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Episode #10536

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Scott: What is your deal with me?

Guard: Maybe I don't like trust fund brats who use expensive lawyers to buy their way into early parole hearings.

Scott: Well, if I had a trust fund, I'd be insulted. But I didn't even know you cared. It's good to know you're going to miss me.

Guard: Clean it up.

[Door closes]

Jake: Oh, I want what they're having. Do you mind?

Greenlee: Hey, guys.

Ryan: Hey. Come on, sit down. Hey, how are you?

Jake: How are you?

Ryan: You look nice.

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Good. Good, good, good.

Jake: All right.

Ryan: So you're a little bit late, that's ok.

Greenlee: Sorry, sorry. Business.

Ryan: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Frankie: All night, just sitting there, waiting?

Natalia: That is why they call it a stakeout.

Brot: And most of the time, at least, we're not -- what did you spend, like, 8 hours waiting in a car last week?

Natalia: Pretty much.

Brot: And the sting never happened.

Frankie: Yeah. At least when I have the graveyard shift, there's guaranteed to be something coming through the E.R. doors that night.

Randi: So what do you guys talk about all night on a stakeout?

Natalia: Ahem, well, actually, this is our first stakeout, just us two, technically.

Brot: Yeah.

Natalia: I mean, last week, I had one with Tad, but you know him. You ask him the time, he tells you how to make a watch.

Brot: That's true. But I'm sure we'll find something to talk about.

Randi: Excuse me, one second. Hey. Pretty serious over here. I hope it's not bad news.

Madison: No, um -- it's from someone who actually seems interested in me, wants to see me.

Randi: Ok, that's pretty old school. He sent you a letter asking you on a date?

Madison: Yeah.

Randi: So what's up with this guy? Why can't he just pick up the phone and call you?

Madison: Probably because he's in prison.

Angie: Ha ha. I love your surprises.

Jesse: I love you.

Mayor Blanco: Ah. Oh, the Hubbards.

Angie: Mayor Blanco.

Mayor Blanco: Listen, this isn't the first time I stopped by your office to discuss a few things only to find the chief out again. Now, it seems like you're spending more time here in the hospital than at work.

Jesse: Yeah. Look, there's a really good reason for that.

Mayor Blanco: Understood, but you may need to better learn how to separate your personal life from your professional one. I mean, the department is also suffering.

Marissa: Oh!

Annie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I killed her. Oh, my God, oh, my God. Oh, my God, my God -- well -- ok. Ok, you're still breathing. Uh, uh -- keep doing that. Um -- ugh. Come on.

[Cell phone rings]

Annie: Hello?

J.R.: Hey. I've been looking for you.

Annie: Oh, yeah?

J.R.: Are you ok?

Annie: Yeah, I'm good. I'm good, I'm great. How are you doing?

J.R.: Where are you? Annie?

Annie: Uh, J.R., I can't really hear you. What did you say?

J.R.: I was asking where you were.

Annie: Oh, just out and about. Knocking out a few errands.

J.R.: You staying out of trouble?

Annie: You know me. Doing my best.

J.R.: Did you get my voicemail?

Annie: Um, no, no, I -- I must have turned my phone because the battery was low. You said you were busy all night, anyway, right?

J.R.: Well, everything is changed. I took care of everything. I want to be with you.

Annie: You do?

J.R.: Yes. Listen, I'll see you at the house in a minute.

Annie: No! No -- no hurry. I mean, because I have some things I have to do -- some things I have to take care of.

[Marissa groans]

J.R.: What was that?

Annie: J.R., I really still can't hear you very well.

J.R.: Annie, listen, I have something important I want to talk to you about. It's important.

Annie: Really?

J.R.: Yeah. I'll see you at the house in a minute.

[Marissa groans]

Annie: Shh! Oh! Um -- um -- ok. Ok. Ok. Oh, my God, Annie. What are you doing? What are you doing? Think, think, think, think, think. Think. Think. Yes. Perfect. Perfect.

