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Episode #10530

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J.R.: This meeting is long overdue. It's ridiculous we haven't even discussed an alliance till now.

Ryan: A what?

J.R.: I'll admit it was a bad break losing Cortlandt Electronics, but I think we could get it back. There's a lot of opportunities that are out there right now. We got to act fast.

Ryan: I don't think you understand what I'm doing here.

J.R.: I understand. Cambias is a dynamic company. So is Chandler. If we explore a partnership right now --

Ryan: We're not working together.

J.R.: I don't understand.

Ryan: Do you have any idea what you're doing to Annie?

Annie: Come on, Amanda. Open up. Open up. Open up. What took you so long?

Amanda: It's not a good time, Annie.

Annie: It's important. I'll explain. Just open the door.

Amanda: I'm really sick. If you come in, you could catch it.

Annie: I'll catch the bubonic plague if I have to. It's that important.

Marissa: I have really good news.

Scott: You stole a key to get me out of here?

Marissa: Almost as good. I have been on the phone all morning with prosecutors from the Justice Department. They are open to the idea of an early release.

Scott: How open?

Marissa: I'm gonna go see the parole board, and if things go like I think they will, you could be out of here very soon.

Scott: But I'm gonna miss these guys. I don't know.

Marissa: Ok. Just don't say your good-byes just yet. So what do you think? Are you ready to be back in the world?

Scott: Are you kidding me? I've been ready since the moment I stepped in this place. Better question is, is the world ready for me?

Greenlee: I hate these things.

Frankie: It's better than getting the flu.

Greenlee: I came to see Kendall and thought this was a good idea -- until I saw the needle.

Frankie: Why didn't you just let the nurse give it to you?

Greenlee: I requested you. You're supposed to be the best. "Painless Frankie" they call you.

Frankie: Left arm or right?

Greenlee: Doesn't matter.

Frankie: You want to tell me what you want before or after the shot?

Greenlee: Before.

Frankie: Good choice.

Greenlee: Madison.

Frankie: I figured.

Greenlee: I thought you could give me an update on how she's feeling.

Frankie: She's feeling fine.

Greenlee: You two are close?

Frankie: That's right.

Greenlee: Real close?

Frankie: What are you fishing for, Greenlee? You think Madison's baby is mine?

Madison: Kendall?

Kendall: Hi.

Madison: You look pretty good.

Kendall: Thanks. Yeah, tell that to Dr. Castillo. He won't let me go home. He keeps saying it's too soon.

Madison: As someone who was in here not too long ago, they're usually right about these things.

Kendall: Did you talk to my mom and Bianca? Did they give you their notes after I finally sent them home?

Madison: Pneumonia is nothing to fool around with, especially with your heart problems.

Kendall: The medication has kicked in, so I am feeling great. Everything is under control, and I really need to get home to my boys.

Madison: If you want me to stop by and take them to the park or make snowballs --

Kendall: I should be doing that.

Madison: You will when you're stronger.

Madison: I could lie in bed at home. At least then they'll see that I'm not dead.

Griffin: If you're planning on going anywhere, you're gonna have to pass through me first.

Kendall: Madison, do you know Dr. McWonderful?

Madison: No.

Griffin: Actually, it's pronounced "Ca-sti-llo."

Madison: Nice to meet you.

Griffin: So what's this I hear about you wanting to leave? Is it the food?

Kendall: No. Actually, it's you and your silly macho-doctor routine.

Griffin: I'm just trying to save lives, ma'am.

Kendall: Ok, that may work in the jungle, but around here --

Griffin: Jungle?

Kendall: Whatever. Jungle, desert -- I don't know. Wherever the hell you were. It doesn't matter. The fact is if someone wants to leave a hospital, they can leave.

Griffin: Ok. Fine. I got other patients. You want to go? Just go ahead and walk right out that front door.

Kendall: You think I can't?

Griffin: I think you're stubborn enough to try but smart enough to know you won't make it to the elevator. Take a deep breath. Up, up. Hold it. You're sounding better.

