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Episode #10545

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David: I was wondering when you'd come in here. So how is the lovely Amanda these days?

Jake: She's excellent. She's better without you in her life.

David: Must be exhausting holding onto a grudge this long. So what can I do for you, Dr. Light?

Jake: You can make a speedy recovery, so I can check you the hell out of this hospital.

David: I'm sure you would -- if you had the authority.

Jake: That's right. You haven't been getting your e-mails. See, Angie's on pregnancy bed rest, and I have been appointed chief of staff, so, actually, I do have the authority. And as far as I'm concerned, you look fantastic. I think you look well enough to go to prison.

Greenlee: So what do you want for a wedding present?

Ryan: I already have my wedding gift. I just got to wait to unwrap it, that's all.

Greenlee: I mean besides that.

Ryan: David in an orange jumpsuit would be pretty nice.

Greenlee: Hmm. Hmm. And while we're exchanging our vows, he'll be breaking rocks.

Ryan: Do they still break rocks in prison?

Greenlee: I don't know. It's nice to dream.

Ryan: Ha! So my turn now. What do you want?

Greenlee: Hmm. You know what I'd really, really like? The perfect Valentine's Day wedding. No interruptions, no dramas, just you and me saying "I do."

Ryan: I can arrange that.

Liza: Honey, I don't want to leave you like this.

Colby: I'll be ok. I'm fine.

Liza: You don't look ok.

Colby: I kept on thinking that Damon and I had a chance, that I wasn't gonna give up.

Liza: Honey, is there anything that I can do?

Asher: I think you've done enough.

J.R.: Annie tells me you've been following her.

Scott: Following her?

J.R.: Yeah, because you want her back.

Scott: That's funny.

J.R.: It's hilarious. Now get the hell out of here.

Scott: Or what? Hmm? Wow! Let's see. Not exactly my taste, but then again, I guess you and Annie -- all you really need is a bed, hmm?

J.R.: We work here.

Scott: I'm sure you do. You're not fooling anybody, J.R. Now, if I found out about your love nest, who's next? Marissa?

Annie: Give me that phone.

Marissa: This belongs to J.R.

Annie: I said give me the phone!

Marissa: It's too late. I've already heard every pathetic word.

Annie: I don't even know what you're talking about.

Marissa: "I'm losing it here"? "I'm five minutes away from doing something we'll both regret"?

Annie: So I'm an emotional person.

Marissa: Emotional? You're out to get J.R. back, and that affects my son. I think it's time that J.R. knows how crazy you really are.

J.R.: Prison must've really dulled your instincts, because all you see here is me giving your ex-wife a place to stay in town. Nothing else.

Scott: No friendly benefits, huh?

J.R.: No. Hey, don't you have someplace you need to be? That's right -- emptying bedpans at the hospital. Ha ha ha! That's your new job, isn't it?

Scott: At least it's honest work.

J.R.: It's a good thing that Greenlee threw you a bone, otherwise you'd be rotting in that cell.

Scott: See, I learned from my mistakes, J.R. You? You just keep making the same one over and over and over.

J.R.: Have you checked the score lately? J.R., everything, to Scott, nothing.

Scott: It's a hell of a lot better than having Annie spinning out of control.

J.R.: That's where we differ. Nothing is ever out of my control.

Scott: Yeah, I'm sure you believe that.

J.R.: So what's your big plan now? You gonna take all this to Marissa? Hopefully, you get a little pat on the head?

Scott: No, no. I'm out of this. I'm sure you're quite capable of blowing up your own life without anyone's help. Or maybe Annie will.

J.R.: That supposed to be a warning?

Scott: It's just some free advice. What's family for?

Marissa: They prove that you're losing it.

Annie: No. They prove that you're jealous and overreacting.

Marissa: Do you want to hear yourself? I can play them again.

Annie: Look, I was worried. I thought that I was being followed, which I was, by Scott.

