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Liza: Excuse me. Have there been any accidents reported tonight?

Police Officer: District Attorney Colby. No, ma'am. Nothing.

Liza: Ok. Great. Thank you.

David: I never figured you for an ambulance chaser.

Liza: I'm trying to find my daughter. I'm texting her, and I'm calling her, and she's not returning my calls, so I'm getting a little bit worried.

David: She's probably out there having a romantic dinner somewhere.

Liza: Why would you say that?

David: It's Valentine's Day, Liza. And unlike her mother, Colby isn't spending it alone.

Asher: Going somewhere?

Colby: Well, you can't keep me a prisoner here as well.

Asher: And you can't take my car keys.

Colby: All right, well, then, I'd like mine back.

Asher: Ah, ah, ah. J.R. told me to keep you safe until he has Annie under control, ok?

Colby: J.R. probably forgot that I'm even here, ok? He's too busy protecting his crazy girlfriend, never mind his sister, who is so bored she wants to scream.

Asher: I can think of something to pass the time, and I can guarantee that it won't be boring.

Erica: Reese's favorite. My way of welcoming her back to Pine Valley.

Bianca: Reese isn't here.

Erica: But she will be. It's your anniversary. And it's Valentine's Day.

Bianca: Her plane was delayed.

Erica: Oh.

Bianca: So did you and Caleb straighten things out? You two seemed a little tense earlier.

Erica: Oh, please, that man is just a ball of tension. He made it perfectly clear that he wants nothing more to do with me.

Bianca: He might've said that, but he didn't mean it.

Erica: Well, I don't really care what he means. Because I don't really care about Caleb.

Bianca: We both know that's a lie.

Jack: All right, folks, it's picture time. You ready? We have two photographers here. Ok. Here we go.

Ryan: Where is Emma?

Greenlee: She's going to get my makeup, actually.

Jack: Stand still. Let's take some pictures while we're waiting, huh?

Ryan: You look perfect, by the way. I missed that one.

Emma: I'm missing the picture.

Annie: That's ok. That's ok, sweetheart.

Emma: No. I want to be in it.

Annie: We need to leave. Now.

J.R.: Marissa, hang on! I'm coming! My God. Marissa? Marissa. It's gonna be ok. Gonna be just fine. Wake up. Wake up. Marissa, come on. Stay with me. Ok? Just wake up. Ok. Come on, Marissa.

[Marissa coughs as she wakes up]

J.R.: Just take a deep breath. How did this happen?

Marissa: It was Annie. She tried to kill me.

Jack: For me?

Greenlee: For Erica. She's next.

Krystal: Right. Right this way.

Greenlee: Oh, my gosh.

Ryan: That's right. See that, Spike?

Emma: I want cake!

Annie: I will get you as much cake as you want, ok, but for now, we have to go.

Emma: No. I want to be with Daddy and Greenlee.

Annie: Sweetheart, some women get to be brides that don't deserve to be, women like Greenlee. And today she's gonna want your father all to herself, so we have to go. Come on. Come on.

Jack: Ok, everybody, get together and -- smile. 1, 2. Very nice. Very nice.

Ryan: Emma is still not back yet.

Greenlee: She's probably playing in my makeup.

Ryan: Yeah? Future cosmetics queen?

Greenlee: Yeah, if I have anything to say about it.

Krystal: How you holding up?

Jack: Hey. See this? Great. I mean, my daughter's finally happy. For what more could I ask?

Krystal: Erica?

Erica: Bianca, why do you keep questioning me about this? I'm with Jackson. We're getting married.

Bianca: Then why did you let him go to his daughter's wedding alone while you hung out with Caleb?

Erica: As I told you, I skipped the wedding as a kind of a wedding present to Greenlee. I mean, we both know she didn't want me there.

Bianca: Well, what about what Uncle Jack wants?

