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Episode #10590

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Kendall's voice: I guess you really are a star at this whole survivalist thing, huh?

Griffin's voice: I've had a lot of experience, enough to know that you're still cold. I can fix that.

Cara: Hey -- whoa! Oh, my God! Wow! Look at this thing!

Tad: Oh, man. Thank you. I was having a hard time finding the lock.

Cara: Let me guess -- you're going for understated with the baby gift.

Tad: Understated? Hey, man, no such thing. We're talking about Angie and Jesse's brand-new baby girl. There is no such thing as extravagance, you know? Not even bear-zilla. Do you think it'll scare her?

Cara: No. She's gonna love it. It looks so cute!

Tad: I really hope so. Hey, guess what.

Cara: What?

Tad: I thought I would call it -- wait for it --

Cara: I'm waiting.

Tad: Taddy Bear.

Cara: Oh, that is so clever. I love it. Yes, it's cute.

Tad: I didn't have time to make up a T-shirt. It's from both of us. Listen. Do me a favor. Sign this, while I'm thinking about it.

Cara: Wow. "Tad and Cara Martin," huh?

Tad: Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. I had stationery made up. It's one more prop for our little show for Trumbull and --

Cara: I get it. It's a good thing. Thank you.

Tad: Ok. So, listen, what do you say we dress him up a little bit? He's looking a little ratty, you know?

Cara: I can't. I got to call Jake right now, and then I need to get to work. So, here. Take that. Ok? It's beautiful. Thank you.

Jake: Yeah. You like that? Good, right? Get in there. Oh, yeah. No, you didn't. Yes, you did. All right. I got to get the coffee.

Amanda: Don't stop.

Jake: I just need a cup of coffee. I'll do the other foot in a second.

Amanda: Ohh, what a great way to start the morning. My feet have been killing me.

Jake: Uh-huh. I just think it's because you're out of practice a little bit with the high heels and everything. But with the new job, feet need some love, I'm on it.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Hello, Cara. What a surprise.

Cara: Hey, Amanda. Is Jake there? I need to talk to him.

Amanda: He's busy.

Angie: She is so perfect, Jesse, our miracle baby.

Jesse: Yeah, she is.

Angie: Who is it?

Brot: Jesse, I'm sorry.

Angie: What? What's wrong?

Brot: The baby's mother came forward.

Jesse: Brot, don't do this.

Brot: You have to give the baby back, and you have to tell Angie the truth.

Angie: What is he talking about? No. What are you doing? No! Jesse, don't let them take my baby! Jesse!

Jesse: Sweetheart, this is not our baby. This is not our baby. Our baby died.

Angie: No, no, Jesse! Don't let them take my baby! Jesse, no! What are you doing?!

Angie: Jesse? Jesse, where's -- where's the --

Jesse: She's right here. She's sleeping. How you doing?

Angie: I'm still a little shell-shocked, I guess.

Jesse: Everything's gonna be fine, ok? Everything's gonna be just fine.

[Baby fusses]

Angie: Is someone calling for Mommy? Does she know I'm right here?

Jesse: Of course, she does. How could she not?

Angie: Jesse, I need to hold her again.

Angie: Be careful.

Jesse: Ok.

Angie: Oh, there she is. There's my little sweet pea. Heh heh. Oh, Jesse, she's so beautiful. Yes, she is.

Jesse: She really is.

Angie: We came so close to losing her.

Jesse: Angela, I don't want you to think about that.

Angie: It was my own fault. You wanted to get me out of there the second I had a pain.

Jesse: Sweetheart, it's ok. The most important thing is that you are healthy, this baby is healthy, and you're both safe.

Angie: You heard that -- she almost didn't even survive the birth. Jesse, I don't know what you did --

Jesse: Just rest, ok? Just rest.