Marissa: If that were true, and I highly doubt it, then why are you so desperate to get your hands on this phone?

Annie: It is none of your business!

Marissa: I think you want to erase the messages, so that J.R. doesn't hear how pathetic you sound.

Annie: That is not true.

Marissa: I think we're gonna listen to them again.

Annie: Give me the phone.

Marissa: I understand why you feel embarrassed, but that's not it, is it? You're terrified that J.R. is gonna find out who you really are, and then he'll be done with you for good.

Annie: Shut up. You don't know anything.

Marissa: Fine. We'll just let J.R. decide.

Annie: No, we won't! Give me the phone!

Marissa: Calm down.

Annie: Give me the phone, or I swear to God I will --

Liza: I'm sorry. Who, exactly, do you think you're talking to?

Asher: I know exactly who I'm talking to.

Liza: Yes. I'm Colby's mother, and you don't belong here. So if you please excuse us --

Asher: I live here.

Liza: Ok. So why don't you find another room to go be obnoxious in?

Asher: Look, you did your whole mom thing for Colby at the party. Why don't you let me take care of her now?

Colby: Excuse me. I don't need you or anybody else taking care of me, ok? I'm not invisible. Excuse me.

Asher: Hey, let her go.

Liza: Ok. What exactly is your problem here?

Asher: I know about you and Damon.

Liza: I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about.

Asher: I heard you two talking tonight. You're the one he slept with.

David: So without even an examination, you've already reached a diagnosis?

Jake: You're gonna have an examination, Dave. It's just not gonna be from your good friend Griffin Castillo.

David: No, of course not. You wouldn't want one of your best doctors working on me, right?

Jake: See, the problem is I think he's a little sweet on you, the whole teacher/student thing, and he doesn't know you like I know you.

David: Really? And what do you know?

Jake: I know never to turn my back on a snake. And I know that if you appear weak, it's because you want everybody to think you're weak, and maybe we'll lower our guard. I'm confident, though, when these tests come back, it'll show that you are ready to rock and roll.

David: Right. I guess it slipped your mind that I'm also co-owner of this hospital.

Jake: Then I guess you're gonna have to just run your half from behind a prison wall, Dave.

David: I tell you what. Why don't you wait to celebrate until the examination, ok?

Jake: I see what's wrong. You are afraid that no one's gonna give you a proper examination. But you don't have to worry about that, Dave, because this is not the hospital that you tried to run into the ground.

David: Oh, noble Dr. Martin, crusading physician. I'm sure you're hoping they erect a statuette in your honor someday, right?

Jake: Everything is a joke to you. I guess that's what happens when you're just a miserable human being. You lose all your power, and nobody cares about you anymore.

David: Really? And how do you know what's gonna happen to me?

Jake: I don't, but I'm assuming you'll try to play all the angles. I just think the odds are against you this time because everybody's on to you, Dave. No more surprises.

David: So you think a man who staged his own death, survived all this, is going down for good? It's not in my DNA. But I guess for you, hope springs eternal, right?

Ryan: Is it cool if I just go talk to her for a second?

Greenlee: She's got to hear it sometime.

Madison: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Madison: Everything ok?

Ryan: Yeah, it is. I just wanted you to hear this from me and not from somebody else once the word gets out. Greenlee and I are getting married in a couple weeks.

Madison: Oh. Valentine's Day, huh?

Ryan: Yeah. I just thought you should know.

Madison: Thank you. You really didn't have to tell me that.

Ryan: Yeah, I did. I owe you that much, Madison.

Madison: No, you don't. I really don't want you to feel like you do.

Scott: Somebody looks like she could use something a little stronger. I'd offer to buy you one, but my boss doesn't pay me enough money. 

Liza: So you know it was me? What do you want?

Asher: I don't want anything.

Liza: Of course, you do, otherwise you wouldn't have brought this up. How much is this gonna cost me?

