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Greenlee: I want your expertise.

Scott: Really? Well, um, what do you think my expertise is in, hmm? Stealing corporate secrets from dying men?

Greenlee: I'm offering you a job.

Scott: Thank you, but I'm not interested in makeup.

Greenlee: At the hospital. Part owner, remember? I could use someone with your skills on the business side of things, and you can't make parole without a job, so -- what do you say?

Scott: I say stop working me.

Ryan: But were Zach's casino partners that upset that they would actually go through with killing him?

Roger: They're not people you want to mess with.

Ryan: If there is a possibility, I got to find out.

Roger: Be careful.

Madison: Ryan? Do you really think Zach was murdered?

Kendall: I miss you, too, guys, and I'm going to smother you all over in kisses as soon as I get home. Soon. Mommy's gonna be home soon. Ok. Go to sleep. I love you guys. Good night.

Griffin: What are you doing?

Kendall: I'm going home, and you know what? You're not gonna stop me.

Griffin: I won't, on one condition.

Cara: Hey. You paged me.

Griffin: Cara, this is Kendall. Kendall, this is my sister Cara, your new roommate.

Jake: I was just thinking, I haven't even checked in yet, and I thought maybe we could go home and make a baby. What do you say?

Amanda: We can't.

Jake: Ok, you don't want to do that. How about we could go to the park? We could go to the beach, but that'd be too cold. You're right. Utility closet. I know a little utility closet --

Amanda: You have to work. You have to work, and I have to get to Kendall's, because Bianca is waiting on me to watch the boys.

Jake: Please, I'm begging you.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: You know what? That is probably Bianca right now wondering where I am. Hello?

Man: Dr. Carolyn Finn. I'm returning your call regarding the travel documentation you've been waiting for?

Damon: You talked to your mom? Why are you even here?

Colby: You're not answering your cell, and I had to find you. What happened is all my fault, and I am so, so, so sorry. Please. Please, please, please, can you forgive me?

Liza: This is not a good time.

Tad: Really? That's funny. Was it a good time for you and Damon?

Liza: Ok, you know what? I know what you're gonna say, and I cannot handle it right now.

Tad: I don't care, Liza. I don't give a damn if you're coming apart at the seams. You're gonna hear what I have to say, whether you like it or not. 

Liza: I know what you're gonna say.

Tad: No, you don't. You have no idea what I want to say, but I'll make you a deal. I'll start out with a question, like what the hell were you thinking?

Liza: Yeah, obviously, I wasn't. It just -- it just happened.

Tad: No. No, not good enough, Liza. I'm sorry. Things like this don't "just happen." Not with your daughter's boyfriend. Not with your ex's son.

Liza: He was upset, and I was upset, and I wanted to help him.

Tad: By sleeping with him?

Liza: God, it wasn't like that.

Tad: How was it, Liza? How the hell do you go from wanting to help a poor, confused kid through a rough patch to helping him out of his clothes?

Liza: You know what? Just stop it!

Tad: Why should I? You didn't, obviously.

Liza: Oh! He was upset, and so was I.

Tad: The difference is you're an adult.

Liza: Yeah, I know. I know. I know. I should've stopped it, but I couldn't.

Tad: Yes, you could. Absolutely. All you had to do was stop long enough to think about how you felt 25 years ago. All you had to do was summon enough moral fiber to keep your skirt on.

Liza: I'm sorry! Ok? I'm sorry!

Tad: [Laughs] Oh, ok. Ok. Terrific. Then I guess we're done here. Like it never happened, right? I'll tell you something, Liza. It sure as hell happened. It happened to you and to me and to Marian, and now it's happened to our kids.

Liza: Ok, you know what? Say it. Go ahead, say it, right? I'm the one thing I never wanted to be, right? I'm my mother?!

Damon: How is what happened your fault?

Colby: All you did was try and fix things between me and my mom.

Damon: "All I did"?

Colby: Yes. I remember you guys couldn't even be in the same room together, and now she's like your biggest fan. Damon, you were great. You were mature, you were cool about the whole thing, and -- and I flipped out. I act like a -- I acted like a spoiled brat. And I know you're upset about the kiss with me and Asher, but I swear to you --

Damon: It's all right. It's ok.

Colby: Really? Then we can get through this. We can get through this, and I promise you --

Damon: No, it's not gonna be that easy.

Colby: No, Damon, of course, it's easy, because I don't even care about Asher.