Madison: He seems to know what he's doing.

Kendall: Zach hired Dr. Castillo to help with the Miranda Center expansion.

Madison: That's great. That place really helped me out when I needed it.

Kendall: Ok. Maybe you can tell him to focus on that job instead of hovering over me 24/7.

Griffin: Hovering -- I failed that in med school, but I did ace all my Cardiology classes. And since you're a heart transplant patient with pneumonia --

Kendall: Recovering from pneumonia.

Griffin: Your condition has improved. Your blood pressure's down and your fever broke.

Kendall: Ok. Then you're still treating me like I'm at death's door.

Griffin: It's a very scary door. It has a big skull-and-bones knocker.

Kendall: I don't scare easily.

Madison: Is she gonna be ok?

Griffin: That's the plan. But I still don't feel comfortable she's not at risk.

Kendall: I'm at risk of completely losing my mind.

Griffin: Medically speaking, that probably happened long before you got into the hospital.

Madison : [Chuckles]

Kendall: Don't encourage him.

Greenlee: I know Madison is not carrying your baby.

Frankie: Then what are you trying to stir up here?

Greenlee: It's a simple question. How close are you two?

Frankie: We're good friends. My wife is also her good friend. Does that answer your simple question?

Greenlee: Yes, and that's good.

Frankie: I'm glad you approve.

Greenlee: I'm concerned about her.

Frankie: Huh. Yeah, right. I heard about your big, generous offer to send her out of town. Sounded like a sweet deal for you.

Greenlee: Madison is pregnant. She's alone. She quit her job. She's recovering from a gunshot wound.

Frankie: The last thing Madison wants or needs is your concern.

Greenlee: Yes, but she needs friends around her. She needs a support system, friends in her corner.

Frankie: As long as it's not Ryan.

Greenlee: I never said that.

Frankie: Didn't have to. Why else would you ship her out?

Greenlee: Listen, she wanted to go out of town. She didn't think she could handle it financially. That's when I made my offer for a move that would've been better for everyone.

Frankie: Especially you.

Greenlee: I won't deny that. But I honestly thought this would be good for her, too.

Frankie: She turned you down. But that won't be the end of it, is it? So, what, now you want to offer me big bucks to claim that I'm the father of Madison's baby?

Greenlee: Please.

Frankie: It might not fly once the baby comes out.

Greenlee: You're acting like there's some big conspiracy here. Ryan and I are solid, and it's not like he even knows that Madison is carrying his -- ow! Ahh! Ahh.

[Frankie gives Greenlee an injection]

Scott: You know what I feel like doing right now? Giving you a big kiss. J.R. paid off the guard to watch me, report back to him.

Marissa: He did?

Scott: Yeah. That surprises you?

Marissa: I guess not.

Scott: I'm sorry. I just wanted to give the guard something that would drive J.R. up the wall.

Marissa: It would certainly make him nuts, not that I think he's trying to win me back.

Scott: Yeah, but he would hate to see you with me.

Marissa: Yeah, I think that's fair to say.

Scott: Yeah. So J.R. came here last week to see me.

Marissa: I had no idea.

Scott: Yeah, he's trying to feel me out on things between me and my brilliant attorney.

Marissa: What did you tell him?

Scott: Conjugal visits. Lots of conjugal visits. Ohh.

Marissa: Oh. Sorry.

Scott: See that? You know what just happened? You almost got yourself shot there.

Marissa: Ok. Look. Hey, let's just get you out of prison first, and then we can worry about J.R. Here are the business magazines that you asked me to bring you.

Scott: Thank you very much. I want to keep myself informed. Because once I get out of this place, I'm gonna dive right in and get my life back on track.

Marissa: Like I said, it'll really go a long way with the parole board if you have a job waiting for you, and I know it won't be easy.

Scott: No. Corporate thieves not exactly high on the employee food chain these days, but that's ok because I have a plan.

