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Annie's voice: J.R., it's me. You have to call me as soon as you get this, ok? Do you understand? You have to call me.

J.R.: Hey, bud. What's going on?

A.J.: Annie needs to talk to you.

J.R.: You spoke to her?

A.J.: Yeah. She said it was really, really important.

Annie: I'm fine.

Scott: Yeah, I can see that.

Annie: There's just a crisis at Chandler. Everything's really hitting the fan, and I can't seem to get in touch with J.R.

Scott: What kind of crisis are we talking about here?

Annie: A big one, which is why it'd be nice if he would call me back. God, what do I have to do to get his attention?

Scott: I think you'll get his attention, all right. Just not the kind you want.

Krystal: What is going on? You're laughing all the time back there. What's up?

Amanda: It's stupid because it's too early to know anything.

Krystal: Too early to know what?

Amanda: You know how Jake and I told you we're trying for another one?

Krystal: You're pregnant?

Amanda: No, not officially. It's too early to take a test, but I just have this feeling.

Krystal: Well, sometimes your feelings are more accurate than those tests. Does Jake know?

Amanda: He's as excited as I am.

Cara: What are we doing here?

Jake: I just figured it would be easier without everybody around.

Cara: That's what he used to say.

Jake: That's who who used to say?

Cara: My brother. That's how he explained cutting me off from the rest of the world. He said it would be easier this way, be safer. I just -- I didn't want things to be easier. I just wanted them to be normal.

Jake: And they weren't normal because --

Cara: I was sick. Because I had cancer.

Colby: Hello? Mom, what do you mean, you didn't want to hurt me? Why do you guys keep on looking at each other? What is going on?

Liza: Colby, nothing.

Colby: Yes, there is something going on. And why am I the only one that doesn't know about it?

J.R.: Annie, it's J.R. I just spoke with A.J. He said you called, said it was urgent. I just checked with work, and they said everything was fine. So can it wait at least until after Damon's party? Unless it's an emergency, then try to call me again. But please, please don't try to call my son. I promise I'll be in touch.

Annie: Thank you for pointing out how horrible I look.

Scott: That's not what I'm saying.

Annie: Why are you even here?

Scott: Hospital stuff -- I got a job there. I'm delivering this to a board member that's staying here. Your turn. Oh, let me guess. This is where you and J.R. have your business meetings.

Annie: What? No. No, I stay here sometimes to be close to work in case of an emergency.

Scott: Right.

Annie: Look, I know you don't owe me any favors, but if could not mention to anyone that you saw me here looking upset -- you and me, we're done.

Scott: And you and J.R., disaster waiting to happen. Good luck. You two deserve each other.

[Phone chimes]

Annie: What? My phone was in my hand.

J.R.'s voice: Annie, it's J.R.

Annie: Finally.

J.R.'s voice: I just spoke with A.J. He said you called and said it was urgent. I just checked with work, and they said everything was fine. So can it wait at least until after Damon's party?

Annie: So Marissa can make another move on you? I don't think so.

Colby: Um, ok. If someone doesn't start talking --

Tad: Colby, your mother was the person who got Damon the spot at U.C. Davis and the internship.

Damon: Wait. What? It was you?

Tad: But she didn't want anybody to know about it, especially you guys.

Colby: So you did lie to me? You actually did want Damon away from me?

Tad: No. That's why she didn't say anything, because she knew you'd feel exactly like that. So she told me, and then she left it up to me to make the decision.

Damon: Make what decision?

Tad: Whether or not to tell you. Let's face it. California's a lot farther away than D.C.

Damon: But you told me anyway.

Tad: You worked too hard to pass up an opportunity like this.

Colby: Damon, can I talk to you for a second?

Damon: Yeah.

Colby: I guess I didn't realize what a big deal it was.

Damon: It's the kind of opportunity to be a game-changer.

Colby: Ok. Then you should go. You should go to California.

Damon: You mean that?

Colby: Yeah. But what if I got on the plane with you?

Amanda: Why am I so hungry? It's too early to be this hungry, right?

Krystal: Baby wants what it wants when it wants it.