Erica: Jack and I discussed it, and he understood completely. And as for Caleb, I mean, we certainly weren't hanging out. I was trying to thank him for getting me through a very, very difficult time, not that he would let me.

Bianca: What does that mean?

Erica: I consider Caleb to be a friend. Apparently, that no longer goes both ways. Look, maybe he feels that he's become too civilized. Maybe he misses his life as a hermit.

Bianca: Is that it? Or has he just had enough of the games?

Liza: Well, I don't see you with any chocolate or roses.

David: That's a little cliché for me.

Liza: Cliché. Is that the reason why you're passing on Valentine's Day? Or does it have something to do with the fact that your ex is getting married today?

David: I wish Greenlee nothing but happiness.

Liza: Right, and Ryan? What do you wish for him?

David: It's all in the past. I'm a free man now. Focused on my future.

Liza: I don't know how you got that governor's pardon.

David: Haven't you learned by now? I'm very resourceful.

Liza: Yeah, but you don't have that kind of power. The only person that has that kind of power is Erica, and the fact that she tried to put a bullet in your back, I don't understand why she would turn around and try and help you.

David: All right, look. Why don't you stop trying to understand it, and I have a better idea. Why don't you come out for a drink with me? This time you can say yes. Unless, of course, you really do have something to do on Valentine's Day.

Liza: You'll never know.

Colby: Poker. Hmm. This is the answer to all your problems?

Asher: Got me through some pretty tough times at boarding school.

Colby: This isn't boarding school. And I'm not the janitor that you used to play with when everybody went home at Christmastime.

Asher: You're much cuter.

Colby: I'm serious, Asher. Ok, I have a life. I've got this life back in Pine Valley, ok? I can't sit here and play five-card draw.

Asher: Would you rather play solitaire? [Snaps cards]

Colby: Ok. All right, if I play, will you let me leave?

Asher: No. I can't do that.

Colby: Annie kept me here, locked me up. I would really like to get back to Pine Valley so I can wring her neck. All right. Fine. Fine. What are we playing for?

Asher: That's the spirit. Um, how about -- some fine chocolates? Hmm?

Colby: No. You know, I think we can do much better than that.

Asher: Cash?

Colby: Skin. Every time you lose, you take something off.

Marissa: Really, I'm fine, J.R. Ok? Who are you calling?

J.R.: The groundskeeper. This is Mr. Chandler. Listen to me. I need all gas lines shut off that lead to the attic right away. I should get you to the hospital.

Marissa: Where's Annie?

J.R.: I don't know. Annie? Annie, if you can hear me, just please come out.

Marissa: Just forget it, J.R. She's not here.

J.R.: Annie, I know that you're scared. Everything's gonna be all right. I promise. Just call me back as soon as you get this.

Marissa: Everything's gonna be all right?

J.R.: I'm just trying to keep her calm so she'll come back.

Marissa: You need to call the police. That lunatic locked me up and left me to die, and now she's out there desperate and deranged. She could go after anybody.

J.R. and Marissa: A.J.

Marissa: Thank you.

Marissa: Opal. Opal. Is A.J. ok? Oh, good. Look, no, I'll explain later. Just lock the door and don't let anybody in, especially Annie. No, it's ok. I'll explain later. But just keep A.J. with you until you hear from me again, ok? Thank you. Who are you calling now?

J.R.: Ryan. Ryan, it's J.R. Listen, there's really no reason to worry. Annie's just kind of going through a hard time. Like I said, there's no reason to panic. I just think it might be a good idea to keep an eye on Emma.

Marissa: Where are you going?

J.R.: I think I might know where Annie is. I'll call you.

Marissa: No. No. Wherever you're going, I'm going with you.

J.R.: All right.

Jack: Congratulations again, you two. I just can't say enough.

Krystal: And thank you for letting me crash your party.

Ryan: Thank you for making sure we didn't starve.

Greenlee: Yeah, seriously, seriously, Krystal, this is the best wedding cake I've ever had.

