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[Cell phone rings]

David: Hello?

Annie: Hi. It's Annie. I'm not sure where I'm going.

David: Annie, I told you to go straight to the cabin. The directions were very clear. What happened? Annie, where are you?

Ryan: She's right here. You son of a bitch. Where the hell is my daughter?

Greenlee: Why should I listen to you? Ryan and I have a lead on Annie.

Marissa: That's great, but what does it have to do with my father?

Greenlee: It looks like David helped Annie kidnap Emma.

Scott: Hey. Glad I caught you.

Madison: Any news on Emma?

Scott: No, not yet.

Madison: She has to be ok.

Scott: Yeah.

Madison: Thought you were off today.

Scott: I am. I just thought maybe you and the baby would like some company during your check-up.

Madison: Ok. Turn yourself right back around and walk away.

Liza: Colby, I don't want to see you get hurt again.

Colby: Well, maybe there's a way we can make things work. Maybe we can fix it.

Liza: No, you can't. You can't. Colby, it's just like what happened with me and Tad when we were your age. There are certain things that you just can't get past.

Colby: What happened between me and Damon is nothing like what happened between you and Tad.

Liza: You're right. You know, let's just forget that I ever said anything. Ok?

Colby: No, do you know what, I actually want to know --

Liza: No, honey. Can we just drop this, please? And please, Colby, just drop Damon.

Colby: What about my break-up has got you so upset?

Amanda: I'm so sorry.

Jake: You send me off to go and help her, and I think that was amazing. That's -- you're an angel.

Amanda: I never meant for this to happen.

Jake: It's not your fault she got picked up by Immigration.

Trumbull: Stand up.

Cara: No, no.

Trumbull: Get up.

Cara: Don't do this. Please, don't do this.

Tad: Get your hands off my fiancée.

Trumbull: This is your fiancée?

Tad: Yeah, that's right. As in getting married. So I don't know what you two think you're doing, but she sure as hell is not going anywhere.

Trumbull: Dr. Castillo, is that true? Are you marrying this man?

Amanda: I feel so guilty.

Jake: Why? Why? 'Cause Cara's not one of your favorite people? You know who should feel guilty? The ass who turned her in. That's who should feel guilty.

Amanda: She wears her engagement ring around her neck, and it drives me crazy. How many times have I wished that Cara never came here, that she would just go away and never come back?

Jake: Can I ask you something? You know how much I love you, right?

Amanda: Yes.

Jake: Ok. Do you know that I plan to be married to you for the rest of my natural-born life?

Amanda: Yes.

Jake: Ok, good. So, Cara, the ring around her neck -- none of it means anything to me. I'm really sorry if it hurt you. I am.

Amanda: No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I thought that I would lose you, and it freaked me out. And that's why I wanted Cara gone, but I never wanted her to be put in danger.

Jake: Of course, you didn't. 'Course, you didn't.

Tad: Sweetheart, say something. Tell them.

Cara: I won't let you do this.

Tad: What do you mean you won't let me do it?

Cara: No, you're not --

Tad: You won't let me do what? What am I supposed to do? Supposed to stand here and do nothing with everything we got on the line and watch it go down the tubes? Honey, I love it about you, but now is not the time to be so fiercely independent.

Trumbull: Are you or are you not engaged?

Tad: We're engaged, I promise you. And I'm sorry for the mix-up. My fiancée is a lot of things, and one of them is very self-sufficient. She doesn't much like the idea of being rescued. It's ridiculous. How many times we gotta go through this? You remember the ice-skating incident.

Trumbull: I'd like to hear about it.

Tad: We were ice skating this season, and she went out on a pond -- we were on a pond. She went out too far. I kept telling her not to. Eventually, she ended up on thin ice, because she's too proud to ask for help and too stubborn to admit she made a mistake.

Cara: It's my mistake.

