake: Yeah?

Griffin: Thanks for downgrading my condition.

Jake: A lacerated spleen's not gonna buy you a lot of time.

Cara: Now we need to make sure that you're safe, because if they can get you in jail, they can get you anywhere.

Jake: Jesse has a cop out there, and I changed the schedule for security and for the nurses.

Griffin: You're really putting yourself out there with this diagnosis.

Jake: I'm not a fan of lying to Jesse, but I guess as long as you're at the hospital, your sister can keep an eye on you.

Griffin: Yeah, I thought Kendall was safe in St. Barts. Now I'm not so sure.

Cara: Griff, why are you worried about her? She's the reason that you almost got killed today. She' s the reason that you broke your rib. She's the reason that there's this hit out on you. Ok? So if she's in any kind of danger on that island, something tells me she can take care of herself just fine.

Ricky: No sign of your mother?

Kendall: No. Looks like she hasn't been here since she moved back to the hotel.

Ricky: Heh heh! What? Can you hear the ocean?

Kendall: Actually, I can a little bit. Ah. I can also hear Zach telling the boys that there's little, tiny waves in there -- and the boys laughing and then running around on the beach pretending to be seagulls. Want to take that?

Ricky: Yeah.

Kendall: I sold this yacht to Jack as a sign of hope, because I believed that he and my mother would find the same happiness that Zach and I found here with the boys. Now it's just a reminder that you can never count on anything. You think a person can be with you forever, but they can really just vanish in the next breath.

Ricky: Ok, maybe coming here wasn't such a good idea.

Kendall: Greenlee was right to be angry with me. I don't know why I can't just have normal friendships. It's always up and down. I'm fighting and I'm not fighting. I'm apologizing, and I get pissed off and I pull back. I don't trust anybody, and then I pull away.

Ricky: Are we still talking about Greenlee here?

Kendall: Was I that obvious? I can't stop thinking about Griffin and what happened at the police station.

Ricky: Kendall, you didn't do anything wrong.

Kendall: Shouldn't I have more faith? He saved my life. He was my friend. He gets in trouble, and what do I do? I serve him up to the police.

Ricky: He lied to you, and all you did was tell the truth.

Kendall: I'm not sure what the truth is anyway.

Ricky: I am. The truth is that you deserve so much more than to be caught up in this craziness with Griffin and that woman and the drugs. You deserve a shot at a new life, a chance to heal from your loss and start over and be happy again.

Ryan: Are you sure you want to leave? Erica could be back before the wedding.

Greenlee: You really believe that?

Ryan: I don't know what to believe.

Greenlee: Even if she does show, I don't think I want to be here, especially not after that fight with Kendall.

Ryan: You'll get past it.

Greenlee: Erica has yanked my father around for years. She gets his hopes up, and then bam, she drops a brick on his head time after time, and Kendall is all about defending her. There is no defense.

Ryan: Maybe it's just not what it seems.

Greenlee: Erica was in her room, on her way to the rehearsal, and then gone. Poof, vanished, and not because someone threw water on her.

Ryan: Don't take it out on those shoes.

Greenlee: Don't try and cute me out of this. Erica plays the wonderful wife to the world when I have always seen her for who she really is -- a selfish, self-centered, evil stepmother.

Emma: Like you.

Ryan: Hey. That's enough.

Emma: It's the truth! She's mean, and I hate her!

Ryan: Emma, apologize, please.

Emma: I won't!

Ryan: Yes, actually, you will.

Emma: No!

Jack: Is Krystal here?

Waitress: Out sick.

Jack: Oh, damn it. Sorry. No, that's --

Jack: Krystal, it's Jack. Listen, I'm sorry you don't feel well. I'm back here in Pine Valley, believe it or not. It's a long story. Listen, the reason I'm calling, I'm hoping you can help me find Caleb. Give me a call back, will you? Thanks.

Erica: Who are you? You're obviously not Caleb. Caleb's no a coward.

Distorted voice: Nope. Not Caleb. Good guess.

Erica: Let me go! Let me go right now!

Distorted voice: Sorry about my methods, but I had no choice. I promise I don't want to hurt n you.

Erica: Then what do you want?

Distorted voice: I want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Erica: Comfortable?

