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J.R.: Hey! You're supposed to be resting.

Marissa: Yeah, but Scott's parole hearing got moved up to this morning.

J.R.: I'll just have to call another attorney.

Marissa: No. I'm Scott's attorney.

J.R.: You were hit in the head when somebody broke in here last night.

Marissa: I remember.

J.R.: No, actually, you don't.

Marissa: Look, I'm fine. I just need to get some coffee, and I will -- oh!

J.R.: Whoa! Hey, hey. It's all right. I got you.

Natalia: Hey.

Angie: How did the interview go?

Natalia: Well, your patient went out a window someplace, but it turns out it wasn't the perp who clubbed Marissa Chandler. His alibi checked.

Angie: I'm sure you and Brot will catch whoever did do it.

Natalia: Yeah, maybe.

Angie: That doesn't sound like you. Is everything ok?

Natalia: I don't know. It depends on how you define "ok".

Angie: Did something happen at work?

Natalia: Work's fine.

Angie: All right, then. I'm gonna take a wild guess here. This is about you and Brot. Did he do something?

Natalia: No, I did. It's me. It's more like what I didn't do.

Jesse: Hey. I'm going over the report that you and Natalia wrote up about the Chandler break-in.

Brot: What about it? You got a problem with it?

Jesse: There's always a problem when bad guys get away, Brot. You seem to have a bigger problem.

Brot: My bad, Chief. It's just I didn't get much sleep last night.

Jesse: That happens when you're working on a case that doesn't have that many clues.

Brot: I'm also thinking I need to be off Detective Fowler's case.

[Cell phone rings and Madison listens to her message]

Scott: Hey, it's your favorite prisoner here -- Scott Chandler. I hope I didn't have to clarify that for you. Anyway, it was nice seeing you, and I hope we can get to know each other better once I'm out of this place. Hopefully soon. Take care.

Scott: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey.

Ryan: How you doing?

Scott: Can I answer that in about an hour? I appreciate everything that you're doing for me.

Ryan: I'll let you guys talk a little bit. I gotta make a phone call. Be back in a second.

Scott: So how you doing? Do we still have an understanding?

Greenlee: Why do you think I'm here?

Scott: After seeing Ryan, I just wanted to make sure. I want to get back into the world. I gotta get out of this place.

Greenlee: I can only do what I can do. You have to understand, in front of Ryan --

Scott: Yes, I get it. He can't know that you want me getting close to Madison. I know.

Greenlee: That would defeat the whole purpose.

Scott: Hmm -- so I'm guessing he doesn't know that Madison is pregnant with his child. Yeah, I heard the news. And until this very moment, I wasn't sure that you did. Raises the stakes a lot, don't it?

J.R.: It's all right. I got you. It's gonna be ok. Just take a seat.

Marissa: Ok.

Marissa's voice: Oh!


Annie's voice: Nosy bitch surprises him -- surprises intruder, gets knocked out by the paperweight.

J.R.: Annie. Can you come help me? Can you look after Marissa while I get her some water?

Marissa: What? No. No, you really don't have to do -- Ah! Thank you so much, Annie. This is perfect. First you stage this whole break-in, making me the poor defenseless victim, needing all of J.R.'s attention. Ha ha ha! You really screwed yourself this time.

Annie: I know what you're doing, Marissa.

Marissa: What? What am I doing?

J.R.: I know one thing you're not doing. That's going to that parole hearing.

Marissa: I guess Scott's former attorney is gonna be there anyway.

J.R.: I'll get his number for you.

Annie: I'm gonna need to put out a press release about what happened here.

J.R.: That can wait.

Annie: No. My phone has been ringing off the hook. I'm gonna need your statement.

J.R.: I don't want Marissa's name being used. She doesn't need any crazies bothering her right now.

Annie: What do you mean by that?

J.R.: Keep it short and not so sweet. Say that it takes a real lowlife to break into a man's house and attack a defenseless woman.

Marissa: Hey, I am not defenseless. I just didn't see him coming.

