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Jesse: Here she is.


Angie: Oh, are those fresh blueberry muffins I smell?

Krystal: Special for you, girl.

Randi: Welcome home, Angie.

Angie: Oh!

Brot: And here's one kiss from Natalia and one from me.

Angie: Thank you.

Randi: We missed you.

Angie: Oh, I missed you, too.

Krystal: Hey, listen, Pine Valley is not Pine Valley without you, that's for sure.

Jesse: Why don't we let the lady sit down.

Angie: No, listen, after two months of bed rest, standing feels really good right now. First, I just want to hug every single one of you.

Krystal: I'm getting in line.

Jesse: All right.

Angie: Ha ha!

Tad: Oh! This is screwed up. Can you get it to work?

Jake: Can we not do that? Can we not sit around like a happy family watching a wedding video over brunch and pretend everything's hunky dory? Can we not do that, please?

Tad: No. No, that's exactly what we have to do. That's why we're here. Jake, come on. There's two guys from Immigration parked outside my front door. Our dory needs to be hunky. Let's not forget, Trumbull's waiting for the smallest slip-up, any indication that Cara and I aren't really husband and wife, this whole thing is fake. Frankly, she's still --

Jake: Still what?

Tad: Never mind.

Jake: What were you gonna say?

Tad: No, it doesn't matter.

Jake: She's still in love with me? Is that what you were gonna say?

Amanda: You're pissed. You don't trust me. I get that. But we have to start somewhere, so we may as well start right now.

Cara: Because we're family.

Amanda: Well, if we don't accept that, how are we gonna get anyone else to believe it?

Cara: We may be family, but I don't see us ever being friends.

Amanda: Why? Because I called Immigration on you, or because you're still in love with my husband?

Doctor: So how far along are you now really?

Madison: 19 weeks.

Ryan: 19 weeks? 19 weeks ago, Scott wasn't even out of prison. I'm the father. All this time, and you never said a word.

Doctor: Please.

Ryan: Is the baby all right?

Jesse: Well, guys, we just got word from the doctor that the baby's perfect.

Angie: And ready to make her debut any day.

Krystal: Ah, now the fun begins. All those round-the-clock feedings and the diaper changing.

Frankie: Yeah, the crying and screaming.

Randi: Putting all those baby contraptions together.

Angie: Yeah, so much to do.

Krystal: Well, I can babysit for you anytime.

Brot: Angie, this is from Natalia and me.

Angie: Natalia and me. That I love the sound of. You two are good?

Brot: We are great. She really wanted to be here, but she's a newbie on the Philly force, so she couldn't get the time off.

Frankie: Aw, man, she just can't stand to be away from the action like her old man.

Brot: That's true.

Angie: Well, you know from workaholic Mary to another, I know how easy it is to get caught up in a job. But this -- Krystal -- this is something that we can never get from our careers. No matter how successful we are professionally, nothing compares to family and friends, especially around a basket of fresh blueberry muffins.

Frankie: Oh, Mom. I love you.

Angie: I love you, too, darling. And I loved being with Cassandra and knowing that she's doing well, too, but I also couldn't wait to get home -- and not to the job but to all of you.

Krystal: Well, now you can just relax, right, except for the giving birth thing and then raising a baby.


Angie: Listen, I love all of you so much, you know that? And to know that this little one is going to grow up surrounded by this love is just -- well, wait. Jesse, can you take this? The pregnant lady needs to get to the restroom again.

Krystal: I'll take you.

Angie: No, I can get there. Thanks.

Cara: Jake and I are long over, Amanda. You know that.

Amanda: Right. You gave him back the ring. Poof! No more feelings.

Cara: You know what, if you're worried, why don't you just pick up the phone again? Try the CIA this time.

Amanda: Ok. So maybe being family is not at the top of my list either, but this is where we are. Tad is making a huge sacrifice for you, so we have to deal.

Cara: Deal?

Amanda: You remember when you came into town? You knew exactly who I was, but you didn't introduce yourself.