Asher: You still don't get it, do you?

Liza: You know what I get? I get that you are a slick little operator. And none of this would've happened if you would've stayed away from my daughter.

Asher: Nice try, lady, but you can't hang this one on me.

Liza: Ok. You know what? You just tell me what I need to do to keep you from destroying my daughter. Because if you say anything, that is exactly what you're gonna do.

Asher: Listen to you, mother of the year. You sleep with your daughter's boyfriend, and then try to pay me off to keep quiet? And if I don't, and she gets all messed up, what? It's my fault? Doesn't anyone know how to be a good parent around here?

Liza: You do not know me.

Asher: I know Colby deserves more than you. But, hey, she's stuck, and right now she needs a mom -- even one like you. So relax. I'm not gonna say anything.

Liza: Thank you.

Asher: I'm not doing this because of you. And I swear, if you hurt her one more time, I'm gonna tell her everything, no matter how much it destroys her, just so you can't hurt her again.

Madison: If you're worried about me freaking out, because I'm alone on Valentine's Day, don't be.

Ryan: Because of Scott?

Madison: What? No. No, I'm not there yet.

Ryan: Ok. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to jump to conclusions like that.

Madison: Scott's a great guy, and I do like him, but I just can't turn off my feelings that quickly -- not that I have any for you anymore.

Scott: That looks pretty intense.

Greenlee: Ryan's breaking the news to Madison about us being engaged.

Scott: Does that make you nervous?

Greenlee: Why should it? I have nothing to be nervous about.

Scott: You have plenty to be nervous about. But then again, who am I to stand in the way of true love?

Greenlee: You've gotten a new sense of humor, since you've been to prison.

Scott: If I didn't laugh, I'd weep.

Greenlee: Madison needs a friend, not a professional cynic.

Scott: I am Madison's friend, ok, but it is up to her if she wants to tell Ryan about their baby.

Marissa: Are you threatening me?

Annie: No.

Marissa: That's what it sounded like.

Annie: Are you gonna go telling J.R. that, too, filling his head with more of your paranoia?

Marissa: You're the one who's delusional.

Annie: Why can't you just be honest? You are jealous.

Marissa: Jealous of what?

Annie: Of our close working relationship.

Marissa: Believe what you want, Annie, but you are the last person in the world that I would ever be jealous of. I'm not jealous of you, Annie, because I have it all now, and you have nothing. Look at me. J.R. and I aren't divorcing, we're renewing our vows. We love each other, till death do us part. Ha ha ha!

Annie: J.R. doesn't love you.

Marissa: I never said that.

Annie: He wants to be with me!

Marissa: Annie!

Annie: We actually are together! J.R. would never leave me for you, ever!

Asher: Hey. How are you doing?

Colby: Um, I can't sleep. I can't be in my room anymore. I really don't know what to do with myself. But other than that, I'm great.

Asher: You want to watch a movie or -- if you change your mind --

Colby: I won't.

David: Hey. What's the matter? Bad day?

Liza: Yeah, but nothing I want to talk about.

David: Maybe I can help.

Liza: No, you can't help me with this. Listen, I answered your message. What is it? What can I help you with?

David: I have a confession to make.

Liza: Really? Only one?

David: I may have been exaggerating a bit when I told you that I remembered everything you said when I was in the coma.

Liza: Really?

David: Believe me, I wish I did remember. From the look on your face when I was bluffing, it's pretty big.

Liza: I really hope that you are being honest with me right now.

David: I remember some things. All right? Scattered things here and there like voices and sounds. I do remember hearing you, Liza, a few times, and it really helped to have somebody there, so thank you.

Liza: Ok. You're welcome. Is that it?

David: Yeah. I just wanted you to know that.

Liza: Ok. Because if that's it, I'm gonna be going now.

David: Wait a minute. Don't go.

