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Revelers: 10, 9, 8, 7 --

Erica: Please help me. I need you.

[Man hums "Auld Lang Syne"]

Caleb: You can count on me.

[Noisemakers blow]

Caleb: You can trust me. [Kisses Erica]

Greenlee: I knew she would crash right before the ball dropped.

Ryan: She did. She collapsed. I'm telling you, she sets her mind to something and she does it, kind of like somebody else I know.

[Telephone rings]

Ryan: Are you kidding me right now? It's the hospital. Hello? Hey, Frankie.

[Greenlee remembers]

Madison: I want this baby.

Ryan: Ok. Thanks for calling.

Greenlee: What happened?

Ryan: It's Kendall.

Greenlee: She's in the hospital?

Ryan: Could be complications with her heart.

Asher: Happy New Year, man.

J.R.: Hey. Thanks. Same to you. I mean that. I know things have been crazy lately, but that's sort of how this family works. So you can't escape now even if you wanted to.

Asher: Thanks. Hey, how do you do it, man?

J.R.: Do what?

Asher: You just spent New Year's with Marissa and A.J., right?

J.R.: Yeah?

Asher: And I'm guessing you're gonna go chill out with your girlfriend? So what's your plan when it all hits the fan?

Reporter: Confetti's been thrown, everyone's gotten their midnight kiss, but we're --

[Annie turns off TV]

Griffin: We're treating Kendall's pneumonia as aggressively as we can.

Bianca: Because you're worried about rejection of the donor heart?

Griffin: You always jump to the worst-case scenario?

Jack: Ok, Doctor, what's the best-case scenario?

Griffin: That the antibiotics work their magic. Before you know it, she's good as new -- or at least to where she was before the infection.

Bianca: Can we see her?

Griffin: I'm gonna hold off on visitors for a little while. Let your sister get some rest.

Kendall: Zach.

Jack: Thank you, Doctor. Boy, it must be killing your mom not to be able to see Kendall.

Bianca: Yeah, that must be why she's not here. She probably couldn't stand sitting around, not doing anything.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure that's it. I'm just surprised she hasn't at least called.

[Crowd cheering]

[Noisemakers blow]

Erica: What am I doing? This has been such an emotional night, after everything that happened with Kendall and everything.

Caleb: I think we both know that this was always gonna happen.

Erica: What do you mean?

Caleb: Don't beat yourself up over this.

Erica: I can't even really think about this right now, not with Kendall lying in the hospital like that. I mean, I don't know how much more her heart can take. Caleb, you have to promise me that you won't say anything to anyone. I mean, Kendall -- she can never remember that she is the one who shot David.

Caleb: Whatever happens between you and me is between us.

Erica: I should get back. Even if I can't see Kendall, I can at least be close. Thank you. Caleb, thank you for protecting my daughter.

Caleb: You're welcome.

Greenlee: Just when things seemed like they were getting back to normal, pneumonia?

Ryan: She collapsed. Erica brought her in. I mean, you let yourself get run down with an infection like this, there's a serious, serious chance of rejection.

Greenlee: We need to get to the hospital.

Ryan: Ok. I'm gonna call Annie and see if she can watch Emma. Wait.

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: Spike and Ian. Sandra's watching them right now, but Sandra doesn't usually stay overnight. She doesn't know the drill when Spike wakes up.

Greenlee: Ok. Here's what we're gonna do. You wait here until Annie can get here, and then you go to the hospital. I'll go to Kendall's, I'll relieve the nanny, and I'll be there if one of the boys wakes up.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Greenlee: This is what we do, right?

Ryan: Yeah. Ok.

Jack: So how will we know if the antibiotics are working?

Griffin: It's hard to say. We're hitting her with everything we've got, then we're gonna focus on bringing her blood pressure down.

Bianca: But it's all doable, right? She could be fine?

Griffin: Right now the odds are in her favor. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go check on her vitals.