Angie: But I know God would've never taken her away from us. Never, because he knew how much we needed her, how much we wanted her. Right? Right, my precious? Oh, it's ok. It's ok, sweetheart. Mommy's here. Oh, Mommy's here. Mommy's here, sweetheart.

Woman: If you're looking for Dr. Castillo, I believe he's busy.

Kendall: Oh. That's ok. I'm actually expected.

[Knock on door]

Griffin: Patient was advised of his options and agreed to scheduling of percutaneous coronary intervention.

Kendall: Wow! Big words!

Griffin: Yeah. I charge by the syllable. How you feeling?

Kendall: I feel great. Who knew that French cuisine in a cold park could be so therapeutic?

Griffin: I'm glad you had a good time.

Kendall: It was for a good cause, outbidding all those women for you. I gave a nice chunk of change to the hospital. Oh. I think I forgot to give this back to you.

Griffin: Keep it. It's still getting cold. You might need it. Let's have a listen.

Kendall: There's a patient of yours outside. I hope I didn't cut in line.

Griffin: Oh, Sara? She's not a patient.

Kendall: Oh. Really?

Griffin: Yeah. She's been angling to take me out to lunch for weeks now.

Kendall: Really?

Griffin: Mm-hmm. I think I might finally give in and let her have her way with me. Take a deep breath.

Angie: It's ok. I won't be insulted if she doesn't look like me.

Jesse: I don't know who she looks like. I guess it's too early to tell, huh? I can tell you one thing -- she looks perfect.

Angie: Of course, she does, because she's going to have the best parts of both of us. Right, my little angel? Right, my little sweet pea? But I do hope that she gets your laugh or smile. I want her to have your strength, Jesse, and your goodness, your sense of right and wrong. I know. It's ok.

[Knock on door]

Brot: Morning.

Angie: Brot.

Jesse: Hey.

Brot: How you feeling this morning?

Angie: Oh, just over the moon about our little girl.

Brot: And you, boss?

Jesse: Good.

Brot: So, listen, do you mind if I borrow him for a minute? We got to talk about some work stuff.

Angie: You mean the world hasn't stopped because I had a baby? Yes, of course, you can borrow him.

Amanda: I'm going to head to the gift shop and pick something up for Angie.

Jake: That's a good idea. I got to stop in my office and do something, so I'll see you in a little bit. Ok? Bye.

Amanda: Thank you for this morning -- the breakfast, the foot rub.

Jake: You liked that?

Amanda: Yeah, I loved it.

Jake: Well, you deserve it.

Amanda: Most importantly, I really love being with you. And it really felt like it was getting back to the way it used to be.

Jake: I like that, too. I'm actually aiming for better than it used to be, higher.

Amanda: Hmm.

Jake: Can you put this in there?

Cara: Jake? Hi. It's been bugging me the entire night. Dr. Hubbard -- she is one lucky woman.

Jake: What part's bugging you?

Cara: It's the baby. The baby survived. It's a miracle, yes, because I saw the placenta. There was a massive tear in the placenta.

Jake: Take it easy. There had to be enough vascular material for the baby to live, right? Otherwise --

Cara: Look, when have you known a baby so close to term survive an abruption that severe?

Brot: Ok, so how are you really doing?

Jesse: Last night I had to see my brand-new baby girl's freshly dug grave and come back here and act like I couldn't be happier.

Brot: Anything I can do?

Jesse: Brot, you've already done much more than I could possibly ever ask anybody.

Brot: Listen, Chief, I know this is eating you up inside, but it's working. The baby's happy. Angie's happy.

Jesse: So we just keep lying?

Brot: We've had to deal with more difficult things.

Jesse: Brot, we are officers of the law. We're gonna have to put people in jail for lesser crimes than this.

Brot: We do what we have to do. The baby deserves a loving home, and Angie deserves to be happy.

Jesse: Angela -- if she ever finds out the truth about this, it's gonna kill her.

[Baby cries]

Angie: Jesse? Jesse, the baby. Mommy's coming. Hold on, sweet pea. Mommy's coming. Hold on, baby. Mommy's coming.

