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Erica: I'm so glad you're home. I know we have to talk about a lot of things, and we will. I promise, right after I --

Jack: Erica? I waited for you, because it wouldn't be right to leave without saying good-bye.

Erica: Leave?

Jack: I'm moving out.

Miranda: Is Mommy Reese coming soon?

Bianca: Yeah, in a little while. She's flying in from Paris, staying for a week. And then the girls and I are going back with her for spring break, if all goes well.

Marissa: I hope it does.

Bianca: Look, I don't really want to hear the legal argument against my daughters saying good-bye to their other mother.

Marissa: I'm not against it. If you can work it out on your own, then that is the best possible solution.

Bianca: But you don't think that will happen.

Marissa: I think we need to be prepared. I don't think that Reese's attorney is negotiating in good faith.

Bianca: And I don't want all of Reese's time here taken up by a bunch of lawyers and negotiations. My girls -- they need to spend time with their mother. And I need to talk to my wife.

Marissa: I understand. But when I let my guard down with J.R., I almost lost my son.

Bianca: I already told you that Reese is nothing like J.R. I don't want to discuss this anymore.

Marissa: If you would just --

Bianca: I said stop. All you're doing is trying to turn your horror story divorce into mine, and I'm done with it.

Cara: Oh, Mom, what are you doing here?

Mrs. Castillo: Isn't this the one you divorced?

Jake: Yes. Well, yeah. But, Mrs. Castillo, it's a pleasure to meet you because --

Cara: Hi. Oh, my goodness. Wow.

Mrs. Castillo: You look tired, mija, so thin.

Cara: I'm great. I'm so happy to see you.

Mrs. Castillo: Of course, I would come when my daughter tells me she's getting married -- so suddenly and with no warning? Which is better than the last time, when I didn't hear until after.

Cara: Right. This did happen kind of fast. But the truth is Tad and I are very much in love.

Mrs. Castillo: And yet here you are in the arms of your former husband the day before the wedding.

Jake: Um, no. It's not like that. It looks like that, Mrs. Castillo, but I was just congratulating Cara, actually, on the good news.

Mrs. Castillo: I recognize you from your wedding picture with my Cara.

Tad: Can we get you anything?

Mrs. Castillo: I want to speak to my daughter -- alone.

Tad: So let's take a walk.

Jake: Yep.

Griffin: I don't know if Zach was trying to tell you something through that letter, but I know he wouldn't want you to risk your health figuring it out.

Kendall: You just don't get it.

Griffin: No, I don't.

Kendall: Have you ever been in love? It's a simple "yes" or "no" question here.

Griffin: My love life and your situation have nothing to do with one another.

Kendall: Ok. I'll take that as a "no," then. You haven't ever been in love, which is why you're having such a hard time understanding what I'm going through right now.

Griffin: So you just disqualify me from having any opinion?

Kendall: Until you love someone with your whole heart and soul, when you feel so close and so connected that you're almost the same person, you will never know how it feels.

Erica: You're angry because Caleb kissed me on New Year's Eve.

Jack: Forget about the kiss. It's not about the kiss. It's about us. It's about you and me. It's about this wedding we're planning that I'm not even sure should happen.

Erica: After all we've been through together? After promising that this time would be forever? I didn't think that leaving was an option for either one of us.

Jack: I'm only leaving the apartment. Believe me, I'm not walking away from us.

Erica: I don't understand what you mean by that.

Jack: We've been living under this roof, but we haven't been together for months. Erica, you believe that you have made room in your life for a partner, but you haven't.

Erica: Of course, I have. You're my partner, my life's partner.

Jack: Not in a way I can live with. I'm gonna pack some things.

Marissa: Can I just ask you something? Why is Reese suddenly showing up now?

Bianca: Because there are things that need to be discussed in person.

Marissa: I'm sorry. I didn't want to make this harder. I'm just asking you to consider the idea that Reese might have another agenda other than family time in Paris.

Bianca: Right. And I appreciate your concern.

Marissa: I really do hope I'm wrong.

Griffin: Ok. You're the expert. Tell me what I'm missing.

Kendall: You still wouldn't understand.

Griffin: I'm a quick study. Humor me.

Kendall: Ok. What Zach and I had. You know that cliché about people finishing each other's sentences?