Ryan: It's unbelievable.

Krystal: Thank you.

Greenlee: Dad, thank you for being here.

Jack: You have never looked more beautiful, more happy. Listen to me. You deserve it. Now you listen to me. You take care of my girl.

Ryan: Always. Ok?

Jack: Yeah.

Ryan: Give me some love.

Krystal: Thank you. Thank you.

Ryan: Give me some -- mwah.

Krystal: Thank you, guys.

Jack: Let's go hit the leftovers.

Ryan: Yeah.

Jack: No sense wasting.

Greenlee: We did it. We finally had our perfect day. Mm. Mm.

Ryan: There he is. Hey, where is your sister? I want to get a picture with everybody.

Greenlee: Where is she?

Ryan: Do you know where she is?

Spike: I don't know.

Ryan: You don't know? Stay here. Emma? Emma?

Annie: Sweetheart, we have to walk faster, ok?

Emma: Why can't I go back to Daddy's wedding?

Annie: Ok, you can go back, but then you'd miss our big adventure.

Annie: Emma, sweetheart, come on. We really have to go, ok?

Emma: I'm tired.

Annie: Ok. Ok, we can rest for 10 minutes, ok? Just 10 minutes and then we really have to go. Ok?

Bianca: Miranda made this just for you. She's been working on it for weeks.

Erica: Absolutely beautiful. But it's not gonna make me forget what you said about Caleb before. Where is that coming from?

Bianca: So you're not playing games? It's not like you've never done that before.

Erica: Well, maybe I have, but that's not what I'm doing with Caleb.

Bianca: Why else do you keep postponing your wedding?

Erica: My goodness, Bianca. For Jack and me, it's just been one crisis after another. I mean, our lives have been pretty much in total chaos.

Bianca: Maybe you should cancel the wedding.

Erica: No. I don't want to do that. I would never do that.

Bianca: No, of course not. No, you'll just keep stringing Uncle Jack along, making him think you want a future with him and then the minute he wants to take a step forward, you'll put up the roadblocks.

Erica: Bianca!

Bianca: Uncle Jack loves you. He wants to be a part of your life, not sometimes or from a distance. He wants to be there for you, with you, all the time.

Erica: Are you talking about my relationship? Or are you talking about yours?

Jack: It really, really was a wonderful wedding. Two people overcoming incredible odds and not letting anybody or anything get in the way of their happiness.

Krystal: Kinda gives you hope, doesn't it?

Jack: Yeah, it does.

Krystal: I'm glad you liked the chow.

Jack: Thank you again for doing that. You were a lifesaver. You really were. I was a little dubious about the champagne.

Krystal: What are you talking about?

Jack: I thought maybe Hayward had drugged it, and he was gonna pop out of the cake in the middle of the ceremony.

Krystal: Well, I did keep the cake knife from him just in case.

Jack: Very smart. Thank you again.

Krystal: Jack, if you thank me one more time for the food --

Jack: No, no, no, it's not about the food. Thank you for making me laugh. I really needed the laugh.

Krystal: You might need more than a laugh right about now.

Liza: Can I get a dirty martini, please?

David: Too much sodium for me. I'll have a scotch on the rocks, Paddy.

Liza: Are you following me?

David: No, not at all. Just trying to forget Valentine's Day, just like you.

Liza: I'm surprised you even have time for a drink. I thought for sure you'd be trying to pull some sort of stunt to ruin Greenlee's wedding.

David: Nah. That's the old me. The new-and-improved David Hayward has no desire for revenge. Something's over, it's over.

[Liza chuckles]

David: You think that's funny?

Liza: I do. Trying to convince me that you're a changed man? Hmm.

David: What, you haven't changed at all throughout the years?

Liza: I have, in some ways.

David: Ok, fine. So why not me?

Liza: What's your plan, David? You gonna lull them into a false sense of security and then turn around and make their marriage a living hell?