Jack: Thanks. Yeah. How you holding up? Are you ok?

Bianca: I'm fine. I just want to see her.

Jack: We'll get in and see -- hi. Hi. I am so, so sorry about everything that happened.

Erica: Has there been any change?

Jack: She's still sleeping.

Bianca: Dr. Castillo's checking in on her now.

Jack: Yeah, I just -- I'm just so sorry we fought like that.

Erica: Oh. Don't -- really. I'm not even -- that's the last thing I'm thinking about.

Jack: I realize Kendall is what we have to give our attention to. I know that.

Erica: Yes.

Caleb: Any news on your sister?

Bianca: Just a whole lot of doctor-speak.

Caleb: You got to look after her.

Bianca: They won't let me in to see her.

Caleb: I mean your mom.

Griffin: What are you doing in here?

Rev. Torres: I'm a minister.

Griffin: I know who you are. No visitors, even those sent by God.

J.R.: Nothing is hitting the fan.

Asher: I heard about Caleb getting Cortlandt Electronics back.

J.R.: Ok, I'll give you that. Some things have hit the fan at Chandler, but that's how it works. One minute Palmer would be on top, the next minute my father was pinning him to the mat.

Asher: So, what, you and Caleb are gonna be like the next Adam and Palmer?

J.R.: Palmer and my father were the real deal. I only wish to be half of what they were. Caleb doesn't measure up. Ok? The one thing I do have going for me is I have Chandler and Cortlandt blood running through my veins. It wasn't easy to be in the middle, but now that gives me an edge.

Asher: Maybe that's why you're so good at keeping things so chill between you and Marissa without freaking Annie out.

J.R.: It's finally paid off. Marissa's agreed to joint custody, and my son isn't going anywhere.

Asher: Dude, that's awesome.

J.R.: Yeah, it is. Thank you.

Asher: Now you guys can go public or whatever.

J.R.: Not until the divorce papers are final. Now that we're family, Asher, I can count on you to be discreet?

Asher: Hey, if this thing gets out between you and Annie, it won't be because of me.

[Telephone rings]

Annie: J.R., where are you?

Ryan: Annie?

Annie: Ryan. Hey. Sorry. I thought you were --

Ryan: I know exactly who you thought I was. I'm glad you're still awake.

Annie: Why? Is Emma ok?

Ryan: She's fine. She's fine. But I need you to come over here and take care of her for a little while. Ok?

Annie: Right now?

Ryan: Yes. Now.

Annie: Ryan, it's not really a good time.

Ryan: Annie, listen. This is really, really important. Ok? I just need you to come over here and take care of our little girl.

Madison: Kendall invited me over to watch the ball drop, but when I got here, she'd already been taken to the hospital.

Greenlee: What happened to the babysitter?

Madison: She seemed upset, wasn't planning on spending the night, so I told her to go home, that I would stay.

Greenlee: Have either of them woken up?

Madison: Not yet. It's only a matter of time before Spike -- I don't have to tell you about Spike.

Greenlee: No, you don't. Well, consider yourself off the hook. I'm sure you've got lots to do to get ready for New York. You're still planning on going, right? I made a few phone calls. I set up an interview with one of Fusion's distributors.

Madison: Oh. Wow. That's --

Greenlee: Is there a problem?

Madison: No. You really want me gone, don't you? Me and my baby?

J.R.: Mm-mm. Boy, you look incredible.

Annie: I'm glad you got to see me in it for 30 seconds.

J.R.: Oh. It's gonna be coming off that fast?

Annie: No. No. Ryan called, and he needs me to go over there to stay with Emma.

J.R.: Where's Ryan going?

Annie: He needs to go to the hospital to see Kendall.

J.R.: Is she ok?

Annie: Pneumonia, which I guess normally wouldn't be that big of a deal. But with her heart and --

J.R.: Ok, how about this? How about we just have our own celebration tomorrow?