Distorted voice: You must be hungry. Are you in the mood for something? Or I could surprise you.

Erica: No, I won't eat what you give me.

Distorted voice: Surprise it is, then. We'll speak soon.

Erica: We'll just see about that. My bedroom. It looks like my bedroom. But it isn't. It's different. What kind of a crazy game is this?

Bianca: Hey, Mom, you're starting to get us a little bit worried now, so just call me when you get this. Where are you?

Marissa: Hi. Two lattes.

Bianca: Thank you. Thanks.

Marissa: Any word?

Bianca: I just cannot believe that she would take off. I know that the stuff with her and Caleb is complicated, but she and Uncle Jack are -- I'm not giving up. We will find her, and she'll be back and the wedding will happen. It has to.

Caleb: Aren't you supposed to be on the beach saying "I do"?

Jack: Where is she?

Caleb: Where's who?

Jack: Where's Erica?

Caleb: She's not with you?

Jack: Don't be cute. So what did you do? Grab her, force her on a plane, bring her back here?

Caleb: Jack, the last time I saw her was in St. Barts. I have no idea where she is.

Jack: Yeah, I know you were in St. Barts, and I know you couldn't take no for an answer. I know you wanted her, so what did you do, Caleb?

Caleb: Jack, she made a choice: It wasn't me. It seems like it wasn't you either.

Tad: I know it hasn't been easy, but I'm grateful that you've been able to get past all your problem with Cara.

Amanda: I haven't gotten past everything.

Tad: Then I'm grateful that you agreed to make the effort.

Amanda: I have, and I do intend to do that, but Cara needs to do the same.

Tad: What are you talking about?

Amanda: She is still hung up on Jake.

Tad: Amanda, that's not true. Cara is doing everything she can to move on.

Amanda: You can believe that if you want, because your marriage isn't real. You have nothing to lose.

Tad: Ok. You know what? This obviously isn't the place or time, so --

Amanda: You're right. It's not. And I will totally suck this up because Griffin needs Cara and Jake. But I will not pretend to not see what I see.

Tad: Hey.

Griffin: Hey.

Tad: So you managed to get shived in jail, huh?

Griffin: Twice.

Cara: Amanda filled you in, huh?

Tad: Yeah, she did. You gonna live?

Griffin: Thanks to my brilliant doctors.

Tad: Yeah? You're in good hands.

Griffin: I'm safe here, but I need you to keep an eye on Kendall.

Kendall: I don't know how you do it, but you always find a way to scoop me out of my funk. I guess it's all part of the job, huh?

Ricky: No, not all. Some of it is you. All right. A lot of it is you.

Kendall: Oh, come on.

Ricky: So does that mean you're done beating yourself up over what happened with Griffin?

Kendall: Not yet.

Ricky: There was a dead woman in his bed, and he had no explanation for it. Look, I'm grateful for him, too. He gave us all a gift when he saved your life. But I hope I'm not being too forward when I say I think it's a good thing that you're not connected to him anymore.

[Phone beeps]

Kendall: Excuse me. Ooh. It's Jackson. He's with Caleb, but my mom's not with him.

Ricky: Then where is she?

Kendall: Oh, my god. Zach's casino partners. What if somehow they're connected to this whole thing with Griff and that Diana woman? Would they hurt my mom to get to me?

Ricky: Let's not start going to the worst case scenario here. Who are you calling?

Kendall: I'm calling Griff.

Ricky: His bail was denied. It's not like he can pick up the phone. You need to slow down.

Kendall: "Slow down"? My mother's life could be in danger, and Griff could be the connection to this, so I have to get in touch with him. If I can't talk to him, I'll call his lawyer or the police station. But I will get in touch with Griff one way or the other.

Ryan: Emma, I'd like you to come out there right now, please.

Emma: I won't!

Greenlee: Let me try.

Ryan: I really don't think that's such a good idea.

Greenlee: What's the worst that's gonna happen? She's gonna hate me more?

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Who is it?

Ryan: I really should take this.

Greenlee: I'll deal with Emma.

Ryan: Thank you. This is Ryan.

Greenlee: Emma?

Emma: Go away!

Greenlee: Listen to me.

Emma: I hate you.

Greenlee: We used to be such good friends. We'd go shopping together. We'd have lunch. We played dress-up. I know you remember how much fun we had.

