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Episode #10568

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Ricky: Hi.

Kendall: Hi.

Ricky: Is this a bad time?

Kendall: No, no. Come on in. I just have to go check on the stove.

Ricky: Ok. You're alone?

Kendall: Yeah. The boys are on a play date.

Diana's voice: You do realize that this is getting serious, right?

Ricky's voice: Of course, I realize it. If I hadn't changed those pages in Zach's letter, Kendall might be on the track to our killer as we speak.

Ricky: Hey.

Kendall: Hi.

Ricky: I was just in the neighborhood, and I thought --

Kendall: Don't lie to me.

Griffin: Oh, excuse me.

Diana: You're that doctor, the one that performed the surgery in the back of the totaled ambulance?

Griffin: And I'm the doctor that runs into people. Will you accept my apology?

Diana: Sure. And especially if you buy me a drink and tell me all about how you saved that woman's life.

Tad: That was just for the sake of the camera. We were taking some snaps for Immigration as evidence. We want them to believe the marriage is for real.

Amanda: We should do a whole album, some with just the two of you, some with the family.

Tad: That was the plan, and we were just getting started with the self-timer.

Amanda: I can take the pictures, and we can pick different locations so it looks spaced out.

Tad: You sure?

Amanda: Yeah. Of course. Just show me how to work the camera.

Jake: How you doing?

Cara: Oh, fantastic. You?

Jake: I'm good. Ahem. Amanda said something about you thinking about taking off, running?

Cara: Yeah. You don't need to worry, because I am in this marriage for the long haul -- three years, anyway.

Jake: What changed your mind?

Cara: Your wife did, actually. She -- she said she wanted to help me, so --

Jake: She knows what would happen to you if you got deported, or what might happen.

Amanda: Hey, Cara, why don't you come over here next to Tad.

Cara: Ok. Do you think the rat who turned me in knows he could've gotten me killed?

Tad: Yeah. Uh-huh. Perfect.

Cara: Like this?

Tad: Yeah. See the pictures on the panel?

Cara: I like that.

Tad: Ok. Breathe.

Krystal: What's going on?

Tad: "What's going on?" We got a wedding to sell.

Amanda: One more. Oh, , great!

Tad: Thank you. So, anyway, the fact is Cara and I need a love story. So we're taking some photos, trying to cook up a romance that goes with them.

Cara: We have a lot of work to do.

Tad: Nah. Come on. "Maturish detective follows the clues to unlock gorgeous doctor's heart." It writes itself.

Jake: Doctor/ex-sister-in-law.

Krystal: Listen, when you two figure out what lie you're gonna go with, will you just let me know? Because I don't have a clue what to say here.

Opal: Put me on that list, too.

Tad: Actually, you both have a point. If this thing is gonna fly, we all have to be on the same page. So I say we all sit down right now, and we hammer it out.

Krystal: I have to get dinner going. Excuse me.

Opal: I'll give you a hand.

Jake: I'm hungry.

Tad: I realize it's a lot to ask you to get on board with this. But let's try not to forget that a woman's life is on the line?

Opal: A woman you barely know.

Tad: A woman who saved Jake's life. This can work, I know it, but I need your help. If we blow this thing, she's gonna get booted out of the country. And the truth is neither of you is a stranger when it comes to running a scam or two.

Opal: Ok. But there's nothing says I have to like it.

Tad: No. All right, Amanda, do me a favor. Would you grab us a pen and some paper? Cara, there's another bottle of champagne in the fridge in the kitchen. We're gonna need it. Brother of mine, a word, s'il vous plait?

Jake: Your fiancée is Mexican, not French.

Tad: Listen, you do know you have to be in the wedding, right?

Jake: Sure. What's a party without me?

Tad: I'm being serious. We can't do anything about your history with Cara, but it's supposed to be one of the big moments of my life, so my brother has got to be there.

Jake: Right.