Cara: Yeah, I guess I should have.

Amanda: You were asking questions, trying to get information about Jake, our life, and then you were saying you were over Jake. I find out the whole time you were wearing your ring around your neck. So I have some trust issues, too.

Cara: I didn't blow up your life, Amanda!

Amanda: Not that you could have.

Cara: Not that I tried!

Amanda: My life hasn't been the same since you came to town, neither has my marriage.

Cara: I'm sorry about that.

Amanda: I messed up, and I've apologized.

Cara: And I hear that, ok, but that doesn't change the fact that you put my life in danger.

Amanda: It doesn't, but I am ready to do whatever it takes to play happy family to keep you safe. Are you? Are you gonna be able to get past what I did?

Jake: Amanda's having a hard time.

Tad: I know she is. I can't begin to imagine what you're going through. But Jake, let's not forget that the two other members of this equation just signed off on a fake marriage for the next 3 years of their life --

Jake: I know that.

Tad: So that one doesn't end up dead. We're all making adjustments, man.

Jake: I know, I know. I appreciate it. It's just that she's sensitive when she's around Cara. She's a woman. I know. She's not there yet. What can I tell you?

Tad: Tell me you're gonna get her on the conga line, ok? 'Cause the only way that this is gonna work, that it's gonna go down the way it's supposed to is if everybody cooperates, right?

Jake: And they will be. Everybody will be. It's just that with that sensitivity, she might need a little distance from Cara. If she does, I have to respect that.

Tad: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. What are you talking about? Distance for you and Amanda? You mean, you need distance from me?

Jake: No, not distance from you. Don't worry about it. It's all gonna work out.

Tad: We have to, all right? We have to, not just for their sake. I mean for ours. 'Cause that's what this is about, family, all right? We can't forget that. We gotta stay strong. And the only way we can is if everybody is 100% on board. Now I'm sorry Amanda's upset, but she called Immigration. I'm all torn up about the fact that she doesn't understand that you're crazy about her. You're turning yourself inside-out. You're not gonna go anywhere. But one way or another, she's gotta grow up and get over it.

Ryan: That sounded pretty strong, right?

Madison: The baby's ok?

Doctor: I believe so. I won't know anything for sure until I get the lab results back, but the fetal heart rate sounds good. And since you're well into your second trimester, and there's no sign of bleeding, it's probably not a miscarriage.

Madison: But the cramping.

Doctor: I suspect dehydration. But you haven't had any cramping since you've been admitted, so it's probably a good sign that the worst is over.

Madison: So what now?

Doctor: We'll start you on an I.V. to start the hydration process. And keep drinking lots of water. And when we get the blood work back from the lab, we'll go over the results, ok? And if you have another cramp, hit the call button immediately.

Madison: I will. Thank you.

Doctor: You're welcome.

Madison: Oh, thank God she's all right.

Ryan: Madison is 19 weeks pregnant.

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: That's the correct number, right?

Madison: Yes.

Ryan: Scott wasn't even out of prison 19 weeks ago.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Ryan: So the lie about Scott being the father -- why didn't you just tell me?

Madison: I couldn't.

Ryan: You couldn't?

Madison: I didn't know how.

Ryan: It's not that hard.

Madison: It's impossible.

Ryan: So tell me now, Madison. Say the words.

Madison: You're the father.

Krystal: What's the matter? My party's not hopping enough for you?

Angie: Oh, I think I'm just feeling a bit tired.

Brot: Hey, Chief, you all right?

Jesse: Yeah, great.

Brot: But?

Jesse: It was just a long trip home.

Krystal: No pie for you until you tell me what's going on?

Brot: You sure nothing's bothering you? 'Cause you know, I can get Natalia on the phone and interrogate you. And you know you don't want that.

Angie: I'm just a little nervous, I guess.

Jesse: Just a little nervous, all right?