David: It makes sense that you would think that, given my history. I meant what I said. I saved a life, and I never thought I'd be able to do that again. So it kinda helps put things in perspective. I'm done -- done chasing after people who have already moved on. I can only hope the same is true for you, Liza. Mm. Cheers. Enjoy your Valentine's Day. [Hits bar twice]

Colby: Show me what you got, Pike.

Asher: Two pair.

Colby: Ooh. Full house.

Asher: What?

Colby: Mm-hmm.

Asher: You gotta be kidding.

Colby: Take it off. Come on. Show me what you got.

Asher: You're really enjoying this a little too much, aren't you?

Colby: Yeah. I'm enjoying it a little bit. Ha ha!

Asher: This time I'm gonna deal, because I think you're cheating.

Colby: You are such a sore loser.

Asher: Yeah.

Colby: One.

Asher: One for me, too.

Colby: Are you sure you don't want to quit?

Asher: Oh, yeah.

Colby: Yeah?

Asher: Yeah.

Colby: This could be very embarrassing for you, Asher.

Asher: Most likely for you.

Colby: Mm. Two pair.

Asher: Three of a kind.

Colby: No way.

Asher: Shirt off.

Colby: Come on. Please.

Asher: Hey, these are your rules.

Colby: All right, fine. If I'm gonna take off my shirt, you have to cover your eyes.

Asher: You didn't cover your eyes.

Colby: Well, then, you're gonna get my sock, then.

Asher: Fine, but this is lame.

Colby: All right. Here I go. Taking off my top. Ahh. Ooh. Oh, gosh, it got caught. Oops. Oopsie. Ok, it's just coming over my head. Oh, gosh, it is so cold out. Let me just fix my bra.

Asher: This is taking a long time. Hey, Colby! Hey, come back here. Hey, Colby -- hey, come back.

[Car driving off]

Ryan: Emma is obsessed with hide-and-seek lately. The other day I found her underneath the bed hiding.

Greenlee: Why don't I go check the back?

Ryan: No, not with that foot of yours. I'll go do it. Hey, Spike, stay with Greenlee, ok?

Greenlee: Hee hee. Hey, what do you think? Do you want to go check under the table for me? Go check under the table. Go check. Tell me what you see. Is she there? No? Anything?

Ryan: No. Nothing.

Greenlee: Did you check the bathroom?

Ryan: Yeah. She's not there. What are you doing? What are you doing?

Greenlee: Helping.

Ryan: No, no, not with that bum foot of yours.

Greenlee: You know Emma. She probably found a really good hiding place.

Annie: Emma, honey, we really have to go. Get up. I mean it. It's time to get up.

Emma: No!

Annie: Emma, right now. Let's go. We have to go. Get up.

David: Is everything all right?

Annie: Everything's fine. We're just playing a little game.

David: What kind of game?

Annie: Please, David, just go and forget that you saw us here.

David: What's the big secret, Annie?

Annie: Uh -- it's been a very long time since Emma and I had some alone time together, so I'm going to take her on a little trip, but Ryan definitely wouldn't approve, so I would appreciate it if you didn't say anything.

David: You don't have to worry about me saying anything to Lavery.

Annie: We're in the same boat, aren't we?

David: How so?

Annie: We've both been deceived, tricked by people that said that they loved us and wanted a future with us, when really it was all just a bunch of lies.

David: What does that have to do with your daughter not wanting to get up off a park bench?

Annie: She's the only thing I have left. I need her. I deserve her, but Ryan -- he will never understand that. He's gonna hear the things that I did, and he's gonna try to take her away from me like he did when he thought that I was crazy, but I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm just hurt. I -- I have nothing left. I have no one except for Emma. And Ryan -- he doesn't deserve her. He already has so much.

David: Wow. Just when you thought that you had everything put into perspective, come to realize that you really don't. A whole new vantage point comes along.

Annie: What does it mean?

