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Episode #10541

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Jake: Hey! Look who it is.

Scott: Greenlee told me you were temporary chief at the hospital.

Jake: That's only until Angie gets back on her feet.

Scott: Great. I don't know if anyone filled you in.

Jake: No, they did. Welcome aboard. Welcome aboard.

Scott: Thank you very much. Problem, though. Janine cannot find my office number.

Jake: Oh. That's because there is no office.

Scott: I'm sharing?

Jake: No, no, no. Can you pass me that? This is your laptop. Put it on your lap.

Kendall: Good morning.

Cara: Morning.

Kendall: Hello. How is my lovely live-in doctor?

Cara: Ah! I'm just a tenant, my dear, just a tenant.

Kendall: Yeah, tell that to your brother.

Cara: For you.

Kendall: Oh. Thank you.

Cara: I will tell my brother that you look rested.

Kendall: Thank you. That's what sleeping in your own bed will do for you.

Cara: I noticed you were off the couch.

Kendall: First time since Zach died.

Cara: That's a positive step, ok?

Kendall: Actually, I have your brother to thank for that. Griffin opened up to me. He told me how strong your mom was when your father took off.

Cara: Wow. Griff told you that, huh?

Kendall: Yeah.

Cara: I got to call the cops.

Kendall: Why?

Cara: Because somebody's impersonating my brother.

David: Any chance one of my colleagues taught you how to pick a lock in med school?

Griffin: No. But I have some experience with handcuffs.

David: Yeah, I remember your reputation. I can't believe you ended up here.

Griffin: Just passing through.

David: Why?

Griffin: It's a long story, but not as long as the one that ends with my mentor being chained to a hospital bed.

David: Life doesn't always go as planned.

Griffin: That's one lesson. That's one commandment you drilled into my head -- you're the doctor, they're the patients. The patients are the job, nothing more.

Erica: So what time did you come in last night?

Jack: I don't know. It was late. What time did you leave this morning?

Erica: I don't know.

Jack: I don't want to fight.

Erica: I don't either.

Jack: But I do want to figure out what is going on with you, and you keep shutting me out.

Erica: I am not shutting you out, Jack. But how in the world do you expect me to respond when you keep accusing me of being involved with Caleb.

Jack: I never said that. I know what we have, and you know it, too. Hey.

Erica: Hi, Greenlee. So you called us down here. What is it? What's so important?

Greenlee: Ryan and I are engaged.

Jack: Oh! Congratulations.

Greenlee: So there are going to be two big, happy weddings around here.

Marissa: Hey.

Krystal: Marissa. Hey, honey.

Marissa: Is everything ok?

Krystal: Yeah. I'm just visiting a friend. And you?

Marissa: I'm here to see David, offer him my legal services.

Krystal: You want to be his lawyer?

Marissa: I tried to get started last night, but they took him off for some tests.

Krystal: Ohh. That man has done nothing but hurt you. Why would you want to help him?

Marissa: Because this isn't about him. This is about me. He's always going to be there, so I'm choosing to deal with him on my own terms. No more waiting for the next scheme or the next lie. Hey, I'm taking control here.

Krystal: David doesn't respond well to ultimatums.

Marissa: That's not what this is. This is an opportunity for him to change for the better. Wouldn't that be a good thing?

Krystal: Yeah. But what if he doesn't want to change?

David: I saw the X-rays, by the way, where the bullet was when they brought me in. I was a much better teacher than I thought.

Griffin: I was a better student than you thought.

David: You took my lessons to heart. That's good.

Griffin: Yeah. You forgot the most important one -- don't fall in love with your patient.

David: She was a lot more than just a patient. Come on. That never happened to you?

Griffin: No. I usually don't stick around long enough.

David: So in other words, you take the easy way out?

Nurse: Sorry to interrupt. Those films you wanted came in.

[David steals Griffin's phone]

Griffin: Great. Thank you. Tell you what. You ever get out of those handcuffs, I want to buy the first round of beers. You can tell me what the hell happened to you.

David: Greenlee Smythe happened to me.

Griffin: I've met her. She's not bad at all, Dr. H.

David: You have no idea.

Kendall: Yeah, Griffin -- he surprised me, too. I didn't think he ever opened up about anything.

Cara: Yep, that's my brother.

Kendall: And then when he started talking about your father, I thought he was playing a trick on me.

Cara: Was he wasted?

Kendall: No. Not that I know of. Honestly, I just think that he thought that your mother's strength would inspire me.