Griffin: You're one of those?

Kendall: It was more than that. I would be thinking about him, and the phone would ring, and it would be Zach thinking about me. Or he'd plan a trip somewhere, and I'd surprise him with tickets to the exact same place. He could get inside my crazy, all-over-the-place thoughts, and I could get inside his dark, complex ones. We saved each other's lives, but not in the way that you do. We did it by letting the other person in, totally in. We knew each other so deeply and so intimately. So if there's something telling me that there's something that I need to find out --

Griffin: The letter?

Kendall: Yes. Every instinct in me is screaming that there's a message in it for me, and I have to find out what it is, and I will. I owe him that. I owe our love.

Ricky: I'm getting a refill. You want anything?

Diana: I think it would be better if you have a clear head.

Ricky: My head is very clear.

Diana: Mm-hmm. But is your mission?

Ricky: I can't hound Kendall about this special place 24/7, Diana.

Diana: And now we have that hot pit bull doctor for us to deal with, too.

Ricky: No, we don't, because if he becomes more of a problem, we'll just take him out. Meanwhile, Kendall and I --

Diana: Kendall and you what?

Ricky: Most of the time I'm doing these jobs, I'm dealing with degenerates -- gamblers and addicts and people who deserve what they get.

Diana: Since when did you start worrying about who deserves what? And did Kendall's husband deserve it when you blew up his plane and caused it to splash in the ocean?

Ricky: I'm doing the job, all right? And I will get whatever evidence Zach had against us. Don't you worry your pretty little head about it.

Diana: It's not my pretty little head that I'm worried about.

Griffin: Ok, I'm gonna make you a deal.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Wait. Did I actually get through to you on a personal level? Me, a patient?

Griffin: Here's the deal. I'm gonna get you off the pain and sleep meds for a week, one week. But if you feel run-down, if you're getting any symptoms of distress --

Kendall: Yes, I will call my doctor.

Griffin: And one more thing.

Kendall: What's that?

Griffin: If Zach was really trying to deliver some kind of message through this letter, if his accident wasn't an accident, I'm gonna help you find out.

Jake: Actually, I was thinking Cara's mom is a sweet, sweet lady.

Tad: Yeah. A peach. Wonder how you say "Steel Magnolias" in Spanish.

Jake: She's a tough cookie.

Tad: It didn't help we walked in on you two playing huggy bear. What was that about? Were you really congratulating Cara or was it something else?

Jake: No, it's Agent Trumbull. He cornered us, talking about how did I fall in love with her? When did we fall out of love? And I think it was just rough. I think it shook her up.

Tad: And you?

Jake: I'm fine. I'm not the one that hasn't let it go.

Tad: Man, are we in luck? This Agent Trumbull doesn't seem like he's the kind of guy who's just gonna let things go. And let's not forget we still got to deal with that whole Immigration fraud hearing thing.

Jake: We just can't slip up. Right? We can't do that, but we are gonna have to deal with Cara's mom.

Tad: No, she'll do that.

Jake: Who's gonna do that?

Tad: Cara. When I said "Steel Magnolias," I wasn't just talking about Mami.

Mrs. Castillo: A man and his ex-wife living in the same house?

Cara: Yeah. They're good friends.

Mrs. Castillo: Like you and Jake?

Cara: Yeah. Exactly. Did you know that Jake's remarried? Amanda. Beautiful. And they have a lovely child, as well: Trevor.

Mrs. Castillo: I don't see happiness. I don't see happiness here, my beautiful child. I see heartbreak.

Cara: No.

Mrs. Castillo: I didn't come here to come to your wedding, Cara. I'm here to take you home.

Jake: Maybe if we rock like this -- should've stayed in the diner.

Tad: You know, I've been doing a little research on Mexican wedding traditions. Yeah. How do you feel about mariachis? Because, personally, I'm on the fence about them.

Jake: They're all right.

Tad: And they got this dance called the zapateado. It's interesting. No, really. They dress the groom's brother up like a piñata and beat the snot out of him with baseball bats.

Jake: I like that.

Tad: I'm glad to hear it. So what do you think? Wood or aluminum?

Jake: Either one.

Tad: You're not listening to a think I'm saying.

Jake: I'm sorry. No, I'm here. I got it.

Tad: What's wrong with you?

