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Opal: Hey, rise and shine, Casanova.

Tad: My God.

Opal: Oh, would you mind telling me what that big sleepy grin was all about?

Tad: I was grinning?

Opal: Mm-hmm. You were grinning in your sleep.

Tad: Can't a guy grin on his wedding day?

Opal: Your fake wedding day. But I have noticed, Mister, that you have been quite the perky camper ever since the moment you got engaged.

Brot: Chief?

Jesse: No. If that's for me, I am not here.

Brot: I really think you're gonna want to take this call. Come on, Chief. Come on.

Jesse: This better be important. Hubbard here.

Angie: Hubbard here, too, with good news.

Jesse: Hey, baby. How you doing?

Angie: They cleared me to travel, baby. I'm coming home.

Agent Trumbull: So how long have you known Dr. Castillo?

Griffin: Hey. What the hell's going on here?

Frankie: Hey, chill.

Agent Trumbull: I'm questioning everybody who's worked with the other Dr. Castillo.

Griffin: That's kind of tacky, don't you think, considering she's getting married today?

Agent Trumbull: Just because your sister is saying her vows doesn't mean my investigation's over. We're just getting started.

Jake's voice: Cara, I vow to love, honor, cherish, respect, and hopefully make you laugh for the rest of our lives. With this ring, I thee wed. Oh, and I also promise to learn how to make tamales. Am I allowed to say that? I guess I just did.

Kendall: Hi.

Cara: Hi.

Kendall: Did you spend the night down here?

Cara: Yeah. I -- ahem -- I woke up around 3:00, and then I came down to put the TV on. Was that ok?

Kendall: Are you ok?

Cara: Yeah. I'm great. It's my big day.

Amanda: Wow. Very handsome.

Jake: Thank you. Trust me, it's not what it looks like.

Amanda: You said you were gonna get rid of it.

Jake: Yeah. I -- and I know that I said that. It's just it seemed kind of weird just to give it away.

Amanda: And keeping it feels right? What?

Jake: No, I'm not saying -- Cara had mentioned this little ring kind of -- she felt like it saved her life. Every time we talk about anything lately, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells with you. What I say, how I say it, what I do -- it's gonna make you look like that, and I cannot do this anymore. Ok? I can't. 

J.R.: Don't you look sharp.

A.J.: Is Tad happy?

J.R.: I don't know. Yeah, that's a question we'll have to ask him when we get there.

A.J.: Are you?

J.R.: When I'm with you, I'm always happy.

A.J.: But we're always alone, Dad. How come everyone leaves us?

Jesse: So everything's all good with you and the baby?

Angie: Mm-hmm. Got an excellent bill of health.

Jesse: Nice. So when's the next flight out?

Angie: Oh, no flight, baby. I'm too far along.

Jesse: Ah. You know what? Why don't I fly out to meet you, and then we'll take the train back together, huh?

Frankie: Is that my mother?

Angie: And if I go into labor on the train, I don't think that the other passengers will appreciate it.

Jesse: You down for a little road trip?

Frankie: Only for Mom. Yeah, sign me up.

Jesse: You know what? You ain't got to worry about that, sweetheart, because you're gonna have your own personal physician on board.

Angie: What? Who?

Jesse: Bam!

Frankie: Mother?

Angie: Hi, darling. Listen, I can't ask you to do this.

Frankie: What? Are you kidding me? I haven't had time off in months now, and I always wanted to see the good old U.S. of A.

Angie: Uh-huh. With your father and extremely pregnant mother?

Frankie: I love you, and I shall see you soon.

Jesse: So listen. As soon as I'm finished with my best-man duties, we will be on our way.

Angie: In that case, I cannot wait to see you.

Tad: Ma, the fact is I've had a pretty raw deal in the last few months. I guess lately I'm just starting to feel a little better.

Opal: Is that because of Cara?

Tad: Because of helping someone. You know you're not allowed to do that at the wedding, right?

Opal: What's that?

Tad: Give me that "I don't buy any of this hooey" look. It's supposed to be real. People are supposed to buy this.

Opal: I know what the stakes are, Tad.