Tad: Which leads us to mistake number two. You are not off the hook yet. Look, I'm afraid that my fiancée -- she's a doctor at the hospital. It's a very high-pressure, very active job. A lot of times personal things just fall through the cracks, like when I tell you 12 times to file the paperwork on your immigration status. I'm sorry for the mix-up, guys, but I just can't let this happen, all right? I love her too much to let her get shipped off to God only knows where, because she's too stubborn to listen to me.

Trumbull: Ok, love birds, where's the engagement ring?

Cara: Uh, yes, sweetheart. Of course. Right by my heart.

Tad: Oh.

Cara: I wear this.

Liza: Colby, I know what it's like to love a man and be hurt by him, and I don't want him to have another opportunity to do that to you. Honey, you're doing so good. I know you miss him. I know. But work and school. You're doing great. And for us, gosh, I've been wanting this as long as I can remember -- you and I, healing our relationship and be as close as we are now. Honey, when I was your age, I hated my mother. I never thought I would ever forgive her.

Colby: Why? Why? What did she do to you that was so bad?

Liza: Honey, my client's gonna be here any moment, and I've not finished looking over these briefs.

Colby: So end of conversation?

Liza: Yes.

Colby: Ok.

Liza: I love you.

Colby: I love you.

Liza: So much. And I know that being back together with Damon's only gonna hurt you more. He's a good person. He is, but he's just not the one for you. Ok? So get him out of your head and go live your life.

Colby: Ok, yeah.

Liza: Yeah.

Colby: Bye.

Liza: Ok.

Madison: You've already gone above and beyond by claiming that you're this baby's father. I'm not gonna stick you with check-ups and other baby duties.

Scott: All right, this Miss Independence thing, I admire you for it. I respect you for it. I even find it a tinge bit sexy, but there's no reason for you to do this alone.

Madison: That's exactly why I'm not telling Ryan about this baby, so that I can do this alone, and also this baby can be mine.

Scott: Madison, there's alone, and then there's alone.

Madison: Again, great of you to offer. I'll be just fine on my own.

Marissa: They're just talking in the park.

Greenlee: Right before Annie disappeared with Emma.

Marissa: This is why you and Jesse and Ryan wanted to talk to him at Krystal's, huh?

Greenlee: Yes. He didn't admit to anything. He acted concerned.

Marissa: What did he say when he saw this?

Greenlee: Ryan didn't show it to him. We knew he would figure a way out of it.

Marissa: So what makes you so sure David wants to help Annie kidnap Emma?

Greenlee: He hates Ryan, hates that I love him. We just got married. What better way to get revenge than to take his daughter away?

Marissa: But you have no real proof.

Greenlee: The surveillance video makes a strong case. Annie leaves with Emma, meets David in the park, and then disappears without a trace with no real cash of her own.

Marissa: Damn. What do you want from me?

Greenlee: You're the best chance at getting through to David. Will you talk to him? Help us find Emma.

David: I don't know anything about Annie taking Emma. So why don't you go back to your honeymoon?

Ryan: Where's the cabin, David? You didn't know it was just a recording when you gave Annie directions.

David: You think I didn't know that it was you trying to be clever? Really?

Ryan: My daughter's in danger because of you, David.

David: Oh, my God. Unbelievable. Don't you ever get tired of blaming me for everything that goes wrong in your life?

Ryan: If you would just stay out of my life, I wouldn't have to blame you for everything. It's amazing! It was all an act. It was a bunch of bull, you letting Greenlee go. You hate me for taking Greenlee from you, and you just jump at the opportunity to stick it to me to get a little bit of payback. The crazy in all of this is by helping Annie kidnap my daughter, you're actually helping the woman that tried to kill yours.

David: What the hell are you talking about?

Ryan: Just sit with that fear for a little bit, huh? It's horrible, thinking that your daughter is in the hands of a lunatic.

David: Again, what the hell are you talking about? What did Annie do to Marissa?

Ryan: What do you think Marissa's gonna say when she finds out that you helped the woman that attacked her? Looks like you got a little bonding left to do with your daughter.

David: Enough, Lavery! What did Annie do to Marissa?