Jake: I'm just thinking about when Cara and I got married. We called her mom to tell her the good news, and it didn't go very well.

Tad: Oh. That's not shocking.

Jake: No. It's just because I figured we're gonna go visit. We're gonna -- I had speeches in my head, I knew what I wanted to say, and I never got to.

Tad: I'm sorry. I know this is tough on you, kiddo.

Jake: Actually, I'm ok. I'm -- I got a wife and a child. It's actually gonna be harder on you, I think.

Tad: What do you mean?

Jake: Krystal's definitely pissed off, and she's gonna get worse. And then you got to lie to your kids.

Tad: Yeah, I know. It'll get easier. It always does. Life gets hard, gets complicated. You just keep the faith and soldier on, and it always does. Are you gonna help me out with the zapateado thing?

Jake: As long as I lead.

Tad: So you were listening to me?

Cara: I'm marrying Tad tomorrow. So you can either accept it or not. I'm not going home with you.

Mrs. Castillo: Remember when you came home after you left Jake? You were broken. Within weeks you became sick again.

Cara: I had cancer.

Mrs. Castillo: Which had been in remission for years until he broke your heart.

Cara: No, I left Jake, Mami. Remember?

Mrs. Castillo: Of course. "It wasn't his fault." That's what you kept saying.

Cara: Because that was the truth.

Mrs. Castillo: Then why did I hear you crying every night? Why do you keep his ring on a chain around your neck? You think I didn't notice?

Cara: I chose the wrong man. Ok? It's simple. All right? Jake tried. The marriage didn't work. But the truth is I am responsible for ending it! Ok? That's it!

Mrs. Castillo: So this Tad, Jake's brother -- he is the right man?

Cara: Please stop questioning me. Please?

Mrs. Castillo: Please, mija. Just look me in the eyes and tell me the truth. Is Tad Martin the love of your life?

Griffin: You look surprised.

Kendall: I am. I am a little.

Griffin: I figure the sooner we find out what Zach's letter means, the sooner you'll get well again.

Kendall: Hmm. You can't break your promise to keep me well. I bet you wish you never made that one.

Griffin: Never. Another part of this is Zach brought me here to help people. Until the casinos are sold and the money frees up for the clinics, I might as well start by helping him.

Kendall: Ok, then. That's great, but I'm not really sure what you can do.

Griffin: Doctors are pretty good at solving puzzles, dissecting the best route before surgery. I may not be an expert at love, but I'm pretty good at getting solutions to problems. Let's start with the letter.

Kendall: I've gone over it a hundred times.

Griffin: Go over it again for me.

Kendall: Ok. "Dear Kendall, in the event of my untimely death, there are some things I need you to know, some things I need you to remember to pass on to the boys. Top of the list is how much I love you guys, my Team Slater."

Griffin: You remember the whole letter?

Kendall: Word for word.

Griffin: Ok. We don't need all that. Did he mention any other people in the letter?

Kendall: Just me and the boys and his casino partners.

Griffin: By name?

Kendall: No.

Griffin: It's kind of odd he'd mention them in a personal letter to his wife, don't you think?

Kendall: He was having problems with them. They harassed him. They threatened him. He even stayed away from us for a while, because he was afraid they would come after his family.

Griffin: That might be your answer right there.

Gabrielle: You said that Mama Reese was supposed to be here already.

Bianca: Yeah, I know I said that. She's just running a little bit late, ok? That's all. She'll be here.

Gilles: That's her now. Are you Bianca Montgomery?

Bianca: Yes, I am.

Gilles: My mane is Gilles Lemaire, the attorney representing your wife Reese.

Bianca: Where is she?

Gilles: Unfortunately, she could not make the flight: A work emergency.

Bianca: So she sent her lawyer instead? I'm gonna be right over here, ok? Play nicely.

Gilles: It is my understanding that Reese already called to explain.

Bianca: I haven't received any calls.

Gilles: I'm sure all can be explained. I'd like to introduce you to Ms. Denice Beliveau.

Denice: Bonjour, Mademoiselle Montgomery.

Bianca: And you are?

Gilles: A registered nanny.

Bianca: Why would you bring a nanny along with you?

Gilles: For the children, of course. I have two plane tickets for Miranda and Gabrielle. Since Reese could not make it here herself, she asked us to escort the children back to Paris for the duration of their spring break from school.

