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Annie: You nosy little bitch! You've ruined everything! What am I supposed to do? It's ok. It's ok. It's ok, Annie. You got Colby's phone. It's fine. There's no proof. It'll just be her word against yours. Ok. That's the good part. The bad part is you have her handcuffed to a freaking table!

Marissa: No way out of this one, Annie. J.R. is never gonna forgive you for this. I mean, this is his sister we're talking about here.

Annie: Get out of my head. Stop!

Marissa: Time to face it, wacko. Game over.


Griffin: How is she doing?

Jake: She's in trouble. She's pulsating. We need to get that graft in there.

Griffin: Ok, hang on, Kendall!

[Tires screech]

Cara: Griff! Easy, ok?

Griffin: Icy as hell out here. Keep her awake! Keep her talking.

Jake: Look at me. Can you hear us?

Cara: Kendall?

Marissa: Popping me in the head -- that was one thing. That was an accident that you had to cover up. But Colby? No. That was cold and deliberate.

Annie: Shut up! Shut up. I can fix this. I've always been able to fix things.

Marissa: Do you know what my suggestion is? Turn this car around, start heading west, and don't look back.

Annie: No! Get away from me!

Cara: Kendall, can you hear us?

Jake: Kendall, stay with us.

Griffin: Look out!

Annie: No! Stop!

Erica: Bianca, where's Kendall?

Bianca: Surgery wasn't supposed to start for another hour.

Erica: I know.

Jesse: She left the hospital.

Jack: Kendall left? What do you mean, left?

Jesse: We think she just walked out.

Erica: Walked out? In her condition?

Jesse: I've got everybody I can spare out there looking for her. Even Dr. Castillo's out there. Please excuse me.

Annie: Agh. Ohh!

Griffin: Cara? Jake? Kendall? Jake?

Dr. Burke: What is it about Annie that you're afraid you can't fix?

J.R.: I'm worried that -- that I'm pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

Colby: Ugh. Let me out of here, Annie! I'm gonna kill you! Ugh!

Annie: Oh, my God, I hit an ambulance! Oh, my God, this is all your fault, Marissa! This is all your fault, because you wouldn't leave me alone! But it was icy and I just -- J.R. -- oh, my God, J.R. is waiting. Oh, my God.

[Engine cranks]

Annie: Come on.

[Engine starts]

Griffin: Son of a -- Jake, Jake, my sister?

Jake: Cara? Cara?

[Cara murmurs]

Griffin: Let's get this stuff off her. Easy. Easy. Ok. Come on.

Jake: You all right?

Cara: Is she ok, Griff?

Griffin: Let me see. Kendall? Kendall, can you hear me? Can you -- that's what I like to hear. That's good. Stay with me.

[Engine cranks]

Jake: We got nothing. We're not going anywhere. The radio's dead.

Griffin: Kendall, open your eyes. Open your eyes for me. That's what I like to see. Listen to me. Listen to me. Look at me. There's been an accident. Ok? We're gonna get you out of here and back to the hospital as soon as we can. Stay with me.

Jake: Hold on a second. We're jammed up in here.

Cara: We got an ambulance on their way right now.

Griffin: Try those doors.

Jake: Try those doors back there.

Cara: No, Griff, it's -- it's stuck, Griff.

Jake: We're not getting through these doors because whatever we're jammed up against, it's got us crushed in. So we're gonna have to wait for an emergency service unit to get us out of here. This is not happening.

Cara: We got it over here. Here we go. Kendall, come on, baby. Come on. 95/64.

Kendall: Agh!

Griffin: Kendall, keep it together. The aneurysm's growing. We got to get her out of here to an O.R. or we don't stand a chance!

Jake: What are we up against here? What are you saying, that it's gonna take longer?

Fire Chief: We got to clean up all this spilled gas before we can even think about starting up the Jaws of Life.

Jake: A woman in here that needs medical attention. She's never gonna last that long.

Fire Chief: We can't risk it. One spark and --


Griffin: Keep talking to me. Try to stay awake.

Kendall: It hurts.

Griffin: I know. We're gonna get you something for the pain as soon as we're on our way to the hospital, but I need you to stay with me. All right? The fire department's here. We're gonna get you out of here.

Kendall: How?

Griffin: Don't worry about it. Just stay with me. We're gonna take care of everything.

Cara: 92/60.

Jake: All right. Apparently there's gasoline all over the place, so they got to put this foam down and make sure that we don't go up in flames before they start cutting any doors.

