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Krystal: Serve yourself here.

Opal: Thank you very much.

J.R.: What do you say, Joe? You care to do the honors?

Joe: Well --

Mrs. Castillo: Of course, the father of the groom will make a toast.

Joe: Cara, you've just married a man who will stand behind you no matter what. May you be healthy, happy, and safe, and may you both --

Opal: To the bride and groom!

All: To the bride and groom!

Griffin: Hey.

Tad: Hey. Kendall get home ok?

Griffin: Yeah. Did I miss anything?

Tad: Actually, just this.

Griffin: I wish you a happy and safe life. Welcome to la familia Castillo.

Tad: Thank you.

Griffin: Thank you.

[Glasses clink]

Cara: Oh, I'm so glad you came.

Joe: Hey, Tad, come here a second.

Tad: Listen, Pop, that was one hell of a speech. Thank you.

Joe: Your mother-in-law is out of earshot now and the Immigration guy is gone, so I can be a little direct. It's done now. You must do your best to make it work.

Krystal: Ok. Anybody want more champagne? I guess you do. Yeah. That's good?

Opal: I think we all are.

Jake: I guess this is where I say "Congratulations."

David: You're the ones who called this meeting. Now you're late.

Greenlee: Why are you in scrubs?

David: I'm volunteering at a local free clinic.

Ryan: Emptying bedpans?

David: I want to practice medicine again, Ryan. So if doing menial work helps me do that, get my license back, why not?

Ryan: Yeah, you want to prove that you're a changed man? Help me get my daughter back.

David: You have my full cooperation.

Ryan: Ok. So by now Annie must be really hurting for cash.

David: Yeah, but she's obviously afraid of coming out of hiding to actually get it. So all I can do is sit around, wait for the phone to ring.

Ryan: Maybe there's something I can do.

Scott: Hey, I'm going to head to work now. I can give you a ride to get your sonogram.

Madison: Oh. I've been trying to reschedule, since they canceled me yesterday, but so far it's a big, fat "No."

Scott: Are you kidding me? That's just wrong.

Madison: Hmm. I'm in perfect health and not exactly a priority case. But I just -- I wanted a peek, you know? Just a peek just to make sure that everything's going well in there.

Scott: Yeah. Grab your stuff, come down with me. If they see you standing there all ready to go, maybe they'll squeeze you in.

Madison: No. That's all right. It's no big deal.

Scott: Are you sure?

Madison: Go, before you're late. Yeah.

Scott: Yeah? All right.

Madison: Ohh.

[Spanish music plays]

Jake: So, Mrs. Martin --

Cara: I prefer "Dr. Martin."

Jake: I'm sorry all of this had to happen like this. I'm sorry that Amanda -- that she turned you in.

Cara: It's not your fault.

Jake: I have to say that I don't think she would've done it if she knew how much danger it would actually put you in. I have to believe that. But you know what? The Immigration officer is gone and -- so you can breathe now. You can exhale.

Cara: Right.

Jake: Happy wedding day to you.

Amanda: A dirty martini. Thank you.

Agent Trumbull: This one's on me.

Jake: This is gonna work.

Cara: Of course, it will.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. Agent Trumbull saw the perfect wedding. Everybody did their job, so welcome to the family. Welcome back to the family.

Joe: Still think it was a good idea?

Tad: I think Jake and Amanda are solid.

Joe: Where is Amanda? Don't forget what Cara did to Jake and how hurt he was when she left him.

Tad: She left him to save his life, and I figure that we owe her for that.

Joe: There are other ways to repay her.

Tad: Yeah, it'd be kind of hard to figure one out if she's dead. How many times have you saved a life? More than I can count, that's for sure. You know something, Pop? I can't strap on a stethoscope like you can or Jake, make that kind of difference, but I can do this. You took a chance on a screwed-up kid with a broken arm a long, long time ago. You made him part of your family, and you gave him a life. And I can't possibly imagine what I would've amounted to if it wasn't for you. So maybe another way of looking at this is like paying it forward, or maybe it's a leap of faith, or maybe it's just the sum total of all the years I've had your voice inside of my head reminding me to do the right thing.

Joe: It's all my fault, then, and your mother's?

Tad: Pop, it's not about fault. You're my father. I love you. You're the best man I've ever known. I'm proud of the man that you made me. I hope you are, too.

Joe: Son, what about your happiness? You still have time to have a real marriage.