Brot: About what? Angie's back. She's healthy. She looks great, and she's ready to bring in a new Hubbard into the world.

Jesse: Yeah, that's the problem. She's ready. The baby's ready. Me, I'm not.

Angie: You know, it's wonderful being back with everyone again, but I just feel a bit overwhelmed. You know, I mean, being trapped by four walls, living in the movies and in Braille books, and now suddenly I'm thrust back into reality. It's just a bit surreal.

Jesse: I'm nowhere near ready. I didn't get enough done while Angela was gone. Now she's back. I need to step up, make sure everything is taken care of for her.

Brot: And you will, Chief. The way Frankie has told me -- and you know that boy tells it -- that both of you are amazing parents.

Krystal: You know, nobody is completely prepared before they give birth to a baby. And if they say they are, then they are fooling themselves.

Brot: What does Angie have to say about all this?

Jesse: She doesn't even know I'm stressing, so don't you say anything.

Brot: Shh.

Krystal: Talk to Jesse about it.

Angie: No, and I don't want you to mention anything, ok? In fact, I think I'm just being a bit silly. It's probably nerves from my first day back. Come on, let's get back to my par-tay.

Frankie: Oh, heavens, I thought we'd lost you guys. The party isn't breaking up yet, right?

Jesse: No, not a chance.

Angie: No, it's celebration time.

Frankie: More muffins!

Krystal: More muffins!

Tad: I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Amanda: Why? Isn't that what this family is all about? Honesty? Telling the truth? Putting it all out there? Is there anything else you want to say to me, 'cause you could say it now to my face?

Tad: Cara needs your help, and so do I. I personally don't care if you're not BFFs or if you're ever gonna be, but I need you onboard with this, ok? 'Cause it's not just her life that's on the line, it's mine.

Amanda: I am onboard with this. What is it gonna take to prove that?

Tad: Well, for one thing, you could have shown up at the wedding. That would have been great.

Amanda: I was really upset, and I didn't want to accidentally ruin things again.

Jake: Listen, this is hard on everybody.

Amanda: I am so damn tired of hearing that from everyone, how we all need to work together to make it work, and yet I get reamed every time I put forth the effort, because I messed up, and no one is ever gonna let me forget that.

Tad: It's not all your fault.

Amanda: No. No, it's not. I'm not the one who entered the country illegally, who used a fake name, a fake passport, pissed off some dangerous drug dealer. That wasn't me. But I made a mistake, and I've said I'm sorry over and over and over again. What I did was stupid and mean and -- and I'm not stupid and mean.

Jake: Baby, nobody thinks you're stupid. They don't think that. I don't think that.

Amanda: But you act like that. You don't trust anything I say or do. You worry about it, and you treat me as if I'm gonna break. Well, guess what. Done. Broken. I have learned my lesson!

Jake: Nobody's trying to hurt you. Promise.

Amanda: Really? Because nothing hurts more than knowing you don't forgive me.

Madison: I wasn't trying to hurt you. I thought it would be better this way.

Ryan: You thought it would be better keeping my child from me. How is that possibly better?

Madison: We broke up.

Ryan: I still had a right to know.

Madison: You and Greenlee just got back together. You were happy. I didn't want to mess with that, ok? I didn't want to make you feel obligated.

Ryan: Feel obli -- I would have felt like I wanted to help.

Madison: Exactly. That's the problem. You're a good guy, and you would have stepped up and tried to take this on.

Ryan: Because it's my child.

Madison: It's my child. I've decided I'm gonna raise her on my own.

Ryan: Ok. What about Scott?

Madison: He's a friend.

Ryan: Like a big lie, him being the father. I mean, where did you even come up with that?

Madison: Remember when you found out that I was pregnant minutes before your wedding ceremony? It would have been the worst possible time to tell you, am I right?

Greenlee: It wouldn't have been great timing, no.

Madison: Right. Scott saw that I was in a hard spot, and he lied to help me.

Ryan: Ok, so what about after the wedding? Like, every day lying to me? That's your solution?