Emma: I don't.

Greenlee: It's scary, isn't it? You miss your mom. You love her. Maybe you're afraid that if you're friends with me, you'll be hurting her. Or maybe you think that I'll take your father away from you. I promise you that will never, ever happen. I just want the three of us to be a family again, because as much as I love your dad, I love you every single bit as much. Nothing will ever change that.

[Door unlocks]

Caleb: You really think that I would kidnap Erica?

Jack: I'm still not convinced you didn't.

Caleb: I gave it my best shot. I'm out. Can I have the usual, please?

Jack: I can't believe I'm about to ask the man who tried to stop my wedding for help.

Caleb: Hey, I could've saved myself a trip. Erica's the one who called it off. She stopped it.

Jack: You know that's not like her. To just vanish like this? Erica is unpredictable, but she's not one to bow out silently. You know that.

Caleb: I have witnessed that, yes. And you don't have any ideas?

Jack: Not a one.

Erica: Just a little more.

Distorted voice: Miss me?

Erica: Hardly.

Distorted voice: Those ropes weren't tied to hold you for long. Feel free to remove them.

Erica: Oh! Let me out of here right now!

Distorted voice: What do you think of the room? I couldn't get everything exactly, but it's pretty close, right?

Erica: Who are you? Why are you doing this?

Distorted voice: Because you're Erica Kane.

Bianca: Uncle Jack should be in Pine Valley by now.

Marissa: He said he would call as soon as he knew something.

Bianca: What if -- what if she just changed her mind?

Marissa: Is that the kind of thing she would do?

Bianca: Well, I know what people think about my mother, all the marriages and the men, but she's a lot more than that. She doesn't take these things lightly. She loves fiercely.

Marissa: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to --

Bianca: No, it's ok. I'm sorry. I do it, too, sometimes -- misjudge her, don't give her the benefit of the doubt.

Marissa: I doubt that. You're, like, the least judgmental person I know.

Bianca: Years ago I convinced myself that if I came out to my mom, she would hate me. She didn't. It wasn't easy. She did push a few boyfriend prospects on me once or twice. But the thing is I called her out, accused her of only being worried about her image. But she was just worried about me, about how being openly gay would affect my life. I don't know. I misjudged her. I was wrong. I just hope she knows how I feel.

Marissa: Hey. Erica knows.

[Phone rings]

Bianca: Oh. Hey. Did you find Mom?

Jack: No, I didn't, but I did find Caleb. He says he has no idea where Erica is.

Ricky: What is it?

Kendall: Griffin was attacked in jail. He was stabbed.

Ricky: Stabbed?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ricky: Oh, man. Wow. I'm so sorry, Kendall. Whatever happened between you lately, whatever he's guilty of, you said it -- he saved your life. He was a friend.

Kendall: He's not dead.

Ricky: He's not dead?

Kendall: No.

Ricky: Oh. Oh. Thank God. The last thing you need in your life is another loss.

Kendall: I need to go home, and I need to see Griffin. I need to see him face to face and see if he knows anything about my mother.

Ricky: I think it's better if we just stay here.

Kendall: No, I need to go. If I look him in the eye, I'll be able to tell if he's lying or not.

Ricky: Look, we don't even know if your mother's actually missing or not. Jack's out there looking for her, so I think the best thing to do is that you stay here just in case she turns up.

Kendall: But Bianca's here.

Ricky: Yeah, but what about the boys? Come on. They're having such a good time. If we snap them up now and take them home, they're gonna know something's wrong when nothing might be wrong at all. Why put them through that drama? Jackson's gonna find your mom, and we'll do everything that we can here, keep the boys happy. Hey, you know what? Maybe we could go to that island across the way.

Kendall: They'd like that.

Jake: Tad said that you were still here. What are you doing?

Amanda: Yeah, I just wanted to make sure Griffin was ok.

Jake: Why don't you come in the room?

Amanda: I didn't want to be in the way.

Jake: You're never in the way. What are you talking about?

Amanda: So he's gonna be all right?

Jake: Yeah, I guess, as long as I keep him out of a jail cell.

Amanda: How can you do that?

Jake: Um, I told Jesse -- I told Jesse that he had a little lacerated spleen, and I'm just hoping that buys a little time.

