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David: [Foreign accent] Dr. Castillo?

Griffin: That's me.

David: May have your signature, please?

Griffin: Oh. Heh heh. Am I hallucinating?

David: [Normal voice] I wish.

Griffin: Since when do you play messenger?

David: Since I can't seem to get my old job back in this place. I've been volunteering at the clinic downtown, hoping my willingness to do menial labor will inspire someone, anyone, to speak on my behalf, get the state board to reinstate my medical license.

Griffin: In a perfect world, it would --

David: Yeah, I know. The owner of the hospital would go to bat for me. Don't think I didn't try. I even came close to having a deal with Greenlee until she backed out at the last minute.

Griffin: Sorry.

David: Don't be. Never get involved with a patient -- didn't I drum that into your head from day one? Do me a favor.

Griffin: Name it.

David: Don't make the same mistake I did. When it comes to practicing medicine, no matter what the circumstances, do not let it get personal.

Ricky: When I brought up the drugs, it looked like you were about to say something, like this isn't the first time you've heard of this.

[Kendall remembers]

Griffin: What I'm about to tell you could ruin my life, stop me from ever practicing medicine again, possibly send me to jail.

Kendall: Ok. Right. What could you possibly tell me that could make all those things happen?

Griffin: I've been stealing drugs from the hospital.

Kendall: You've been stealing drugs?

Griffin: Not for me, or to sell. I'm sending them to clinics in parts of the world that desperately need these medications that they can't afford.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Ricky: These are teenagers we're talking about here, kids, and somebody at the hospital is selling them stolen painkillers. If you know something --

Kendall: Anything I say to you is confidential, right?


Scott: Oh. Heh heh heh!

Madison: Did that really just happen?

Scott: Yeah. I think your stomach said, "Feed me."

Madison: Yeah, the only words it seems to know these days.

Scott: When's the last time you ate?

Madison: I meant to eat breakfast.

Scott: I'm sorry. You "meant" to eat break -- no, no, no. That is unacceptable, ok? Let's see. Here. Drink this. And I have to have something to eat around here. Let me see what I got.

Madison: Hopefully anything other than crackers, please.

Scott: Uh -- yeah. Um, looks like we're gonna go out.

Madison: I can't. What if Emma calls?

Scott: The only number she has is your cell phone, right? We'll have it in front of us the whole time. Deal?

Madison: Deal.

Annie: You did a really good job hiding. I'm proud of you.

Ryan: Annie, Emma's not behind this sofa.

Annie: What are you talking about, Ryan? Of course, she is. Come on out, sweetheart. Say hi to your daddy.

Greenlee: When did you see Emma last? Was she in the hotel with you?

Annie: I would never leave my daughter alone.

Greenlee: Did she say --

Annie: Stop it! I don't want to talk to you!

Ryan: Hey. It's Ryan Lavery. We found Annie. She's at the Beacon Hotel, Room 124, and Emma is not with her. No. Believe me, we searched everywhere, ok? Get some of your guys over here now. Search the entire area, please, ASAP. And, also, you got to call Dr. Burke at Oak Haven, ok? Annie has completely and totally lost all sense of reality. She needs help.

Greenlee: I was just trying to help you.

Annie: Help me? Is that a joke?! No! No! You know what you should do? You should call Marissa and get her over here. You guys would make a sick tag team, the two little bitches who ruined my life.

Ricky: You know you can trust me, and not only because I'm a minister, but because I'm your friend. And I give you my word that anything that we talk about, it stays between us.

Kendall: Of course. Of course, I know that. I shouldn't have even asked.

Ricky: No, you can ask me anything. You can tell me anything. I'm behind you no matter what, Kendall. So if there's something that you want to share about those hospital drugs --

Kendall: I don't know anything. I just -- I feel terrible. I really do. I feel horrible. That was that look that you saw on my face. I just keep thinking about my own boys and how vulnerable they are. You know what? I should go. I really should go.

Ricky: Right now?

Kendall: Yeah. I just thought of something. I thought of something that I could do that might help. So do you mind if maybe we talk a little later?

Ricky: Sure. That slimeball needs to be caught.

David: Actually, I'm kind of surprised you're still here. I thought you'd be halfway across the globe by now.

Griffin: Oh, you and me both. But then Cara showed up, and the funding for the Miranda Center hasn't come through yet. So --

David: So your plans are to stay indefinitely?

Griffin: No.

David: Yeah, right. $20 says you're here for the long haul.