Amanda: Right now the baby wants baklava.

Krystal: Just get ready, because you know babies change everything.

Amanda: I'm counting on it.

Jake: What kind?

Cara: Leukemia. I was diagnosed at age 8. I've had a couple of relapses through the years.

Jake: Wow. So you really were that little girl in the hospital?

Cara: I couldn't let her parents take away her hope.

Jake: So what you're saying to me is that you were sick when we met.

Cara: No. I had been in remission for years.

Jake: And you don't think that's the type of thing you should have told me?

Cara: I wanted to put it behind me, I guess.

Jake: You guess? We were married, Cara. Why would you keep something like that a secret?

Cara: Because I loved that you didn't know. For the first time in my life, I actually met someone who didn't freak out every time I sneezed, who didn't treat me like I was breakable. You looked at me, and you didn't see a sick person. You looked at me and you saw me, and I needed that. I lived for that.

Jake: This would explain why your brother is so overprotective.

Cara: Yeah, my father took off, and he became the man of the house, and that was pretty sad, because he was 12 years old.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Cara: My mom worked all the time, so he was like my gatekeeper.

Jake: I get it.

Cara: When there were field trips, you know, or when the kids got to hang out at the playground, I was stuck inside staring out the widow, just kind of wondering what it was like to have a normal life. I might as well have been sitting inside a plastic bubble, because I really didn't get to experience anything.

Jake: Until Doctors Without Borders.

Cara: Until I met you. You know, my whole life I ached to see the world, to take chances, to go on adventures. After college, and even after med school, my family wanted me to settle down someplace safe and quiet, you know, just in case.

Jake: You showed them, right?

Cara: I did. When I took Dr. Finn's name, I was finally able to live. And then I met you, and I found my partner in crime.

Jake: You should've told your partner.

Cara: I didn't want you to start protecting me. I felt tough when I was with you. I felt alive. You embraced the world. You never ran from it, and you taught me to do the same. And I loved that about you. I loved that about us. And to this day, I can't let it go.

Damon: You would drop everything and move across the country for me?

Colby: Yes.

Damon: I can't let you do that.

Colby: What? You can't let me or you don't want me to?

Damon: Look, I told you how it has to be. I'm sorry. You really are amazing. You know that?

Colby: Yeah, I'm so amazing, you're getting on a plane and flying across the country just to get away from me.

Damon: It's not about getting away from you. Things are different now. Don't you feel that?

Colby: No. But that doesn't mean that we can't go back to the way it was.

Damon: Except it does. Oh, hey.

Jenny and Kathy: We're gonna miss you, Damon.

Damon: I'm gonna miss you, too.

Liza: I can't do this. I'm gonna lose it. I got to get out of here.

Tad: You can't afford to lose it, or leave, ok? She's freaked out enough as it is. If you do the wrong thing, you're blow this entire nightmare out of the water.

Liza: My daughter is in agony because of me.

Tad: It sucks causing your child pain. I get it. But you have to be careful, or you're gonna hurt her even worse.

Amanda: False alarm.

Krystal: Oh. You're not pregnant?

Amanda: No. I don't know what I was thinking going on and on to Jake about how positive I was. Now he's just gonna be all disappointed.

Krystal: I think he probably knows that it's just too soon to get his hopes up.

Amanda: You're right. And I know how lucky we are. I guess I just got ahead of myself.

Cara: I'm sorry. I was saying that I can't let go of that -- the feeling of freedom. That's --

Jake: I get it.

Cara: Ok. I just want to get out of here, go back to doing what I want, when I want, not having to answer to anybody.

Jake: Sounds perfectly reasonable.

Cara: And I don't blame Griff, because he watched me fighting for my life, and he felt responsible --

Jake: Which would explain why he's got such a problem with me.

Cara: He thought you were putting me in danger.

Jake: And he would be right by thinking that.

Cara: What?

Jake: Yes. I'm the one who put you in the field, right? I'm the one who put you with people with diseases and infections. What if your immune system was compromised?

Cara: No, don't say that. Ok? Of course, it was risky. It was risky for you. It was risky for everybody in the field.