Cara: She's an amazing woman. She took care of us all on her own, so --

Kendall: Two doctors -- maybe I should call her.

Cara: You're doing fine.

Kendall: Am I?

Cara: Yeah. You're out of the hospital. You're off the couch. You're on your way.

Kendall: I'll feel like I'm on my way when I am back to running my business full-time, and when I don't feel like I'm going to scream or cry every time I walk by my husband's picture. Aren't you glad that you agreed to stay with me?

Cara: Actually, Kendall, I am.

Kendall: The grief -- it doesn't get better. It just changes. I was so angry. I was angry at everybody and everything. I couldn't look at my best friends, Ryan and Greenlee, in the face. Their happiness just --

Cara: It was hard to see?

Kendall: Yeah.

Cara: And now?

Kendall: Like you said, I'm on my way.

Greenlee: Ryan took me back to the place where we got married the first time.

Ryan: Seemed appropriate.

Jack: Nice.

Ryan: Thank you.

Greenlee: Yes, and it was perfect. Everything. The proposal was romantic. It was thoughtful. It was miraculous. I never thought -- two years ago on Valentine's Day was supposed to be the beginning, and then we lost each other. We lost everything.

Ryan: But we found each other again, and this time we're not letting go.

Erica: That's just such wonderful news.

Jack: Yeah, it is. So have you set a date for this big event?

Greenlee: We thought we would double with you guys. Ha! I'm kidding!

Ryan: We haven't set a date yet.

Jack: Very good.

Greenlee: We didn't want it to conflict with your wedding.

Jack: Erica and I haven't actually set a date yet either.

Greenlee: But I thought you guys wanted to get married as soon as possible.

Erica: Well, every time we think we're in the clear, another obstacle gets thrown in our way.

Greenlee: What obstacle could keep Erica Kane from marrying the love of her life?

Scott: There's been some kind of misunderstanding here. Greenlee -- she promised me a job.

Jake: You have a job. Scott, you're a data entry clerk.

Scott: Yeah, right. Data entry. You're not joking?

Jake: I'm not joking, no.

Scott: Jake, that's like one step above a candy striper. Obviously, someone has given you the wrong information.

Jake: I explained all of this to Greenlee, ok? We don't have any jobs here. You're a doctor or you're not a doctor. This is all we got. I know it's not very exciting, but you're gonna be entering data. You're gonna be putting it into the computer. You're gonna be sorting mail.

Scott:  Take out the garbage, too.

Jake: Listen, don't complain. You know why? Because I'll introduce you to Leona, and you don't want that. You know why you don't want that? Because she'll teach you how to work a toilet brush like nobody's business.

Scott: Fine. But, look, how can I work if I don't have an office?

Jake: You're gonna be everywhere. You're gonna be ubiquitous, walking around. Go to Personnel, down that way, you're gonna get yourself one of these. Ok? I got to go to a meeting.

Scott: Ok, do you realize that I was CEO of --

Jake: Stop complaining. I think it's a little better than prison. Manual. I explained all of this to Greenlee.

Madison: Hey.

Scott: Oh. Hi.

Madison: I'm trying to get in with the Ob that's always running late. By the time I get in there, I'll be ready to give birth.

Scott: Do you realize that they have me sitting out here?

Madison: This is your first day of work.

Scott: Yes, yes. Yes, it is.

Madison: So?

Scott: I'm a data entry clerk.

Madison: Data entry clerk? That sounds --

Scott: Yes, I know how that sounds.

Madison: I think it's pretty cool.

Scott: Oh, really? Which part?

Madison: You were on top of the world, and you made a mistake, right, but you owned up to it. Now you're trying to get your life back on track. It's not a dream job, but here you are making the most of it.

David: Marissa. Hi. What are you doing here?

Marissa: I want to take your case.

David: You want to take --

Marissa: No. I'm gonna speak here, and you're going to listen.

David: Ok.

Marissa: You're a very powerful presence, David, and I've let that power intimidate me. I let myself be manipulated by you, but that stops right now. If you accept my offer, I call the shots. No exceptions. You will listen to me, and I will show you that there is another way to live, an honest way where you take responsibility for what you've done. If you agree to that -- and not just say the words, but truly understand why it's so important -- I will fight for you with everything I have.

David: Why?

Marissa: Because you're not going away. That's pretty clear to me at this point. And I don't know why I care so much about what happens to you, but I do. And I don't know if you can be a better man, but my life would be a hell of a lot better if you were.

Jack: I tell you what. You just pick whatever date you'd like, huh?