Marissa: Good. And just forget about J.R. Ok?

Scott: I'm sorry. Who? Would you do me a favor? Would you make a phone call for me?

Marissa: Sure. Who do you want me to call? Really?

J.R.: Annie and I, we work together.

Ryan: And?

J.R.: That's it.

Ryan: I know what's going on, J.R. I saw Annie on New Year's Eve. Ok? She was a wreck.

J.R.: I know. I know she was upset.

Ryan: Because you were with Marissa.

J.R.: I really don't feel the need to explain any of this to you.

Ryan: As long as you're with the mother of my little girl, yeah, you will explain things to me. Look, Annie's a little fragile right now. Ok? So when that happens, she can spin out. She can really, really spin out of control. Do you understand? You got to look at what messages you're sending her. Are you with Marissa? Are you with Annie?

J.R.: Ok. Marissa and I are getting a divorce.

Ryan: Ok. Great. So after that, what's gonna happen? Are you and Annie gonna go public?

J.R.: Annie and I are fine. That's all you need to know.

Ryan: Really? You're fine?

J.R.: Ok. It's not a perfect situation. She gets frustrated from time to time, but we're working on that. She is fine.

Ryan: I thought that once, too, and she lost it. Ok? She tried to kill people. You know that, right? She tried to kill Erica and Greenlee.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Lavery. Ok. Yeah. If you think it's important, I'll be right there. Thanks. [Hangs up phone] Look, I don't know what the situation is, I don't know exactly what's going on, but straighten out with Annie. Ok? Because if you don't, I will.

Annie: Come on.

Amanda: If you catch this creeping crud, do not say that I didn't warn you.

Annie: You look fine to me.

Amanda: I look like crap. I feel even worse. Ohh, it just hit me last night out of the blue. Look, I have to go pick up Madison, and Opal's dropping off Trevor in a little bit.

Annie: Ok, this is an emergency. I'm willing to take my chances.

Amanda: Ok, but I can hardly hold my head up.

Annie: This won't take any energy. I just need you to set up a double date with you and Jake and me and J.R.

Amanda: A double date? That's the emergency?

Annie: Yeah. It'll make my relationship with J.R. real.

Amanda: Did the one that we had with Scott help you? All it did was upset you. And besides, I thought you and J.R. were supposed to be keeping things on the down-low.

Annie: Jake wouldn't tell anybody, right?

Amanda: We would still be out in public, Annie.

Annie: You're right. You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm just -- I was supposed to spend New Year's with J.R., And I ended up spending most of the evening by myself.

Amanda: I'm sorry, but you knew what you were getting into.

Annie: Not like this. And Marissa -- she's become so manipulative, and she's just trying to reel J.R. back in.

Amanda: Annie, don't do this to yourself.

Annie: It's happening. It's happening all over again, just like what happened with Ryan and Greenlee. I saw him, by the way, on New Year's, and it just brought back all of these memories. I remember him saying to me, "We're just friends. Greenlee and I, we're just friends. We're not getting back together." And you know what? They did. And then the exact same thing happened with Adam and Brooke.

Amanda: That doesn't mean it's gonna happen again.

Annie: No, because I won't let it happen again. I just need to come up with a way to have J.R. spend more time with me and less time with Marissa.

Amanda: [Coughs] What you need to do is stop obsessing about J.R.

Annie: Whoa. You really are sick.

Amanda: Ohh! Oh, my God. Thank God Jake got somebody to cover for him for the rest of the afternoon. There is no way I could spend the entire day alone.

Annie: Really? Tell me, exactly what are your symptoms?

Kendall: Part of being a good doctor is treating the whole patient, not just parts of her.

Griffin: Do you have an ingrown toenail? Did you sprain your funny bone?

Kendall: I am bored to tears.

Griffin: Do you know what would be a lot less boring? Heart palpitations.

Madison: Are you having those?