Tad: Pop, let's be honest. I'm never gonna have anything close to what I had with Dixie. Not in this lifetime. I've already had the best. I got no regrets. I've got happy memories. I've got beautiful children. I'm ok with this. It'll be all right.

Kathy: Come on, Daddy!

Tad: Hey, easy on the groom, now. Come on.

Kathy: You look beautiful.

Cara: Oh, honey, you look beautiful. And so do you, muffin. Thank you.

Krystal: Come on, now. It's not real.

Opal: I know, I know, but still. I just always cry at weddings. I can't help it.

Ruth: She does. Who knows? Maybe they'll be good for each other.

Opal: Yeah.

Marissa: Guess I'm getting a new roommate.

J.R.: Yeah, I heard that you're all moving out so Tad and Cara can have the place to themselves.

Marissa: Yeah, we're just getting a room at the Valley Inn.

J.R.: A hotel? Why don't you just come over to the house?

Marissa: There are 5 of us.

J.R.: Yeah. We got a lot of rooms. It'll be a gift to Tad, ok? Fire up the old game console, serve some mac and cheese, play some games. Besides, it's only just A.J. and me anyway.

Marissa: Do you ever stop?

J.R.: Stop what?

Marissa: Pushing.

Griffin: So I guess we're brother-in-laws again.

Jake: "Brothers-in-law" is the right way to say it.

Griffin: There's nothing more important to me in this life than Cara.

Jake: I'm aware. Gonna take good care of her. Ok?

Griffin: Yeah?

Jake: Yeah. I got to go. I got to make a call.

J.R.: You're not leaving? Brother of the groom can't leave until he makes a proper toast. Huh? Ha ha ha!

Amanda: In all the joints, in all the towns in the world, you end up here in that barstool.

Agent Trumbull: I could move over a few if you'd like. I'll have the same. You know, I could've sworn you'd be toasting the bride and groom right about now.

Amanda: Hmm. I'm not really that big into weddings.

Agent Trumbull: What's not to like? They're full of love and hope, and the bride gets welcomed into the groom's family. Who wouldn't want a part of that, right?

Amanda: You have no idea.

[Phone rings]

Scott: Hey, you're in charge of scheduling. Right, Melissa? Yeah, I have a friend, a very good friend, who was here for a sonogram appointment yesterday, but I guess things got a little crazy, and they sent her home. So I was wondering if you could just squeeze her in today?

Melissa: If I gave in to everyone who just wanted to be "squeezed in," there wouldn't be a schedule. So, much as I like dimples, no.

Scott: You can just --

Melissa: No.

Scott: Really? Really? That is so rude and -- and wrong. [Types] Well, looky here, an appointment. "Madison North." Hey, Madison. Do you have any time?

Ryan: I have an idea that just might force Annie out into the open. It's a long shot --

Greenlee: But it's better than doing nothing.

David: All right. So what's your brilliant plan?

Ryan: Annie is not aware that I know you helped her escape. Right? So if she's desperate enough --

Greenlee: She'll contact you again.

Ryan: So what I did is I made a video appeal to Annie to bring Emma back, and I distributed it to the television stations, especially the stations where Annie was last seen in that area.

David: So you think she's just gonna turn on the TV, happen upon your sad face, and bring Emma home?

Ryan: The appeal to Annie to bring Emma home is only part of it, ok? I make very clear that she's a fugitive. She can't get a job. One swipe of the credit card, and we nail her.

Greenlee: We're hoping that it will remind Annie she's boxed in, nowhere to turn for cash except --

David: Me?

Ryan: It's a gamble, but if she bites, we got her. So all you have to do is arrange a drop site for the money, and the FBI will be there waiting, and they'll grab Annie.

David: You do realize it could take her weeks to call?

Ryan: That's why you got to stay on top of this.

David: All I can do is sit around waiting for the phone to ring. But I got to say this is a first, huh? You needing me? I'm just happy to help.

Ryan: Let's just hope this works, ok? Because if it does, I get my daughter back safe, and I don't have to deal with you again.

David: In all sincerity, I feel the same exact way on both counts.

Ryan: I'm gonna go see if there's been any response to the video.

Greenlee: I'm gonna buy you a dictionary, because you obviously have no idea what the word "sincerity" means.

David: What? I meant what I said about helping find Annie.