Tad: I'm counting on you for a lot of things: Believability, legitimacy, not just flower arranging and crowd control.

Jake: Flower arrangements -- that's my specialty.

Tad: Jake, you're not gonna be my best man.

Marissa: Reese's attorney called from France. He wants to discuss the kids.

Bianca: We have to do that, right? They're a part of this.

Marissa: Right. But before I call him back, I just wanted to talk to you first to make sure that we're clear on what it is that you really want. Custody fights can get very ugly.

Bianca: Fights? Uh, Reese hasn't even bothered to come see the girls since they came to Pine Valley. I doubt she'd want any kind of custody.

Marissa: But you can't assume anything. That's how you get blindsided.

Bianca: Ok, why don't we wait and see what they're asking for before we get all worried? Better yet, I will call Reese myself.

Marissa: No. No. Bianca, trust your lawyer here, ok? I'll handle it.

Diana: I was glued to the news. I read every article I could get my hands on. What you did -- that was incredible.

Griffin: I just did my job.

Diana: Yeah. It's crazy that you had a personal connection to her -- Kendall?

Griffin: She's my patient. That's it.

Diana: No, I mean her husband -- casino guy Zach? Isn't he the reason that you came to Pine Valley in the first place, to help run some charity of his?

Griffin: Something like that.

Diana: Timing's amazing. It's almost as if he knew that he was gonna need you here to save his wife.

Griffin: You know a lot about this.

Diana: Confession -- I'm a writer. I'm always looking for great screenplay ideas. And I bet you've got a lot of juicy details on the Slaters. Those two, their story -- that would make a great film.

Griffin: So you run into me on purpose?

Diana: Is that a crime?

Griffin: Normally, I would be all over it. But I don't like being played.

Kendall: I know why you're here -- Zach's letter. You were here when I opened it, and I had a panic attack, so don't give me this ridiculous story about how you're stopping by in the neighborhood. You're checking up on me.

Ricky: You busted me. Heh heh! So now that I'm busted, how are you feeling? Did you get some rest?

Kendall: Yeah, a little, but I don't know. I can't stop thinking about Zach's letter. I keep re-reading it over and over, and I don't understand why there is something in it that makes me think his plane was sabotaged.

Ricky: Since Dr. Castillo did rule out a bad reaction to medications, it's got to be grief.

Kendall: Ok. So grief is making me read things in the letter that aren't there?

Ricky: No. I think that you bottled up a bunch of stuff about Zach and about the crash, and sometimes when that stuff comes back up, it can be weird and unhealthy.

Kendall: Ok. So what am I supposed to do? I'm supposed to just jump around and punch walls?

Ricky: Sure. Or you could just talk to me. Talk to me about you and Zach and your life together. Come on. Anything that pops into your head about Zach, ok? Hey. How about your favorite memory together?

Kendall: Well, uh. There was this one day.

Ricky: Tell me.

Tad: Jesse doesn't know it yet, but I'm gonna ask him to be my best man. I figure if I got the chief of police standing up there with me, Trumbull won't ask so many questions.

Jake: That's clever. That's smart.

Tad: And best man is a -- it's a classy job, and you steal food.

Jake: What? No, I don't.

Tad: Last Tuesday, middle shelf, chili cheeseburger.

Jake: Was that yours?

Tad: And the fries. And you owe me money.

Jake: I owe you money?

Tad: December, Sixers-Bulls. 50 bucks ring a bell?

Jake: Hey, Detective, gambling's illegal.

Tad: So is marrying your ex-wife to keep her in the country. I love you more than anything. But you're a degenerate food stealer, you're unreliable, you're irresponsible, and you're constantly hungry. I can't have a guy like that standing up with me on the big day.

Jake: I'd have turned you down flat anyway. Who stands next to their brother while he marries your ex?

Tad: Exactly.

Jake: Exactly.

