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Jesse: The van's here. Let's go.

David: Ok, now, wait a minute. You are not gonna take this amazing moment away from me. This is what I do best. Kendall Slater would be dead right now if it weren't for me.

Jesse: Well, maybe she'll come and visit you in prison to say, "Thank you." Then again, maybe she won't.

Jackson: So Kendall should be here any minute, huh?

Bianca: My sister the survivor.

Jackson: Absolutely. What?

Bianca: I don't know. Just wondering why you're not happier.

Jackson: Are you kidding? I'm thrilled.

Bianca: Uh, that right there doesn't exactly scream thrilled.

Jackson: Look, Bianca, it's been a long night, ok? But you're right, when you start focusing on the positive like Kendall is gonna get better and David is on his way back to a 5 x 8 cell.

Bianca: Oh. That is what I'm talking about. You can't walk away.

Caleb: Dorothy, you're in trouble right now, and I'm not going anywhere until you get through it.

Erica: Even if I ask you to?

Caleb: Like I asked you again and again to leave me alone? And you stayed there, and you made me deal with it, my son, Sonia.

Erica: This is an entirely different situation.

Caleb: Is it really? You were there when I needed help. Now it's my turn.

Erica: Don't do this, Caleb. Not now.

Bianca: Mom.

Jackson: What is it? Is it Kendall?

Erica: No, no, nothing's changed.

Jackson: Then what is it? What's wrong?

Erica: Jesse, Jesse, wait.

Jesse: Kind of in a hurry.

Erica: No, no. You can't take David away.

Cara: Well, you know, I'm a girl, and girls like jewelry, so what, did you think that I was gonna throw this out or something? I mean, come on. I -- I guess I, um -- I threw it on, and I didn't realize -- I didn't realize what this was when I, you know, had it.

Jake: You didn't realize it was your wedding ring? From our marriage? That you killed, by the way? So the ring just ends up at the end of a chain around your neck?

Cara: What do you want me to say?

Jake: How about the truth? How long you been wearing it?

Kendall: I love you. I love you so much, Zach.

Griffin: I'm gonna give you some oxygen, ok?

Kendall: No, no! Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Get that away from me! Get it away from me! No! No! I said no!

Griffin: Kendall, you need this to help you breathe.

Kendall: No, no, no. He's trying to talk to me. Zach, I'm right here. I'm right here, Zach. I'm right here.

Griffin: Kendall!

Kendall: He's gone. He's gone.

[Siren approaching]

[Kendall sobs]

Jake: It's a pretty simple question. A week? A month? A year?

Cara: Yeah. I've got to --

Jake: Will you answer me, please? How long have you been wearing the ring?

Cara: C --

Fire Chief: Is the patient ready for transport?

Cara: I bet you she is, and I will help you with that.


Cara: You guys ready to go?

Griffin: You hear that? We did it. You and me. Just like I told you we would.

Kendall: Mm --

Griffin: Keep the mask on, Kendall. Keep it on. Keep it on. Keep it on.

Kendall: Thank you.

Erica: Jesse, you're jumping the gun.

Jesse: Are you kidding me? You're the one leading the charge to get this guy locked up.

Erica: That was before. We're worried about Kendall.

Jesse: The surgery went great.

Erica: Yes, of course, it did, but she's hardly out of the woods, and she's still out there in that icy mess.

Jesse: Hayward cannot go to the crash site.

Erica: Oh, no, no. That's not what I'm suggesting.

Jackson: What are you suggesting exactly?

Erica: That until Kendall is here, safe, I don't want to take any chances. David is the one who guided Dr. Castillo through the surgery. He is the one who performed her original heart transplant, so he is the one who should examine her and make sure that there are no complications.

Jesse: Fine. As soon as you're done, we are out of here. No more excuses.

David: Understood.

Jackson: You cannot think this is a good idea. Erica, there are any number of competent surgeons right here at this hospital.

Erica: Kendall does not need any doctor; she needs the best, ok? I hate this as much as you do, Jack, but I'm sorry, Kendall has got to come first.

Jackson: Ok, David stays for now.

Erica: Thank you.

Jackson: Yeah. Look, I'm gonna go over to Krystal's, get some food. It's turning into a long night.

Bianca: Hey.

Caleb: Hi.

Bianca: Someone should go to Kendall's, reassure the boys. They don't know what's going on. Think you could give me a ride?

Caleb: Yeah, sure. Let's go.

David: And set up an NG tube as soon as she is settled.