Bianca: You listen to me. Those girls are not taking one step with you. And just so there's no misunderstanding, il faudra me passer sur le corps.

Jack: I finished that book you wanted to read. I left it on your nightstand. I'll be at the club if you need me.

Erica: I love you, Jack.

Jack: I love you, too.

Marissa: Oh. Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Marissa: I'm sorry to barge in on you like this. Bianca needs your help.

Griffin: Ok. So you don't know anything at all about these people that Zach worked with.

Kendall: No, not much. He stayed away for months trying to get himself out of the deals.

Griffin: Right. That's when I met him. He was selling the casinos, but I didn't know what was involved.

Kendall: Yeah, they weren't pleased he was selling them, but Zach thought that they had worked everything out.

Griffin: I still think it's worth a call to the police.

Kendall: They've already investigated the plane crash. No foul play, that's what they said.

Griffin: Right, but now you have this letter from Zach that makes you think maybe there was.

Kendall: That's true. Ok. You know what? You start dissecting the puzzle, and I'll talk to you later, all right, because I really have to get going. And, Griff, thank you so much.

[Phone rings]

Griffin: Hello?

Tad: Hey, Griff, listen. It's your future brother-in-law. I think it's only fair to warn you that your mother arrived early. She's over at the house with Cara. Something tells me your sister needs you right now.

Cara: I know what I'm doing.

Mrs. Castillo: I thought I knew what I was doing when I married your father -- strong, handsome man, so romantic. But this was before I had the chance to see who he really was, how weak and selfish.

Cara: Tad isn't like that.

Mrs. Castillo: How do you know?

Cara: Because I've seen his kindness. I've seen his strength. Ok? He stands for something other than himself. He's a good man.

Mrs. Castillo: I'm so proud of you, Cara, to come from where you did. We weren't sure you would see your 13th birthday. Now you're a doctor. A strong, beautiful woman. All I want is for you to be happy.

Cara: I'm happy.

Mrs. Castillo: I don't feel it, mija. I'm sorry, but I don't. Please hold off on this wedding, so you don't get your heart broken again.

[Jake and Tad walk in]

Bianca: So Reese did leave a message. It doesn't change anything.

Miranda: We need money for the jukebox.

Bianca: Ok. Hold on just a second.

Gilles: Hello, Miranda. You must be Gaby! My name is Gilles, and this is Mrs. --

Bianca: Here you go.

Miranda: Thank you.

Bianca: Go on. You will not speak to my children.

Gilles: They are Reese's children, too.

Bianca: Who she hasn't bothered to see in months.

Gilles: That's because they have been kept from her.

Bianca: That is a lie!

Erica: Leave my daughter alone.

Jack: What the hell is going on here?

Bianca: Reese's lawyer came to bring the girls to Paris for spring break -- without me.

Erica: Where is Reese?

Bianca: She couldn't be here: Work emergency. Sound familiar?

Gilles: I can assure all of you Reese is simply interested in seeing her children.

Jack: Great. Have her buy a plane ticket and come visit them here.

Gilles: And who are you, sir?

Jack: I am the American lawyer who is about to become a big pain in your derriere. Bianca, this is a classic bait-and-switch. They take the kids back to Paris, where Reese has physical custody of them, then they have the custody trial there. This is not going to happen.

Gilles: Excuse me, but --

Jack: And if you don't leave right now, I'll call the police and have you arrested for attempted kidnapping. [Speaking French] Do you need a translation?

Kendall: Oh, God!

Ricky: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you, but your sitter let me in.

Kendall: Ok. It's all right. It's ok.

Ricky: I just wanted to make sure that you're ok. You were pretty upset when you left earlier.

Kendall: Oh. Thanks. I'm fine, actually. And Griffin cleared me to go off my medication.

Ricky: Really? He agreed? Ok.

Kendall: He did. And he also said if there were any hidden messages in Zach's letter, he wants to help me find it.

Ricky: All of this because Zach called you "sweetheart"?

Kendall: Partly that, and partly the -- just the sense that I got when I first read it. The fact that he was mentioning, talking about his casino partners.

Ricky: What about them?

