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Jack: All right. Luggage is on its way to the hotel. We're just about ready.

Erica: We're almost there. We're really here!

Jack: I know. Smooth seas, beautiful weather.

Erica: I don't just mean this trip to St. Barts. I mean you and me finally getting married again. I know it took a little while.

Jack: You know what they say -- journeys end in lovers meeting. We're almost there. That's all that matters.

Erica: And you really don't mind that I'm being a little old-fashioned, and we're gonna actually have separate suites at the hotel?

Jack: Two whole nights without you. How will I survive?

Erica: By thinking about what's waiting for you on our wedding night.

Caleb: Opal.

Opal: Thank you for coming, Caleb.

Caleb: How you doing? You all right?

Opal: I am now that you're here, not on a plane to St. Barts.

Caleb: I'm still going. Nobody's gonna stop me.

Opal: Maybe not, but I'm sure as hell gonna try.

Boy: You're the breakup girl, aren't you, on the web?

Colby: Um, yeah.

Boy: "Wolfen666"?

Colby: Excuse me?

Boy: My screen name. I've sent you a bunch of messages.

Colby: Oh. I'm so sorry. I'm really behind on my e-mails, but I'm sure I will get to yours as soon as I can. But, listen, I'm really busy right now. Excuse me a second.

[Standing a few feet away, Asher e-mails Colby asking if the guy with her is bothering her, but she replies that she can take care of herself]

Colby: So what's your real name, Wolfen? And tell me, what's on your mind?

Jesse: Somebody's been stealing drugs from the hospital.

Griffin: I'm being set up.

Jesse: Who's setting you up?

Griffin: Someone involved with the casinos, ok? They don't want me poking my nose in Zach's death. I'm in prison, they walk.

Jesse: Diana Holden worked for the casinos. You're telling me that they killed one of their own? Why would they do that?

Griffin: I don't know. Maybe to send a message.

Jesse: Maybe you're the one that wanted to send a message?

Cara: What? No!

Jesse: She could've been stepping out on you. You're out selling the drugs. You got the money, planning this nice trip to New Zealand. You come home. You find her with somebody else, snap.

Griffin: Hey, listen. The drugs, the money, the body -- they were all planted.

Kendall: Excuse me. I have to say something here. I don't really give a damn about Diana Holden, but my husband may have been murdered, so I need answers. I need answers. I need the truth about what happened to Zach, and that means getting everything out in the open. Griffin was stealing drugs from the hospital. He told me so himself, but he did say he was doing it to help people. He said he was only taking antibiotics. He was sending them to third-world countries, but he was taking them from the hospital.

Cara: Do you know what you're doing? Do you know what you're saying? This is not about stolen drugs! This is about a woman's murder!

[Ricky remembers killing Diana]

Diana's voice: Ricky, you can't shut me out like this. I know you're angry with me, but we're out of time. We have to take care of Kendall now. It feels so good, good being with you like this again.

Diana: Ricky --

Ricky: I'm sorry, Diana.

Diana: Ricky, no! No!

Ricky: Shh. I'm sorry.

Diana's voice: Ricky, you can't shut me out like this. It's Diana. We have to meet.

Cara: Are you trying to hurt my brother?

Kendall: I need to know what happened to Zach. I'm not trying to hurt anyone.

Cara: Because all he's ever done is help people. In fact, he's helped you -- he saved your life, Kendall! He didn't kill anyone!

Kendall: I didn't say he did. I need to know what happened to my husband, and that means finding out the truth.

Jesse: That's why we are here, to get to the truth.

Tad: That is the truth. All Griffin was trying to do was to protect Kendall. That's why he was looking into Zach's partners. Then he got beaten to a pulp for his troubles.

Cara: He's being set up, ok? That's it. You've got to see that. And you -- don't do this, ok? He spent his entire life helping people! That's what he does! Don't do this, please!

Griffin: Cara, it's gonna be ok.

Cara: No, Griff! Don't you know him? Stop it! You know him. He didn't kill anyone, ok? He's not done anything wrong. You know him, Kendall.

Kendall: I thought I did, but I don't know anymore.

Erica: Ohh!

[Jack whistles]

Erica: Not even a knock? I could've been completely undressed.

Jack: Heh heh heh!

Erica: Where'd you get that key?