Tad: Good. Good. So I can count on you to back me up, back both of us up?

Opal: I say that we just have to make this a happy day for everybody. And, heck, why not? Let's face it. You got the whole damn family on board.

Tad: Not the whole family.

Amanda: Jake, do you have any idea how hard this is for me? Right. Why am I bitching about it when this is all my fault, when I am the one who put all this in motion?

Jake: You said it, not me.

Amanda: Do you not think that I don't regret everything, that I would take it all back in a second if I could?

Jake: You can't take it back, and that is the problem. Ok? But we don't have time to talk about this right now. Not right now.

Amanda: Go without me.

Jake: Don't say something that you don't mean, ok?

Amanda: I cannot sit there and pretend that everything is fine in front of everyone. It'll drive me crazy.

Jake: Are you really doing this right now? Are you doing this? You keep talking about how guilty you are for trying to have Cara deported. You know how you fix it? You get a smile on your face. You go there. You sit there. You take pictures. You go to the wedding. That's how you fix it.

Amanda: I cannot sit there and watch you while you watch them.

[Knock on door]

Jake: Amanda, don't. I'm telling you -- you're not even dressed.

Amanda: Can you please get the door? I cannot deal with anyone right now. I'm sorry.

Ruth: Sweetheart!

Jake: Mom, Dad! Oh, my -- I can't -- thank you so much. How long -- come in.

Ruth: Ha ha ha! Oh, boy. You look surprised, and listen. We wouldn't miss the wedding, or time with our grandkids.

Jake: Oh, my -- Trevor is out with the sitter right now, but they're gonna be back. And when he sees you, he's gonna be raring for grandparent time. I promise you.

Ruth: Are you all right, hmm?

Jake: Yeah, I'm good. I'm great. Don't I look good?

Joe: You look very handsome. But you know what your mother meant. Son, you loved Cara. You were a wreck when she left. So you're ok with her marrying your brother?

Kendall: This is for you.

Cara: Yay! It's for my fake wedding. No, you shouldn't have.

Kendall: I wanted to. I wanted to. Please, open it.

Cara: It's beautiful.

Kendall: Zach gave it to me before our family left for a few months on our yacht.

Cara: That sounds romantic.

Kendall: It was. Anyway, it's supposed to bring you safe travels. And I know that you're not going anywhere, but I know those seas of marriage can be kind of rough. So --

Cara: You know what? You barely know me. I can't take this.

Kendall: Barely know you? No. Excuse me. Hi. You're living here. You're taking my pulse twice a day. You're tripping over my boys' lunch boxes. So please, please take it.

Cara: Thank you. I have a feeling I'm gonna need it. Hi, Mami.

Kendall: You sleep ok?

Mrs. Castillo: What a comfortable bed. Thank you so much for sharing your home.

Kendall: Of course. Of course. Ok, ladies, I'm gonna go finish getting dressed, so I will see you soon. Ok?

Cara: Thank you.

Kendall: Of course.

Mrs. Castillo: Can I?

Cara: Yes. You haven't done this since I was a little girl.

Mrs. Castillo: And I would dream about this day, your wedding day. You wouldn't be sick anymore. You'd be strong and healthy and in love.

Cara: It looks like you've got your wish.

Mrs. Castillo: Mija, all I want is for you to be happy.

Cara: I'm happy, Mama.

Mrs. Castillo: Time to get ready.

Cara: All right. Yes. You know what? Why don't you go up there, and I will meet you up in a second. Ok?

[Knock on door]

Cara: Hi.

Griffin: What happened?

Cara: Nothing happened. It's just, you know, I'm a girl and it's my big day. But it's gonna be over soon, so --

Griffin: Not according to Agent Trumbull.

Cara: Oh, great.

Griffin: I ran into him at the hospital. He said he's not gonna let this go, marriage or no marriage.

Cara: Ok. Look, Jackson has a hearing about the passport fraud, so that part is under control.

Griffin: Cara, you don't have to do this. You don't have to sacrifice your life, marry a man you don't love. If you want to leave, just say the word. I'll go with you.