Jesse: I don't like what you're insinuating, Mayor Blanco. You know what my wife is going through, so I think you should think before you start accusing me of not paying attention.

Angie: Mayor Blanco, you're a Godsend. I was just telling Jesse that he's hovering way too much. Perfect timing to get him back to the office. Thank you.

Mayor Blanco: Well -- you should listen to your wife. I'll see you back there then? Ok.

Jesse: Oh, my God, that -- that --

Angie: Jesse -- Jesse, she was just baiting you. And that detective that you said has been, you know, lurking in the background who's after your job --

Jesse: Peterson? Always sucking up to Blanco.

Angie: Yes. Well, all Mayor Blanco wants is a reason to fire you and hire him. Don't give her the ammunition.

Jesse: You're amazing. Even without your sight, you see so much better than I do.

Randi: Scott Chandler? You got a letter from him from prison?

Madison: Yeah. Crazy, right? I mean, I barely knew him before he went away. I don't know why he'd show any interest in me now. I mean, he was really nice to me when I tried to visit my father.

Randi: Yeah, nice for a thief.

Madison: Ok. Hey, you don't know what happened with him any more than I do. It sounded to me like he got caught in an ugly game between the Chandlers and Caleb Cortlandt and Annie, and they'll just let him take the fall. I know what it's like to be stuck in the middle of an emotional shooting match. It's real easy to make a mistake.

Randi: Ok. Fine, you're right. I don't know what happened. Hey, you want to join us?

Madison: Yeah.

Natalia: Hey, Madison.

Madison: Are you guys leaving?

Brot: Yeah. We're actually on the clock, so we'll see you guys later, all right?

Frankie: All right.

Natalia: Bye.

Frankie: Bye.

Randi: Bye.

Frankie: I am glad we ran into you because -- well, I was going to call when I knew for sure, but I may have found a lead on a job for you.

Madison: Oh, thank you, but I already got one. I'm going back to work for Fusion.

Randi: Um, run that by me one more time?

Madison: Not in the office. Kendall's getting out of the hospital, and she needs someone to work out of her house with her.

Randi: Ok, I'm sorry, but isn't that, like, just doing exactly what you said you didn't want to do?

Frankie: Putting you right back in the middle of things with Ryan?

Madison: I can stay away from Ryan. It won't be that hard.

Greenlee's voice: "I'm busy."

Scott's voice: "Visiting hour's almost over."

Greenlee's voice: "Another time then."

Scott's voice: "Is our agreement off?"

Greenlee's voice: "You're the one who needs a job."

Scott's voice: "You're the one who needs Madison away from Ryan. Come tonight or forget the whole thing."

Ryan: Hey, everything all right?

Greenlee: Yeah. What'd I miss?

Jake: Nothing. We were talking about babies.

Greenlee: Babies?

Jake: Yeah.

Greenlee: You want to have another one?

Jake: Well, yes, of course, we -- yes. And this time, it would be drama-free, so yes.

Greenlee: Wow. That's great.

Amanda: Yeah.

Greenlee: Another baby.

Ryan: So why does it look like you're about to take off?

Greenlee: Oh, you know what? That was a text -- from a supplier. I need to go into work and pull some files.

Amanda: Oh, come on. Don't you have somebody who can do that for you?

Greenlee: Oh, you know what? Listen, I'd rather hang out with you guys tonight than do this, trust me.

Jake: You know, it's fine. We'll do it another night.

Ryan: Yeah, I'll come with you.

Greenlee: No, no, no. You don't have to. It's just busy work. I'm really happy for you guys. And I hope it happens for you soon.

Jake: Thank you.

Amanda: Bye.

Greenlee: Bye.

Jake: We'll do it another night.