J.R.: Ok, cut "defenseless." Say whoever's responsible is gonna be put away for a long time.

Annie: I will go to the office and get it done right away. I need to see you. Meet me at the hotel.

Natalia: I just don't feel comfortable talking about the situation.

Angie: It's no problem. If you change your mind, you know I'm still here.

Natalia: Thanks. Maybe -- I don't know. Maybe it would be different if we didn't work so closely.

Angie: Well, that can form a strong bond between people, especially when you deal with life and death.

Natalia: Exactly. That's the bond we have. We have a strong bond, except last night -- last night, we had to go this hotel room for a bust, only we got there late, so it was just the two of us -- alone, off duty, in this really nice hotel room.

Angie: I'm not understanding the problem.

Natalia: I like Brot. I really like him. I do. I just --

Angie: What?

Natalia: I put on the brakes. I think he's frustrated. I don't know.

Angie: And you put on the brakes because --

Natalia: I guess because we're on the force together. Like you said -- life and death situations.

Angie: But you were off duty.

Natalia: Technically, but the room was still a part of the investigation. It felt kind of inappropriate.

Angie: Did you explain this to Brot?

Natalia: I didn't think I had to. It seemed pretty clear that --

Angie: What?

Natalia: That it just wasn't the right time again.

Angie: Again? So this has happened before?

Natalia: I guess, yeah.

Angie: Let me ask you this. Are you concerned that you might be sending the wrong message to Brot?

Natalia: What do you mean?

Angie: That you like him, but you don't find him attractive.

Jesse: So you're saying that you think you're getting so serious that you shouldn't work together anymore?

Brot: No, not at all.

Jesse: What are you saying?

Brot: I'm saying the two of us aren't serious. I think I'm in this alone. I get it, Chief. I've been living with this for a long time. There's times I look into the mirror, and I do a double take.

Jesse: No, wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me that Natalia is --

Brot: I don't know, but I don't know what else it could be.

Jesse: Have you discussed this with her?

Brot: No.

Jesse: Don't you think you should? 'Cause here's what I think. I think maybe you should take your narrow ass, go find Natalia, and straighten this out.

Greenlee: Madison didn't want people to know. I'm surprised she told you.

Scott: I guess this ruins your whole plan, huh? For me to fall in love with Madison, raise Ryan's baby as my own. Am I getting warmer?

Greenlee: No, just annoying.

Scott: No, you just don't like people saying no to you.

Greenlee: I just wanted Madison to find someone to be there for her. So when the inevitable happened --

Scott: Ryan finding out.

Greenlee: Yes. He would see that she was happy, content.

Scott: Hmm. I gotta be honest with you. I'm not feeling very content right now.

Greenlee: Then I guess the question is, are you willing to let my little omission screw up your best chance at freedom?

Scott: Or another question is, am I pissed off enough to ruin your happily-ever-after with Ryan?

Natalia: You don't think this is about his scars, do you?

Angie: It's not a question of what I think.

Natalia: He couldn't think that I was that shallow. I mean, if he does, I wouldn't -- Angie, I would never, never do anything like that to him.

Angie: I'm sure you wouldn't, but he could be thinking it.

Natalia: Oh, no. I need to talk to him. I know it's not gonna be easy, but --

Angie: But what?

Natalia: But I guess there's no time like the present. I need to talk to you. I made a terrible mistake.

Annie: Come on, J.R. Where are you? Uggh! Who carries a bag like this? It's so Marissa.

[Knock on door]

Annie: Hi. I'm so happy to see you.

J.R.: I'm glad that you understand. I know how upset you can get sometimes, especially when it's about Marissa.

Annie: I'm fine, J.R. Sure, I don't really love the situation. She is your ex, and you're not even really fully divorced yet. But honestly, seeing how caring you are with Marissa, it just made me love you even more.

J.R.: I'm not sure that I believe that, but thank you for saying it.

Annie: So I was thinking about that trip that you were planning for us to go to Switzerland.

J.R.: Yeah. I'm sorry. I had to postpone it.