Griffin: Tell them to hold off on anything that'll jostle this thing. We don't have time. They're gonna have to wait till after I operate.

Jake: You're gonna operate in here?

Griffin: It's the only chance she's got. You got a better idea? Speak now. All right, then. This is what we're gonna need.

Erica: If only I hadn't left Kendall's side. If only David --

Bianca: I have faith in Griffin.

Erica: Well, I don't. Dr. Castillo refused to give me any guarantees that he would keep Kendall from dying. He apparently lives by this code where he never makes any promise to any patient.

Jesse: Dr. Castillo found her.

Erica: Oh. Thank God. Then she's on her way back here to the hospital?

Jesse: There was an accident with the ambulance. She's alive, but --

Erica: Where is she?

Jesse: Off of Park and Ivy Road.

Erica: Ok. I'm going --

Jesse: The roads are closed.

Erica: I don't care! I'm going to my daughter!

Bianca: Mom, don't!

Caleb: What's going on?

Erica: No, Caleb, let go of me. My daughter's had an accident. I have to go to her.

Bianca: The road to the accident site is closed!

Erica: I'll find a way through!

Caleb: Listen to me! The roads are covered with accidents. You're not gonna be any use to Kendall if you get into one yourself.

Cara: Epi's good, Griff.

Griffin: We're giving you some fluids. Do you like your martinis with gin or vodka?

Kendall: I prefer champagne.

Griffin: Figures. I'll get ahold of room service.

Jake: Ok. We have another supply truck on its way after this with catheters, stents, and we're actually getting a portable sonogram.

Griffin: Did we get the epidural cath?

Jake: Any second.

Griffin: Jake, I'm gonna need you to scrub up. You're on assist.

Cara: No, I'm already on it, Griff.

Griffin: No, you were in the accident. You probably suffered a concussion.

Cara: I'm fine, all right? I want to stay here and assist.

Griffin: No.

Jake: Let her assist. She's fine. Meanwhile -- I hate to play chief of staff, but does your patient know what you're about to do and does she agree to it?

Griffin: Ok. Here's the scoop. Good news is, that major operation we were planning where we were going to open you up? That's not gonna happen anymore. We don't have time. Your aorta is starting to tear apart.

Kendall: I really messed things up, didn't I, looking for my mom?

Griffin: Hey. I live for challenges like this. Don't ever play "Truth or Dare" with me. Take the dare every time. We're gonna put some local anesthesia at the incision point, we're gonna give you something for the pain, but you're still gonna be awake. Ok? I'm gonna be placing a stent in your aorta by running a catheter through a small incision right below the inguinal ligament.

Kendall: The what?

Griffin: Don't worry. There's not gonna be a quiz.

Kendall: Is it dangerous?

Griffin: It's not exactly fixing a boo-boo on your finger, but I've done a lot more difficult work in uglier situations. So you need to tell me. Are you up for this?

[At the beach cabin, Colby tries to get herself out of the handcuffs]

Dr. Burke: Why do you think you're pushing Annie?

J.R.: It's complicated. My father -- let's put it this way. Adam Chandler wasn't a very nice man. He manipulated things. He manipulated my mother until she was declared insane and locked up at oak haven, all so he can keep me here with him.

Dr. Burke: Do you feel like you've manipulated Annie?

J.R.: I didn't intend to. I did ask her to keep our relationship secret until my ex-wife dropped the custody suit.

Dr. Burke: So in a way, you did manipulate both Annie and your ex-wife.

J.R.: No, I didn't. I mean, I did what I had to to keep my son here with me.

Annie: My God, what do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

Marissa: Major accident you had back there on your way to the shrink session. God, you really know how to go from screwed to royally screwed, don't you?

Annie: I told you to go away! Go away!

Marissa: It doesn't work like that. You're thinking maybe you should go back. Maybe somebody got hurt, or even worse, killed. Oh, my God. What do you think J.R. will say when you're hauled away for vehicular manslaughter? But one good thing -- maybe it'll make him forget that you locked up his baby sister. Face it, Annie. You're toast.

Annie: Ok. Ok. [Drives off]

Kendall: My boys. I need to see my boys again.

Griffin: I know, and I'm gonna make sure you do.

Kendall: If I don't make it, will you tell the police what I did? Make sure my mom doesn't take the blame.

Griffin: Hey, I don't want you thinking about that. I want you thinking about being strong. I want you to think about --

Kendall: Griffin!

Griffin: I'm here. I'm here. Jake, they know I need juice, right, for the equipment?

Jake: There's another truck coming.

Cara: Griff.