[Glass shatters]

Annie: Ok. A burglar breaks in from the terrace, opens the door, searches the place

[Marissa groans]

Annie: Shut up. I'm thinking. Uh -- ok. The nosy bitch surprises him. Surprises the intruder. Gets knocked out by the paperweight. And -- you know you really brought this on yourself. Ok, ok. Ok. Ok, good. Great. Even better.

Randi: What do you do when Kendall's healthy enough to go back to the office?

Madison: She's supposed to be working from home for a few weeks at least. After that, I'll deal.

Frankie: You know, Ryan's around his kid a lot.

Madison: Ok. So it's going to be impossible for me to avoid him 100% of the time.

Frankie: Maybe you don't want to.

Madison: I'm not telling him about this baby.

Randi: But you're going to be around him.

Ryan's voice: Well, I'm going to be looking into seeing if the crash was sabotaged or not, and you're going to be with Kendall. You'll be spending some time with her, anyway, right? So maybe you could just kind of keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn't get wind of this investigation.

Madison: Look, it's all good. Really. I'm doing what's best for my baby.

Guard: Make it quick.

Greenlee: This better be important. You've already screwed up my night.

Scott: I am sorry about your social life, ok, but there's more important things on my mind. Sit down. My parole hearing, it's been moved up to tomorrow.

Greenlee: That's it? You messed up my dinner date -- you brought me all the way here just to tell me that?

Scott: Well, you need to know this because you're going to be there tomorrow to testify on my behalf.


[Alarm blares]

Annie: Oh -- J.R. Oh!

Nanny: Who's there?

J.R.: A.J.?

Nanny: No, no, he's asleep in his bed. The alarm went off just a minute ago. Did you set it off?

J.R.: Go upstairs to A.J. Lock yourself in the room. Do not come out till I come get you.

Nanny: Ok.

J.R.: Marissa? Marissa, who did this? Marissa, what happened? Come on, Marissa, talk to me. 

Greenlee: I give you a job. You keep Madison busy and happy. Where in that deal do you see me testifying at your parole hearing?

Scott: Ok, Greenlee, I get one shot at an early parole, ok? I think someone of your stature vouching for me -- that right there is nothing but net.

Greenlee: How flattering. Look, getting you a job is one thing, but putting my reputation on the line like that would raise too many questions.

Scott: From Ryan, you mean?

Greenlee: From anyone.

Scott: But you're going to do it for me, anyway, right?

Greenlee: When did you get so cocky?

Scott: Oh, come on. I can see it in your eyes. There is something about Madison -- her coming anywhere near Ryan -- that's got you on a mission. Ok? I am not being cocky. I'm just stating facts. I can keep her away from Ryan for as long as you want me to. All right? In fact, I already started working on it. I just need a little extra help from you tomorrow, that's all. I mean, don't you want to see me be a free man, so I can start making your life so much easier?

Ryan: Hey.

Madison: Hi.

Ryan: How are you?

Madison: I just need some caffeine to keep me going.

Ryan: Oh, really? How's Kendall doing?

Madison: Well, I'm keeping an eye on things. You know, if anyone alerts her to the crash investigation, I'll call you.

Ryan: Ok, ok.

Madison: Oh, we didn't really discuss a timeframe. How long am I supposed to be doing this?

Ryan: You know, I'm not really too sure. I guess just as long as it takes me to figure out what happened to Zach's plane. If his partners killed him, then I want to be real careful about how I go about this and not raise any suspicions, you know?

Madison: Well, if they did murder him, I mean, is there still a threat? Are Kendall and the boys in danger?

Natalia: Dispatch, this is 3-4-2. We need an ambulance to 300 River Road.

J.R.: No, no, I already called 9-1-1.

Natalia: Well -- dispatch, check that. Resident said he already called for one.

Brot: Is anyone else hurt?

J.R.: No. My son is upstairs with the nanny. I came home. I found her like this.

Natalia: We've got a residential burglary. One female assault victim.

Brot: Ok, did you see anybody? Have you searched the house? Anything?