Annie: But to cancel our trip because of one little -- mishap?

J.R.: Little mishap? Someone broke into my house. They could have killed Marissa.

Annie: Oh, come on. That's a little bit extreme, don't you think?

J.R.: Annie, will you listen to me?

Annie: Marissa will be fine. We'll have a wonderful trip.

J.R.: No, Annie.

Annie: J.R., you said --

J.R.: I said stop!

Scott: I thought I saw it all working with J.R., being married to Annie. Those two are amateurs compared to what goes on in this place.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I know this has been hard for you.

Scott: Greenlee, if we're gonna be in this together, no more games. Understood?

Greenlee: Ryan loves me, and I love him. We've been through hell to find our way back to each other. But the thing about Ryan is, he's got this loyal streak which is both wonderful and frustrating. Because if he finds out Madison is alone and needs him, he will be there for her.

Scott: Right, but if he sees that she has someone in her life then he can move on with his with you.

Greenlee: Yes. Nobody gets hurt. Everybody gets a fresh start.

Scott: Win, win, win.

Greenlee: So are you gonna tell Ryan that Madison is pregnant?

Ryan: Scott, lawyer's here.

Scott: Right. Guess my hearing is about to begin.

Ryan: Good luck. You deserve a fresh start, man.

Scott: Hopefully, I'm about to get one -- thanks to Greenlee.

Jesse: Hey, beautiful.

Angie: Mmm, that's nice.

Jesse: You're nice. Hey, did Brot show up here?

Angie: Natalia just went off to talk to him.

Jesse: Good. Those two really need to figure a few things out.

Angie: I have a feeling that they are.

Natalia: I owe you an apology for last night.

Brot: That's not necessary.

Natalia: I think it is. It is, because this isn't the first time our evening ended like that.

Brot: It's not a problem.

Natalia: I like you. I really do. I just -- look, you know what, let's go. Can we go?

Brot: Go where?

Natalia: To the scene of the crime.

Annie: I'm sorry, J.R. I just want this so badly.

J.R.: I do, too. This trip wasn't just about an escape to Europe. My divorce was supposed to be finalized today.

Annie: What do you mean "supposed to be"?

J.R.: After the trauma that Marissa suffered, I called the courthouse, and I canceled our appearance.

Annie: Well, call the court back.

J.R.: I know that you're disappointed. So am I. But the fact of the matter is, she was hurt in my house. It's my responsibility, and I'm not changing my mind.

Annie: You have to, J.R.!

J.R.: No, you have to understand. What happened last night changed everything.

Scott: Thank you, sir. I will not disappoint the parole board.

Parole Board Member: That's our hope.

Scott: I'm looking forward to starting over, working at Pine Valley Hospital.

Parole Board Member: Our decision was largely based on that job opportunity. Good luck.

Scott: Thank you.

Ryan: So it's over.

Scott: Yeah, it's finally over.

Ryan: Hey, congratulations. No hard feelings, right, me not hiring you at Cambias?

Scott: No, I understood, but thank goodness Greenlee stepped in. I owe you one.

Greenlee: I'm sure you'll do a good job.

Guard: They're ready to process you out.

Scott: I'll see you on the outside.

Ryan: I think he's gonna do great.

Greenlee: Counting on that.

Ryan: I'm gonna go talk to the parole board guy, ok?

Greenlee: Ok. I'm gonna grab our stuff.

Ryan: All right.

Greenlee: Hi. Thank you. And I'll grab his phone, too.

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Ok, ready to go?

Greenlee: Yeah, you got a text. From Madison. I'm just curious. How does she know you're going to California? And why is it a secret from Kendall?

J.R.: If you were the one that was lying on that ground beaten unconscious, I would have been just as protective of you.

Annie: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

J.R.: Annie, it's only for a little while longer. And if you think about it, I'm sure you'll see that I'm doing the right thing. I gotta get going.

Annie: Fine.

J.R.: It's all gonna work out.

Annie: Sure, it will.

Greenlee: I still can't believe that you think Zach may have been murdered.