Jake: Everybody didn't have leukemia, Cara.

Cara: I didn't either. Not anymore. I had two choices: Either live in fear of getting sick again, which isn't living at all, or go after the life that I always wanted.

Jake: Well, you went after it.

Cara: Because I didn't tell D.W.B. about my medical history. And you know the things that I got to see, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Jake: Remember the big snowstorm in Afghanistan?

Cara: Yes.

Jake: When you smashed me with those snowballs? That was the first time you ever saw snow, wasn't it?

Cara: Yeah. I'll never forget that moment. I felt like the luckiest girl. I felt that way a lot back then.

Jake: I got to -- when you say that, I got to ask myself, "She feels like she's the luckiest girl -- the happiest times you ever had, the freest you ever were." If that's true, then why'd you leave it? Us? Why'd you leave it all behind?

Scott: Well. Either everyone and their mother was craving a hamburger, or I just crashed a private party.

Marissa: Oh, Damon's leaving town. It's a going-away thing.

Scott: Really? In honor of that, I will go away.

Marissa: No. Wait. Stay. I can't promise you burgers, but there's a ton of food.

Scott: Who am I to pass up free food?

A.J.: Hey, Mom!

Marissa: Hey. I don't even rate a hug anymore?

J.R.: You invited Scott?

Marissa: He showed up by accident. I didn't see any reason to kick him out.

J.R.: I don't see any reason for him to stay either.

Marissa: I'm telling you, J.R., Annie is crazy with a capital "C." All the signs are there.

J.R.: She has been a little hyper lately.

Marissa: A little? The woman is a lunatic. You ought to fire her ass and get her out of A.J.'s life for good. Better yet, get her out of yours. Just tell her you don't want anything else to do with her. God knows we'll both be better off.

J.R.: I didn't see it before, but thanks to you, getting rid of Annie is the only thing to do.

Jake: See, I'm having a hard time understanding you. I thought you said you were happy.

Cara: I was happy.

Jake: How do you go from loving your life all the way to jumping into a jeep, never looking back?

Cara: It's complicated.

Jake: I have time. Every single one of your answers -- it's almost like it's a non-answer, really.

Cara: I was happy, you know? I wanted more.

Jake: Yeah. We're the more generation. More of what, exactly?

Cara: More excitement, more adventure, you know? Yeah, you've been able to do whatever you wanted your whole life, and for me, it was just beginning, and I didn't want to give it up.

Jake: So we're in the middle of Sudan, it wasn't enough of an adventure for you?

Cara: I wanted to see everything, I wanted to do everything, and I didn't feel like I could do that unless I was on my own.

Jake: So it was me? I was holding you back? It's my fault?

Cara: No. You know what, though? Things worked out great, actually, if you think about it. Because if they hadn't played out the way they did, you never would've ended up back here.

Jake: Because I have a wife and a son?

Cara: Yes. And you have your brother -- he's here. And you have Krystal, and you have your nieces, and you have a nephew, and you've got this whole extended family.

Jake: Cara, we're not talking about my family right now. I love every single member of my family, and I know where my heart is supposed to be, but we're not talking about that right now.

Cara: No, we are talking about that right now, Jake, because that is the difference between us. When we both joined D.W.B., we did it because of the rush, right? For the heart-pumping thrill of saving lives, changing the world, and I think that that rush was just this pit stop for you, something that you needed to get out of your system before ending up where you are right now. Ok, but for me, that rush was my life. I wasn't on my way to someplace else. I was exactly where I was supposed to be, where you are right now. And it's because of you, by the way. Because you gave me that push, and I'll always be grateful for that.

Jake: What's next, then?

Cara: I don't know. I've got to get out of the country first, you know? But I tell you what. I can't wait to find out.

Jake: Right.

Cara: Um -- You remember this thing?

Jake: Vaguely. Isn't that some good luck thing you carried around?

Cara: Quetzal. It's a --

Jake: Right, it rhymed with "pretzel." I love pretzels.