Damon: Colby, stop. I was with someone, too.

Amanda: Could you hold on just a second? It's Lyndsey, one of the moms from Trevor's gym class -- personal crisis.

Jake: Ok. Good luck with that. I'm just saying baby-making, but later for sure. Ok? Be there.

Amanda: Hi. I'm sorry about that. Did you have information for me?

Man: Before we can process your request, the department needs to verify your I.D., Dr. Finn. Your driver's license number and your mother's maiden name?

Amanda: Oh, I'm getting another call. I'll try again later.

Kendall: I'm sure you're great, even though you are his sister, but I already have two roomies -- my sons. So I don't need another one.

Griffin: Given your condition and the risk that you could be facing, I can't in good conscience release you without you being properly monitored, and Cara can do that. Can't you?

Cara: Excuse us for a second.

Kendall: Sure.

Cara: Thanks. Come here.

Ryan: You really shouldn't have heard any of that.

Madison: I didn't mean to, but do you really think it's a possibility?

Ryan: There's no proof, ok? There's no proof at all that the plane was sabotaged. But considering what was going down with the casino sale and the people involved, yeah, it's possible.

Madison: If it's true, murder, I don't think Kendall could really take any more.

Ryan: She doesn't know about it, and I don't want her to know about it, ok? Not until I have all the answers. Right now the most important thing for her is just to focus on getting better, hanging out with the boys. In fact, nobody else knows about this, and I'd like to keep it that way, all right, especially in case the crash does turn out to be just an accident.

Madison: I won't say anything.

Ryan: I know. I know I can trust you to keep a secret.

Madison: I should go.

Ryan: Hey. You're still in town. Does that mean you're sticking around Pine Valley?

Madison: Yep. Sticking around after all.

Ryan: What changed your mind?

Greenlee: I almost ended up here.

Scott: Yes, but you didn't.

Greenlee: I was married to someone that everyone hates.

Scott: So what? Now you want to bond over our bad marriages?

Greenlee: No, I'm just saying that we have a lot in common. We both have made huge mistakes. I've gotten a fresh start, I'm offering to help you find yours. And just maybe we can help each other.

Scott: This is about more than me just shuffling papers at the hospital.

Greenlee: I lost two years of my life. I'm finally where I want to be -- living the life I want to live with the man I love. I'm not going to let anything get in the way of that.

Scott: Something tells me this is where I come in.

Greenlee: It's not that difficult. All you have to do is get to know a gorgeous blonde. Is that a problem?

Cara: I'm a doctor, not a nursemaid.

Griffin: I'm doing this for you as much as I'm doing it for Kendall.

Cara: Recuerdas menudo?

Griffin: Que?

Cara: Yeah. When I was 4, you said, "Try the menudo. It's good for you." You remember what happened to me?

Griffin: No. Organ meat is very healthy.

Cara: I'm not doing this.

Griffin: Listen, Kendall is grieving her husband. She's not taking care of herself. She needs the physical monitoring as well as the emotional support, which is why I'm trusting you with this.

Cara: Yeah, because, God forbid, you'd ever emotionally invest in a patient.

Griffin: That would only slow me down.

Cara: Let's just say I do this, all right? When my papers come through, I'm out of here. So I suggest you find yourself a babysitter -- excuse me -- doctor who plans on staying in town.

Griffin: Did you hear anything about your documentation?

Cara: Every time I call, I get the runaround.

Griffin: Oh, perfect. So you're free?

Cara: My job is here, ok, at the hospital.

Griffin: And you're here all the time. What's wrong with cutting back, taking a little break?

Cara: Taking a break from the hospital or Jake?

Griffin: You know that leaving is the best idea.

Jake: You can't leave. Not now.

Scott: I'm not really sure, but I don't think ex-cons are considered quality dating material.

Greenlee: I hate to break it to you, but you're not exactly a hardened criminal. So take the job and the hottie.

Scott: But what if I'm not her type?

Greenlee: She already likes you. Madison North? She was here just a little bit ago?

Scott: She was pretty upset.

Greenlee: And you held her hand. Befriending her is just the next step.

Scott: Why?

Greenlee: She's a girlfriend.

Scott: You do not do girlfriends, ok -- oh, well, except Kendall, so now tell me. Why are you playing little miss matchmaker? Oh! Of course! Yes, yes, yes. Ryan was dating Madison, and you want to make sure that she is -- ahem -- occupied.