J.R.: No, I've been trying to take care of her. Marissa? Marissa, can you hear me?

Brot: Hey, I'm going to take a look around, all right?

J.R.: There you are.

Marissa: J.R.? J.R., what happened?

J.R.: Hold on, hold on. Looks like you walked in on a burglar. Look, I want to get her to the hospital now. This ambulance is taking too long.

Marissa: Oh, they took my bracelet, the one that you gave me when I adopted A.J.

J.R.: Shh, shh.

Marissa: My purse!

J.R.: No, no, it's ok, it's ok. Just lay back. It's ok.

Annie: J.R.! Oh, my God! What happened?

Natalia: Hey, can you tell me if you know or you think you know or saw who it was who attacked you?

Marissa: No, they must have hit me from behind.

Annie: How can I help? What can I do?

Brot: All right, there was no sign of anything else disturbed. I told the nanny it was clear.

A.J.: Mommy!

Nanny: A.J., don't go in there!

Marissa: It's ok, it's ok. Mommy's ok. I really am, J.R. I just feel a little dizzy. I don't need to go to the hospital.

J.R.: Marissa --

Annie: Seriously, what can I do to help?

A.J.: Mommy, please don't go.

Marissa: Don't worry, baby. Mommy's not going anywhere.

Jesse: You've always been able to keep me from blowing my stack, haven't you?

Angie: And you've always been a very passionate man, but Iris is definitely out to get you.

Jesse: Yeah, I know. I know I need to be more careful with her.

Angie: You'll be fine. you're smarter than she is and a hell of a lot more resourceful.

Jesse: Hmm.

Angie: And sexier, too.

[Cell phone beeps]

Jesse: Hold on a sec. What did I do with it? Ok, things are popping. Break-in at the Chandlers'. And the stakeout's coming to a head.

Angie: All right, go get 'em, Hercules. Show iris that she's got the best damn chief of police in the country.

Jesse: You got it, baby, I'm on it. Bye.

Angie: Bye.

Natalia: Sorry, J.R. We called for an ambulance, but the first one had engine trouble, so we sent for another one.

Marissa: I told you, I don't need to go to the hospital.

J.R.: Then you at least need to be checked out here. I want fingerprints taken. I want the son of a bitch caught who did this.

Brot: Listen, we're going to have it dusted, ok? We'll do everything we can to find him, but whoever did this probably wore gloves. The only prints we're likely to get right now is from people that actually live here in the house.

Natalia: Do you think you can tell me anything about what happened here?

Annie: Me? No, I -- I just got here. Business matters.

Natalia: And you weren't here at all earlier today?

Marissa's voice: This is a sign, J.R. Somebody tried to take me away from you and A.J. forever. [Echoes] If this doesn't make you realize that we belong together.

J.R.: I know, I know. For one awful moment, I thought that you were gone, and I just -- oh, and then I just -- I can't bear that. I can't bear to not have you in my life. [Echoes]

Natalia: Annie? Yo, Annie. You ok?

Annie: I'm sorry. I just -- I just can't believe something this horrible could happen. I have to help. You know what? I have an idea. Since you don't want to go to the hospital, why don't I call Amanda, and she can send Jake over?

Brot: The EMTs are still on the way.

Annie: I know that. I know that. I just think it can't hurt to get a second opinion from a great doctor.

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, I think that's a good idea. Why don't you give them a call?

Annie: Ok. Amanda, I need you to help me. Like, right now.

Ryan: I'm just being extra careful with this, that's all. I mean, if Zach's partners did kill him to stop the casino sale from going through, they're not going to raise suspicions by going after somebody else.

Madison: Well, and if you find proof that they do want something else, what then?

Ryan: Well, then I'll protect Kendall, protect the boys. I'll protect you, because you're spending time over at the house. I have to do this. I have to. I owe it to Zach.

Madison: Have you found anything new?