Cara: Because it's about -- with you always, right? Always. If you look at this, it looks like the bird is -- it's growing out of the ground from his roots, but it's got these really beautiful wings. I feel like even though you were far away from home, you always had this strong pull to your roots. And for me, it's always been about the wings.

Colby: If you had just left me alone, none of this would've happened.

Damon: Hey.

Asher: Hey. I hope it's ok that I'm here.

Colby: I told him I think that he should leave.

Damon: It's cool.

Asher: Yeah?

Damon: This party is about fresh, new tracks, right? And not just for me.

Amanda: What are you doing here?

Annie: I need to see J.R.

Amanda: No. He's in the middle of a party. Not to mention Marissa's here, A.J.

Annie: I know that, and I don't care. I have been calling him, and he's been ignoring my phone calls.

Amanda: Ok. Ok. What happened? Is everything ok?

Annie: I'm fine. I just a little frustrated when my boyfriend ignores my phone calls.

Amanda: Annie.

Annie: What? What? Don't look at me like that. I am fine, ok? I'm fine -- at least, I will be when I talk to him!

Amanda: Ok, this is not a good idea.

Annie: I just need a few minutes. Ok? I just need a few minutes, because I need to explain some things to him, ok? Please?

Amanda: You want me to help you?

Annie: Yes. You need to find him, you need to tell him that I'm here, and I need to talk to him privately.

Amanda: I really don't want to get involved.

Annie: Amanda, you're my only friend -- at least, you were.

Amanda: I just don't think that now is a good time.

Annie: This is the only time! I'm not asking you to hold the place up at gunpoint! I'm just asking for a few minutes with my boyfriend! Is that so much to ask? Fine! I'll do it myself!

Amanda: Ok. I will talk to J.R.

Annie: Thank you.

Amanda: But only because this is Damon's party, and I don't want you making a scene.

Annie: Whatever will get me some time with J.R. Tell him to meet me outside.

Amanda: J.R., can I talk to you for a sec?

J.R.: Yeah. Sure. Can you do another one for me? What's up?

Amanda: Annie needs to talk to you. She's waiting for you outside. It was either this, or she was gonna confront you herself, so I figured this was the better of the two options.

J.R.: Yeah. Sure. I'll take care of it.

Marissa: Hey. Is something wrong?

J.R.: Annie. There was a crisis at work. I just figure it's better I handle it outside. You ok? Did you get my message?

Annie: Um, did you get mine?

J.R.: I listened to the first one. I didn't get to any of the others. So what was so important that it couldn't wait?

[Annie grabs J.R. and kisses him]

Jake: Well, I'm glad you told me.

Cara: Better late than never.

Jake: Right.

Cara: What's wrong?

Jake: Oh, nothing.

Cara: Come on. That look was definitely not "nothing."

Jake: No, I was just gonna ask you if you were all right, but you're always all right. Right?

Cara: I'm great.

Jake: Hey. Psyche. I'll see you inside.

Opal: Did you hunt down Jake?

Amanda: I'm sure he'll be back in a minute.

Opal: Yeah, of course, he will.

J.R.: Oh, hey. We can't do this here.

Annie: I know. I'm sorry.

J.R.: Annie, listen to me. You have to trust me, ok? If you call me and leave me a message, I'm gonna call you back. I may not call you back in five minutes, but I will get back to you. Ok? So what was the big emergency?

Annie: I was being followed.

Marissa: Hey. What you doing?

A.J.: Playing a video game on Dad's cell phone. Look. I'm really good.

Marissa: Mm-hmm. Hey, you know what I'd rather be doing? Playing with my family and my friends.

A.J.: But Dad's not even here yet. I'll give it to him when he comes back.

Marissa: Oh, yeah. Nice try. I'm gonna be returning this now. Go have fun. Ok? Hey, how do you turn this thing off? You have got to be kidding me.

Liza: You really shouldn't be out here, especially not with me.

Damon: I don't think anyone's gonna blame me for taking a break. It's kind of intense in there.

Liza: Yeah, tell me about it.

Damon: Thanks, by the way, for getting me the slot and the internship.