Tad: All right, everybody, listen up. This is how this is gonna go. Cara and I are gonna stand here. You are gonna start asking us questions. We are then gonna take the answers, we are gonna patch them together and come up with a story.

Opal: Can I start?

Tad: I don't see why not.

Opal: How'd you rope my boy into this?

Tad: Thank you, Ma. That is a start, but why don't you rephrase it slightly?

Opal: Ok. How'd she rope you into this?

Tad: Do me a favor. Why don't you go call Griffin and ask him if he wants to come over and help?

Opal: Now, that's an idea I could get into. Maybe we could write our own love story.

Cara: Actually, Griff is in the middle of a shift, so we're just gonna have to fill him in later.

Opal: Oh, party pooper.

Amanda: I have a question.

Jake: Good. Go for it.

Amanda: What does Tad do for a living?

Cara: P.I.

Jake: Stands for "pain in the -- "

Tad: Do you have a question, Jake?

Jake: Where was Cara born?

Tad: Mexico.

Jake: Be more specific.

Tad: I know this. Wait. Hold on. Juarez.

Cara: Muy bien.

Krystal: What's Tad's favorite color?

Tad: Don't answer that. It's a trick question. I don't have a favorite color.

Cara: It was green last week.

Tad: You're right.

Krystal: Ok. What's Tad's birthday?

Cara: I know it's not in December.

Krystal: No. That's Jake's birthday.

Tad: This isn't supposed to be an interrogation. So why don't we dial it back just a little bit? Like it or not, we're all gonna be one big happy family.

Kendall: So Zach was determined to get me home for Christmas, and then we ended up in a ditch.

Ricky: Nice.

Kendall: Yes.

Ricky: How did you get out of there?

Kendall: We thought for sure we'd have to spend the night, so we went to sleep. And then we woke up a little while later, and there was this beautiful chapel. It was Father Clarence's. This man -- he had a knack of knowing just when to show up at just the right time.

Ricky: Wow. And he gave you a sermon?

Kendall: No. It was more like a dream or a peek into an alternate universe. I don't know. It's hard to explain, but Zach and I realized that we needed to hold on to everything, to remember everything, the good and the bad. To just appreciate it all, because it's all so precious. He was right.

Ricky: Yeah. This chapel was a special place for you and your husband.

Kendall: "Special place"? You said that. You said that earlier when you were pushing me to talk about Zach.

Ricky: I know. Yeah, because from what I've heard, couples have this particular place that they like to make their own. It's a place that they go back to remember and celebrate. And I'm guessing that you and Zach went back to that chapel more than once.

Kendall: No. No, we didn't.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Excuse me.

Ricky: Yeah.

Kendall: Hey.

Griffin: Hi. I had the lab double-check all your test results.

Kendall: And I am having a reaction to my meds?

Griffin: No. But I'd like to ask you some follow-up questions.

Ricky: Ok. Maybe it'll be easier if I wait in another other room.

Griffin: It would be easier if you left.

Tad: You ready?

Cara: Ready. Fire away.

Amanda: Favorite movie?

Tad: "Casablanca."

Jake: Favorite holiday?

Cara: Christmas.

Amanda: Pet peeve?

Tad: Singing. Really bad singing -- that's the pet peeve.

Cara: Did you tell him I sing badly?

Jake: No.

Cara: Because I have a really good voice.

Jake: Yes. Football team?

Cara: Steelers. Ok, no. Eagles.

Amanda: Food?

Tad: Um, tamales.

Cara: Cereal candy bars. That's it, right?

All: Yes!

Jake: Next question. Favorite song?

Tad: "Star Wars" theme. Wait. You mean her favorite song? A little help here.

Cara: I can't --

Krystal: Don't look at me.

Tad: First-date ideas, guys. Come on. Throw them out.

Amanda: Dinner and dancing.

Jake: Bowling and beer.

Amanda: The ballet.

Krystal: What?! I'm thinking!

Jake: Got it. You went to a ball game.