Griffin: Why do you say that?

David: Are you kidding me? Your sister just married a Martin. If this place were a chocolate factory, they'd be the Oompa Loompas.

Griffin: What does that even mean?

David: It means according to them, they keep this place going. Pine Valley would be nothing without those holier-than-thou imbeciles.

Griffin: I'm glad to hear you think so highly of my sister's family.

David: They're your family now, too, Doctor.

Griffin: I'm not setting down roots here.

David: No, of course not. Whatever you say. Just don't be surprised when you find yourself hiding Easter eggs with Jenny and Kathy five years from now.

Griffin: We'll see. So back to what we were originally talking about. I don't know if it'll make any difference, but I did put in a good word with the board. I told them that you taught me everything that I know.

David: I appreciate that. It can't hurt.

Griffin: You'll get your license back.

David: You sound very confident.

Griffin: You're an extraordinary doctor. I should know. It took a hell of a lot to surpass you.

David: Heh heh! It doesn't take much to surpass someone when they're in a coma.

Griffin: So get your license back already, even out the playing field.

David: Unfortunately, it's not that easy. I made some mistakes, hurt people.

Griffin: Yeah? You've helped a lot more. You save lives, Dr. H. Don't let them take that away from you.

Marissa: I hope you don't mind us stopping by like this.

J.R.: No. You're always welcome. You know that.

Marissa: Thank you. A.J. is just picking up a video game, and he's probably stopping and sitting down to play it!

J.R.: You guys have a good time?

Marissa: Yeah, we had a great time. It was weird, though. He didn't seem tired at all, which was strange, since you said he hasn't been sleeping well lately.

J.R.: That sounds like an accusation.

Marissa: Does it?

Brot: Ryan, we have officers everywhere looking for Emma. We'll find her, ok?

Ryan: I just can't believe Annie let her out of her sight.

Brot: Hey, Annie? How you doing?

Annie: How do you think I'm doing? I want her out of here.

Brot: Ok. We can make that happen. But first, I need to ask you a few questions --

Annie: Just get it over with! I want her out of here!

Brot: Ok. Ok. That's fine. That's fine. When's the last time you saw your daughter?

Annie: Why does everybody keep asking me that?

Brot: Did you bring her here to the hotel?

Annie: Of course, I did!

Brot: Then where is she now?

Annie: I don't know. I don't know where she is.

Ryan: I got to get out of here.

Greenlee: Go, go. I'll stay.

Ryan: I don't think that's --

Greenlee: I'll be fine. The police are here, and if Emma comes back, she should see a friendly face.

Ryan: Ok. Just call me if anything happens, ok?

Greenlee: I will. You, too. Good luck. Good luck. Go.

Annie: You should ask her. You should ask her where Emma is because she's taken her! She's taking everything from me! What the hell are you looking at?!

[Phone rings]

Madison: Hello?

Ryan: Madison, it's Ryan. Look, we found Annie. She's at the Beacon Hotel.

Madison: Is Emma with her?

Ryan: No, Emma is not with her. And Annie's so out of it, she has no idea where Emma is. And the cops are on it, but, like, I have a feeling maybe Emma will contact you before we actually find her, and if she does, I just don't want her to be more afraid than she already is. You know what I mean?

Madison: If she calls, I won't miss it.

Ryan: Thank you. Thank you, Madison.

Scott: Hey. That Ryan?

Madison: Yeah. They found Annie, but Emma's still missing.

Scott: She's gonna turn up, though.

Madison: She has to.

Griffin: Oh. Perfect timing. We were just talking about how to get David's license back.

Kendall: And that has to do with me how?

Griffin: Ok, Kendall, I know you two have had your issues.

David: Yeah, that's one way to describe it.

Griffin: But I was hoping you could move past them, talk to the board. I mean, the guy did save your life.

David: Yes, that's true -- multiple times.

Griffin: Think about how many more lives he could save, and look at him. He's working his way from the bottom.

Kendall: If anyone needs to pay dues, it's David.

David: Really, Kendall? Wow. And you have none to pay?

Griffin: You ok?

David: Yeah, I'm ok. It's just that residual pain from that old gunshot wound.

Kendall: Can I talk to you a second?

Griffin: I'm already running late for the fundraiser.

Kendall: It's important.

David: More important than getting my career back on track?

Kendall: Yes.

David: Thanks for the signature.

Griffin: You're welcome. Ok, Kendall, talk fast. I got to put a suit on.