Greenlee: You're not doing this for Ryan. You're doing this to get your medical license back. And just maybe Marissa will find out about your good deed, forgive you for all the crap that you've pulled, and you'll have your daughter back, as well.

David: What's wrong with everyone getting their happy ending?

Greenlee: Ow!

David: You all right?

Greenlee: I'm fine.

Ryan: What's going on?

Greenlee: I'm fine. I just -- I just twisted it a little bit.

David: Let me take a look at it.

Ryan: No, let's get you to a doctor. Ok?

Greenlee: I'm fine.

Ryan: I want to be sure. Ok? Please. Easy.

Scott: You made it.

Madison: I can't believe an appointment opened up. Thank you so much for checking and calling.

Scott: I'm just glad it worked out. Come on in.

Madison: You know, I hate to admit this, but -- I didn't want to make a big deal about not getting the sonogram yesterday, but it was a big deal, you know? I was bummed, but now --

Sonographer: You're here for the ultrasound?

Madison: Yes. Madison North. I appreciate your seeing me today.

Sonographer: With the way my schedule keeps getting changed with no warning, you're lucky you got an appointment at all.

Scott: Yes, we are lucky. And we would love to see how this baby is doing.

Sonographer: Then let's get started. You know the drill?

Madison: Yes. I know there's no medical urgency, obviously, but I'm a first-timer, so I get worried. I just wish I had a window, so I can look in there and see how the little baby's doing, you know?

Sonographer: There's the baby.

Madison: My baby.

[Fetal heartbeat]

Agent Trumbull: I guess things didn't work out the way you thought when you called us. Cara's gonna be your sister-in-law. She's gonna be at every family gathering, anniversary, birthday.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Hello?

Jake: Where are you? I've been leaving you a bunch of messages.

Amanda: Sorry about that.

Jake: Just tell me where you are. I'll meet you.

Amanda: There's no reason for you the leave the wedding.

Jake: Amanda, I would rather be with you. Get it?

Amanda: Everything's so messed up.

Jake: Just tell me where you are.

Amanda: I'll just meet you back at the house. Bring me some wedding cake.

Jake: Wait a sec --

Amanda: You're still here.

Agent Trumbull: I didn't finish my drink yet. Don't worry, I wasn't eavesdropping.

Amanda: Isn't that part of your job? Nosy, snoopy, listening to people's business that's none of yours?

Agent Trumbull: You ok?

Amanda: Peachy. Huh.

Agent Trumbull: I know when you look at me, you see a badge.

Amanda: And a bad suit and the wrong shoes.

Agent Trumbull: You know, if you want to talk, I'm a good listener.

[Spanish music plays]

Cara: Ooh, I love that!

Kathy: You're supposed to do it.

Griffin: Hey.

Opal: I haven't officially welcomed you to the family.

Griffin: Thank you.

Opal: We're big huggers.

Griffin: Yeah.

Tad: Now comes the traditional moment in ceremony when we enjoy cheese. For you.

Cara: You're happy. I don't want the cheese.

Tad: I'm usually happy at my weddings.

Cara: Yeah?

Tad: Yeah.

Cara: But those are the real ones.

Tad: This is real, too, in its own way. Please, enjoy cheese.

Cara: I'll have a breadstick.

J.R.: You know I didn't mean to put you on the spot?

Marissa: You asked me to move in with you once, and I said "No" then. Nothing's changed.

J.R.: It's one night. Everybody's having a great time. There's no reason for the party to end. Let's just continue it back at the mansion.

A.J.: Can we have a party at our house?

Marissa: No, sweetie. We're just talking, ok? Why don't you go play with Kathy and Jenny, huh?

J.R.: One night.

Marissa: Uh-huh. It must get tiring always wanting what you can't have, huh?

J.R.: There's a big difference between "can't have" and "don't have."

Tad: Please, please. Excuse me.

[Music stops]

Tad: May I please have your attention? I think it's time to warn you, now has come the time for me to step on my wife's toes. In other words, our first bolero.


[Microphone feedback]

Griffin: That's unfortunate.

Mrs. Castillo: I hope that's not a sign.

Tad: Let's cut the cake.

Kathy and Jenny: Yay!

Krystal: I'll get a knife. Excuse me.

Ruth: She is ok with the wedding, isn't she?

Opal: She's getting there, yeah. Why don't we go help her with the plates.

Ruth: Good idea.