Griffin: Where the hell's the other ambulance?

Jake: Any minute. Cara?

Fire Chief: I plugged you into our generator, but your aux power is completely blocked.

Jake: Do you have any sort of jumper cables or you have an extension cord? We need power in this truck.

Cara: The other ambulance probably has that.

Fire Chief: I'll check on it and get you an ETA.

Jake: Thank you.

Cara: Hey, thanks for standing up for me back there.

Jake: I call it like I see it. I think you're the best that he could have back there with him. You're just the best there is.

Cara: Second best.

Jake: Get to work.

Kendall: You didn't answer me. Promise me you'll tell everyone I shot David. If I die, make sure that my mother doesn't take the blame.

Griffin: I'll even go one bigger than that. I promise you that you are not going to die on my watch. They're gonna get me the power I need, the tools to fix you. You hear me? You have my promise. I will not let you die.

Erica: It's such a risky operation to begin with. But doing it inside of a wrecked ambulance?

Bianca: Mom, stop. You can't think like that.

Erica: Kendall was in a very bad place when I saw her. She wasn't ready for an operation. She wasn't ready to fight.

Bianca: Kendall is always ready to fight.

Caleb: She's a tough kid, huh? Just like her mom.

Jack: Yeah. Caleb, I got a call from the disciplinary board to go have a meeting with them this afternoon. It seems they want to reinstate my law license.

Caleb: Oh. Good.

Jack: Yeah, and I find out that you went behind my back and put in a good word for me? Caleb, do me a favor. Don't do me any more favors.

Jake: Got that? You got it? Thank you very much.

Griffin: Kendall, did you hear me?

Kendall: Yes. You promised to save me.

Griffin: You believe me?

Kendall: Yes.

Griffin: You trust me?

Kendall: Yes.

Jake: We got the genny going!

Cara: Yep.

Jake: The other portable equipment is here. And look at this gift. We have a heater.

Cara: And a sonogram.

Griffin: That's how we'll know we're putting the stent in the right spot.

Jake: Fire this up. Ok. This heat feels nice, huh?

Griffin: We're plugged in? Good. Let's get it warmed up and calibrated. What the --

Jake: Oh. I was afraid of this. See, we're working off a single generator, so we're pulling a lot of amps. And I don't know how to tell you this, but it's the heater. The heater pulls the most --

Griffin: Get rid of it. Reset the breaker.

Jake: Excuse me. We blew a breaker. You want to try resetting it? Yeah.

Cara: All right.

Griffin: Actually, the cold is good for your heart. It reduces your heart's need for oxygen. That's why most operating rooms are cold.

Jake: Thank you. They got it going. What?

Griffin: I don't like the sound of that. What's going on?

Cara: The machine is working. The monitor -- I think the power surge fried the monitor.

Griffin: What the hell good is a sonogram without a monitor?

Jake: We're never gonna have enough time to get another one out here.

Griffin: I can't do this without seeing what I'm doing. I can't go in blind, guys.

Jake: Digital output in the back --

Cara: Is here, but we don't have another monitor.

Jake: I know, but what we can do is a digital uplink back to the hospital. We could do it via telephone, and a doctor there would have to be your eyes.

Griffin: Ok. Ok. Set up the link. But I'm not just gonna work with any doctor.

Jesse: Jake, are you sure there's no way of talking him out of this? I'll get back to you. All right. They're about to start the procedure, but their monitor is broken. So they need to feed the picture to a doctor here to talk Castillo through it.

Erica: And?

Jesse: And he's insisting on one doctor -- Hayward.

Jack: Hayward's back in prison, isn't he?

Jesse: Bad weather delayed the transport. He's still here downstairs, under guard.

Erica: Then get him up here. Put him in front of whatever he needs to be put in front of.

Jesse: Erica, the man has no license to practice. He is an escaped felon. I would need an injunction from a judge.

Erica: Get whatever the hell you need. Get him up here and don't let him leave the hospital.

Bianca: I need some air.

Jack: Listen, Hayward knows that Kendall is the one who shot him. Are you sure you want to put her life in his hands?

Erica: He helped Kendall when she collapsed near his jail cell, and he is the best. We just need a judge's ok.

Caleb: Jack, you've got your license again. You can help.

Jack: I was about to tell you that earlier.

Erica: Then, Jack, please. Please help save Kendall.

Fire Chief: It's hot, Doctor.

Jake: Thank you. Coming in. Ok?

Griffin: We're not going to be able to take away the pain completely, but Cara's gonna put something light in your I.V. to ease it.

