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Episode #10551

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Annie: You're breaking up with me -- after all that?

J.R.: Annie, would you listen to yourself? Do you realize how paranoid you're being?

Annie: You were supposed to be divorced weeks ago, but Marissa kept finding a way to put it off.

J.R.: The only reason it was put off was because you knocked her unconscious!

Annie: You said that you understood that that was an accident.

J.R.: Look, I have done everything I possibly can to prove to you that I want to be with you, and I want to be with you!

Annie: Then --

J.R.: What else do you want me to say?

Annie: Tell me you love me. You haven't said those words, J.R., and I need to hear them.

Asher: Taking a trip?

Colby: Yep.

Asher: Let me guess. California. Damon?

Colby: No. Chicago. My dad. Damon and I, we're done.

Asher: I'm glad.

Brot: Wow! You look gorgeous.

Natalia: Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself.

Brot: Sit down. Come on. Here.

Natalia: Thank you.

Brot: You're welcome.

Natalia: Ah, man. I gotta admit, feels kind of different, you know, being able to be out in the open like this.

Brot: No more sneaking around, keeping the two of us a secret.

Natalia: Hope it doesn't disappoint you.

Brot: Actually, I don't think we're nearly as public as we should be. Excuse me, everyone! I want you all to know how crazy I am about this amazing, beautiful woman here with me tonight. Please spread the word. That is all.

Natalia: "That is all." I can't believe you just did that.

Frankie: What word? We miss something?

Brot: No. I was just stating the obvious, Frankie. Now we're officially in the open.

Natalia: There's no going back now.

Jake: Don't leave me here waiting. What is it? What's the problem?

Cara: Oh, something in the elevator was just awful.

Jake: What's awful?

Cara: There was this boy. He was with his mom. He sneezed.

Jake: Sneezed?

Cara: Yes, the boy sneezed, and he didn't cover his mouth. Oh, God, pneumonia, here I come! I think I should be put on this massive regimen of antibiotics. What do you think, Doc? Should you check me into the ICU?

Jake: Oh, I get it. I see what you're doing.

Cara: Yeah? Do you?

Jake: I remember when you used to joke about stuff that was actually funny, Cara.

Cara: I'm not talking about funny here. I'm making a point.

Jake: Really? What? That I give a damn? Pediatric leukemia makes you statistically --

Cara: Jake, you and I worked in way more unsanitary places than this, and I'm standing.

Jake: And had I known --

Cara: You would have treated me exactly the way Griff treated me when he found out that I was sick as a little girl. You'd be hovering, overprotective, and annoying. Just for the record, I'd hate being treated like that.

Jake: Annoying?

[Medical equipment beeping]


Kendall: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Oh, my God, it was me! It was me! Oh, my God!

Griffin: What's going on? Your blood pressure's way up. Are you trying to bust the aneurysm?

Kendall: I did it. I did it. I shot David.

Griffin: What are you talking about?

Kendall: Did you hear me? I was on the roof that night. I found the gun, and I --

Griffin: Look, are you sure? Remember, you thought you saw David.

Kendall: You don't believe me.

Griffin: Kendall, I need you to stay calm. You're about to go into surgery.

Kendall: No, I remember it now. I remember all of it. I remember all of it, the whole thing. That's what's been driving through my head this whole time -- what I did.

Griffin: Listen to me. Listen to me. Whatever happened on that roof, you can worry about it another time.

Kendall: You know I'm telling the truth. I can see it in your eyes, because you found me that day. You caught me with the pillow. You saw me try to smother him.

Griffin: You've been through so much loss, so much grief --

Kendall: Stop, stop. Don't make excuses for me. This wasn't one crazy, random moment. That day that you found me, I didn't go through with it, but that night on the roof, I did.

Griffin: There was a struggle. Ryan Lavery, David Hayward --

Kendall: I wanted to shoot him. I wanted to kill your mentor. You still want to save my life?

Griffin: I'm your doctor, not a judge. Right now, I just need you to be my patient.

Kendall: It felt good to shoot him, actually. David was the reason that Zach was dead. Why don't I remember shooting him? What are you doing?

Griffin: Little more diazepam to keep you calm and get your blood pressure under control before you go into surgery.

Kendall: I'm not ready to go under yet.

Griffin: You're putting yourself in danger, Kendall.