Kendall: This is a personal letter, and the fact that he would even bring up his business partners. The more I think about it, the more it does not make any sense. It doesn't feel right, so I am gonna dig deep. I'm gonna contact my lawyers, Ryan's PIs, maybe even the cops.

Ricky: Zach would be so disappointed in you.

Tad: I know you wanted some time alone. I do hope we're not intruding.

Cara: No, no. Of course not.

Jake: I'll go to my room. I got to get that thing.

Mrs. Castillo: He lives here, too?

Jake: No, no. My house is under construction. It's just a temporary --

Griffin: Hola. Mami, hey.

Mrs. Castillo: Mijo, look at you. Oh, I missed you so much.

Griffin: Me, too. It's been too long. So what do you think of our girl, huh? Getting married.

Mrs. Castillo: Again.

Griffin: Si, and we're all very excited. Tad's the best.

Mrs. Castillo: Everybody keeps telling me that. So what about you, Griffin?

Griffin: Me?

Mrs. Castillo: I was hoping you would be the next one down the aisle. Is there someone special?

Griffin: Ay, Mami. You know I'm married to my work.

Mrs. Castillo: A man should have a family, children. You need to find that special woman, mijo. It's time.

Kendall: "Disappointed"? Zach would be disappointed in me?

Ricky: Kendall, I didn't mean to offend you.

Kendall: Why would you say something like that?

Ricky: Because you've read that letter backwards and forwards.

Kendall: So?

Ricky: "So"? What does it say about those casino people? That they distracted him from spending time with you and your boys. So you know what? Maybe it was a lesson to never let anything or anyone get in the way of your happiness.

Kendall: He did say all of that.

Ricky: I know that Dr. Castillo is trying to help. But looking for secrets and conspiracies? I don't think that that's the right answer. But, hey, it's up to you to figure out what's best.

Kendall: It was just a thought. I don't know. Maybe when I get off these meds completely, I'll have a clearer picture of things.

Ricky: Yeah, I could see that.

Kendall: Oh! I almost forgot. Remember when you told me to think about some of the special places that I had with Zach?

Ricky: Yeah, I remember.

Kendall: I passed one on the way to the hospital. Yes, when I walked by the Yacht Club. It was the boat that Zach and I lived on. He was gonna sell it when we came back to Pine Valley, but then the sale fell through.

Ricky: You still own this boat?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah. It was amazing. We sailed around the world. We had so many great moments on it.

Ricky: You want to go visit it?

Kendall: No. No, I can't go there right now. It's too soon.

Ricky: I understand. I just thought that this could be exactly the thing that you're looking for.

Kendall: What do you mean?

Ricky: Well, I mean you've concentrated so hard on finding a message in that letter. Hey, maybe the message is simple: "Remember me. Be happy."

Kendall: No. I just -- being back there, I just can't do it yet.

Ricky: Ok. All right. But, hey, what about if I go with you? And if you start feeling uncomfortable or if -- we can just leave.

Kendall: Ok. Ok.

Ricky: Ok.

Jack: So you're clear on what to take back to your client, s'il vous plait?

Gilles: Very well, monsieur. We'll be in touch. Mademoiselle.

Bianca: Oh, my God.

Erica: No, it's all right, sweetheart. It's all right. It's all right.

Bianca: Is Reese trying to take my girls away from me?

Erica: It doesn't matter what Reese tries. She's not going to get them.

Bianca: Oh, thank you. How did you know I was here?

Jack: Marissa found us and told us what was going on.

Bianca: I'm sorry. You were so right.

Marissa: No, I'm just glad that we were able to head them off.

Bianca: Thank you.

Marissa: I assume you'll be wanting to retain Jack as your lawyer.

Jack: Which I would be happy to do. But in talking to Marissa here on the way over, she has a very good handle on this case.

Bianca: I would be afraid to ask after I've been so awful.

Marissa: You don't have to ask. I'd be happy to do it, if that's what you want.

Bianca: Yes, it is what I want.

Jack: Ok. Done. If you need anything, feel free to call.

Marissa: Thanks.

Jack: I'm gonna get out of here.

Bianca: Thank you so much for everything.

Jack: You bet. Any way I can help you, just let me know. Ok? All right.

Erica: Jack? What you did for Bianca was wonderful. You were wonderful.