Liza: David, please. I have had the longest day of my life. All right? What I want to do is I want to go home, I want to get into bed, I want to get into the covers, I want to pull them over my head, and I want to forget this day ever happened. Ok?

David: Liza, come on. You're clearly upset.

Liza: Yes. Good. Very perceptive.

David: Maybe I can help.

Liza: David, you cannot help me with this.

David: How do you know?

Liza: Because this has to do with emotions and feelings and guilt. I don't think you actually have any of those.

David: Wow. That's a pretty harsh judgment, considering where I've been and where I might be going.

Liza: I just -- I can't do this right now. Ok?

David: Everybody needs a friend, Liza, and you and I don't have a lot of those these days. So let me be a friend to you now. Tell me what's bothering you.

Scott: The longer you keep Ryan from knowing about his kid the worse it's gonna be.

Greenlee: I'm not keeping any secret. Madison is. And if she tells Ryan about the baby, we both lose.

Scott: You got more at stake than I do.

Greenlee: Don't bet on it.

Scott: Greenlee, what are you gonna do, hmm? Fire me? Send me back to prison? Come on.

Greenlee: We had a deal.

Scott: Yes, we had a deal. And there's a big part of me that regrets it, ok, because Madison is a very nice girl. All right? I don't like playing her.

Greenlee: It's not going to be forever.

Scott: What does that even mean?

Greenlee: Ryan's going to find out about the baby eventually. I just want it to be after the wedding.

Scott: Why? Oh. Right. So you can make things even more complicated.

Greenlee: You can sit here and judge me all you want, but Ryan and I have gone through hell to be together. We deserve one day of perfect happiness before, yes, it gets complicated. Is that too much to ask?

Scott: Hold that thought.

Madison: You should get back to Greenlee.

Scott: Hey.

Madison: Hi.

Scott: Did you forget about our date?

Madison: Our -- no. Right. Yeah. The time got away from me, I guess. Congratulations. To Greenlee, too. Ready?

Scott: Whenever you are. All right. Hey.

Ryan: Hey. Ok.

Greenlee: They make a nice-looking couple.

Ryan: Yeah, they do. They do.

Greenlee: Suddenly, I'm not so hungry. Let's go home.

Marissa: I'm glad you're here to see this.

J.R.: What's going on?

Marissa: Annie is under the impression that I want to get back together with you. I don't. Is that clear enough to you? She also seems to think that you guys are together.

J.R.: Is that what you said?

Annie: We are together. We're in love.

J.R.: Annie.

Marissa: Oh, is that true? Is your working relationship just another big lie?

Annie: Tell her, J.R. make her understand!

J.R.: Annie, I warned you to keep our meetings strictly business, but, obviously, you aren't able to do that.

Annie: Strictly business"?

J.R.: I hate to do this, but I'm gonna have to let you go.

Annie: You're firing me?

J.R.: I only kept you on the job, because I thought the family owed you. That was a mistake. You've become too involved in my personal life.

Annie: You can't do this.

J.R.: We'll talk about this at the office. I'm sorry.

Marissa: This is gonna get very ugly.

J.R.: I'm real sorry about Annie. She's been a little --

Marissa: A little insane?

J.R.: No.

Marissa: You should listen to her messages. You'll change your mind. She's obsessed with you, J.R., and I think it's starting to get dangerous.

J.R.: What do you mean?

Marissa: She cornered me in here before the party, clutching a pair of scissors in her hands like she was planning to carve her initials into my face.

J.R.: You got to be kidding me.

Marissa: She didn't actually do anything, but you should've seen the look in her eyes, J.R. She is disturbed. She has this fantasy that I am conspiring against her to win you back.

J.R.: I tell you what. I'll talk to her. I'll try to calm her down.

Marissa: I think it's too late for that. We both know that she's not gonna go without a fight. This could get very ugly. So, I think under the circumstances, it's best if I take A.J. for the next couple of days. I know it's your time with him, but come on.

