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Cara: Jake and I broke up years ago, so --

Jake: Here's the thing. I don't think that our relationship or our past has anything to do with them, with Cara or Tad getting married.

Agent Trumbull: You don't see this is strange, really? Am I the only one who wouldn't imagine marrying their brother's ex-wife?

Jake: You don't know my brother very well, do you? He's a unique individual.

Agent Trumbull: I plan to get to know him real well.

Jake: I gave my blessing. Shouldn't that -- that's all that really matters. Why go digging around in the past?

Agent Trumbull: You know what? Here's the problem, all right? Unfortunately for you both, I'm the one holding the shovel. So when I say "dig," we dig. You dig?

Griffin: Hey.

Tad: Hey.

Griffin: I need to talk to Cara.

Tad: You just missed her. Poor kid. I think her brand-new instant family is starting to feel a little suffocating. Is everything ok?

Griffin: No. Trouble's on its way, and she lands any minute.

Tad: "She"?

Griffin: My mother left a voice mail.

Tad: Your -- oh. As in my brand-new instant mother-in-law-to-be?

Griffin: She's flying in today.

Tad: It's ok. I can do this. Why not, you know? It's not my first rodeo. How do I look? Should I get a tie?

Griffin: Full body armor might help.

Tad: That bad?

Griffin: You ever been waterboarded?

[Shower runs]

Madison: Ohh.

[Shower stops]

Scott: Oh! I had no idea you were -- you were back.

Madison: I just got home.

Scott: I just -- this is very -- would you mind handing me my clothes there on the bed?

Ryan: All right. Thank you. Another no-news phone call from the FBI.

Greenlee: Annie will slip up somewhere.

Ryan: We were so close, you know? We almost had her.

Greenlee: Next time. Next time. We'll get Emma back.

[Doorbell rings]

Ryan: What do you want?

David: I got a call from Annie.

Ryan: What? Where is she?

David: I don't know. She needed money. She sounded desperate.

Ryan: So where the hell did you send her this time?

David: I'm not helping her, Ryan. I came here to help you.

Kendall: Hi! Hi!

Ricky: Is the coast clear?

Kendall: You mean is Griffin gone? Yes, he's gone. Come in.

Ricky: Good. Whew. I brought some hot chocolate.

Kendall: Aw. Thank you. Thanks. Yes, yes, this is Zach's letter. It is. And before you lecture me and tell me how I need to --

Ricky: I don't lecture. I spiritually advise. And for special people, I deliver tasty hot treats.

Kendall: Hmm. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Ok. So I found something really weird with the letter.

Ricky: Ok.

Kendall: Yes. Ok. Here Zach calls me "sweetheart." "Sweetheart." All right, he never called me that ever. He never used that expression. In fact, I remember him saying once he thought it was condescending, so he would've never used it. I can't believe I didn't notice it earlier.

Ricky: But you did notice it, Kendall. We discussed it.

Kendall: What are you talking about?

Ricky: Last night? Don't you remember? You told me how you thought that that didn't sound like Zach. We talked about it.

Kendall: No, no, no, we didn't.

Ricky: As God is my witness. So what do you think it means?

Kendall: Maybe Zach didn't write the letter.

Tad: Ok. Come on. Let's go. We'll pick up some flowers or something, maybe some candy.

Griffin: No. She doesn't land for a while. You should let Cara and I lay down the groundwork first.

Tad: Groundwork? Griffin, you got to relax. It's gonna be fine. I can take it from here. You don't know this, because back in the day, "charm" was my middle name. Yeah. I'm sure Mama Castillo will love me.

Griffin: Don't call her that.

Tad: You're not helping. I'm serious. Just given half a chance, I'm sure your mother will want me to marry you by the time we get her back home.

Griffin: Listen, Tad. I'm really happy you're so confident, but my mother is way protective of Cara. And the news that she's marrying Jake's brother is not good news.

Tad: She doesn't like Jake?

Griffin: She hadn't even met him, and she couldn't stand him. My mother, old-school Catholic. Jake and Cara were not married in the church. Plus, she wasn't invited. Throw in a divorce? Ugly.

Tad: Then what the hell? Why don't we bring her on board? Why don't we just tell her that we're doing this to protect Cara?

Griffin: No, it's not a good idea. Even if we were to convince her that it was the right thing to do, she would never make it past the grilling of the Immigration agents. She doesn't like to lie.

Tad: Ok. Then we're right back where we started. I'll just have to convince her I'm the right man for the job.

