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Kendall: Honestly, you guys, I don't understand how we can do this.

Erica: Well, it's a wedding, sweetheart. Heaven knows we've all had one.

Opal: Or 10.

Kendall: I know what it is, Mom, but how can we plan it if you haven't even set a date?

Bianca: It's hard to set a date when Mom's still facing attempted murder charges.

Erica: Bianca. I thought that we agreed. This is a David-free zone. Your sister does not need to be thinking about him.

Kendall: Ok, her sister is right here. And whether or not you mention him, I'm still thinking about him.

Bianca: You're thinking about David?

Kendall: Well, in my dreams, mostly. But the other day, I woke up and there he was, standing over my hospital bed. Or I thought it was him. Except it wasn't -- it was Dr. Castillo.

Opal: Oh, that's something to wake up to.

Erica: Exactly. Exactly. And that other guy? He's just a dream. A nightmare.

Opal: Yeah, but he is coming to you for a reason, honey. I say we get to the bottom of this.

Erica: Opal, you will do no such thing.

Liza: Hey. Do me a favor, huh? Next time I act all morally superior or go off on you for being a monster, you make sure you laugh in my face, ok? Oh, David, I messed up. Even by your standards, this one is -- it's pretty low. I slept with my daughter's boyfriend. Oh, please help me. How do I make this right?

Griffin: Looks like it's moving day.

Liza: I'm sorry. What?

Griffin: Our patient here is being transferred to another facility.

Liza: Nobody's told me that they were moving him. Why?

Griffin: There's nothing more we can do for him here.

Liza: Would you believe me if I told you I was gonna miss him? He was the last person in town that actually needed me.

Colby: Mom, Mom, I need you.

Liza: Honey, what's wrong?

Colby: I need you to help me get Damon back.

Damon: How'd you know I was here?

Tad: Simple. I implanted a GPS in your skull while you were sleeping. Listen. Colby called the house. Again.

Damon: Yeah.

Tad: You still set on ending things?

Damon: I have to. This sucks. Seeing her all wrecked.

Tad: Tell me about it. Same way I feel watching you go.

Greenlee: Wish I was going with you.

Ryan: Me, too. Me, too. But you gotta stick around just in case it ends up being bad news.

Greenlee: And then what happens? I mean, if you find out Zach was murdered? What happens after that?

Ryan: Well, we make sure that whoever is responsible doesn't get away with it.

Greenlee: We owe it to Kendall.

Ryan: And we owe it to Zach. 

Colby: I know that I should be angry at Damon. I do. I mean, my God, he cheated on me. A part of me wants to scream and yell and tell him to leave me alone forever.

Liza: Well, maybe that would be best.

Colby: Mom, I can't. I can't do that. I mean, Tad, he hurt you when you were younger. I mean, whatever he did, you were able to forgive him and give him another chance.

Liza: And look how that turned out.

Colby: I at least have to take some sort of responsibility, right? I at least have to try. So --

Liza: Wait, Colby --

Colby: Mom, please, please. Just say good luck.

Liza: Ok. Good luck. Good luck.

Damon: Are you pissed?

Tad: Sad. But you're old enough to make your own decisions.

Damon: Well, it's not gonna be easy. Like I said, I never felt like I belonged anywhere. Not at school, not at home. And then I came here and this place is cool. It's like, you know -- no matter how many times you screw up, people are always willing to give you a second chance. Angie, Jesse, Krystal -- hell, even Liza.

Tad: So you know, they don't do that for just anybody. They do it for you because deep down, they know you're worth it.

Greenlee: Just promise me you'll come back in one piece.

Ryan: Since that means coming home to you? Yeah. Promise.

Greenlee: If Zach's plane really was sabotaged, these guys are obviously dangerous. What if they come after Kendall, the boys, you -- if they find out you're digging around?

Ryan: I'm gonna be careful. As far as Kendall and the boys --

Greenlee: They're fine. Everyone's fine.

Ryan: Hey. I'm really sorry that I kept you in the dark.

Greenlee: That's what we do, right?

Ryan: Not be straight with each other?

Greenlee: No. Protect each other. Name one time when we haven't been honest that it wasn't about that.

Ryan: Full disclosure from here on out.

Greenlee: Full disclosure.

Ryan: I'll be back before you know it. Love you.

[Door closes]

Erica: I will not let us waste one more second on him.

Opal: Ok. I guess that we will not be analyzing your dream. Although you, gal-pal, could use some fuzzy, white lamb dreams. They mean innocence.

Erica: Ok. Look, I'm trying to plan a wedding. So could we please just get down to it?