Amanda: Helicopter ride.

Jake: Comic book convention.

Tad: Gosh, guys. Much as I love the creativity, let's try to keep it in the realm of the remotely realistic, because we really -- we have to make them believe that Cara and I fell in love. Because if they don't -- they will. They definitely will.

[Knock on door]

Tad: I'll get it. You guys, come on. Just crank it out. Keep it coming. Favorite -- favorite -- law enforcement official.

Jesse: So, best friend's getting married, he doesn't tell me? What's up with that?

Tad: Hey, everybody! Look who it is. Listen, I'm sorry I didn't get a call out to you, but it's been crazy, and I'm sure you know how that is.

Jesse: Yeah. So this is the bride-to-be?

Cara: Hi. Yes. You're my fiancé's best friend. It's nice to meet you.

Jesse: Yeah, that's me.

Cara: You're a little surprised?

Jesse: Yeah, not just by the news.

Tad: The fact that she used to be married to Jake. We know. Listen, Jesse, we've been getting a lot of that, but that's life. It's nothing if not surprising. She came to Pine Valley looking for one thing, and she found another.

Jesse: You?

Tad: Yeah. Why not me? I'm a very desirable guy. Fact is we know about the history. We knew what it would look like to people, but -- we fought it for as long as we could, but in the end, you can't fight love.

Jesse: Love? I didn't even know the two of -- how long has this been going on?

Tad: About a month.

Cara: Two months.

Tad: About a month and a half.

Jesse: Ok. And you waited so long? No ring?

Cara: No, I -- I'm in the O.R. a lot, so I have it. It's right -- this is my --

Jesse: So this is --

Tad: Yeah, it's small, but it's platinum.

Cara: It's actually aluminum.

Tad: Well, come on. You didn't have to tell him that. We just wanted to save money for the ceremony, because it's expensive. So -- it's an inside joke. Personal thing.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Well, that is funny. That's the FBI on Emma Lavery's kidnapping.

Krystal: Got any leads?

Jesse: Nothing solid, so far.

Opal: Poor little thing. She must be scared out of her wits.

Jake: If there's anything we can do to help --

Tad: Yeah, definitely. You keep us posted.

Jesse: Yeah. You do that, too. I'll be waiting on my invitation. We should all go out when Angela gets back.

Cara: I would really love that. Yeah, that would be nice. Thank you.

Tad: Ok.

Cara: Ok.

Jesse: Ok.

Tad: Well. As much as I hate lying to Jesse, that wasn't half bad. Actually, no. You know what? It was great. As far as I'm concerned, we were like a neurotic improv troupe.

Tad: What?

Krystal: You thought that went well?

Tad: I thought it went fine.

Krystal: Then you are insane.

Marissa: Reese wants to come to Pine Valley, spend a couple days with Miranda and Gaby, and then she wants to take them both to Paris with her for Miranda's spring break from school.

Bianca: That's a little out of the blue.

Marissa: That's what I thought.

Bianca: But it makes sense. Reese gets to see the girls and reconnect with them, and then when they're comfortable, they can take a short trip and say good-bye to our home over there.

Marissa: But we've just started proceedings. For Reese to already be making demands on the children --

Bianca: It's a request, and I'm ok with it. I'll go to Paris, too. It could be nice.

Marissa: "Nice"? Bianca, this could be a prelude to Reese asking for partial or even full custody.

Bianca: But that won't happen.

Marissa: But you didn't think that she would even want to see them. Now she wants to take them across the ocean? I think we tell them "no deal."

Bianca: I think you're letting your personal experience get in the way here. I'm not gonna get played the way you did.

Griffin: Your heart sounds good. Your blood pressure's fine. Everything else ok?

Kendall: You mean am I reading death threats in my boys' storybooks? No.

Griffin: Lucky Pinocchio.

Kendall: But I do keep reading Zach's letter, and it still has me freaked out. Ricky thinks that I tried to move on too quickly.