Ryan: I just got the NTSB report. It says that the investigation is closed, but I still got a lot of questions about it, so I'm going to go to California and get some answers.

Madison: But if the case is closed, then how --

Ryan: I want to reopen it. Or I'll dig myself, but I don't want you to feel unsafe.

Madison: You amaze me. The way you take care of Kendall.

Ryan: Well, she's the mother of my child. I'll always take care of her. We'll always have a connection.

Greenlee: Let's get one thing straight. There's nothing about Madison North that threatens me.

Scott: Really? Not even the blond hair and that sweet face or that body that just --

Greenlee: I get it. I get it. You've been in prison too long.

Scott: That's what I'm saying.

Greenlee: What Ryan and I have is solid. This is just about me wanting to give Ryan some freedom.

Scott: From what? Huh? What does Madison have over him?

Greenlee: Nothing. I just want to keep it that way. He's the type of guy that'll go out of his way for a friend.

Scott: A friend, huh?

Greenlee: Madison has been through some tough times. I just want Ryan to be able to see that she can move on with her life, that she can be happy on her own.

Scott: Why don't you just buy her a puppy?

Greenlee: I've hired you, haven't I? You've wasted enough of my time tonight.

Scott: Well, -- ahem. You're still going to be there tomorrow, though, right? Tel the board what a standup guy I am?

Annie: Ok, everyone, Jake is here, so everything's going to be ok.

Jake: Hi. Ooh, yeah. You got beaned in the old noggin, huh?

Marissa: Uh-huh.

E.M.T.: Obvious trauma to center frontal lobe with loss of consciousness for about 5 minutes. Pupils are PEARL, though, and no laceration.

J.R.: What does that mean?

Jake: It just means she's dizzy. She's going to be all right. Look at me.

Natalia: I think we've got everything we need. The Forensics team will be here soon to dust the place.

Brot: Take care of her.

Annie: We will. We'll make sure she's just fine and dandy. So I was thinking about prepping a press release in case the media gets ahold of the police report.

J.R.: Yeah. Ah, that's great, thanks.

Amanda: Annie, can I talk to you for a sec?

Annie: Yeah. Thank you so much for coming and for bringing Jake. You are never going to believe what happened. J.R. is flipping out because his --

Amanda: Look, I know tonight was probably a really upsetting night. And -- and don't take this the wrong way, but why did you call me to bring Jake over here? I mean, an EMT's already here, and Marissa doesn't seem like she's in that much trouble.

Annie: Well, I've got to tell you what happened. I walked in the house --

Amanda: No, listen. Actually, I don't think that you do. I think that you are relying a little too much on me lately.

Annie: What are you talking about?

Amanda: We've been using each other -- to help me with Cara, you with Marissa.

Annie: Yeah. That's what friends do.

Amanda: I know, but listen. Jake and I, were having a great night together. And Cara never even popped into my head. She never even came up in conversation.

Annie: Ok. Well, then. I'm happy for you. It's just, you know, sometimes the threat is more than --

Amanda: Sometimes the threat is not the problem that you make it out to be. You know, maybe Cara isn't this threat that I thought she was. Maybe Marissa is not the problem you're making her out to be. And maybe you and I are just fueling our paranoia.

Annie: Paranoia?

Amanda: Maybe we should cool things down between the two of us.

Annie: You're dumping me as a friend?

Amanda: No, of course not. I just think that we should lay off the panicky phone calls, you know?

Annie: You mean I should lay off. You haven't made any phone calls.

Amanda: Ok, well, yeah, I guess so.

Annie: So that's it? So you don't need me, so you're done with me? Never mind if I need you.

Amanda: Oh, my God. Annie, no, just -- why do you have to be so dramatic about everything?

Annie: Dramatic?! Me?

Jake: So I suggest that you at least stay the night in the hospital, just one night for observation.

Marissa: No, no, please, really. I don't want to upset A.J. any more than he already is. I'll be fine. I just want to head home.