David: You have nothing to worry about. It's all gonna work out fine.

Annie: How do you know that?

David: Because I'm gonna take care of everything.

J.R.: You all right?

Marissa: I'm fine. What are we doing here?

J.R.: Annie used to work here. We had meetings that were catered by the club.

Marissa: Well, Annie is running for her life. I doubt she'd be stopping in to write a press release.

J.R.: But Annie loved her job, made her feel like she was -- she was contributing. So if this was the last place that she felt good, maybe she's using it as a hideout.

Marissa: Well, clearly, she's not here, and I am done chasing her. It's time to call the police.

J.R.: Ok, maybe I guessed wrong. Maybe she went back to the house. We should go there and check.

Marissa: You know what? We came all this way. We might as well take a look around, see if we can find a clue.

J.R.: No, no. I'll look. Take a taxi cab to the hospital and get yourself checked out.

Marissa: I told you. I'm ok. Wow. Annie must've spent quite a lot of time here.

J.R.: I guess.

Marissa: She was really obsessed with you. Don't you think that's weird?

J.R.: Yeah. We should go.

Marissa: Just wait. Nice tie. Whose is it?

J.R.: I have no idea.

Marissa: It's yours, J.R. I bought it for you.

Colby: Mom. Thank God.

Liza: Colby, honey, where have you been?

Colby: Annie. She held me hostage.

Liza: She did what?

Colby: I'll tell you more about it later, but it was at J.R.'s cottage. She handcuffed me to a table, and then she took off. She is completely out of her mind.

Liza: Honey, what are you -- are you ok? Did she --

Colby: I'm fine now, but I want to press charges, and I want you to help me.

Liza: Absolutely. Of course, I am. I'm gonna make a phone call right now, make sure there's a warrant out for her arrest immediately.

Colby: -- Prison, Oak Haven, I don't care. As long as she is locked away for good.

Liza: Honey, until she is, I want you to come stay with me. I want you stay away from that mansion.

Colby: Mom, actually, I've been thinking about getting away, but not just from the house. I want to get away from Pine Valley, and I think I'm gonna go see Damon.

Liza: Colby, I really don't think that is a good idea.

Colby: Mom, I know you hate him, but you're not gonna change my mind, so please, can we not fight about this right now?

Liza: You just went through a really scary experience. Now is not the time to make these decisions, all right? Come back to my house, have a good night's sleep, and we will talk --

Colby: No, Mom, you're not listening to me. I need to do this, ok? I need to see Damon.

Asher: Huge mistake. Right?

Bianca: Go see Uncle Jack. Talk to him. Fix this.

Erica: Bianca, this is a very important day for you and Reese. It's your wedding day. I know how anxious you are to see her. And now that her plane is delayed, I'm sure that having to wait a few more hours must feel like torture for you. But honey, she'll be here in just a few hours, and then you will get a chance to finally work this out face to face.

Bianca: No, we can't. No, Reese's plane wasn't delayed. She never got on it.

Erica: Oh, sweetheart.

Bianca: Now do you get it? Do you see why I'm pushing you to make things right with Uncle Jack?

Erica: And I appreciate how much you care. But honey, I don't want you to be worried about me.

Bianca: You love each other. You belong together. Don't let anything make you forget that. Go talk to him before it's too late.

Greenlee: Emma! If you can hear me, please come out.

Ryan: Anything at all?

Greenlee: No.

Ryan: Where's Spike?

Greenlee: Mrs. Corey offered to pick him up while we looked, and it's a good thing. He was getting worried about his sister.

Ryan: Ok. This is weird, because Emma wouldn't just run off like this, you know?

Greenlee: Did you try Annie?

Ryan: Yeah. No answer.

Greenlee: Try her again.

Ryan: I got a message waiting. I turned my ringer off during the ceremony. Oh, my God. I told J.R. to be careful with her.

Greenlee: J.R.? What'd he say?