Opal: Abso-stinkin-lutely.

Erica: Well, thank you. [Laughter]

Opal: Well, ok, then.

Kendall: All right, well, since we're not gonna discuss dates, I have come up with a guest list. Now, Mom, I know you want it to be intimate, so I have chosen just family and a few close friends.

Bianca: Caleb -- Caleb's on here.

Kendall: Yeah. He saved Mom's life. And he is her partner. And you do live with the man. Don't you want him there?

Erica: Well, it doesn't matter what I want. I mean, it's a well-known fact that Caleb Cortlandt hates parties of any kind.

Opal: Oh, that grumpiness of his is just an act.

Erica: No, not entirely. He won't show up.

Kendall: So? You still invite him.

Erica: And waste a perfectly good invitation?

Bianca: I'm with Mom on this.

Kendall: What is going on?

Erica: What do you mean, what's going on?

Kendall: This whole weirdness about Caleb. You freaked out and went Code Red when you saw his name. Did something happen between the two of you?

Erica: I simply see no reason to have somebody at a wedding who definitely does not want to be there.

Kendall: That's it?

Erica: That's it.

Kendall: Ok. I'm gonna go check on the kids.

Opal: I'll come with you.

Erica: Really, Bianca?

Bianca: What?

Erica: Your sister is absolutely right. You completely overreacted.

Bianca: What do you expect? You're the one who admitted that there was some connection between you and Caleb.

Erica: Of course, there's a connection. I can't help it if men are attracted to me.

Bianca: If the attraction only goes in one direction, then I'm not the only one who needs to relax. You keep acting that way every time Caleb's name is mentioned, everyone is gonna be suspicious.

Opal: The queen and the princess of France request your presence upstairs.

Bianca: Is Gabby insisting on being queen again?

Opal: She has a very understanding older sister.

Bianca: She does.

Erica: Do you have a staring problem, Opal?

Opal: I'm just wondering when you were planning on filling me in, that's all.

Erica: Filling you in on what?

Opal: This nonsense with you and Mountain Man.

Erica: Were you eavesdropping?

Opal: Maybe, but I have suspected that there was something brewing between the two of you for a while now. At first I thought it was harmless. You know, a watered- down mug of decaf. But now? I'm sensing heart-thumpin' triple espresso. So what'll it be? Triple espresso?

Erica: Very funny.

Opal: I wish it was.

Erica: Opal, I told you on the way over here. Bianca completely blew this Caleb thing out of proportion.

Opal: So you admit there is a thing.

Erica: No, I -- all right, maybe there is a little bit. I mean, but completely on his side. All right, look, maybe not completely on his side. I mean, he's very good looking. It's just -- it's 99% him and 1% me.

Opal: Look, I understand the appeal. I mean, Caleb, he is his own kind of hunk, isn't he? But I am always on team Jackson.

Erica: As am I. Always.

Opal: Good. So how far did your 1% let this go?

Erica: A kiss.

Opal: What? When?

Erica: Look, it was New Year's Eve. And Kendall had just been admitted into the hospital with pneumonia. So I was a wreck. I was emotional. I was so vulnerable.

Opal: Well, of all the ways to deal with stress, kissing Caleb Cortlandt isn't the one that jumps to mind.

Erica: Well, it's not as if we planned it, Opal. It just happened. For one split second, I just -- I lost myself. But it's ok, because now I'm back.

Opal: So what happened after?

Erica: What happened after what?

Opal: After the stock market crash. Come on. After the kiss. Was it awkward? Did you talk about it?

Erica: I tried, but I mean, other than to say that it was a mistake, nothing.

Opal: Did you say that or did he?

Erica: I did.

Opal: Uh-huh. So then Caleb doesn't think it was a mistake.

Erica: But it doesn't matter. Because something like that will never happen again.

Opal: You'll make sure of it?

Erica: Oh, I most definitely will. Ok. I think I'll have the Greek salad.

Kendall: I really thought that David was standing over me. It was terrifying.

Greenlee: You're not crazy. Once he has a hold on you, his grip is tight. If anyone knows that, it's me.

Kendall: Must feel amazing to be rid of him.

Greenlee: Well, it's not official yet, but since he can't contest the divorce, it's only a matter of time.

Kendall: I'm happy for you.

Greenlee: Really?

Kendall: Yeah. I mean, does it hurt to see you and Ryan together? Sure. You guys are in love. You have your whole lives to kiss and hold hands and make up. But just because it hurts doesn't mean I don't want it for you.

Greenlee: You have no idea how much it means to hear you say that.