Cara: Just keep thinking champagne bubbles.

Jake: Ok. Com-link is up with the hospital. They're getting a picture, but it's gonna take a few minutes to calibrate.

Griffin: Who's gonna talk me through this? Did we get Hayward?

Jack: All right. I got it. Hayward's transfer is being delayed. He can help Castillo work on Kendall from right here.

David: Of course, I have to agree to do it first.

Erica: Jesse, will you give us a minute?

Jesse: Don't try anything stupid. All right.

David: Just when you thought you were rid of me, huh?

Erica: I need you to save Kendall's life one more time.

David: And I needed you to save my life from prison, and you flatly refused to talk to the governor on my behalf.

Erica: No, I will do it. I will call Governor Brooks tonight.

David: And how will I know if you're gonna try hard enough?

Erica: You have my word on it, David. Dr. Castillo is a very smart man. He refuses to let just anyone guide his hand. He wants you, your surgical brilliance.

David: Wow. Flattery. Your desperation is showing, Erica.

Erica: I'm sure it is. I am desperate. And all I have to offer you is that I will call the governor on your behalf. What else do you want?

David: That is a loaded question. After what Kendall did to me, do you really expect me to save her life again?

Erica: You're a doctor. I expect you to do the right thing.

J.R.: Look, Doctor, I'm not my father. I don't set out to destroy people.

Annie: Hi. I'm sorry I'm late.

J.R.: What's wrong? What happened to your cheek?

Annie: Clumsy me, I slipped on some ice. But I'm fine. Really, it's such a mess out there. And I would've called, but I think I must've left my phone somewhere.

Colby: Agh! Agh! Agh!

Dr. Burke: Annie, why don't you tell me what you think is working about the relationship and anything you think might not be working.

Annie: I love J.R. I loved him before I was supposed to love him, and I believe in us.

Marissa: Ohh!

Colby: Let me out of here, you psycho!

Annie: No! No!

J.R.: Annie? Are you all right?

Annie: I love you, J.R., and I just want to be with you. I never meant to hurt anybody.

Dr. Burke: Who did you hurt, Annie?

David: Dr. Martin, I bet you never thought you'd see me working in this hospital again.

Jake: Ok, we're saving a life here.

David: Yes, we are. So let's get to it, shall we? Castillo?

Griffin: Right here, Dr. H. You getting anything?

David: All right. I'm getting a clear image now.

Jake: We're all set on our side.

Griffin: You just hold on, ok? I'm gonna get you all fixed up and back to your boys before you know it. You with me? You ready for this?

Kendall: Do it.

Griffin: Making an incision over the femoral now. Guide wire should be almost there.

David: Another two centimeters. All right, that's good. You just passed the aneurysm now.

Griffin: Catheter going in now.

Erica: How many times have I stood on this spot, worried about one of my daughters, or your children?

Bianca: We're all still here. A bit bruised, but here, and together.

Annie: I just meant that I don't want to hurt J.R. I, um, I really don't want to do this right now. I don't want to be here. Please, can we just fix this on our own? We don't need outsiders. You know me better than anybody.

J.R.: It's all right. You don't need to talk to anybody that you don't want to. Sorry, Doctor, but this session's over. I got to get Annie out of here. It's ok, all right? It's just you and me. We'll head back to the cottage. We'll have that dinner that we talked about.

Annie: No, you can't.

J.R.: Why not? What's wrong?

Annie: I just need a little bit of alone time, ok? But I'll come back later. I promise. Ok?

Griffin: Ok. Putting in the body of the stent graft now.

David: Keep going. There. Ok. Make your partial deployment. That's it. Stop.

Griffin: Second guide wire going into the other lumen.

David: There you go. Ok. Start deploying the stent. Good. It's anchored.

[Faint beeping]

Jake: Her pressure's falling.

David: The aneurysm is expanding. Get that balloon in place now!

Griffin: It's catching on the artery wall.

Cara: Still dropping. 82/50.

David: Get that graft expanded, Castillo. She's starting to crash!

Cara: 80/50.

Griffin: My fingers are frozen. I can't get it going any further.

Cara: 78/49. We're losing her.

Jake: Let me take over until your fingers warm up.

Griffin: No way. I can't risk a switch now. I'm gonna clear this. Run that I.V. wide open.

Cara: I did.

Griffin: Then start another one!

David: Running out of time.

Griffin: Come on, baby, come on. Wait a minute. Did that catch?

David: Yes. You got it. Start expanding.

Griffin: Ok. Expanding from proximal to distal.