Griffin: Not yet. But they could be coming, and they can be very exciting, like a booming car stereo with the bass cranked all the way up right in your chest, and that could be the precursor to all kinds of other fun stuff.

Kendall: All right. Ok. I think we get it.

Madison: Like what?

Griffin: You see that? Somebody doesn't find me boring. And to think that once I had entire villages writing my name in stones.

Kendall: Ok, that doesn't sound real to me.

Madison: Is it true?

Griffin: Yeah. They would've written "Dr. McWonderful," but they ran out of rocks.

Madison: Ha! I could see that.

Griffin: Maybe three-on-one will do it.

Greenlee: Hey.

Kendall: Hi.

Greenlee: Hi, everyone. You're looking so much better.

Kendall: Tell him.

Griffin: She's improved, but you're not going home yet.

Greenlee: How are you doing?

Madison: Good. Really good.

Greenlee: No problems?

Madison: No. The gunshot wound is healing. And, actually, I got to go right now, but I'll come back and check on you later. Ok?

Kendall: Thanks again for everything, Madison.

Griffin: Don't let her break out of here.

Kendall: Um, did you come here to see me or my doctor?

Greenlee: What? Oh. Him? Yeah. Not hard on the eyes. So you look good. I already said that. Really, I am happy that you're doing better. You really know how to ring in the new year.

Kendall: I heard you spent the night with Spike and Ian. I appreciate that.

Greenlee: No problem. If there's anything else I can do to help --

Kendall: Thanks.

Greenlee: I know it's gonna take us a while to get back in sync. It's kind of weird not having you poking into my business.

Kendall: Actually, I could really use some juicy gossip right now. I'm dying to hear something. God knows there's got to be something going on, right?

Madison: Thank you for keeping such a tight rein on Kendall.

Griffin: Heart transplant patients always need someone to keep an eye on them. I'll make sure that Kendall's regular cardiologist stays on her.

Madison: What about you?

Griffin: I'm a surgeon. I just happened to be here when Kendall was brought in. But playing the whole patient police -- that's not my thing. I'll see you.

Madison: See you. Frankie. Hey.

Frankie: Hey. I just had an interesting conversation with Greenlee.

Madison: Oh. I'm afraid to even ask.

Frankie: You should be. Don't trust her, Madison. Whenever you're with her, watch your back.

J.R.: Can I get you something to drink?

Marissa: No. I'm fine.

J.R.: Are you sure?

Marissa: Yeah. I just want to go over some of these custody papers. I think that --

J.R.: Ok, Marissa, what's wrong? It's only been two minutes, and it's like an arctic chill in here.

Marissa: You went to see Scott in prison, and you asked about me.

J.R.: So he told you I saw him?

Marissa: Why did you go to see him?

J.R.: You want the truth?

Marissa: I thought we were being completely honest with each other these days.

J.R.: I was concerned about you. Do you really think it's such a good idea to have him as your first client to build your law career?

Marissa: I think I have a good shot of winning.

J.R.: But if you get an early release for a guy who's a convicted felon, who openly admitted stealing from a dead man --

Marissa: It makes me a good lawyer.

J.R.: I'm just saying it could put you on the other side of some very powerful people that may not want to do business with you. I'm just saying let's look at the big picture.

Marissa: Ok. Big picture? Scott's been punished enough for what he did. He deserves a second chance, and he deserves a good lawyer who can get him one.

J.R.: Lucky for me, you do give second chances --

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Because you've given me about 10.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: J.R.

Annie: J.R. I'm in trouble.

J.R.: What's wrong?

Annie: I need you. Please come to the hotel. I feel like I'm dying.

Scott: Wow. When I asked Marissa to call you, I didn't think you'd get here so quickly.

Ryan: She said it was urgent.

Scott: She's a good lawyer already. I think it is.

Ryan: Something about a takeover of one of Cambias' companies.

Scott: Yeah, that's the information that I have.

Ryan: Ok. So who's making the move?

Scott: My former partner and cousin, J.R.

Ryan: Really?