Amanda: Cara asked you to lie?

Jake: No. I'm just looking out for the welfare of a patient.

Amanda: Lying about a diagnosis is a big deal. To the police, to Jesse?

Jake: Amanda, no one's gonna know about it, so what's --

Amanda: Listen, I want Griff as safe as you do, but you are risking so much for him. There has to be another way that you can help.

Jake: I didn't have a choice in the moment. I just --

Amanda: You have done so much for Griffin and Cara. Every single time they have needed you, you have been right there, and I understand that. I'm ok with it. But this? Risking your career? Where's it gonna stop? You don't lie to our friends. That is not who you are.

Jake: No, but I help people, right, and Griff needed some help. So sometimes you do what you can.

Amanda: He broke the law. He stole drugs from the hospital.

Jake: I know that, and I don't approve of that, but I've done it a million times when I was in the field.

Amanda: Baby, you're not in the field. You are here, and you have a family.

Jake: Listen to me. I know you're struggling with this, ok, but you have to have a little faith in me, a little faith in us, please.

Amanda: I just don't want you to get hurt.

Jake: How am I gonna get hurt, as long as you're in my corner? Right?

Cara: Why are you so concerned about Kendall? It's obvious she doesn't give a damn about you.

Griffin: Hey. You're the one who told me to get involved, to open up. Right? I broke my own rule, I got burnt.

Cara: You need to forget her.

Griffin: I can't just shut it off. I may be done with Kendall, but that doesn't mean I want her to get hurt.

Kendall: As fun as an adventure with you and the boys sounds, I really need to stick around the hotel and hear from my mom.

Bianca: Hey. I was hoping you'd still be here.

Kendall: Hi. Ok. So Mom is not with Caleb. Have you guys heard anything?

Bianca: No. What now?

Kendall: I hate to say this, but I think there's a chance that maybe Mom was kidnapped.

Bianca: Why do you think that?

Kendall: Zach's casino partners.

Bianca: How's that even possible?

Kendall: Griff got tangled up with them somehow. I don't know if it's because he was trying to help me or because he's a part of it?

Marissa: A part of what?

Kendall: That's what I'm trying to figure out. Griffin was stabbed, and I'm pretty sure it was one of Zach's casino partners.

Bianca: Is he all right?

Kendall: He will be. He's in the hospital now.

Bianca: Ok, I know that his partners were against the sale of the casinos, but do you think they'd really resort to this?

Ricky: At this point, this is all speculation. Ok? I think it's best if everybody just takes a step back --

Kendall: I need to see Griffin.

Bianca: Ok. I'll stay here in case Mom shows up.

Marissa: Yeah, I'll stay with you.

Bianca: No, you don't have to.

Marissa: The room's already paid for. Ok?

Bianca: Thanks.

Kendall: If you want to stay, I understand.

Ricky: There's not a chance I'm letting you go home alone. Bye.

Greenlee: I'm hoping this might mean that we can be friends again?

Ryan: Erica's not with Caleb.

Greenlee: So that makes it ok she ran out on my father? Sorry.

Ryan: I talked to hotel security and got the local police looking into it just in case. Look at you, huh, out of the bathroom? Has there been an apology?

Emma: I'm sorry, Greenlee. I didn't mean to say those things.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Emma: Can we see Mommy when we get home?

Ryan: Oh. I don't want to get your hopes up, but I'll talk to the doctor, and I'll see what he says. Ok?

Emma: Yay.

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: I want to talk to your father for a sec, ok?

Emma: Ok.

Greenlee: I think it's a little soon for Emma to see her mother. Annie played such a head trip on her already. If she sees her again so soon --

Ryan: We're finally making progress. One trip to see Annie could blow it all.

Emma: You can't stop me from seeing my mother. You can't.

Jack: Thanks. Nothing.

Caleb: No word to anybody?

Jack: No. Not me, not the girls, not Opal -- nobody.

Caleb: That's not her style, is it?

Jack: No, its not. Look, if she didn't want to marry me, she would've just said so. Erica's a lot of things, but coward is not one of them.

Distorted voice: Go ahead. Take a look around. It really is a beautiful room. You always have such great taste. Ok. So there are a couple of big differences.

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