Kendall: Ok. Apparently there's some drugs that were stolen from the hospital, painkillers, and people are starting to ask questions.

Griffin: What people?

Kendall: All I know is the stuff is being sold to kids.

Griffin: And it's being traced back to here?

Kendall: Yeah. What?

Griffin: I'm just wondering why you had to come to me in the first place and tell me this in person.

Kendall: Maybe because I thought it was something that you should know.

Griffin: Or maybe it's because you think I'm the scum putting the drugs on the street.

J.R.: Ahem.

Marissa: You're kind of defensive.

J.R.: But you weren't implying that I made up the whole "A.J. not sleeping" thing to get you to move back in?

Marissa: No, I wasn't implying that.

J.R.: But?

Marissa: But I think you're trying to work it a little bit.

J.R.: You may call it "working it." I call it "looking out for A.J.'s happiness." A.J. is our son, and he would be happier if we were together.

Marissa: But we're not together. We're divorced. You remember that part, right?

J.R.: Yeah, but Tad and Krystal made that work for years.

Marissa: Oh, yeah, and that's great for them, really. More power to them for making it work.

J.R.: But you don't think you could make it work with me?

Marissa: I think you're trying to make it work in a different way.

J.R.: And what way is that?

Marissa: The way where I move into the guest wing, and then suddenly your room gets damaged, and you have to move closer. Or the way where you suddenly wander into my bedroom one night?

J.R.: I like this story. Please continue.

Marissa: I know how you operate, J.R.

J.R.: All I want is our family under one roof.

Marissa: Is that all you want?

J.R.: That's all I'm trying to get right now. You can't really control what you want.

Annie: Why is she still here? You said you'd get rid of her. Get off me!

Brot: Annie, you have the right to remain silent.

Annie: You're arresting me?! You should be arresting her, not me! She is the one who destroyed everything! You destroyed everything! Ow!

Scott: You want something to eat?

Madison: I'm good.

Scott: No offense, but you don't look good.

Madison: I just want it to ring. I just want it to be Emma on the other line telling me that she's ok. I just want this whole nightmare to be over.

Scott: I know, and it will be.

Madison: Right now Emma's alone. She's probably terrified. She's just a little girl. Anything?

Ryan: No. She hasn't called you?

Madison: No.

Ryan: Oh, God.

Ryan: My God, this is Emma's. This is -- Emma! Emma, can you hear me?!

Emma: Daddy?! Daddy?!

Ryan: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Are you ok? You are? Oh, my God. Thank God. I love you so much. I love you so much. I got you. Daddy's got you. Ok. Here we go. Is that better? Yeah?

Emma: I'm worried about Mommy. Where is she? What's gonna happen to her?

Ryan: We'll talk all about that, ok? I'll explain everything. Everything is gonna be ok. She's gonna be all right, but right now we got to take care of you. I got to get you home, ok? Let's get you home.

Madison: Why don't I drive, and then you can sit in the backseat and keep Emma warm. And call everyone, let them know she's ok.

Ryan: That would be so great.

Madison: You ready? Ok, come on. Here we go. Come on, now.

Ryan: Off you go. All right. I need your help.

Kendall: You got me. I totally pegged you for a pediatric drug dealer.

Griffin: Right. It's because I'm a Mexican, right? You read the news. We're all drug dealers. Kendall, I can't believe this.

Kendall: You're an ass.

Griffin: You're the one who came in here asking questions about drug dealers.

Kendall: Griffin, this is not funny. You've been sending antibiotics to third-world countries. Noble, yes, but very illegal. I thought that you should know in case they do some hospital investigation and they investigate.

Griffin: Thank you. I mean it.

Kendall: You're welcome.

Griffin: Can I ask you something, in all seriousness?

Kendall: Ok.

Griffin: Did you really think I had something to do with the drugs?

Kendall: I told you I trust you with my life. If you don't know that by now --

Griffin: I should get going.

Kendall: Tuxedos with deep pockets await.

J.R.: This should be good. What could you possibly want from me?

David: An endorsement.

J.R.: For an exile from the country or --

David: I want my medical license back.

J.R.: Oh. Damn. I must've left my magic wand at the office.

David: You're on the hospital board. Support from the Chandler family would go a long way.

J.R.: I'm sorry. Why would I support you again?

David: Because I'm damn good at what I do. Look, you can slam me all you want --

J.R.: Don't worry about that.