Jack: They gave it to me. They told me this was my room. I'll go get that straightened out, but this does give us a chance for a little pre-wedding canoodling. Come here, you.

Erica: Oh, no. No canoodling. Remember, you shouldn't even be in my suite. It's bad luck, like these.

Jack: A sewing kit?

Erica: With pins.

Jack: Pins?

Erica: It's bad luck for a bride to have pins in her possession before the wedding.

Jack: Absolutely. I hadn't heard of that one, though.

Erica: You haven't been married as many times as I have. So would you please just throw them away, please? I don't want to take any chances at all.

Jack: Gone.

Georges: Ms. Kane? I'm Georges DuPres, the hotel manager. I just wanted to welcome you and make sure that everything was to your satisfaction.

Erica: It's absolutely delightful, Mr. DuPres. Thank you. Just a little mix-up with keys. My fiancÚ needs a key for his suite.

Georges: It was my understanding that the two of you were sharing this suite?

Erica: Oh, no. No, no, no. No. It's bad luck, after all.

Jack: It's bad luck. Couldn't you just give me my own room?

Georges: I'm afraid not. We're full up for three nights. Terribly sorry.

Erica: What are we going to do?

Jack: I guess I could stay on the yacht if you really don't want me around.

Opal: Come on, Caleb, you are a smart man. Don't you see the train wreck that you would be causing? Erica has already made her choice. She and Jackson have floated down to Paradise to seal the deal.

Caleb: That doesn't mean she knows what she's doing.

Opal: I see. So what is your plan? You're gonna fly down there and talk her into running off with you instead?

Caleb: It's not a bad idea. I don't know. I'll figure it out when I get there.

Opal: Oh. That sounds pretty half-baked. Come on, don't do this. Don't do it to her, and don't do it to yourself.

Caleb: You're not gonna talk me out of it, Opal.

Opal: Oh! You -- I thought Palmer was stubborn!

Caleb: Must be a Cooney trait.

Opal: All right, listen. If you have to do this, would you please just go there and tell her what you have to say, whatever that may be, but do it well before the wedding? Don't go barging in after she's walked down the aisle, please, like some bad rerun of "The Graduate." "Elaine, Elaine!" Don't do that.

Caleb: The wedding's not for a couple of days yet, and I have a plane to catch.

Opal: Then I guess that means we are all on the same flight.

Caleb: Good. You can show me where she's staying.

Opal: Oh, not on your life, Mister. You are gonna have to knock on every hotel room door on that island.

Caleb: I can do that.

Opal: Limber up your knuckles, then, because I'm not telling you diddly.

Boy: Why do you hate guys so much? It seems to me you think all men are jerks.

Colby: If you've read any of my posts, you'd realize it's not just guys that I have a problem with. It's anyone who treats relationships like disposable contact lenses.

Boy: There's just as many crazy head cases out there wearing skirts. I like your tough-girl act. Why don't you and I get out of here, and I'll show you those 10 steps I wrote to you about?

Colby: I really have no idea what you're talking about, and I would really like for you to leave.

Boy: Come on. You've read my e-mails. You've recognized my handle.

Colby: And what was it again?

Boy: "Wolfen666"? [Growls]

Colby: Ok, that's disgusting, and I would really, really like for you to leave right now.

Boy: Come on. I know you put on this hard-core act just to get more hits on your web site. What you really want is a man who knows what a woman wants.

Asher: Is this the new model?

Boy: Don't touch that.

Asher: Are they as indestructible as they say that they are in their commercials? [Throws computer on the floor]

Colby: Asher!

Brot: What's going on here?

Boy: What are you doing, man? This guy just smashed my computer. I want him thrown in jail.

Colby: What did you do that for?

Cara: You forgot who Griff is? Because he's the doctor that got you from death's door, in a wrecked ambulance, home safely to your boys.

Kendall: To my boys, my boys who lost their father. I just want to know what happened to him. My husband is dead. I want to know why.

Cara: I know, and I'm sorry! I am deeply sorry for your loss, but that man right there is not to blame, Kendall!

Kendall: I don't want to hurt him, ok? I just want to know what happened to my husband, and that's why Jesse needs to know everything!

Jesse: So you don't think Zach's death was an accident?