Nurse: Right away, Dr. Hayward.

Erica: Jesse. I'd like a moment alone with David.

Jesse: Again, you do realize the man does not have a license to practice anymore.

Erica: But he saved Kendall's life, and that's good enough for me.

Jesse: Fine. I'll be right out here if you need me.

Erica: Thank you, Jesse.

Jesse: You're welcome.

David: Some night, huh?

Erica: You have no idea.

David: I'm a parent, too, remember? I meant what I said earlier, Erica. Yes, this kept me out of prison for now at least, but I really do care what happens to Kendall.

Erica: I know it sounds crazy, but I know you do.

Jesse: I just got an update from the crash site.

Erica: Kendall?

Jesse: So far, so good. She's being taken from the ambulance right now.

Griffin: Careful now, guys. I want you to keep pressure on the incision. With everything she's been through, I don't want her to bleed out. All right, Kendall, all on you. You can go home to your boys. Fred, let's go. Careful. Careful. Keep her still as possible. That's good, good.


Jake: You better have a bed for me! We need blankets, negative "O" blood, like, yesterday, and tell Respiratory we may need to intubate. Her lungs are bad.

Erica: Kendall --

Griffin: Miss Kane, you're gonna have to wait outside.

Erica: What? No!

Griffin: No. We need to take X-rays. We got to hook her up to monitors and replace some of the blood she's lost.

David: As soon as she's stable, we'll let you know.

Erica: Take care of her, David.

David: I will.

Griffin: Hey, thanks for the assist.

David: Anytime.

Griffin: Let's get her set up.

Jake: Hey, you got everything you need?

Griffin: I think we're good. Thanks for the help, Jake.

Jake: Page me if you need me.

Griffin: Yeah.

David: Well, not exactly how I envisioned us working together again. Must have been pretty intense being on the other end of that phone, huh? Dr. Castillo, take a breath. You did it. It's over.

Jake: Now are you ready to talk? 'Cause I'm all ears.

Cara: What do you want from me, Jake?

Jake: I thought that we were clear that this was a lifetime ago. I thought we were clear on that.

Cara: We're clear.

Jake: Then what are you doing? I don't understand. I have a wife. I got a kid that I love.

Cara: I know that.

Jake: Wait. Cara, you came to town, you made it seem like it was all about a job offer --

Cara: Look, I want you to know I'm not trying to bust up your life, ok?

Jake: Well, then what are you trying to do exactly?

Cara: What do you want from me, Jake?

Jake: What do I want from you? First of all, I don't even know what this is. What is this?

Cara: What is this? You said it yourself. You've moved on, you're married, so none of this matters.

Jake: Cara, you blew into this town, and you ingratiated yourself back into my life, and you work where I work, and you cozied up to my family, and I think I have the right to know.

Cara: Because you say so?

Jake: Well, because you get to make all the decisions all the time? You decide that our marriage is over? You don't care how it affects me.

Cara: No, that's not true.

Jake: You don't care how it affects me. First I was under the impression that it was because you were in love with somebody else. And you know what? I came to terms with that. It took me years, Cara, years, but I did it. I wish somebody had told me, "Hey, don't waste your time, because it's not actually true, Jake. It's not actually true." And then you let me believe that, well, you're happier without me. You want to go ahead and live your life, like I'm holding you back from living your life. I didn't want to hear that. I heard it. I accepted it.

Cara: Don't do this.

Jake: What am I doing exactly? I just want some honesty? That's all I want. So if it's not the first thing, that you fell in love with somebody else, which you said it wasn't, but it's the second thing, that you felt like I was holding you back, then I just want to know, why are you wearing the ring?

Cara: Why am I wearing the ring? You want to know why I'm wearing the ring? Because I left to protect you, that's why I'm wearing the ring, because making you believe I didn't love you, that was the only way. Was it true? Absolutely not! Of course, I loved you. In fact, I still love you, Jake.

Amanda: Jake. Oh, thank God --

Jake: Hi.

Amanda: You are ok.

Jake: I'm ok.

Erica: How is she?

Griffin: Go see for yourself.

Erica: Really?

Griffin: Yes, but keep it brief. It's vital to her recovery that she gets her rest.

Erica: Ok.

[Medical equipment beeping]

Erica: Hi, sweetheart.

Kendall: Mom.

Erica: No. Don't talk, honey, no, no. You just conserve your strength now.

Kendall: But you need to know, please.