Griffin: Is that the good reverend's take?

Kendall: Yeah. He thinks that if I fully dealt with the loss, that I wouldn't have been so shocked from getting the letter. He encouraged me to talk about Zach, so that's what we were doing when you came by.

Griffin: You upset I asked him to go?

Kendall: No. No. I was just telling him about this magical Christmas that I spent with Zach. I thought it would be cathartic and make me feel strong and more in control, but I feel worse.

Griffin: So stop. If this is how you're feeling, maybe it's time to let it go.

Jake: I guess we should go. Right? Huh? Give you a little chance with Tad and you can go over things.

Cara: You don't need to leave.

Jake: Actually, I do. I got to get to the hospital. I got to help Angie. She's got a bachelor auction fundraiser thing.

Cara: Let me just real quick -- I just want to say that I'm extremely grateful for what you all are doing. And I feel like you're taking risks, and you're making a huge sacrifices for me, so I just wanted to say thank you.

Opal: We are. Oops. I said it right out loud.

Jake: Ok.

Amanda: Ok. Say good-bye to Tad and Krystal for us.

Cara: Oh. Thank you.

[Door closes]

Cara: So -- Mom --

Opal: I'll be upstairs if you need me.

Krystal: Tad, what you are doing is reckless, not to mention crazy. And then you treating this whole thing like it's a trivia game does not help.

Tad: I am out there just trying to get people to relax.

Krystal: No, what you are doing is breaking the law and lying to your best friend.

Tad: For a reason.

Krystal: Yeah. Cara. Yes, I know, the one who's gonna travel all over the world on a fake passport. Now all of a sudden it's our problem.

Tad: It's not like she was on vacation, ok? She had to change her name, so she could get into Doctors Without Borders.

Krystal: Can't somebody there help her out? Can't they --

Tad: Call the drug dealer that wants to bullet in her head? That's an idea, Krystal, but I don't think they have --

Krystal: This is not funny. This is not a joke, Tad. We could lose everything. All right? You could go to prison. Is that what you want? Is that really worth the risk to you? And how the hell am I gonna explain this to -- ohh.

Tad: To the kids. Go on, say it. How are we gonna break it to the kids?

Bianca: Reese isn't J.R. We didn't split up, because we hated each other or because someone came between us. We just -- we drifted apart.

Marissa: You still need to protect yourself and your children.

Bianca: And I will. But this can't be a battle. I'm not going in accusing Reese of trying to steal Gaby and Miranda away, ok? That is not how this marriage is going to end.

Marissa: You're the client. You have final say. Just tell me what you want to do.

Bianca: I'm gonna call Reese myself and work this out. I think it's time she comes to Pine Valley.

Kendall: Think about Zach, don't think about Zach. Talk about Zach, don't talk about Zach. I don't know -- which -- which is it? What am I supposed to do?

Griffin: Kendall, there's no easy answer.

Kendall: I thought I was doing better. I thought that maybe I could finally do this, I can learn to live again, and then I get that box!

Griffin: Maybe you should go for a walk, try and clear your head.

Kendall: I don't want to go for a walk! I want to know why this is happening!

Griffin: I'm trying to help you.

Kendall: Zach wrote me a letter. I could swear there was something in it that wasn't there. You want to help? Explain that. But don't think for a second you have the right to tell me how to deal with my memories.

Griffin: I'm trying to do whatever it takes to keep you out of the hospital.

Kendall: You know what? I'm done. You know the way out.

Tad: Whether you believe it or not, I've been thinking about the kids constantly: How to tell them about this, what to say.

Krystal: You really basically have two choices, Tad. You make them lie, or you lie to them. Now, you tell me which one's better. Look, I get wanting to help Cara. Why does it have to be you?

Tad: Because she saved my brother's life, and I owe her. I know -- I know I owe you. Right now -- just help me find a way to break this to the girls, ok, to explain Cara to them.