Liza: I didn't get you anything. I just made a recommendation.

Damon: You think I'm up for it?

Liza: Absolutely. Like I said, you totally earned it. Damon, you are gonna do so well, and I am -- I'm just so happy that you're actually taking this chance.

Damon: Pretty crazy, right? I finally get a job where I don't get fired, find something I'm good at with a boss who's almost cool. Now I'm taking off again.

Liza: For the record, I'm gonna miss you.

Damon: You think it'll work?

Liza: What? Do I think what will work?

Damon: I go away, Colby will let this go?

Liza: That's not why I --

Damon: I know it's not why. But me being across the country can't hurt, right?

Liza: No, it can't.

Damon: She's been asking a lot of questions, wants to know who the girl is.

Liza: I know. I know. She asked me on the way over here.

Damon: Why would she think that you know anything?

Liza: Because she's smart. Because she saw the look on my face when she brought it up.

Damon: But you covered?

Liza: Not well.

Damon: But she bought it?

Liza: You think she'd be here if she didn't?

Damon: Colby can never know that we had sex. I already crushed her once. I cannot do it again.

Liza: Listen. Whatever happens, it's not gonna come from me.

[Asher overhears the conversation]

J.R.: What do you mean, someone followed you?

Annie: It was weird. I had this feeling. I felt like somebody was watching me. And then I was driving, and I looked in my rearview mirror, and there was a car following me.

J.R.: But they could've been going in the same direction as you.

Annie: No. At first, I thought that, too. But then I went to the club, and I got out in the parking lot, and I heard footsteps behind me.

J.R.: Did you see who it was?

Annie: No. I didn't want to look at the guy. I thought if he saw me looking at him, he would pounce on me. So that's why I didn't really explain very well, and I was really freaked out. So if you get some weird voice mails, it was just me kind of freaking. I should've explained, but in the moment I was scared.

J.R.: It's ok. I'm just glad you're all right.

Annie: Yeah, me, too.

J.R.: So you still don't know who it was?

Annie: No, I know who it was. It was Scott.

Marissa: Having fun?

Scott: Ooh. Well, it beats the prison yard.

Marissa: Ooh. High praise.

Scott: So J.R. was very happy to see me.

Marissa: Don't you worry about J.R.

Scott: Where is he anyway?

Marissa: He had some business to attend to.

Scott: Business? Is it my ex-wife?

Cara: Hi.

Tad: Hey.

Cara: It's a great party.

Tad: Yeah. Terrific.

Cara: You don't need to worry, ok? The Martins always come back. Look at your brother.

Tad: I didn't get him anything.

Cara: Jake?

Tad: Damon. Here he is, leaving town, and I couldn't think of anything appropriate. How lame is that?

Cara: Uh, I actually -- I have something that you can give him. Here. It's for good luck.

Tad: It's beautiful.

Cara: It is, isn't it?

Tad: I -- Cara, I can't take this.

Cara: No. I got a million of them at home. Please. Yeah. And you know what? I think this would be great for Damon. He's a kid who has wings but didn't know he had roots until he met you.

Amanda: Finally. Where have you been?

Jake: I was most recently in the bathroom.

Amanda: Before that?

Tad: Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention? By now, I'm sure you all know that Damon is leaving us. And if you don't, you're definitely at the wrong party.

Opal: Ohh, Mr. Damon, you are gonna be sorely missed around here. And nobody is gonna miss you quite as much as this guy. You have made my son a very happy man. Don't you even think about being a stranger.

Krystal: So here's to the best playmate that Kathy and Jenny have ever had -- except for their father, of course. Good luck, Damon. We all are so excited about all the success you're gonna have.

Opal: Hear, hear.

Jake: Cheers!

Kathy and Jenny: We'll miss you, Damon!

Jake: I'd like to raise a glass. I'd like to say this to you, Damon. You had a bit of a rough start in this town, but you made a beautiful, smooth transition, and I, for one, am very proud of you. Salud.

Opal: Salud!

Jake: You're gonna do amazing. You're gonna be great.

Liza: Damon, it's been an honor working with you, and you are going to do great in California.