Ryan: The NTSB can't believe it either. They did the investigation.

Greenlee: "Case closed." But you don't buy it.

Ryan: Nope. Not 100%.

Greenlee: So you enlisted Madison to find out the truth?

Ryan: I didn't tell Madison about it. She overheard me talking to Zach's lawyer, which is why I'm going to California today.

Greenlee: And Kendall doesn't know anything about it.

Ryan: No, she doesn't. And I told Madison not to say anything either.

Greenlee: It's a good thing to know she can keep a secret. How could you lie to me?

Ryan: Because I knew if I told you about it, you'd want to go.

Greenlee: Of course, I would.

Ryan: But I didn't want you to go through that again, have to go to the place on the beach where Zach's plane crashed.

Greenlee: Since when did I become another woman you had to protect?

Marissa: Scott!

Scott: Hey.

Marissa: Welcome home.

Scott: I don't think so.

Marissa: It is so great that you're free.

Scott: Yeah, well, I see some things have not changed. Marissa, why the heck are you back in this house?

Marissa: There was a break-in, and I got knocked unconscious. That's why I couldn't make it to your parole hearing.

Scott: Are you ok?

Marissa: Yeah, I am. Yes. Really.

Scott: Marissa, that's even more reason to move far away from this place.

Marissa: J.R.'s been really great lately.

Scott: No, wait. Hold on a second. Do not let him pull you back in, Marissa.

Marissa: I --

Scott: Do not let him start making decisions for you.

Marissa: I'm not. My marriage is really over. We just have to sign the final papers.

Scott: All right, well, my advice to you, get it done and over with.

J.R.: Well -- look who's here.

Scott: J.R. I notice my things are missing. I assume you've put them in storage.

J.R.: Yeah, storage.

Scott: Your subtle way of kicking me out?

J.R.: The courts might have let you go free, but you don't get off so easily for betraying this family.

Scott: Ok, you can relax, because I wouldn't move back into this place on a bet. Just came back for this. [Takes a painting of his father's off the wall] Take care of yourself. I meant what I said. Get away from this place.

Marissa: J.R., he's still your family.

J.R.: No. Not anymore he isn't.

Marissa: I just thought that now that he's free -- you know what, no. It is not any of my business anymore. We should go. We're gonna be late for court.

J.R.: You know there's no hurry. Not now.

Jesse: You are really amazing, you know that, with Natalia.

Angie: I love her like my own. And with Cassandra being so far away --

Jesse: I was thinking about that. If she can't come visit us, why don't we go visit her? Let's pack a bag.

Angie: Oh, Jesse, that's a brilliant idea.

Jesse: I know it's brilliant. Thank you very much.

Angie: No, it's a half-brilliant idea. You can't be thinking about taking a vacation now, not with everything going on with David and our good mayor out to fire you.

Jesse: What I can't do is let you fly across country all by yourself alone. What?

Angie: If I was piloting the plane, I'd agree with you, but there is no reason I can't be a passenger. I've actually been thinking about visiting Cassandra ever since she moved from Paris to San Francisco.

Jesse: Maybe Frankie can go with you.

Angie: Frankie is not leaving Randi to baby-sit me. This is another test for me, one that I know I can pass.

Jesse: Yeah, I have no doubt about that. What can't you do, Angela Hubbard? Our little girl's gonna be so lucky.

Angie: A little girl? Jesse, you know that we're having a daughter?

Brot: Natalia, I can tell you're nervous. You don't have to do this.

Natalia: You have no idea what I'm about to do. Listen, about last night, I think -- I know I gave you the wrong impression, and last night wasn't the first time.

Brot: Well, end of dates aren't exactly our strong point.

Natalia: Which could probably make you feel -- not so good about us. But I want you to know -- I want you to know that when I see you, I see a very sexy man, not just the guy who suffered some horrible injury in Iraq.

Brot: What about my face?

Natalia: I love your face. It's kind. It's sweet. It's handsome. And I am so sorry that if for one second I made you to believe any different --

Brot: It did cross my mind.