Krystal: You mean lie to their faces.

[Door closes]

Krystal: They're back from their play date.

Cara: So I'm from Mexico, and we have rain forests, beaches, and pyramids.

Kathy: Just like on "Dora."

Cara: Exactly. And when I was a little girl, I used to dream that one day I would climb those pyramids. When I got older, I did it.

Kathy: All by yourself?

Cara: All by myself. And you can climb those pyramids, too. You can do anything that you set your mind to, ok? Always remember that.

Tad: Well, hey!

Cara: Hi.

Tad: Look who we found! Ahh! What's up?

Kathy: We were talking to your friend, Daddy.

Tad: Oh, yeah?

Krystal: Cara is, um, is more than Daddy's friend.

Tad: Yeah. I got some big news. I'm getting married to a woman that likes to climb pyramids.

Ricky: Diana, I need to see you. Now. This whole situation with Kendall is getting --

Bianca: Reverend? Is everything ok?

Amanda: I love you.

Jake: I love you. See you later.

Amanda: Ok.

Jake: Hello. I thought you'd be heading back to Washington by now with all the air being cleared with Cara and everything.

Agent Trumbull: You can imagine my surprise, smack-dab in the middle of my investigation, finding out that Dr. Castillo is engaged. How about you? It catch you by surprise?

Jake: Not at all.

Agent Trumbull: Really? Because from what I understand, you and Dr. Castillo were once very much in love.

Tad: Cara is a very lovable person, a very loving person, and you may not know it now, but someday you will. So what do you think?

Kathy: I'm happy for you, Daddy.

Jenny: Me, too.

Tad: Where's Opal?

Cara: She went upstairs.

Tad: Oh, did she? Do me a favor. Go up there and tell her I want her to make us a round of snacks. How's about that?

Kathy: Ok. Wait for me!

Tad: That was worse than Jesse.

Krystal: Actually, I thought it went pretty well.

Tad: One thing's for sure. Eventually, there's gonna be a lot more questions.

Cara: I am gonna get to the hospital, ok?

Tad: Do me a favor. After your shift, would you come back, so we can work out some more of the details?

Cara: Yes. Thank you.

Tad: Cara, you don't have to keep thanking me.

Cara: I will never stop thanking you. I was talking to you. Thank you.

Tad: I meant what I said. I owe you big time.

Krystal: Hell, yeah, you do.

Ricky: Bianca, she's beautiful.

Bianca: You said something about Kendall? You seemed upset?

Ricky: Yeah. I was at her house, and she's still suffering. It's just so frustrating. Sometimes I can't do enough to help her.

Bianca: You do a lot to help. But who was that on the phone?

Ricky: That was a colleague. But what about you, your divorce? How you holding up?

Bianca: If you don't mind, I would love to talk things out sometime.

Ricky: Of course. Anytime. You can always give me a call. We'll set up a time and just sit down and talk.

Bianca: Thanks. I will.

Ricky: Bye.

Bianca: Bye.

Ricky: Bye.

Bianca: Thanks, really. Thanks.

Ricky: I didn't say to meet me here.

Diana: So no luck with the Widow Slater?

Ricky: Not yet. You got to go.

Diana: Hmm. You know what I miss? I miss the days when we could go out to dinner and then back to your place.

Ricky: Go.

Diana: You know what you need to do? You need to move faster. If we don't figure out Zach's special place, Kendall's gonna find those documents. And I don't know about you, but I really don't want to go to prison for having her husband murdered.

Ricky: I'm on it, ok, but our damn doctor keeps getting in the way.

Diana: Yeah, I tried to work him for some information.

Ricky: What? You approached Castillo?

Diana: I just flirted a little, tried to feel him out. Didn't really get anywhere.

Ricky: Dian -- ahem. Diana? I told you to stay in the background on this one. You were the face of the casino deals. That is risk.