Ryan: Are you sure?

Jack: I'm positive. I'm sitting here looking at two people who are destined to be together. Don't let complications and doubts and all this other nonsense get in the way of that. Don't let it creep in. Just -- you belong together as husband and wife.

Greenlee: Want to get me another mimosa?

Jack: No. I want to take you. Let's both get a drink. Come on.

Ryan: Did we pick a bad time to spring this on you and Jack?

Erica: No, not at all.

Ryan: Ok, because I sort of sense a little tension.

Erica: Don't worry about me.

Kendall: You're getting married?

Greenlee: Kendall.

Kendall: Congratulations.

Cara: Welcome.

Griffin: Are you hungry? I'm starving.

Cara: What else is new?

Griffin: Let's go. I'm buying.

Cara: Yeah? You're not here to finish up your conversation with Kendall about Dad?

Griffin: I only told her that to inspire her to take care of herself.

Cara: You told the patient something personal.

Griffin: Yeah, not something I'm gonna make a habit of.

Cara: I'm not judging.

Griffin: No. You love it.

Cara: I do love it, because there's nothing wrong with being real.

Griffin: I am real. I'm the realist person you know.

Cara: You're the realist person? What does that even mean?

Griffin: I'm going delirious from the lack of food.

Cara: Aww. You know what I see? I see that Pine Valley has done a number on you. Sharing family stories?

Griffin: Maybe I should've told her about that story when you hooked up with Matt Samburski.

Cara: Oh. Braces -- ew. Because that would've inspired her.

Griffin: Or maybe I should've told her how you freaked out on the parents of that sick little girl the other day.

Cara: I'm gonna make you a sandwich.

Griffin: You see? It's not so funny when I flip it around on you, is it?

Cara: You just lost the cheese from your sandwich.

Griffin: Where's my phone?

David: I thought you hated me.

Marissa: When you were in that coma, I did everything that I could to block you out, erase you completely. But I kept coming back to the one consistent thing you've ever said to me. You want a relationship, a connection with the one child you had left.

David: Is that what you want?

Marissa: But if you try to work me even once, I will make sure that you go to prison, and I will slam the cell door shut myself. So am I taking your case or not?

David: I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer -- or daughter.

Marissa: I'm gonna go file the paperwork with the court. You got your life back, David. Think hard about how you want to use it.

Madison: Growing up with money can be good, not so good if you suddenly find yourself with none.

Scott: Is that what happened to you?

Madison: My father went to prison. My husband -- I had to start over from scratch, you know? I got a job as a cocktail waitress at the casino where I gambled away all of my money.

Scott: But you ended up at Fusion.

Madison: Doing pretty much what you're doing right now.

Scott: Oh, really? In that case, I bet you don't know what an inpatient perspective payment system is.

Madison: Ooh, stop. You're turning me on.

Scott: I'm turning you on? Wait till you see my hospital I.D., because that's --

Madison: Can't wait.

Scott: You're lucky you're pregnant already, because there would be trouble if you were not. That was just so wrong and rude and insensitive. I apologize.

Madison: No, no. It was funny.

Scott: I guess prison didn't do much for my social skills.

Madison: I think they're fine. I think this could be good for you, this job. You never know where the possibilities might take you. Show me your office?

Scott: My office? I'm actually not settled in just yet, so --

Kendall: When did it happen? I thought it wasn't even on your radar.

Greenlee: I'll tell you another time.

Kendall: No, no. I want to hear everything, ok? Now dish.

Greenlee: Ryan proposed last night, and we haven't planned anything yet. When we do, it'll be low-key.

Kendall: No. You need to do something big and extravagant. Come on. You deserve it.

Greenlee: We'd rather keep it small.

Kendall: Greenlee, you should have the dream wedding you've always wanted. Please don't hold back because of me.

Ryan: Hey, can I just show you something real quick? I'm just gonna steal her for one second. Ok. You ok?

Kendall: Is that why you ushered me over here, because you think I'm freaking out, because you guys are engaged? Ryan, I'm excited for you guys.

Ryan: It's ok if you got some feelings around this. I want to be able to --

Kendall: I'm fine.

Ryan: Because the last thing that Greenlee and I want is to be insensitive to your feelings. So if there's a way that we can make this kind of easier, I want to talk about it.

Kendall: No, I told you I'm ok. All right? It's not like I didn't know this was coming.

Ryan: Yeah, but it might've hit you a little harder than you thought.

Kendall: Ok. You know what? Your wife-to-be, she needs another mimosa. So I'm going over there.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Hello?