Kendall: It's a relief, actually. It's a relief, finally remembering. I don't under -- my mom. Wait a minute. My mom. She took the blame for all of it. All of this time, she's been lying to protect me. Oh, God. Why don't I remember --

Griffin: Because psychological trauma can do strange things to the mind.

Kendall: I remember so vividly holding that pillow.

Griffin: There's a big difference between holding a pillow and pumping a bullet into a man.

Kendall: It all came back.

Griffin: Kendall, the medication and oxygen you've been getting. It could have cleared your head.

Kendall: Oh, my God. My mom. I have to tell my mom. I have to tell her that she has to stop lying to protect me. If I don't make it out of the surgery --

Griffin: Stop it. I'm not gonna allow that kind of talk in my O.R.

Kendall: Yes, but I need to tell her that she has to stop lying to protect me. I have a lot of questions for her.

Griffin: Kendall, there's gonna be time for all that. You'll get your answers. Right now, you just have to let me do what I do.

Cara: I'm gonna go see Kendall before Griff --

Jake: I'm sorry if I'm overprotective of my staff.

Cara: Of course. That's what this is about. Boss stuff.

Jake: Boss stuff? What else would it be? What else?

Cara: I don't like being treated like I'm fragile, ok? You were the one person in my life who treated me like I was an equal.

Jake: And I treated you that way because you were the bravest -- smartest woman I'd ever met.

Cara: And if I had told you that I had been sick as a little girl.

Jake: But you didn't, you see? And that is my point. I don't even know what we had over there anymore --

Cara: Oh, don't you -- just stop it! Don't dodge the question by acting all hurt and betrayed. Would you have treated me differently?

Jake: I don't know. I might have been overprotective.

Cara: Yeah.

Jake: Does that make me a bad person?

Cara: No, it doesn't make you -- it wouldn't have made you bad then and not now. It just makes you like everybody else that I love.

Frankie: Yes, yes, yes. Two cheers.

Randi: And I'm gonna miss you a lot.

Natalia: I'm gonna miss you, too.

Jesse: Hey, listen, Angela wants to go shopping for baby clothes with you when she gets back from --

Natalia: I love you all, but I wish you'd stop making it sound like I'm off to Timbuktu or something. I'm gonna be an hour away. I'll come on my days off. You guys will still see me.

Jesse: All right, ok. She's right. She's right. This is not good-bye. This is congratulations.

Natalia: Wait, for what? For landing this job or landing this fine man right here?

Jesse: How about both?

Natalia: All right, I'll take that. I'll take that.

Frankie: Here. Let me get in here. I do think that Brot is the lucky one.

Brot: You won't see me arguing that at all.

Jesse: You know how proud I am of you. Wasn't an easy gig stepping in as chief's daughter. You worked your ass off. Now it's paying off.

Natalia: Well, thank you for all that tough love. It worked.

Jesse: Yes, it did.

Natalia: Yes.

Nicki: They're lucky to get you, girl.

Brot: And I want you to have this to take with you.

Natalia: What is this?

Brot: Open it.

Natalia: A drum roll, please.

Brot: I can't do it.

Natalia: Your medal? Brot, no, I can't accept this.

Brot: No, of course, you can. It's gonna keep you safe when I'm not there to have your back.

Natalia: I don't know what to say.

Brot: There's nothing to say. The medal symbolizes merit, bravery, and courage, and that's you. You could have run away from us, but you stuck it out. You stuck it out when all the odds were against us. You be sure to keep that close whenever I can't be there.

Natalia: Thanks.

Jesse: Come on, come on.

Asher: I don't think you should go see your dad.

Colby: Why?

Asher: Maybe it's none of my business, but I just watched you get pretty hurt by Damon, and I'd hate to see you walk into another crash-and-burn situation.

Colby: Look, I'm gonna go see my dad, because I love, and I miss him. Why would I get hurt?

Asher: Because every time you bring him up, you either get furious or you end up on the verge of tears. I know what it's like to be neglected by a parent, Colby. That's all.

Colby: My dad will be there for me. When he knows I need him, he's there, but thank you for your concern.

Asher: Why don't I come with you? We could have fun. In Chicago?

Colby: No, I think I need to do this on my own.

Asher: Just be careful out there -- on the way to the airport. The roads are really icy, and -- be careful.

Colby: Thanks. I'll see you when I get back?

Asher: Yeah.

J.R.: How can you say that? Haven't I shown you over and over how much I care about you? I almost lost my son. I've lied to my family. I have protected you every way possible. Even when I found out you were the one who knocked out Marissa and stole her bracelet, I kept that secret! Doesn't that show you how much I care about you?