Madison: It worked for me.

Ryan: But it's not just you. There's another life here, a baby, a child. I can't believe you could lie to me about something so huge.

Madison: I didn't see another way.

Ryan: My God, Madison, were you gonna keep this from me forever?

Madison: Maybe.

Jake: Honey --

[Tape playing on TV]

Jake's voice: Well, I always looked up to Tad, growing up. And the thing about Tad is, he always felt like he was right. And that's funny, 'cause I always felt like I was right.

Tad: It won't go off.

Jake: We don't need the DVD. I know the speech by heart because it's true. No matter how much I have ever pissed you off, what I've done, you have always been there for me. Always. Always have my back. Never even had to look. Just no doubt you were there, and you still are -- rescuing the guy that needs help. I cannot thank you enough for what you're doing and what you've always done. But that's the way that Tad rolls. That's the way Tad loves, just does what needs to be done, doesn't expect anything in return. That's what makes me love you, everyone, all the more.

Randi: Hey, you're still here?

Scott: Madison never showed. My phone needs to be charged. It's dead.

Randi: Frankie just texted me. Madison's at the hospital.

Scott: What do you mean she's at the hospital? Is she ok? Is the baby -- what happened?

Randi: I'm sure they're both ok.

Scott: All right, well, I gotta get down there.

Ryan: I guess this is something that you never expected.

Greenlee: I'm still worried about Emma. I've got Emma in my head. It's all too much to take in at once. It must be for you, too.

Madison: I'm sorry that we didn't find Emma in Boston, and now this. This is the last thing you need.

Ryan: Ok, can you stop acting like this is horrible news for me, ok? It's a huge surprise, absolutely a surprise, but this is not something I need to be lied to about. It really isn't. You just gotta be honest with me, all right?

Madison: All right.

Ryan: You told me months ago, I could have helped in a lot of ways. You wouldn't have to be doing this by yourself.

Madison: I'm not doing this by myself.

Ryan: Look, Scott lying to keep your secret isn't exactly a healthy support system.

Madison: I've had plenty of support. Something like this happens, and you find out who's really there for you. I mean Randi, Frankie, they've been great.

Ryan: So, Randi and Frankie, do they know that I'm the father?

Madison: It really doesn't make a difference.

Ryan: Ok. Does anybody else know?

Madison: No.

Ryan: Ok, look, I know our breakup wasn't easy. I know -- I get that. I do, but we stayed friends. And I told you from the very beginning if there was anything that you ever wanted or needed that you could come to me.

Madison: Right. "Could you come help me hang up a picture, and by the way I'm pregnant." I don't think so. Ryan, when I found out about this, you and I were done. Not just a little bit done, never again kind of done. So I needed to figure out what I wanted. I didn't even know if I wanted the baby or not. I just needed time to think, to make sure that I was making the right decision.

Ryan: Well, I'm glad you chose to keep her.

Madison: Well, I'll admit I wasn't sure. But then I almost lost the baby and -- made me realize that I do want her, that I love her already.

Ryan: You never thought to tell me?

Madison: Of course, I did. Of course, I did. Every time I saw you, I wanted to --

Ryan: You could have trusted me, Madison.

Madison: It's not that I didn't trust you. I just needed to make this decision for myself. And I decided that I'm not only gonna keep the baby, I'm gonna raise her on my own.

Greenlee: Well, I think you'll be a great mom.

Ryan: So now what?

Madison: Now you go and bring Emma home. I get out of here, I go back to work, I live my life.

Ryan: Ok, there's gotta be something.

Madison: Your daughter needs you.

Ryan: And I'm gonna find Emma and bring her home, but this is my child, too, Madison.

Madison: Please don't be angry.

Ryan: I'm not. I'm just trying to wrap my head around all this. I have one child missing, and now I find out I've got another child on the way.

Doctor: Good news, Miss North. The results confirm that the baby's fine, and it's likely just dehydration.