Ryan: He said to keep an eye on Emma, that Annie's having a really tough time right now.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Ryan: I'm calling the cops. J.R.'s such a cocky son of a bitch, thinking that he had everything under control.

Greenlee: Annie's gone off the deep end again?

Ryan: I don't even want to think about it, ok? I don't even want to think about it.

Marissa: What is your clothing doing in this room?

J.R.: It's one tie.

Marissa: Yeah. Explain it.

J.R.: Annie worked for me. We had business meetings here once in a while.

Marissa: Meetings where you got undressed?

J.R.: No.

Marissa: Then what is your tie doing on the floor next to her lingerie? This wasn't your office. This was your sex den.

J.R.: You really don't know what you're talking about.

Marissa: I thought that Annie was delusional, that this relationship she kept insisting that you had was a crazy fantasy, some pathetic dream of being with you, but she was with you, right here, in this bed. It wasn't all in her head, was it, J.R.? Was it?

J.R.: No.

Liza: I'm pretty sure that shirts are required.

Colby: What are you doing here?

Asher: Apparently some people are still willing to pick up the check.

Liza: Even without a shirt.

Asher: Colby can explain that. Uh, about going to see Damon.

Liza: Yeah, none of your business.

Colby: Yeah, and you're not gonna talk me out of going, so don't bother, all right? Wait, Mom, Annie. She stole my phone. Can I use your phone? I want to call Chandler Travel, please? Thank you. There's no reception. I'm gonna go outside.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Asher: Are you kidding? She's just been through hell, and now you're just gonna let her go see Damon?

Liza: What do you expect me to do?

Asher: Convince her that it's a horrible idea.

Liza: That's not gonna do any good.

Asher: We had a deal. I wouldn't tell anyone that you and Damon had sex, and you would keep Colby from getting hurt. This is her about to get hurt.

Liza: You know what? Every time I try to tell my daughter what to do, she is more determined not to do that.

Asher: So tell her that you approve. She'll get the idea out of her head and cancel the trip.

Liza: It's just an emotional decision that she made spur of the moment after this hellish experience with Annie. Once the dust settles and a couple days go by, she's gonna realize that seeing Damon is not gonna do any good.

Colby: Thanks.

Liza: Honey, you know what? We need to get down to the police station and file a report right away, and you need to stick around for that.

Colby: All right, I'll try, but Mom, I really want to get out of here.

Liza: Honey, if you want to file charges against Annie, it might take at least a week. You need to stay in town for that.

Colby: No. Are you serious?

Liza: I'm gonna try and push it through faster, but I make no promises.

Colby: Ok. Well, thanks for dealing with this.

Liza: I'm just so glad you're ok.

Colby: Me, too. [Kiss] Well, they have a seat saved for me on the next flight to L.A.

Asher: You just said you'd stay to give a statement.

Colby: Well, I'll do it by e-mail. I need to go pack.

Asher: No, no. Hey, Colby, you can't go see Damon. The guy's a jerk. He lied to you. He cheated on you.

Colby: I know that, Asher, but I did the exact same thing to Damon.

Asher: No, what you did was nothing compared to what he did with her.

Colby: Her? Do you know who Damon slept with?

Marissa: I had a gut feeling about this, but I fought it. I wanted to believe that you'd changed.

J.R.: I have changed.

Marissa: After everything that you've put me through? The humiliation, the pain? You wouldn't lie to me again, you couldn't, but you did. Day after day, week after week, you played me. "Oh, just trust me, Marissa. Annie isn't an issue anymore." That's what you told me.

J.R.: I can explain, ok?

Marissa: You made me believe that it was over with her, that she was just an employee, but meanwhile, you were sleeping with her. What else, J.R.? Are you in love with her? Did you keep up with the Chandler tradition and propose?

J.R.: No.