Natalia: It was never about that, Brot.

Brot: So if it wasn't that --

Natalia: It's not.

Brot: So it's safe to assume that things aren't clicking between us.

Natalia: No. I didn't say that, either.

Brot: Then what is it? Natalia, my ego can take it.

Natalia: Well, keep your ego in check, but I've never had feelings this strong. Ever.

Brot: Well, that's -- that's really confusing. How is it that you can have those feelings, but we're --

Natalia: Look, it's just hard to explain!

Brot: Well, can you please, please, just try?

Natalia: I'm just -- I'm -- not that experienced.

Brot: That's fine.

Natalia: No. I mean, really -- not that experienced.

Brot: By not experienced, you mean..

Natalia: Yeah, I do. Or don't. I haven't.

Brot: Not ever?

Natalia: Not ever.

Waitress: Can I get you something?

Scott: No, I'm good. I'm free, and it is pretty amazing. Oh, food. Yes, yes. That would be great. All righty. So, let's see. I can have pretty much anything --

Waitress: Whatever you like.

Scott: In that case, I will have the New York steak, please, rare, and a baked potato. I'm sorry. Yeah, I think I left my credit card at home.

Waitress: We take cash.

Scott: Yeah, you know, on second thought, I'll just have a bowl of whatever your soup is today.

Waitress: It's always good here.

Scott: Great.

Annie: Scott?

Scott: In person.

Annie: I didn't know that you were --

Scott: Still alive?

Annie: You know what I mean. When did you get out? Where are you staying?

Scott: Today, and I don't know.

Annie: Well, I still feel horrible about how things ended between us. You had every right to be angry with me.

Scott: Annie, I wasn't angry with you. Ok? I'm the one that fooled himself into believing that we really had something, so my mistake.

Annie: You were wonderful to me, and we had some really great times.

Scott: Not so great.

Annie: I guess it doesn't matter what I think, but I'm really glad that you're out.

Scott: Yeah, so am I.

Marissa: You delayed our divorce hearing?

J.R.: We've already signed so many preliminary papers. We've been divorced every way except for officially.

Marissa: I guess you're right. What difference can a couple days make?

Ryan: I'm really sorry that I wasn't up front with you from the beginning.

Greenlee: It's your instinct to be protective. It's in your DNA. It would be too much to ask you to change.

Ryan: Do you want me to change?

Greenlee: No. That's why I fell in love with you, why I'll always be in love with you. Sometimes I want to protect you, too.

Scott: I really miss you, Dad.

Stuart's voice: Scott.

Scott: I know exactly what you'd say if you were here right now. "No, son, it isn't right to use someone for any reason." I won't hurt Madison, no matter what I set up with Greenlee. You taught me better than that. But prison taught me a few things, too, so I'm gonna have to figure out the right balance. I wish you were here to help me with that.

Madison: Hey.

Scott: Hey.

Madison: I just was reading about your release.

Scott: Yeah, we Chandlers make news just walking though a door.

Madison: Well, congratulations.

Scott: Thank you.

Madison: Who's your lunch partner?

Scott: Oh, that's my dad's painting.

Madison: He was good.

Scott: Yeah, yeah. The best of all of us.

Madison: You must miss him.

Scott: I do, I do, although I'm glad he wasn't here to see me go to prison. I think he had higher hopes for me than that.

Madison: We all make mistakes. It's just a matter of what you do to make up for them that counts.

Scott: You're absolutely right. I guess it starts right now.

Madison: Really?

Scott: Yeah.

Madison: Like what?

Scott: I was just thinking how nice it would be if you'd join me for a cup of coffee.

Jesse: Back when you had the amnio, bonnie dropped the file. I picked it up, and I couldn't help but see it.

Angie: And you didn't say a word, all this time.

Jesse: Sorry?

Angie: Don't be. I know why. You were doing it for me.

Jesse: You were just so excited about being surprised.

Angie: Well, I just got my surprise a few months earlier, that's all. And actually, I was sort of wanting to raise a little girl with you. Jesse, a little girl. A daughter!