Madison: Thank God. Hey, could you leave me alone for a little while? I just think I need to focus right now.

Ryan: Yeah, sure, I'll be in touch.

Tad: Quite a speech. How long you work on that?

Jake: I just thought it up on the spot. But here's what I couldn't say in front of all those people. Three years of your life. You're committing three years of your life to protect and save Cara. That's -- I mean, all the plans and whatever you had for yourself to give up -- that's a lot.

Tad: I'm not doing it just for Cara. I'm just basically doing what Mom and Dad did for me. I mean, come on, think about it. Abused kid with a broken arm. They could have patched me up, sent me on my way. But they knew that my life was at risk every bit as much Cara's now. So they made me a part of their family. That's why I'm doing this. 'Cause everything I ever learned about family and what it was worth is because of Mom and Dad and you. I don't care what it says on my birth certificate. You're my brother. You always have been, you always will be. I love you.

Jake: Giving me allergies here.

Tad: Hug?

Jake: I'm good.

Tad: Ok.

Jake: All right, so if we're gonna do this thing, we have to pull it together, ok? We have to really -- we have to work together. I'm not talking -- it doesn't have to be a lovefest. There's gonna be a lot of tension, but we just have to keep our eye on the prize, and that's keeping Cara safe and alive no matter what. So we have to make this family thing real.

Cara: I want you all to know that I promise you that I will be the wife the world needs to see.

Tad: Damn right you will.

Cara: Except for cleaning and fluffing the pillows. It's just I can't do that.

Tad: I raised four kids. I can handle a little housework.

Amanda: If I need to earn your trust back, I accept that, and I will, because from this moment on, we are family in every sense of the word.

Jake: Ok.

Scott: Hey, what happened? Are you all right?

Madison: I'm fine. I'm fine, and so is the baby.

Scott: Are they, Doc? Are they all right?

Doctor: They are. Once we get your electrolytes where they should be, I'll discharge you, all right?

Madison: Thank you, Dr. Kemp.

Doctor: You're welcome.

Scott: I mean, what happened? One minute you're in Boston, the next you're here? You sure you're all right? What's -- what's going on? You heard the doctor. She said you're gonna be ok.

Madison: Ryan knows. Ryan knows that the baby's his.

Scott: I'm sorry.

Cara: I bet you you thank your lucky stars for the day that I rolled into your life.

Tad: Steamrolled more like it.

Cara: Yeah, you got yourself a fake wife who's done nothing but cause problems for you and your whole family, and I'm not even -- well, we're not gonna --

Tad: Do it?

Cara: Yeah.

Tad: Yeah.

Cara: Did I -- I went there.

Tad: You went there. I believe you did.

Cara: I'm sorry. I guess what I'm saying is --

Tad: That's ok.

Cara: I'm causing all this tension for you and for Jake.

Tad: Let me tell you about me and Jake, ok? We've been fighting ever since the day he thought it was a good idea to put crickets in my bed. I got over that, I'll get over this.

Cara: It's a lot to get over.

Tad: Yeah, but on the upside -- ha ha! This sucker is worth its weight in gold. I'm gonna be holding this over his head for years, decades.

Amanda: Hey!

Jake: Hey! There she is, the one and only. Are you kidding?

Jesse: About ready to give up on you.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Amanda: Sorry we're late.

Angie: Oh, well, you're here now. That's all that matters.

Jake: That's all that matters. Look at you. Thank you for bringing your mommy back. We have missed your mommy so much. Thank you, thank you.

Angie: The train ride cross-country was just so beautiful. Seeing the landscape through Jesse's eyes and having my own private physician, I was completely spoiled by my two best men.

Jake: Two best men? Wait a minute. I thought I was your best man.

Frankie: You back up, see?

Jake: I'm missing something.

Frankie: Well, your private physician is gonna be late for his shift if he doesn't leave right now, so I am --

Krystal: Whoa, whoa, wait! Wait a minute. There's lots of food here. Come on now.