Cara: You'd really do that for me?

Griffin: I'd do anything for you.

Cara: I think that I like Pine Valley, you know? I like my job and love that I'm with you. I like my new friends, and now I've got this crazy extended family.

Griffin: Emphasis on the "crazy."

Cara: Who have been amazing. I'm like a stranger to them. I'm worse than a stranger. I'm the woman that broke Jake's heart, and here they are. They're standing by me. They're supporting me.

Griffin: Because they see what I see. You're an amazing person.

Cara: Whatever the reason, Pine Valley is growing on me, and I have a feeling it might be growing on you, too.

Griffin: Yeah. Right.

Cara: Come on. You can admit it. It's got a lot to offer.

Jesse: Hey. Looking mighty dapper there, Thaddeus.

Tad: Did you get everything?

Jesse: I think so. Might've helped if I knew what it was for. Bells? Gold coins? What's the deal with all this stuff?

Tad: You'll know soon enough. Listen, you're the best best-man and best friend a guy ever had.

[Phone rings]

Tad: What's up?

Jesse: It's for you.

Tad: Ha ha ha! Hey, baby!

Angie: Ha ha! Apparently, that title belongs to someone else.

Tad: No ring on my finger yet. How you doing?

Angie: I'm doing good. Thinking about you and wishing I could be there today.

Tad: I do, too, honey.

Angie: I would've sent a gift, but it was so fast, even for you.

Tad: I'll take that as a compliment.

Angie: I love you, Tad, and I really hope it's a wonderful day.

Tad: Yeah. You take care of yourself, and take care of that beautiful baby.

Angie: Oh, I will. And we'll both see you soon.

Tad: Ok. Man, I love your wife.

Jesse: Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting to know yours, too.

Opal: Now I'm gonna ask all cutie pies who are under 4 feet or so to come in the kitchen with me, because I got a pre-wedding quiz. I want to make sure you all know what you're supposed to do.

Krystal: Sounds serious. Now, go on. Go on with Opal.

Opal: Get in there. Even you.

J.R.: I know that I'm not your favorite person right now. I thought I could handle Annie all by myself. Clearly, I was wrong.

Krystal: If one good thing came out of all this, it's that Marissa's finally moved on.

Marissa: Can we just drop this, please?

Krystal: Gladly.

Jake: Mom, Dad, I'm happy for Tad. I am, actually.

Joe: Something's bothering you. If it's not Tad and Cara --

Jake: You know what it is? It's Amanda. She has been uncomfortable since Cara got to town, and I can't blame her. Watching me trying to -- it hasn't been a walk in the park for me, either. I mean, with Cara, everything that we --

Joe: Then she falls in love with your brother.

Jake: Right. And of course, there's that. But I'd like to see my wife happy. "Happy wife, happy life," as they say. Right, Mom?

Ruth: Jake, you will make her happy.

Jake: How can you convince me that that's actually true?

Ruth: I'm your mom. Believe it.

Amanda: Hey.

Joe: Hello.

Amanda: Oh, you don't want to do that. I think I'm coming down with something.

Ruth: Oh. That's terrible.

Amanda: I know, especially since today's the wedding and everything, and I don't want to chance getting the happy couple sick. So I think I'm gonna have to stay home.

Jake: Stay home and take a rest?

Amanda: Yeah. I'm actually headed back to bed, but I wanted to come and say hi. And give Tad my love?

Ruth: Oh, of course. Feel better, dear.

Amanda: Thank you.

[Phone chirps]

Joe: She's not really sick, is she?

Griffin: Now, that's a dress.

Kendall: Thank you. Ok, just say it. Go ahead and say it. You're worried that I'm off my medication. But I have to tell you, honestly, I feel fine. I feel even better.

Griffin: I wasn't thinking about your physical health.

Kendall: Ah. The wedding.

Griffin: Cara would understand if you didn't feel like going.

Kendall: No, there's gonna be a lot of these things come up: My first time on the boat without Zach, Ian's birthday, my first wedding. Don't worry. I'm good. I promise you I am not gonna lose it, I think.

Griffin: Just checking.