Annie: You sure you won't be tied up with Marissa?

J.R.: I've got nothing on my schedule except spending time with you.

Annie: I have an idea. Why don't you come with me tonight?

J.R.: To Ryan's?

Annie: Yes! Emma's asleep. She wouldn't know. Nobody would know.

J.R.: I don't think that's such a good idea.

Annie: Come on. What happened to your adventurous spirit? I thought you liked the whole forbidden thing.

J.R.: I do, but that is -- it's risky. I'm sorry that it worked out like that. I really wanted to be with you tonight.

Annie: You still can.

J.R.: What if Emma wakes up? Or what if someone sees me coming into Ryan's building with you? Annie, we talked about this.

Annie: I know we did. I'm just disappointed.

J.R.: I'm sorry. I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow.

Annie: Tomorrow. It's always tomorrow.

Erica: I'm so sorry that we didn't have our evening.

Jack: Sweetheart, please don't say another word about that.

Erica: No. You went to so much trouble. You rented the whole place out just to sweep me off my feet.

Jack: Hey, so we'll do the whole restaurant all to ourselves another time. Ok? Kendall is gonna be ok. It's just a good thing you were there when she collapsed, huh?

Erica: Yeah. Yes. But this Dr. Castillo, who's on duty -- you like him, right?

Jack: I checked him out. He's got a very good reputation.

Erica: That's good. Then it's good that he was here in town.

Jack: Yes, and listen. Thank you for having Caleb call me to let me know what was going on.

Erica: I would've done it myself --

Jack: But you were busy with Kendall. I know.

Erica: Yes. And the thought of leaving her side --

Jack: Where'd you go? When I got here, you were nowhere to be found. I just wondered where you went.

Rev. Torres: I am sorry, Doc. I didn't realize the room was off-limits.

Griffin: She doesn't need prayer. She needs antibiotics.

Rev. Torres: There's no reason she can't have both.

Griffin: It's time for you to go.

Rev. Torres: Do you have a problem with religion?

Griffin: No. Not at all. I can tell your counsel has been a really big help.

Rev. Torres: Ok. When she wakes up, please tell her I stopped by.

Griffin: Kendall? It's Dr. Castillo. Was that too formal? Let's try Griffin. Or, knowing you, you'd probably want to call me "Griff." Shh, shh. Just try to stay calm. Everything's gonna be ok. Your coming to is a good sign, Kendall, but I need you to stay calm. Just try to relax. Can you do that for me?

Erica: So as I was saying, I was in need of help, of guidance.

Jack: So you went to the chapel?

Erica: I spoke to my mother. I spoke to Zach. I begged Zach to give Kendall the strength to stay here with us.

Jack: Kendall is not going anywhere. Let's just take this one moment at a time. Ok? Sweetheart, you don't have to carry all this by yourself.

Erica: I just made another New Year's resolution -- not to ever, ever take you for granted. I love you, Jack. I love you so much.

Jack: I love you -- more, I think, than you may ever know.

Caleb: The usual, please.

Singer: In your dreams I'm here in your sleep destined to be destined to be

[J.R. blows noisemaker in Caleb's ear]

Ryan: Hey. Wow. You look fancy.

Annie: It's New Year's Eve, Ryan, in case you forgot. I didn't bring spare clothes to the hotel.

Ryan: Hotel?

Annie: Don't you need to get to the hospital?

Ryan: No, actually, not yet. Kendall is not allowed to have visitors just yet. So --

Annie: That's great. I'm glad I ran over here and ruined my night with J.R. for nothing. Don't look at me like that.

Ryan: I'm not looking at you like anything.

Annie: Yes, you are. And for the record, it's not like J.R. is stashing me away like some little secret. We really, really care about one another.

Ryan: Just not enough to tell anybody that you're actually together?