David: But at the end of the day, I'm better than anyone at saving lives.

Marissa: What are you doing here?

David: I was just appealing to your ex-husband's sense of compassion when I realized, what the hell was I thinking? It's nonexistent.

Scott: They found Annie.

J.R.: Where?

Marissa: Was Emma with her?

Scott: Emma is safe. She's with Ryan.

Marissa: Oh, thank God.

Scott: Annie's at the Beacon Hotel, but she is not doing very well. The cops are already there.

J.R.: They're not arresting her? What about Oak Haven?

Scott: That's why I'm here. I wanted those commitment papers that you had drawn up. Maybe if we bring them down there, it'll convince the cops not to drag her off to jail. J.R., do you have them?

J.R.: Yeah. They're right over here.

Marissa: Just be careful, ok? We all know what happened the last time J.R. tried this.

Scott: Honestly, I don't even know if Annie's fully aware of what's going on right now. And either way, I'm gonna go down there. If she needs to lash out at somebody, let her lash out on me. Ok?

J.R.: I'm going with you -- and not for the reason you think. She tried to kill you.

David: Yeah, and why was that?

J.R.: She needs help, and not from me -- not like I kept telling myself -- but from professionals.

David: That's brilliant. It's amazing you let this brain trust get away.

J.R.: Marissa, she needs to be put away.

Marissa: Go.

Brot: Here. Sit right here while we wait for your transport.

[Phone rings]

Brot: Annie Chandler has been subdued and read her rights, and we're now waiting for transport.

Greenlee: Ryan?

Ryan: I got her.

Greenlee: Really? Is she ok?

Ryan: She's a little cold, but she's perfect.

Greenlee: Oh, my God, that's amazing. Ryan found Emma. Are you on your way home?

Annie: Ryan found Emma? I need to see her.

Brot: No, that's not possible. We have to wait here.

Annie: No, I'm not going anywhere without my little girl.

Brot: Stop!

Ryan: It's good to be home, huh? I have never been happier to see you.

Annie: Get off of me! I need to talk to my daughter and make sure she is ok.

Brot: Things will be a lot easier if you just relax.

Annie: Don't tell me to relax! I need to find my daughter. You are trying to keep her from me, and you will be sorry.

Greenlee: Me?

Brot: Listen, you're making things worse. You need to go.

Annie: What? Why does she get to go? This is all her fault!

Brot: Ok. Just calm down.

Scott: Hey. How's Annie?

Greenlee: Good luck.

J.R.: I'm J.R. Chandler. I'm the one who has the original commitment papers.

Orderly: If you can just hang back a second, I've got some paperwork for you to sign?

Annie: Ok. Look at me. I'm fine. I'm relaxed, ok, if you can just help me find my daughter.

Brot: All right.

Annie: What is he doing here?

Scott: Hey, maybe I can talk to her for a minute, give you a hand?

Brot: Go for it.

Scott: Hey. How you doing?

Annie: You didn't help me. We were alone and cold in the park, and you didn't help me.

Scott: I'm sorry. But I'm here to help you now, Annie.

Annie: Then you can help me by taking these off and making them go away.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, but I need you to agree to something first.

Annie: What?

Scott: Annie, you know that I care about you, right, and so do a lot of people. Especially Emma, and she really needs to see you get well.

Annie: I am well. I'm fine.

Scott: Fine? Annie, living a life on the run -- that is not fine. You just said it yourself. You're alone, and you're scared, and it doesn't have to be that way. Dr. Burke -- he's waiting for you at Oak Haven.

Annie: Dr. Burke? You want to send me back there?

Scott: Annie, you need help. More help than any of us can give you, Annie.

Annie: No, this can't be happening.

Scott: If you cooperate, this could be very easy and very peaceful.

Annie: What did you do? You said that you were one of the good guys! Get off me!

Orderly: Calm down!

Annie: Get off me!

Brot: No one is trying to hurt you, Annie.

Annie: Get off me. No, no, no! Get off! Get off! Get off!

J.R.: Hey! Stop! Let her go.

Ryan: Thank you, Doctor, for coming up and checking Emma out.

Doctor: I'm happy to do it.

Ryan: And you're absolutely sure that she's ok? Because I could take her to the hospital easily.

Doctor: Besides being chilled, shaken up, she's fine. Just make sure she has lots of fluids and lots of rest.

Ryan: Ok. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Doctor: Take care of her.

Ryan: Ok, I will. Thank you.