Frankie: I'm on the clock.

[All talking at once]

Jake: Oh, I am so happy you're back -- you don't even know -- back at the hospital. I'm just -- I am. I've loved being the chief of staff and everything, but now I know what you go through. Are you kidding me, with the bureaucracy and the red tape and the idiots in Accounting. I don't know you did it. The bachelor auction thing, the charity, that's back in your hands. I've got a whole list of eligible bachelors that will be on your desk today, I promise.

Angie: Well, about that. I'm not going to be returning to the hospital until after the baby's born.

Jake: Not right away? Oh, ok. Really? Really?

Angie: Seriously speaking, I would really appreciate it if you could remain in charge until I feel comfortable with returning.

Jake: I get it, sure.

Angie: Can you do that?

Jake: If you need me to stay, I'll -- stay, I suppose.

Angie: Good, good. I thank you for that.

Jake: Ok.

Angie: How are you?

Jake: Me? I'm hating paperwork is what I'm doing.

Angie: Oh, no, no. How are you? Tad and Cara got married, and I'm sorry that I wasn't here.

Jake: Good. I'm good. Really good.

Angie: Promise?

Jake: Yes.

Amanda: Here we go. I know how much you love Krystal's sliders.

Jake: Oh, yeah! You know me like a book. Hello.

Amanda: Comic book.

Jake: What? What does that mean?

Jesse: Nice to see you two so happy.

Angie: Listen, there is something that Jesse and I wanted to talk to you about.

Jake: Uh-huh. Lay it on us. Go ahead.

Angie: We would love it if you and Amanda would -- be the baby's godparents.

Jake: Really? Us?

Amanda: Are you sure?

Angie: Absolutely.

Jesse: Absolutely.

Angie: You know we love you both so very much. Jake, you have been with me since the beginning. I mean, seeing me and being there with me when I lost my sight. You have just got me through so much, and there's still more to come. Amanda, there is no one sweeter, more loving. You're the perfect wife and mother.

Amanda: Well, I wouldn't say that.

Angie: Come on now, don't be so modest. Jesse and I -- we would really appreciate it if you'd accept.

Jake: It would be our honor.

Amanda: Definitely.

Jake: Absolutely.

Amanda: Anything you need.

Jake: You kidding?

Amanda: And knowing your due date, it could be any minute, right?

Angie: Mm-hmm.

Tad: You sure you're gonna be down there in the man cave, the whole "bowels of the earth" thing? 'Cause if you want, I could --

Cara: No, no, no. You need to be close to your children. That's fine. Actually, I like the man cave. Seriously, it's got a bathroom. I got my own bathroom. I got my own TV.

Tad: And your own remote.

Cara: Wasn't gonna go there.

Tad: I knew it. I knew I married a control freak.

Cara: This is fight night.

Tad: Really? Wrestling?

Cara: Boxing, ok?

Tad: You like boxing?

Cara: I love boxing.

Tad: You're kidding. Remind me never to mix it up with you.

Cara: I think you already have.

Tad: Yeah. So you sure you're down there -- you're ok in the man cave?

[Cara says in Spanish: "I am very comfortable. Don't worry."]

Tad: Gonna have to start watching Jake's telenovelas.

Cara: Don't go there. I'm just saying I'm gonna be very comfortable, and I don't want you to worry. I'm grateful, Tad. In any language.

Madison: As much as I didn't want Ryan to know, when he's standing there staring at me looking for answers --

Scott: You ok?

Madison: I guess in some ways it's a relief. I don't have to lie anymore. Of course, I have no idea what to do next.

Scott: Yeah. I'm just glad you and the baby are ok.

Madison: Well, now that Ryan knows the truth, you can live your life. You're off the baby daddy hook.

Ryan: I just cannot believe that Madison has been pregnant all this time with my child, and she hasn't said anything. I can't even imagine how you feel about all this.

Greenlee: I'm fine. It's you I'm worried about.