Griffin: Tad, I'm worried about Cara. She's taking on a lot here -- stress, pressure.

Tad: From what I've seen, Cara can handle just about anything.

Griffin: When Cara left Jake, she was in a bad state. When her cancer came back, it was a tough fight, a fight she almost lost.

Tad: So you think the stress caused the relapse?

Griffin: Stress weakens the immune system. We know that for a fact. And I cannot have her get sick again, Tad.

Tad: Oh. I understand.

Griffin: This marriage to Cara may be fake, but her illness is very real. If she gets sick in the next three years, you're gonna have to take care of her. You're her first line of defense.

Agent Trumbull: So did you fall in love with her right away? It's a simple question.

Jake: Yeah, I guess I did.

Agent Trumbull: And you? When did you fall in love with him?

Cara: Um, I guess it's -- I didn't know it -- realize it. It was, like, the same time, yeah, I guess.

Agent Trumbull: So it was love at first sight?

Cara: I mean, I -- just because I loved him once doesn't mean that I don't love Tad today.

Agent Trumbull: Humor me, because you don't have a choice. So tell me about the divorce. When did you stop loving each other?

Ryan: Ok, I want to know everything that Annie said. Everything.

David: As I told you, she needed cash.

Greenlee: And?

David: I tried to get where she was out of her, but she must've spooked, because she hung up.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Yeah? Ryan. Hayward? He's here with me right now. You were monitoring his phone? And? Ah. Damn it. Ok. All right. Thank you. They didn't get anything other than the fact that Annie was calling from a disposable cell phone. That's all they could get. How did she want you to get the money to her?

David: We didn't get that far.

Ryan: Why don't I believe you?

Greenlee: There's an innocent little girl in the middle of this.

David: I'm telling you everything I know. Why do you think I came here in the first place? I'm trying to help you.

Ryan: Yeah. You were helping Annie get money to run in the first place?

Greenlee: Ryan? I hate to say it, but I think he's telling the truth.

David: Why don't you listen to your wife, all right? For what it's worth, I think Annie's gonna call me back. She sounded pretty desperate for cash.

Ryan: It's worth it. Yeah. Sure.

David: All right, look. I made a mistake, ok? I never should've helped Annie.

Ryan: Yet you did make a mistake, because by giving her money to run in the first place, that's why my daughter isn't with me right now.

Greenlee: David, thank you for coming here. You better let us know if you hear something.

[Door opens and closes]

Greenlee: I know it's hard to believe him after all that he's done, and I'm not saying there isn't some selfish motive behind it, but I think he's really being honest.

Ryan: I'm sorry if I'm not as trusting as you are.

Greenlee: Maybe Annie will call him again.

Ryan: It's just that there's so many maybes. I need something concrete. I need a new lead to follow, because it's driving me a little bit crazy just sitting around waiting like this.

Greenlee: I know, and it's gonna happen. Something will happen. But why don't we get out of here? Like you said, it's killing you waiting. Maybe we can go see Kendall, see how she's feeling after she read that letter from Zach.

Ryan: I wanted to be there for her when she got that letter, when she read that letter.

Greenlee: Maybe it's not too late. You can be there for her now.

Kendall: I would've remembered talking to you about this.

Ricky: I'm sorry, Kendall, but you were tired and obviously a little groggy. You were adamant about telling me that Zach would never call you "sweetheart" in a letter. You even started thinking that it might be a forgery or a message from Zach.

Kendall: No, I just noticed this whole thing today. And, yes, this might be forgery.

Ricky: Did you take your pain medication?

Kendall: My medication is fine. Griffin confirmed it.

Ricky: That's what he said.

Kendall: Ok. I need to go get me some fresh air. I'm gonna go get the mail.

Ricky: Ok. Why don't I come with you?

Kendall: No. That's ok. I need to think. I'll be right back.

Ricky: "Sweetheart"? Who the hell would've thought that Zach had a problem with "sweetheart"?

[Phone rings]

Ricky: Hello?

Ryan: Hey. Who's this?

Ricky: It's Ricky Torres.

Ryan: Reverend. Hi. It's Ryan Lavery. I'm just calling for Kendall. Is she there?

Ricky: She went to put the boys down for a nap, and she fell asleep herself.

Ryan: Oh. Ok. Good. Just tell her I called, ok? Tell her I'm thinking about her and to give me a call when she gets a chance.

Ricky: Will do. I hope that lead on Emma pans out. Yeah. Yeah. I'll tell her you called.

Kendall: That was Ryan?

Ricky: Yeah.