Ryan: So how you doing on water here? Oh. Need another one? Yeah? Ok.

Emma: This grilled cheese is really yummy.

Madison: And it's not burned. That's impressive, huh?

Emma: Yeah.

Madison: Emma, I have a question. When you were off with your mommy, why'd you keep calling me? I just mean, because you have so many people that love you, that were missing you.

Emma: Mommy was mad at a lot of those people, but she's never mad at you. It was ok, right?

Madison: Yeah. Yeah, I'm glad you did.

Ryan: Here you go, sweetness.

Emma: Can I talk to Mommy now?

Ryan: Mommy's a little bit busy.

Emma: She thought she saw Scott in the park, but it wasn't him. She's gonna be ok, right?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, she's gonna be ok, and so are you. I'm so happy to have you home. You have no idea. I can't wait to tuck you in tonight, your own bed and your own room with all your favorite stuffed animals. You're home now and you're safe and everything is gonna be ok.

David: What a bunch of garbage.

Marissa: What?

David: All that bull J.R. was just spouting, how he didn't care about Annie? Oh, please. Her name was barely out of Scott's mouth when he went sprinting out of here. The woman nearly killed you, Marissa.

Marissa: And you helped her escape.

David: That was before I knew what she had done to you. And yet you wasted no time in attacking me for it. But here is J.R., who slept with the woman, and you give him a free pass to go running to her rescue.

Marissa: He's not running to her rescue. He's making things right. And in case you forgot, I told him to go! That relationship, or whatever it was, doesn't have the power to hurt me anymore.

David: Good. I'm happy to hear that, at least.

Marissa: Yeah. And J.R. and I, we're in a new place. We're putting A.J. first. We're getting along. We've legitimately moved past the garbage. What?

David: Nothing.

Marissa: Ok. No. It's obviously something, so just tell me what it is, David.

David: And what about us, Marissa? Are you ever gonna get to that place with you and me?

Annie: Let go of me.

J.R.: Can I have a minute with her? I think I can get through.

Brot: Your cousin thought he could help, too.

J.R.: I have a different relationship with Annie than my cousin. She trusts me. You'll see.

Annie: Get away.

Brot: Everyone? Hey, back off. Back off.

J.R.: Annie?

Annie: J.R.? Is that really you?

J.R.: Yeah, it's really me.

Annie: You came. I knew you would come.

Ricky: Castillo is getting to be a real problem. First, he retrieves that letter after Kendall drops it, and now he's going away on some mysterious trip.

Diana: Not to mention how easy on the eyes he is. Plus, he did save Kendall's life.

Ricky: Are you suggesting I'm jealous of him?

Diana: You never did like him.

Ricky: Let's remember who the jealous one is here. And if you ever talk to Kendall --

Diana: She picked up the phone. I was just being polite.

Ricky: Right. Anyway, I think that Castillo believes that Zach Slater was murdered.

Diana: Then maybe you should do something about that before he finds a trail that leads straight to you.

Ricky: Oh, I'm working on it. I made up this story. I told Kendall that some drugs were stolen from the hospital, ended up on the streets. Whatever it takes to get her to turn on him. That seed is planted.

[Phone rings]

Diana: Hello? Yeah, I've got time. Really? Ok. Thanks. Well. It looks like Dr. Castillo's trip is not such a mystery anymore.

Ricky: Where is he going?

Diana: To see me. That was my assistant. Apparently Griffin wants to meet Zach's casino partners. The company wants me to handle it. That seed you planted better take root, and fast.

Griffin: Thanks for everything, Tad. Yeah. I was able to set up a meeting with a VP in one of Zach's partner's companies. Hopefully it's a dead end, and there's no threat to Kendall. If there is, then I'll take care of it. I'll let you know what happens.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Wow!

Griffin: That good, huh?

Kendall: Down, boy. I meant, "Wow, you're not in scrubs."

Griffin: You've seen me in a suit before.

Kendall: Yeah. You look -- nice.

Griffin: I'll take it. And look at you, not in a hospital gown. Unless -- what do you got going on under that coat of yours?

Kendall: Oh, nothing much really. Just -- oh, oh. Ha-ha!

Griffin: It's definitely not a hospital gown.

Kendall: Yeah. You like?

Griffin: It's nice.

Kendall: I'll take it.

Griffin: So I know why I'm dressed up. What's your excuse?

Ryan: But I was just getting to the good part.

Emma: It's Madison's turn to read.