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: That's a little confusing, considering I just met with him, and he was talking about some kind of merger.

Scott: No, that's bogus. It's an end-around. All right? J.R. doesn't want to be partners with anyone. Trust me. I know.

Ryan: And how did you get this information?

Scott: I still have some allies over at Chandler. They keep me up to speed. The company is in a very bad place right now.

Ryan: Not according to J.R., it's not.

Scott: He's desperate. So he wants to make a big move to stay relevant to the board, and Cambias -- that's his first target.

Ryan: Ok. Thank you for the heads-up. I'll check it out.

Scott: Yeah. I wouldn't wait too long.

Ryan: And what do you get out of this?

Scott: Payback, for one thing.

Ryan: What's the other thing?

Scott: I want to be on your team.

Ryan: You want a job?

Scott: You will never find a more loyal employee than me.

Ryan: No offense, but you come with a little bit of baggage.

Scott: A lot of baggage. But it also means that I've got a lot to prove, which means I will work twice as hard as anyone else.

Ryan: Once you get out of this place.

Scott: Which is gonna be pretty soon. Marissa thinks I got a real shot at it.

Ryan: I guess having a job would be very helpful.

Scott: Exactly. The parole board -- they like to know that when you get out of here, you're not gonna go rob a bank. Do I have to remind you how many beer runs I made back when we were roommates?

Ryan: No, you don't have to remind me. But Cambias isn't exactly looking for a beer run guy right now, if you know what I mean.

Scott: Seriously, though, I can be an asset to you, ok, not just dealing with J.R., but the whole operation.

Ryan: I'm not doubting your competence, but I can't possibly hire you at Cambias right now.

Scott: Baggage still too heavy, huh?

Ryan: Especially after that whole nanotech scandal and all the problems at Chandler. The board would string me up if I tried to take you on.

Scott: I know. Serving time doesn't help either. If I was in your position, I probably wouldn't hire me either.

Ryan: It's gonna be a tough road ahead. Not too many people are gonna be looking to help you out.

Scott: Then I'll just have to get back up on my own.

J.R.: Annie? Annie? What is it? What's wrong?

Annie: I'm sorry to have called you like that, but I've never felt this sick before in my life.

J.R.: Let me feel your head. My God, you're burning up.

Annie: I tried to take something to reduce the fever, but nothing's working.

J.R.: How long have you been feeling like this?

Annie: It just came on so suddenly overnight, and everything -- my whole body is aching.

J.R.: It sounds like the flu. Let's get you into bed.

Annie: Ok. Oh, my God. J.R. --

J.R.: Ohh!

Annie: Ohh.

Frankie: Greenlee tried to smooth everything over, but it's pretty clear. She doesn't want Ryan anywhere near you or your baby.

Madison: That's not really much of a secret. I mean -- and I agree with her. I don't want to share this baby.

Frankie: Greenlee doesn't exactly just let things go.

Madison: She's just protecting her territory.

Frankie: It's more than that. You want this baby?

Madison: I do.

Frankie: Greenlee doesn't. I think she wants a way to guarantee that you and your baby won't interfere with her life.

Kendall: This is weird.

Greenlee: What's weird?

Kendall: You usually won't shut up about your latest drama.

Greenlee: And you always accuse me of being too self-absorbed.

Kendall: You are. But I get the feeling that you're holding out on me, and you know how I hate that. So, please, just spill. I'm desperate here. Anything juicy going on with you and Ryan?

Greenlee: There's really not anything going on. Ryan and I are living together now.

Kendall: Yeah, I know that already. Ok. So how's that going?

Greenlee: Great.

Kendall: One-word answers?

Greenlee: Fabulous and great.

Kendall: Ok. Now you're making me mad.

Greenlee: No, that's it. We're happy. Everything's going really well. No complications. You ok?

Kendall: I'm fine. [Coughing]

Griffin: Doesn't sound fine to me.

Kendall: Oh, my God. What, do you have super hearing? I just need some water. That's all.