Kendall: I -- I thought it was. But so many things have happened now. So many weird things have happened that I don't know. This weird woman shows up at my house. She's asking all sorts of questions. She doesn't tell me that she's working for Zach's casino partners. And then --

Jesse: Then she turns up dead in this guy's room, along with a stash of drugs, a ton of money, plane tickets.

Kendall: I don't know what it means. I don't know what any of it means. I just think that somewhere in all of this is the answer to why I lost Zach. That's why Jesse needs to know everything.

Jesse: You said Dr. Castillo told you he was taking these drugs from the hospital. Why would he admit something like that to you?

Kendall: Because he was trying to prove to me that I could trust him. It was when he wanted to operate on me.

Cara: When he saved your life, you mean.

Kendall: I was scared. I was scared, so I thought he was saying those words to put me at ease. And that's when he told me his secret to prove that he was sincere.

Jesse: Did he tell you why he was taking these drugs from the hospital?

Kendall: He said he was doing it to save lives. He said he intended to replace all of it with the money that Zach had promised him, money for the Miranda Centers.

Jesse: And what happened to this money?

Kendall: It's still tied up in the casinos. And that's what he was waiting for.

Jesse: Maybe he decided he couldn't wait any longer. Is this true, what she just said? You took those drugs from the hospital?

Griffin: I think this is where I ask for my lawyer.

Jack: I see. All right. Thank you. The generator on the yacht is being serviced. That means there's no electric power. That means there's no water pump, which means no shower, no bathroom.

Georges: If I may suggest, you have several rooms booked by members of your wedding party. Perhaps one of you could --

Erica: No, no. I'm afraid not. My daughters both are bringing their children, so -- yeah. They will have their hands full as it is.

Georges: I'm terribly sorry about this.

Jack: It's ok. We'll figure something out. I guess I could always get a hammock and string it between trees, wait for the coconuts to fall on my head.

Erica: Or you could stay here.

Jack: You don't really want to tempt fate like that, do you?

[Mirror breaks]

Erica: My makeup mirror broke.

Brot: Why did you smash his computer?

Asher: This guy wouldn't leave her alone.

Brot: Did he get physical?

Colby: No.

Brot: Are you her boyfriend?

Colby: No. We are just friends. We're friends sometimes.

Asher: He wouldn't stop harassing her.

Brot: And you damaged his property.

Boy: I want his ass behind bars. It was a brand-new computer, cost me 1,500 bucks.

Brot: All right. All right.

[Phone rings]

Caleb: Hello?

Colby: Mr. Cortlandt, it's Colby Chandler. Look, you need to get down to ConFusion.

Caleb: Why? What's going on? I've got a plane to catch.

Colby: Asher -- he's about to be arrested.

Caleb: All right. I'll be right there.

Cara: I can't believe this is happening.

Griffin: I don't want you to worry.

Cara: What the hell is she doing to you?

Griffin: She's confused, ok, but this is all gonna work itself out. Trust me.

Tad: Ok, guys, I got a top-notch criminal attorney on the way down for you. We're gonna nip this thing in the bud, ok?

Cara: Thank you.

Tad: Oh, come on. You're not a murderer. We all know that, and Jesse knows it, too. He's just doing his job, ok? You sit tight. We'll get you out of this. Excuse me. Have a moment, Chief? You cannot seriously think you're gonna charge this guy with that woman's death. It doesn't make sense.

Jesse: Not yet, but stealing drugs from the hospital? Come on, Tad.

Tad: Antibiotics. Come on. He wasn't about to turn around, sell the hard stuff to kids on the playground. And since when is doing the right thing in the third world next door to killing a woman in your hotel room?

Jesse: It's not the only thing that was found in his room.

Tad: Yeah, exactly. You found a treasure trove full of incriminating evidence, too much evidence. You know that, and I know it. You're too good at your job. He was set up. Come on. He didn't have anything to do with that woman's death, or Zach's.

Griffin: Just wait here, please.

Kendall: I didn't want it to end like this.

Griffin: I told you what I told you in confidence, because I needed you to trust me in order to save your life.

Kendall: I know that. But I had to know what happened to Zach.

Griffin: I understand that. But I think that you should understand why I did what I did. I'm gonna have to face up to the theft of the drugs. But with you, my whole life -- I never trusted anyone with anything like this, and I thought that I could trust you. But now I know what a big mistake that was.

Asher: Why'd you call him? I'm handling this myself.