[Baby cries]

Angie: See? Mommy found you all by herself. Yes, she did! Yes, she did. Mommy got you. It's ok.

Griffin: You sleeping well?

Kendall: Yep. I don't need the help of your lantern light either.

Griffin: That's good to hear.

Kendall: So how do the two of you know each other? How'd you meet?

Griffin: Who?

Kendall: The girl waiting outside.

Griffin: Oh. Sara -- she's a pharmaceutical rep for a drug company. She's been hounding me to join trials on a new drug.

Kendall: She's pretty.

Griffin: Yeah, and very persistent. I get the distinct feeling that she wants to make our relationship a little more personal. And she's not my type.

Kendall: Too challenging?

Griffin: Too intense. I told her that I'd listen to her pitch over lunch. Hopefully, she can keep it to just business. Your blood pressure's a little high, but other than that, you get a passing grade.

Kendall: Good. Um, I had fun last night. It was the first time I've been that relaxed in a very long time. You helped put a lot of things in perspective for me.

Griffin: Yeah, my healing powers -- they know no bounds.

Kendall: Which is why you need to share them with the rest of the world, once I get all the casino money for you.

Griffin: Yeah. You're almost at 100%, and I need to get back into the field.

Kendall: Right. Ok. Well, um -- thank you. Thank you for everything.

Griffin: I'll let you know when your test results come in. Ok?

Kendall: Ok. Bye.

Griffin: Bye.

Jake: Once I had that case of the mother and daughter with an awful lot of blood loss, remember? But they made it.

Cara: Because you did an emergency "C" on her, Jake. This was a vaginal birth.

Jake: Where you going with all this?

Cara: I don't know. I don't know. It just -- it goes against experience, that's all.

Jake: You know what my father once told me?

Cara: What?

Jake: When you're a doctor, try to never argue with a miracle.

Angie: Mommy loves you.

Natalia: What are you doing out of bed?

Angie: This little one started fussing, and I got to her. I found her all by myself.

Natalia: That's great, but let me -- let me hold her real quick. You heard the doctor. You should be staying in bed after what you went through. Come on. I'm gonna hold her till you get in, ok?

Angie: I was afraid at first when she started crying just now, but I don't know. I can't explain it, but it wasn't that I could just hear her from my bed. I could feel her, sense her. I don't know. I guess it sounds a little silly.

Natalia: That doesn't sound silly at all.

Angie: Listen, Natalia, do you have your phone on you? Can you get on the Internet?

Natalia: Yeah.

Angie: Listen, I want you to look up something for me. It's ok.

Brot: Listen, Jesse, that baby was left in my car for a reason. Fate, destiny -- whatever you want to call it.

Jesse: Is it? Or is it just a way for me to live with myself, because I couldn't find a way to bring myself to tell her the truth?

Brot: It wasn't just about losing the baby. It's about everything else she sacrificed.

Jesse: What's done is done, and you have been a hell of a friend. I appreciate that. And you're right. The baby has found a good home. Angela is a phenomenal mother.

Brot: And not to mention you are a hell of a man for a father.

Jesse: But we lost our little girl. I want to tear a black hole in the universe. I want to cry. But if Angela ever caught on to any of that, I --

Brot: Is there anything else I can do?

Jesse: No. Just keep searching. Find out if there's a possible family that might be stepping up.

Brot: But the note said --

Jesse: I know what the note said. We got to be sure. I want you to dust the note for fingerprints. Make sure you take it to the database quietly. Also, see what you can turn up on that earring that was pinned to the baby's blanket.

Brot: What if I find something? What are you gonna do then?

Ricky: Hi there.

Kendall: Hi! Wow. I'm a little surprised to see you here. Where is everybody?

Ricky: Early working lunch at the Yacht Club. They left you a note for when you got back from your appointment.