Greenlee: She's not getting the picture that Ryan has moved on.

Scott: Oh -- Greenlee, that is so cold.

Greenlee: No, it's not. I feel for her. Ryan let her down as gently as he could, but she's taking it really hard, and I thought a great guy like you might help her get over him.

Scott: Really? Don't you mean get her to lean on me, so she won't go leaning on Ryan?

Greenlee: You can be very charming when you want to be. Look, just call her. Make a date.

Scott: I'm still in prison.

Greenlee: Just call her.

Scott: I got a better idea. This'll be really fun. I'll call Ryan and clue him in, unless, of course, he already knows about your plan to find a home for his dumped ex-girlfriend?

Greenlee: Why are you being so difficult?

Scott: You're afraid that he has feelings for her or that he could, hmm?

Greenlee: Are you gonna do it or not?

Scott: Ahem. For what you are asking, you're gonna need to make it worth my time.

Madison: My friends convinced me to stay, and Kendall hired me back at Fusion.

Ryan: She did? That's great!

Madison: Greenlee won't think so. But, luckily, Kendall will be working out of the house for a little while. She wants me to help her there, so --

Ryan: Oh, my God, Spike is gonna love that, and so will Ian. Ever since they heard you do your little -- the "tweet-tweet -- " whatever it is that you do?

Madison: That's not -- it's "three-three."

Ryan: How do you do that? They love that! You're a goddess in their eyes. You're gonna be a great mom.

Madison: Don't!

Colby: You were with someone else? When? Who?

Damon: It was a mistake. I never meant for it to happen. I never wanted it to happen.

Colby: How did I even miss this?

Damon: Look, if you want to dump me, I get it.

Colby: No, I -- no. It hurts and it sucks. But you were able to forgive me with the kiss with the Asher, and -- so I can give you another chance. Damon, I love you, and I want to be with you and only you, please.

Damon: You're being really great, but I don't deserve it.

Colby: It was just a kiss, right?

Liza: My mother lied to me. And after she slept with you, all I could see was this weak, pathetic woman who had no trouble putting herself in front of her daughter, and I swore in that moment that I would never do that, ever! I would never do that kind of damage to my daughter, and that is exactly what I have done!

Tad: No, it's worse. Much worse. Because back in the day, I didn't give a damn about Marian. I was so damaged, to me, it was some kind of a game. But Damon? Damon respects you. He cares about you. He took care of you. He trusted you. And that's a hell of a trick for him, especially after you set him up, and you knew it. You knew all of it, and you still slept with him.

Liza: I know. I know how wrong that was.

Tad: Why? How could you do it? If you want to hurt me, do it. Come after me. But how could you screw with Damon like that?

Liza: I don't know! I don't know!

Tad: That's not good enough, Liza.

Liza: It's just things, you know, have just been so messed up for so long. Colby and I -- we've just been so far apart, and I just -- I just wanted us to come back together.

Tad: I got to hand it to you. You're off to a ripping start.

Liza: Oh, my God, what happens if she finds out?

Tad: She won't. Liza, look at me. She can't. I give you my word I'm not gonna tell her.

Liza: Thank you.

Tad: Don't.

Liza: Oh, Tad, we're supposed to learn from our mistakes. I loved you so much, and I was so humiliated. I have done the exact same thing to my own daughter.

Tad: My God. 25 years ago. 25 years. What the hell did I do to you?

Greenlee: Make the call within the hour or the deal's off.

Scott: That right there is an excellent negotiating tactic.

Greenlee: I mean it.

Scott: Oh. You need me.

Greenlee: You need me. Think about it.

Tad: What is this, my penance? Is this my karma? Why are we here with our kids? Because of my selfishness? You want to hurt Damon because of my stupidity?

Liza: How could you possibly be blaming yourself for this?

Tad: Watch me. You know what? It doesn't make any difference because right now, we can't afford to do something like this. We got to make this right, ok? This has to stop now.

Liza: Yeah. How am I supposed to face Colby?

Tad: You find a way. If Damon can do it, so can you. Liza, we can't afford to wallow in guilt and shame, ok? We have to take responsibility, we have to suck it up, and we have to find a way to help our children before it's too late.

Colby: You slept with someone else?

Damon: It didn't mean anything.

Colby: Oh, my God. Damon, how could you do that to me?! Hmm?

Damon: I love you.

Colby: I need to be alone.

Cara: I'm not leaving. My papers haven't come through.