Colby: That was before you started smashing laptops. And now, Mr. Cortlandt, Asher's gonna be hauled off to jail, when I was handling myself perfectly fine.

Asher: The guy was being a jerk.

Colby: He didn't lay one hand on me, Asher!

Caleb: Hey. She's right. You're gonna get nailed for this. The guy was sending you messages?

Colby: Yeah. He sent me a skeevy message earlier from across the room.

Caleb: What did it say?

Colby: He said he couldn't decide who was hotter, me or my mother. He wouldn't mind us both at the same time.

Asher: What? Son of a bitch!

Caleb: Just let me handle this. I want you to pull up every message that he sent you, and whatever you do, don't say another word to Officer Monroe.

Colby: Yes, sir.

Caleb: Ok? You -- mind if I have a word with the gentleman here?

Brot: Absolutely.

Caleb: The fellow who broke your computer -- I'm his attorney.

Boy: Attorney?

Caleb: Yeah, as in lawyer.

Boy: What?

Caleb: Let me ask you something. How long have you been stalking Miss Chandler?

Boy: "Stalking"?

Caleb: Yeah. You don't understand that? How long have you been stalking her before sexually harassing and assaulting her?

Boy: Wait a minute. I never even touched her.

Caleb: You don't have to touch somebody to be guilty of assault. If you don't believe me, you can ask the officer here. Is that right?

Brot: Do you have proof of assault or harassment?

Caleb: Do we have proof of assault or harassment? Let's see. What do we have here? "Mr. Wolfen -- " woof -- "666." You have visited her page over 400 times in the last week alone, sent her over a dozen messages, and safe to assume that they're as salacious as the one that you just sent her about her mother and herself?

Boy: Look, I just want a new computer. That jerk over there --

Caleb: You and my client are both gonna be arrested, but he's good for the price of the computer and probable probation. You, on the other hand -- felony stalking, sexual harassment, and you're gonna be on the sexual predatory list for the rest of your life, which means that every move that you make for the rest of your life is gonna be monitored.

[Phone rings]

Caleb: Just hold that thought for one moment. Yes?

Opal: Caleb, the flight's about to leave. Am I guessing this means you changed your mind?

Caleb: I haven't changed my mind about anything, but something came up.

Opal: Must be something pretty important to keep you there.

Caleb: Yes. That's right.

Jack: I guess I could sleep on the yacht. I could just shower in the pool locker rooms.

Erica: Ahem. Or to hell with superstition. Black cats could fall out of the sky right now. I'm Erica Kane. I'm gonna make my own good luck. And besides, I want you here with me tonight, and tomorrow night, and every night for the rest of our lives.

Jack: Where do I sign up?

Erica: No canoodling.

Kendall: You're disappointed. You feel betrayed by me, and I understand that, but I feel betrayed, too.

Griffin: All I've ever done is try and keep you safe.

Kendall: You lied to me. I kept your secret all this time, because I believed in you. I believed you when you told me that you didn't know that Diana Holden woman. I believed you when you told me that story about getting beaten up. And you claim that you had suspicions about Zach's death, and you never said a word to me.

Griffin: I had no facts, Kendall. You didn't need the stress.

Kendall: What else haven't you told me? What else have you lied to me about?

Jesse: I just got off the phone with the Assistant D.A. You're under arrest.

Griffin: On what charges?

Jesse: For now, felony theft, illegal dispensing of a controlled substance. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

Brot: Watch your temper in the future, because if it wasn't for your dad here, you'd be headed downtown right now.

Caleb: Thank you, Officer.

Colby: And thank you so much, Mr. Cortlandt.

Caleb: You're welcome.

Asher: Yeah. Thanks. And, ok, I probably shouldn't have smashed that laptop.

Colby: No, actually, I'm glad you did. After I read that guy's posts, I kind of want to smash a laptop on his head.

[Phone rings]

Caleb: Excuse me. Yes? No, I'm not gonna rebook a flight. No, I'm not going to St. Barts. Thank you.

Colby: St. Barts, Erica's wedding. I thought that she was only inviting family.

Caleb: That's right.

Asher: So why were you going down there?

Caleb: It's nothing for you to worry about.

Tad: Jesse? This is Bob Wood, Griffin's attorney.

Bob: A word with you, Chief?

Griffin: You know damn well why I was lifting those drugs. I wasn't dealing narcotics. I didn't kill that woman. I was being set up, and they just used you to do it. You watch your back, Kendall, because the killer's still out there.