Kendall: I want to stand up for you guys at your wedding.

Greenlee: Really? You want to be a part of it?

Kendall: I don't just want to be a part of it. I want to be the biggest part, aside from the bride, of course. And I'll kill you if you make me wear some horribly stupid, ugly dress.

Greenlee: Oh, the images going through my head. Ruffles and fuchsia and big bows.

Kendall: Fuchsia? Fuchsia?


Greenlee: You know what? You don't have to worry about it yet, because it's not gonna happen. There's just too much going on right now.

Kendall: You ok?

Greenlee: Yeah. I'm fine. But I have to get divorced before I get married.

Kendall: Right. That would help.

Greenlee: God, I've missed you.

Kendall: Me, too.

NTSB Man: That's the plane's fuel selector valve. Malfunctioned during Mr. Slater's crash.

Ryan: So the crash has been officially ruled an accident?

NTSB Man: That's the official word.

Ryan: It's amazing to me that something so small could cause so much damage.

NTSB Man: My boss says that you thought there might be some foul play involved. So is this a good thing or --

Ryan: Yeah. I don't know.

Kendall: You know, my mother is planning her wedding, so maybe the two of you could compare notes.

Greenlee: Oh, now I am definitely seeing you in pink taffeta carrying a parasol.

[Cell phone ringing]

Greenlee: Hi, Ryan.

Ryan: Hi. How's everything?

Greenlee: You tell me.

Ryan: Well, they've ruled Zach's crash an accident. Faulty fuel valve. Thing no bigger than your hand.

Greenlee: Oh. Well, that's a good thing, right?

Ryan: Yeah, I guess so. I suppose it should be some sort of relief.

Greenlee: Ok, well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

Ryan: I wish you were with me right now.

Greenlee: Be safe.

Ryan: I will.

Kendall: Why won't you see Ryan until tomorrow?

Greenlee: He's on a business trip.

Kendall: You didn't want to go with him?

Greenlee: Did you not hear the word "business"? And it's not the fun cosmetics kind.

Kendall: You stayed because of me.

Greenlee: I wanted to be here in case you needed me.

Kendall: Thank you. But you didn't have to do that. I'm fine. Besides, Greenlee, you should never waste another second being away from the man that you love.

Greenlee: You think?

Kendall: Yes, I think. You need to go and be with him right now. I mean it. Go!

[Door closes]

Greenlee: Thank you.

Kendall: Grr! Get out of here.

Kendall: Well?

Griffin: Sounds good.

Kendall: Thank you.

Griffin: Just doing my job.

Kendall: No, I'm not talking about the checkup. I mean, yeah, for that, too, but mostly for letting me get out of here when I'm sure you had your doubts.

Griffin: As I recall, you didn't give me much of a choice. You were ready to climb out the window.

Kendall: Well, still, I appreciate it. And it's nice having your sister around. Cara's -- I like her. She's cool.

Griffin: I'm glad it's working out. So how are you feeling?

Kendall: You mean am I still hallucinating? It's ok. You can go ahead and say it.

Griffin: Ok. Are you still hallucinating?

Kendall: No. Not since that one time. I am having nightmares, though.

Griffin: About David.

Kendall: Yeah.

Erica: We need to talk about my trial date. I want it pushed up. I want this whole nightmare over with.

Liza: And here I'm thinking that we should postpone it.

Erica: I need to move on with my life, Liza. My family needs to move on. I'm about to get married.

Liza: So what's stopping you? Get married.

Erica: With these ludicrous charges following me down the aisle? No, this needs to be finished, Liza.

Liza: There's really nothing that I can do, ok?

Erica: So you are just doing this to me for spite.

Liza: This just isn't a good time right now, Erica, all right? I'm dealing with some things with Colby. And despite what you may think, she's my priority, not you.

Colby: Hi.

Damon: Hi.

[Door closes]

Colby: Damon, I have had so much that I have wanted to say to you. And I am pissed off and --

Damon: You should be.

Colby: But I don't care. Ok? I mean, I -- I do care. You hurt me so badly -- but I hurt you. So what counts is that I want to move past this. Please, Damon. Just say you want to move past this. I have tried. I have tried to move on. But I can't, and I miss you, and I miss us. So if you want to end this, you're gonna have to give me a really good reason why.

[Ryan remembers the plane explosion]

Ryan: Zach! Zach's gone.

Greenlee: Oh, my God! Oh, my God. [Sobbing]

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Ha ha. Hi. Thought I saw you here.

Ryan: Oh, my God. I was just thinking about -- I can't believe you're here.