David: Keep going. Keep going. Come on, Castillo, you don't have time to finesse it. Just go for it. You're running out of time! This is your last chance!

Annie: Give -- I guess it's true what they say about blondes. You stupid little girl.

J.R.: So I'll be going away for a few days. I would like you to keep it to yourself. But in case of an emergency, and you need to get ahold of me, I'll be at the cottage with Annie.

Asher: Yeah. You got it.

[Phone chimes]

Asher: Something wrong?

[J.R. gets a text message from Annie's phone:  "Cuffed at cottage."

Caleb: Any news?

Erica: They're still working on her, but she seems to be back on track.

Caleb: Good.

Erica: And thank you, by the way.

Caleb: For what?

Erica: You had something to do with getting Jack's license back, didn't you? I could tell that you did.

Caleb: Jack is a good lawyer, and he deserves to have a practice.

Erica: And you're a very good man, Caleb Cortlandt.

Jack: So it looks like Kendall's out of the woods.

David: There you go. It's holding. Well done, Doctor.

Griffin: Thanks, Doctor.

Cara: Pressure's coming up. 90/60.

David: Ok. Looks good from here, too. You can remove the sheaths and the guide wires whenever you're ready. How long before you can get her back in here?

Jake: They've cleaned up the gas outside, so they'll cut us open as soon as we tell them that we're done.

Griffin: Gauze.

Cara: Nice work, Doctor.

Griffin: Piece of cake. All right. Tell them to warm up the Jaws of Life. Let's get her the hell out of here. You did good, Kendall. You did real good.

Asher: Everything ok?

Annie's voice: Remember these? You liked these. And you have been very naughty, so I'm gonna make sure that you stay here.

J.R.: Um, yeah. It was just a little reminder from Annie.

Asher: Oh, hey. Have you heard from Colby yet?

J.R.: No. She must've made it to Chicago to be with our dad.

Asher: I wonder if she even got out in this weather.

J.R.: I'm sure she's fine. I'm gonna go pack, head to the cottage.

Asher: Yeah.

Annie: This is the last thing I need right now. I have enough on my plate without you whining to J.R. about this.

Colby: Whining, Annie?! I'm the one being kidnapped here!

Annie: You didn't give me a choice! You threatened to go to the police! What was I supposed to do?! I will not be locked up again, not by anybody. So I have to make sure J.R. doesn't find you.

Colby: I'm really sorry, Annie, ok? I'm not gonna go running to J.R. I was going to Chicago to see my dad! I was leaving Pine Valley anyway!

Annie: Who knew you were on your way out of town?

Colby: My mom, J.R., and Asher.

Annie: Great. So no one will know you're missing.

Erica: Thank God.

Bianca: I know.

Erica: Thank God. And thank you, Jack. Thank you for everything you did to get David on board.

Jack: Yeah. Listen, I told that judge I'd call him when it was all over. If you'll excuse me? Excuse me?

Bianca: Uncle Jack, wait a second. Hey. You ok?

Jack: Sure. Sure. Listen, the only thing that matters now is getting Kendall well, so do me a favor? Go take care of your mom, all right?

Caleb: That's one tough daughter you got. Make that two.

Erica: You have to leave.

Caleb: Sorry?

Erica: You're complicating things. I'm very grateful to you for everything you've done for me and my family, but you're making things very difficult for me and Jack.

Caleb: I didn't mean to do that. I wanted to help you.

Erica: Just walk away.

Caleb: That's easier said than done, Dorothy.

David: You got to be kidding. Not even a moment to reflect on what just happened here? A heart is still beating because of me and my former student.

Jesse: The idea of you teaching anything to anybody --

David: This is what I was meant to do, Chief, and I will do it again.

Jake: Still think this doesn't measure up to the adventures of the Sudan?

[Doors open]

Griffin: I'll hold the pressure. You two go ahead. Yeah, go.

Cara: Really?

Griffin: Yeah.

Jake: You got it?

Griffin: Yeah.

Jake: Careful. Good job.

Griffin: You, too.

Jake: I'll help you. Last thing you want to do is break your ankle.

Fire Chief: You ok?

Cara: Yes, I'm great. Thank you.

Jake: Hey.

Cara: Yeah?

Jake: I just wanted to -- you still wear our wedding ring?

Singer: We're together here a moment in time I wish I could keep

Griffin: It's all over. You're good as gold. I kept my promise.

Singer: What it means to me a grateful heart --

Griffin: How are you feeling?

Kendall: I --

Griffin: What's that?

Kendall: I said, "I love you."

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