Jesse: Doc, your lawyer wants to talk to you before we process you.

Ricky: Hey. I heard about what happened. Are you ok? Look, this must be a big mistake. If there's anything that I can do --

Jesse: When Dr. Castillo came to you for protection for Kendall, did he leave pissed off?

Brot: Yeah. He said he was gonna take care of it himself. But why would he come to me about Diana Holden in the first place?

Jesse: Could be he was setting up an alibi ahead of a crime. He's not charged with murder yet, but he did admit to taking those drugs from the hospital. I got to work with the facts here, Brot. Reverend?

Ricky: Yeah?

Jesse: Do you have anything to add to all of this?

Cara: I'm sorry. What are you doing here?

Ricky: I'm just trying to help here. I was telling Kendall this must be some terrible misunderstanding. And to answer your question, that woman, the deceased -- she looked familiar when I saw her at Kendall's, but I just can't figure out from where.

Kendall: Griffin said that she told him she was some kind of a writer. It turns out that she works for Zach's casino partners.

Ricky: Wait a minute. Now I remember. I saw her at Krystal's a couple of months ago, and she was asking questions about you. Griffin was there, and he chased her off, and he told me I should stay away from her. I got the feeling that he was trying to protect you from her.

Brot: Hey, Chief?

Jesse: Hubbard. All right. Thank you. Dr. Castillo? Bail hearing's not gonna happen until the morning.

Griffin: What?

Bob: My client has a right to --

Jesse: It's not my choice. The judge's wife just went into labor. There will be no bail hearings tonight.

Cara: So he has to spend the night in a jail cell?

Jesse: I'm sorry.

Cara: No, one second, please.

Ricky: I'm sorry that this is happening. I'll pray for you, Dr. Castillo.

Cara: I'm sorry.

Griffin: Hey, I'll be ok. I've spent the night in worse places.

Ricky: Come on. I'll take you home. We got a plane to catch.

[Woman screams]

Jack: What the hell was that?

Erica: Opal!

Opal: A lizard the size of a small dog just crossed my path! I swear, it scared the be-jeebies out of me! Oh, I sure hope that doesn't mean bad luck. Oh! Jackson, uh, I didn't know that you were here. I'll come back when he's gone.

Erica: No, he's not leaving, Opal. Come on in.

Opal: What? He's not lea -- what? Are you --

Jack: We're shacking up.

Opal: Now, that is -- talk about your bad luck. Are you sure that -- I guess maybe for tonight it's all right, but tomorrow you're gonna be getting your own room.

Erica: No, Opal. We've decided that we just don't believe in all that nonsense.

Jack: Yes. Despite some dark omens, we still think we can make this work.

Opal: Could I have a word with you alone?

Jack: I'll be -- knock when you need me.

Opal: Thanks. Listen, you should not be tempting the fates right now. Superstitions are based in reality.

Erica: No, they're not, Opal. That's why they're called superstitions.

Opal: Girlfriend, believe me. This is not the time to be messing with bad-marriage karma. It's just not.

Erica: What do you mean? Why not?

Opal: Does the name "Caleb" mean anything to you?

Asher: Hey. This probably isn't any of my business, but Colby and I were talking. We kind of figured out why you're going to St. Barts.

Caleb: Have you, now?

Asher: You wanted to talk to Erica before she married that Jack guy, possibly talk her out of getting married? That is, until I screwed things up.

Caleb: Sometimes things happen for a reason.

Asher: It's not too late. Colby told me it's not for, like, another day and a half.

Caleb: I don't think it's a good idea. That guy could hire a lawyer and come after you.

Asher: So what if he does? I can deal with it -- I mean, until you get back. I can even call you on your fancy new cell phone you got. I'll still be here when you get back.

Jesse: He'll be out of processing soon.

Cara: Ok. And then what?

Jesse: He'll have to spend the night down in the holding cells.

Cara: You're making a mistake. All right? The guilty person is out there somewhere.

Jesse: Cara, I have to work with the facts. Sometimes they don't lead where you would like them to.

Cara: But he didn't do anything wrong. What he did was take vows to save lives, and that's what he's done! He saved more lives than everyone in this room! He saved more lives than this entire town put together. Ok, let's just say he stole antibiotics. That's fine, but that's why he did it -- to save more lives. And you're gonna lock him up for murder? Not all crimes should be punished the same way!