Kendall: I wanted to talk to him. I want to tell him about the whole Zach situation.

Ricky: Ryan said he was in a hurry. He had to follow some lead he had gotten about Emma, so I figured I shouldn't hold him up. But I guess it wasn't my call to make. I'm sorry. Why don't you call him back.

Kendall: No. No. That's ok. I don't want to bother him. He needs to focus on finding Emma. I don't need to add to his problems.

Ricky: I'm sure he wouldn't see it that way. But, hey, I'm available.

Kendall: You think I'm losing it, seeing all these conspiracies in Zach's letter.

Ricky: I think that you're too hard on yourself. The fact that you wake up every day, you look after your kids, and you run a business -- that's amazing.

Kendall: I'm not so sure about that.

Ricky: You suffered a terrible tragedy, you almost died yourself, and yet all you want to do is fight.

Kendall: I haven't really done anything else. Thank you. Having you here in my life, it means a lot.

Ricky: No. Thank you. Hey. Do you remember what you and I were doing before Dr. Castillo so rudely interrupted us earlier?

Kendall: Of course. Yeah, of course, I remember.

Ricky: We were talking about that church where you and Zach met Father Clarence, right?

Kendall: Yes.

Ricky: That was a special moment.

Kendall: Yeah.

Ricky: And that church was a special place, right?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Ricky: Maybe it would help if there was somewhere else, someplace that meant a lot to you and Zach, a place that you could go to and remember him there.

Kendall: I'm sorry. I don't want to do this right now. Honestly, I can't stop thinking about this letter and why Zach would write something in it that didn't sound anything like him, and then how I can't even remember the fact that you and I talked about this last night.

Ricky: I told you. It's probably your medication.

Kendall: No. You know what? My mind is not right. I am not thinking right. I need to fix this -- now.

Ryan: Emma loves coming out here, you know? We'd come out, and we'd just pick out the people down there and use our imagination to make up stories, decide which of them she thinks are magical creatures that are just turned into normal people. We talk about the moon at night, and she talks about what it means to us, how it brought us together.

Greenlee: When Emma looks at the moon, I'll bet she's thinking about you, counting the days until she's back home.

Scott: Hazards of opposite-sex cohabitation: Get a little tricky.

Madison: Yeah, I know. I used to watch "Three's Company" reruns. Misunderstandings happen all the time.

Scott: Yeah. We'll make sure we avoid them. Right?

Madison: Yeah. I got to get going, actually.

Scott: Why? You just got home.

Madison: To change into flats, but I have an appointment with Ob-Gyn -- sonogram.

Scott: Really? I'm gonna be heading down the hospital. I could probably take a break, check in on you.

Madison: You don't have to do that. I'm an old hand at this.

Scott: You sure?

Madison: Yeah, I'm sure.

Scott: Hey, do me a favor.

Madison: Yeah?

Scott: Bring back a picture of the little nugget.

Madison: You bet.

Tad: Look, my marriage to Cara may not be real, but my respect for her is. She's gonna be my wife.

Griffin: It ain't gonna be easy, Tad.

Tad: Nothing worthwhile ever is.

Griffin: Three years is a long time.

Tad: Tell me about it. I've never been married that long, to be honest. Then again, I've never had to get married to keep somebody from being killed before.

Griffin: You do know she still has feelings for Jake. Not only is she going to be working with him, but she's also going to be playing the part of sister-in-law. Can you handle that?

Tad: I don't expect to be able to change her feelings, but I think I can handle it. Does she know about you?

Griffin: What do you mean?

Tad: Does she have any idea how lucky she is to have a brother like you?

Griffin: I won't always be around. Once the funding comes from Kendall through the Miranda Center, I'll be setting up clinics all around the world.

Tad: So your plans haven't changed?

Griffin: It's part of who I am.

Tad: Saving the world one person at a time is a tough job. But then again, you do rack up the frequent flier miles.

Griffin: When I leave, I want to make sure I can count on someone, someone who will do whatever they can to keep her safe.

Tad: I will. I won't let you down or Cara.

Griffin: I'm starting to get that.

Jake: We didn't have a normal life, Agent Trumbull. We fell in love in a war zone. Have you ever been in southern Sudan?

Agent Trumbull: Can't say I've had the pleasure.

Jake: It's worse than hell. You're either getting shot at or you're sewing up somebody who has been shot, and that's usually a woman or a child that didn't dodge the bullet quick enough. And when you're not dealing with all of that, you're trying to dodge microbes like cholera or dysentery, malaria. And people are starving, they're hungry, and it's all over. It's everywhere.