Annie: We want to. We just -- we can't. It's complicated.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Marissa's agreed to joint custody, which is a great thing. But until everything's finalized, J.R. doesn't want to rock the boat. And with all this drama going on with Chandler, we just think it's best to wait until we go public.

Ryan: Sounds like you got everything figured out.

Annie: Yeah. It's perfect -- except for the fact that I hate it. You think it's fun hiding out in some random motel, not being able to tell people the way you really feel? Why can't it just be easy? I lost you to Greenlee, Adam to Brooke, Scott to prison. I will not lose J.R.

Ryan: Annie, you do realize that Marissa still is legally his wife?

Annie: Just like I was yours when you fell back in love with Greenlee? I will not be tossed aside. No way. Not again.

Ryan: Hey, Annie. I wouldn't be asking this if it wasn't for Emma, but are you sure you're ok?

Greenlee: I've been completely upfront with you about your situation.

Madison: My situation? I'm having a baby, Ryan's baby.

Greenlee: You don't need to remind me. I thought we came to some sort of understanding on Christmas Eve.

Madison: We did. And I meant what I said. I am beyond grateful that you brought me to the hospital -- brought us to the hospital.

Greenlee: But what? You don't want my help anymore? Just say the word, and I'll call the distributor.

Madison: I do want your help. I need it. It's just this whole thing is a little bit complicated.

Greenlee: Tell me about it.

Madison: And the thought of moving my entire life in the middle of this pregnancy -- it's daunting.

Greenlee: Are you having second thoughts?

Madison: No. I mean -- no, I don't think so. My leaving is best for everybody. Ok? I get that.

Greenlee: But it's hard?

Madison: Yeah.

Greenlee: And Ryan?

Madison: I'm not ready to tell him yet. I'll move, and I'll have a job. Hopefully, I will be self-sufficient. Maybe he won't feel like he owes me so much.

Greenlee: He'll always feel like he owes you something. He's Ryan.

Madison: Hopefully, he will feel like he doesn't owe me as much.

Greenlee: That's what I want, too -- for just a little time that Ryan and I can have together without -- so we're settled?

Madison: He won't find out that you knew about this -- at least not from me. I owe you that for saving us in the park.

Greenlee: Thanks for watching the boys. I'll take it from here.

Madison: Bye, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Bye. Good luck.

Griffin: Good news. The antibiotics are taking effect. Her blood gases are improving.

Bianca: That's good, right?

Griffin: It is.

Erica: But?

Griffin: But her blood pressure is still higher than I'd like. I'm trying to keep her calm, but it's not easy.

Erica: What do you mean?

Griffin: She's restless. She's worked up about something.

Erica: Can I see her, please, now?

Griffin: As long as you keep it quick.

Erica: Ok. Thank you. Oh, honey, please? Do you mind? I just would like to have a moment alone with Kendall.

Bianca: Yeah. Sure. Of course.

Erica: Kendall? Ohh, it is so good to see those beautiful eyes of yours again.

Kendall: Mom?

Erica: Yes, yes, it's me.

Kendall: Mom, I am so scared.

Erica: Sweetheart, you're doing great. The antibiotics are kicking in. There's nothing for you to be scared of. You're gonna be home before you know it with your little boys.

Kendall: But I keep getting this panicked feeling, especially when I sleep, like I can't get away from something.

Erica: I'm sure that's nightmares, probably from the medication.

Kendall: But it feels so real.

Erica: Sweetheart, I want you to focus on positive thoughts about Spike and Ian, Bianca, the girls, and me -- everyone who wants you to get well. We love you. That's right. Take a deep breath. Can you do that? How's that? Better?

Kendall: Better.

Madison: Bianca, how's Kendall?

Bianca: Hanging in there. Who's with the boys?

Madison: Greenlee. She came by the house, took over for me.

Bianca: That must've been an interesting tradeoff.

Madison: Compared with what Kendall's been dealing with, it's nothing. When I think about how much she's been through --

Bianca: Too much.

Madison: But Kendall knows that she's not alone. That's everything.