Ryan: Annie's paranoia was getting a little bit out of control. She thought Marissa was coming in-between her marriage to J.R., So she knocked Marissa out, took her up to the attic, opened a gas line, and left her for dead. If J.R. hadn't have come home when he did --

David: My God. Marissa never said a word.

Ryan: You guys have been getting along pretty well, I noticed. What do you think Marissa's gonna say when she finds out that you helped the woman that ruined her marriage and tried to kill her? And just in case I'm not being clear, I'm gonna make sure she finds out.

Marissa: You know, just a couple hours ago, David swore to me that he was ready to make the most of his pardon, to get back into medicine, start helping people.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I know what it's like when David promises to be a better man. He's so sincere, and you want to believe him that you convince yourself that he's changing. And then you find out that he's blackmailing you or faking his own death or framing the man you love for murder.

Marissa: If David had anything to do with Annie kidnapping Emma, I'll get the truth.

Greenlee: Thank you. Thank you.

Marissa: Thank you.

Scott: Hi. Any word on Emma?

Greenlee: No. The police, the FBI, Ryan -- they're all doing everything they can. All we know is where she isn't.

Scott: Well, let me know if I can do anything.

Greenlee: Annie is so out of control, God knows what she'll do next.

Scott: Yeah, but she loves Emma. I don't think she'd ever do anything to hurt her. That has to ease your minds a little bit, right?

Greenlee: The only way this will be right for Ryan is when Emma is back home.

Scott: Of course. It's just so ironic, though.

Greenlee: What?

Scott: Ryan searching for a child, and he doesn't have a clue that he has another child who he may never know.

Colby: Hi, Opal.

Opal: Hey, honey!

Colby: Krystal said that Tad might be around. Is he here?

Opal: Man's gone AWOL. He was supposed to meet me. I don't know what happened. Can I get you a sandwich? I'll order some for you.

Colby: No, it's ok. I was just really hoping to find Tad, but --

Opal: Is it something that maybe I can help you with?

Colby: It's just my mom. She's been acting a little more intense than usual.

Opal: And your mama has been plenty intense in her day, most of which I would rather not think about.

Colby: Yeah, you know that whole thing about how my mom never really forgave my grandmother for what she did? When Mom was my age, that whole thing?

Opal: Why would Liza dredge up that old horror?

Colby: We've been getting really close, me and my mom.

Opal: Well, still, that is ancient history that is better left forgotten. Her mama sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend. Those scars run deep and long for everybody involved. Is that what you want to talk to Tad about?

Colby: Um -- gosh. You know, I think I've got class.

Opal: Are you ok, honey?

Colby: Yeah, I'm gonna be fine. I'm good. I'm great.

Opal: Then you go to class and be a star.

Colby: Thanks.

Opal: I think I'm gonna get a doggie bag for this.

Colby: It couldn't be.

Trumbull: It's so big and beautiful. Why don't you wear it on your hand?

Cara: Because I'm a doctor, a surgeon, and I prefer not to wear jewelry when I'm working on patients.

Tad: She's nothing if not conscientious.

Trumbull: Yes, I can see that.

Cara: Yeah. It'll be on my finger the day that we get married.

Jake: See, now, this is good. All of this is good. This is showing that she gives back to the community. Cara -- she does a lot of pro bono work. I mean, this is good. I just hope the judge reads every single one of these to show her value that she's better off here and alive, not deported and in danger.

Amanda: Oh, my God. I hate this. If Cara is deported, if she's hurt in any way --

Jake: You are really -- you've been really good about this and nice when you've got all kinds of reasons not to be. So I gotta tell you, it actually makes you more lovable in a way. You're like an angel.

[Cell phone rings]

Amanda: I'm not an angel.

Jake: Hello?

Tad: Jake.

Jake: It's Tad. What's up?

Tad: Listen, it's Tad and Cara. We're at the Yacht Club. We need to talk to you.

Jake: What happened? Something happen?

Tad: Sort of. Where are you?