Jesse: I've got a job to do.

Tad: Come on. Come on.

Brot: Hey, Chief? Come on. Don't let it get to you, Chief.

Jesse: Like I'm some kind of moral authority around here?

Brot: Don't go there.

Jesse: How can I not go there? I'm raising this baby. I don't even know where she comes from. I'm lying to my wife. Who the hell am I to lock somebody up?

Ricky: Hey. You gonna be ok?

Kendall: I don't know.

Ricky: You've had a really difficult night. What can I do to help?

Kendall: I'm just so confused. I'm thinking these things that I don't want to believe.

Ricky: The stuff that you told Jesse about Griffin taking the drugs from the hospital?

Kendall: There's more.

Ricky: You trusted him and you feel betrayed, and that can be really, really painful, especially when it's somebody that you cared about. But you know what? If you want to talk, I'm here to listen. And if you don't, I'm here anyway. All right? All right, I'm gonna take that out to the car.

Kendall: Actually, Ricky, wait. I do need to talk about it. I want to tell you everything. Maybe you can help me figure this out.

Opal: But something kept Caleb from coming down here -- at least tonight. I'm telling you, he was hounding me. He wanted my help. I told him no, sirree, Bob.

Erica: Did he say why he wasn't coming down?

Opal: He said something important came up, and that is just fine and dandy with me. He seemed just bound and determined to plead his case with you, honey, just get it all out in the open before the wedding.

Erica: Then you know what? It's just as well he didn't come down, because I have never been so certain of a wedding in my whole life.

Opal: Oh, that's my girl.

Erica: Really, Opal, this is gonna be the happiest day of my life.

Jack: You bet, and mine.

Opal: Then I guess I'll just scurry off to my room. Just in case I run into any big old lizards in the hallway. Nighty-night.

Erica: No canoodling.

Jack: We'll see.

Erica: Maybe just a little canoodling.

Asher: Hey, you'll never get what you want unless you go for it. You're gonna regret it big time if you don't go.

Caleb: I've got enough regrets for one lifetime, that's for sure.

Asher: I checked the schedules, and if you go through Miami, you'll be there by midmorning. But come on. You got to book it if you want to go to the airport.

Caleb: Thank you, son.

Cara: This is so wrong.

Griffin: Cara, it'll get fixed. Ok? I've got the good guys on my side.

Tad: Damn right you do. And we're gonna find out who's responsible. Count on it.

Griffin: Thank you.

Kendall: And now I have implicated him -- at least in the stealing of drugs. I hadn't wanted to face it, but after everything that's happened, I don't know what to believe.

Ricky: Maybe there's an explanation that you haven't thought of.

Kendall: Other drugs were found in his room, heavy narcotics. And then this woman that they found dead in his bed -- what about that? And the cash and the airplane tickets? And what about Zach?

Ricky: Kendall, do you actually think that Griffin could've had something to do with your husband's death?

Kendall: I don't know. I have no idea. But after all the lies that he's told me, what if he's lying about something else?

Jesse: Listen. For what it's worth, I hope Tad can prove you right. He's a good man. You're lucky to have him on your side.

Griffin: Yeah, I'm gonna need him. Whoever is behind this isn't stupid. Except for Tad and my sister, they've got everyone believing that I've done some pretty nasty things.

Jesse: If there's anything you can give me to help, please, Griffin, I will help you.

Griffin: All I can figure is that they don't like me sticking my nose in their casinos. Other than that, they've hidden their tracks.

Jesse: Every criminal makes a mistake.

Griffin: Yeah, I hope you're right, because these people are pretty damn smart. They've even got Kendall doubting me, and they're probably the ones who killed her husband.

Ricky: You want my suggestion? Get this all out of your head. Your boys are waiting for you. We're heading down to your mother's wedding. This is the perfect chance to clear your head and put this all on hold, celebrate your mom's happiness. Ok? And when you get back, you can deal with all of it.

Kendall: I guess I really don't have a choice, do I?

Ricky: You know what? I'm gonna make it my mission to make sure that you enjoy yourself. Keep you calm, keep you at peace, and that is my promise. All right? Now it's time to go. Come on.

Kendall: All right. Ricky? Thank you.

Ricky: Let's go.

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