Jake: Oh. I'm sorry. I thought I heard Griffin telling you that you should leave.

Griffin: Kendall Slater wants to be released, but she has to be monitored. That's why I asked Cara if she would move in short-term.

Jake: Oh. And Angie signed off on this?

Griffin: Yeah.

Cara: But I didn't. So could you tell Ms. Slater no? On second thought, I'll do it myself.

Jake: Never a good idea trying to tell her what to do.

Griffin: Yeah, you should take your own advice.

Cara: I just don't want you to take this personally. It's just my brother has a tendency to act like he's in charge of my life, and sometimes I need to remind him to take a giant step back.

Kendall: He really is bossy, isn't he?

Cara: Yeah, but he's got this ability to make you smile while he's getting his way.

Kendall: Yeah. It's crazy-making.

Cara: So you understand?

Kendall: I do. But I also really, really need to get out of here, and you were my one hope of making that happen. Listen, I don't care if you stay one night. But if you agree to this, then I can go home. Look. These are my boys, Spike and Ian.

Cara: They're adorable.

Kendall: Thank you. Spike's been having nightmares ever since my husband died. Zach was his second father, and so Spike doesn't understand why Daddy Zach isn't coming home.

Cara: I'm sure that you'll be out of here very soon.

Kendall: Now would be better. Have you ever been stuck someplace where you feel like your head will explode if you're there for one second longer?

Cara: Yeah, I have.

Kendall: Then maybe you'll understand why being here is certainly not gonna get me better. And if you understand that, then I hope maybe you'll help me.

Ryan: Seems like every time I see you, you end up crying.

Madison: I'm not crying.

Ryan: Allergies?

Madison: Uh, it's just --

Ryan: Just what?

Madison: Just that my allergies would be a lot better if I didn't have to keep running into you is all.

Ryan: Right. Got it.

Madison: Thank you.

Ryan: Hey, about Zach and his plane --

Madison: I promised I wouldn't say a word. I won't.

Ryan: I trust you. I just thought maybe that you could help Kendall a little bit.

Madison: How could I possibly help?

Ryan: I'm gonna be looking into seeing if the crash was sabotaged or not, and you're gonna be with Kendall. You're gonna be spending some time with her anyway, right, so maybe you could just kind of keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn't get wind of this investigation. Because if she did, I think it would really destroy her. And if it turns out to be just a false alarm --

Madison: I'll do everything I can to help Kendall.

Ryan: Thanks.

Jake: Always try to influence your sister like that? She's a big girl. She can handle herself.

Griffin: You sure about that?

Cara: Hey. I'll do it.

Griffin: You'll move in with Kendall?

Cara: Yep.

Griffin: What changed your mind?

Cara: It turns out we have a lot in common. We both think you're a big pain in the ass.

Griffin: This "pain in the ass" thanks you.

Cara: You're welcome. But, remember, once my papers come through, it's wheels up, ok? Understood?

Griffin: Understood.

Cara: All right. I love you.

Griffin: Love you, too.

Greenlee: You're still here. I'm glad I caught you.

Ryan: Hey, the big Fusion emergency. Everything ok?

Greenlee: Yeah. I think I took care of the problem. I should know soon. So what do you guys have your heads together about?

Ryan: Kendall.

Greenlee: Let me guess. The Chinese takeout -- she's hungry again?

Ryan: You did bail on dessert.

Greenlee: I know, and I'll make it up to her and you, but it couldn't be helped. You remember how crazy Fusion can get -- the suppliers, the retailers, the models, photographers. I bet you're glad you can look for some work someplace not quite so insane.

Madison: Kendall hired me back.

Greenlee: What?

Madison: Kendall asked me to work for her, and I agreed.

Tad: My son is a better man than I was at his age. I didn't give a damn about anything. He's got a heart. This is tearing him up inside. He could barely look at me. If I'm really lucky, what's happened won't destroy everything he's worked so hard to accomplish. I know I don't have to mention what this will do to Colby.

Liza: Tad, please, just tell me what I can do.

Tad: You can start by keeping your mouth shut.

Liza: I won't tell a soul. What about Damon?

Tad: I don't know. I think he'll be ok eventually. If you and I don't screw this up, we stand one shot at making sure our children don't end up as screwed up as we were.

Liza: Oh, God, there's nothing I want more.

Tad: Liza, you promise me you will do anything you have to to make this right.

Liza: I promise. Thank you.