Jake: I'm at the house.

Tad: Ok, you stay there. We'll be right over. It's really, really important.

Jake: Right.

Nurse: Miss North? This is the bill for your visit.

Madison: Whoa! How can it be this much?

Nurse: Your Ob/Gyn is out of your insurance company's network.

Madison: I mean, some of it's gotta be covered, right?

Nurse: It is. Right there.

Madison: That's hardly anything.

Nurse: I'm afraid the rest is out-of-pocket.

Madison: I guess -- any hints for the lottery?

Greenlee: I never said I didn't want Ryan to know his own child.

Scott: I know you didn't.

Greenlee: To find out that Madison is pregnant with his baby the same day his daughter is kidnapped, it's too much to process.

Scott: Well, I hope Emma's found real soon. Keep me posted.

Madison: Oh, good. You're still here. The office said you were, which is great 'cause I did not want to do this at the office.

Greenlee: Do what?

Madison: I need to ask your permission to do something that will help me and the baby.

David: Well, if you're done making threats --

Ryan: You sent Annie to a cabin. Where is it?

David: Cabins are usually in the woods, Ryan. Beyond that, who knows?

Ryan: You do know. You know where Emma is. You know what that's called? That's called accomplice to kidnapping, and this time the governor's not gonna give you a pardon.

David: Yeah, well, good luck trying to press charges on make-believe.

Ryan: I know what I heard, Hayward.

David: Oh, good. Fine. Hold on to that, because it sure as hell isn't gonna hold up in court.

Marissa: Maybe it won't, but this will. Tell Ryan where Emma is, or you will never hear from me again.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Liza: Hi.

Colby: Hi.

Liza: Ok, something's wrong.

Colby: No. No, I have just been thinking about what you said about me and Damon.

Liza: Honey, I hope you really understand the wisdom of not getting back together with him.

Colby: Yeah, you know, at first I really didn't understand why you would be so freaked out that I was even talking to Damon. And then you brought that whole thing up about what your mom did to you when you were my age.

Liza: The reason why I brought that up was because I was making a point, that she and I didn't have the relationship that you and I do.

Colby: She slept with Tad -- when you were dating back in college.

Liza: Where would you get an idea like that?

Colby: Opal told me.

Liza: Opal. Opal told you. Well, Opal should not be talking about things that are none of her business.

Colby: Well, Mom, one minute you're talking about how you never want me to talk to Damon ever again, and the next you're bringing up something that happened years ago, and I just want to know why. Mom?

Liza: Yes?

Colby: Did history repeat itself?

Liza: Colby, I would never do --

Colby: Did you do the same thing to me? Mom, did you sleep with my boyfriend?

Amanda: Did you know Tad was going to see Cara?

Jake: No, I didn't, but hopefully it's because he's got some brilliant solution to our problem.

Tad: Hey!

Jake: What's up? Good news, please. Just good news.

Tad: Amanda, I didn't know you'd be here.

Amanda: Well, I want to know what's going on, too.

Tad: Yeah, of course.

Jake: Well, what happened? They take her away?

Amanda: Is she all right?

Cara: I'm here, thanks to Tad.

Jake: How did you do that? You're amazing.

Tad: No, not amazing, just effective. The fraud charges aren't gone. They're still there. We're gonna have to deal with them, but now at least we have a little breathing room.

Amanda: What did you do? How did you get them to let her go?

Tad: We're engaged. So maybe you should -- congratulate us?

Jake: Engaged? The two of you? And Agent Trumbull went for this?

Tad: We did our best to be convincing.

Cara: I almost blew it.

Tad: No, no. Stop that. I told you you were great. She's quick on her feet, this one.

Amanda: What happened?

Tad: It was pretty much like I told you. We didn't have much of a choice, did we? These Immigration guys were 5 minutes away from packing her to the airport, putting her on a plane. So I was desperate, best I could do.

Cara: Tad came out of nowhere. You called me your fiancée. I said, "No, this can't happen." You covered, and here we are. Yes, here we are. Thank you.