Jack: You know how I feel about her. I love her like she was my own daughter, and I'll be there for her anytime she needs me.

Griffin: You must be hungry after your flight.

[Phone chirps]

[Phone rings]

Jake: I have to go in.

Cara: Me, too.

Mrs. Castillo: They still work together, eh, just like in Africa?

Cara: I'll see you later, ok? I love you. I'm fine, Mami. Bye.

Griffin: Bye.

Cara: Bye, sweetheart.

Tad: Mrs. C., look. I know you have a lot of questions about this marriage. And the fact is if I was in your situation, I would, too. But you should know that I'm committed to Cara. I'm committed to making sure she's happy and making sure she's safe. And I know that the whole brother scenario just only creates more questions, along with the age difference and the previous marriages and the kids.

Griffin: But?

Tad: But your daughter and I are a whole new story, and we're planning on a happy ending.

Erica: Just because you moved out doesn't mean you don't want company, I hope.

Jack: You don't have to do this.

Erica: I don't have to do anything.

Jack: I know you're grateful to me for what I did for Bianca, but that was my pleasure.

Erica: No, I'm grateful to you, because you're still in my life. Because you're still the same wonderful, gallant man that I fell in love with all those years ago and the man I'm still in love with. Jack, I know that we've lost our way, and I know that I am somewhat responsible for part of that -- for all of that. But you're my touchstone, Jack. You're my family. I don't want to lose you, not ever.

Ricky: Are you ok?

Kendall: Uh, yeah. I don't know. It feels weird to be here without Zach.

Ricky: Yeah. Take your time.

Kendall: We got married on a boat.

Ricky: Really?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah. And Zach thought it would be sweet to get married again at sea. So he appointed our boys co-captains of the ship. He gave them these really sweet wedding instructions to say to us. He was always doing stuff like that, making it adventurous and fun. The boys -- they still talk about that day.

[Phone rings]

Ricky: Ah. I'm so sorry. It's a parishioner.

Kendall: Don't worry about it. Go ahead.

Ricky: Thanks. Hello?

Diana: You're on the boat? Is that the place?

Ricky: We'll see, Mrs. Davis.

Diana: So you haven't found it yet, the evidence?

Ricky: Still working on it. We should have an answer for you very soon.

Jack: I hated the thought of leaving you, even for a little while, but I just didn't see another option.

Erica: I'm here to fight for you, Jack. I'm here to fight for us. I don't want to be apart from you. I'd like to start over, if you're willing.

Jack: You always had a great talent for the grand gesture.

Erica: You know when I want something badly enough, I pull out all the stops. So? I'm waiting for your answer.

Bianca: Another one. I love you guys.

Marissa: Wow. You actually knew what to say to them.

Bianca: Yeah, I know what I'd like to say to Reese next time I talk to her.

Marissa: Trust me, I know.

Bianca: I just -- I wanted to handle things nicely for the kids' sake. How cliché, huh?

Marissa: No. That's what everybody wants. And you were right, Bianca. I let my experience with J.R. affect how I handled your case. I wanted everything to be nice and easy, too, but the second I let my guard down with J.R., he burned me. I couldn't let that happen to you.

Bianca: It won't now, thanks to you.

Mrs. Castillo: This is all just happening too fast. I can't just stand here and let this happen. One way or another, I am going to stop this wedding.

Jake: It's been a pretty rough day, I'd say. Right? First, Agent Trumbull, and then your mom.

Cara: And then the emergency appendectomy.

Jake: Which you did a beautiful job with, I might say. I might say it, and I just did. You did a good job.

Cara: I don't know.

Jake: What's the matter? What is it?

Cara: It's -- it was just my mom. When she was telling me about how she wants me to be happy and in love, I just couldn't -- I couldn't tell her the truth, that I had that kind of love with you. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable by saying this. I'm saying it to explain why I have got to do this. Here. I can't wear this anymore. Because every time I see it, every time I touch it, it reminds me of what we had. So please take it. Please?

[Amanda watches from the doorway]

Kendall: It's really dark back here. There was a master switch around here somewhere. Zach always made sure that it was on.

Ricky: I get what you're saying, Mrs. Davis.

Diana: If Kendall sees the evidence, she'll send us to prison. You do understand that you'll have to get rid of her.

Ricky: Of course, I understand. This is what I do.

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