Erica: What, honey? What is it?

Kendall: I remember.

Erica: You remember what?

Kendall: You took the blame for me.

Erica: Kendall, I don't want you lying --

Kendall: Mom, I'm the one who shot David.

[Erica sighs]

Amanda: Are you sure that you're ok?

Jake: Yeah, I'm good, I'm good. Totally good.

Amanda: Ah. What happened? And Kendall -- you guys seriously operated in an ambulance?

Jake: Babe, it's like a blur, but I guess we did, yeah.

Amanda: Oh, wow. What a night. I am sure that intense doesn't even begin to describe it.

Jake: Well, you'd be right.

Cara: Hey, sit down. Sit. It's comfy on the floor. Ha ha!

Griffin: Oh. Ahh. So I don't think we'll ever top that, hmm?

Cara: Really? I thought it was a piece of cake.

Griffin: Oh.

Cara: Next time I do surgery, it's gonna be in a barrel.

Griffin: Oh.

Cara: Going over Niagara Falls.

Griffin: Nice, nice, but I'm gonna top that. How about if you're blindfolded?

Cara: Ho ho!

Griffin: But no worries. I'm gonna send you instructions via some form of mental telepathy.

Cara: Wow. That's very creative.

Griffin: Thank you.

Cara: You're welcome.

[Griffin sighs]

Cara: I still can't believe it.

Griffin: Which part?

Cara: The part before the surgery. I overheard you tell Kendall -- you promised her that she would pull through.

Griffin: If I hadn't, she wouldn't have pulled through.

Cara: I get it. I'm just surprised. I just never thought that Dr. Griffin Castillo would let a patient in.

Griffin: World-renowned Dr. Griffin Castillo.

Cara: You broke your rule, and you made it personal.

Griffin: I didn't have a choice.

Cara: You're officially involved.

Griffin: Unofficially in serious trouble.

Cara: So what's next?

Griffin: I don't know. A promise is a promise.

Kendall: Why?

Erica: Why did I take the blame or why didn't I tell you?

Kendall: Both.

Erica: I needed to protect you. You repressed the memory for a reason. But it's all turned out ok because the charges against me have been dropped. Case closed.

Kendall: Mom, but I'm the one who did it.

Erica: No one ever needs to know that. No one. Do you understand me? No one. You already lost your husband. I'm not gonna let you lose anything else.

Kendall: I saw him.

Erica: You saw who?

Kendall: Zach. After the surgery. It was like he was trying to tell me something.

Erica: Really? Tell you what?

Kendall: I don't know. I couldn't hear him. But, Mom, it was like he was really there.

Jesse: So I hear Kendall's all squared away.

David: Not quite. Even though I could finish this write-up to the medical team a lot faster if I weren't in handcuffs.

Jesse: Just finish.

Kendall: Hi.

Ricky: Hey. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Erica: Not at all. Please come in.

Ricky: I heard about the accident. I came right away. How do you feel?

Kendall: Tired.

Ricky: I bet. Look, I couldn't help but overhear. You saw Zach?

Kendall: You think I'm crazy?

Ricky: Not even close.

Nurse: Excuse me. Mrs. Slater needs her rest, so if you wouldn't mind --

Erica: Oh. Ok. Ok, then, sweetheart, we'll talk tomorrow, ok? And until then, you just relax.

Kendall: Yes, Mom.

Nurse: I'm just gonna grab your test results, ok?

Ricky: All right, see you.

Kendall: Ah, no, no, no. You do not have to pretend.

Ricky: Pretend what?

Kendall: Like this is normal. Zach is gone.

Ricky: Yeah, he is, but that doesn't mean he can't speak to you. Look, in my experience, those barriers are crossed all the time. So what did Zach say?

Kendall: He was trying to tell me something -- but I couldn't hear him.

Ricky: Huh. Hey. I know that I'm not Zach, but I bet I can guess what it was. He wanted you to be strong, to pull through, to be healthy for your sons. Hang on tight to that strength. You'll be better in no time.

Erica: David. I need to know something.

David: Shoot. Oh, yeah. That's right. That's Kendall's specialty.

Erica: David, if I'm able to convince Governor Brooks to help you, I need to know that you will hold up your end of the bargain. I need to know that this whole nightmare will be over. That you will never press charges against Kendall for what she's done. I need you to say it, David.

David: You have my word.

Amanda: Don't ever scare me like that again, ok?

Jake: I'll try.

Amanda: Mmm. Good.