Ryan: I definitely should have figured this out -- the timing. Really, that she sleeps with Scott out of nowhere like that. The clues were obviously slamming me in the face. I should definitely have figured this out, and now months have gone by.

Greenlee: Don't beat yourself up over this.

Ryan: I really thought I knew Madison better than this. I mean lying to me is one thing, but when a child is involved --

Greenlee: There's something you should know.

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: It's the FBI. This is Ryan.

Angie: Baby, you know, we really do have a lot to take care of.

Jesse: Yeah, we do.

Angie: I tell you what, why don't we cross one thing off the list right now. A name.

Jesse: Baby Hubbard is not working for you anymore?

Angie: You know, I've been thinking "L" names for some reason. Leslie. Lisa.

Jesse: I'm thinking more along the lines of Angela. Angelina.

Angie: I think someone's already co-opted that name.

Jesse: Come on, with our genes, our baby girl, she'd take it to another level.

Angie: Jesse -- I got it.

Jesse: What? What?

Angie: I got it.

Jesse: Hmm?

Angie: Ellie.

Jesse: Ellie? For my mom?

Angie: I feel like I knew her, even though I've never met her, just from the way that you talk about her. What do you think?

Jesse: You really want to do that?

Angie: I really do.

Jesse: Ellie Hubbard. Hello, Ellie Hubbard. Welcome to the world.

Amanda: Godparents. Crazy, huh?

Jake: Well, yeah, but I think we'd be great at it.

Amanda: Will we?

Jake: Of course, we will. Do you remember how Angie said she thought we were the most solid, unshakeable couple she knows?

Amanda: Yeah.

Jake: Well, I would really like to get back to that.

Amanda: So do I.

Cara: All right, I got it. It's a wedding photo. We're gonna put it by the bed, because if Agent Trumbull comes over and sees the --

[Tad muttering to himself]

Cara: Yeah.

Tad: Whoa!

[Metal clattering]

Cara: Oh, my gosh! Are you ok?

Tad: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Cara: That was not smooth.

Tad: No, it's ok. I apologize. I was just trying to, you know, habla a little bit. It's a good thing I didn't hear too much, 'cause my accent sucks.

Cara: No, you don't need to do that.

Tad, mispronouncing: No, da nada.

Cara: Why don't you go ahead and keep on practicing.

Tad: No, no.

Cara: Yeah, yeah, go ahead. I'm not gonna laugh, really.

Tad: You sure? Promise?

Cara: Yeah.

Tad: Ok, check it out.

Cara: All right.

Tad: Progress. Estoy muy casado. That's not -- come on, throw me a bone here. Estoy muy casado. Estoy muy casado.

Cara: Ok, what are you trying to say?

Tad: It's estoy muy casado. I'm very, very tired.

Cara: Cansado. With an "n".

Tad: Cansado?

Cara: Yeah, cansado, not casado.

Tad: What was I saying?

Cara: That's married.

Tad: Married?

Cara: Yeah.

Tad: Really? I'm very, very married.

Cara: Yeah.

Tad: Not very, very tired. Well, you know what, this is harder than it looks. In any case, Trumbull showed up, both would be true.

Scott: Well, thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I like being on this hook.

Madison: It's too much to ask.

Scott: Too much? Are you -- are you kidding me? Madison, I am not gonna let you go -- 'cause I, uh -- I need your half of the rent.

Greenlee: What did they say? Any word on Emma?

Ryan: No, they were checking in with me to see if I've heard anything.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Ryan: You were gonna say something? You wanted to tell me something?

Greenlee: About the baby. Don't blame yourself for not realizing it was yours. Madison didn't want you to know. She was very convincing.

Ryan: How could she cut me out of my own child's life? I mean, this girl would have grown up in front of my eyes, and I would have never known the truth. Thank God for you. Thank God for you. I don't know how I'd get through any of this stuff without you.

Greenlee: And we'll get through it, all of it. Whatever you need, I'm here. Always.

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