Tad: Betrothed.

Cara: Yeah.

Jake: That's pretty crazy.

Amanda: But Cara's free so that's good, right?

Cara: Well, I still have the fraudulent passport charges hanging over my head, so --

Tad: Have a little faith in Jack. I'm sure he'll come up with something.

Jake: I mean, I guess an engagement would buy a little time to figure out a long-term strategy, so --

Tad: Long-term strategy? The long-term strategy is marriage.

Jake: But actual marriage, that would be crazy, right?

Tad: Maybe, but it's also the only way to keep her alive.

Liza: Ok, sweetheart, this is not the place to --

Colby: Do not tell me if it's not true.

Liza: I can't believe that Opal would say something like that.

Colby: Tell me the truth, Mom.

Liza: Honey, it was a long time ago.

Colby: The biggest heartbreak of your life. Complete betrayal by your own mother. Why would you do this? What kind of mother would do something like that?

Liza: Ok, Colby, honey, please let's go somewhere else. Please.

Colby: No. I'm not going anywhere until you tell me you are not that kind of mother. That you wouldn't hurt me the same way your mom hurt you. Please, please, please, please tell me you didn't sleep with Damon.

Madison: I hate to ask for anything.

Greenlee: What is it that you want my permission for?

Madison: Now that the secret's out, well, at least part of it anyway, and you and I are getting along, mostly, I'd like to pick up more hours at Fusion.

Greenlee: That's the big request? You want to work more?

Madison: If it's ok with you.

Greenlee: More work, more hours. Isn't stress something pregnant women should avoid?

Madison: What's stressing me out more is this.

Greenlee: Medical bill? You have insurance.

Madison: My doctor is out-of-network. So more hours, more money. I can pay my bills.

Greenlee: If it's money that you're after, I can give you whatever you need.

Madison: No, I don't want your money. I just want more hours, so that I can pay my own way and take care of my baby.

Greenlee: What about Scott? I'm sure he wants to help.

Madison: He only lied about being the baby's father, so that Ryan wouldn't find out the truth. There's no way I can expect him to do more.

Greenlee: Maybe he wants to.

Madison: Right, every guy's dream, being with a pregnant woman -- pregnant with someone else's child.

Greenlee: He seems to really care about you.

Madison: What the hell are you doing?

Greenlee: I'm trying to help you.

Madison: Just because Ryan's not going to be a father to my baby doesn't mean you have to find a replacement.

David: Are you all right? Ryan told me what Annie did to you. Why didn't you say anything?

Marissa: Don't change the subject.

David: This is the subject. You could have been killed.

Marissa: But I'm not. I'm here, I'm alive, and I'm asking you to tell Ryan where they are. I'm asking you just for once in your life to tell the truth.

David: I thought Annie was taking Emma on a vacation while Ryan and Greenlee were on their honeymoon. She needed help. I offered, ok? I had no idea that she was kidnapping the child.

Marissa: But now you know, so tell Ryan where they are.

David: Vermont. Outside Stowe. Just off the 108. It's a resort. It's in the mountains near the state forest.

Ryan: I should bury you right now.

Marissa: Here. Write the address.

Ryan: They better be there.

David: They are.

Ryan: Jesse, I have an address for you.

Marissa: All that talk about getting a second chance, being a changed man --

David: All right, look, if you would just give me a chance to explain to you.

Marissa: Why? So that you can lie to me? God, you and J.R. really are just alike.

David: Oh, come on. I'm nothing like that punk.

Marissa: No? No? 'Cause ever since he had his cancer, he's been saying that he was gonna be a better man, that I could trust him. But every word that's come out of his mouth has been a lie, just like you.

David: I told Ryan where Emma is.

Marissa: I had to threaten you!

David: Ok, look, try to understand this, please. I was feeling sorry for Annie. She was upset. She was alone. She had everyone against her. I know exactly what that feels like.

Marissa: She tried to kill me.

David: I didn't know that!