Greenlee: Maybe this will help. [Kiss]

Griffin: Are you eating? Sleeping?

Kendall: Yes to the first part. People are dropping by all the time, bringing me tons of food, which I do appreciate. But do I look like a casserole kind of woman?

Griffin: No. And the second one?

Kendall: Sleep's been a little tougher. Ever since Zach died, I -- I can't turn my mind off. The nightmares don't help. What?

Griffin: What what?

Kendall: You were about to say something.

Griffin: I do that. Nervous tic. Cara told me that you've been sleeping on the couch.

Kendall: So?

Griffin: So maybe that's part of the problem.

Kendall: I check out, right?

Griffin: You check out.

Kendall: Great. Ok. So then we're good.

Griffin: No, I don't get it. Doctors with regular patients.

Kendall: Am I really that much of a problem?

Griffin: I'm just saying. I have to nag you to take care of yourself. Surgery is -- it's cleaner.

Kendall: Except for the whole cutting people open part.

Griffin: Yeah. I love that part.

Kendall: Shouldn't that be for me? Or, I don't know, some 5-year-old down the hall?

Griffin: You're very -- demanding. You know that?

Kendall: I've been told that. Yes.

Damon: I could just give you a reason. We can't just flip a switch. We can't just make what happened un-happen.

Colby: I know. Ok. What if I move out of the house, ok, and we can get a place together? I can get away from J.R. I can get away from Asher. And we can live together, and we can work through this.

Damon: It's too late, Colby. We can't go back to the way things were.

Colby: Ok. Well, maybe we need to put it all out there, then. I kissed Asher twice. It sucks, it does, but I need to believe that you can handle it.

Damon: I don't know what you want me to say.

Colby: Tell me about this other girl you slept with, and I will find a way to handle it, too.

Erica: I'm actually very glad to hear that you care for family. I mean it. You've been so busy trying to make a professional name for yourself I didn't think you really had time.

Liza: You know what? For my daughter, I have time.

Erica: Because you'd just do anything for her, just do anything to make her happy?

Liza: Yes. Isn't that what any parent would do?

Erica: Yes. Exactly, Liza. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. That's all I'm trying to do, to deliver for my family. To save them the stress, to save them the worry. But you're not letting me do that over something that was completely justified.

Liza: Really, Erica? Do you really expect me to believe that?

Erica: I expect you to believe the truth. I acted in the moment out of sheer gut instinct. To me, there was no choice. Either fire that gun or Ryan died. Haven't you ever done anything impulsive?

Tad: Hey, you.

Erica: Hey, Tad. Oh, Tad. I don't suppose that you could try to talk some sense into Liza?

Tad: Oh, if I know my Erica, you're doing a bang-up job by yourself.

Liza: Shocking. You believe her.

Tad: I certainly do. And I think if you're honest with yourself, you do, too. Fact is, we've all done things we regret. Some of them are real game-changers. And sometimes we think we're doing them for the right reasons. Sometimes we're not thinking at all. The fact is, we've all done things we can't take back, no matter how hard we wish we could. Now, personally, I think it's ridiculous to send such a fine woman to prison, especially for something like this.

Erica: Tad, what you just said to Liza, thank you so much. I appreciate that so much. It means so much to me. Liza, I don't expect you to do anything for me. But do you want to lose your daughter?

Liza: Excuse me?

Erica: You said that your daughter needs you. Go to her. Be there for her. I don't mean just for a little while until you turn right around again and attack me. I mean really be there for her. You'll never regret it. [Gets up and leaves]

Tad: [Chuckles] You gotta hand it to her. She really knows how to make her point.

Liza: I can't get what I've done to Colby out of my mind for one second.

Tad: Liza. I'm sorry. We both know you can't do anything about what happened with Damon. It's in the past. Think about what you can do. Right now. Do you really want to be the cause of so much suffering? Does winning mean that much to you? There's a Liza Colby that I knew that I fell in love with. She had so much more going for her. My advice is if you scratch a little bit, she's still there. [Gets up and leaves]

Liza: [Approaches Erica] Ok.

Erica: Ok what?

Liza: I'm going to drop the charges.

Erica: Just like that? It's not a trick?

Liza: No. No, Erica. It's not a trick. Winning was very important to me at one time, and it's just -- it's just not anymore.

Colby: I can handle it, Damon. Just please tell me who she is.

Damon: Knowing her name is not gonna change anything.

Colby: But you don't know if we don't try. You saw me kiss Asher.

Damon: And that definitely didn't make me feel any better.