Kendall: Oh. I better meet them there. So what's up?

Ricky: You remember those tickets I got for you and the boys a few months ago?

Kendall: Yes. Yeah, they had a great time.

Ricky: Well, I scored again. You think Spike and Ian will be down for some baseball this time?

Kendall: Yes! Yeah, I think they would love it! Thank you. That is so -- here. Let me see these. That's so nice of you. There's four here.

Ricky: I thought I might tag along -- if that's ok with you, of course.

Kendall: Of course. Yeah. Thank you so much. They're gonna be so excited.

Ricky: Good. So how was your date last night?

Kendall: Oh, God, it wasn't a date. It was more of a charity-auction thing. But it turned in to be a really, really enjoyable night.

Ricky: So where did you guys go to dinner?

Kendall: You wouldn't believe this. Griff had a fully catered French dinner at the park, freezing cold, and we ate all bundled up by the lantern light.

Ricky: Really? How clever of him.

Cara: You're not looking too good. It's like you don't stop these days.

Griffin: I can't afford to. I got to get everything buttoned up before I leave town.

Cara: Why the rush?

Griffin: That's what I do. I'm needed elsewhere.

Cara: Ok. I've been thinking about this, and maybe it would make more sense if you laid your groundwork here first, you know? Setting up Miranda Centers in a dozen different countries all over the world is not gonna be easy to do on the fly.

Griffin: I do my best work on the fly.

Cara: Ok. It could be even easier if you set up some roots here, then you'd have a place to come home to. What do you say?

Griffin: A place with a valley of pine trees -- that's subtle, sis.

Cara: I get what drives you, ok, and I don't want to stop you from doing what you love.

Griffin: Then why are you asking me all these questions?

Cara: I've been forced to just -- for a second -- hello? At least for a little while, and I got to tell you. Taking a breath, assessing life is not so bad. Sometimes we're running so fast that we forget to enjoy the little things.

Griffin: And I'm gonna have time for all that after I save the world.

Cara: This isn't a bad town, you know.

Griffin: Listen, I'm glad you have some peace of mind.

Cara: Thanks to Tad, I do. Could you just do me a favor? Could you just think about sticking around for just a minute?

Griffin: Cara, you know me. It's gonna take something pretty big to make me put the brakes on now.

Cara: Or maybe just the right person?

Griffin: I'm gonna be late for my lunch.

Cara: Bye. Enjoy that lunch!

Brot: What if I do find the mother's prints? What if we get a hit? What are we gonna do then?

Natalia: Hey!

Brot: Hey.

Natalia: There you two are. How's the new daddy?

Jesse: Tired, but good.

Natalia: And my hero? How are you?

Brot: There's no hero here at all.

Natalia: Not from what I hear, but you can tell me about that later. Angie sent me to find you.

Jesse: She ok?

Natalia: Yeah, she's fine. Just want to talk to you.

Jesse: All right.

Natalia: What's up, Boo? Heh heh heh!

Jesse: Hey, is everything ok?

Angie: It's better than ok. It's wonderful. I was able to get to her all on my own.

Jesse: What?

Angie: Yes, I was. Jesse, I don't know. It was like there was this light around her that even I could see. It was so clear, so bright.

Jesse: That light was emanating from you.

Angie: Listen, sweetheart, it's got me thinking about her name. I hope you're not gonna be upset, but for some reason, she just doesn't feel like an Eleanor. I know I was so excited to name her after your mother, but does she look like an Eleanor to you? Does she?

Jesse: You might be right with that.

Angie: What about if we used Eleanor as her middle name?

Jesse: My mom would love that.

Angie: You sure?

Jesse: Absolutely.

Angie: Listen, earlier I had Natalia look up some potential middle names for me and their meanings, and something that meant "light," "clarity." Listen, what do you think about Lucille Eleanor Hubbard?

Jesse: Lucille Eleanor Hubbard -- I like it. Oh, my God. You will not believe what Tad just brought in.