J.R.: No, it's all right. I totally understand. You watch our son. I'll take care of Annie.

Asher: Found these in the library. Up for a game of cards?

Colby: You just don't quit, do you?

Asher: Movie, cards. If you say no to this, then I've always got partner yoga and a dance battle up my sleeve.

Colby: Uh, I think I'm gonna go with the cards.

Asher: Yeah. Holidays weren't too much fun at home, so I'd usually stick around the boarding school. All the other kids would leave, and I'd be there with the staff.

Colby: And you played poker?

Asher: One of the groundskeepers was a serious player. He taught me how to play Lowball, Texas Hold 'em, and he even let me win a little bit.

Colby: Wow. That was nice of him.

Asher: Yeah, he must've felt sorry for me, this kid not feeling like he belonged to anything or anyone. I guess he figured I could use a few wins in my life. Anyway, I'll teach you how to play. Hmm? Texas Hold 'em? I might even let you win at least once.

Colby: Because you feel sorry for me?

Asher: Not sorry enough to let you win every time. So come on. Texas Hold 'em is the easiest game.

Colby: Ok. How about we make the big and small blinds $2.00 and a buck? I'll cut the deck. No wild cards -- keeping it real. So when are you gonna start teaching me?

Madison: So where is this special restaurant you're taking me to?

Scott: Have a seat.

Madison: Ok.

Scott: There's something I got to tell you.

Madison: It's a $10 bill.

Scott: That is a $10 bill, yes.

Madison: So --

Scott: That $10 bill represents the sum total of my net worth right about now.

Madison: Oh.

Scott: But with this hospital gig, I'm gonna get a paycheck by the end of the week. So --

Madison: It's ok.

Scott: No, it's not ok. I never should've asked you out. Some catch, right? Ex-con with an empty wallet? No good. No good.

Madison: I understand the empty wallet part. When my father cut me off, I tried to pretend like I still had money, fool everybody.

Scott: That's when you got in the gambling situation?

Madison: Mm-hmm. And I squatted at the casino hotel. Trust me, I know what it's like to not be flush. So I'll buy dinner.

Scott: No. You are not gonna buy me dinner.

Madison: But your last $10.

Scott: No, no, no. You could call it stupid, macho, male chauvinistic pride, ok, but I am not gonna let you pick up the dinner tab. Ok? No, no.

Madison: I mean, we got to eat.

Scott: You and the baby?

Madison: We are kind of hungry.

Scott: Yeah, of course, you are. There's a great hot dog stand at the edge of the park. We could do that.

Madison: I love hot dogs.

Scott: Do that? Throw on a little relish, maybe some mustard on there?

Madison: Oh, sounds perfect.

Scott: Ok. Listen, I promise I'm gonna make it up to you with a real dinner as soon as I get a real paycheck. Ok?

Madison: You don't have to make anything up to me. This is exactly what I want.

Scott: All right. Then two gourmet dogettes coming right up. All righty?

Madison: Hey. Thank you for rescuing me.

Scott: Anytime.

Greenlee: Oh. What's this?

Ryan: I don't know. Maybe it's our first wedding gift.

Greenlee: It's probably from my dad. Yes.

Ryan: So what is it?

Greenlee: I don't know. Let me see. "Dear Greenlee, I only wanted the best for you, your happiness above all else. I will never forget. David."

Annie: J.R., thank God you're here. I have to explain --

J.R.: Just stop right there.

Annie: But Marissa's probably --

J.R.: Annie, will you stop?! Do you realize what you've done?

Annie: I couldn't help myself. Honestly, Marissa was being so awful to me.

J.R.: Have you been following Marissa?

Annie: What? No. I went to get your phone back.

J.R.: Because of the messages?

Annie: Enough with the messages. Delete the messages. They're not important.

J.R.: What about before at Krystal's? Did you threaten Marissa with a pair of scissors?