Agent Trumbull: What's your point?

Cara: His point is that we found each other in an unusual place, in a very difficult situation, and that our feelings for each other were as much about maintaining sanity as they were true love.

Agent Trumbull: So what happened?

Cara: Oh. I grew up. I realized that Jake's a good man, and I was just too young. I married him for the wrong reasons, so I left. I ran away.

Agent Trumbull: Kind of hurtful. How'd you handle that?

Jake: I accepted it.

Agent Trumbull: You accepted it? You didn't go after her?

Jake: I just wanted her to be happy.

Agent Trumbull: You didn't fight for her?

Jake: You know what I'm realizing, Agent Trumbull? You don't really know what you're doing, do you? You're just taking anything you can and throwing it at the wall and seeing what sticks. I don't think Cara deserves this, so I think this should stop. This interview is over. Now.

Agent Trumbull: This interview's necessary, Doctor. There's still charges against Dr. Castillo, not to mention the temporary residency that she's claiming by marrying your brother.

[Phone rings]

Jake: Look at that. See, Dr. Castillo and I share a patient. So unless you're ready to explain to the parents of a young girl who needs their doctor by her bedside, this interview is over. It's gonna have to happen some other time.

Agent Trumbull: All right. I guess I'll see you all later. Oh. You two be careful. Working so closely together, I'd hate to awaken any of those old feelings. Just saying.

Mrs. Castillo: Excuse me? I'm looking for my daughter. She works at the hospital, but she went off duty and they said she likes to come here sometimes. Would you know her? Cara Castillo.

Waitress: Oh, yes, I do know her, but I haven't seen her --

Tad: Excuse me. I'm sorry. Are you Mother Castillo?

Mrs. Castillo: Who are you?

Tad: I'm Tad. Tad Martin, Cara's fiancÚ. Uh, I'm sorry. I'm just a little surprised. You're earlier than we expected. I assumed that Cara and Griffin were going to pick you up.

Mrs. Castillo: I caught an earlier flight. I took a cab to the hospital. I wanted to surprise my children.

Tad: This is definitely a surprise, but a pleasure, I assure you. I can see where Cara gets her good looks. You're just as beautiful as she is. Uh, please, may I offer you a seat? Uh, can I buy you a drink? Coffee maybe? I'm at your service. Is there anything that I can do for you?

Mrs. Castillo: You can tell me why my daughter would choose to marry the brother of her no good ex-husband.

Kendall: Ok. You've got to cut back on the pills you've got me on.

Griffin: If there's side effects, we can adjust.

Kendall: No, not just adjust. They are screwing with my brain. Ok, Griffin, I need my mind back. I need to be able to think again.

Griffin: Kendall, we've been through this. If you're taking them as prescribed, they shouldn't be causing you any problems.

Kendall: Ok. It's either that or I am completely losing my mind.

Griffin: Are those your only two choices? Is this about the letter?

Kendall: I thought I realized something new about the letter today, only I had already gone over it with Ricky the night before, but I have no memory of it at all. Now, I know I need the antirejection drugs for my heart and the antibiotics to help me ward off the infection, but can you please just cut the sleeping pills and the pain medication?

Griffin: I can't. You need to rest.

Kendall: Please. I can't afford to forget anything else, ok, especially when it comes to that letter.

Griffin: You still think Zach was murdered?

Kendall: I don't know. But something he wrote is not right. Something -- it doesn't make sense. Ok. I know this is gonna sound weird, but he called me "sweetheart." All right? Only my mother calls me "sweetheart." Zach never, ever did. So maybe it was a message to me, or maybe he didn't write it at all, but I need to figure out what it is, and I have to do it with a clear head.

Griffin: Even if it kills you?

Diana: So another nice day with Widow Slater?

Ricky: Press Kendall too hard, and she's gonna get suspicious, ok? Besides, I need her to open up about that special place without realizing how important it is. But I got to tell you, I never could've imagined she was gonna be this tough to crack.

Diana: Oh. Why do you say that with that smile on your face?

Ricky: I don't know. I like a challenge?

Diana: Ok. I'll try to remember that when we're sitting in prison for stealing her husband's money and causing his plane to explode.

Ricky: Ok, relax. I had her talking about this special place, a place where Zach might've hid that evidence against us.

Diana: But?

Ricky: But she's still obsessing over that letter that Zach left.

Diana: I thought you said you fixed that.

Ricky: So did I. But when I rewrote the incriminating page, apparently I used a word that Slater would've never used.