Colby: Ok. Ok. You hate him now, but in time you guys --

Damon: Colby, you're not listening to me.

Colby: I wish that we could go back to the way we were.

Damon: We can't.

Colby: Why not? We can if we want to. We can do it --

Damon: I don't want to. I don't want to go back.

Kendall: I don't know. Maybe it's left over from the hospital, but your nurses, they are diligent. They were checking on me like every five minutes. Makes it kind of hard to sleep.

Griffin: Ok, but nurses aren't visiting you at home. Cara says it's pretty quiet.

Kendall: She's right. During the day, I can barely hear myself think. The boys. Work. People dropping by. But at night, everything stops. It's just me and the silence. And I can't stand it.

Griffin: Being alone takes some getting used to.

Kendall: You'd think by now I'd be used to it. The last few months that Zach was alive, we spent apart. Which, when I think about it now, is beyond crazy. He was here. He was on this earth, living and breathing. We wasted so much time.

Griffin: I bet you haven't ever slept on a bed of ants with a rock for a pillow.

Kendall: What?

Griffin: Worst three weeks of my life. Listen to me. Without sleep, your health -- both physically and mentally -- is gonna go straight downhill. I'm sure that you want to be both fully awake and healthy for your kids.

Kendall: Yes, of course, I do. So -- what? I take sleeping pills to stop thinking about Zach?

Griffin: First you're gonna get off the couch. What's the most comfortable bed in the house?

Kendall: Ours. Mine and Zach's. But I --

Griffin: I think that your husband would want you to take care of yourself. Maybe it's time.

Ryan: So that's it? Kendall said "Go" and then you just went?

Greenlee: That's it.

Ryan: You didn't want to tell her?

Greenlee: No. She thinks you're on a business trip. I didn't want to upset her in case nothing changed.

Ryan: I was just getting ready to leave to come and see you.

Greenlee: And here I am.

Ryan: And here you are.

Greenlee: This place is.. I don't even know how to describe it.

Ryan: Before you got here, I was thinking about everything that has happened here at this beach.

Greenlee: Incredible. Horrible.

Ryan: All of it. If you'd seen this valve, this faulty valve, something so small could cause so much damage. And it's not that I wanted it to be murder, it's just that somehow the randomness of it all --

Greenlee: And part of you was hoping that it wasn't so random so Zach's death wouldn't be our fault. Me, too. It's not our fault, Ryan. You know how I know that? Because you told me, and I believed it.

Ryan: I just want to go back. I want to go back and -- come running out of that water with something. Had found something. Had saved Zach --

Greenlee: I know, I know, I know, I know, and letting go of the guilt, it feels impossible, but it's not. You helped me move on, Ryan. It's time for you to move on, too.

Tad: Come on. You did something righteous. Dropping the charges was the right thing to do.

Liza: Lemme guess -- I still have a long way to go.

Tad: No, I was just gonna leave it at you did the right thing. I'll stop.

Liza: You know what's worse than having a lot to make up for?

Tad: What?

Liza: Having no idea if I'll ever get there.

Liza: Or even if it's possible.

Tad: Sure it is. I know. And for what it's worth, as far as Thaddeus is concerned, you took a major step in the right direction. Good night, Liza.

Colby: Do you love me? Damon, please. Do you love me?

Damon: Yes. I do. But it's --

Colby: And Damon, I -- I love you so much. And that is all that counts.

Colby: No, Damon, please, Damon, no. Ple --

Damon: Colby.

Colby: No.

Damon: Good-bye. Good-bye.

[Colby sobbing]

Ryan: Thank you.

Greenlee: For what?

Ryan: For understanding. I didn't realize how much I needed to do this.

Greenlee: You've been carrying around a lot.

Ryan: Yeah, I have, but I didn't realize it until you got here.

Greenlee: I had a feeling.

Ryan: You had a feeling? What happened to Kendall making you come out here?

Greenlee: Hey, did you need me here or what?

Ryan: Ha ha! Yeah, I did. I needed you. I always need you.

Greenlee: And I'll always be here.

Ryan: We gotta make something good come from all this. We owe that to Zach. We owe it to ourselves. Hey. Come with me somewhere.

Greenlee: Anywhere.

Ryan: Come on.

NTSB Man: Put a stamp on it. The Zach Slater case is officially closed. Lavery won't be looking into it anymore. Neither will anyone else.

Kendall: Maybe he's right. Maybe it's time.

Erica: It's over, David. Do you have any idea how long I've waited to say those words? It's over. You can't hurt me. You can't hurt Kendall. You can't hurt anyone I love ever again.

David: Erica?

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