Annie: Threaten her? I went to help her decorate! Oh, my God, she's such a drama queen!

J.R.: That is not what she said.

Annie: Of course not, because the woman hates me, and she's gonna do whatever she can to make me look bad.

J.R.: Why would she do that?

Annie: Because she wants you back, J.R.

J.R.: No, you heard her at the park. It's not true.

Annie: But she's lying!

J.R.: Annie, you can't keep doing this. If Marissa doesn't believe the story, she's gonna fight me for full custody, and I will not lose my son!

Annie: I don't want to lose you. And it feels like every single day you are slipping further and further away from me!

J.R.: I realize that this has been hard. You just got to be a little bit more patient.

Annie: Patient? You always say that I need to be more patient, but nothing's changing! And then I have Marissa in my face, making it look like I'm some kind of stalker?! Oh, my God, I hate her! I swear to God, if you hadn't shown up, I would've --

J.R.: What? What would you have done?

Annie: I just want this to end. That's all. I just want us to be together.

J.R.: And we will. It's just gonna be a little more difficult.

Annie: What? What are you talking about?

J.R.: Because of what just happened, we can't be seen together under any circumstances. And that goes for the house and the office.

Annie: So you really are firing me? Oh, my God!

J.R.: Annie, I am doing this for us. You have to trust me. You have to let me handle this. Will you let me do it? Annie?

Annie: What other choice do I have?

J.R.: I have to go do more damage control with Marissa. I'll call you when I can.

Colby: You're right. I have a straight -- a straight flush.

Asher: Damn.

Colby: I should've told you I play online.

Asher: Don't worry. Next time I'll be ready for you. So is this doing any good?

Colby: Um, I'm only obsessing over Damon 90% of the time, so I guess that's progress. Um, what were you and my mom talking about when I went upstairs?

David: I'm assuming the problem you're having has to do with Colby? I'm sorry.

Liza: It's a never-ending saga, right? What else is new?

David: Yeah. But when it's your own kid, it's different, you know? Just like me and Marissa. It brings its own special kind of pain, right?

Liza: Colby's heart is broken.

David: What happened?

Liza: It's Damon. It's Damon. He's leaving her, and he's leaving town.

David: Why is he doing that?

Liza: Well, he had good reason, and it wasn't because of Colby.

David: What, then?

Liza: I just can't do this.

David: Did you have something to do with them breaking up?

Liza: Please, I can't.

David: All right, Liza, look. I know it's not easy, all right, and I don't want to push you, but maybe it might be good for you to talk about it, get it out in the open. All right. You know what? Just know that I'm here to listen whenever you're ready to talk. Ok?

Liza: David, thank you.

David: Yeah. Maybe I shouldn't promise that. Jake thinks I'm already recovered and ready to travel -- from here to prison.

Liza: David, how sick are you really?

David: I tried to sit up before. I almost passed out.

Liza: And you are telling me this because --

David: Because I'm really not well, Liza, and Jake could probably railroad me to prison. So maybe you could persuade him to back off. What's so funny?

Liza: I was sitting here looking at this kind and compassionate man, thinking that it was probably an imposter wearing a David Hayward mask, but I'm glad to know that you are still the manipulator you've always been.

David: You're wrong on several counts, Liza.

Liza: Really?

David: Yeah.

Liza: Go ahead. This one should be fun.

David: I do empathize with you and your situation with Colby, and I meant everything I said about you trusting me to help in any way I can.

Liza: As long as there's some sort of quid pro quo in there somewhere, right?

David: I am still not well, Liza. That is not a joke. It's not a con. It's the truth. But the people in this town, particularly this hospital, wouldn't give a damn if they delivered a corpse to the state prison.

Liza: You're being a little melodramatic.

David: Really? Yeah. You didn't see Jake's face, the smile on his face, when he delivered the news. Believe me, I know what I'm up against.

Liza: I'm sure they're gonna follow proper procedure.