Madison: Oh. You heard the little lady. Ahem. Let me get my robot voice ready.

Ryan: Fine. But I got to tell you nobody does the robot voice quite as good as me. I'm just saying.

Madison: Oh. We'll just see about that. Can you go --

Greenlee: Hey!

Ryan: Hey!

Greenlee: There she is! Oh, Emma, your daddy and I are so happy that you're home and that you're safe! What you reading?

Emma: It's Madison's turn.

Madison: Actually, sweetie, I got to go, but I'll see you real soon. All right? Practice up on your robot voice, show your dad who's boss.

Ryan: Hey, thank you for everything. Ok? I don't think Emma or I could've got through this without you.

[Madison leaves]

Ryan: How is Annie?

Greenlee: J.R. and Scott are there with her.

Ryan: He showed up? That's good.

Greenlee: Yeah. Maybe they can smooth things over. I don't know.

Emma: Are you talking about Mommy?

Ryan: Um, yeah. Greenlee was just giving me an update.

Emma: I want to see her.

Ryan: Yeah, I know you do, sweets, but your mommy's not feeling very well.

Emma: She's sick?

Ryan: And they had to take her to the hospital.

J.R.: Don't fight them.

Annie: But they're trying to hurt me.

J.R.: No. They're trying to help you, take you someplace safe.

Annie: Where?

J.R.: A place where they care about you. They want you to be healthy and happy.

Annie: You want that for me, too?

J.R.: I want that more than anything.

Annie: Because you love me, don't you?

J.R.: Yes, because I love you.

Annie: Then if you want me to go -- I'll go.

Marissa: Hey, A.J., I think Louie needs some help with that salad in the kitchen. You want to go help him? Yeah? Give him a hand? Go for it. Can we not do this right now?

David: All right, look, I know you're upset with me, but I haven't seen A.J. in so long.

Marissa: Whose fault is that?

David: Honestly? J.R.'s.

Marissa: Because you're never responsible for anything, right?

David: The punk has been keeping me away from my grandson for years. What was that, Marissa? What, is that him demanding you to follow suit?

Marissa: I know this may come as a shock to you, but I actually do make my own decisions. I sent A.J. into the kitchen for me, not for J.R.

David: Why would you do that?

Marissa: Motherhood is still pretty new to me. I'm not gonna say that I have all of the answers, but I am sure of one thing. Right now, contact with you is not the best thing for my son.

A.J.: Hi, Grandpa!

David: Hey, buddy! I've missed you so much. Anything new?

Marissa: No, no. Sorry, A.J. We're gonna be late for soccer practice, so we got to go. Ok? Say good-bye to your grandpa.

A.J.: Bye.

Marissa: Good-bye.

David: Bye.

Marissa: Thank you.

Griffin: Give it up already. What's with the dress?

Kendall: A special occasion.

Griffin: Oh, yeah? How special?

Kendall: What, you can dish it, but you can't take it? You have been so mysterious about your little plans this evening, I don't see any reason to fill you in on mine.

Griffin: Touché. I guess I should get going.

Kendall: No. Wait. What? That's it? You're done?

Griffin: Done with what?

Kendall: Twenty questions. I was kind of hoping to make you sweat a little bit longer than that.

Griffin: No, you were right. What you do, where you go is none of my business.

Kendall: Except it kind of is -- well, tonight, anyway.

Griffin: Why is that?

Kendall: Ta-da! I'm going with you.

Emma: If Mommy's at the hospital, I want to go, too.

Greenlee: Emma, it's not possible.

Emma: Then I'll go myself! I know how to get there!

Ryan: No, Mommy's not at Pine Valley Hospital, sweetie.

Emma: Where is she?

Ryan: She's at a hospital called Oak Haven.

Emma: I've heard of that place. Mommy was scared of it. She said she'd die if she went back!

Ryan: It's not gonna happen. I promise you that's not gonna happen. Mommy's gonna get the help that she needs to get.

Emma: I don't believe you, Daddy! I hate you! I hate you!

Annie: Somewhere where I'll be safe, cared for, happy? I know. You're all taking me to a secret wedding -- our wedding. Will there be flowers and pretty lights and music?

J.R.: It's gonna be everything that you've ever wanted.

Annie: All I want is you. And now that we're gonna be husband and wife, I'll have you forever.

Brot: We need to get going.

Annie: We do. We have to get ready. J.R. and I have waited for this for a really long time. I'll see you at the altar.

J.R.: I'll see you.

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