Jesse: A girl. As perfect as you are.

Natalia: Ok, so now you know, and I should probably leave, because you must think I'm --

Brot: You know what I think? I think you're an amazing, beautiful woman who has nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm gonna give you some privacy.

[Elevator doors open]

[Door closes]

Brot: Why don't you take off your jacket? Just your jacket. That's it.

Natalia: Yeah.

Brot: Come on.

Natalia: I'm sorry. You must think I'm --

Brot: Natalia, stop. We can't keep making assumptions about each other.

Natalia: There are reasons why it never happened, you know. My first boyfriend just -- he was a total jerk. The guy after him -- gay. The list just goes on and on. Then I met you. And you were sweet and kind and funny and sexy. I just froze.

Brot: Why?

Natalia: I didn't want to disappoint you.

Brot: Disappoint me? Disappoint me? Do you know what it means to know that you've wanted me, you've wanted me to make love to you, touch you?

Singer: Ooh tender and soft as the wind how you're drifting through my soul there is no one here but the two of us to hold gently your words become a hug to a softer shade of red how you touch me there with your whisper how you make me feel so breathless breathless in your arm so breathless where I'm sheltered by your hug no one's ever taken me to a place like this where I'm breathless where I'm breathless to a place like this so breathless ooh --

Brot: Are you ok?

Natalia: Yeah.

Woman: So breathless 

Angie: Now I get to tell Cassandra she won't be the baby girl in the family anymore.

Jesse: Sure you don't want me to come out there with you? I'll miss you so much.

Angie: Sweetheart, I'll miss you, too. She and I both will.

Jesse: You know, don't try to do too much out there, all right? I need you back here safe and sound, both of you. Huh? Huh?

Angie: Got it.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: What's going on?


Jesse: Nice. Hubbard.

Commissioner: Chief Hubbard. It's Commissioner Bennett.

Jesse: What can I do for you?

Commissioner: Mayor Blanco and I have some personnel matters to discuss with you. Two people on your force. We need to meet today, and this is not a request. It's an order.

Natalia: When I was growing up, people would always talk about waiting for the right guy. I didn't know what that meant until now. Here with you.

Scott: I know it's a little strange, some guy in prison hitting on you. Oh, boy.

Madison: I understand what it's like to be lonely. I never even meant to tell you.

Scott: That you were pregnant.

Madison: Yeah. I shouldn't have blurted that out like that. I just have a tendency to do that.

Scott: Do you? Oh, thank you for the warning. My offer still stands for tea or whatever.

Madison: So I haven't scared you away?

Scott: I don't scare that easily.

Madison: Well, if you knew me better, you might.

Scott: Really? What else could there be? You're pregnant and what? Bank robber?

Madison: No, I've never robbed a bank.

Scott: You never robbed a bank? Are you kidding me? I met a guy in prison who is a bank robber. Real great guy. Salt of the earth. Look, I know this is where we give each other all kinds of reasons to walk away, but what if I don't want to? What happens then?

Madison: Ok. Why don't you tell me some more about your dad's painting?

[Greenlee massages Ryan's shoulders]

Ryan: Is this my punishment for not being straightforward with you?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. How long do you have before that plane?

Ryan: I think I got lots of time, actually.

[Cell phone rings]

Greenlee: Don't answer it. Don't answer it.


Ryan: It's the NTSB. You got something?

Man: When's your flight?

Ryan: Couple hours.

Man: Can you move it up? The sooner the better.

Marissa: Thank you. For the last couple of weeks.

J.R.: You know, things have been good between us.

A.J.: Mommy?

Marissa: Hi, baby. Come here. Come here.

A.J.: Are you ok?

Marissa: Oh, yeah. Getting better by the minute.

Annie: You kept the picture, didn't you, Marissa? You carried it around in your purse. Don't you get it? You are out. No matter how much you scheme and manipulate, you are out! [Cuts Marissa out of a family photo with J.R. and A.J.]There. Much better.

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