Diana: Ok. So what are you gonna do about it?

Ricky: I'm making her think that her meds are messing with her head. Maybe she'll let it go.

Diana: Hmm. Of course, we could always just put a gun in her mouth and ask her about the special place point-blank.

Ricky: Really? You don't think that might be a little messy? Besides, she's the kind of person -- I don't think she'd go down without a fight.

Diana: I don't care, and you better not either.

[Phone rings]

Madison: Hello?

Emma: Hi. It's Emma.

Madison: Emma? Oh, it's so good to hear your voice. Are you ok?

Emma: Uh-huh. I can't talk long. Mommy will get angry if she knows I called again.

Madison: I don't want you to get in trouble, but I am so glad that you called. Emma, where are you? Emma?

Emma: I can't tell you.

Madison: Listen, sweetie, your daddy can help you, ok? Call your daddy, please. Emma? Emma?

Greenlee: Where you going?

Ryan: Gonna go to the police station. I want to see if the FBI found out anything else about the call that Annie made to Hayward.

Greenlee: Ryan, they said they would call you if they --

Ryan: I know they would. But you know what? I'm sitting around. I'm looking at Emma's empty room. I see her toys, and --

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Madison?

Madison: She called again: Emma just now.

Ryan: She what? Where is she? Did she say?

Madison: I asked, but she said she couldn't say, and then we got cut off.

Ryan: Did she say anything else?

Madison: Not much. Just that she couldn't talk, because her mommy would get upset. But, Ryan, I heard a sound in the background. I could swear it was seagulls. She is somewhere near the ocean.

Ryan: That's a big "somewhere," but it's something. Thank you.

Madison: Ryan, I begged her to call you. She sounded like she wanted to, so just stay by the phone. Because I think if she has the chance, she'll try to reach you.

Cara: I know it's not easy having to relive what I put you through. You have every right to still be angry.

Jake: I think that I finally understand why you left me.

Cara: Do you really?

Jake: Now you're marrying my brother. It's --

Cara: You shouldn't have to go through this. He shouldn't have to go -- this is -- it's too much.

Jake: Hey. It's keeping you safe.

Amanda: Hey. I've been looking for you.

Cara: Oh, I got to check on that patient.

Amanda: Did I interrupt something?

Jake: No, babe, no. We just had to get rid of that agent obnoxious, the Immigration officer.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Jake: No, it's all right. We all have to stick to the same story. Cara will be safe, and we'll all get through this, and we will get our life back. I promise.

Tad: Your daughter is a very unique person, very special. She's very brave. May I call you "Mom"?

Mrs. Castillo: How old are you?

[Tad rolls his eyes]

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hello? Yes, this is he. Ok, thanks. Thanks very much. FBI. Trace on Madison's phone came back the same as all the other ones. Annie called from a disposable cell phone. They can't trace it.

Greenlee: She'll call again. She'll call someone.

Ryan: I got to go see Madison.

Griffin: You need to stay healthy. I made you a promise, a promise I've never made to anybody, but you're making it more and more difficult to keep it.

Kendall: This is all about you, isn't it? Got make sure your track record stays clean. Can't afford to lose a patient once you put your neck on the line.

Griffin: This isn't about me.

Kendall: No, so you go overboard to make sure I don't screw things up for you and then ruin your perfect little reputation.

Griffin: This isn't about me, damn it. I don't want you to die.

Cara: Excuse me? Hi. I was just wondering if I could talk to my brother for a second?

Kendall: He's all yours.

Cara: So apparently I just --

Griffin: Forget it. What's up?

Cara: Agent Trumbull. That's what's up.

Griffin: What now?

Cara: He's just trying to dissect my relationship with Jake. He's trying to prove that my marriage to Tad is just to keep me in the country.

Kendall: Your engagement to Tad is a lie?

Tad: Um, how old? Uh, you know what? Don't let me fool you. I'm really younger than I look. I'll tell you a secret. I actually paid to put the gray in. It makes me look a little more distinguished, experienced, mature, ripe. I mean, come on. Just because there's a little snow on the roof -- know what I'm saying? I think Cara is ok with the age difference.

Mrs. Castillo: Is she, now?

Tad: Yeah.

Mrs. Castillo: And would this be your first marriage, Mr. Martin?

Tad: No.

Mrs. Castillo: How many times have you been married before?

Tad: Technically? I mean, to the same woman?

Mrs. Castillo: Children?

Tad: I love them.

Mrs. Castillo: Do you have any?

Tad: Well, 4.