[Colby eavesdrops from the other side of the door]

Annie: But you still won't say the words. You won't tell me that you love me.

J.R.: All right, I love you! I love you, Annie!

Annie: You're only saying that because I pressured you. You don't even mean it!

J.R.: You're making this really frustrating. Why are you making this so difficult?

Annie: Well, then I won't. I'll make life a lot easier for you, J.R., ok? I'll make it a lot easier.

J.R.: Annie! Annie!

Griffin: Voice mail. Um, Erica. It's Dr. Castillo. Everything's all right. Kendall's doing ok. We're going full speed ahead with the surgery. She just wanted you to come in and see her before she goes. Ok? Thank you.

Kendall: I have to tell her that I remember, and she has to stop covering for me.

Griffin: Just relax. That's it. That's good. That's got your blood pressure down. Kendall, I'm gonna go check on the operating room, then I'll be back. Ok? Don't worry. You'll get to talk to your mother.

Kendall: Please. Promise me.

Griffin: You just rest, ok? Just -- that's it. That's it.

Cara: I was saying that of the people who are --

Jake: I understand.

Cara: Do you understand how important this is to me?

Jake: Remember that first flight we took to Africa? I think it was your first flight ever, wasn't it?

Cara: Yeah. I was trying to play it cool.

Jake: But you failed. I remember thinking to myself, "Is this girl off?"

Cara: What? What do you mean "off"?

Jake: Yeah, you were like an 8-year-old who had just eaten 15 chocolate bars bouncing off the walls. You were ready for anything. You're like, "I'll do it," jumping head-in first. "I volunteer!"

Cara: It was new. It was new to me.

Jake: No, I get it. It was like you'd been let out of your cage or something.

Cara: Can we just go back to the part where you said that I was "off"? So tell me, when did you stop thinking that I was off?

Jake: When?

Cara: Yeah.

Jake: I'll let you know when that happens.

Cara: I hate when you do that.

Jake: What? What did I do?

Cara: When I'm like frustrated with you and then you make me smile, and then --

Jake: And then I'm forgiven?

Cara: I'm not gonna let you be overprotective. I need you to promise me that you will not be overprotective ever again, ok? Promise me that?

Jake: I can't promise you that I'm not gonna be concerned.

Cara: Concerned is ok. It's cool. Look, I just want you to know that, um -- I'm aware that I need to be careful around people with certain infectious diseases, but it's become second nature to me.

Jake: I promise I won't hover, ok? I promise that.

Cara: I promise I won't give you a hard time.

Jake: You shouldn't be giving me a hard time anyway 'cause I'm the chief of staff. You're supposed to be saluting. I walk by you, you salute me. It's in the handbook.

Cara: Yeah?

Jake: I'm not kidding.

Cara: Wow. Keep on dreaming, J.M.

[Medical equipment beeping]


Erica's voice: Go, go, go. David is going to prison, and you are going to get well. That's all you need to know.

Kendall's voice: Mom! Mom, no! Mom! What is going on with you?

Erica's voice: Really? You ask me what's going on with me? It's my turn to have a crisis? I didn't know that was allowed. I really thought all I had to do was make sure that all of you are safe.

Kendall: Uhh!

[Waves crashing]

Marissa's voice: Pretty classy, huh? He set all of this up for me figuring you'd be out of the way by now. J.R. doesn't love you. You do realize that by now, don't you? He only said that to shut your blabbering mouth. I'm the one that he loves. I'm the mother of his child, the one deserving to be Mrs. J.R. Chandler. I've always been the one that he loves.

Annie: Aah!

[Glass breaks]

J.R.: What was that?

Annie: I -- I thought that we were gonna be together. [Sniffs] I thought that we were gonna be happy. I've done everything to try to be patient. I thought that it was gonna work out.

J.R.: Hey, hey. Everything has worked out. Baby, I don't know what's going on in that pretty head of yours. But all of this, all this is for you because I care about you, Annie, because I love you.

Annie: Are you just saying that, or do you really mean it?

J.R.: I really mean it.

Annie: I wanted you to say that for so long. Tell me.

J.R.: All right, let's just slow down a second, ok? We got many, many more nights like this. This is just the beginning.

Annie: Show me. Show me then.

J.R.: Annie, please, just stop. Just stop.