Marissa: No? Then why all the secrecy? Why the big, elaborate lie? I agreed to joint custody. That's why you did it, huh? You know that I wouldn't let you anywhere near A.J. if I knew that you were with that maniac.

J.R.: I couldn't lose my son.

Marissa: Well, you might lose him anyway. With all the felonies that your girlfriend's committed, and everything you've done to keep her from getting arrested?

J.R.: I thought that I could help her! Ok? I made a mistake. I'm sorry.

Marissa: You're sorry? She almost killed me!

[Cell phone ringing]

J.R.: Annie, where are you?

Annie: Don't look for me, J.R. It'll just make things worse. You have to let me go. I won't cause any more trouble.

J.R.: Ok. Ok, I believe you, all right? Just tell me where you are.

Annie: Why? So Marissa can put me in a padded cell? Forget it.

J.R.: Annie, wait.

Krystal: Thank you.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Krystal: Ah, Greenlee was a beautiful bride.

Jack: Yeah, she was.

Krystal: And not that I was eavesdropping or anything like that, but vows were just beautiful.

Jack: And a long time coming, huh? So here's to them.

Krystal: Here's to them. Ha ha! Those two are really crazy in love. I mean, that's obvious. But they also know what they have is precious, and they're not taking that for granted. A lot of people don't realize that. It was fun, though, wasn't it?

Jack: It was fun. It was. Indeed. Indeed.

Krystal: Would you like some cake? I have some leftovers.

Jack: I have an inherent inability to refuse cake, especially this --

Krystal: Coming right up. Ha ha ha!

Erica: Is this seat taken?

Jack: Nope.

Erica: How was the wedding?

Jack: Well, I don't think any father likes giving away his daughter, but it's a hell of a lot easier when it's to a man that she really loves and makes her very happy.

Erica: It was a mistake of me not to go to the wedding, Jack. Not just because it's such an important day for you but this is Valentine's Day. Don't tell me you caught the bouquet.

Krystal: Did you see when Greenlee and Ryan were -- feeding each other -- hey. Look at me. Got cake but no coffee. I'll -- I'll be right back.

Jack: Ahem.

Erica: So I chose not to go to Greenlee's wedding as a wedding present for her, and you decided to take a date?

Jack: Come on, Erica. Greenlee's not the only reason you opted out. And just for the record, no, I did not take a date, and it pains me you would jump to that conclusion.

Erica: What is that supposed to mean?

Jack: Look, I'm having a very lovely, drama-free evening, and if you don't mind, I'd like to continue it, so if you will excuse me. Mm. Greenlee wanted you to have this. Krystal, I'll take a rain check on that cake, all right? Good night.

Erica: You need this worse than I do. [Hands Krystal the bridal bouquet]

Asher: How would I know who Damon slept with?

Colby: You just said, "What he did with her was worse."

Asher: Right. Whoever it is, you know, he slept with her. All you did was kiss me. You know? But that's not really the only reason that you can't go see Damon.

Colby: Ok, then why else should I not go see Damon?

Asher: I don't want you to go.

Colby: You know, Asher, J.R. will get you on another project, and you'll forget all about me.

Asher: I couldn't forget you if I tried, and I have. Tried. I can't get you, like, out of my mind. And -- I keep wanting to -- do this. [Kisses Colby]

Liza: You look very happy. What did you do?

David: My first good deed as a free man.

Liza: Ok. Why does that make me nervous?

David: Makes me happy, because now I know the old saying is true. What goes around, comes around.

J.R.: You know, you really should just get some rest. The police are checking the grounds.

Marissa: I will not rest until I know that psycho can't get to A.J.

J.R.: I'm gonna go find her, and I'm gonna take her to Oak Haven. Marissa, that was always the plan.

Ryan: Where is she? Where's Annie?

Annie: Bye-bye, Pine Valley.

Emma: [Sniffles] Mommy, where are we going?

Annie: We're going on an adventure, sweetie. A long, exciting trip. Just you, me, and the open road.  

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