Tad: Nothing is too good for this baby. Let me see the peanut.

[Lucille fusses]

Tad: Ohh. Oh, oh, it's ok. She is beautiful, Angela.

Angie: Yes, she is. Yes, she is.

Amanda: Let me guess -- the parade float is from Tad?

Jesse: That's Amanda. She just brought us some beautiful flowers that -- they're beautiful. Thank you. And Tad brought the biggest-ass bear in that you could ever imagine with enough balloons to carry the mama jama away.

Tad: Baby's got to know what side of the toast the butter's on.

Angie: Thank you, thank you both from us, and from Lucille Eleanor Hubbard.

Tad: I like it. Oh, man.

Amanda: Oh, my goodness!

Tad: Come here. It's got to be the happiest day of your life.

Jesse: Yeah.

Kendall: It was a really eye-opening evening.

Ricky: In what way?

Kendall: He helped me understand a bunch of things about myself, like how to let go of the past and refocus.

Ricky: Anything specific?

Kendall: Yeah, actually. This probate attorney is dragging his feet, probably just trying to up his bill, so I'm gonna fire him.

Ricky: You're firing your attorney?

Kendall: Yeah. I'll get someone to expedite Zach's estate, sell those casinos, and get my life started.

Ricky: Ok, but is that the smart thing to do? What about your health? Shouldn't you be taking things as slowly as possible?

Kendall: I just came from a checkup, and I am great. I'm sure, anyway, selling those casinos and closing probate -- all of that will only make me feel better. So this is good. Ok. Thank you so much for the tickets. That was so sweet. I'm sure the boys are gonna be thrilled. I am gonna head to the Yacht Club now, and I'll see you soon.

Ricky: Ok.

Nurse: I'm afraid I need you all to leave for a bit. I have to give Dr. Hubbard and the baby a quick checkup. Won't be long.

[Lucille cries]

Jesse: She might be hungry, huh?

Angie: Don't cry, precious.

Tad: Come on. I'll buy you some coffee.

Natalia: So? Tell me everything. Tad was a little vague on the details about last night.

Brot: There's not much to tell. I heard the call, realized I was the closest, and by the time I got in, she was already giving birth.

Natalia: You helped save Angie's life and my baby sister's.

Brot: No, Jesse had more to do with that than I did.

Natalia: You're still officially my hero.

Tad: Everything ok?

Jesse: Sure. Why?

Tad: "Why?" What do you mean, why? Come on, baby, it's me. Something's bugging you. I can see it. What is it?

Jesse: It's nothing, man. It's just I feel like I just ran a marathon with ski boots on.

Tad: Ha ha ha ha!

Jesse: And the whole new, brand-new baby daddy thing --

Tad: It's an eye-opener, isn't it?

Jesse: Yeah.

Tad: Listen, baby, I'm so proud of you. Listen, if there's anything, anything I can do -- or you want to talk? Whatever.

Jesse: You'll be the first one I call. I promise.

Jake: Morning. Thanks a lot.

Tad: I so sorry.

Jake: How you doing?

Jesse: Tired, but I'm good.

Jake: Did you see Amanda, by any chance?

Tad: Yeah. You must've just passed her. She was just here.

Jake: Did I?

Tad: Yeah.

Jake: You look good, though.

Amanda: Could I ask you a favor?

Cara: About what?

Amanda: About my family's personal space. Time with my husband is precious enough as it is. The early morning phone call today --

Cara: So that's why you hung up on me. Hmm. It actually was a work-related question.

Amanda: Then can't you wait until work to ask it?

Cara: You know this isn't me trying to threaten your relationship with Jake.

Amanda: I am not threatened by you, Cara. I would just like you to remember which Martin you're married to.

Sara: Just the man I need.

Griffin: Sara, I thought I made my position clear at lunch.

Sara: You did. I was just heading to my room to celebrate landing you -- as a client. But I can't pop this cork for the life of me.