Griffin: And then you need to get some rest. Here.

Greenlee: I will come back tomorrow. Ok?

Kendall: You can't throw her out either.

Griffin: I think I can take her.

Kendall: That I'd pay to see. At least it would stop me from dying of boredom.

Greenlee: I'm leaving.

Kendall: Ok. Come back with some better stories, please.

Greenlee: She certainly hasn't lost her sense of humor.

Griffin: She's a riot, all right.

Greenlee: I'm just glad you were here when she came in. Thank you for taking care of her.

Griffin: That's part of the job description.

Greenlee: Don't be so modest. I know you're new in town. How you liking it here?

Griffin: It's good. I'm getting used to things.

Greenlee: Must be hard getting a social life going, though, huh? What do you do for fun?

Griffin: You hitting on me?

Greenlee: Me? No.

Griffin: I just thought -- never mind.

Greenlee: You are perfect for my friend, though, and I saw the way you two were connecting. So I thought --

Griffin: You hooking me up with Kendall? What's wrong with you? Kendall's husband passed away, like, five minutes ago. What do you expect me to do? Hop into her hospital bed?

Greenlee: I do have more than one friend. I was talking about Madison, not Kendall.

Griffin: Madison? The blonde?

Greenlee: Yes. I saw you two in that room, and you seemed to be connecting.

Griffin: So, what, did you think we were like soul mates?

Greenlee: I just thought she might be someone you might be interested in. My mistake.

Griffin: Ok. Yeah, I do ok finding my own dates.

Greenlee: I'm sure you do. Just be sure to stay away from smart, beautiful women like Madison, because they're obviously too much of a challenge for you.

Griffin: Oh. Someone's pissed off. Is it because I'm still treating your husband?

Greenlee: I am no longer responsible for David.

Griffin: Yeah, I know that. You passed him off.

Greenlee: Do I have to remind you what that man put me through? You may see him as some sort of brilliant mentor, but I -- I'm not doing this. I do not want to talk about David.

Griffin: Yeah. You're too busy playing matchmaker. [Walks into Kendall's room] Hi. What are you doing? Where did you get this?

Kendall: Madison left it here.

Griffin: Ok. Listen to me. I know that you've been dealt a really bad hand recently, but most people waiting for a heart transplant usually die before they get one. You've been given a second chance, but that doesn't mean you're indestructible.

Kendall: You think I don't know that? I feel like I'm falling apart here.

Griffin: Ok. Fine. So here's your opportunity to fall apart where it's safe, in the hospital, before you go home to your two little boys. Because when you're there, Kendall, you're gonna have to start taking care of yourself, stop neglecting that heart of yours, and seeing a shrink might not be a bad idea either.

Kendall: Ok. All right. Would you please stop lecturing me? I am doing the best I can.

Griffin: I think that you can do better. Because if you don't, your kids may lose another parent.

Amanda: Stay back. Ah-choo! You don't want to catch this.

Madison: Ok.

Amanda: Oh, thank you.

Madison: Are you sure you should be out?

Amanda: I don't have a choice. Moms don't get sick days, so --

Madison: Moms get breaks, right?

Amanda: Welcome to my big break today. I am making an emergency run for medicine and Krystal's chicken noodle soup. I ache all over, but I can't stop now.

Madison: Is there anything I can do?

Amanda: No, thank you. Thank God Jake got his shift covered for the rest of the afternoon, because I don't know how I could do it. But I don't know how single mothers do it, you know? More power to them, right?

Madison: Right. Luckily, there are lots of great nannies out there.

Amanda: And we have one of the best ones. Just don't ask me how much she makes.

Madison: That bad?

Amanda: But worth every penny. You'll see someday. Ah-choo!

Ryan: I'm sorry.

Scott: It was worth a shot, right?

Ryan: Hey, you know what I can do is I can just make some phone calls. I can see what else is out there if you want.

Scott: Don't worry about it, really.

Ryan: It's not personal, man. You know that.