David: Hello, Erica. So nice to hear your voice again.

Erica: Why are you calling me?

David: I don't know. I was just sitting here in my hospital bed, thinking about the bullet that Kendall pumped into me. For some reason, I thought of you.

Erica: What do you want?

David: Just a little favor, that's all.

Erica: Meaning blackmail.

David: I want to see Greenlee, alone, here at the hospital, and I want you to make that happen now.

Erica: All right.

Jack: Excuse me.

Erica: So what are we all talking about?

Kendall: I was just discussing Greenlee's divorce to David and how she can't get married until it goes through.

Jack: I'm moving that along as quickly as I possibly can.

Greenlee: Yeah, it was easier when he was in a coma, but now I have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Erica: And you know what? You should get on that right away. You should go right down now and talk to David.

Jack: She most certainly should not. You should go nowhere near that man.

Erica: No, she's gonna have to face him sooner or later. Sooner is better.

Jack: Absolutely not. I have a perfectly competent attorney working on this.

Erica: What I mean is that you know David. He could just drag this thing out for months and months and months, especially once he knows that you're engaged.

Greenlee: Erica's right. He'd probably hold out just for spite, and I don't want some random judge or lawyer deciding when I'm going to get married. I have the papers. All I have to do is get David to sign them.

Jack: No. Do not go anywhere near him alone.

Greenlee: I'm going.

Ryan: Ok. Let's go.

Greenlee: No, no. You know what? If David sees you, he's definitely not going to make this easy. You should stay here and talk to Kendall.

Ryan: Ok. Ok. All right, but I'm not leaving you alone with him for very long.

Greenlee: He's gonna be handcuffed.

Ryan: I am gonna be a few minutes behind you.

Greenlee: Take your time. I know how to handle David.

Kendall: I got a package from the National Transportation Safety Board, the final information on Zach's crash, but I couldn't open it. I'm just -- I'm not ready. I was kind of shocked getting it. You don't seem surprised.

Ryan: I knew it was coming.

Kendall: How?

Ryan: I went to California to check on the crash.

Kendall: Why?

Ryan: Because I had some questions about it, Kendall. I thought that maybe Zach's crash might not have been an accident.

Kendall: What?

Ryan: With his partners and their threats and everything.

Kendall: You didn't say anything.

Ryan: I didn't know anything.

Kendall: That's the business trip that you just took? Ryan, I was sitting right next to Greenlee when she was on the phone with you. How could you guys not tell me?

Ryan: Because we didn't want you to worry about nothing.

Kendall: Ok. So then what are you saying? Now I should worry? Was Zach murdered? Did one of his partners blow up his plane? What happened?

Ryan: I met with the NTSB guy, and he confirmed it was an accident.

Kendall: Are you sure?

Ryan: Yes. Yes. He said it was a faulty fuel valve. It was an accident, Kendall, and there was nothing that anybody could've done to have stopped it. I hope, in some way, that helps.

Kendall: I guess yeah. At least now I know. That helps.

Erica: Thank you, Caleb. Thank you for coming.

Caleb: Where's Jack?

Erica: David Hayward just called me. He insisted that I get Greenlee down to see him immediately, or he said he was gonna go to the police. He was gonna tell them that Kendall was the one who shot him.

Caleb: I had a feeling this was coming.

Erica: Knowing David, this is only his first blackmail request.

Caleb: What did you tell Hayward?

Erica: I tried to appeal to his sense of decency, whatever shred of compassion he might have left, but it's all gone.

Caleb: Dorothy, you're telling this to the wrong guy. You should be talking to your fiancÚ.

Cara: Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't know there wasn't any food in the fridge.

Griffin: Now you're buying.

Cara: Ok. You look exhausted.

Griffin: That's what happens when you're out in the cold right after you had pneumonia. You're supposed to be keeping an eye on her.

Cara: She looked fine when she left.

Griffin: You have any shortness of breath?

Kendall: No.

Griffin: Chills? Coughing? Elevated heart rate?

Kendall: I don't feel sick -- at least not physically.

Griffin: Ok. You just saved yourself the embarrassment of being dragged back to the hospital. Let's go.

Cara: Griff and I, we're just gonna go grab a quick bite to eat, ok? We'll be right back.

Kendall: You better go. You're gonna lose him.

Rev. Torres: Whoa. Bad time?

Kendall: Hi. No, not at all. Cara, this is Reverend Torres.

Rev. Torres: Please. Ricky.