Marissa: But you had to notice that she wasn't acting rationally.

David: Look, I'm telling you, I felt sorry for her, all right?

Marissa: No, you saw a chance to stick it to Ryan.

David: Ok, you know, there's some truth in that --

Marissa: Uh-huh.

David: But I swear to you --

Marissa: Oh, please, just don't.

David: Listen, I don't -- Marissa, please, I don't want this to come between us.

Marissa: Oh ho! Oh, no? You mean like the time that you pretended that you were dead or the time that you pretended you had a fatal illness or, oh, no, maybe it was the time --

David: Ok, all right, I get it, and I'm sorry. Ok? Please? So if you'll just for a moment --

Marissa: No. Understand? Give you another chance? No. I am tired of being lied to and used. I am tired of hoping that maybe just this once you'll mean what you say, that you'll be the man, the father that you say you want to be. No, you know what, I'm done. Done.

David: Marissa!

Ryan: Wow, looks like you lost your daughter, too, huh? I guess the only difference is, I'm getting mine back.

Madison: So, about those hours?

Greenlee: You can work as much overtime as you want.

Madison: Thank you.

Scott: Hey! How did the appointment go?

Madison: What are you still doing here on your day off?

Scott: I just wanted to get a little work done. Is that the bill?

Madison: No big deal.

Scott: No? Except your doctor is outside your insurance network, so that means you gotta fork over a big chunk of change.

Madison: Does everyone in this hospital know my business?

Scott: One of my duties is to file the insurance submissions.

Madison: Oh. I don't suppose that in your capacity as insurance submitter, you could possibly come up with a way to change the hospital policy on network doctors?

Scott: Oh, I wish I could, but I could be your advocate with the insurance company.

Madison: All right.

Scott: That wasn't so hard, now was it? Listen, I do not have an office. It is my day off, so why don't we get the heck out of here, and we can do this someplace else?

Madison: Sounds good to me.

Scott: Ok, let's go. Come on.

Ryan: Ok, just let me know if you find anything out, ok? Thanks.

Greenlee: Did Marissa get anything out of David?

Ryan: She did. She got the place that Hayward sent her to, but by the time the cops got there, Annie was already gone. I guess she got spooked or something.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Ryan: Well, it's not a complete bust, because Annie happened to mention to the hotel manager that she was expecting her fiancé to show up.

Greenlee: Her fiancé? You mean J.R.?

Ryan: I guess so.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. She is definitely living in fantasy land.

Ryan: I'm hoping that she calls J.R., and when she does we're gonna be ready, whether J.R.'s cooperating or not.

Liza: Colby, you know how much I love you. You know.

Colby: Please, Mom, please. Please tell me you did not sleep with Damon. [Sobbing]

Liza: Honey, please.

Colby: Please.

Jake: I just think that marriage is kind of extreme.

Tad: It's a solution.

Jake: I get that time is critical, but it's not exactly like one of those little marriages, you run off to Las Vegas, and you get married, you kiss the bride, and then Cara's free. I'm just saying if you want it to look real, you would have to do it for -- I don't know -- three months to a year or something like that?

Cara: It's actually three years.

Jake: Three years married to Tad?

Tad: Thank you.

Jake: You're gonna live that lie?

Tad: Better aboveground with a lie than not.

Jake: I just think that it's -- there's gotta be a better solution than being married for three years.

Cara: You know, if I'm gonna stay alive, this is the best option. Mrs. Thaddeus Martin.

Tad: That's right.

Cara: Yes, I like it. I like it.

Tad: See, we're already halfway to married bliss.

Amanda: Well, if it helps Cara, yeah.

Cara: Well, we do need to work out a lot of details, right? We haven't told Griff, my mother.

Tad: We have mountains of stuff to take care of, but that's what I wanted to talk to you about. We're gonna need help.

Jake: Just a little while ago, we were talking about a funeral. Now we're talking about a wedding.

Tad: Jake, you on board?

Jake: Sure. Welcome to the family. Come with me to the hospital?