Diana: No more risky than you flirting with Kendall.

Ricky: You trying to make me jealous?

Diana: No. Just trying to help.

Ricky: I got it under control, but clearly Griffin Castillo is an obstacle that's gonna need to be removed.

Tad: There's raisins all over the place and peanut butter in Mama's hair. I'd say I barely made it out of there alive. You still thinking about the kids, aren't you?

Krystal: Actually, I'm thinking about you. Tad, what you're doing for Cara is incredible. But what about your future? What about your happiness?

Tad: I've already had this conversation with Opal. I'm fine with it.

Krystal: Now. What about a year from now? What about three years from now?

Tad: I'm not thinking about it.

Krystal: I know you're not thinking about it. You're marrying a woman who doesn't love you. You're putting your life on hold. Now, take it from someone who's been there. That's a mistake.

Tad: Well, I don't know. It seems like you and I have done ok for ourselves.

Krystal: Come on, Tad. We settled, ok? We gave up on romance. We let that part of our life just pass us by, but you are taking this to a whole new level. You're locking yourself in.

Tad: Not forever.

Krystal: We don't know how long we have, Tad.

Tad: Krystal, as ridiculous as this whole thing is, it's my idea, and I am fine with it.

Krystal: Ok, listen. What if someone comes along? The woman of your dreams, someone you've always waited for? You're gonna have to either let her go or risk getting caught and going to jail. Why would you do that to yourself?

Tad: Because in spite of all the things I've done wrong, everything I've been through, the one thing that has meant the most to me, that's kept me going, is being a part of this family, is being a Martin. Jake is part of that. He's never made me feel like anything but blood. That's good enough for me. I love my brother. That's all there is to it.

Agent Trumbull: You don't find it strange that your brother is engaged to your ex-wife?

Jake: No, I don't. I think they belong together.

Cara: What's going on?

Agent Trumbull: I want to talk to you two about your marriage.

Griffin: You and the rev know each other?

Diana: No. But since you wouldn't help me tell Kendall's story, I thought that Reverend Torres might help me out. He was a frequent visitor at the hospital.

Griffin: You selling Kendall out now?

Ricky: Never.

Diana: The good reverend already turned me down. It was nice meeting you, though.

Ricky: Nice meeting you.

Diana: Take care.

Ricky: Ok.

Griffin: Not so fast, Padre. We need to talk.

Ricky: About Kendall? I've already told you everything that I needed to, Doc.

Griffin: I just came from her place. She's making herself crazy.

Ricky: Hmm. And that's my fault?

Griffin: You're confusing her, messing with her head.

Ricky: Is that a medical diagnosis?

Griffin: If it jeopardizes her health, yes, it is.

Ricky: Kendall can listen to anyone she wants. Stop trying to control her life.

Griffin: I'm trying to help her. What are you trying to do?

Ricky: You accusing me of something?

Griffin: From now on, you stay away from her.

Ricky: What? Are you like her bodyguard?

Griffin: If it keeps her alive, I guess I am.

Bianca: Why don't you go get some toys from Spike's room.

Kendall: All right. Good girl. Well, you look more stressed than I am. What's going on?

Bianca: I just met with Marissa. We didn't exactly see eye to eye. Hey, is that --

Kendall: The last of Zach's things from his plane? Yeah. Everywhere I go, there they are.

Bianca: How was it going through them?

Kendall: Surreal. Sad. But Ricky was here, so he helped. And there was this letter.

Bianca: From Zach?

Kendall: Yeah. I've read it, like, a million times, and I've -- I don't know. I keep reading it over and over, but -- I know this sounds weird, but I am drawn to it. And I don't want to keep obsessing on it, but Griffin thinks I need to let it go.

Bianca: What is it?

Kendall: I've read this letter numerous times, but I never really noticed it. In the last page here, Zach called me "sweetheart." He never called me that ever, so what is it doing in this letter?

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