J.R.: Well, if you're not going to the hospital, you're going to stay here tonight so A.J. and I can look after you.

Marissa: J.R --

J.R.: This is not up for discussion. You're going to stay here tonight.

Annie: Marissa, don't you think it would be a good idea to let them keep an eye on you overnight at the hospital?

Jake: Well, whenever there's a loss of consciousness, I like to see a CAT Scan or an MRI, but if you're really insisting on not going in -- if you start vomiting or seeing double or get a headache, I need you to go in first thing in the morning, get some pictures taken, ok? As long as somebody stays with you all night long and checks on you every few hours. Ok?

J.R.: I'll take good care of her.

Jake: Mm-hmm. Well, then we'll say good night. And I'll call you tomorrow to make sure everything's ok.

Amanda: All right. Annie, we'll talk later.

Jake: Feel better.

Annie: You heard what Jake said. She needs to go to a hospital. She has to get an MRI. I mean, A.J.'s a big boy. If we explain to him that it's for Marissa's well-being, I'm sure he'll feel better about it.

J.R.: I'm not going to feel better about it. I want to keep an eye on her. She was attacked in my house. It happened in here. And if I get my hands on whoever did this -- look, I'm sorry. The reason why I called you over here is, I wanted to tell you something -- about us.

Natalia: Where is everybody?

Louis: You guys are late. You missed all the action.

Brot: Well, we had a burglary-assault delay us. What happened?

Louis: Perp made his move early. He's already downtown.

Natalia: Downtown? That sucks. I mean, we did all the grunt work, and then we missed the collar?

Louis: Here. Room's paid up for the night, courtesy of the PVPD. Hang out. Enjoy yourselves.

Natalia: Ha, ha. You're a riot, Louis. Yeah, real funny.'

Brot: You know, Louis may have been joking around, but I was actually thinking the same thing.

Natalia: Uh-uh, we're on duty, Brot.

Brot: Only for 5 more minutes. The Chandlers took up most of our shift, and the stakeout was going to be overtime. So we're technically saving the department money. Come on, why don't you hang out for a little while?

Ryan: Hey. I missed you.

Greenlee: Hi. Aw. Oh, I'm sorry that I had to leave early. I was really having fun with you guys. I wish we could have made a night of it.

Ryan: Well, we still can.

Both: I got something I want to tell you.

Greenlee: Can I go first?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah. Just give me one second.

Greenlee: Ahem. I didn't have to go to Fusion tonight. I went to see Scott Chandler.

Guard: Last visitor tonight, Chandler.

Scott: This is a surprise.

Madison: So was this.

Scott: I -- I hope I didn't freak you out or come across too forward. It's like, I tried to tell you what I was thinking and how I felt, so --

Madison: No offense at all. I just don't usually get flattering letters from guys behind bars.

Scott: Well, I'm not usually behind bars. And as of tomorrow, I'm -- I'm getting out.

Madison: You sound pretty sure about that.

Scott: I am.

Madison: Look, I don't even -- I don't even know why I came. You know what they say. All the good guys are married, dead, or in jail. Sorry. I'm a little bit nervous.

Scott: Look, who cares about what people say?

Madison: You don't?

Scott: I used to. I used to, a lot. But I think it's more important what you think and how you feel about yourself, really.

Madison: I'm not really too sure about that right now.

Scott: Come on, I don't believe that. Look, I -- I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I just -- I -- I really enjoyed seeing you, and I felt like we had a connection. Well, I'm getting ready to start a whole new chapter in my life, you know, you struck me as someone who --

Madison: Well, say it. Desperate.

Scott: No, no, no. No, no, I wasn't going to say that. Far from it. I was going to say survivor.

Madison: Well, that's better than "desperate."

Scott: Better than a convict, too. Look, I know you haven't had the easiest of lives. I -- I know about the death of your first husband. You already told me about your father.