Annie: Well, I have an idea. Remember these? You like these. And you have been very naughty, so I'm gonna make sure that you stay here.


Annie: Oh, my God, what was that? Is Marissa here? Did she follow you here?

[Colby drops her phone outside the cabin door]

Jesse: Angela wanted you to have these. Let's see, where are they? She said pick out any of the family photos you want. Put them in these pretty little frames.

Natalia: "Pretty little frames."

Brot: They're nice.

Natalia: Oh ho ho! Look at these. Look at this one.

Brot: Look at that. Brother and sister.

Natalia: Right on top.

Jesse: Brother and sister.

Natalia: She probably did it on purpose.

Jesse: That's very flattering. You know, Angela loves you so much. And she wants you to promise to get back home as soon as your baby sister is born.

Brot: Shut up.

Natalia: Sister?

Jesse: You got it. We having a baby girl.

Randi: I told you.

Natalia: No way.

Frankie: Wow, another little sister Hubbard, huh?

Jesse: I hope she's half the woman you are.

Natalia: Thank you. I'll give her some lessons.

Brot: Congratulations, Chief. Another daughter.

Jesse: Another daughter.

Natalia: I'm so happy for you, Dad. Congrats.

Jesse: Frankie. Frankie.

Frankie: Good luck. Let me get you.

Jesse: Go, go, go, go. You know that Angela thinks of you as her own daughter. And we both want you to be a part of your new little sister's life. So that means you need to get back here every chance you get. That's an order.

Natalia: That's so sweet. I swear, I'll be close. And I'll definitely call Angie and let her know that I'll be there the second she needs anything.

Jesse: Yes, you will.

Natalia: I cannot walk away from the best family ever.

Jesse: Hubbard love. Ha ha!

Natalia: And the most wonderful man in the world.

Brot: Is that right?

Natalia: Yeah, something like that.

Jesse: All right, let's not get carried away, y'all.

Griffin: Hey! Hey! Have you seen Kendall?

Cara: She's not in her room?

Griffin: No, and her clothes aren't there either.

Jake: I'll call Security.

Cara: Didn't you just move up her surgery?

Griffin: We have to move fast. That aneurysm is ready to go.

Jake:  -- Security.

Kendall: Mom? Mom! Where are you, mom? Mom, where are you? I need -- Mom, I need you. Mom. I need to tell you. Mom, I -- aah! Mom! Aah! Uhh!

Jake: Check on all the floors and all the cameras.

Cara: Should I call the police?

Griffin: If I can't get her on her cell, yeah, you call the police.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kendall: Help me.

Griffin: Kendall, where are you?

Kendall: I'm outside. I don't know. Somewhere. It's this stupid taxi. I was trying to find my mom, and I don't -- I can't move. There's this pain.

Griffin: Ok, Kendall, help me out here. Look around you. What do you see?

Kendall: Oh, I don't know. There's trees and -- ow! Ow! Ow!

Griffin: Kendall. Kendall! It's either ruptured or it's starting to tear. Kendall, if you can hear me, hang in there. Listen, she said something about trees. She was in a taxi. She was gonna go see Erica.

Jake: This is what we do. Let's call the cab company. Maybe they can track her down.

Cara: I'll call the police.

Griffin: What about an ambulance? We have to get out there. We have to start looking for her.

Jake: The roads are bad out there. All the drivers, no one's come back.

Griffin: Are there any ambulances --

Jake: There are a couple, but we don't have any drivers.

Cara: Great, thank you. The police are on it, but they're really swamped.

Griffin: Come on. It's not gonna be the first ambulance I've driven, but I'm gonna need your help if I'm gonna find her. Let's go.

Cara: Griff!

J.R.: There's no one out there, and it's most certainly not Marissa.

Annie: It's just every time we're alone together, she's there. She pops up.

J.R.: Marissa and I are divorced. The only connection we're gonna have is with A.J. That's it. End of story. All I care about right now is you. That's why I set all this up, but it was supposed to be for later.

Annie: Later? After what?

J.R.: Well, I set an appointment up for the both of us at the house --

Annie: Appointment for what?

J.R.: With Dr. Burke.

Annie: No! No!

J.R.: Sit down. Listen to me. I know that you've been nervous lately, and you've been upset. That's why I think it's a good idea for us just to sit down, talk about it. I'm doing this for you and me, so I can clean up this mess that I made so we can start a new future. I want to make it as strong as possible. So please, I beg you, please just come with me back to the house to talk to him.