Scott: No, I get it. But when I do land somewhere, look out.

Ryan: Yeah? I look forward to the competition. And thank you very much for the heads-up about J.R. Ok?

Scott: Yeah.

Ryan: All right. Good luck.

Scott: Before you go, how's Emma?

Ryan: She's good. She's really good, actually.

Scott: Great.

Ryan: Have you heard from Annie?

Scott: No. But you sound a little concerned.

Ryan: She's been a little bit tense lately. That's all.

Scott: Sounds like J.R. is still in the mix. Do what you got to do to protect your little girl, but watch out for them.

J.R.: All right. You're gonna be ok. I'm gonna call a doctor.

Annie: What? No, no. J.R., I need you. I don't need a doctor.

J.R.: I think you do. You don't want this to get any worse.

Annie: It's just the flu. I must've gotten it from Amanda, and Jake even told her there's nothing he could do. So --

J.R.: But, still, I'd feel a lot better if someone took a look at you.

Annie: I'm fine, really, unless it gets into my lungs.

J.R.: Right, your asthma. That's another reason to call the doctor.

Annie: Really, I'm fine. Ok? Please, just stay with me?

J.R.: I'm not going anywhere.

Annie: Would you mind getting me a glass of water?

J.R.: Sure.

Annie: [Coughs] Ohh, thank you. Thank you for coming. I know how busy you are.

J.R.: It's ok.

Annie: I don't know what I would've done without you.

J.R.: I'll always be here for you.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: J.R. Chandler.

Marissa: Hi. Are you ok? You left in such a hurry.

Annie: Tell the office to leave you alone.

Marissa: You're with Annie?

J.R.: Yeah. She got sick at the office. She's running a high temperature. It's a bad flu, so I had to take her home.

Marissa: J.R., you can't be around her. Even though you're in remission, you can't afford to catch the flu.

J.R.: I had my shot.

Marissa: The doctor told you that it's not 100%. After the lymphoma, your immune system is compromised.

J.R.: Please don't worry.

Marissa: I will always worry about you. You're A.J.'s father. You have to protect yourself. Just leave Annie now.

Annie: I'm sorry Marissa heard me.

J.R.: It's all right. I handled it.

Annie: I didn't know that it was her on the phone.

J.R.: She thinks that I should leave.

Annie: Figures.

J.R.: She doesn't want me getting sick.

Annie: That's not really any of her business anymore.

J.R.: Yeah, but my immune system is not really strong enough to be dealing with viruses. Maybe she's right about me leaving.

Annie: I don't think I'm even contagious anymore.

J.R.: But I can't risk getting sick. I can't do that to A.J. I'm the only one that's holding the company together. I can't even be sick for a single day.

Annie: I'll wear a mask. You can wear a mask.

J.R.: I'm not gonna leave you alone. I'll bring somebody over here --

Annie: No, I don't want anybody else here!

J.R.: And I would love to stay --

Annie: Please stay. I'm not really sick.

J.R.: What are you talking about, Annie? You're burning up.

Annie: No, I'm not. [Picking up a hot-water bottle] I was faking it.

Greenlee: Hi. I am so happy to see you.

Ryan: Yeah? You had one of those mornings, too, huh?

Greenlee: I went to see Kendall, and it was a little awkward, but the main thing is she's doing better.

Ryan: She must be doing better. She's got visitors coming by.

Greenlee: What about you?

Ryan: I had a weird morning. I went to see J.R., and then I went to prison.

Greenlee: To prison?

Ryan: Yeah. Scott Chandler wanted to see me.

Greenlee: About what?

Ryan: He's hoping to get an early release, and he wants to come work for Cambias, and it's just hard. I hated turning him down, but a job would be good for his parole.

Greenlee: He did admit to corporate theft.

Ryan: I know. But the guy wants to start over, you know?

Greenlee: I always liked Scott.

Ryan: Yeah, he's a decent guy, right? He just got mixed up with --

Greenlee: The wrong woman?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, maybe. It's nice to say that I don't have that problem.