Opal: That is for sure!

Tad: I guess that's me, huh? I'm up. The world's a funny place. A year ago, I didn't even know you existed. And now the truth is I can't imagine my life without you in it. You are the most wonderful unlooked-for surprise I've ever gotten. The luckiest man alive. I love you, I'm so proud of you, and I don't give a damn what coast you're on.

Opal: Aw. That's right.

Damon: Um, I don't know what to say, everybody. This is really -- wow. Uh, I know I screwed up a lot when I first got here, um, so I just want to thank you all for giving me a second chance and a third chance and a fourth chance. I'll never forget it. I'll never forget any of you.

J.R.: I thought Scott was over you.

Annie: So did I. He said that he was at the club on some hospital business.

J.R.: You don't believe him?

Annie: The only business he seemed concerned about was ours. He was asking about you and about us and -- whatever. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad it was him and not some psycho stalker. But, anyway, that's why I panicked and left you these crazy messages. I was really scared, you know? But it's fine, and we both know Scott would never hurt me, so whatever. It's all good.

J.R.: I should get back inside.

Annie: Yeah, yeah. Of course.

J.R.: You sure you're ok?

Annie: Yeah.

J.R.: So I'll catch you later?

Annie: Bye. [Sighs]

[Marissa listens to the messages on J.R.'s phone]

Annie's voice: J.R., please, you have to call me back! You have to call me back! I need you!

Tad: Hey. Hey. Thanks a million. He loved the patch.

Cara: Yeah?

Tad: Yeah. He thought it was "wicked awesome."

Cara: But he didn't say that, did he?

Tad: No. My young-people speak needs a little work.

Cara: Just a little, actually.

Tad: But he loved it. No kidding.

Cara: Good.

Colby: Please, can we just go?

Liza: Yeah. Whatever you want.

Jake: I am so sorry that I had to come back to work tonight. It was good of you to drive with me. You were very quiet in the car, though.

Amanda: It was sad seeing Tad say good-bye to Damon.

Jake: Hmm. Yeah, but that's not what's bothering you, is it?

Amanda: I'm not pregnant.

Jake: You know that for sure?

Amanda: Absolutely, positively for sure.

Jake: Oh. When did you --

Amanda: At the party.

Jake: You didn't tell me.

Amanda: I couldn't find you, but I didn't want to ruin the night.

Jake: I'm sorry, and I'm sorry for both.

Amanda: I don't even know why I'm upset. It's not like I lost a baby or anything.

Jake: Hold on a second. You're allowed to take a moment and be disappointed. It's normal.

Amanda: Are you disappointed?

Jake: No.

Amanda: Take a minute, think about it.

Jake: I'm not disappointed, because I know that we get to try again -- and again and again.

Amanda: You never told me where you disappeared to.

Jake: Cara needed to talk. And so -- just --

Amanda: Is everything ok?

Jake: Yes, yes, everything's fine. It's fine.

Damon: Wow. This is it.

Tad: Nope. It's just good-bye for now.

Tad: So all your bags are in the car?

Damon: Yep.

Tad: Are you sure you got everything?

Damon: I think so.

Tad: Because if not, I could send them to you.

Damon: Or you could just bring them when you visit.

Tad: Yeah. That, too. Tell me something. Wherever you land, you think they'll have a man cave?

Damon: If it doesn't, I'll just have to build one.

Scott: Damn. You and Annie sure do work late.

J.R.: What's your problem?

Scott: I have no problem.

J.R.: You swore that you were over Annie, yet you're going after her again. What's so funny? You surprised that she told me about it?

Scott: No, J.R. I'm surprised you bought it.

Annie's voice: J.R., call me back! I feel like you're ignoring me on purpose! I feel like I'm losing it here! I am about five minutes away from doing something that we'll both regret.

Marissa: Oh, my God.

Annie: What are you doing?

Marissa: Are you following me again?

Annie: Give me that phone.

Marissa: This belongs to J.R.

Annie: I said give me the phone!

Marissa: It's too late, Annie. I've already heard every pathetic word.

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