J.R.: Tad? I just want to say congratulations again, but I'm gonna have to leave.

Jake: I'm also gonna head out.

Tad: No. We're just getting to the good part. We're gonna have cake and dance -- and cake.

J.R.: Listen, I'd love to stay, but I have an appointment I got to make.

Tad: Oh, mijo.

Jake: Take it easy.

Tad: Wait a minute. Not you, too. Come here for a second. You can't bail on me right now, ok? Look, my best man's already on the way to California. J.R. leaves. I need you to stick around. What?

Jake: Cara knows.

Tad: What do you mean? Cara knows that -- that Amanda is the one that nailed her?

Jake: And she took off. I got to go find Amanda, make sure she's ok. So I'm sure you understand.

Tad: Look, I do, ok, and I'm really, really sorry about Amanda, but I need you to stick around. Do this for me, ok? Please, just a little longer. Take some snapshots, ok? We want to make sure if the Feds see them, they don't wonder why you're not in them.

Kathy: Smile, Daddy!

[Shutter clicks]

Jake: Got it?

Tad: Do another one.

Jake: Pictures.

Tad: Smile!

Singer: How do you know something that's for real or just for show? All the double-dealing has got us tripping now if you take a little leave a little can I make you understand now? If you get a little give a little, maybe it's a better plan

Amanda: It's just Cara, me -- a total jealous bitch, the one that brought you guys down on her, but you know that already.

Agent Trumbull: I know it's not a country, but she is getting married. That part's good, right?

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Agent Trumbull: She's too close? You still have doubts, even though she's wearing another man's ring?

Amanda: His ring, yeah.

Madison: Look. There's the head. I can't believe how much he/she has grown.

Scott: "He/she"?

Sonographer: Do you want to know the baby's sex?

Scott: That's your call.

Madison: Yes, I want to know.

Sonographer: Looks like it's a girl.

Madison: A girl.

Scott: And I bet she's gonna be just as beautiful as her mom.

Sonographer: Here you go.

Scott: Oh.

Sonographer: One for you.

Madison: Thank you.

Scott: Wow.

Madison: Baby Girl North. I'm never gonna forget this day.

[Phone chirps]

Scott: Oh. Accounts Receivable -- can't live without me. So you're good?

Madison: I'm good. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Scott: All I did was --

Madison: A lot.

Scott: Ok.

Greenlee: I told you it was nothing. Let's get out of here.

Ryan: Ok. I'll go take care of the paperwork, ok?

Greenlee: Taking care of me is the last thing you need to do right now. All we should be thinking about is Emma. I can't wait to hear that laugh of hers again.

Ryan: I know. We just got to believe she's coming home. I'll be right back.

Greenlee: Hey.

Opal: Get yourself up here.

Krystal: No, if I'm doing it, you're doing it, too.

Marissa: Don't do me any favors.

Cara: I will. I've got my eye on you.

Opal: Give her a little room.

Marissa: I like that.

Opal: Here we are. That's the obliging ladies.

Cara: You guys ready back there?

Kathy: Yay!

Cara: All right. Here we go.

Krystal: Oh!

Jake: I think this is for you. I'm a married man. Sorry.

Kathy: Ha ha ha ha!

Marissa: You ready to go?

A.J.: Can't we do what Dad said, bring everyone over to the house?

Marissa: I don't think that's a good idea.

A.J.: But the house is lonely. I don't want to go.

Ruth: We want another grandchild fix before we fly home, you know. Listen, we do live in Florida, but if you ever want anything, need anything, please call.

Cara: I have been hearing about this coffeecake recipe, so --

Ruth: Ha ha! Oh, Grandma Kate. Yes, of course. I'll send it.

Griffin: Mami? Cab's here.

Cara: Ok.

Mrs. Castillo: I don't know what to say.

Cara: Say you're happy for me, Mama.

Mrs. Castillo: I'm happy for you, mija. You made many promises today.

Tad: And I intend to keep every one of them.

Joe: You'd better.

Mrs. Castillo: I believe he will.

Ruth: I guess we're all family now, hmm?

Amanda: Ha! Don't forget about Tad. He is her new husband.

Agent Trumbull: You ok?

J.R.: Whoa. Back off.

Agent Trumbull: Let me help.

J.R.: She's married, buddy.

Agent Trumbull: Who are you?

J.R.: I'm a friend. Come on. Just sit down. What's going on with you?