Mrs. Castillo: How does their mother feel about this marriage?

Tad: That's kind of a trick question, see, because none of them actually have the same mother, but they're great kids. I'm really proud of them. One of them is a doctor working overseas just like Cara did.

Mrs. Castillo: Like your brother did?

Tad: Yes.

Mrs. Castillo: Tell me, what did your brother do to destroy his marriage to my daughter?

Tad: Jake didn't do anything.

Mrs. Castillo: I don't believe you. Any man would be blessed to have my daughter's heart. Your brother did something to crush it.

Tad: I think what happened was mutual. In any case, it doesn't matter because Jake is a part of Cara's past. I'm her future. Yo soy el hombre de la futuro que Cara ama.

Griffin: We have to make sure no one finds out about this. If the authorities were to find out that Cara's getting married just to keep her here --

Kendall: Listen. Don't worry. I will keep your secret. I promise you. Don't worry. I will do anything I can to help, anything at all. I could help you. Listen, I can help you with the wedding, with the authorities, whatever you need.

Cara: I appreciate it, really. Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Kendall: Of course. I am gonna miss having you around the house, though.

Cara: Oh, no. We aren't gonna --

Kendall: No, you need to live with Tad. We all know that. I just kind of liked having you around.

Cara: I liked it, too. Look, you've come a long way.

Kendall: Oh. I'm not so sure about that.

Cara: I'm gonna go to the house, and I will see you there. Then we're gonna airport it, yeah?

Griffin: Yeah.

Cara: Again, amazing. Thank you.

Kendall: Of course.

Cara: Bye, guys.

Griffin: Thanks a lot. That means a lot to me.

Kendall: It was the right thing to do. Now I need your support. Please agree to cut back on my meds, Griffin.

Griffin: Kendall, I can't agree to that. But you're an adult. It's your life. You can do whatever you want, even if it's against my recommendations.

Kendall: No, I want more than that. If I can't have your approval, then I want your understanding. You saved my life. I don't take that lightly.

Griffin: Then don't take unnecessary risks.

Kendall: I don't intend to. I don't, and I want you to at least accept that. I trusted you with my life. I put my life in your hands. I need you to trust me now.

Greenlee: I'll be back in a few minutes. I have to check on something.

Ryan: Ok. Hey.

Madison: She sounded fine.

Ryan: Oh, great. Did she say anything else? Did you maybe hear anything else in the background other than the seagulls that could give us a clue?

Madison: I wish. I hate to see you going through this. I know how much you love her.

Ryan: We're gonna find her. We'll find her for sure.

Madison: I have no doubt you will. You're the best, a best dad a kid could ever want.

David: Ok. So why the urgent text to come meet you?

Greenlee: I don't trust you any more than Ryan does, and I know you don't do anything unless there's something in it for you. So why are you so helpful when it comes to finding Emma?

David: I'm in desperate need of an image overhaul.

Greenlee: So you can be a doctor again? You want your medical license back.

David: You got it.

Greenlee: Maybe you and I can make a deal.

David: I'm all ears.

Greenlee: If you can help bring Emma home, I swear to you I will do everything I can as owner of this hospital to help you get reinstated here.

David: I think we have a deal.

Madison: Everyone is working and praying to bring Emma home. Annie doesn't stand a chance against that kind of love.

Nurse: Miss North? The doctor said she's going to be a little while still. Would you like to wait in her room? The father's welcome to wait with you.

Scott: Oh. I'm the father, and I would love to wait with her.

Madison: Scott, I told you you didn't have to come.

Scott: Yeah, I know, but I wanted to just in case you needed me. Hey, Ryan.

Greenlee: Hey. Were you able to get anything more out of Madison?

Ryan: No.

Greenlee: Is she ok? Why is she here anyway?

Ryan: She's getting a sonogram. She wants to see her kid. I'd give anything in the world right now to see mine.

Cara: Hello? Tad?

[Door closes]

Cara: Hi. Huh.

Jake: It's all right.

[Cara sobs as she hugs Jake]

[Door closes]

Cara: Oh, my gosh. Mami. Uh, what are you doing here?

Mrs. Castillo: Isn't this the one you divorced?

Kendall: I have to figure out what Zach was trying to tell me, and I can't do that when those drugs are messing with me.

Griffin: Kendall, I don't know if Zach was trying to tell you something through that letter, but I know he wouldn't want you risking your health in order to figure it out.

Kendall: You know what? You just do not get it at all.

Griffin: No, I don't.

Kendall: Have you ever been in love?

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