Amanda: Hi. I'm doing a credit check on a Dr. Carolyn Castillo. She also goes by Carolyn Finn or Cara Finn. I would like to confirm that she does work at your hospital. Great. Great. If you could please verify the status of her employment, the terms of her employment? Well, I assure you that the information will be kept very confidential. I understand, but -- I understand. Thank you. Thank you for nothing. Hey. You ok?

Spike: My mom gave me this.

Ian: Oh!

Amanda: You miss her, don't you?

Kendall: Where are my boys? Get over here! Give me a hug! Oh, my God, I've missed you so much! Hi, honey! I love you. I've missed you so much. My goodness, let me take a look at you. I swear, you have grown 10 feet tall since I saw you last. You did.

Amanda: Welcome home.

Kendall: Thank you. You have no idea how happy I am to be here. I'm so happy to be here.

Amanda: I hope you didn't break out or anything.

Kendall: No. Griffin gave me the ok.

Amanda: How did you change his mind?

Kendall: He came up with a great solution. Cara is going to look after me until Griffin thinks that I am strong enough. And I do feel fine, though. I feel good.

Amanda: That's great.

Cara: And I promise I won't get in your way. So on that note, I was just wondering where my room was so I can get rid of this.

Kendall: Yes. Go up that hallway, to the left, and mine's right after that one.

Cara: Fantastic.

Kendall: Thanks. Ahh.

Amanda: Wow. That's some solution.

Kendall: Yeah, I would've agreed to just about anything if it meant I can come home to these guys. Amanda, thank you so much for taking such good care of them.

Amanda: They are angels, and Trevor is just crazy about them.

Kendall: Why don't you stay, and we can have cookies and milk with our boys.

Amanda: I really should be getting back to the house. And besides, I'm sure that Spike and Ian would just love to have their mom all to themselves. So I -- oh, I think I left his blankie in the kitchen. I'll be right back.

Kendall: All right. Excuse me. I need to see you. I need to see you. You are so scrumptious. Get over here right now! Raa! Raa! Ha ha ha! Ya!

Cara: Hi.

Kendall: Hi!

Cara: You got your hands full.

Kendall: I do, indeed. This little worm over here, this is Ian, and this is Spike. You guys, this is Cara. She's gonna stay with us for a little while.

Spike: Come see my room, Mom.

Cara: What?

Kendall: Sounds serious to me. I think so. Then we're gonna have to go see your room. Let's go. Come here, Ian. Come on. Let's go see his room. I'm not sure -- actually, you know what? Do you mind watching him just for a second? His mom just went to get his blankie.

Cara: Yeah, I can.

Kendall: Good. Ok. Thanks. Come on! Let's go! Want to march? We're gonna march together.

Jake's voice: You sit down. Give me your bag.

Cara: You should take a breath.

Jake: No, I'm ok. So let me just ask you. How long does it take to actually find out if this --

Cara: It's gonna take a little while to get the results --

Jake: And how do you feel now? Can you feel something?

Cara: Do I feel pregnant?

Jake: Yeah. Can you feel --

Cara: I'm feeling confused. I'm totally confused, actually, because there's a lot that we need to do out here. And a baby -- I would have to leave the field.

Jake: Look, whatever happens, we'll figure it out.

Cara: Yeah. Ok. It's just we had a lot of plans, and this is gonna change everything.

Jake: My life's already changed, forever. And I don't think change is bad.

Cara: No? It's like a "world upside down" kind of change.

Jake: Yeah? We're not exactly the type of couple that's gonna get a job in a hospital and move to the suburbs and put the nugget in nursery school. That's not us, right?

Cara: No. That's for normal people.

Jake: And I think it would be good for a little kid -- blood and guts and danger.

Cara: Totally. Fire away!

Jake: What's a baby? We're not gonna baby any baby, not around here. Be an action hero by the time he's 3 years old.

Cara: I'd like that, yeah. Like, what kid could do it but --

Jake: Our kid.

Cara: That's right.

Jake: I love you. I just love you.

Cara: I love you.

Greenlee: Are you sure this is what you want?

Madison: It's not like I'll be in the office. I'll be working out of Kendall's house, so you'll hardly ever see me. Nobody will.

Ryan: Kendall could use the help, right? Madison knows Fusion, the boys love her.

[Knock on door]


Damon: Liza? You there?

Tad: Hey. Hello.

Colby: Thanks for coming.

Tad: I came as soon as I got your message.