Amanda: The usual -- making a mess of my life.

J.R.: Why don't we get some coffee in you, huh?

Amanda: No. I'm fine.

J.R.: No, you're not.

Opal: The girls are getting their stuff ready to go. Should we toss the rice?

Tad: Actually, everybody that's left is in the know. So we can relax.

Cara: We did it.

Krystal: Somehow.

Opal: Well! I can breathe again. Your mama is one tough customer.

Griffin: Yes, indeed.

Tad: So are you.

Opal: Oh, I try.

Tad: Thank you, all of you, for helping us to pull this off, and for keeping Cara safe. And, um, for making it seem like I'm the luckiest guy in Pine Valley.

Cara: Wait. I should be the one saying "Thank you."

Griffin: And I should thank you, too. I'm not gonna kiss you.

Opal: Heh heh heh heh!

Griffin: So can we drink now, please? Salud.

Opal: Mmm! I think I'm gonna need a refill soon.

Cara: I'll join you on that.

Jake: Three years of your life. Your life -- what are you doing for three years?

Tad: It's a good cause. You take care of Amanda.

Jake: I'm gonna have to find her first.

Opal: Oh, you girls ready?

Kathy: Yeah!

Griffin: I can give you a ride home if you want.

Cara: Wait, girls. Come here. Don't forget your bells.

Kathy: Right!

Tad: Ok, you guys remember I want you to have fun tonight, and I'll see you first thing in the morning. Ok?

Kathy: You promise?

Tad: Yes, I promise. Go on, now.

Kathy: Ok. Oh. Don't forget your --

Cara: Bye.

Opal: All righty. Come on. Let's get going.

Ryan: Hey. Is that your baby?

Scott: Uh, yeah. It's a girl. We found out today.

Ryan: That's fantastic. Congratulations. That's big. That's big news.

Scott: Yeah. Thanks. Um, I got to go.

Ryan: Ok. Tell Madison we'll just send her our best.

Scott: Yeah, I will.

Greenlee: Ahem.

Ryan: You ok?

Greenlee: Yeah. Can we just get out of here, please?

Ryan: Yeah. I just want to show you something first. It started. It should be on right now. [Clicks on the TV] I know you're upset, and I know you're scared, but there's still time here to correct this horrible mistake. Annie, we got to think about Emma and do what's best for her, ok? So bring her home, please. It's not fair to keep her on the run forever.

Amanda: Why are relationships so complicated?

J.R.: Can we start with an easier question?

Amanda: It's like you love each other and everything's going great, and then all of a sudden it's not. Ohh. It's like you can't change what you've done, you can't change how you feel, and you want to make everything better, and you don't know how. And the other person --

J.R.: Makes you crazy, and you can't live without them.

Jake: Hey. Am I interrupting something?

J.R.: I'm just making a delivery. You got it from here. Take care of yourself.

Jake: Thanks, buddy. I was looking all over the place for you.

Amanda: Well, you found me.

Jake: Is that the dress you were gonna wear to the wedding?

Amanda: Oh. Yeah, I was gonna come. But I've made so many mistakes that I didn't want to make any more.

Jake: Neither do I. Look, I want us to talk, and I want you to --

Amanda: Talking is one thing, but I just feel like they're just words. Feelings are another thing.

Jake: I love you.

Amanda: And I know that. But those are not the feelings that I'm talking about.

Tad: Cara?

Cara: Yes?

Tad: There's a plain-wrapped car outside with two guys in it. I don't think they could be more obvious.

Cara: Immigration's watching the house?

Tad: Yeah. Apparently.

Cara: Ok. Relax, all right? Because you know what? Hey, we're married, baby.

Tad: No, that's what I mean. It doesn't exactly scream "crazy in love wedding night," you and me hanging around, cleaning up.

Cara: Ok. Fair enough. So, what, you want to crack the window, and I can fake a Meg Ryan?

Tad: A Meg Ryan? You mean as in the deli scene Meg Ryan? You'd do that? I dare you.

Cara: Why not? Stop. I'm getting to liking this acting thing, ok?

Tad: As entertaining and as gratifying as it sounds, I say we go for another option.

Cara: Ok.

Tad: I say we go for a nice hotel. Carrying over the threshold -- give them the whole show.

Cara: Yeah?

Tad: Champagne. Jacuzzi bath.

Cara: Yeah. Like, honeymoon suite?