Griffin: Salud. There you go. Enjoy.

Sara: Let me borrow a glass from your minibar?

Griffin: Oh, boy. As long as you promise to drink it in your own room, ok?

Ricky: Castillo's got Kendall thinking about selling off the casinos again.

Diana: She can't do that.

Ricky: I'm still working on her, ok? She agreed to go out with me to a game.

Diana: I don't believe you. It is time to end this.

Sara: Why don't we stop talking pharmaceuticals and start talking about you and me instead?

Griffin: Sara, come on.

Kendall: This place has the slowest elevators. You.

Sara: You. Isn't she a patient?

Kendall: That's not all.

Griffin: Girlfriend.

Sara: Girlfriend?

Kendall: Girlfriend.

Sara: I, um, I guess I'm sorry.

Griffin: You see, Sara, I don't need any complications, but I am impressed by the melatonin nocturnal release rate of your product.

Sara: Really?

Griffin: Really. I told you I'd study the research, and I'm gonna do that.

Sara: Cool. Well, see you.

Kendall: What was that? Oh, my God.

Griffin: Wow.

Kendall: Wow. Yeah.

Griffin: I thought I was gonna have to pull the fire alarm to get rid of her. Thank you for the assist.

Kendall: Don't mention it.

Jake: All right. First thing I'm gonna do, I'm gonna make you some lunch.

Amanda: Wow. You are really racking up the brownie points. Thanks for coming home.

Jake: No problem. My pleasure. I could tell you needed a little love, a little TLC. I did want to ask you one thing, though. I saw you kind of getting into it, sort of, with Cara at the hospital, and I was wondering what that was all about.

Amanda: Oh. We didn't get into it. I was just taking a cue from you, laying down the rules.

Jake: What does that mean, exactly, a cue from me?

Amanda: She has been kind of intruding in our personal life lately, so isn't that why you sent her away when she stopped over late last night?

Jake: I guess so, yeah.

Amanda: So she called really early this morning, and I just wanted to make sure we all knew the boundaries.

Jake: Hold on a second. She called this morning?

Amanda: Yeah. We were having such a nice morning, so I kind of hung up on her.

Jake: You hung up on her?

Amanda: Jake, I know that you're making an effort here with us, and I am, too, but I thought that we were on the same page with Cara. Am I wrong?

Tad: [As Bugs Bunny] Eh, what's up, Doc? You want a sandwich?

Cara: Nope.

Tad: [Normal voice] You sure? Turkey's all sliced, man. Just throw it between --

Cara: No, thanks.

Tad: Not even melt the cheese for you? No? You ok?

Cara: Yep.

Tad: Are you sure? Because from where I'm sitting, it looks like you got a big neon sign over your head that says, "I'm really pissed off."

Cara: Maybe you should read the sign and leave me alone.

Tad: What if I want to help?

Cara: You know what? You may think that you know me, Tad, but you really don't. Ok? We're a couple of strangers who got tossed together, because your sister-in-law decided to throw me to the Immigration wolves, and then you came to my rescue.

Tad: Because I like you. I think you're a good person, which is why I'd like to help. Come on. Tell your hubby what's going on.

Cara: I came home so that I wouldn't blow up at work, ok? I don't have that kind of restriction here, ok? So, please, for your own good, just drop it!

Tad: Ha ha ha ha!

Cara: Wow. You smile after that? Why?

Tad: It was just something --

Cara: No, what's going on?

Tad: No, no, no.

Cara: No, you can't do that to me now! You need to tell me why you're smiling! What's so funny?

Tad: Ok. This whole situation reminds me -- this kind of arrangement we have reminds me of a story. There's this guy. He walks into a bar with a frog on his head, right? And he walks past all the patrons -- who are staring -- walks up to the bar, takes off the frog like a hat, puts it on the counter. The bartender looks at the guy, looks at the frog, looks at the guy, looks at the frog and says, "It's amazing. Where did you get it?" The frog gets up and goes, "Would you believe me if I told you he started out as a bump on my ass?" Come on. You know you want to --

Cara: Oh, my God.