Amanda: Congratulations.

Tad: Thanks for your support.

Marissa: I don't know how long we have, but I do know J.R.'s looking for Annie with his own P.I.s.

Greenlee: I'll keep an eye out for the staff.

Ryan: Ok, I just need long enough to plant a couple of these.

Marissa: Looks like Annie hasn't called yet.

Greenlee: Sounds like she will.

Ryan: J.R. let the cops tap his home line. I just want to make sure that in case Annie calls the cell phone that we don't miss any of the details of where she is.

Greenlee: Thank you for helping us.

Ryan: We'd be a few steps behind Annie if it wasn't for you.

Marissa: Emma's missing. Anything I can do to help, I will.

Greenlee: I'm just sorry about David.

Marissa: Don't be. I'm not.

Colby: You knew how much Damon meant to me!

Liza: I know, honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Colby: You're sorry? You're sorry? You're sorry?

Liza: Easy, easy, easy.

Colby: No, I don't understand how you could --

Liza: Let's go somewhere -- shh! Let's go somewhere else to discuss this. Colby! Please, Colby. Colby!

David: Let her go.

Liza: I've lost her. David, I've lost her for good. [Crying]

Scott: Well, Miss North is a single mother. Any chance she can get special compensation? Right. Some sort of modified coverage plan, any good faith-type deal? She's stable, solid work history, yeah. How long with her current employer? Uh -- hold on. Would you give me a minute?

Jake: I'm afraid I have to stick around. I have a patient named Mr. Katz who's touch-and- go. So why don't you kiss my son for me, ok?

Amanda: Jake, are you all right?

Jake: Well, I had other ideas for my first night off in weeks, but you know, yeah, I'm all right. I'm ok.

Amanda: I meant with Tad and Cara getting married.

Jake: Well, if it means that it keeps that maniac away from killing her, I'll throw out the first fistful of rice. But you wanted her out of town, and now she's gonna be your sister-in-law, yeah.

Amanda: All that matters is that Cara's safe.

Jake: You're amazing. You're amazing. Sweet dreams. Dream about me, would you?

Tad: Hey, Cara?

Cara: Yes, dear.

Tad: Do me a favor. I want you to try this. It should help. Opal calls it the nectar of the gods.

Cara: Ok.

Tad: Bottoms up.

Cara: [Coughs] Is this 100% alcohol?

Tad: Exactly.

Cara: Ok.

[Tad coughs]

Cara: [Chuckles] Ok, let's -- don't do this to me, not yet, please.

Tad: You know something, it's a good thing that you held onto that engagement ring.

Cara: Yeah.

Tad: You realize you'd be on a plane if you hadn't.

Cara: It's a good thing.

Tad: I didn't mean it like that.

Cara: No, I know you didn't.

Tad: I'm not trying to be callous --

Cara: No, stop. Please. You took on a hell of a lot today.

Tad: Well, a guy needs a hobby.

Cara: A wife? This wife, Tad? Really?

Tad: You could do worse. I have.

Cara: I promise I'm gonna make this as easy as possible for you, ok?

Tad: Yeah, we'll be fine. I know that I'm not the Martin you thought you'd end up with, but at least if we get married now, it'll keep you safe.

Cara: Yeah, if the government buys the whole thing.

Tad: Oh, they will, trust me. You saved my brother's life. Least I can do is pull out all the bells and whistles. Yeah, we'll do the whole matrimonial nine yards. As far as Pine Valley is concerned, we'll be Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Martin. As far as we're concerned, you know, be everything but the --

Cara: Oh, got it.

Tad: Jake took it -- well.

Cara: Well, why wouldn't he, you know?

Tad: Because you're his ex-wife, and I'm his brother, and this is really, really weird.

Cara: It's kind of weird. Yeah. I will say, I'm relieved that Jake was ok with it.

Tad: Yeah, me, too. Which means we should take the next step.

Cara: And what's that?

Tad: Picking out a wedding day. Darling.

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