Bianca: Hey, are you ok?

Madison: Yeah. I'm fine. Do you think she regrets it?

Bianca: Regrets what?

Madison: Staying here. Do you think a part of her wishes that they'd gone back out on that yacht? Maybe Zach would be alive. Maybe she wouldn't be sick.

Bianca: Yeah, I'm sure she plays the "what if" game every day. But the only thing we know is if she didn't stay, she wouldn't have her family and friends to support her. And like you said, that's everything.

Annie: You don't have to worry about me. I'm fine.

Ryan: Ok. It just looked like you were getting a little bit worked up. That's all.

Annie: Can you blame me? Between Chandler and J.R. and what happened to Kendall, it's kind of been an intense night, Ryan.

Ryan: I understand that. I just remember in the past when you got a little bit overwhelmed --

Annie: I am not going back to a padded cell. Ok?

Ryan: Because Emma needs --

Annie: I'm not going anywhere! Just stop! I'm fine! Ok? Drop it!

Ryan: Ok. So just call if you need anything.

Annie: We don't need anything. We'll be fine. Just go, and tell Kendall I hope she feels better. You know what my New Year's resolution is? I am done being the other woman. You hear me? Never again.

J.R.: That's not the most healthy way to start the new year.

Caleb: Didn't know you cared.

J.R.: I don't. How's business?

Caleb: Better than yours.

J.R.: Don't get used to it.

Caleb: You still think you're gonna come out on top?

J.R.: Yep. Boy, these fries look good. Except only one us is going to survive this year. Mind if I dip in your ketchup?

Caleb: It's all yours.

Bianca: So now that you're not at Fusion anymore, you have any idea what's next?

Madison: I'm not sure yet, actually. I have a bunch of options right now. New York's at the top of the list.

Bianca: Fun.

Madison: Yeah.

Bianca: Not fun?

Madison: I just wonder if it'll measure up, you know? And after my atrocious start in this town, I actually made some friends -- good friends.

Bianca: I'm sure you'll meet great people wherever you go. Not Pine Valley great, of course.

Madison: Impossible. Ha ha.

Bianca: I'm gonna go check on Kendall.

Madison: Yeah. Don't let me hold you.

Bianca: Good luck, Madison.

Madison: Thanks. And give my best to Kendall. 

Ryan: Glad I ran into you.

Madison: Still pushing that specialist?

Ryan: Hey, she's the best in the business. I still think you should go see her.

Madison: My arm is fine, Ryan. Really. You should see my fastball.

Ryan: Hey, look. Wherever you end up going, I hope it's exactly what you're looking for. Ok?

Madison: Thanks. I hope so, too.

Ryan: Hey.

Bianca: Hey. So good to see you.

Ryan: How's Kendall? How's she doing?

Bianca: The antibiotics are working, but now the challenge is to get her blood pressure down. Unfortunately, Dr. Castillo just said I was the last visitor of the night, so I'm sorry you came all the way down here.

Ryan: You kidding? Don't worry about it. As long as Kendall is feeling better, that's all that matters. So is there anything that I can do? Anything?

Bianca: Just go be with Spike and Ian. I know she would like that.

Ryan: I can do that.

Bianca: Bye.

Madison: I guess I just wasn't prepared.

Frankie: For what?

Madison: For how hard this would be. I'm gonna miss you guys.

Frankie: We're gonna miss you, too.

Randi: Don't be a stranger. Ok?

Madison: Yeah. I won't.

Frankie: Hey, and when you visit, you know where to crash, right?

Madison: I don't even know how to thank you guys -- everything you've done for me. Figures, though. Of course, as soon as I make good friends, I have to leave.

Randi: You don't have to do this. This is your decision, not Greenlee's.

Frankie: Yeah. If you want to stay, stay.

Greenlee: Hey.

Spike: Where's Mommy?