Annie: Ok, but only if you'll be there. [Sniffs]

J.R.: I promise.

[Cell phone rings]

J.R.: I'm sorry. Ooh. What is it?

Asher: Sorry to use the bat signal like this, but this is way above my pay grade.

J.R.: No. I'll take care of it. You just tell Louis to sit tight. I'm sorry. I've gotta go. Chandler's debt is being restructured. I can't lose this presentation. I'll tell you what, come with me.

Annie: No, I feel safe here. I don't want to leave yet. I'll meet you.

J.R.: All right. Why don't you meet me back at the house in an hour? Dr. Burke will be there. We can start to figure out how we can make this work the way it's supposed to. Ok? Do me a favor. Drive carefully. It's pretty nasty outside.

Annie: Ok. What the -- hell you doing here?

Colby: I came to have a little chat, but I had to wait till your big protector left.

Annie: What do you want?

Colby: I know what you did, Annie.

Annie: Oh, grow up. J.R. and I are consenting adults. Besides, he's divorced.

Colby: No. I'm not talking about you and J.R. I'm talking about what you did to Marissa. Assault, robbery, lying to the cops. Annie, you've broken all kinds of laws, and this time you're not getting away with it.

Annie: You've been out there listening in. You little snake.

Colby: Guilty. But while I might be charged with eavesdropping, you've a lot worse coming your way. What do you think the cops are gonna do when they find out you're the one behind Marissa's assault and robbery?

Annie: J.R.'s not gonna let that happen.

Colby: No. J.R. needs to be saved from you, Annie. And I am tired of watching you chew up and spit out these men in this family. I'm not gonna let you do to him what you did to my dad or my cousin.

Annie: I love your brother.

Colby: So much that you'll attack his wife, knock her out, and make it look like a burglary?

Annie: It was an accident. I opened the door, and it hit her. I couldn't say anything. Nobody would believe me.

Colby: Gosh. Now, why would you think that?

Annie: See, there you go. You're proving my point. So I made it seem like it was a burglar.

Colby: Or you could have just gone, "Oops, sorry," called an ambulance and fessed up.

Annie: And give Marissa exactly what she wanted? That would have been her way to get rid of me. I don't think so.

Colby: No, Annie. All Marissa wanted was a divorce and to make sure A.J. was ok.

Annie: That's not true. She wants J.R. back, and I know it, but I'm not gonna let that happen.

Colby: So, how's the weather in cuckooland these days, Annie?

Annie: You may think I'm crazy --

Colby: Think?

Annie: But I know exactly what's going on. And neither you nor Marissa are gonna be able to keep me and J.R. from being together.

Colby: Well, I think I've heard all I needed to hear. I'm sure the cops will be just as captivated as I was.

Annie: You recorded me?

Colby: Mm-hmm.

Annie: You little bitch! Give me that.

Colby: Annie, let go!

Annie: Give me the ph --

Colby: Ow! Get off of me!

Annie: You little bitch!

Colby: No! Aah! No! Annie!

Annie: You little bitch!

Colby: Aah! Aah! Get off me, Annie!

Annie: Mind your own business!

Colby: Ow! Let me out of these, you psycho!

Annie: Oh, Colby. You had to butt your nose into something that wasn't your business, huh? That wasn't very smart. Now I am gonna have to figure out how to get rid of you.

J.R.: All right. Crisis averted.

Asher: Thanks.

J.R.: Thank you for getting ahold of me.

Asher: Yeah, no problem. Oh, by the way, did you hear about Colby, how she's going to see your dad?

J.R.: No. She didn't tell me. Is there a problem?

Asher: I don't know. It's just she's told me about him before, how he's not always there for her when she needs him to be.

J.R.: His priorities aren't always in sync with ours, unless it serves his purpose.

Asher: And Damon taking off really hurt her.

J.R.: My dad will buy her a gift. He'll pat her on the head, tell her he loves her, which he does. He's just not always there. Something my son will never say about me. You know, I might create messes, but I never walk away from them.

Frankie: What's up?

Jesse: Unbelievable. Kendall. She wandered away from the hospital before her surgery. Now I gotta go find her.

Frankie: Want me to tell Brot?

Jesse: No, no. He's off duty. Let them enjoy their last moments together, huh? Can you get my coat?

Frankie: Yeah.

Jesse: Listen, guys. I got to go. Duty calls.