Greenlee: No. You finally found the right woman.

Ryan: Yeah, you got that right.

Greenlee: And this right woman's gonna fight like hell to make us be right forever.

Kendall: Would you please just leave?

Griffin: Why? Because you can't handle the truth?

Kendall: Because you're implying that I'm trying to kill myself and make my children orphans.

Griffin: Ok. Maybe that was a hard sell. But I am trying to keep you alive here, and you're not helping me.

Kendall: All right. Listen. You know what? We're not in your war zone anymore. Ok? There's no bombs about to go off and explode. So maybe you can try and take a second and feel what your patients are going through.

Griffin: That's exactly where I'm gonna be when I'm finished with you. But first, I have to make you well again. We doctors take this oath thing pretty seriously. So you get some rest, or else I'm gonna pull out a magic trick.

Madison: Sorry to disturb you. Hey.

Kendall: Hi. No, you're not.

Madison: I think I left a cell phone here.

Kendall: You did, actually, and my prison guard took it away from me.

Madison: I like Dr. Castillo.

Kendall: Yeah, of course, you do. You know what? You can have him. Here you go.

Madison: Thank you. If there's anything I can get you before I go --

Kendall: No, thank you.

Madison: Take care, huh?

Kendall: Actually, could I ask you something?

Madison: Sure.

Kendall: Is there a tidal wave hovering over my head?

Madison: No. No tidal wave.

Kendall: A hurricane? A monsoon?

Madison: No. Neither. But that's how it feels?

Kendall: Do you ever feel like that? Like life is just spinning and swirling around you, and you've got this huge tidal wave hovering over your head, and you have nothing to cling to?

Madison: Actually, I know the feeling pretty well.

Kendall: How do you know what to do next when you feel like you can't even take a breath?

Madison: I don't know. I guess just catch every breath that you can. Look, I know it's nothing at all like what you're going through, but when I lost Ryan, I had the wind knocked right out of me, you know? But I'm still standing. Life's still going on. Tidal wave hasn't knocked me down yet.

Kendall: Actually, there is something that you can do for me, something that might help me catch my breath again.

Annie: I know. You don't have to tell me. It was stupid.

J.R.: Do you know how worried I was about you?

Annie: That's what I wanted -- you to take care of me for a change. I'm sorry. It was really selfish. I just wanted to be able to have a second of alone time with you.

J.R.: So you fake being sick?

Annie: I thought if I pretended, we'd be able to spend some real time together. I know it was too much, and I am sorry. Please forgive me. I just -- I just needed to be with you.

Ryan's voice: Annie's a little fragile right now. Ok? So when that happens, she can spin out. She can really, really spin out of control. Do you understand?

Madison: Mission accomplished. I even got your doctor's permission!

Kendall: Hi, guys! Hello! Get up here now! You get up here now! Ohh, I missed you!

Ryan: Madison called.

Madison: Kendall didn't give me much choice.

Kendall: I missed you so much. I missed you.

Ryan: Wow. It looks like the boys really are the best medicine, huh?

Kendall: Thank you both so much. Hi! Hi! Hi!

Ryan: Happy New Year.

Kendall: Happy New Year. Did you hear that? It is now. You know what? This is exactly what I needed to catch my breath -- a hug from these guys, right? A hug from these guys. You'll see what I mean someday. It kind of puts life into perspective, doesn't it?

Madison: Yeah, it really does.

Kendall: Kids help you make sense of life when there is none. You're a silly goose. Give me another kiss! A kiss on the cheek, please? I want one.

Ryan: Oh, kisses for Mommy! Absolutely. Look. He's just hanging out. Just take a load off there. Take it easy.

Griffin: Huh. Suddenly, it all makes sense.

Greenlee: What?

Griffin: Why you wanted to hook me up with Madison. She's Ryan's ex, isn't she?

Greenlee: You think I'm worried about her? Please.

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