Madison: Both not exactly princes. I don't know what we have in common.

Scott: I was married to Annie. You were shot. So, see? Right there -- that's similar. You just -- you know something about starting over, and I could use some tips.

Madison: Well, you've barely scratched the surface. I mean, I don't think you really know anything about me here -- my life at all.

Scott: Well, I'd like to. But I doubt there's anything you could share with me that would make me think any less of you.

Madison: I think you would be surprised.

Scott: Oh, yeah? Well, surprise me. 'Cause all I see is someone who is beautiful and smart and just --

Madison: And pregnant.

Brot: Come on, you have to admit that this is kind of like fate smacking us in the face. A room that's paid for. Two people that like each other, that never get enough alone time to get to know each other better.

Natalia: Brot, I just --

Brot: Hey. "Seize the moment," right? That's what we're going to do. This -- this room is a gift. You -- you're my gift. [Kissing]

Natalia: Wait. Just -- wait.

Brot: What is it?

Natalia: I just -- I can't. I got to go. Excuse me.

Madison: I don't know why I said that. Did I mention that I was nervous?

Scott: Is it true?

Madison: I shouldn't have come.

Scott: Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. I'm glad you did. And listen, I meant what I said. All right? I really want to get to know you better, no matter -- no matter what.

Madison: Please don't tell anyone. There are a lot of people that don't know.

Scott: Who does know?

Madison: I got to get home.

Scott: I have a pretty good idea of one person who knows.

Greenlee: When Scott asked you about coming to work for you, I started thinking about what really went down with him. You know, he's a great guy taking responsibility for what he did.

Ryan: Yeah. I mean, I wish there was something that I could do.

Greenlee: I know. And then I thought about Stuart and how much he would want someone to help his son. And the hospital isn't regulated by the S.E.C., so I offered him a job. And I also decided to testify at his parole hearing tomorrow.

Ryan: Wow. I mean, I think that's amazing. Why would you keep that a secret from me?

Greenlee: Well, I wanted to look him in the eyes first -- make sure he was sincere. And I guess I just didn't want to blow my own horn, you know? Make it look like I'm some do-gooder.

Ryan: You know, doing something nice is ok even if it does mess with your reputation.

Greenlee: I've been given a second chance in life, Ryan. I thought by doing the same thing for Scott, I'd be like paying things forward. I'm sorry, I should have just told you.

Ryan: You're amazing.

Greenlee: No --

Ryan: You are.

Greenlee: No. So what did you want to tell me?

Ryan: I just wanted to tell you that I have to go to California for some last-minute business. But I don't have to leave till tomorrow night, so why don't I come with you to the parole hearing and give a little support of my own?

Greenlee: I'd like that.

Ryan: Yeah?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Ok. So tomorrow's taken care of. Why don't we pay attention to tonight?

Amanda: I cannot imagine how scary that must have been for Marissa walking in on something like that.

Jake: Yeah. Something seems a little odd about it.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Jake: She got hit square in the forehead, and she doesn't remember anything, or she doesn't remember seeing anything -- I don't know.

Amanda: Does that happen with concussions?

Jake: Yeah, but -- I don't know -- there was something -- although, I mean, it could be amateurs or something -- somebody desperate enough to try to pull something off like that.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, I think you're probably right about that.

Annie: What is it?

J.R.: What happened here kind of changes things.

Annie: What do you mean?

J.R.: I had a big surprise planned for you -- for the two of us. Two first-class airfare to Gstaad. I wanted to go skiing in the Alps with you.

Annie: You and me in the Alps?

J.R.: Yeah, but we can't go now. I hope you understand.

Annie: You were going to take me to Switzerland?

J.R.: Yeah. You said you always wanted to go skiing there. I'm sorry, Annie. Marissa's been through something pretty nasty, and it happened here. I should have beefed up security. You know, there are so many nut cases out there. I just -- I can't leave her or A.J. alone right now. I hope you understand.

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