Jake: Good. Where you off to?

Amanda: I have something I have to take care of.

Jake: Right this second?

Amanda: Well, I just had to see you, kiss you, know you were ok, and I'm sure you have a lot on your plate. Yes, this cannot wait, but I will be back, ok? Ok.

Jake: Ok.

Cara: Thank you, Doctor.

Griffin: You're welcome, Doctor.

Cara: Ha ha! Hey, I want to know how you did it. I want to know how you got Kendall to trust you.

Griffin: Huh. I, uh, I told her I needed to trust her first. Told her a secret.

Cara: What kind of secret?

Griffin: Nothing major, just -- it worked.

Cara: Clearly.

Griffin: What?

Cara: I'm proud of you. I am. You know, you weren't this almighty surgeon, fixing things and then moving on. You actually made a real human connection with someone outside of the family. That is huge.

Griffin: Ok, ok, don't make it out to be more than it is.

Cara: Ok, fine. You're still the same emotionally stunted guy there ever was.

Griffin: That's more like it.

Cara: You're not the only one who broke a rule tonight. Jake saw the ring.

Griffin: I told you not to wear that thing. How did he take it? What did you say?

Cara: Well, he didn't take it very well, and I didn't say near enough.

Griffin: Cara, you don't owe him anything.

Cara: Well, that's not true.

Griffin: Once it's out there, you can't go back.

Cara: I know. I'll be fine. Why don't you go? Go check on that patient of yours.

Griffin: [Sighs] All right.

Cara: Love you.

Griffin: Love you.

Cara: Jake. We need to talk.

Jesse: All right, I don't care if the report's done or not, let's go.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Go for Hubbard. Of course, I'll hold for the governor. Governor, sir. Yes, I've got him right here. I don't understand. There must be some sort of mistake. I -- I understand all that, sir, but the charges against this man -- yes, sir. I've got -- yes, sir.

David: Is something wrong?

Jesse: Nope. You've got an appointment first thing in the morning with the governor.

Jackson: You're kidding me, right? The governor's considering clemency for Hayward? You?

Cara: Ok, now that we're here, I'm not really sure where I need to start.

Jake: Well, you said that you wanted to protect me. You were protecting me from what? What were you protecting me from?

Cara: Do you remember what it was like out there in the Sudan, the political nightmare, the rebel groups, the drug cartels all over are setting up base there.

Jake: Yes.

Cara: There was this brother of the head of a Mexican drug cartel who died at our base because of me. When they brought him in, I was in the middle of surgery on this little boy. He was, like, 8, and I wasn't gonna leave him, especially not for the guy who put that kid on my table in the first place. And that guy, he died waiting for treatment. And his muscle made it very clear that I was going to pay -- beginning with everyone who was close to me. I don't regret the choice that I made saving that little boy's life, but I do regret the consequences.

Jake: Well, if you were going through all of that, why didn't you say something to me? I could have helped you. At this point, I'm your husband, right? So --

Cara: Yeah, but you know what it was like. You know how those guys operate. Jake, they were gonna go after you. I was not gonna let that happen.

Jake: So you just left.

Cara: For my safety and yours.

Jake: And the letter?

Cara: I, um -- that -- I mean, the words that -- to think those words and then I had to write them down, you know, it was -- but if I didn't send you that letter, you never were gonna let me go, and, uh -- all I could think about was -- your face when you read it -- how much it must have hurt. And I wanted so badly to come back to you and to throw my arms around you and explain.

Jake: But you couldn't.

Cara: Because being apart, Jake, I could stand it. I hated it, but I could stand it because if anything ever happened to you --

Jake: So then your brother takes you into hiding, and then what happened?

Cara: I tried to forget you. It was impossible because everywhere I looked, there you were. It was -- if I saw a jeep or if I saw a can of spam -- or if I saw a spider -- you were in my head, you were in my heart.

Jake: I just need to know why you came back here.

Cara: Because I missed you. And I needed to see you. But you know, I came here, and I realized that it was a mistake because you're happy. You're in love. And I get it. We can't go back. I get it. I understand. Ok, are you sorry? You're sorry that I just told you everything 'cause I --

Jake: I don't know what I am.

Cara: I should have been honest. But no matter how much I hated hurting you, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world because you're here -- and you're safe -- and that's what I care about.

[Medical equipment beeping]

Jesse: All right, so I'm gonna lock you up until the morning. Hopefully by then the governor will come to his senses and have me toss the key.