Cara: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Rev. Torres: Nice to meet you.

Griffin: Reverend.

Rev. Torres: A doctor that makes house calls, huh?

Griffin: Just picking up my sister. Let's go.

Cara: All righty. Bye.

Rev. Torres: See you. So how you doing?

Kendall: How does it look?

Rev. Torres: Ok. I think I have something that might lift your spirits. The nonprofit that I'm working with is building a bunch of homes, affordable housing for families in need. We're looking for volunteers.

Kendall: I don't know.

Rev. Torres: Come on, Kendall. How many times do I have to tell you? Swinging a hammer can be a great stress release.

Kendall: Yeah, I don't think they make a hammer heavy enough.

Scott: So I'm really glad you stopped by.

Madison: Yeah. I'm gonna be late now, and you should probably maybe do some work, huh?

Scott: What are they gonna do? Demote me?

Madison: You wouldn't want a docked salary on your first day.

Scott: No.

Madison: I'll see you.

Scott: All righty. Oh. Yo, boss. Can I talk to you in my office? Oh, wait --

Greenlee: Not now.

Scott: Data entry? Please. I have experience.

Greenlee: Sorry. They don't make license plates in here. Look, it's the best I could do. What's the latest on you and Madison?

Scott: It's totally awkward. We don't really have much to talk about. But you got me a job, so a deal's a deal. I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure she doesn't lean her pregnant belly on Ryan.

Greenlee: Make it work. We'll talk later. I have to go.

Scott: Mm-hmm. And you can promote me any time.

David: I thought I'd never see you again.

Jack: Krystal. Hi.

Krystal: Oh. Hi.

Jack: Hi. What's with the face? What's going on?

Krystal: Ohh, Marissa, and David's resurrection. She offered to be his lawyer.

Jack: Have a seat.

Krystal: I know what she's doing. She's trying to be strong. She's trying to get in control.

Jack: No. I'm not even sure that's possible with Hayward.

Krystal: Exactly. And I tried to change her mind, but she's just not listening.

Jack: From what I've ever heard about Marissa, she's full of fight -- much like her mother. I presume she got that trait, as well as many other wonderful characteristics, from you.

Krystal: You're being sweet.

Jack: No, I'm being serious. Have some faith in her. Maybe Marissa will surprise you.

Erica: You're my lawyer, Caleb. And Jackson cannot know anything about Kendall.

Caleb: You don't think that he'd help her?

Erica: Look, let me be clear. I'm not choosing you over Jack. It's just that in this particular instance, I need an ally.

Caleb: Maybe you don't need to tell Jack. Maybe it's Kendall.

Erica: No. No, I cannot do that.

Caleb: You realize you're giving all the power to Hayward?

Erica: But what choice do I have? He'll send Kendall to prison.

Caleb: Since when do you let anybody push you around? You should be putting Hayward in his place.

Erica: You're absolutely right about that.

Caleb: So what's stopping you?

Kendall: Ryan and Greenlee got engaged. I want to be happy for them, and I am, but there's still a part of me that --

Rev. Torres: That wishes that they would just crawl under a rock?

Kendall: Does that make me a horrible person?

Rev. Torres: Ok, look. I could sit here and give you the speech about rising above, but let's be honest here. When we're in pain and people close to us are having everything go their way, that can be tough. You might not want to deal.

Kendall: Isn't that selfish?

Rev. Torres: No. It just means that you're doing what you need to do. And when you're ready, things will change. And if these people are really your friends, guess what -- they'll understand.

Kendall: Thanks. There's something else. Ryan told me that he went to California to investigate Zach's death.

Rev. Torres: So what did he find out?

Kendall: Nothing. It was an accident.

Rev. Torres: Ok. Shouldn't that be a relief?

Kendall: Yeah, it should. Ryan's intentions were good. He just wanted to give me closure. He wanted me to see that Zach's death was unavoidable. But it wasn't. I pushed him to go and help them. I put him on that plane.

Rev. Torres: No, you didn't put him on that plane, Kendall. I thought you stopped blaming yourself.

Kendall: I did -- I'm trying to, but it's not working. It's like I'm ready to face the world. I think everything's great. I'm not thinking about how horrible things are and what a miserable life I have right now. And then I go and I see how perfect Ryan and Greenlee's life is, and it's -- it's just hard.

Cara: Why did you do that to Kendall?

Griffin: What are you talking about?

Cara: It was obvious she wanted to talk, but you couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Griffin: I'm the doctor, she's a patient. Patients are our job.