Greenlee: Where's Mommy? Mommy went someplace to sleep for a little bit because she's really, really tired. But she wanted me to tell you that she loves you very much, and she's gonna be home soon.

Spike: Are you gonna be a mommy someday, too?

Greenlee: Well, I kind of already am. I love your daddy very much, and what's his is kind of mine, so that makes me a very lucky girl, because I get to hang out with you and Emma. Come here.

Asher: What the hell is going on here?

J.R.: Oh. What? Just because we're not attacking each other? It's a holiday. In fact, here's to the upcoming year.

Caleb: To 2011.

J.R.: I should go. Just so we're clear, that drink --

Caleb: We're clear.

J.R.: Ok.

Caleb: What are your plans?

Asher: I'm gonna head out. Hey. Happy New Year.

Caleb: Thanks. Happy New Year, Asher.

[Telephone rings]

Annie: "Open door if coast is clear"?

J.R.: Happy New Year. I just couldn't stay away.

Annie: I am so happy to see you.

J.R.: I just came to say hi.

Annie: Oh, no, no. You're not leaving me again. We are starting this year off right.

Kendall: The boys?

Erica: The boys are fine. I'm sure they're sleeping like little angels right now.

Bianca: Ryan and Greenlee are with them.

Kendall: And you?

Erica: I'm fine.

Kendall: Good.

Erica: Oh, that's right, honey. You get some sleep now. Sweet dreams, Kendall.

Bianca: Ok, Mom, let's go. Let's give her some rest.

Erica: No. Someone has to be here. Someone has to stay here to look after her.

Bianca: Isn't that what the doctors are for? Mom, what is going on?

Erica: Nothing. I'm just worried.

Bianca: Me, too. But now I'm wondering whether I should be worried about you, too.

Erica: Don't be silly.

Bianca: Caleb told me to take care of you.

Erica: He said that? That's very sweet, but I'm not the one who needs taking care of.

Bianca: Mom, talk to me.

Griffin: I hate to break up the party, but --

Erica: Doctor, I want you to take a good look at the woman who's lying in this bed. Kendall is not just any patient. She's been through more than you could possibly imagine. I'm trusting you with her care.

Griffin: Ms. Kane --

Erica: You're very cute, and you're very charming. But the thing I'm most concerned about is that you understand the responsibility that we're giving you. She has two little boys at home, and she just lost her husband.

Bianca: Mom, let's go. Let's leave Dr. Castillo.

Griffin: Ms. Kane, I understand.

Ryan: To 2011.

Greenlee: May it be better than 2010. Seriously, it's not that hard.

Ryan: It will be. I'll make sure of it.

[Telephone rings]

Greenlee: Bianca. She must be calling from the hospital. Hello?

Madison: Hey. It's Madison.

Greenlee: Any change?

Madison: Actually, yeah. I'm not leaving Pine Valley. I know I said I would, but I can't. And I'm sorry if this messes things up for you and Ryan, but this is my home. It's where I need to be, especially now.

Greenlee: Thanks for filling me in.

Madison: I still don't want to tell Ryan. This is my baby.

Greenlee: Yep. Talk soon.

Ryan: Everything ok?

Greenlee: Everything's fine.

J.R.: You know we can't.

Annie: I know. I know. Not with Emma upstairs. I had this whole night planned out for us, and it was gonna be so special.

J.R.: It still can be.

Annie: Even if I can't show you how I feel?

J.R.: I know how you feel. The question is, do you know how I feel? You and I, we're like oil and water. We shouldn't be together. Maybe -- I don't know, but something about you is -- I keep coming back.

Annie: Here's to 2011, the year I become your wife.

Jack: I couldn't find any real glasses, so I guess these will have to do. Here you go. I just want to propose a toast. I know this wasn't exactly the New Year's Eve that any of us envisioned.

Bianca: That is an understatement.

Jack: Yeah. But here we all are, together.

Erica: Together.

Bianca: Together.

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