Frankie: All right, man. Take care, and I love you.

Brot: See you later, Chief.

Natalia: Bye, brother.

Jesse: Later. Behave.

Brot: Always, always.

Natalia: I'll see you soon, Dad.

Jesse: I love you.

Brot: Take it easy, guys. This is a good one.

Natalia: I know. It's priceless. I need more pictures of you, too, you know.

Brot: I don't have very many pictures of me by myself. I'm not big on that.

Natalia: Brot, I want you in this frame. I want to be able to see your face every time I come home to my new apartment. God. Do you know how much you've given me? I was afraid to let anyone in until you.

Brot: I was afraid, too, you know. Because most people, when they look at me, all they see is this -- when inside, this is how I still feel.

Natalia: Handsome. Yeah, there's no doubt about that. But let me show you something. Yeah, it's about right. This is the man I fell in love with. And this is the man I intend to come home to any chance I get, every chance I get. Every chance. You think I'm playing. I love you.

Jake: Well, she's disorie -- yes. Trust me. Any driver that saw her would know exactly what I'm talking about.

Griffin: She was dead-set on seeing Erica. Why would I let her out of my sight?

Cara: Why did she want to see her mom?

Griffin: Did you get anything?

Jake: Make a right right here.

Griffin: There's no trees over there.

Jake: It's the way to Erica's house. Trust me. I will hold on until you do have an address.

Cara: You know what, this is life or death here!

Jake: Especially the way your brother's driving.

Griffin: I've driven worse.

Cara: You guys can drag race after we save Kendall.

Jake: Right here. That's Erica's house.

Griffin: That's a whole lot of trees.

Jake: Kendall? Kendall!

Cara: Kendall!

Griffin: Kendall!

Cara: Where are you?

Griffin: Kendall! My God. Ok. She's here! Over here! Shh -- shh --

Kendall: My mama. My mama.

Griffin: Ok, shh -- shh -- you'll see your mom.

Kendall: It hurts.

Griffin: You've gotta calm down. Stay with me. We gotta get you back to the hospital. We got an ambulance. Just stay with me.

Colby: What are you gonna do to me, Annie?

Annie: I don't know, Colby. You've really screwed things up for me. I'll have to think about it, but not now. I've gotta be somewhere.

Colby: Wait. Where are you going, Annie?

Annie: Here. Have some cheese, you little rat.

Colby: Annie, you can't leave me like this!

Annie: You'll live, if that's what I decide is best.

Colby: Annie. No! Uhh!

J.R.: Dr. Burke, Annie should be here any minute.

Dr. Burke: I'm glad I caught you alone first.

J.R.: Why is that?

Dr. Burke: I'd like to hear your thoughts about what's going on with Annie.

J.R.: I'd rather not talk about her behind her back. I know that she's got problems. I'm not gonna abandon her because of that.

Dr. Burke: You want to help her.

J.R.: Yeah. Sometimes I don't think that that's possible.

Annie: You nosy little bitch! You've ruined everything! What am I supposed to do? It's ok. It's ok. You got Colby's phone. It's fine. There's no proof. It'll just be her word against yours. Ok, that's the good part. The bad part is you have her handcuffed to a freaking table!

Marissa' voice: No way out of this one, Annie. J.R. is never gonna forgive you for this. I mean, this is his sister we're talking about here.

Annie: Get out of my head. Stop!

Marissa's voice: Time to face it, wacko. Game over.

[Ambulance siren]

Griffin: How's she doing?

Jake: She's in trouble. She's pulsating. We need to get that graft in her.

Griffin: Ok. Hang on, Kendall.

Cara: Oh! Griff, easy, ok?

Griffin: Icy as hell out here. Keep her awake. Keep her talking.

Jake: Listen to me. Look at me. Can you hear us?

Cara: Kendall?

Marissa's voice: I mean popping me in the head, that was one thing. I mean, that was an accident that you had to cover up, but Colby? That was cold and deliberate.

Annie: Shut up! Shut up! I can fix it. I've always been able to fix things.

Marissa's voice: Do you know what my suggestion is? Turn this car around, start heading west, and don't look back.

Annie: No! Get away from me!

Cara: Kendall, can you hear us?

Jake: Kendall, stay with us.

Griffin:  Look out!

[Tries screech as Griffin swerves to avoid Annie's car]

[Annie screams and closes her eyes as she collides with the ambulance]

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