Cara: Treat, cure, move on. Yeah, heard it a thousand times.

Griffin: Then why do you sound so surprised?

Cara: It bothers you to see her in pain, doesn't it?

Griffin: Zach described this incredible woman who was so full of life. She would've gone to jail for her friends. Now she's just lost and sad, and I've seen that grief up close.

Cara: What do you mean?

Griffin: It's just I got her out of the hospital. She's got you in the house. I've done my job.

Scott: Can't you give me a break? You and I, we go way back.

Jake: Scott, this is all I got. Ok? It's a tough world out there. Do yourself a favor. RTM -- read the manual. Don't make me quiz you.

Scott: Oh, hey. How did the appointment go?

Madison: All good.

Scott: Great.

Madison: So I guess I'll head out.

Scott: Oh. You got -- yeah.

Madison: Places to go, people to see. Not really sure which people, but --

Scott: Lucky people, right?

Ryan: Hey. You guys know each other?

Scott: Uh, we sure do.

Greenlee: A little more than a year ago, I was where you are now -- in a hospital bed, trying to come to grips with my new reality, you standing over me. A lot's changed.

David: Yes, that's true. But a lot has stayed exactly the same.

Cara: You always do that with people. When things get real, you distract them while you book for the exit.

Griffin: You know why?

Cara: Because of me. You know what, Griff? I love you, and I can't thank you enough for everything that you've done, but I am right here. Ok? I'm still here.

Griffin: And still as big of a pain in the ass as ever.

Cara: Hey, now. I was trying to have a moment.

Griffin: Where are my keys?

Cara: Your keys? Where's your wallet? What's going on?

Griffin: I must've dropped them between here and Kendall's. You stay here.

Cara: I'm gonna be here. Ohh.

Jake: Hey.

Cara: Hi.

Jake: How you doing?

Cara: I'm good. It's just my brother is -- anyway, don't ever let Tad become a doctor and get that whole surgeon complex. You know what I'm saying?

Jake: Oh, no. Tad's already got enough complexes as it is. How's it going at Kendall's?

Cara: Physically, she's good.

Jake: The little girl, Lucy Winslow, with the leukemia -- she's actually doing very well.

Cara: That's good. Maybe her parents will get the message this time not to overprotect her, and it's just gonna make her feel worse than she already does.

Jake: I'm not sure why that upsets you quite as much as it does, but --

Cara: My brother -- he doesn't go the extra step with patients, I do. That's all.

Jake: Well, I'm gonna meet my wife -- meet Amanda. So --

Cara: I'll see you at the hospital.

Jake: Yeah.

Kendall: I'm sorry for getting all emotional.

Rev. Torres: You know what? Do not apologize, because you know what? Come basketball season when the Sixers are out of the playoffs, I'm gonna be crying like a little girl. Anytime you need to talk, I'm here.

Kendall: Thank you.

Caleb: Look, when my life fell apart, instead of fighting my way through it, I ran away to the mountain. Kendall's a smart girl. She knows something's not right. And if you don't tell her what's going on, you're gonna be putting her on a mountain of her own.

Erica: No, Caleb. I'll be putting her behind bars. Really, there's nothing you can say that can convince me otherwise. I don't want to spend any more time debating this.

Caleb: I'll do whatever I can to help, but you're making a big mistake not telling Kendall and not trusting Jack.

Erica: Please don't put words in my mouth. Of course, I trust Jack, completely.

Krystal: Of course, I'm gonna be there for Marissa if she falls. But after everything she's been through, I'm just not quite sure that me being there to catch her is gonna be enough.

Jack: Why does it have to be just you? I don't think Marissa's going to fall, but if she does, you be there to catch her, and I'll be there to help. We'll do it together.

Scott: Yeah. Madison and I, we met while she was visiting her father.

Ryan: In prison?

Scott: Mm-hmm. Yeah. We got to talking, realized that we have a lot in common. We do.

Ryan: Really?

Scott: Yeah. We both like long walks on the beach, watching the sunsets, drinking milkshakes. No, I'm kidding. She's just so cool, easy to talk to, laid back. I'm just very lucky that I met her.

Ryan: I'm very happy for you guys. All right. I'm gonna go find Greenlee. See you.

Scott: Ok.

Madison: You didn't have to do that.

Scott: No, I know, but -- ahem -- I kind of liked it.

Greenlee: One thing has definitely changed in the last year -- us, our relationship. That's why I came to talk to you. I want --

David: That ring. It's new. I didn't give that to you.

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