Kendall: Trying to find Zach's hidden message -- it's given me this energy, this drive, and I haven't had that in a really long time.

Griffin: I understand.

Kendall: Good. So, all right. Get me to this wedding already. It would look horrible if I didn't show up. My roommate's getting married, and then I'm a no-show? Not good. What's wrong?

Griffin: Tad. Tell me he's a good guy.

Kendall: Griffin, Tad is one of the best. I promise you. He's awesome. Cara is in excellent hands. You don't have to worry.

Griffin: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Krystal: Hey. Excuse me. I'm just getting a few things together for the girls.

Tad: What do you mean, getting some things together? You're not gonna be here tonight?

Krystal: I don't think it's gonna go over too well with Immigration if your ex-wife is in the next room on your wedding night.

Tad: Ah. Yeah. You'll be back tomorrow, right?

Krystal: Listen, Tad, you are getting married in less than an hour, so we can talk about this later. Ok?

Tad: Talk about what? No, I want to talk about it now.

Krystal: Ok. I'm thinking about moving out.

Tad: Well, where? When?

Krystal: I don't know. I really haven't ironed out all of the details yet. But, you know --

Tad: Krystal.

Krystal: No, listen. Tad, come on. We have to face reality sooner or later. We've always put the girls first, right?

Tad: Right.

Krystal: That is never, ever gonna change.

Tad: You've been amazing.

Krystal: At the end of the day, we are -- we're protecting someone, and I can't argue with that.

Tad: I love you. You know that, right?

Krystal: I love you, too.

Tad: Uh-oh.

Ruth: Did someone order the mother and father of the groom?

Tad: Not me. Send them back.

Joe: He hasn't lost his sense of humor.

Krystal: No. Are you kidding? His sense of humor is gonna be the last thing to go. Trust me. Good to see you. Excuse me.

Ruth: You, too, dear. Oh.

Tad: Mom. Thank you for coming all the way up.

Ruth: What? And miss our son's fifth or sixth wedding?

Tad: Come on, Ma. Not you, too? Why is everybody so concerned with the count?

Ruth: I am only concerned with you, darling.

Joe: What's this going to do to your relationship with your brother?

Ruth: Tad, what is it?

Tad: The wedding isn't quite what you might think it is.

J.R.: Weddings -- they're always so hopeful.

Marissa: That's kind of the idea. You should mention that in your toast.

J.R.: Ahem. We promised each other a lifetime, not knowing whether that lifetime was gonna be a year or a day.

Marissa: Why are we talking about this?

J.R.: Do you ever wish you could turn back the clock?

Marissa: No. No, I'm not focusing on the past anymore. I'm just looking in the future.

Ruth: I am so proud of you.

Joe: You are?

Ruth: How did we get so lucky to have such a sweet, thoughtful, caring son? How did we get that lucky?

Tad: Oh, I'm the one who's lucky, Mom. You're the first one I've told this to who didn't freak out on me. You just kind of got it. Everybody else seems to have questions and issues.

Ruth: I'm sure if I took the time, I'd have them, too. But, darling, the bottom line is you're saving a life. I need to meet the bride.

Tad: Yeah, there is that. I assume you know the way?

Ruth: Yes, I do. I do. I do.

Tad: Ok, Pop, let me have it.

Joe: You can't go through with this.

Opal: Oh, here. I want you to say hello to A.J.!

Krystal: Hi. Where's the bride?

Griffin: She's hanging in the car until the coast is clear.

Joe: It's a mistake, Tad. I don't know. Maybe even a crime.

Tad: Pop, I know it's not a perfect solution.

Joe: Not even close.

Tad: But it is a solution. We're talking about saving someone's life.

Joe: It's very noble, but there are consequences.

Jake: Hey, groom! I need you up here.

Tad: There's Jake. I got to go.

Joe: Tad, Tad?

Tad: Pop, I need you to trust me. What? What's up?

Jake: Amanda is not coming.

Tad: Why?

Jake: Because she's not feeling well.

Tad: Yeah, why would she? After all, she's probably dying of guilt, because she's the one that called Immigration on Cara. Let's just take it easy. Everything's gonna calm down after the wedding. You'll see.