Tad: Yeah. Like a honeymoon suite -- with separate beds.

Cara: Well, yeah.

Madison: I stopped by the nurses' station to fill out paperwork for my insurance, and the nurse was really surprised to see me today, since she said she specifically told you there weren't any available appointments.

Scott: Hmm. That woman is obviously overworked, because she is losing her mind.

Madison: You did this, didn't you?

Scott: What?

Madison: The thing I want to know is why you would do something so great and not want me to know about it.

Scott: I didn't do it just for you. I also did it for the baby.

Madison: You didn't have to. She's not --

Scott: Look, I know she's not. All right? And I know you want your independence, and I respect that. Ok? I'm just your cover. But I got to tell you, even though your baby is just the size of a little potato, I'm already starting to like this kid.

Ryan: David. Has Annie tried to reach you?

David: Yes. She called.

Ryan: What did she say? Where is she?

David: I don't know. I missed it. I was on duty. I wasn't allowed to use my cell.

Ryan: Damn it!

David: Look, but she did leave a message, ok, and she sounded very anxious. She said she would call back at 6:00.

Ryan: 6:00? That's in, like, 45 minutes. Meet us at our place.

David: I'm on my way.

Ryan: Annie must've seen the appeal. She wants to talk to David.

Greenlee: This is it.

Madison: You know you have no obligation to this baby?

Scott: I know that. It's just -- ok, look. Even though I did time for theft, sitting in a cell didn't exactly make up for what I did. All right? I hurt a lot of people, screwed a lot of people over, and I just want to do something good. I want to do what's right. Even though I'm lying to people each and every day to their face, I -- it just feels kind of noble. All right. Look, maybe this is wrong for me to even put out there, ok, but it's your child and it's your life, but in some weird way I just -- I want to do this. I need to do this. And look, Madison, I don't want to put any sort of pressure on you or freak you out. That's not what I want to do here.

Madison: I think Baby Girl North is lucky to have someone who cares so much in her corner. So am I.

[Indistinct chatter]

A.J.: Daddy!

J.R.: Is this a closed party, or can anyone join?

A.J.: You want to come play with us?

J.R.: What's going on?

A.J.: I asked Mommy if everyone can come over like you said. Is it ok?

J.R.: It's better than ok.

Opal: All right. Good.

Krystal: Come on, A.J. It's your turn now.

Opal: That's right.

J.R.: Get the guest rooms ready, the south wing.

Maid: You closed that wing up last week.

J.R.: I want you and the staff to open it up again.

Jenny: Green. Yeah, green!

J.R.: One day soon, this -- this house will be full again.

Jenny: Double purple!

Amanda: As much as you love me, you still have feelings for Cara.

Jake: Honey, that's just not true.

Amanda: Maybe it's the way that your marriage ended, maybe it's because you guys shared so much, but you still care for her. And just because you want those feelings to go away, you can't make it happen. And what that's wound up with is us being in a marriage with three people.

Tad: Hey, look. I thought you could use a little privacy.

Cara: Oh, no. Immigration people. Ooh! They're gonna probably pop in, because they followed us -- oh. Do you see them now? They followed us over here to make sure this night was legit. So there you go.

Tad: Ok. I'm game if you are. However, you know what they say: No marriage is really a marriage until the deed is done. No, no, not that deed. I'm talking about the first dance. Because you look great, you look hot, and we never got a chance at the house, because of the stereo. So with your blessing --

Cara: That sounds like fun. Yeah, because it broke. I remember it wasn't -- something.

Tad: So this is a very special song. Don't worry. No dipping.

[Music plays]

Cara: Ok. No dipping. It's gonna -- maybe it won't. Ok. Oh, God.

Tad: Ha ha ha ha! Ain't a marriage, huh?

Cara: Ha! Ha ha ha!

Tad: You're feeling it?

Cara: I'm feeling it!

Tad: I'm feeling something. I don't know what it is.

Cara: Oh, yeah. Ok.

Tad: Somebody call 911.

Cara: No. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Tad: Come on. What are brand-new husbands for, huh?

Cara: Hey, look at that! Ok! Look at that good move!

Tad: Ha ha ha! He can be taught!

Cara: Ha ha ha ha!

David: Annie should've called by now. She was very precise about the time.

Greenlee: She's always a little late.

Ryan: Damn it.

[Phone rings]

David: Annie?

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