Tad: I'm sorry. I got a million of them. I can't help it.

Cara: No! Please don't. Stop with the jokes.

Tad: Look at that face. It's so beautiful. Come on, now. It's easier, right? Why don't you tell me what's going on?

Cara: I had a bad day. What can I say? Yeah. But, look, I just want you to know I really -- I dig your effort. You're a good man, Tad Martin. You're a good man.

Tad: Listen, maybe I can help you out in another way if you help me out. Do me a favor, ok?

Cara: Ok. Yeah. What?

Tad: I'm sorry. I know it's been a bad day, a long day. You probably want to put your feet up, but I got an entire garage full of baby furniture for Angie and Jesse, and it's all unassembled.

Cara: Oh, God, yes. We promised that we would put it together for them. Yes, I'm on it.

Tad: Ok. I really want to be there for Jesse. I think this whole new-daddy thing is hitting him harder than I thought.

Natalia: Wow. They're so long. She is so precious. Yes, you are. Oh, she's -- oh, oh.

Jesse: Dust that note for prints, would you? Check on that earring for me?

Brot: You sure?

Jesse: Yeah.

Brot: So Lucy, huh?

Jesse: Yeah. Ellie's gone.

Brot: You never answered my question. What if someone wants the baby back? What do you do?

Jesse: I don't know, Brot. I honestly don't know.

Jake: I'm the acting chief of staff, right, so you got to tell me if I get a phone call. What if it's an emergency from the hospital or something?

Amanda: Then the desk nurse would call you, just like every other doctor. Look, I am not trying to be hard core. I just know that we're trying to find our way back, and I don't want anything to jeopardize that.

Jake: And we are in sync, ok? We just have to be honest with each other. So if I get a phone call, you got to tell me, even if it's Cara. Ok?

Amanda: She calls a lot.

Jake: But she can't hurt us. We're the only ones that could screw up our own marriage, so just forget about her. Ok? Just forget about her. All right?

Amanda: Can you?

[Pounding on door]

Jake: Someone has a -- yeah? Of course. Hello.

Tad: Hi. We're not interrupting anything, are we?

Jake: No, not at all.

Tad: We got Angie and Jesse's nursery furniture in the back of the car. We need the spare key.

Jake: Right. We don't have the -- oh, we do. Yeah.

Tad: Hey, wait. Come to think of it, we could use some help putting it together. It's in pieces, crates. What do you say? You up for it? It'll be fun.

Ricky: Killing Kendall is not an option.

Diana: Stop making this personal, Ricky. You are not in love with her.

Ricky: You're so unattractive when you're jealous.

Diana: Let's just end this now. We can make it look like an accident. It'll be just like --

Ricky: Are you nuts, huh? Don't you think people are gonna get suspicious if every time they go sell those casinos, someone dies? I'm gonna handle Kendall my way, and you're not gonna argue with me anymore. Am I clear?

Kendall: I am really glad that you're smiling, because I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing or not.

Griffin: Are you kidding me? That was classic. I couldn't have asked for a better escape.

Kendall: Are you sure you're not angry? She was really pretty, and between you and me, I think you might have a shot with her.

Griffin: "Angry"? You were brilliant.

Kendall: Thank you. It was kind of fun, actually.

Griffin: She left her champagne.

Kendall: No. No! You know what? I can't do that. I got to get back to work. Yeah, the Fusion staff -- they're all here for a lunch meeting, so I got to go ahead and meet them.

Griffin: Ok. Well, uh, thanks for making that easier for me.

Kendall: Sure. Yeah. All right. I will see you later.

Griffin: See you later.

Jesse: Oh, Angela.

Angie: Jesse? Jesse, what's wrong?

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