Jake: No. See, that's how you are. You're so good.

Tad: What?

Jake: No, you're just so nice, and you're helpful to other people. You're practically ruining your love life for the next three years. What if you met somebody? You've ruined it now.

Tad: Don't help.

Jake: Sorry. Excuse me.

J.R.: So is there any pre-wedding jitters?

Tad: Yeah. Ha ha ha! Oh, yes. Ok. I'm good. No, I really -- I appreciate you coming. I want you to know that. With the whole Krystal and Marissa thing, it's not exactly a tension-free zone.

J.R.: For you, I'd have put up with just about anything. Besides, one of your sons had to be here, right?

Griffin: Hey, is there a back way in? I got to get Cara upstairs to get changed.

Kendall: No, you don't. Cara's gone.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Coming. What are you doing here? You're about to get married.

Cara: Thanks to you.

Amanda: I don't know what --

Cara: So how did it feel, Amanda, when you hung up the phone, knowing you just got me deported? I want to hear you say it. Did you turn me in to Immigration?

Amanda: Yes. I did not know that your life was in danger.

Cara: Oh. Then in that case --

Amanda: Please believe me. I have been beating myself up over this nonstop.

Cara: I hope you have.

Amanda: What do you want me to say?

Cara: I just want to know why. Why are you so desperate, because you have it all. You got Jake, you're married to him, you have a child with him.

Amanda: I know all that.

Cara: So I want to know why you are so threatened.

Amanda: Maybe because you're still in love with him.

Cara: That's not true.

Amanda: Oh, my God! Yes, it is! You were just wearing your engagement ring around your neck!

Cara: I gave it back.

Amanda: Because you finally realized how inappropriate it was, not because you're over him.

Cara: If you really believe that, then you have royally screwed yourself, sweetheart. Because I'm here to stay, for better or worse -- for three years, anyway. Unless I'm exposed as a fraud, and then you got reason to celebrate, because I'm gone -- and then probably killed. I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'll see you at the wedding.

Judge: Are we all set?

Tad: In heart and mind, absolutely. Unfortunately, my bride is running a little late.

Krystal: Yeah, but she's gonna be here any second now.

Opal: Yeah. Why don't I just introduce you around a little bit, Judge? Come this way.

Tad: I can't believe this is happening. Any word?

Griffin: Not yet.

Mrs. Castillo: Maybe Cara took my advice and decided not to go through with this.

Joe: At least someone is thinking about this rationally.

Griffin: Cara did not get cold feet. I talked to her before we left. Trust me. She'll be here.

Tad: Ok.

Jake: Hey. Where you been?

Cara: Your place, actually. I heard what Tad said before. Amanda was the one who turned me in?

Jake: I --

Cara: So you knew, right, and you didn't tell me.

Jake: Sorry. I'm sorry about everything.

Cara: Jake, where you going?

Jake: I'm gonna go find my wife.

Agent Trumbull: Is there a problem?

Jake: We don't have a problem, right?

Cara: Oh, gosh, yeah. Everything's cool. I'm a little nervous, but it's normal. Yeah?

Jake: Very normal. You kidding?

Agent Trumbull: Great. So the wedding's still on?

Cara: Oh. Yes, of course, the wedding is on.

Jake: Either that or I'm really overdressed.

Cara: Why don't you stay, be a guest?

Jake: That's good. That'd be great. Of course.

Agent Trumbull: You know what? I think I'll do that.

Jake: Nice. Good.

Cara: Great. Ok. I'm gonna upstairs so we can get this thing going. Can you tell Griff to meet me up there in 15 minutes?

Jake: Yes, of course, I will. Be a pleasure. Follow me. Ok. Bride's here, so let's pull it together. Griffin, your sister wants you upstairs in 15 minutes.

Tad: Agent Trumbull. Welcome.

Agent Trumbull: The bride asked me to stay. I hope that's ok.

Tad: The more the merrier.

Joe: Tad, please think about what this is gonna do, not just to you, to your brother and Amanda.