David: I think you're right. I need to get going. Early start tomorrow. I want to be as bright-eyed as possible for the governor.

Jesse: Ha ha!

David: I hope Kendall feels better.

Jesse: Let's go.

Jackson: You did this, didn't you? You called the governor, and you turned on that trademark Erica Kane charm, and you convinced him to set that bastard free.

Erica: Jack.

Jackson: No, no. I just want you to admit it. I just want to hear the words come out of your mouth.

Erica: Maybe we should do this in a private place.

Jackson: Oh, no. We're gonna do this right here, right now.

Erica: All right, yes, I called the governor.

Jackson: This -- what's wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? This is Hayward we're talking about. Hayward! I thought that we were on the same page about all this.

Erica: We were.

Jackson: But what the hell happened?

Erica: Things changed.

Jackson: Things? Things? That's the answer I get?

Erica: Right there, right now, that's what you get. I did what I had to do for my daughter, Jack.

Jackson: Your daughter. What about my daughter? Did you consider for even one second the consequences?

Erica: Of course, I did, Jack, that's all I thought about.

Jackson: Because here's my daughter, here's Greenlee, and she's on the verge of finally enjoying real peace with the man she loves.

Erica: How lucky for her.

Jackson: Oh, don't do that. Don't make this about Zach. You know that Greenlee went through the wringer because of Hayward, but it was all over. No more looking over her shoulder. No more wondering when he was gonna make his next sadistic move. She was finally rid of him. She's not now. And she may never be because of you.

Erica: I don't know what to say.

Jackson: I tell you what I'd like to hear. I'd like to hear that you understand what you've done.

Erica: Yes, I understand. Do you? I had no choice. David saved my daughter's life. I owed him.

Jackson: You owe him nothing! Look, I know you don't answer to anybody about anything, and I've always admired that about you. In fact, it's one of the things I love the most about you, but you've gone too far. You've crossed the line. You've put lives at risk, and you can't take that back. I mean, not that you would even if you could because, what the hell, you got what you wanted. Oh, that's right. You had no choice. Let me tell you something. We always have a choice.

Erica: No, I did not. I had to make a decision in that moment to save my daughter's life, and that's what I did.

Jackson: You had no one to turn to. You could have turned to me. You could have talked to me right from the very beginning instead of going behind closed doors in the shuttered room and making a deal with the devil and the rest of us just go to hell!

Erica: Kendall was in danger, J-Jack.

Jackson: Well, now we're all in danger, Erica, every last one of us because of you.

Erica: Jack, please don't go. Please wait. I know that we can work this out. I know that we can. Please. Please don't leave. Please, Jack. Not tonight. Please. It's been so difficult.

Jackson: What's the matter with me? The past couple of minutes haven't been about you. Let's get back on track.

Erica: Oh, come on, Jack. Don't be like that.

Jackson: You know what kills me? What absolutely galls me about all this? Here you are, this woman strong enough to make this momentous decision that affects all of our lives, but now you need a shoulder to cry on.

Erica: I need you.

Jackson: You have a funny way of showing it. But it ain't no worry. You need a shoulder? You got the mountain man there. He looks eager. I'm done.

Erica: Don't.

Caleb: Dorothy.

Erica: I said don't.

Bianca: Let her go.

[Erica cries]

Singer: I had my fill of drinking from the well of bitterness, yeah livin' each day between a rock and a hard place low as I could get yeah so much time I've wasted on my way here I know what it's worth to have you here tonight and with every touch you show me what's been missing in my life every sacrifice every broken road led me to you I'll never let you go 'cause I know what it's worth oh -- I know what it's worth

Amanda: There's Daddy.

Jake: Hey!

Amanda: I told you I'd come back.

Jake: Yes, you did. Look at this guy. Oh, who's a big boy? Who's a big boy? How is he up so late?

Amanda: I told him that he could stay up late tonight.

Jake: Is that right? What's the occasion? I said what is the occasion?

Amanda: Are you kidding? His dad is a real-life hero. He wanted to tell you how proud he was.

Jake: Is that right?

Amanda: How proud we both are. Because you are the best husband and father in the whole world, and you mean the world to us, and we're so happy that you're ok.

Jake: Ha! Wow.

Singer: Every sacrifice, every broken road led me to you I'll never let you go I'll never let you go I know I know what it's worth I know what it's worth

Kendall: I know your secret.

Griffin: What?

Kendall: I know you care.

Singer: I know  

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