Colby: Thanks.

Tad: What's wrong?

Colby: Damon -- he cheated on me.

Tad: Uh, are you sure?

Colby: Mm-hmm. He even told me. The thing is, is he won't tell me who with.

Tad: I'm -- I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

Colby: Tad, I love Damon, and I want to be with him, and I understand that people make mistakes. But I don't want to break up over this. I just want to put this all behind us.

Tad: Good for you. Good for you, Colby. I'm proud of you. That's very mature.

Colby: But if I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna have to know everything. I want to know who Damon slept with, and I want you to help me find out who.

Ryan: Hey, congrats on the job.

Madison: Thank you.

Ryan: Someplace you got to be?

Greenlee: Actually, there is. That business problem isn't solved exactly just yet.

Ryan: Everything ok?

Greenlee: Yeah. It will be once I get everything under control.

Griffin: Hi. I wanted to check the status of Dr. Carolyn Finn's paperwork. She spoke with you today? Dr. Carolyn Finn? You're sure?

Kendall: You guys, let's look outside, pick our favorite star, close our eyes, and make a wish, ok?

Ian: Ok.

Kendall: All right. Let's do it.

[Ian babbles]

Kendall: I'll do it for you.

Cara: Wait a second here. What are you doing, huh? You know what, buddy? Your mama's had a really superduper long day, and it is time for her to go to bed.

Kendall: How about this? How about I read you guys a story, and then we'll all go to bed together, ok? Good. Thank you, sweetie. Can you say "Good night"?

Spike: Good night.

Cara: Sweet dreams, boys.

Kendall: Ok. Come here, sweetie.

[Cara whispers]

Kendall: Just make yourself at home. Come here, angel. I got you. Let's go.

Cara: I think someone else is ready for sleep.

Kendall: Seriously. Thanks again.

Cara: Sure. [Returns to staring at Trevor] Look at you, eyes just like your daddy.

[Knock on door]

Jake: Kendall? You really should lock your doors.

[Trevor cries]

Ryan: I don't want Kendall to know anything about this, ok? Not until we have something concrete. And until then, I want everything and anything to do with Zach's plane crash to go through me. Got it?

Greenlee: Hey, what the hell are you doing? What happened to the call?

Scott: Oh. Yeah, that. I decided against it.

Greenlee: You're turning down a great job and a chance to get close to one of the hottest women in Pine Valley?

Scott: No, listen, I like Madison.

Greenlee: Then what's the problem?

Scott: There is no problem. ahem. I'm just gonna be doing it my way. Ahem. I'm just gonna be doing it my way.

Liza: Tad was just here.

Damon: I didn't mean to tell him.

Liza: It's all right.

Damon: I said it was my fault as much as yours. I could've walked away.

Liza: Damon, this was -- this was all me. I -- this was on me. I should've stopped it, and I didn't.

Damon: I'm quitting. I know I said that before, but this -- this seals it.

Liza: I know. I understand.

Damon: Oh. And I told Colby.

Liza: What?

Damon: I -- sorry. I told her that I slept with someone. I didn't say that it was you.

Liza: Ok. Um, how is she doing?

Damon: She's hurt. She took off. I don't know if we're gonna be ok or not. Hell, I don't know if I'm gonna be ok or not.

Liza: Damon, I am --

Tad: Colby -- look, if you want my advice, the last thing you should be doing right now is digging around for the other woman.

Colby: But, Tad, I need to know. I need to know who she is.

Tad: Why? Why? Is it gonna change anything? Is it gonna help anything, make things better? Maybe you should be thinking about why it happened.

Colby: But to me, it doesn't make any sense. That's why.

Tad: Excuse me, maybe it does. Things at your age are kind of complicated, things happen. He did mention something about you and Asher?

Colby: Tad, I --

Tad: Wait a minute, ok? I'm not saying that to be judgmental in any way. I'm just saying that at your age, you think you and Damon are forever, and that's great. That's the way it should feel. But the fact is, in life, sometimes you want what you want, and you get what you get. Maybe "forever" is a little tricky.

Colby: I thought that you loved me and Damon together. I thought that you were happy that --

Tad: I -- I'm thrilled. I love the fact that you are together, but there are differences, you know? Sometimes those are hard to handle. You've almost graduated from college, ok? He's got years of school ahead of him. In life, so many things can happen -- they will happen.

Colby: Tad, I love Damon, and I know that he loves me. I know that we can work through this together.

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