Tad: Dad, I have thought about it, and, unfortunately, there isn't time to talk about it now. That man I was just speaking to is the agent from Immigration I told you about, the one who's after Cara. So do me a favor. Just smile. Please.

Joe: Heh heh heh.

Tad: Now, you're sure you're clear on what you got to do?

Jesse: Crystal clear.

Tad: A.J., Jenny, Kathy, come here. Time to give you your jobs. A.J., the guest book is all yours. Kathy and Jenny, you guys hang on to these. Ok? Now, I'm gonna give you each a bell later. Make sure you do not ring it until after the ceremony. Ok?

Jenny: Yeah.

Tad: Ok. Go on. Set up.

Mrs. Castillo: You've done your homework. Are those the trece monedas de oro?

Tad: I'm not sure. If that means "13 gold coins in a box," yeah. Si. Huh. And the bells -- these are functional. They're also recuerdos. Read it.

Mrs. Castillo: You did all of this for my Cara?

Tad: Yeah, for Cara. And you.

Kendall: How you doing over here?

Griffin: Truth? Freaked out. I would not wish this for my sister.

Kendall: I get it. What about you?

Griffin: Me?

Kendall: Yeah. You think you'll ever get married someday?

Griffin: Not likely. My lifestyle doesn't really jibe.

Kendall: I'm sorry about what I said yesterday, when I came down on you for never being in love. That was rude, and it was none of my business.

Griffin: It's ok.

Kendall: No, it's not. It's not. I shouldn't have said that, and, clearly, you are capable. Look at how you feel about your mom and your sister. You love them very much.

Griffin: Yeah, I do.

Kendall: Everything's gonna be ok. You'll see.

Griffin: I'm glad you're here.

Kendall: Me, too.

Mrs. Castillo: So, nobody special, hmm?

Griffin: I'm gonna go get dressed.

Agent Trumbull: Haven't seen your wife around.

Amanda: Dirty martini, please.

[Phone rings, but Amanda ignores Jake's call]

[Classical music plays]

Griffin: Look at you.

Cara: Um, I just wanted to take this moment real quick and just tell you thank you. I know it hasn't been easy, and, still, you've been there for me. You stood by me. When you thought I was crazy, you supported me. And I want you to know that I will always remember this.

Griffin: You're an angel.

Cara: You're the angel.

["Wedding March" plays]

Griffin: You ready for this, little sis?

Cara: No. But when has that ever stopped me before? Let's go.

Justice: We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Tad and Cara. Who gives this woman?

Griffin: I do.

Justice: Will you be saying your own vows?

Cara: Yes. In a whirlwind, right? One second I'm chugging along, doing my thing, bouncing from one spot to the next, and the next thing I know I'm here. I'm stuck. My whole world's on its head. Very scary place to be, but I wasn't afraid, because there you were. And I wasn't stuck. I was home. I just didn't know it yet. Tad -- you are sweet, you are kind, you are loving, and you are so generous. I can honestly say I thank God for you, and I promise you I will every day.

Tad: You and I are definitely a unique couple. There's no getting around it. I don't think there's anybody here that could argue the point, but I don't care, because in my heart I know this is right. I'm glad you mentioned being stuck. For the longest time before you showed up, I felt like I was standing in one place without a purpose, sort of waiting for something more. You are that "something." I'll be proud to call you my wife. I promise to honor and cherish and protect it for as long as you'll let me.

Justice: Who has the rings?

Jesse: That would be me.

Tad: Thank you.

Cara: Tad, take this ring as a symbol of my trust and my faith in you.

Tad: Cara, take this ring as a symbol of my faith and trust in you.

Tad: And with these, I place all of my goods in your care for safekeeping.

Bartender: Another round?

Amanda: Please.

Justice: By the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.

Amanda: Thank you.

Bartender: You're way too dressed up to be here alone. You going somewhere? Celebrating?

Amanda: Going somewhere? No. Celebrating? Definitely.

[Agent Trumbull walks into ConFusion and sees Amanda drinking]

[Bells ring]

[Cheering as everyone throws rose petals at the happy couple]

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