David: So you're gonna ignore this? You're not gonna do a damn thing?

Liza: You know what, David? You have caused me enough trouble. What I think right now is that you and I -- we need to serve a little bit of penance. There's been enough sin going around.

David: I tell you what, Liza. You can beat yourself up all you want. I'm not sorry for anything I've done. And I'll tell you something else. I'm not about to go silently into the night. Trust me.

Asher: Your mom and I didn't really talk about much.

Colby: Really?

Asher: I pissed her off and said I was sorry. That's it.

Colby: Ok.

Asher: I have a tendency to piss people off, if you haven't noticed.

Colby: I've noticed. Ohh.

Asher: So you want to win some more of my money?

Colby: No, thanks.

Asher: Still thinking about Damon?

Colby: No. I'm actually -- I'm thinking about her. Or the girl or the woman or whoever Damon slept with. I don't understand how somebody can actually do something like that.

Asher: It doesn't matter.

Colby: It does matter -- to me.

Asher: Just let it go.

Colby: I can't. I know I should, but it just hurts so much. I just wonder if it ever stops hurting.

Asher: Hey. It will. You'll win again. You'll win big.

Scott: They're so good.

Madison: These are the best.

Scott: The best. Guess what happens next time.

Madison: Hmm?

Scott: Scotty throws in a big bag of French fries. That's what's gonna happen.

Madison: Big spender. Uh-oh.

Scott: Just trying to impress. So tell me the truth. Are you ok with Ryan's big wedding announcement?

Madison: I'm still standing, so I guess that's a good sign.

Scott: A little something there.

Madison: You're a pretty nice guy, you know.

Scott: I take a pretty good mug shot, too.

Madison: Please don't talk like that.

Scott: What? Ok. I promise I will not talk like that, but you have to promise me something. Do not call me a nice guy, because when a girl says that, that right there is the kiss of death. "You're a nice guy, but -- "

Madison: Ok. Then fine. I'll be clear, then. Tonight's one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time -- and one of the best meals, so thank you.

Scott: That was, um --

Madison: Nice?

Scott: Nice.

Annie: Ok. You have to stay focused. You have to stay focused. J.R. will keep his promise, and he will get the divorce, and we'll be together.

Marissa: Stop kidding yourself. He's not gonna want you now, especially after tonight.

Annie: Go away.

Marissa: You thought you could get rid of me, huh? Too bad.

Annie: What do you want?

Marissa: You know what I want, Annie -- the same thing you want.

Annie: No! No, no, no, no, no!

[Knock on door]

Marissa: Room service.

Annie: Go away.

Marissa: Nope. Not until I show you your entree. Our divorce papers, just what you ordered. Oh. Whoops. [Tears up the papers]

Annie: Go away! No. J.R.'s gonna get the divorce. He's gonna keep his promise. He's gonna keep his promise, because he loves me. He loves me. He loves me.

J.R.: Hi, Dr. Burke? J.R. Chandler. I wanted to speak to you about a former patient of yours at Oak Haven. An Annie Lavery, now Annie Chandler.

Ryan: David can only get to us if we let him. We all know what to do with this. It's very simple. That's it.

Greenlee: I wish that was David.

Ryan: It will be soon enough. Ok? He's never gonna get near you ever again. I'm gonna make sure of that.

Greenlee: I love you.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Get it. Get it. I'm gonna go up to bed.

Ryan: Yeah? Ok. I'll be up in a second. Hello?

Jake: Hey, Ryan. It's me.

Ryan: Jake, what's going on?

Jake: I just wanted to give you the heads-up on Hayward.

Ryan: Why? What happened?

Jake: I'm just going over these tests, and I'm going over them again just to make sure.

Ryan: Ok. Get to the point.

Jake: Right. I don't know if he faked these or if this is some other set or something, but based on these tests, he's not going to prison anytime soon.

Ryan: We'll see about that.

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